Days Transcript Wednesday 1/8/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/8/14


Episode #12249 ~ JJ worries he will be caught with drugs; Hope realizes Ciara is struggling at school.

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Theresa: You better get here soon, JJ, and you better not show up empty-handed. I just sat through a 12-step meeting and I need something to take the edge off. [Sighs] Come on.

[Door closes]

Theresa: Aunt Hope, Happy New Year.

Hope: Oh, same to you. Happy New Year.

Theresa: Thanks.

Hope: Actually, I'm thrilled I ran into you. There's something I want to talk to you about.

Theresa: Yeah, sure, what is it?

Hope: JJ Deveraux.

Police officer: I got the shoplifters. They're here in Horton Town Square.

JJ: We weren't doing anything.

Rory: What?

Police officer: Then you got nothing to worry about. Bags on the table.

Cole: [Groaning] All right, come on, man. Ow! Ow! God!

Police officer: Open your bags.

Abe: All right. What the hell is going on here?

Rafe: Hey, Kate ... Lucas.

Kate: Hi, Rafe. Jordan, hey. What a surprise.

Lucas: If you'll excuse me, I have something that I have to take care of.

Kate: Well, wow. Look at you. You're walking. That's fantastic.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah, I'm doing good.

Kate: Great.

Rafe: I'm better than good, actually. I...

Kate: Wow.

Rafe: Am doing great ... thanks to you.

Kate: Hmm.

Lucas: Looking for this?

Sheryl: Oh, thank you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sheryl: You might as well know this about me now. I leave my stuff everywhere.

Lucas: I'm kind of like that with my cell phone. It's my subconscious desire to simplify my life.

Sheryl: So now that you know I'm a ditz, you sure you want to consider me for the job?

Lucas: Uh, we actually love ditzy women at Mad World, so you'll fit right in.

Sheryl: Great. [Laughs] Um, so I'm gonna meet you at the, uh...

Lucas: The Brady Pub. Yeah, and I'll be there as soon as I can.

Sheryl: Okay, great.

Lucas: Okay.

Sheryl: I need directions. Oh, I don't believe it.

Kate: Yeah, Arianna just keeps on getting cuter and cuter.

Rafe: Kate, uh, something wrong?

Will: You're not gonna believe this.

Sonny: What?

Will: An online literary magazine is gonna publish the short story I submitted.

Sonny: That's fantastic! Wait. Does this mean that I can quit my job and live off you?

Will: Sure... if we can live off $1.50.

Sonny: Come here, I'm so proud of you.

Gabi: Well... did he stop her?

Will: What are you talking about?

Gabi: EJ, did--did he find a way to stop Abigail before she got to Hope?

EJ: I thought we agreed that can never happen again.

Abigail: We did. And it can't ... ever, ever again ... after this.

Theresa: Why ...

Hope: Sit down.

Theresa: Do you want to talk to me about JJ?

Hope: Well, I know Jennifer said it was all right for you to join the Horton celebration and come to the house.

Theresa: [Chuckles] Yeah, so big of her, huh?

Hope: And the condition was that you stayed away from JJ.

Theresa: Really? Hmm, that's news to me.

Hope: Oh, no, no. I don't think it's news to you at all. You've known for a while that you're supposed to keep your distance from him, which makes me wonder, Theresa, why did I see you talking to him ... in depth?

Police officer: I got a call from dispatch that a robbery was in progress at the corner store. I saw three kids tear out of the store, and I chased 'em here. But I didn't get a good look.

JJ: Well, it wasn't us.

Police officer: Then why won't you open your backpacks?

JJ: Come on, Cole, don't just sit there! Tell him that we didn't do this.

Abigail: [Sighs] I can't believe this. I go around acting like--like my life isn't a complete and total disaster, which it is, and then I do something so--so unbelievably stupid. What is wrong with me?

EJ: Nothing, nothing.

