Days Transcript Friday 1/3/14

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/3/14


Episode #12246 ~ Daniel & Nicole save Brady from danger; Sami demands a confession from EJ.

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Kate: Rafe, are you-- well, I didn't realize you were in the middle of physical therapy.

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: [Gasps] Oh, finally. "Sorry I've been out of touch. I'm great. Everything is going swimmingly. Nick."

[Glass shatters]

Gabi: [Gasps]

Abigail: Gabi, are you okay?

Gabi: Um, I just--

Abigail: Gabi, you're shaking. What is it? Is it something about Nick? Something in the text that he sent?

Gabi: He didn't send that.

Sami: This is a very complicated conversation. And we don't have time to settle it now because I am running late.

EJ: You and I are gonna settle this right now. You're not going anywhere.

Sami: EJ. I can still leave.

EJ: I can keep that jet on the ground.

Sami: I can walk out that door.

EJ: You answer my question first. Are you going to marry me or not?

Nicole: Eric. What are you doing here?

Eric: Well, I just wanted to bring you the proofs from our shoot.

Nicole: Great. [Chuckles] Wow. Cool.

Eric: [Chuckles] So you and Daniel have a nice New Year's?

Daniel: Hey, hey.

Maggie: Hey. Hi, honey.

Daniel: Is Brady around?

Maggie: I don't think so. Did you call him?

Daniel: No, he's been texting me, but then our little-- I don't know. Is he okay?

Maggie: [Chuckles] He's fine. Why?

Daniel: You haven't talked to him.

Maggie: About what?

Daniel: He relapsed. [Scoffs]

Dealer: You're short.

Brady: Come on. You know I'm good for it.

Dealer: Yeah. Lucky I know you're loaded.

Brady: Thank you.

Dealer: Later.

Nicole: New Year's was nice. Thank you for bringing the proofs by.

Eric: Yeah. I had time.

Nicole: You know, you could have just emailed me the pictures.

Eric: Listen, I needed to see you. It's about Brady.

Maggie: Ask him to call Maggie when he checks in. Okay. Thanks, Connie.

Daniel: Hey, Brady, it's me. Call me when you get a chance, will you?

Maggie: He hasn't been anywhere near the office.

Daniel: Cell goes straight to voice mail.

Maggie: Well, I still have to check with Victor and the staff.

Daniel: Yeah, then you try Nicole and Eric. They know he relapsed. Maybe he's gone to them.

Maggie: So where are you gonna be?

Daniel: Well, I'm going to the park because, if his family and friends haven't heard from him, maybe the drug dealer has.

Maggie: [Groans]

Brady: [Sniffs]

Man: Hey, man. You got the time? Yeah, we'll go ahead and take that watch and your wallet. And the coke.

EJ: Are you going to marry me?

Sami: And you think bullying me is gonna work?

EJ: I think it's about the only thing I haven't tried. So why not? I'm gonna give it a shot. I've tried being reasonable, and I've tried being patient.

Sami: Why are you doing this now? We had such a nice night last night.

EJ: You know, that's what I thought.

Sami: We did. I felt like for the first time in a long time we were actually making progress.

EJ: And yet you couldn't bring yourself to kiss your fiancÚ. On New Year's Eve. And now this morning look at you. Sneaking out of the house.

Sami: I am not sneaking--

EJ: What sort of game do you think that you're playing, Samantha?

Abigail: Gabi.

Gabi: I'm so clumsy. I'm sorry.

Abigail: It's okay. I mean, I was surprised to hear from Nick too, but--but it's really him. See?

Gabi: Yeah, that's--that's his number, mm-hmm.

Abigail: Yeah, that's his number. He took his phone with him to New York.

Gabi: Yeah--

Abigail: Gabi--

Gabi: No, I just--I thought-- well, no one's heard from him, so...

Abigail: Yeah, and not much. I mean, except for Hope when he first got there.

Gabi: What?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, she said that he sent 'em a text saying that he got to the city okay but that he was gonna go off the grid for a little bit until he got settled. I guess he's resurfaced.

Gabi: Mm-hmm, yeah, I guess. I'm gonna take Arianna home for a nap. So...

