Days Transcript Tuesday 1/14/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/14/14


Episode #12253 ~ Nicole & Eric find themselves in danger due to Dr. Chyka; Jennifer helps Daniel; Julie talks to Kate about Nick.

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Adrienne: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey, come on in.

Adrienne: Hey, I brought JJ some of Alex's guitar picks. I don't quite know how he acquired so many since he never practiced, but here you go.

Jennifer: Oh, thanks.

Adrienne: What's wrong?

Jennifer: Oh, um, it's Abigail. She's just--she's having a tough time.

Adrienne: Oh, with what?

Jennifer: With the DiMeras.

Adrienne: You mean Chad?

Jennifer: And EJ. And I am telling you, if I had known sooner--

Adrienne: Oh, gosh. I'm sorry, I-I... I should have told you.

Jennifer: About what?

Adrienne: I saw Abigail and EJ together, more than once.

Julie: Abigail!

Abigail: Oh, Julie. Hi.

Julie: Hi. I'm so glad I ran into you. Have you heard from Nick lately?

Abigail: Yes, actually, he texted me yesterday. Sounds like he's doing great.

Julie: A text, of course. God forbid anyone should use the telephone for the purpose for which it was intended...

Abigail: [Laughs]

Julie: So people could speak to each other.

Abigail: I know, I know. Well, I haven't spoken to him at all.

Julie: Well, nor has anyone else, apparently.

Abigail: Yo--you know, maybe Nick just needs to put some distance between what happened in Salem and his new life in New York.

Julie: [Sighs] But why in the world would he want to distance himself from his family?

Kate: Hey.

Gabi: Hey, uh, if you're here to see Ari, the boys just took her to the park.

Kate: In this weather?

Gabi: Well, after I set off the smoke alarm, they wanted to get some fresh air.

Kate: Oh, so is it--is that the--that's the smell in here?

Gabi: No, no, actually that's the smell of my new batch of churros. And if you stay, you can probably be the official tester.

Kate: Oh, honey, thank you. But you know, I'll save that honor for the boys.

Gabi: Well, it's not for Will and Sonny. It's for EJ.

Kate: EJ?

Gabi: Yeah, I wanted to thank him for what he did to keep Abigail's mouth shut about Nick.

Kate: [Sighs] God.

EJ: So, two minutes ago, I hear you telling Abigail how much you love me.

Sami: [Scoffs] How do you know what I said to Abigail?

EJ: And now you are standing there in front of me, and you're accusing me.

Sami: I'm not accusing you of anything. EJ, I am trying to help my brother. If you have information that could clear his name, I have to ask.

EJ: Samantha, I have told you countless times, I had nothing to do with my sister's ridiculous plots.

Sami: Okay, so, um, let's just call this idle curiosity. Do the DiMeras have one criminal psycho doctor that they go to for any and all occasions, or are there more? Like, a specialist who focuses on faking brain tumors, and then another one you go to when you need a rape drug?

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. That's why Nicole was so tense. She knows how you feel about her. Does she know? Eric!

Eric: No.

Marlena: Well... who else have you told you have feelings for Nicole?

Eric: Father matt.

Marlena: Well, honey, if he knows, then your suspension might never be lifted. Have you thought of that? You might never be reinstated as a priest.

[Keyboard clicking]

Daniel: What the hell is going on here?

[Keyboard clicking]

Daniel: All my files... are gone?

[Keyboard clicking]

Nicole: [Gasps] Who the hell are you, and what are you doing with Daniel's computer?

Anne: No. No, I have not tried installing the new updates because, as I may have mentioned, the computer, it's frozen.

Ted: Sometimes that happens when you don't do proper maintenance.

Daniel: Oh, Ted, Ted. Listen, thank God you're still here. My computer, it just crashed. I need you to look at it right away, thank you.

Ted: Okay.

Anne: Oh, no, no, no way, Josť.