Abigail: [Sighs]

EJ: [Smooches] Nothing's wrong with you. Look, what happened happened. We didn't plan it. And as lovely as it was, I think we can both agree that it should not have happened.

Abigail: Right. And it can never, ever, ever happen again.

Rafe: Yeah, you looked upset. Something up with Lucas?

Jordan: I hope we didn't interrupt the two of you.

Kate: No, no, no, no. We were just working. Believe me, I uh--I welcome the interruption. [Chuckles]

[Book clatters]

Sheryl: Oh, I got it.

Lucas: Uh, is something wrong?

Sheryl: No, no, it's nothing. Um, okay, so I'm going to meet you at the Brady Pub.

Lucas: Right, but you don't even know how to get there. You need directions.

Sheryl: Oh, no, that's okay. I have a GPS. I'll just figure it out.

Kate: So, um, I'm glad I ran into you. I was gonna stop by the apartment and see how you were doing, but this saves me a trip.

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Kate: Cute t-shirt, by the way.

Jordan: Oh, it was a present.

Lucas: [Clears throat]

Kate: So did you handle that thing we were talking about?

Lucas: Uh, yeah, I did. I did.

Kate: Good. Well, we really need to get back to work. So, anyway, you two have fun.

Rafe: All right.

Lucas: Let's see here.

Rafe: Let's get a table, shall we?

Jordan: Yeah.

Kate: So I saw Sheryl see Jordan. How did you get her to leave?

Lucas: I didn't. She took one look at Jordan, and she couldn't get out of here fast enough.

Kate: Really? Really? So are you still gonna meet her at the pub?

Lucas: Right.

Kate: Okay. Well, ply her with that lousy chowder and grill her till she cracks, because I think we have someone who can solve the mystery of Jordan Ridgeway.

Theresa: Look, I was just wishing JJ a merry Christmas, okay? Not that it did any good. He still hates me, so ...

Hope: Well, if he hates you, why'd you even bother saying hello? What were you hoping it would accomplish, Theresa?

Theresa: Look, we both live in this town, okay? And we're gonna run into each other. I'd prefer if he didn't snarl every time he sees me.

Hope: Whatever you were saying to him, he didn't seem too happy.

Theresa: [Sighs]

Ciara: Here we are.

Hope: Oh, there is my beautiful girl. Hey, sweetheart.

Ciara: Hi.

Hope: Hi.

Ciara: Hi, Theresa.

Theresa: Hi.

Hope: Theresa, this is Ciara's friend Cori and, uh, Helen. Hi, honey. Oh, good to see you. Thank you so much. Oh, I'm so sorry. Theresa, this--Theresa is Ciara's cousin.

Ciara: So why did we have to come here? Why couldn't we just go to Cori's?

Helen: Because I told your mom that you two were gonna be painting your art project in case she wanted you to change your clothes first.

Hope: Yeah, I don't want you to get paint on your uniform, honey.

Ciara: Mom.

Hope: What's wrong? Honey... what's wrong?

Ciara: I tore my uniform. Don't get mad, okay?

Hope: I'm not mad. Do I look mad? How bad could it possibly be? Let's take a look. Here. Oh. And you're missing a button. What-- hey... what happened?

JJ: Cole, tell them.

Cole: My ankle's killing me, man. I think something might be broken.

Abe: All right, I want you to open these backpacks and bags. Empty your pockets now.

Store manager: These aren't the punks that ripped off my store. It was him and his two friends.

Abe: Can you describe them?

Store manager: Yeah. One of 'em had tattoos all over. The other was wearing neon-orange running shoes.

Police officer: Sounds like they won't be hard to find. Let's go.

Cole: I'm telling you, man, I need to go to the ER. [Groans] Come on.

Abe: Look, um, sorry about this mix-up. You're free to go.

Rory: See ya, JJ.

JJ: Yeah.

Abe: Hold on, JJ. You and I need to have a little talk.

Will: What does Abigail have to do with anything?

