Days Transcript Monday 1/13/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/13/14


Episode #12252 ~ Sami is thrown by what she overhears upon her return home; Dr. Chyka breaks into Daniel's apartment; Eric confesses to his feelings for Nicole.

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[Knock at door]

JJ: Rory, hey.

Rory: Good news, dude. I've been doing some thinking.

JJ: Oh. Don't do that, man. You'll hurt yourself.

Rory: [Laughs] No, but seriously, though-- okay, so I know that you're smarter than me and all of that stuff, but you haven't figured out a way to get rid of Theresa yet, have you?

JJ: No.

Rory: Well, I totally have.

Theresa: It's okay. Everybody thinks we did it anyway. Let's go for it.

Daniel: No, get the hell off me!

Anne: What's up, puddy cat?

Theresa: I'm gonna have to subtle it up.

Anne: I'm sorry?

Theresa: Daniel's never gonna hook up with me if I keep throwing myself at him.

Anne: Well, most men--they just start drooling when you walk into the room.

Theresa: Dr. Dan's not most men.

Anne: Yeah.

Dr. Chyka: I'm Dr. Duvall, the cardiologist from New York.

Daniel: Um, yeah, but we don't have a meeting until tomorrow.

Dr. Chyka: Oh, my apologies. I got to Salem a day early. I was hoping we could chat awhile, but I see that you’re busy with Father Eric.

Eric: I'm sorry. Do we know each other?

Brady: That's bull. I know what addiction looks like, Nicole. You're looking for any excuse in the world to be around Eric. The problem is, once you get him back into that collar, it's cold-turkey time for you.

Nicole: Oh, my God, there you go with the whole feelings thing again. Talk about beating a dead horse.

Brady: Lie to yourself all you want, but that horse is alive, and that horse is kicking.

Nicole: Oh, I am not gonna stand here and let you spout off things that you know nothing about.

Brady: Really?

Abigail: You took advantage of me, EJ. Just admit it. I never should've listened to you.

EJ: Abigail...

Abigail: No, I am such a fool. God, I am such an idiot. I do this all the time, every single time. This is awful. Oh, my God, this is so terrible.

EJ: No, no, no.

Abigail: What have I done?

EJ: Abigail--Abig--

Abigail: What have I done? This--I can't even--

EJ: Nothing that happened--

[Door opens]

JJ: [Sighs] Okay, dude. Let's hear your plan, man. I'm sure it's brilliant.

Rory: You're going to love it, okay? Ready? You tell Dr. Jonas... everything!

JJ: Rory, that is such a bad idea... for so many reasons.

Rory: No, okay, no, no, no. See, you're smart, but he's way smarter. I mean, he's a doctor, dude. Look, he might be able to figure a way out, like, bust Theresa or something, you know?

JJ: Well, he--he can be kind of sneaky sometimes, you know, in a good way.

Rory: Right, and so can you.

JJ: Yeah, he fooled everybody about how he just saved Theresa that night. He kept my ass out of jail.

Rory: So tell him. Look, two sneaky dudes are better than one, right?

JJ: God, there's got to be a way to stop that bitch.

Theresa: I'm gonna have to come up with a new angle, something romantic. Probably my best bet is just to play up how much I've changed.

Anne: You have reformed.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Anne: Yes, you've turned over a whole new leaf going to those AA meetings.

Theresa: Oh, please. Those alcoholic hags are such a snore.

Anne: [Laughs]

Theresa: Anyway, look, once I get Daniel to see me in a new light, then I'll just play up the "little girl lost" thing, hoping that somebody will help poor little me find my way.

Anne: To his bedroom.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Anne: You go, girl,

Theresa: Yeah, I can do that. I will do that.

Dr. Chyka: I'm terribly sorry, Father. I didn't mean to be so personal, but I recognized you from the news coverage you received.

Eric: Right. Well... Daniel, I'll see you later.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, no, sure. I'll talk to you later. You take care of yourself. Hey, you know, if you see Brady, you have to tell him...

Stefano: Thanks to you, my daughter's problem is worse than it already was. Now, for her sake and for yours... tie up these loose ends. Do it now.

Daniel: All right, you bet. I'll call you tonight. Sorry.

Dr. Chyka: I'm glad you have some time for me, Dr. Jonas. I have a hunch today will be very productive.

Marlena: Something wrong?

Nicole: There's nothing wrong. We're just having a little disagreement.

Brady: [Sighs]

Marlena: Didn't sound so little to me.

Brady: Oh, look at the t-- I got a meeting. I got a meeting I got to go to, but see you later.