Abigail: Gabi, Ari's already sleeping. What's going on? What is it about Nick that's upsetting you so much?

Rafe: [Sighs] Well...

Jordan: I'm not Rafe's physical therapist anymore.

Kate: Oh. Are you his masseuse now?

Rafe: Hey, Kate.

Kate: Hi. I'm so sorry for interrupting.

Rafe: No, no, no, it's okay. Come on in.

Kate: Well...

Rafe: Well, I guess I should put some clothes on.

Jordan: Yeah, I need to go.

Rafe: No, no, no, you stay. It's just gonna take me a minute. You can keep Kate company.

Kate: Oh, wow, look at you.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Kate: You're doing great.

Rafe: Yup.

Jordan: Yes, he is.

Gabi: It's just strange to hear from Nick again, that's all.

Abigail: Strange? Gabi, you just dropped a glass all over my shoes, and you turned white as a sheet.

Gabi: I just --I drop things all the time. You can ask Mrs. Brady. She'd take half my check sometimes for things I'd break--

Abigail: Gabi, stop, this is not about that. This is about hearing about Nick. Now, look, I'm sorry if I wasn't being sensitive--

Gabi: It's no big deal.

Abigail: Clearly it was a big deal, and it still is, Gabi. Did something happen between you and Nick?

Sami: I'm not playing a game with you, EJ. I'm trying to figure out how-- what it will take for me to trust you again.

EJ: Right. But in the meantime you're quite happy for me to clean up your semi-annual murder, aren't you? And to get down on my hands and knees and give my father everything, everything I own so that you don't have to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Sami: Please, EJ, I know everything that you have done for me.

EJ: I don't think you have any idea of all the things I've done for you.

Sami: What? What were you expecting? A prize? You feel like you should have won, is that it? Is that why you're doing this? You keep score of all--

EJ: No, I do these things 'cause I love you, Samantha. I love you so much I can't bloody see straight. I've done everything that I can to prove that to you. I would give you anything you ask.

Sami: Except the truth. Right? Because that's really all I want from you. You want to get married? Then tell me the truth. You tell me what you knew about Kristen and Eric, and I will marry you today.

Eric: Well, I've kind of been texting with Brady since New Year's, and have you spoken with him?

Nicole: Just texts.

Eric: It's just really hard for me to tell, you know. I don't know. Maybe it's just because he's having trouble, especially with me.

Nicole: Eric, I just--I think he's embarrassed. He's probably struggling. I mean, he relapsed. He was wired, and he got caught in the worst way. I think it's gonna be a while before he feels okay with any of us.

Eric: Yeah, especially with me.

Nicole: But he went to a meeting with you on New Year's.

Eric: We didn't really give him much of a choice.

Nicole: I know you can't divulge anything, but how did he sound? He did speak, right?

Eric: I don't know. It was a closed meeting. He told me to wait outside.

Nicole: Did you get a sense of him or how he was afterward?

Eric: Well, when I went back, he wasn't there, and I got a text that he had gone home. He didn't want to be out on a night like that, especially with all the parties going on.

Nicole: All right, that makes sense.

Eric: Oh, man, I really--I got to get to the church, but--

Nicole: Oh.

Eric: It's nothing new. I mean, it's just my normal meeting with Father Matt.

Nicole: Okay.

Eric: You know what? In our photos just-- one of my favorites, if they're kind of looking for a serious shot, I'd kind of go with... that one. I don't know, but then there's this one right here. You just--you see the look in your eyes, the way it kind of just pulls you in right there?

Nicole: Yeah. I'll take your word on it. Thanks.

Eric: Yeah, it's kind of my job these days.

Nicole: Hey, Eric, Eric, Eric. The truth, it's gonna come out. Daniel's gonna clear your name, and you'll be back at St. Luke's soon. I know it.

Eric: Yeah, I really hope so.

[Door shuts]

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Oh. Eric! Eric, your phone. Oh, it's Maggie.

[Second cell phone ringing]

Nicole: It's Maggie. Hi, Maggie, what's going on?

Maggie: Nicole, have you seen Brady in the last 24 hours?

