Days Transcript Monday 12/30/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/30/13


Episode #12243 ~ Daniel accuses Brady of using drugs again; Gabi, Kate, Sami, EJ, and Sonny are scared Will won't keep their secret.

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Nicole: No. No, it's because of you, and the way that you're acting and saying things you would never want anyone to hear. What is with you today?

Daniel: He's as high as a kite. That's what's with him.

Brady: [Laughs] That's very funny. Wait, we happen to be working here, Daniel, so we're doing an interview--

Daniel: Okay, this isn't a joke. It's anything but. Okay, Brady, just listen to me. You have beaten cocaine before. You can do it again. All of us are gonna help you, guaranteed. Yeah.

Nicole: We will, I mean, if what Daniel is saying is true.

Daniel: It's true. What I'm saying is true.

Eric: Brady... we're gonna help you.

Brady: Thank you. Oh, no. Now, see--see--no. This is not happening.

[Camera shatters]

JJ: There's gotta be a way.

Abigail: Hey, JJ? Will you do me a favor? I'm going out with meg tonight, and I really need you to--

JJ: You see this? They're doing that firework show again this year. We gotta grab mom and take her. If we go early, we can get primo seats. All right, it'll just be the family for new year's.

Abigail: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop. Okay, you are not normally this obvious.

Anne: Oh, leaving early? Again?

Jennifer: Anne, just imagine how empty your life would be if you didn't have me to hate.

Anne: You know, I would be more than happy to find out.

Sonny: Poor baby.

Gabi: Yeah, she has to be teething, right? That's why she's crying more than usual.

Sonny: Yeah, and she's really tired.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Sonny: [Clears throat]

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Sonny: What?

Gabi: Sami says I have to burn my coat.

Sonny: Why would she say that?

Gabi: Well, because that was the coat I was wearing the night that I killed Nick. Ah! Will. What--

Will: Did you just say Nick's dead?

Gabi: What--what are you doing in the closet?

Will: You killed Nick, and you're asking me what I'm doing in the closet?

Sonny: No, no, no, no, you didn't--you didn't hear her right. She meant that sh--that she got Nick out of her life. She was speaking metaphorically.

Will: Is she gonna burn her coat metaphorically?

Sonny: [Stammering]

Gabi:'s no use. He knows.

EJ: Samantha, hey. No, no, no, listen. We have to make sure there's nothing incriminating here, and then we can go, okay? [Sighs]

Sami: [Screams]

EJ: Hey, what's wrong? What's wrong--sweetie? What's wrong?

Sami: Nick!

[Frantic stammering]

EJ: [Shushing] All right, it's all right.

Will: Um... I don't know how to-- I don't know how to comprehend this. You killed a human being? You killed somebody? Who are--who are you, Gabi?

Sonny: Will--will, you need to understand the facts before you get upset.

Will: She murdered somebody. That seems like a fact to me.

Sonny: It was self-defense.

Will: It was self-defense? Is that why she didn't tell anyone about it and why she's burning her coat? When did this happen? Obviously, Nick came back from New York because he's dead. What did he do?

Gabi: It was just before thanksgiving.

Will: What was? But--when-- [Sighs] It's new year's eve. It's been a month. You killed him that long ago?

Sonny: That's why she's been so weird lately. This whole thing's been tearing her up inside.

Will: Wait. So just before thanksgiving, you said you weren't gonna--gon-- gonna go to New York, and that's when Nick went without you.

Gabi: People just think he-- he left Salem.

Will: Nobody thinks it's-- it's odd that he didn't tell anyone where he was staying?

Gabi: They think that he's gonna find a place eventually, and--and that he hasn't found a permanent address.

Will: No one has his address?

Sonny: It's because he doesn't have an address in New York.

Will: Then where is he?

Sonny: He's at the bottom of the Salem river.

Will: Huh.

Sami: [Crying] He's there, he's there. He's rotting away. He's there.