Sami: [Sighs] If my brother can prove that he was drugged, EJ, he can--he can start putting this nightmare behind him.

EJ: Samantha, you know full well I've completely disassociated myself from my father's side of the business, and that includes his people.

Sami: But that didn't stop you from helping Chad... and his sick and twisted plot!

EJ: That's just about enough from you. I am sick and tired of saving you from yourself, Samantha. This is the thanks I get for it?

Sami: I don't know that I understand how what happened with Abigail is saving me.

EJ: Perhaps if you listened, you would understand. First, let me ask you this. When you were in Chicago, did you happen to murder anybody?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Eric: Anything I say to Father Matt is in confidence.

Marlena: Yes, but won't his opinion carry some weight when the bishop reviews your case? What if--what if he realizes you have feelings for a woman, for Nicole?

Eric: I'm human. I have feelings, Mom. I haven't acted on them. You know, if this was anyone besides Nicole, you wouldn't care in the least.

Marlena: N--this is about you, not about Nicole.

Eric: I shouldn't have said anything. You know what? Why don't we just forget I even had this conversation.

Marlena: No, sorry. I can't do that.

Chyka: Hello, I'm Dr. Duvall. Um, Dr. Jonas didn't mention that you'd be here.

Nicole: He didn't mention that you'd be here.

Chyka: Well, I just got in from New York to consult on a cardiology case.

Nicole: Daniel's at the hospital.

Chyka: Yes, I just saw him there. He told me to get the records we needed on his personal computer. He gave me his home key and told me to let myself in. He said he'd be here any minute.

Nicole: That's funny, he told me he'd be working late. You know what? Um, maybe I should just call him.

Chyka: Uh, no!

Abigail: I don't think that Nick wants to get away from us, but, you know, maybe he just needs to put everything that happened in Salem behind him.

Julie: That's ridiculous.

Abigail: Do you want me to text him and ask him to call you?

Julie: Yes, please.

Abigail: Okay.

Julie: Thank you. Tell him I will pester him every day until he answers my calls, and if necessary, I will bodily track him down.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Sami: [Scoffs] God, EJ. I mean, just when I convinced myself that you sacrifice because you love me, you--you remind me of how much I owe you. For the record, it is Stefano's fault what happened to Bernardi.

EJ: Okay. You were just doing a good deed, were you?

Sami: I was!

EJ: Do you see the irony here, Samantha? Your family was so concerned about you marrying into this evil DiMera clan, and yet, compared to you, for the last six months, I look like Gandhi.

Sami: I don't see how the situation with Abigail makes you so noble.

EJ: Really? The situation with Abigail was all about helping you.

Sami: What are you talking about?

EJ: You and Kate neglected to tell Gabi that Kate was sending text messages to Nick's family using his telephone. Gabi just about had a nervous breakdown when Abigail received a text message from dear, dead cousin Nick.

Sami: Oh, my God.

EJ: Yeah. She was so concerned with Gabi's reaction that she went all the way off to see Hope so that they could go and find Nick together.

Sami: Why didn't you tell me?

EJ: Because you weren't there, Samantha. So I took care of it, as usual. And now the three of you don't have to go to jail.

Sami: [Sighs]

Gabi: I was trying to think about what to get the man who has everything. I mean, do you think EJ will like 'em?

Kate: Oh, yeah. I'm sure that he'll love them. So, how did that conversation go with Abigail?

Gabi: [Sighs] Well, she was kind of suspicious at first, but I think that she bought it in the end.

Kate: So EJ worked his magic?

Gabi: Yeah, I'm just--[Sighs] I'm just so glad that he's on our side. I mean, it's like, for the first time, I'm starting to think that things are gonna be okay.

Jennifer: What was Abigail doing with EJ?

Adrienne: Well, I'm not sure. I mean, the first time I saw them, at the pub, I--[Sighs] I didn't really pay attention. But the second time, they were looking at this book, I mean, so intently that they didn't even notice me, or anyone else, for that matter. It was just really intense.