Nicole: Okay, don't worry about him, you know. He's just a little weird. He's going through a lot. You know, the best thing is just to give him some space.

Marlena: Actually, I'm more curious to hear about how Eric did with the interview. Was he responsive?

Nicole: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Good. Fine. How was it?

Eric: I hurt a very dear friend. All I really wanted to say is... have a great life.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that.

Eric: I am. After everything you've gone through... I hope you get it... whether it's with Daniel or...

Marlena: Nicole?

Nicole: Uh, yeah, it was... it was fine. [Chuckles]

Marlena: Oh. So why don't I believe you?

EJ: Samantha, I didn't expect you to be home this early.

Sami: Yeah, clearly. Do you want to tell me what the hell is going on?

Abigail: Oh, my God, Sami. I'm so sorry. I never--

EJ: Abigail, really, there's no need to apologize. Something happened that is entirely my fault, so I should probably explain it to you myself.

Sami: Okay. How about now?

Nicole: Well, Marlena, if I say it went fine, it went fine.

Marlena: I'm not judging this. I said it before, I'll say it again. If you are on Eric's side, then I am on your side.

[Knock at door]

Maggie: Nicole?

Nicole: Oh, hi, Maggie.

Maggie: Marlena.

Marlena: Maggie.

Nicole: How's it going?

Maggie: Well, things aren't. Marlena, I hope you realize that saying "I'm sorry" doesn't come easily for someone like Victor, but he meant every word of it.

Marlena: I'm sure he did. And if you choose to forgive what he did to Eric and to Brady, that's your choice. But it's not mine. Call me anytime.

Maggie: That went well.

Nicole: Well, sometimes you can't fix everything right away.

Maggie: Sometimes never. But we do what we can. That's why I'm here.

Nicole: Oh. Okay, what's up?

Maggie: I need your help with Brady.

Theresa: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hello.

Theresa: Standing room only now that you're here. Yeah, late start. You know, Juanita's my sponsor, well, at least until I get somebody less pushy, you know?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Maggie's your sponsor, right?

Brady: Yes, she is, yeah.

Theresa: Yeah, she's nice. I mean, she's Daniel Jonas's mom, so... he's a really great doctor. You know, he saved my life. You guys are really good friends, right?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, we're actually very close. I'm very close with Daniel and Jennifer.

Theresa: How nice for you.

Daniel: Please, sit, sit.

Dr. Chyka: Thank you. I feel terrible about treating poor Father Eric that way. I should've realized how sensitive the situation must be for him, all the publicity. I could see in his eyes that he was offended. I don't know why I did that.

Daniel: You know what? Don't worry about it. Father Eric's tougher than people think.

Dr. Chyka: You know, as a doctor, I find the circumstances surrounding what happened to him rather interesting. It's been reported that he claims a drug was used.

Daniel: Dr. Duvall, you're not here to talk to me about Father Eric, are you?

Dr. Chyka: [Laughs] Oh, no, no, of course not. I was simply making an observation. My interests are rather varied. Always new things to learn, things to do.

Rory: What's the problem, dude? Man, I thought my plan is, like, primo.

JJ: I don't know, man. Daniel's, like, a good guy, but... if I tell him everything about how Theresa's lying about remembering and how she's using the video to make me do whatever she wants, maybe Daniel might have a shot at making things right with my mom.

Rory: JJ, forget the love story, dude. He might be able to save your ass from Theresa. That's what's important.

JJ: But I have had, like, a gazillion chances to come clean. Daniel might be really pissed that I didn't tell him before.

Rory: Okay, well, won't he be really pissed off when you're back in jail and your mom's crying her eyes out ready to jump off a cliff?

Abigail: Oh, my God, I can't be here.

EJ: Abigail, there's really no need to panic.

Abigail: No, I have to leave.

Sami: No one's leaving until I get some answers.

Abigail: Oh, my God. This is--

EJ: Abigail, look, I realize this is very painful for you, obviously, and that you are upset and you're embarrassed that people are going to find out, but Jennifer knows, and I think... your mother is certainly going to tell Samantha at some point, so why shouldn't she hear it from me?

Abigail: EJ, I really think that you and Sami should be alone.

Sami: Uh, I don't know what's going down here, Abigail, but you're gonna be here when it does. So... let's hear it.

EJ: Very well. It's very simple, really. Chad faked an illness--a brain tumor--in order to get Cameron out of the picture so that he could be with Abigail, and, uh... I helped him.

Dr. Chyka: My first hope is to take a look at your paper on the Lariat procedure. The reduction in strokes is quite significant, I understand.