Sonny: Tell him, Gabi.

Gabi: Well, I was talking with her today, and she got a text message from Nick. Well, I thought it was Nick. Kate got Nick's phone when--when he went into the river, and I didn't know it, but she was sending text messages to people he knows so that they wouldn't figure out he never made it to New York.

Will: And you didn't know she was doing that?

Gabi: No, so I freaked out in front of Abigail, and then she thought it was because I was still afraid of Nick. And she got this idea stuck in her head that she wanted to go tell Hope, and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to tell your mom, so I went to find her, and she wasn't there. EJ was there, and he was the one that told me about Kate and the messages.

Will: I'm sorry you didn't know about this before. My mom and my grandma should have told you what was happening.

Gabi: Yeah, I sure wish they would have, but, um, anyway, EJ said that he was gonna figure out a way to stop Abigail from getting to Hope.

Sonny: Gabi, I told you, if anyone can find a way around Abigail, it's EJ.

EJ: You'll go back to Salem, and you'll put this behind you. We both will.

Abigail: [Sighs] No. I missed the ferry. The next one's not for hours.

EJ: That's fine. I came by boat. I'll take you back.

Abigail: And if somebody sees us?

EJ: Well, you'll come up with a story. People will believe you. The daughter of the Horton family and the son of the prince of darkness-- it's a little implausible.

Abigail: Right.

EJ: I hope ... that you're not going to tell Hope ... about the text message that Gabi received.

Abigail: Don't worry. I won't say anything to Hope. I don't want her to know that I came here looking for her.

EJ: Good.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. If anyone from my family knew that I slept with--no offense.

EJ: None taken. It's fine.

Abigail: I didn't--

EJ: Somebody finding out would not be very good for me either.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Sami would kill me. Oh, I'm so embarrassed.

EJ: Don't be. Everything's gonna be fine, I assure you.

Abigail: Right. Right, we'll just, uh--we'll go back to our lives now.

EJ: Yeah. It'll be like it never happened.

Rafe: Is Kate making you uncomfortable?

Jordan: I won't let her.

Rafe: Jordan, I told you, she ended it with me, okay? And in case she has any other ideas, I made it very clear we're just friends. All right?

Kate: So ... what did Sheryl say when she saw Jordan?

Lucas: She said, "I don't believe it." And then when I asked her what she meant, she didn't say anything. She just left. She took off.

Kate: That's it?

Lucas: Yeah, that's it. I mean, it's not like Sheryl said they were BFFs or anything. She said that she knew somebody who moved from Birmingham a couple of months ago. That's it. They're probably acquaintances.

Kate: No, no, no, that's not what Ortiz said. He said that Sheryl and Jordan were very close friends. In fact, Sheryl was the only close friend of Jordan's he could locate.

Lucas: Well, what's your plan now?

Kate: I don't know. But I'm suddenly quite glad we brought Jordan's little friend into town.

Hope: Before you and the girls take off, would you mind giving me a few minutes to talk to Ciara alone?

Helen: No problem. I have a library book to return. I'll take Cori with me.

Hope: Thank you. That'd be great.

Helen: Come on, honey. Let's go to the library.

Ciara: Why didn't I get to go to the library with Cori and her mom?

Hope: Because I want to talk to you alone.

Ciara: About what?

Hope: Your uniform. Did it really get caught in the monkey bars? Or did one of the kids rip it?

Ciara: Why would they do that?

Hope: Because maybe ... they were teasing you about Father Eric being your cousin?

Ciara: They weren't doing that.

Hope: If someone's bothering you, I want to know about it, honey.

Ciara: Nobody's bothering me.

Hope: Okay. Theresa?

Theresa: Yeah.

Hope: Would you mind keeping her company while I make a phone call.

Theresa: Oh, sure, no problem. Must be a pretty private phone call, hmm?

Ciara: She's calling my school.

Theresa: Oh, yeah? Why?