Brady: Hey, hey, hey. [Shouts]

Kate: Well, sorry for barging in like that. You really shouldn't keep the door ajar, though, when you have plans.

Jordan: Good tip. Thanks.

Kate: Look, I owe you an apology.

Jordan: No, it's okay. You're right. We should have closed the door.

Kate: Not about that. I was out of line earlier. The holidays are hard for me.

Jordan: For a lot of us.

Kate: I only want what's best for Rafe. And obviously you have worked miracles with your physical therapy. And I know he's grateful. And I totally understand that.

Gabi: I don't know how to live with this secret.

Kate: Think of it this way. If you don't, that means living without your beautiful daughter. If you don't, that means your daughter lives without a mother.

Gabi: Nothing happened with Nick.

Abigail: Gabi, I know his history, okay? If he in some way has--

Gabi: It's nothing, okay? Look, it was nice meeting up and having lunch, but I'll text you. We'll do it again sometime, so-- who are you calling?

Abigail: Hope Brady.

Gabi: Why?

Abigail: We all love Nick, okay? He's our family. We love him. But, Gabi, if he is hurting you, then--

Gabi: Don't. Don't call Hope.

EJ: Fine. 'Cause you know me so well. Kristen and I used the wine cellar downstairs. It makes a fairly decent laboratory. That's where we mixed up the drugs. The drugs were my idea. So I slipped the drugs into his drink. And then I manned the camera. You know how I like to watch. I'm really sorry about the lighting, by the way, you know. But what the hell? It achieved its job. It ruined your brother's life and broke your heart in the process, so...

Sami: Is this funny to you? Is this funny?

EJ: No, it's not, Samantha. It's not funny at all. I can see your face, and you actually wanted to believe that.

Sami: Well, it's not like you're not capable, EJ.

EJ: You actually want to believe that I would be that much of a monster, that much of an idiot. That, against all sense and reason--

Sami: I didn't say that.

EJ: Then what is it exactly that you are saying, Samantha? 'Cause I tell you the truth, which is that one hour before the wedding my sister came and dropped in my lap the truth, which is that she slept with Eric--now I tell you that, and you can't accept it. You are convinced that I am lying.

Sami: That's right. Because I can feel it. Because I have this feeling in my gut that will not go away. And until it does I am not going to set a date. Do you know how many times I have been almost married? I'm not doing that again, and I'm definitely not doing it with you. I just can't, EJ. I can't--I can't stand there at the altar with you... so completely, so desperately in love with you, and so completely yours, only to have some fool come in at the last second with a stupid secret.

EJ: But I would never let that happen to you, Samantha. Ever.

Sami: Ever again, you mean.

EJ: If you don't believe--

Sami: I don't know what to believe, EJ. I just don't.

EJ: Samantha, believe in me, okay? Come here. Believe in me. I'm the person that you keep telling me you love.

Sami: I want to. I want to, and I--

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: Just--

Sami: EJ, it's the office. 'Cause I'm late. We're just talking in circles. That's all this is. We're just--we're just talking in circles, and I don't--I don't know why you're pushing this right now. So I can go to Chicago, I can have the meeting, and I will come home, and we will finish this conversation. Or I can pack the rest of my things and move out.

Man: Two grams? That's all you got?

Daniel: Hey! Hey, get off him. I said get off. Get! Hey. Brady, Brady. You okay? Hey, look at me. Brady? Brady?

Maggie: I still have to talk to the staff, and Victor's in a meeting for another hour.

Nicole: Well, where's Daniel now?

Maggie: He went to the park to find Brady's dealer.

Nicole: On my way.

Matt: Any developments on your case?

Eric: No news. We're waiting to get the test results back. The police, they haven't found Kristen DiMera. They're still having, you know, trouble.

Matt: What's worrying you, Son? Now come on. You know everything you say here is confidential.

Eric: I know. It's-- it's not that I can't say it to you. It's that I can't say it.

Matt: To yourself?

Eric: I have to. I have to admit to the fact that I have feelings for Nicole that are-- I have feelings for Nicole that go far beyond friendship.

Jordan: So that's what you think is going on? That Rafe is grateful to me?