Daniel: Yes, it is, but that paper's being reworked by one of my colleagues. I don't have the newer version here.

Dr. Chyka: Oh, could it be sent to your computer? Or could I get it from your colleague's office?

Daniel: Well, I'm afraid he's on a plane from London as we speak, which is why I scheduled our meeting for tomorrow.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: I'm sorry, will you--will you excuse me? What's up?

JJ: Daniel, hey. I'm sorry to bother you at work, but something really important-- can I just meet you by the bench in the park?

Daniel: Now?

JJ: It's just--it really can't wait.

Daniel: Okay, I'll be there soon. All right. I am so sorry, but something's come up, so we'll just have to do this tomorrow as planned.

Dr. Chyka: Well, I did come a day early.

Daniel: Right, right. So sorry. I'm really, really sorry. This way.

Maggie: Nicole, a relapse is a really rough time for addicts and alcoholics. I mean, one minute, they're strong and determined, and the next minute, they're saying, "Oh, well, what the hell? My life isn't any good anyway."

Nicole: Well, I can relate to that.

Maggie: Well, I've found over the years that the best way to handle cases like this is to get them into a short-term rehab. You know, just until those early days are over with and they can regain some confidence.

Nicole: Well, that sounds like a really good idea. Did you talk to Brady about that?

Maggie: He said no.

Theresa: Hey, you know what I heard? I heard we're, like, distant relatives or something, like, 18th cousins 42 times removed. That's kind of cool, huh?

Brady: Yeah, actually, we're not.

Theresa: But we're both Bradys.

Brady: No, you are. You are biologically. I'm not. I found out that my connection to the Brady family doesn't go any further than my first name, so you don't have to feel the pressure to make nice, 'cause we're not family.

Theresa: Okay. Well, you know, that kind of makes you a lucky guy. I mean, sometimes it sucks being a Brady-- actually, all the time.

Brady: You selfish little bitch.

JJ: [Shivers]

Daniel: Ah, JJ. Hey, I'm here.

JJ: Okay.

Daniel: What? What is it? What's wrong?

JJ: Well, I need you to know something, okay, before I freak out and lose my nerve.

EJ: So then I paid the doctor to provide the necessary medical records to prove that Chad was being treated for the tumor. Cameron bought the whole thing.

Sami: Right, of course he did. So this was all because they thought that you were going to be with Cameron and not Chad?

EJ: Right.

Abigail: I had already decided to be with Cameron, but then, well, he sort of backed away.

Sami: Really?

Abigail: Yeah.

Sami: God, men-- they're such idiots, right? I mean, why would he back away, and why would you want a man who would, right?

EJ: Samantha.

Sami: Right. [Chuckles] Fine, whatever. The point is that then Cameron did back away so that the so-called dying Chad could swoop in? Do I have that right?

Abigail: Yes, and then we slept together.

Sami: Huh.

Abigail: But it was my own fault. I was stupid, and I did it all just because I couldn't resist.

Sami: I mean, you didn't do anything wrong, right? You didn't mess up. They manipulated you. That tends to happen a lot when you're around DiMeras.

Abigail: I really should go. I feel so, um--

Sami: No, you know what? I don't want you to go. Stay. Let's talk, you and me, one-on-one. Get lost, EJ.

Marlena: Well, there you are, finally.

Eric: Hey. Were you looking for me?

Marlena: Yeah, I figured maybe you just turned your phone off again.

Eric: I just needed some quiet time to think.

Marlena: Oh.

Eric: Please sit.

Marlena: Yeah, thank you. How did the interview with Nicole go?

Eric: Fine. What?

Marlena: Well, I spoke to Nicole, and she said the interview went fine also.

Eric: Then I guess everything went fine.

Marlena: Except that when I spoke to her, she was weird and nervous and didn't want to talk about you, but we know what that's about.

Eric: Mom, how many times do I have to say it? Nicole doesn't have any interest in me anymore.

Marlena: Is that why every time I brought up your name, she quickly shut me down?

Eric: Okay. Here it is. Nicole being tense, weird, or whatever was definitely not because she has any feelings for me.

Brady: I'm gonna tell you something, so shut up and listen for a second. The Bradys--they are nothing but good, all right? Remind me again--who was it? Who was it, when your life was going to hell, who took you in? Who gave you a second chance? Who gave you a safe place to go to, huh? And how--what did you do?

Theresa: Look, come on. I just--

Brady: You acted like a spoiled brat who didn't even bother to say thank you.

Theresa: Oh, my God, you bastard, you don't even know me.

Brady: Bitch, you don't know me either.