EJ: Shh--Samantha, Samantha, it's okay. It's all right--no, no, Nick-- Nick isn't here. It's not him, it's--darling, darling, look. Sweetie, it's a log. It's a log.

Sami: It's not a log. It's--look it.

EJ: It's a log, look. Okay, your mind is just playing tricks on you, that's all. All right, everything's gonna be fine. Everything's going to be fine.

Sami: [Sniffles and cries] It's not. I mean, how can it be fine? How can--how can any of this be fine? I mean, I'm--I'm never gonna be able to sleep.

EJ: It's just overwhelming coming back here, that's all. It'll be fine as soon as we get back to the house.

Sami: [Sniffles] He's down there, and I helped put him there. I mean, he was horrible. I mean, he was disgusting, but he was a human being, and we killed him. How am I gonna get through this?

EJ: With my help. Come on.

Sami: [Sighs] EJ.

Greg: What the hell? That's a $5,000 camera, pal.

Brady: Well, maybe you shouldn't have stuck it up my $500,000 nose, pal.

Daniel: Okay, okay, all-- if anything's broken, we'll cover it. Can you--

Brady: Who is--who is this son of a bitch, anyway? Why did he come? Did he wanna get me--did he want to get some film of me?

Daniel: We are not gonna get sidetracked. This is about you and cocaine, remember?

Brady: [Sighs]

Nicole: I told you to shut that damn thing off. Now give it to me. Give--you know what? You--wait for me back at the station.

Greg: Are you crazy? This is gold. We could go national, get on TMZ.

Nicole: Greg, if you wanna keep your job, I suggest you walk out this door right now. Go. Go. Give me that. [Sighs]

Eric: Are you using again, Brady?

Brady: Oh, my God, really? This is great. Really, Daniel's gonna come in here, and you're just gonna listen to his wild-ass accusation and buy it? Not ask any questions?

Eric: I simply asked.

Brady: I'm not the one that s to explain myself here. Why don't you ask him how he came up with his frickin' story in the first place?

Daniel: Okay, you know damn well why I was on to you. I saw you in the park talking to a dealer.

Brady: [Groans]

Daniel: Yeah, you either had juad made a buy, or you were about to--

Brady: Okay, oh--so--so you admit--you admit you didn't see anything? I told you why I was in the pa--

Daniel: Yeah, you did, I remember that lame explanation.

Brady: Lame explan--so you-- you think I'm lying? You think I was lying about it? So this was all based on your guess? You come in here, and you slam me on a guess, really?

Daniel: I know--you really wanna do this? You really wanna do this?

Brady: I wanna do this, Daniel, yeah.

Daniel: You know I know. Nicole knows now. Your brother's here. And the sooner you admit what is going on, Brady, the sooner we can all help you.

Jennifer: It is new year's eve. Why are you so angry today, Anne?

Anne: Oh, do you know how many bright, young college grads I interviewed today, Jennifer? 15. And I got to tell each and every one of them that there is no job here for them because they are not a Horton, because their grandpappy is not a big deal because their mamas don't work here.

Jennifer: Right, you know exactly why Abigail stepped in to replace Theresa.

Anne: And why you have a job you don't work at.

Jennifer: Okay, well, I would love to stand here and give you more free target practice, but I don't wanna be late, Anne.

Anne: You know, sweet cheeks, I can see your parking spot outside my office window. And whenever I see you pulling out early, which is of course every day, my fondest hope is that you will just keep on driving.

Jennifer: No. Your fondest hope is that I would be a bloody pulp in the middle of a 20-car pileup.

Anne: [Sighs] You do know me.

Jennifer: I try. Happy new year, Anne, if you're capable of being happy, which I doubt you're not.

Anne: Aw.

JJ: Obvious about what? All I said is that we should go to the fireworks show.

Abigail: Yeah, with mom.

JJ: Yeah, she likes fireworks, right?