Kate: You know, I had a serious illness before, and, I mean, I saw it dozens of times. We all get crushes on our caregivers. But I guess it makes sense that you could possibly fall in love with a person who's saving you. But then again it's the role. I mean, it's not the person. Of course you know that. I mean, well, that was the reason that you kept your distance before, right?

Jordan: Wait, didn't you think it was my master plan to use my role to seduce Rafe?

Kate: Well, obviously, I was wrong. Look, I know that I created this tension between the two of us, and I'm just saying that it's a new year, and I'd really like to start over again.

Rafe: Well, I like the sound of that.

Daniel: I found him. I'll call you back soon. I just wanted to let you know that I have him.

Maggie: Oh, thank God.

Daniel: Bye. Let me check your ribs. I think you got kicked. You remember that part?

Brady: Uh-huh.

Daniel: Yeah, all right. Right there?

Brady: [Grunts]

Daniel: Hang in there.

Brady: I'm all right.

Nicole: Oh, my God, Brady. Is he okay? Did you call 911?

Daniel: No, no, no, he just got roughed up a bit, but I think all of his injuries are superficial. We don't need to bring him to the hospital. He'll be fine.

Nicole: We should get him home.

Daniel: Yeah. Okay, come on. Can you stand up? Put your arm around my neck. Put your arm around me. Here we go. Ready?

Brady: [Grunts] I'm all right.

Daniel: All right. Come on, buddy.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Eric: Father, the dream that I told you about... well, I see it now as--it was really about... loving Nicole. And not just a love for a friend.

Matt: Romantic feelings?

Eric: You know, I tried to explain it in every way I could, but obviously... well, because I'm a priest.

Matt: Priests are humans too. You'll have those feelings. The difference is, what do you do about them?

Eric: Nothing. I haven't. I wouldn't.

Matt: Never thought, Eric, that these feelings come up in order to give you some comfort? To make you realize that, if you weren't in the priesthood, you could have another life? Maybe not with Nicole, but with somebody else you could embrace? Of course, that would assume...

Eric: Assume--I'm sorry, assume what?

Matt: Assume that you still wanted to be a priest. Do you?

Sami: So yes or no? Should I go get my things, get the kids ready to leave?

EJ: The kids go nowhere. Their home is with me. And your home is with me. Are you really gonna threaten to move out over a business trip, Samantha?

Sami: It is not about the stupid business trip, EJ. I will not be your hostage.

EJ: What?

Sami: How'd you expect me to react? You're grounding the plane, close all the doors, lock them. What'd you think? I'm just gonna fall to my knees? Oh, EJ, my lord and master, yes, I will trust you, I will believe you, even if you lie straight to my face.

EJ: I just asked you a question.

Sami: Do you really want the answer that you would get from me right now?

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: It won't stop calling. Rosemary and Marketing are standing on the tarmac.

EJ: Go. Go on. Go. I'll have the pilot release the plane.

Sami: I will be back as soon as I can. Thank you for understanding.

EJ: [Scoffs] I don't understand a damn thing, Samantha. Not a thing.

Abigail: Gabi, if you are this scared, then we definitely need to call Hope.

Gabi: I'm not scared, okay?

Abigail: Damn it, it went to voice mail aga--oh, you know what? She's on Smith Island tonight with Ciara, and they get really lousy service out there.

Gabi: Right, well, it's for the best, really. I'm sorry that I upset you. I had a stupid moment, and I just--I don't want to think about Nick, I don't want to be reminded of him, so please just let it go.

Abigail: Yeah, I'll think about it.

Gabi: Okay, I will see you later.

Abigail: Take care.

Eric: Yes, I-I want to be a priest. That's my calling.

Matt: I've seen that. So your feelings for Nicole-- she's been helping you clear your name, hasn't she? You think maybe working together your mutual--

Eric: No, it's not mutual. She's moved on. She's with somebody else now. But even if she weren't, I don't think she could care about me the same, not after what I did.

Matt: With Kristen?

Eric: Father, I told you, I accused Nicole of being the woman who attacked me. It hurt her very deeply, and she struggles to be friends with me even now. I guess what I'm trying to say, the good news is, is that my feelings are just my feelings, and I can handle that.