Theresa: Actually, I do. You're the drug addict who helped ruin my cousin Eric's life.

Brady: Oh.

Theresa: So bite me.

Daniel: JJ, what is it-- something at home?

JJ: No, no, it's nothing like that. You know that I'm really, really grateful that you helped me that night.

Daniel: Sure, sure, you said that.

JJ: Okay, well, I need to tell you something that happened that you don't know about. I mean, but I should've told you. Don't--hey, don't worry, man. I'm not doing drugs or dealing drugs. Mm-mm. And you know that I'm, like, always trying to be honest about stuff, you know?

Daniel: Yeah, so tell me what is going on.

JJ: All right, the reason why this is so hard is because I'm kind of in some trouble, and it could end up being trouble for you too.

Sami: [Scoffs] Is there something wrong? Is there a problem? I mean, after everything you've put that girl through, the least you could do is give me a moment to talk to her in private.

EJ: Of course, I just--you know, I feel a certain responsibility to--

Sami: I can deal with this.

Abigail: You know, I feel so uncomfortable. I should probably just go.

Sami: No, no, please, I want you to stay. I mean, Will and Sonny--they think the world of you, and you have been such a help to Gabi with Arianna. It's the least I can do. And once EJ leaves, we can get comfortable. Come on. Let's sit. Okay.

[Door closes]

Sami: Where do we begin?

Marlena: Eric... I've known Nicole for a long time. She can be... let's just say that she can be emotionally unpredictable.

Eric: Okay, look--

Marlena: Or to be blunt, where men are concerned, she can be twisted. She is a narcissist, Eric, in the extreme. She suffers from what is known as major attachment dysfunction. In other words, she got frozen in childhood. So, if she's talking about feelings she has for you, they're immature.

Eric: Mom, stop.

Marlena: They're unsophisticated. She doesn't have--

Eric: I mean it. That's enough. Nicole wasn't acting nervous because of her feelings for me. It was because of my feelings for her.

Nicole: Maggie... [Chuckles] The idea of me somehow getting Brady to go to rehab, that's crazy.

Maggie: Nicole, I've been sponsoring people for a very long time, and I can spot when trouble is coming, and trust me, it's coming. So, please, he might listen to you. Just ask him. Suggest it. Get him thinking about the idea, and if it doesn't work, then try another tack.

Nicole: I... okay, fine. I'll try.

Maggie: Oh, good, thank you. Thank you very much. Okay, then. So I'll set up a meeting with Brady in a couple of hours, and we'll meet, and then you'll just happen by, and then I'll step away, and then you can have some one-on-one time.

Nicole: I'm not promising anything.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Nicole: Maggie, look, I've got a lot of work to do, so if you wouldn't mind...

Maggie: Oh, no. No, no, I'm going. And thank you again. I know you care about Brady as much as I do, so let's just hope that it works. And, actually, I really do hope that he's at that hospital meeting right now.

Nicole: Me too.

Maggie: Thank you.

Nicole: Yeah.

Maggie: Thank you, Nicole.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Theresa: Wow. They're finally gonna get this show on the road.

Brady: The hell with this.

Theresa: Actually, since there's no one who will give a damn if I leave... that's a good idea, Brady.

Sami: Here you go.

Abigail: Thanks.

Sami: Okay, so, Abigail, I just want you to know that I see how upset you are, that you think this is your fault somehow, that you did something wrong. You didn't. This is something that happened to you. And I know it seems terrible, awful, but... I've done things that are ten times worse, and ten times worse has happened to me, and I'm still standing, right? So it's just important not to blow it out of proportion, okay? And--and I want to explain about EJ. He's--he's devoted to his family... to the idea of family... loyalty, kinship, whatever you want to call it. He would die before refusing to help someone in his family. So, if Chad came to him and asked him for help, I mean, there's no way he could say no. And Chad has real feelings for you, doesn't he?

Abigail: I guess so, yeah. I think.

Sami: So then I need to tell you a little bit about the DiMeras. The DiMeras are infamous for doing whatever it takes to get what they want. Stefano, EJ, Kristen, and Chad... they will lie, cheat, steal, you name it. So you kind of didn't stand a chance. You can't blame yourself. You know, and... I know what I'm talking about. EJ and I... we're complicated. [Chuckles] You know, and believe me, he's gonna get an earful about this from me. But at the end of the day, I love him, and I know he loves me... even if he drives me nuts sometimes.

JJ: This is just hard to talk about. It's just hard.

Daniel: Okay, JJ, we have been through some bad days, but we made it through. So, whatever it is, we're gonna get through it.