Abigail: JJ, unless you have extremely early dementia, you had to have remembered that mom has plans to go out on a date tonight with a guy that is not Daniel, and that is why you-- you, who would've sold your sister to make sure that mom would not go out on a date with Daniel--are being so strange about it.

JJ: Wow, you're sure gettin' worked up when all I wanted to do was have a good time tonight with the family.

Abigail: Okay, JJ, you know what? Since you are so determined to pretend that this has somehow escaped you, let me repeat. Mom has a date tonight with a guy that is not Daniel, and she's really excited about it, okay? Now I understand that you, for some crazy reason all of a sudden, want mom to get back together with Daniel, a guy who you once considered scum of this earth. And now, you just are dying for mom to run off into the sunset with him, and get married, and sing corny love songs to each other, and just live happily ever after together, but that's not gonna happen, okay? That ship has sailed. Door closed.

JJ: What does she see in this Liam guy anyway?

Abigail: Wha--JJ, who cares? I mean, maybe she just wants a quiet, drama-free night out with a guy that treats her respectfully. Okay by you? You, who served up a hell of a lot of drama this year?

JJ: Fine, I won't say anything.

Abigail: Great, wonderful. You are a real prince, JJ. Now, I think I have just the job to take your mind off things.

JJ: What?

Abigail: My friend Meghan's gonna be here in a minute, and I really need to make sure that this application gets to the hospital before Monday so that I qualify.

JJ: For what?

Abigail: To go from part-time to full-time. When my degree becomes official, I really need this to be in place, okay?

JJ: So I'm supposed to run it over for you?

Abigail: Yes, actually, like a good, loving brother would.

JJ: So I'm your errand boy?

Abigail: I told you. Meg's coming over so that we can make plans. Here. Now go, and don't lo back, or you will turn into a pillar of salt.

Brady: [Clears throat] Man, you just don't give up, do you? You're a--you're a scientist. You're a--you're supposed to be a doctor. You're supposed to deal in facts, not opinions, right?

Daniel: Okay, the fact that you're a drug addict carries a lot of weight, Brady.

Brady: Okay, let's talk facts, okay? I resent the fact that you come into my house, and you start spewing off these ridiculous, wacky ideas, and you got Eric and Nicole believing this without even knowing the whole story.

Eric: Brady, what is the whole story?

Brady: Thanks for asking. I'm gonna tell you right now. Was I in the park? Yes, I was in the park. Did I meet a dealer? Yeah, I even talked to him because I'm protecting JJ here, people.

Nicole: What does he have to do with this?

Brady: Well, here's the news flash. Jennifer's son, JJ, is on drugs, okay? He's into it, all right? I caught him talking to a dealer in a park. I went up to the dealer and told him, "stop supplying to this kid, or I'm gonna kick your ass." That's what happened.

Eric: Okay, so you were trying to help him?

Brady: Isn't it amazing how when facts come into the story, the whole thing just changes?

Daniel: Yeah, except the story isn't about JJ. It's about you. Now, Maggie is worried about you. She senses something, and now you're not going to your meetings?

Brady: No, I don't-- why would I go to a meeting? I don't need to go to a meeting. I'm good.

Daniel: Your life came apart. Kristen cut you so deep, it's a wonder you're still alive. And that you, an addict, you don't really need to go to a meeting? Right there, that's textbook.

Brady: Textbook?

Daniel: Yeah, so you're hoping that nobody notices--

Brady: No, I'm--I'm hoping that JJ's not on drugs.

Daniel: You have got to stop using JJ as a cover-up because you, my friend, are better than that.

Will: At the--at t e bottom of the-- you drowned him?

Gabi: Sort of. Technically.

Will: [Stutters] How is that self-defense?

Sonny: [Sighs] It's just--it's--it's all very complicated.

Will: Okay. Well, you know what? I give up trying to solve it, so I'm just gonna call my grandfather roman, the police commissioner, and I'm sure--

Sonny: You can't do that.

Will: Why? I'm not gonna keep this quiet.

Sonny: If you go to the police, it's gonna make things worse.