Ciara: She doesn't believe me.

Theresa: About what?

Ciara: I told her I was climbing on the monkey bars, and my uniform got ripped.

Theresa: Well, if you told her the truth, then you're covered, right? Right?

Abe: I do want to say that I am very happy you kept your word to your mother, and you're pulling your life together. Your mom's had a pretty hard year.

JJ: That's because of me.

Abe: Well, that breakup with Daniel hit her pretty hard too. But she'd be a wreck if she lost you.

JJ: I swear to you, Mr. Carver, I don't want to hurt my mom any more than I already have.

Abe: That's what I wanted to hear.

Rory: Dude. Hey, man, that was close.

JJ: Too damn close. If the cops had figured out that I was carrying, my life would be doomed, man.

[Cell phone rings]

Rory: Yeah.

JJ: I have to go.

Rory: You gonna kick back, calm down, smoke some pot?

JJ: No, I am going to kick some ass!

Rory: Wait, what does that mean?

JJ: I'll call you later.

Rory: [Sighs deeply]

Sonny: How long does it take to get to Smith Island?

Will: What's on Smith Island?

Sonny: Well, Abigail thought Hope was. That's why she headed to the island to talk to her. And I just hope that EJ got to Abigail. I just don't understand what's taking him so long to call us.

Will: There's no cell-phone reception on Smith Island, remember?

Sonny: Right.

Will: And he's got a company to run. I wonder why my mom isn't handling this.

[Door opens]

Gabi: Okay, I finally got her to stop crying.

Will: I was just telling Sonny I think she's teething.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, I think so too. But she may be sensing that Mom's very stressed, right?

Sonny: You know what? Let me take her.

Gabi: No, you sure?

Sonny: Come on--no, no, no. Yeah, I'm sure.

Gabi: Okay.

Sonny: Come here.

Gabi: [Gasps] Hi.

Sonny: Come over here. Why don't you and Will go for a walk? And call EJ while you're at it, see what's up.

Will: You gonna be okay here?

Sonny: Oh, yes, we're gonna be just fine.

Will: Let's go.

Gabi: Okay. [Smooches] Okay. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Abigail: [Sighs] I don't want Hope to know that anyone has been in this bed. You know what's too bad?

EJ: What's that?

Abigail: When we were talking about my dad's book the other day and you told me about how the angel wing came from the Raphael painting ... I kind of started to think that maybe you and I could ... be friends.

EJ: Well, maybe we still can.

Abigail: Yeah, maybe you're right.

Hope: Thanks, Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, sure. But you know what? I got to head out, so... I'll see you soon, cuz.

Ciara: See you soon. Bye.

Theresa: Bye. You got a really good kid there.

Hope: Thank you. I think so too.

Ciara: Who did you just call?

Hope: Father matt. I wanted to talk to him about what happened today.

Ciara: But I already told you what happened.

Hope: All of it?

Ciara: Can I still go on my playdate, or are you mad at me?

Hope: Oh, baby. I'm not mad. I just want to know you're okay and that no one lays a hand on you. You're my girl. I love you.

Helen: You girls better get your hot chocolates. We should be leaving now.

Hope: Here, sweetheart, let me help you. I got the hot chocolate. Here you go, Cori. Ciara. I love you.

Ciara: Love you.

Hope: Helen, do me a favor, please. If Cori tells you anything about Ciara being bullied, teased at school, anything, please give me a call.

Helen: I sure will.

Hope: Thank you. Have fun!

Rafe: Hey, what's wrong?

Jordan: Nothing.

Rafe: Okay. If you say so.

Hope: Hi, sweetheart.

Abigail: Hi.

Hope: Hi. Hi, I got your text. It sounded like you had something important on your mind.

Abigail: Uh, no, um... no, it wasn't really a big deal.

Hope: Well, it must have sort of been a big deal, because you went all the way out to Smith Island to find me.

[Doorbell rings]

EJ: I've got it, Harold!