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, probably. Okay, here goes. I know I promised that I wasn't gonna get in trouble again, okay? But I'm kind of stuck, you know, so maybe you could give me some, like, advice on...

Sami: When EJ and I decided that we had to give this a real try, we promised each other no more secrets, no more lies, and... oh, my God, what am I doing? This isn't about me. It's about you. I'm sorry.

Abigail: That's okay.

Sami: So, listen, what I just want to say is... don't let what Chad did define who you are. What you do with any man doesn't have to define you. Understand?

Abigail: Yes.

Sami: Okay.

Abigail: Yeah.

Sami: I think you've had enough of me for one day. I will walk you out, okay?

[Both chuckling]

Sami: And trust me, your mom--she's gonna be there for you 100% every single day. It's gonna get better, okay? Trust me. I think it's just important for you to keep everything in perspective.

Abigail: Yes, thank you. Thanks.

Sami: And if you need anything, you can always call me, okay?

Brady: [Sighs]

Daniel: Hey, JJ. What is going on? Is there--is there-- did you see someone? I know a lot of drug dealers hang out in the park. Did you see a drug dealer you recognize?

JJ: No.

Daniel: No? Okay, then what is going on?

JJ: I, uh...

Daniel: You what? JJ, please, what did you want to tell me?

JJ: All right. Hey, I'm not really proud of this, okay? But Mom had a date on New Year's with this guy named Liam.

Daniel: Yeah, I know who he is. Yeah, I know.

JJ: I kind of tried to screw things up for him.

Daniel: JJ, my God, you are not slashing tires, doing all those antics again, you're--

JJ: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, I just talked to him and made him think that he was gonna be in for a rough time if he got involved.

Daniel: Yeah? What did you say?

JJ: Pretty much that Mom was still in love with you.

Daniel: Look, JJ--

JJ: I know, I know it was lame, all right? Mom found out too, and for all I know, it made her like the guy even more.

Daniel: Why? Why--why would you do that?

JJ: I-I just keep thinking that maybe after my court case, you know, you and Mom could maybe--

Daniel: No, JJ, we are not getting back together.

JJ: You must hate me for that.

Daniel: No, it's not all you. It's just, Jen and I--we... we blew it.

JJ: No, it was that bitch Theresa.

Daniel: JJ. JJ, you really need to take it easy. We all made mistakes. And, yes, I do still love your mother, but the truth is, we're never getting back together. You need to accept that.

JJ: Yeah, but what if she knew that it wasn't you?

Daniel: JJ, the best thing you can do for everybody is to keep everything a secret. If what happened comes out, it's not gonna do anybody any good. My career will be damaged. You might be in prison, and you just think, buddy-- you think about how your mom might feel about that. Right? Look, I really, really got to get back to the office. Are you gonna be okay?

JJ: Yeah, man. Thank you for listening.

Daniel: Sure.

JJ: Yes.

Daniel: Look, man, I just want to say, I'm really impressed by how far you've come lately, how determined you are to turn your life around. And I am pulling for you, JJ. I'll see you later.

Theresa: You bastard.

Maggie: Seems okay.

Brady: [Sighs] [Sniffs] [Clears throat] Ahh, to dreams... and the fools who dream them.

Theresa: I used to think you were pretty bright, but obviously you're dumb as a post.

JJ: I didn't say anything, okay?

Theresa: You're damn lucky you didn't. If you screw things up for me in any way, I won't just wreck your sorry little life, I'll bring down your new buddy Daniel right along with you. You'll go to prison, and his doctoring days will come to a screeching halt. Game over, life over. You follow?

JJ: Yes.

Marlena: Eric, I--

Eric: Mom, I understand. It's a shock. I just wanted to be honest.

Marlena: Well, you can't just leave it there. If you were secretly developing feelings for Nicole, then before much ti-- oh, that's it. That's why she was so uncomfortable around me. She knows how you feel. She does, doesn't she?

Sami: Give my best to your mom.

Abigail: I will.

Sami: Okay.

Abigail: All right. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, what do I do now?

EJ: So is everything settled?

Sami: You mean is Abigail gonna be all right? Eventually.

EJ: Look, Samantha, what I did--

Sami: What you did, EJ, was typical, even ingenious. I mean, getting a doctor to go along with Chad's story about having a brain tumor?

EJ: Well, it had to be done.

Sami: Right. It's not the first time either, is it?

EJ: I'm sorry?

Sami: Look, I would love to talk about what happened with Chad, but I have to ask you about that doctor first. Is it the same one that Kristen contacted to get the drug that she used on my brother?

Daniel: What the hell is going on?

Nicole: [Gasps]

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