Abigail: Hey, Aunt Adrienne. What's going on?

Anne: Listen, I can't get any work done at all until this computer is unfrozen, okay? So no one gets hired--

Ted: No one gets fired.

Anne: No one gets paid.

Daniel: Okay, Anne, Anne.

Anne: All right, now listen--

Daniel: Now, you need to li--

Anne: Dr. Jonas, I'm sure that somewhere there is a life that needs saving, and that you are the only demigod who can do it. So why don't you run along, and Ted here, he's gonna come find you later, when it's your turn.

Daniel: No, this is an emergency, Anne.

Anne: Oh, really? Because you could access all of your lab results from this terminal right here, if it were working, so why do I doubt that this emergency has anything at all to do with official hospital business?

Ted: I'm afraid I'm gonna have to call technical support to resolve your issue.

Anne: Oh, my God. That's you, Ted!

Ted: But in the meantime, let me see what I can do to help Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: Hmm. Ted, okay, listen to me, nothing is coming up.

Ted: Okay. Don't worry.

Daniel: I need you to get in there and just keep looking through files.

Anne: That's it. [Screams]

Nurses: [Both snicker]

Anne: Damn it! [Groans]

Marlena: Look, you may be all grown up, but it's still my job to protect you.

Eric: Like the way you protected Brady from Kristen? That worked out really well.

Marlena: You know I feel awful about that. And what I did to you cost you your vocation, and I hope it--

Eric: [Sighs] Mom--

Marlena: I hope it isn't over forever.

Eric: Mom, I know that.

Marlena: It's why I want to help.

Eric: And I appreciate that, but there's nothing you can do.

Marlena: But do you see why I'm concerned? If--if Nicole were to--to say anything--

Eric: There's nothing going on between me and Nicole, all right? I told you, she is involved with somebody else. I don't want you to worry about that, and more than anything, I just don't want to have this conversation or discuss it anymore.

Nicole: Why can't I call Daniel?

Chyka: Well, um--

Nicole: Who are you, really?

Chyka: I've already told you, I'm a cardiologist. I'm here to consult.

Nicole: Well, I--

Chyka: I wouldn't do that if I were you!

Nicole: No! Oh, God! Let go of me! Let go! [Screams] [Struggling]

Classical piano

Gabi: Okay, the last batch is in. What are you doing?

Kate: Ugh. The damn Hortons are hounding Nick again. But don't worry, because I have it all under control.

Gabi: I hope so.

Kate: Anyway, um, you know Sami is back in town. I'm sure EJ has her all up to date.

Gabi: Right.

Kate: [Laughs] I would just love to see the look on his face when you deliver those churros.

Gabi: Why, do you think he's not going to like them?

Kate: No, no. Oh, honey, I'm sure that he will adore them. Anyway, um, give Ari a kiss for me, and I will be in touch later.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

EJ: So then useless bloody Gabi didn't know what to do, so as she thought Abigail was gonna blow it, she came around here looking for you.

Sami: And she found you.

EJ: She told me that Abigail was going to Smith Island to see Hope, so I followed her. Fortunately, by the time I got there, Hope had already left the island.

Sami: So what did you tell her?

EJ: Oh, I... fed her a story that had just about enough truth in it to sound plausible. Something about how I came across Gabi and Nick having a fight, and I was worried for her safety and was being very protective of her, and, you know.

Sami: And she bought it?

Abigail: Why are you running errands of mercy for your would-be stepson's roommate? Don't you have an empire to run or something?

EJ: She is not his roommate. She is the mother of his child, and I take time for my family.

Abigail: I'm sorry, EJ, but I don't buy it. Something is way, way off here.

EJ: Well, I mean, I had to pull out all the stops, but, um, yeah, eventually she bought it.

Sami: And the thing about Chad and the fake brain tumor, that's true?