Will: How can it be worse? She killed her ex-husband. I'm sorry, you--you-- you technically drowned him.

Gabi: No, not really. I mean, he was--he was almost dead when we pushed him in the water, and then we--we thought about calling the cops, but then we realized that we--

Will: We--we--you were in on this?

Sonny: No.

Will: Then why--what's with this "we" stuff? What's with this "we, we, we"? [Sighs] Okay. Please tell me that mom and grandma Kate are not involved in this. Okay. Okay. Wake up.

Sonny: Kate and Sami were trying to help Gabi.

Will: So all three of you killed him in self-defense? Is that even possible?

Sonny: Like I said, it is very, very--

Will: Very complicated, I got it. Gabi, what are you doing?

Gabi: Sami and--and Kate need to know that--that you found out because now this changes everything, will.

Will: My God.

Daughter's being raised by the sopranos.

EJ: Okay?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, I didn't wanna be here in the first place. I mean, I just--I just wanna get out of here.

EJ: It's a good thing we came down here, Samantha. Well, we found important evidence that needed to be eliminated.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Okay, I'm gonna have this place swept by one of our cleaners in the morning. By tomorrow night, there'll be no evidence here that any of this ever happened. There'll be no trace of you, Nick, Gabi, Kate, the lot of you. What's wrong?

Sami: Oh, my God, we have to get out of here. I'll--I'll explain on the way. Come on.

Will: [Clears throat] Okay. I wanna know everything, start to finish, so Gabi, let's talk. Hey, actually, you know what? I want to know how long you've known first and haven't told me.

Gabi: Sonny found out the day he hid in the closet.

Will: The--seriously? This whole time, I thought you were texting me about my stupid surprise birthday party?

Sonny: At first, I wasn't clear what they were talking about, I had no idea what they were talking about.

Will: Then what?

Sonny: I was assuming-- look, I'm sorry. As soon as I got to the club, I should've told you, but I was just hoping--I don't even-- I don't know what I was hoping. I just don't want you to jump to conclusions.

Will: No, I won't. It's just a three-way drowning in self-defense.

Sonny: [Sighs] Kate and Sami are coming over right now. We're gonna sit you down, tell you the whole story, so hopefully, finally--

Will: No--hey! Don't say it's gonna make sense 'cause it's not.

Arianna: [Crying]

Sonny: I'm gonna see what--

Will: No. I'm gonna do it, I would like to do something normal.

Gabi: Will. Will! I am so sorry.

JJ: Oh, you're too late, junior. See, mommy's gone for the day. In fact, if I were you, work is the last place I would look for her. You see, she's never here.

JJ: Thank you, but I'm not looking for my mommy. I'm delivering this.

Anne: [Sighs] Application for--oh, lordy, really, you too? No, no, you have a police record, you can't work in this hospital.

JJ: [Laughs] It's my sister's application. Didn't you know about this? You really have it in for my family, don't you?

Gabi: I've never seen will so upset.

Sonny: Mm. I know. He was shaking.

Gabi: Well, maybe when his mom and Kate get here, they can calm him down.

Sonny: I wouldn't put money on that. He's gonna feel cornered, like he has to be a part of it. That's--that's how I felt.

Gabi: Aw, come on, don't give me that. You had a choice. You could've told your dad.

Sonny: And ruined everyone's lives? And will's? 'Cause no matter what we say or do, he's gonna feel like we're ganging up on him. I should've just sat him down and told him the whole story. Why did I lie? I never should have lied to him.

Will: Hi. Hi. Hi, my sweet girl. Oh. You know, I-I really want you to grow up in a world full of love and some semblance of stability. [Laughs] My crazy family, though, is gonna ruin that for you. So what do we do?

Kate: All right, where is he?

Sonny: Kate, shh, shh. He's with Ari. Let's just give him some space.

Kate: What is the matter with you? Why did you tell him?

Gabi: No, he didn't. He overheard. He was in the closet.