Gabi: Oh, good. You're here. Please tell me that you got Abigail to keep her mouth shut about Nick.

Theresa: [Sighing] Oh, God. Nothing? Bastard.

[Knock at door]

Theresa: I should have known better than to send a boy to do a man's job.

JJ: Do you know how much I hate being your errand boy?

Theresa: I have some idea.

JJ: Well, I don't hate it as much as I hate you.

Theresa: You almost got caught?

JJ: With this. If the store owner hadn't showed up and cleared me, I'd be sitting in a police station right now. And my mom and my sister and everybody else that cares about me would hate my guts. But it wouldn't matter because I would be on my way to prison. You would love that, right?

Theresa: JJ, that's the last thing I want to happen to you, okay?

JJ: Yeah, because you would have to find someone else to get your weed.

Theresa: JJ.

JJ: Fine. You don't give a damn about me, so don't pretend that you do. All that--all that talk about how you're going to delete the video of me getting high, that was just crap, right? I'm starting to think that the only way I'll ever get you off my back is to get caught and to go to prison.

Theresa: Are you done? Look, I'm sorry that happened to you, okay? I am. I don't want us to be enemies.

JJ: Well, that's too bad, because everything that you've done to me and my mom, I don't see how we can be anything else.

Theresa: Fine. Have it your way.

Kate: Okay, she's here. Act busy.

Lucas: We're in a freakin' restaurant. What do you want me to do-- bus tables?

Kate: Okay, so I got the report from the focus group that we did, and your new ad campaign was--oh! Here she is.

Sheryl: Yep, I found it.

Kate: Oh, and I was planning to be gone so Lucas could continue his interview with you in peace.

Sheryl: Oh, no, no, no. If you guys have stuff to go over, I can just wait at the bar.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no, no. We're all done here, right?

Lucas: Yeah, we are so done, absolutely. Have a seat, Sheryl.

Sheryl: Thank you.

Lucas: Uh-huh.

Kate: So, Sheryl, you know, when you came back to get your datebook, I got a glimpse of your face, and you just seemed upset, I have to say.

Lucas: Probably because she lost her book, right?

Sheryl: Well, I-I was upset, but it wasn't to do with the book.

Kate: Oh, are you okay?

Sheryl: Well, I might as well tell you, since it seems that you actually know her. Um...

Kate: Know who?

Sheryl: Jordan Ridgeway.

Jordan: I did not know you grew up here.

Rafe: Not from right here-- West Salem ... very different.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Rafe: It is. It is. And as soon as I get better, I'm gonna take you there. I'm gonna give you a tour-- barbershop, sports bar, whole nine yards.

Jordan: Well, I'd like that.

Rafe: You see? And I like that. I like it that you like it here. It seems to me you ... you got kind of a wanderlust.

[Both chuckle]

Jordan: Yes, well, I have moved around a lot.

Rafe: Yeah? So tell me, why? I mean, it sounds to me like you had a pretty good thing going on in Birmingham. Good life, good job. Salem's got to be pretty tame in comparison, so ... why'd you pack everything up and move here?

Abigail: How did you know that I went to Smith Island?

Hope: Oh, let's sit down. Oh, my friend Liz. Uh, she saw you ... on the ferry.

Abigail: Oh.

Hope: Mm.

Abigail: I see.

Hope: I just had to go out for a couple of hours and check on the pipes and make sure everything was all right. But then I needed to get back because of Ciara. I'm just so sorry you went all the way out there for nothing.

Abigail: Oh, no, that's okay. Uh, it's fine.

Hope: You just get back?

Abigail: Yeah.

Hope: On the ferry?

Abigail: No. The next ferry wasn't for a couple of hours, actually.

Hope: Oh. So, uh... [Chuckles] How did you get back?

Abigail: Oh, um, well, someone, uh--someone had a boat there, so I caught a ride.

Hope: That's very cool.

Abigail: Yeah. Yep.