EJ: Yeah, yeah, no, that's all true. Abigail told Jennifer about it, and so she came around here and gave me a piece of her mind.

Sami: [Scoffs] What a nightmare.

EJ: Oh, you have no idea.

Adrienne: Well, it's great to see you, Abigail. I've got to run. Take care, sweetie.

Abigail: Yeah, you too.

Jennifer: Bye, Adrienne.

Abigail: What is it? Mom, is something wrong?

Jennifer: What exactly is going on between you and EJ DiMera?

Julie: Kate!

Kate: Oh, Julie, hi.

Julie: The very person I was hoping to see.

Kate: Me? Why?

Julie: Perhaps you can tell me what's going on with Nick.

Anne: [Sighs] All right, now you both saw what just happened. Daniel pushed me.

Nurse: You mean, he pushed your buttons, and then you tripped over your own two feet.

Anne: [Sighs] Well, my sciatic nerve thanks you for your concern, Nurse! [Sighs] Joelle? Hi. Can I ask you a question?

Joelle: Mm-hmm.

Anne: Yeah? Do you like your job?

Joelle: Of course. What's not to like?

Anne: Okay, I want you to come with me. We're gonna have a little chat, okay? In private.

Daniel: I'm sorry to take you away from what you were doing.

Ted: [Chuckles] Are you kidding? I owe you big time.

Daniel: Yeah, well, my hard drive is wiped. I guess it crashed?

Ted: I'm pretty confident I can get you up and running again.

Daniel: Okay, what about my files? Any way to get them back?

Ted: Well, let's see what I can do.

Chyka: That was a mistake!

Nicole: Aah!

Chyka: And that was too!

Nicole: No! Get--[Cries] [Crying] Oh, God!

Chyka: Just relax.

Nicole: Who are you, and what are you gonna do to me?

Chyka: You'll see.

Nicole: Ah! [Gasps]

Chyka: Actually... you won't. [Grunts] [Sighs]

Roman: Well, good to see you two together. Mind if I join you?

Eric: Of course not.

Roman: Listen, I just came from the station, and unfortunately I've had to pull all my extra manpower off the Kristen DiMera case. I'm sorry.

Eric: Yeah, Dad, Dad. It's okay, I understand. Listen, you can put a thousand man-hours on this and you'll never find her. She's a DiMera.

Marlena: I don't want you giving up hope.

Eric: I'm not. Daniel's working the medical angle.

Roman: Does he have something?

Eric: Well, he was finally able to prove that I was drugged.

Marlena: Honey, that's wonderful.

Eric: Yeah.

Roman: Why didn't he bring it to me?

Eric: Because he's collecting information, and he doesn't want Stefano to get wind of this.

Roman: Okay, what kind of information?

Eric: Well, these drugs, apparently, are very rare that not many doctors have access to, so if he can tie the person who used it to the DiMeras, then--

Marlena: Then it proves you're innocent.

Eric: I hope so, but nothing is certain at all.

Roman: You'll keep us informed?

Eric: Of course I will. Listen, I need to get going.

Roman: Okay, hey, you take care of yourself.

Eric: I will.

Marlena: Yes, please do.

Eric: I love you guys.

Roman: You too. That's great news.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Roman: Doc, what is it?

Marlena: I have hurt him so badly, I don't know if he will ever trust me again.

Kate: Nick?

Julie: Nick Fallon? He's my cousin.

Kate: Why would you think that I would know anything about him?

Julie: He told me you were paying him to do special projects for you after you let him go. So, are you the reason he left Salem?

Sami: He's pulling me in! Help! Help!

Nick: Help!

Sami: Help me! No!

Nick: Gabi, no! No! No!

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Kate: [Sighs] Not as far as I know.

Julie: Well, I just can't understand why he's being so elusive.

Kate: [Sighs] I can think of a few reasons.

Julie: Implying what? Is he doing corporate espionage for you, Kate?