Kate: In the closet? Are you serious? Wha--I'm gonna pay for someone to tear that thing out.

Sami: Where is my son?

Kate: Ooh, hi, EJ, Sami.

Gabi: Hi, EJ.

Sonny: Hey. What's going on?

Sami: Oh, no, forget it. All right, EJ knows.

Kate: What? Oh, my God.

Sami: You know what? You can have a meltdown about it later, Kate. Just tell me where will is.

Brady: Damn. You know, I thought you were my friend, I did.

Nicole: He is. Brady, we all are.

Brady: No, Nicole, you don't know--you don't know about the-- thi--this guy--this guy always has to be the savior, you know? I tell him he's wrong. He's gotta push his sick, little agenda on me, and he-- he can't save Jennifer anymore. So what does he do? He's gotta save Brady. You gotta get over yourself, man, stop sav--

Eric: Brady, Brady, hey. Stop overreacting to what's--

Brady: You can't--you can't overreact when someone calls you an addict. It can't happen.

Nicole: Do you remember me telling you, you know, that-- that I felt something was wrong, you weren't yourself? You were--you were jabbering on in your interview--

Brady: Yes, I do, yes, I do, Nicole, and the reason--the reason I was jabbering on was because you were talking to me about Kristen and the things that she did to me. How could I not jabber on? How could that not sound weird? Then you had Eric sit in on the whole thing. How could that not be strange for me?

Eric: You said it was okay if I stayed here.

Brady: The hell I did. I didn't want you there.

Nicole: Listen, it's--it's-- it's recorded. I have it recorded. I'll just--I'll play it back, and you can see for yourself how you were acting. And then, you--you can explain to us why we have no reason to be worried, okay?

Anne: Do I have it in for your family? Wow, let me count the ways.

JJ: It's like you'll do anything to hurt my mom.

Anne: Oh, well, this is just so sweet. You know, the juvenile delinquent is trying to protect the mother he put through hell. So what, now you're--you're like her little--little hero, right? That's nice.

JJ: She is perfect. Perfect.

Jennifer: So what is on your agenda for tonight?

Abigail: Meg Whitney's coming over, and we are just gonna, you know, figure out what everybody else is doing, make some plans, hit some places. But we are not driving, I promise.

Jennifer: Good. I want you to have fun tonight, okay?

Abigail: Yeah, why wouldn't I?

Jennifer: I just--I just want you to enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

[Knock at door]

Abigail: [Gasps] Ooh, I wonder who that could be? Lover boy Liam?

Jennifer: Stop that. Stop it.

Abigail: [Giggles]

Jennifer: Stop it. Shh.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: Stop.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: Liam. Hi. Come on in, please.

Liam: Thank you.

Jennifer: Have you met my daughter?

Liam: No.

Abigail: Hi, Abigail. So nice to meet you. I think I've actually seen you around the hospital a couple times.

Jennifer: Abigail works part-time with me there.

Abigail: And I'm also actually in charge of her curfew, so please make sure that she's home properly at 9:30.

Jennifer: Oh, my word. Honestly--honestly, honey. Thank you.

Liam: You're welcome. It was nice to meet you, Abigail.

Abigail: Yeah, it was really, really nice to meet you, Liam.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: Have fun.

Jennifer: Thank you, honey. Good night. So sorry about that. [Laughs]

Liam: So, you ready?

Jennifer: Yes. Yes, I am.

Kate: Okay, really? 'Cause I can't believe this. First will, now him?

EJ: You might be glad I'm finally in the loop on this one.

Kate: Oh, yes, of course. The more, the merrier.

Sami: You know what? Put a lid on it, okay, Kate? 'Cause right now, we have to focus on will and what is best for him. You know what? I really think I should go in there and calm will down before he has to face this circus.

Sonny: No, I'll do it. He's really on edge. I'll take care of it. Oh, and can we not overwhelm him when he comes out, please?

Sami: Wha--you did not just mean me. [Sighs] All right, you know what? Let's focus on how will found out in the first place.