Hope: Is it someone you know?

Will: I guess we should have called first.

EJ: It's fine.

Gabi: I was very worried. It's all I can think about.

EJ: Well, you don't need to worry. I spoke to Abigail. [Grunts] She's not going to say anything to Hope.

Gabi: Really? Uh, are you sure? What did you say to her?

EJ: It doesn't matter. It worked.

Gabi: You--you didn't pay her off, did you?

EJ: Do you really think a person like Abigail Deveraux could be bought off?

Gabi: I-I-I don't know.

Will: He's right. Abigail's not the type to take a payoff.

Gabi: True. Okay, I'm sorry. I-I don't even know what I was thinking. I mean, she has principles.

EJ: I convinced her that Nick had done some things to upset you before he left town, that you have a tendency to overreact, so ... I'm pretty sure she's not going to be bringing up the subject of Nick Fallon anytime soon.

Gabi: Okay, okay. Good, good. Is that all you said to her? What a surprise.

Sheryl: Well, do you remember when I told you that I actually knew somebody who moved here from Birmingham?

Kate: Uh-huh.

Sheryl: It was Jordan.

Kate: Oh, my God. So she's from Alabama. But she doesn't have an accent.

Sheryl: Well, she wasn't born there.

Kate: Ah. Did you know about this?

Lucas: Well, actually, I-- she might have mentioned something--

Kate: Okay, so you know what I don't understand, though, is-- so she's a friend of yours but you were upset to see her?

Sheryl: Well, we were friends.

Kate: Uh-huh.

Sheryl: Maybe we still are. I'm just not really sure.

Kate: Why not?

Sheryl: Well, we used to be really close. And then ... everything changed.

Jordan: Well, I read the case file, and I saw the challenges that the patient was facing, and it sounded like something I'd like to take on.

Rafe: Get out. You moved here because of me?

Jordan: Well, I read the notes Kayla sent and saw the pictures. And I knew I could get you back on your feet again. So I couldn't resist.

Rafe: Well, you saw the picture, and then you knew you had to come.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Rafe: It's true, isn't it?

Jordan: Get over yourself.

Rafe: Really?

Jordan: [Laughs] You know what? You just keep messing with me, and one of these days, I'm gonna get you back real good.

Rafe: Oh, really? Is that a promise? Is it, huh? Because I'd like that. You know, you stick around, that opportunity will present itself.

Abigail: Yes, um, someone I know had a boat there, luckily. So I caught a ride with them. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you, though.

Hope: You seemed, um-- you seemed upset ... about something.

Abigail: Uh...

Hope: Do you want to talk now?

Abigail: No, you know, to be honest, I-I don't even know where to begin.

Hope: How about from the beginning?

EJ: I told Abigail Nick tried to force you to move to New York, you refused, and it didn't end well.

Gabi: Yeah, well, you can say that again. I guess you left out the part where I hit him over the head with the rock.

EJ: Yes.

Gabi: I just hope that she doesn't find out that you weren't the one that found me with him, and that it was actually--

EJ: Gabriela, will you please focus. It's handled.

Will: He's right. Thanks for keeping Mom out of this. Where is she, by the way?

EJ: She's out of town on business.

Will: Really? She usually calls me before she goes out of town.

EJ: Well, I'm sure she'll be in touch when she gets back.

Gabi: Uh, Sonny is with the baby. We have to get back. [Clears throat]

Will: Um ... I'll stay here. I'm gonna catch up with you later.

Gabi: Okay. Thank you so much, by the way. You're a lifesaver.

[Door closes]

Will: Okay, level with me. What's going on?

EJ: With what?

Will: You and Mom. Whenever I'm in the room with you, it's like there's this chill.

EJ: [Sighs] I think that's a conversation you should have with your mother.

Will: [Scoffs] She's not here right now. You are. I'm sorry I'm in your face, it's just ... you've gone out of your way for me and my family, and I know that it's because you love Mom so much. I hope she appreciates everything you've done for us-- that's all.