Kate: Okay, Julie, any connection I had with Nick is dead in the water.

Julie: But why? He's smart. He's hard-working. And if I can say one positive thing about you, you've always known a good thing when you see it.

Kate: I know a bad thing too.

Julie: Are you blackmailing him? Are you forcing him to work for you, whether he wants to or not?

Adrienne: Julie, why on earth would you say something like that?

Abigail: Mom, what are you talking about?

Jennifer: I know that you've been seeing EJ.

Abigail: I am not seeing EJ.

Jennifer: Well, people have said they have seen you with him.

Abigail: People who? Who? Who has seen me with him, Mom? Aunt Adrienne? [Scoffs] Just because I see him doesn't mean anything. What am I supposed to do--

Jennifer: What does he want with you? What does he want?

Abigail: [Sighs] Is it so hard to believe that someone would want to just stop and talk to me, Mom?

Jennifer: That is not what I said. Was it more than that?

Abigail: Yes. Yes, Mom, you're right. It was--it was more than that.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Sami: EJ... thank you for handling Abigail for me.

EJ: Okay.

Sami: Okay. [Laughs] A fake brain tumor?

EJ: [Laughs]

Sami: Really?

EJ: Well, I should probably have asked you about it. We could have had Cameron rubbed out.

Sami: [Chuckles] That's not funny.

EJ: No, it's not. I'm getting really tired of this conversation, Samantha.

Sami: What you mean is that you're getting tired of me.

[Keyboard clicking]

Ted: Damn.

Daniel: What? What?

Ted: I've--I've never seen a virus like this one before. It's not looking very good for this disk drive.

Daniel: Oh, my God. My hard copies are gone too? [Sighs]

Ted: Who are you calling?

Daniel: The DNA lab I'm working with. See if they can send me some backups. Oh, lovely, I'm on hold. That's great.

Ted: What do you think happened?

Daniel: I don't know. There was a doctor in here earlier. He was having a casual conversation with me about the case I'm--but he's a reputable cardiologist. I mean, he couldn't-- hi, this is Dr. Daniel Jonas. I need you to locate some records for me. Yes, it's urgent.

Chyka: [Grunting]

[Knock at door]

Eric: Daniel, it's Eric. Are you there?

Jennifer: Honey, please, you know that you can tell me anything.

Abigail: [Sighs] When Chad was in the hospital, I gave him the angel wing that Daddy gave me. After he left town, he wanted to give it back. EJ brought it to me.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: He knew that it was really important to me, and-- and then we started talking, and he--he mentioned something that he only could have known about Dad from reading his book. He said really nice things about him.

Jennifer: Really?

Abigail: He told me that the angel wing was taken from a painting by Rafael, and... I just felt like--I felt like I was getting this one last message from Dad.

Jennifer: Okay, by way of EJ DiMera?

Abigail: He was being really nice, Mom.

Jennifer: No, he's not "nice." He's not nice to anyone unless he wants something.

Abigail: What could EJ want from me, Mom?

Jennifer: You! You.

EJ: Tired of you? No, I'm never tired of you, Samantha. Look, I love you, and I-I--look, I realize that as long as we're together, there's always going to be trouble, all of the time, and it's always going to be about you.

Sami: You're the one person who's never said that to me.

EJ: Well, it's true. But I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. You just--you need to understand, I have needs and wants of my own.

Sami: I know that.

EJ: Do you? Because...I spend all my time cleaning up these messes of your own making, and it means I have to put aside things that are really important to me. I can't keep doing that.

Sami: [Sniffling]

Julie: Adrienne, dear, this is not your concern.

Adrienne: Julie, take it from me. I've made some pretty bad judgments about people in Kate's family. I let my concern for my son overshadow my good judgment, and I couldn't apologize enough.

Kate: Well, Will and Sonny are happy, and that's all that matters now.