Matt: When will you get the results from the medical tests?

Eric: Soon.

Matt: Oh, I'm praying that they will reveal the truth.

Eric: So am I. I need to get back, Father. The church is where I belong now more than ever.

Maggie: What happened to his face?

Daniel: Just a little scuffle, and he's okay.

Maggie: Brady, Brady. Look at me. You lied to all of us. But that's what addicts do, isn't it? We lie to family and friends, and worst of all we lie to ourselves. You ready to tell us?

Brady: I thought I was okay. When I left you... I played you, okay? I worked--I worked them because I wanted to be alone, 'cause I was embarrassed, and I was mad, and I wanted a buzz, Maggie, okay, so I played my friends. That's what I did.

Maggie: Are you just a little bit proud of that?

Brady: No.

Maggie: Good. How badly was he beaten?

Daniel: Just a little banged up, but I'll keep an eye on him. He doesn't have to go to the hospital.

Maggie: Brady, we should talk about a program.

Brady: I don't--Maggie, I don't--I don't need that. I have my friends, and I'm okay.

Maggie: Yeah, who you just admitted you played.

Brady: Well, I can't play you, right? All I need is you, really.

Maggie: Brady, you need to get to a meeting just as soon as possible.

Brady: I don't know--I don't even have my--where the hell is my-- [Coughs] The Grant Street--the regular meeting at Grant Street starts in ten minutes.

Maggie: I can get you there in 15.

Brady: All right.

Maggie: Brady, are you ready to face your regulars?

Brady: No, no, I'm not, which is why I should probably face them, right?

Maggie: Yes, that's right. And I'll be there with you.

Brady: Okay.

Maggie: You can do this, Brady. You can do it.

Brady: I can--I know. Uh... you guys... probably saved my life today, so thank you.

Maggie: Thanks.

[Door shuts]

Kate: So, oh, I almost forgot the whole reason I came. Arianna's christening. The kids are going to do it this month, so I brought you the christening gown that you bought. Remember? It was at my place. Good thing it was huge for a newborn because--

Rafe: Thank you.

Kate: There you go. But, you know, it all works out, because now I think it will still fit her. You know how guys are about babies and sizes and everything. Oh, you can--

Rafe: I got it. See?

Kate: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah, no--oh, thanks. Thank you.

Jordan: It's beautiful.

Rafe: I can't believe they waited.

Kate: Well, of course. They wouldn't have the christening without you.

Rafe: Yeah. I'm gonna stand up for my niece.

Kate: And thanks to Jordan, you'll be able to do that.

Gabi: Hi, I need to speak with Sami. Tell her it's an emergency, please.

Harold: Miss Brady is away on business.

EJ: Actually, I'll take this, Harold, thank you very much. Private matter.

Gabi: Nick is alive.

EJ: Shh, you do not say that in front of any of my staff or anybody else for that matter.

Gabi: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but it's true, okay? I saw--

EJ: Stop. Stop.

Gabi: No, I freaked out, okay? I was thinking about it. I realized on the way over here that he's alive, okay--

EJ: Gabriella, stop, breathe. Please. Breathe.

Gabi: Okay.

EJ: Thank you. Now why is it that you think that Nick is alive?

Gabi: He texted Abigail. I saw it. I mean, why isn't he going to the police? He has something else--

EJ: A text message? That's the only reason that you think he's still alive?

Gabi: EJ, I saw it. It was definitely from Nick's phone.

EJ: Yeah, but Kate has Nick's phone.

Gabi: What is she doing with Nick's phone?

EJ: She's using it. She's texting the Hortons to keep up the illusion that Nick's still alive.

Gabi: Wait, okay, so he's still dead?

EJ: Yes.

Gabi: Okay, yeah, I get-- yeah, Kate is doing something really smart, okay.

EJ: Can I tell you what would be really smart?

Gabi: What?

EJ: It would be really smart if you girls communicated with one another to let each other know what was going on, especially considering what is at stake here.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

EJ: What?

Gabi: Abigail.

Abigail: And that ferry gets into Smith Island when? Okay, great, perfect. I'm on my way. The last name is Deveraux.