EJ: William ... thank you.

Will: I'm the one that should be thanking you. Sorry we're such geniuses at making your life more complicated than it already is.

Theresa: If you don't want that video of our little OD party going to the judge, you're going to do exactly as you're told. But don't worry, most of what I tell you to do will be legal.

JJ: I am not going to feed you information about Daniel. You'd just use it to hurt my mom.

Theresa: Oh, God, please. Really? If you don't do what I say, the only person who's going to ruin your mother's life is you. Got it? Bye.

JJ: [Breathing heavily]

[Line ringing]

Rory: Yo. You done kicking butt?

JJ: Where are you?

Rory: Hanging out in the square--where else?

JJ: All right, stay there, 'cause I need someone to talk to, or I'm going to go nuts.

Sheryl: I don't know if I should be talking about Jordan's personal business.

Kate: No, of course not. But nothing you say could change my mind about her. [Laughs]

Lucas: That's the truth.

Kate: [Laughs] She's been such a lifesaver for Rafe, I'll tell ya. He was the guy that you saw her with before.

Sheryl: Okay.

Kate: He's a good friend of mine. It's just such an amazing coincidence that you know her. Yeah, well, why don't we just leave it at that?

Sheryl: [Laughs]

Kate: I should get going.

Lucas: Oh, no.

Kate: Oh, yes.

Lucas: All right.

Kate: Here I go. Continue on.

Lucas: Okay, will do. Thank you.

Sheryl: Did I just blow my chances?

Lucas: No, no way. No, you made a very, very good impression.

Rory: I'm sorry. You got to be putting me on, right? Okay, you were getting high with Theresa when she overdosed, and she has video of it.

JJ: I am such a moron. If I don't do everything that she wants, she says she is going to blow my life sky-high.

Rory: Okay, but after your hearing, what can she really do?

JJ: She's gonna keep doing what she's doing. I know it. She'll find some other way to use what she's got ... unless I do it to her before she does it to me.

Theresa: [Sighs] Well, when you're right, you're right, JJ. I'm so not done with you ... or your bitch of a mother.

Jordan: All right. It's time to go. You're starting to look tired.

Rafe: Tired? Wow. That's just what every guy wants to hear from his, uh...

Jordan: [Clears throat]

Rafe: Coach. Yes. [Laughs] Okay, well, you didn't have such a bad time, did ya?

Jordan: No, I had a great time.

Rafe: Okay, good. Let's do this. Whoa. Hey.

Kate: Hey.

Rafe: Just can't get enough of the coffee here, huh?

Kate: Well, no, actually, I got back to the office, and I left my tablet here somewhere, so I'm hoping the bartender has it.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, good. Well, we're on our way out.

Kate: Good, take care. Enjoy him while you can, Jordan, because whatever you're hiding won't be hidden much longer.

Gabi: Oh, what did EJ say after I left?

Will: We didn't really talk about you.

Gabi: Oh. I'm gonna go look at the baby.

Sonny: Sounds like EJ averted a crisis.

Will: For now, I guess. Nick's still dead. And I have a feeling that none of this is ever going to go away.

Abigail: That's so sweet of you to offer, Hope, but, you know, um, I actually think I kind of figured this one out on my own, so ...

Hope: Oh.

Abigail: Yeah.

Hope: Okay. You know, honey, um ... when I was your age, I just remember that there were things I couldn't talk to my dad about. I mean, thank God I had Gran.

Abigail: Yeah.

Hope: I was really lucky. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that if you ever feel that way, I hope you know you can talk to me. And I promise you ... it won't go any further.

Abigail: Thank you. Thanks. That's really sweet.

Hope: Okay.

Abigail: Okay, bye. [Sighs] Sorry, Hope. I can't tell anyone about this. [Exhales deeply]

EJ: Oh, bloody hell, what have I done?

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