Gabi: He was hiding in the closet.

Sami: In the closet? Agai--are you serious? How could that happen--

Sonny: Will's gone. He just went out the back, and he took Ari with him.

Kate: What? Go.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Nicole: Brady, come with me.

Brady: No--no, no. I don't want to--I don't want to--I'm not gonna watch any playback of some video. You're gonna spin and put your own interpretation on it, and this whole thing's a witch-hunt.

Eric: Brady, this is not an attack.

Brady: Well, you know what? It kinda--it kinda feels that way, so you could've fooled me.

Eric: Why don't we just all sit down, and we can figure this out together?

Brady: You haven't learned a damn thing, have you? Have you already forgotten what it's like for the whole town to think you're the lowest of the low, huh?

Nicole: No--nobody thinks that, Brady.

Brady: I don't give a damn what anybody thinks. You know what? You three--this is--I'm out of here.

Daniel: Oh, no, no, no, you don't get to leave.

Brady: Hey, hey, hey, I'm watch--watch me walk away.

Daniel: No, here, empty your pockets first.

Brady: Empty my pockets?

Daniel: Yeah, empty 'em.

Brady: What are you, hope Brady?

Daniel: No, I am your friend.

Brady: Are you the dea, Daniel?

Daniel: Empty 'em! Faces right.

Daniel: Brady, I would give anything if this had never happened. If we can all just--

Brady: It's fine, man. It's all right. Give it--hey, it's mi--this belongs to me, okay? It belongs to me. [Sniffs] You all happy? Are you satisfied?

Nicole: Brady, please, don't. Don't do this.

Brady: You should see your faces right now. It's like you were actually really enjoying this. It's like, "we were right. We were right."

Daniel: No, no, no, not true, Brady.

Brady: This is why I didn't want to tell you guys about this because of the smug look on all of your faces. You see, in my mind, after everything I've been through, I think I deserve this. This is not so bad, you know? I think I deserve it, you know? No, but--but no, I ne--I need an intervention from my friends. This is--this is small. I can handle this. Look at it. Look at it. I can handle ten times--a hundred times of this stuff. It's fine. It's not a big deal. I deserve to have a break once in a while after everything that's gone down in my life. Do I not deserve that, friends?

Eric: Brady, you've been down this road before. You know where it leads.

Nicole: We all just care about you, Brady. Please don't do this to yourself again.

Brady: What are you gonna do? Are--are you gonna--are you gonna call the cops on me? Are you gonna turn me in?

Kate: Okay, so I think if we all pan out, then we'd be able to find him.

[Overlapping arguing]

Sonny: Hey, hey, cool it! Cool it. He can't be that far. He just left a couple minutes ago.

Sami: Are you kidding? He's a cab ride away from the airport or a train station. I mean--

Sonny: Don't even say it. Don't even say it. He's not gonna go to the police.

EJ: My guess is he went to see Marlena.

Kate: His grandmother is right here. You're saying he went to see his other grandmother?

Gabi: Well, she didn't kill somebody.

EJ: No, my dear, not that we know of.

Sonny: I don't think he knows where he's going. This whole thing was spontaneous. All right, so I'm gonna go find him alone.

Sami: No, I think we should go too, come on.

EJ: Ladies, no, uh-uh. No, you're not going after William en masse. The last thing we need is for him to feel like he's being hounded. Besides which, how are you going to explain that you're all suddenly, desperately trying to find William?

Sami: Wha--

Gabi: He's right.

Sonny: Don't worry. I will find him. Where should I go?

Will: [Sighs] Okay, where do we go? With hotwire's low prices, I can cross even more places off my travel wish list.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Liam: Yeah. I hope this is all right. We sort of agreed not to make a big deal out of this, so I figured, hey, a little comfort food.

Jennifer: No, yeah, this is great 'cause--yeah, I mean, I told you that--I mean, it's great. It's perfect.