Julie: Well, I'm concerned about Nick. And if I feel emotional about it, I apologize. And if you do hear from him, would you please let me know, Kate?

Kate: Of course. Julie! I do understand. I'm sure Nick is just fine.

Adrienne: Why would Julie think you know anything about Nick?

Kate: Well, that's really none of your concern, is it? And for future reference, I can take care of myself.

Abigail: Why would you say that, Mom?

Jennifer: Honey! EJ helped his brother fake a brain tumor so that he could have the girl of his dreams. Do you think he's above being nice in case he could pave the road for Chad's return home?

Abigail: Chad's not coming home, Mom, and--

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Hold on, one second. Hello. Uh, yes, I have it, but she said she didn't need it until later. Okay, I'll--I'll bring it right over. All right, good-bye. Honey, I'm sorry. I have got to run to the hospital.

Abigail: That's okay. Um, you know, I'm not really sure that there's that much more to say anyway.

Jennifer: Yes, there is. I have more to say to you. But promise me you will stay away from EJ. If he even comes near you, walk the other way, do you hear me?

EJ: And I apologize for not having been in touch sooner, but things have been a little bit busy here, so--

[Doorbell rings]

EJ: I'm sorry, can I call you back in a minute? Would you mind? Thank you. [Sighs] Yes?

Gabi: Special delivery.

Jennifer: But promise me you will stay away from EJ.

Gabi: They're--they're churros. I made them from my grandmother's recipe.

EJ: What, they're for me?

Gabi: Yeah. They're just a little something so I could say "thank you" for everything you've done. I mean, my brother would never believe that you've been so good to me.

EJ: Okay, we're not gonna tell your brother a word about this, are we?

Gabi: No, of course not. No, I just--I'd love it if he could see this side of you.

[Phone rings]

EJ: Excuse me. I'm--I'm sure these taste wonderful and I'll enjoy them...

[Phone ringing]

EJ: But I have to take this call.

Gabi: Okay, all right. Enjoy.

EJ: Bye-bye.

[Phone ringing]

EJ: [Sighs] Hello?

Abigail: EJ, my mom-- she knows about us.

Ted: What's wrong?

Daniel: The lab was about to call me. Father Eric's test results are missing from their computer too. You won't say anything to anybody about this.

Ted: Of course not. But who would do something like this?

Daniel: Well, now I have a pretty good idea.

Ted: And there's no backup anywhere?

Daniel: Oh, there is. It's on my home computer, and I need to get over there right away. You keep working.

Ted: All right, good luck.

Daniel: All right, thank you.

[Knock at door]

Eric: Hey, Daniel. Hey, I thought I heard something fall. Nicole! Hey.

Chyka: [Grunts]

Anne: Can you believe how Dr. Jonas shoved me because I, a mere mortal, was in his way?

Joelle: He shoved you?

Anne: Well, yeah, you saw it.

Joelle: No, I didn't.

Anne: Yes, you did. And consequently, as God and you are my witnesses... Daniel's professional ass is gonna be on the line while mine will be happily filing a formal harassment complaint against him. Can't imagine it would be the first, but don't worry, honey. Listen, who do you think has more power in this hospital, huh? Me or Dr. Jonas? Here's a hint. Who do you think has the power to pad your paycheck with, like, a well-earned bonus, you know, for going above and beyond the call of duty?

Sami: Hey. So, what? What do you want?

Kate: Oh, great. Not your usual sunny self?

Sami: Well, I have a backlog of work from my trip to Chicago.

Kate: Oh, Sami, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that things aren't going well at Countess W for you. So sorry.

Sami: You know what? We can't keep meeting like this, having strategy sessions every 48 hours. What's there to say? Nick was dead yesterday, he's dead today, he's gonna be dead tomorrow. That's it, right?

Kate: Okay, did EJ tell you about the situation between Gabi and Abigail?

Sami: Yes, it's over and done. Next?