Rafe: All right, Kate.

Kate: See you later.

Rafe: Okay.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Rafe: Sorry about that.

Jordan: Well, Kate said that she's okay with whatever it is that we are.

Rafe: Yeah. What is it that we are again? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That's right.

Jordan: Actually, I am glad that Kate came over when she did.

Rafe: Oh.

Nicole: I just hate seeing Brady like that. He's crawled out of that dark hole so many times.

Daniel: Well, he will do it again.

Nicole: I hope so. 'Cause every time it just feels like he'll just slip away or go under, but this last time, I mean, what he said when we left--

Daniel: Yeah?

Nicole: It just made me realize that he could have died, Daniel. You could have found his body in the park, instead--

Daniel: Okay, shh, shh, shh. But we didn't. We found him, and now he's finding himself.

Nicole: We can't leave him alone.

Daniel: Well, I know you never will. You know, he's pretty damn lucky to have you in his corner. Like everyone else you care about.

Gabi: You know, I tried to talk her out of it, but Abigail insisted on talking to Hope.

EJ: About Nick.

Gabi: Yeah, and me and what went on.

EJ: That's not very helpful, Gabriella.

Gabi: No. You know, if Hope tries to contact Nick and realizes that he's not in New York, she's gonna come to me, she's gonna ask me questions, and I don't know what I'm gonna say.

EJ: No, it's fine. That's not gonna happen. I don't think there's any doubt that you can stand up to that level of scrutiny. Here, telephone, please. Thank you.

Gabi: What are you doing?

EJ: Sending a text message to Abigail. "Please talk to me before you go to Hope. It's crucial." XO? XO. Okay, that should buy us a little bit of time.

Gabi: Thank God, because Abigail's really smart. It's like she knows what you're thinking before you say anything.

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: "On my way to Smith Island. Hope needs to know." Bloody hell.

Gabi: This is horrible. Hope's gonna find out, then she's gonna come ask me questions. I can't--

EJ: Okay, Gabriella, stop, stop. Here, take your telephone. Take your baby. Go home. If anybody rings and it's not me, don't pick it up. You understand?

Gabi: Okay, thank you.

EJ: It's me. Fuel the boat, bring it to the dock. Now.

Jordan: This--this was going too fast for me.

Rafe: Uh-huh. Well, not me, and I'm the one who can barely walk, so...

Jordan: Yeah, I know. You don't do slow very well. But you're just gonna have to work on it.

Rafe: Hmm. Okay, then. So now what?

Jordan: You ever been to Sloane's?

Rafe: The sports bar?

Jordan: Yeah. They show the playoffs. We could grab a beer, watch the game.

Rafe: You asking me out?

Jordan: It's just a game and a beer.

Rafe: I'll take it.

Jordan: Call me?

Rafe: Maybe.

Kate: No, I won't be meeting with you. Bring our prospective employee into the office as soon as they get in from Birmingham. My son Lucas will do the interview. Call me as soon as you're there. You're in for quite a surprise, Miss Ridgeway.

Maggie: Brady, we need to tell Victor.

Brady: Okay.

Maggie: I'm sure he's done with his work by now. And if it's all right, I'll go get him.

Brady: Yeah. Sure. I mean, today should be the day I make amends. Why not do it in one big fell swoop, right?

Maggie: Yeah. Well, now, listen, if you're not ready, this is a lot--

Brady: No, no, I want-- Maggie, I want to do it. I want to do it. I want to do it 'cause I don't want to take my eye off the ball, you know.

Maggie: All right. I'll be right back.

Brady: All right. [Coughs]

Nicole: Brady owes you, big-time.

Daniel: No, no, he would have done the same for me.

Nicole: Mm.

Daniel: Mm.

Nicole: Some days, but you're this guy all the time. You save lives, right? That's your thing.

Daniel: Oh, really? Is that, like, my thing? Is that what I do?

Nicole: Yeah. You know, I'm lucky to have you in my life. 'Cause whenever you're around, I feel totally safe, totally appreciated. It's like everything's gonna be fine.

Abigail: Hope?

EJ: Don't do that. Hello, Abigail.

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