Liam: You know, I started showing up at university hospital about five, six months ago, and I spotted you pretty early on. Right away, I thought, "now there's someone I'd like to get to know better."

Jennifer: That's very nice. Thank you. I, um... excuse me. JJ, what in the world are you doing here?

JJ: Um, sorry. Can I talk to you?

Jennifer: Uh, could you excuse me...

Liam: Sure.

Jennifer: For one second?

Liam: Yeah.

Jennifer: JJ, what are you doing here? I mean, are you in some kind of trouble?

JJ: Oh, no, it's not about me. But I just came from the hospital because abs wanted me to turn in her application for full-time.

Jennifer: Okay.

JJ: I overheard Anne Milbauer talking to this nurse. She said that she's tired of our family getting breaks, you know? So she's going to lose Abigail's papers in a shredder tonight.

Jennifer: What? She has--are you sure that she said that?

JJ: Yeah, I think she's gonna try to make sure Abigail doesn't get the job.

Jennifer: That is so unbelievable. Well, I am gonna make sure that doesn't happen, and I am gonna take care of that sadistic maniac right now.

JJ: She'll deny it, you know?

Jennifer: Well, you know what? Let her try. Liam, I am--I am so sorry. I have something that I need to take care of, and it's a family thing. I just need to run over to the hospital. Can you just wait here please?

Liam: Sure, no--no problem. We'll eat when you get back.

Jennifer: Okay.

JJ: Hey, mom, I can--I can wait here while you're gone.

Jennifer: Okay, that--that's a great idea. Liam, I'm sorry, this is my son JJ.

Liam: Hey.

JJ: Hey.

Jennifer: Maybe the two of you could just meet and--and talk. I'll be right back, okay?

Liam: We'll be here.

Jennifer: Thank you so much, and I'm sorry.

JJ: So I guess this will give us the chance to get to know each other, huh?

Liam: Sounds good.

Kate: Sami, will you please sit down?

Sami: Kate, will you please shut up?

EJ: You know, perhaps instead of arguing, we could take stock of where we are and what we're going to do.

Kate: Oh, Gabi, go get a paper and pencil so we can take notes.

EJ: In the last week, the number of people who know what has happened to Nick Fallon has doubled, so one objective may be to make sure that nobody else finds out.

Kate: Oh, definitely. Well, we should lock the closet, then.

Sami: Kate, come on. I think it's important that EJ help us now.

Kate: Oh, goody, thank God we have a professional on board. Well, EJ, since you seem to be the go-to guy, how do we get away with murder?

Sonny: Please.

Will: How you doing, sweetie? You cold? [Sighs] Listen. I'm so sorry I brought you out like this, but, you know, I thought we could spend some time together. And I'm not sure where we're gonna go yet, but I'll figure...

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Everything out. Hm. [Sighs]

Nicole: I will make a call because I care. But Brady, I need you to admit--

Brady: Oh, you care? You--you care? It's funny, you lo--you look an awful lot like that woman who poured cocaine into my drink just to shut me up because you were afraid I was gonna blow out one of your dirty little secrets. Aren't you that girl? Hm?

Nicole: I didn't let you dr--

Daniel: Okay, this is not about Nicole.

Brady: Oh, doctor morals, you--you wanna talk? You wanna talk right now? You got no right to tell me how to live my life, not the way you are running around town, treating Jennifer like crap and bouncing beds with some cheap little slut, Daniel.

Eric: Okay, Brady--okay, you know what? That's enough, we're only trying to help.

Brady: And you, you shut your sanctimonious mouth, okay? You shut it up. You definitely have no right to tell me how to live my life. Weren't you the guy that had sex with my fiancée and did her every which way but Sunday?

Eric: Oh, and you know that she drugged me.

Brady: I don't wanna hear about the drug thing anymore!

Daniel: Hey, hey.

Brady: "She raped me, Brady." She didn't rape you. You idiot, everybody in this town knows that that wasn't the case. They all saw the tape. Everybody knows you loved every minute of it.