Kate: Okay, Julie Williams is still concerned that Nick hasn't contacted her, although God knows why he would. She's like a Rottweiler with a bone. But still, do you think that we should have EJ handle that?

Sami: Oh, God, no. No. I think it's best if you and I handle as much of this on our own as we can.

EJ: How could she know? You didn't say anything to your mother, did you?

Abigail: No, of course not. But she knows that I'm freaked out, and my Aunt Adrienne saw us together, and...

EJ: What, did she put 2 and 12 together?

Abigail: No, she doesn't know about what happened at the cabin... but she does know that there's something going on. She thinks that it's suspicious that we're friends. So I just wanted you to know in case she shows up on your doorstep again.

EJ: I consider myself warned. Thank you very much. I'll be prepared. Now, Abigail, I think it's probably best if you and I don't talk on the phone anymore. All right?

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Anne: Dr. Jonas. I want you to know that I am filing a complaint against you.

Daniel: Mm-hmm, for what? Stealing your technical guy? [Laughs] You gotta be kidding me.

Anne: Yeah, I suppose you were laughing along with everyone else when you pushed me to the ground.

Daniel: What?

Anne: Yeah, oh, and I have a witness who will attest to the whole thing.

Daniel: Okay, you know, I really don't have time for this. I have an emergency to take care of.

Anne: Oh, really? Another personal emergency? Well, that's shocking.

Daniel: All right, I'm done.

Anne: I'm sorry, did you want to push me out of your way? Here's the thing. I'm writing you up, and you don't get to go anywhere until you submit a formal response. Okay?

Daniel: Who is this?

Anne: Oh, this is my-- my witness.

Joelle: I'm sorry, Dr. Jonas, but I can't let you leave until we get the situation straightened out.

Jennifer: Well, maybe I can help with the situation. Joelle, I know that Anne is your boss, but I heard everything that she said to you... and everything that you said to her.

Anne: [Scoffs]

Jennifer: And you will not get in trouble for doing the right thing. I promise you.

Joelle: I'm sorry, Ms. Milbauer.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Okay, no more witness. Dr. Jonas should be free to go.

Anne: [Sighs]

Daniel: Thank you.

Roman: [Sighs] You know what? I would be thrilled if Daniel's lead pans out, but if Kristen's not brought to justice, I'll feel like I failed our son.

Marlena: You have not failed at all. And if I hadn't done all that I did, he'd be fine right now.

Roman: Hey, hey. The truth was gonna come out one way or the other. The only person responsible for what Eric's going through is Kristen DiMera.

Marlena: And if I hadn't been so obsessed with seeing her suffer, I would've done things differently. I wouldn't have exposed everything so publicly. And then Brady would be sober and Eric would still be a priest.

Roman: He is still a priest, Doc.

Marlena: I know. But he's beginning to question the things that he believes in, including how much I love him.

Roman: Hey, he knows that.

Marlena: Oh, I hope so.

Chyka: [Sighs] And now I have to get rid of you.

Abigail: Of course, I understand. I didn't mean to bother you. I just thought you should know.

EJ: Wha--Abigail, what I meant--

Abigail: I know exactly what you meant, EJ. [Scoffs]

Kate: Then Adrienne swoops in on her little broom to rescue the day.

Sami: Seriously?

[Phone chimes]

Kate: Did Nick have this many friends when he was alive? Oh, my God.

Anne: Who the hell do you think you are?

Jennifer: Oh, the voice of reason, Anne? Is this third grade? Really? Do you have nothing better to do than concoct ridiculous ways to make my life and Daniel's life completely miserable?

Anne: You know, I don't think you need any help in that area. Now, Jennifer, do you not have anything better to do than to lurk around this hospital looking for ways to help Daniel? I mean, really, after he embarrasses you in front of the entire hospital. It looks a wee bit pathetic. I mean, really, actually, it is pathetic. It's like no matter what he does to you, you still love him.

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