Daniel: Okay, take it down--

Brady: So suck it up, father!

Daniel: That's enough. Enough. Pull yourself together. That is enough.

Brady: I am fine! I'm out!

Daniel: Brady, no! Brady. Brady, listen to me. Brady, get a hold of yourself.

Will: [Sighs] You know, everything may be crazy right now, but I will protect you. I promise 'cause you're the most important person in the world to me, and nothing else matters. Nothing.

Sonny: I totally agree.

Will: [Sighs]

EJ: Kate, I think we should set the sarcasm to one side for now.

Kate: Okay, I'm not being sarcastic or ironic or anything else. I really wanna know, how do we get away with murder?

EJ: You take action. You make sure you're not caught. For example, Gabriella... I believe this piece of fabric belongs to you.

Gabi: Sami told me to burn my coat, but I didn't even know there was a tear.

EJ: You need to collect everything you wore that night. This goes for you as well, Kate. My men will be around in the morning. Everything goes. You clear?

Gabi: Okay.

Kate: Um, excuse me, but I was wearing a $2,000 pair of Christian louboutin boots that night, and I will not be destroying them.

Sami: Oh, fine, you'll just be the best-dressed woman in Statesville.

Kate: You know, it's not like people are going up and down that riverbank looking for clues, so just relax.

EJ: What if somebody says they saw you there, Kate? Hm? Can you deny that? What if the police come to your house, and they take those boots, and they look at the mud that's on the base of them? And they compare that mud to the mud by the river? How plausible is your denial of that?

Sami: Listen to him, Kate.

EJ: Tomorrow morning, I will have a team of people sweep the area clean. They happen to be professionals, Kate, and they happen to know how to get this done.

Kate: Well, will you listen to that? Congratulations, Sami. You have managed to hook up with a guy who is his father's son in every despicable aspect of that word.

Abigail: Hi.

Meghan: Hey. Are we gonna ring in this new year right or what?

Abigail: Yes. I got a text from dale, and she told me about a great party over on Freemont. Guess what her main selling point was. It is loaded with hot guys.

Meghan: Good for her. What are we waiting for?

Abigail: Let me get my coat, and we are on our way.

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Oh, that's my phone. Maybe she found another great party. [Laughs]

Jennifer: Anne.

Anne: Oh, be still, my heart. Jennifer Horton, she has returned to do some work.

Jennifer: I am here because of my daughter, and I know what you are up to. Don't think that I don't.

Anne: Oh, really? Oh, well then, please fill me in because I always like to know--

Jennifer: Oh, you're just gonna play dumb now? Don't you deny it. I know. I am on to you.

Liam: So I think your mom said you're--you're a senior this year?

JJ: Yeah. [Sighs] Could I say something?

Liam: Of course.

JJ: Well, I don't--I don't know you, but I'm glad that you're going out with my mom.

Liam: [Laughs] Oh. Glad to see someone's in my corner.

JJ: Yeah. See, the last guy that she was dating, it kind of turned into a total disaster.

Liam: Yeah, things didn't end well?

JJ: No. But, I mean, I don't think she would have been as hurt if she, like, wasn't totally in love with the guy. Dr. Daniel Jonas?

Daniel: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, you're not going anywhere.

Brady: Hey, come on!

Daniel: No, you talk to me. You look me in the eye, man-to-man, and you just talk to me.

Nicole: Eric? Don't believe a word he said, okay? He's high. And when you're high on coke, you talk a blue streak. And he's so angry right now. He'll say anything to hurt anyone. Listen to me. I know what happened between you and Kristen, and so does Daniel. And soon, everyone will know the truth, and I will make sure that happens. I promise you that.

Brady: Damn it. I said back off! I am out of here! Nobody is gonna stop me. All right, friend, buddy?

Daniel: No, no, no, you're not doing this. Aah!

Brady: [Groans] Oh, that was a good one.

Daniel: Brady, no! Come on!

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