Days Transcript Friday 12/27/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/27/13


Episode #12242 ~ A situation reminds Nicole & Eric of being in love; Brady sacrifices JJ to look good in front of Daniel; Theresa asks JJ for a favor.

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Will: Hey, man.

Tad: Hey.

Will: What's up? Is Sonny here?

Tad: No, he left. He, uh, said he had something to take care of.

Will: He didn't say anything to me about that.

Tad: It's probably for the new year's bash. You're working tonight, right?

Will: Yeah. All right, see you later. Um, actually, let me ask you something. Have you noticed Gabi and Sonny acting strange lately?

Nick: I want us to be together, Gabi. The three of us. You, me, and this baby.

Gabi: Stop, you're hurting me!

Nick: I would never hurt you.

Gabi: [Sobs]

Nick: I would never hurt you.

Gabi: Stop!

Nick: You know you love me. You know you love me.

Gabi: Stop, stop!

Nick: Look at me.

Gabi: Stop!

Nick: Look at me.

Gabi: No!

Nick: I wanna show you how much.

Gabi: [Whimpers]

Nick: I want you--

Gabi: Stop it!

Nick: [Grunts]

Gabi: No. No. No.

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey. It's all right, it's all right. Oh, okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

EJ: Right, so Samantha and I will not be in the office today. We're working from home. Thank you.

Sami: Why are you dressed like a park ranger?

EJ: This is what one wears to go hiking.

Sami: One is going hiking?

EJ: I am and actually you're coming with me.

Sami: [Scoffs] Like that'll happen.

EJ: It is happening so I suggest if you don't wish to hike in your five-inch heels, you go upstairs and get changed.

Nicole: Eric.

Eric: Hi. I've been waiting for you.

Nicole: I don't have time to talk. I'm getting some headshots taken soon for publicity.

Eric: I know. I'm shooting them.

JJ: You're going to set me free? What did you do? Did you have sex with the judge or something?

Theresa: I wouldn't talk like that to someone who's about to do you a favor.

JJ: What kind of favor?

Theresa: Well, you said you didn't wanna get me drugs anymore and I've decided to grant your wish. Happy new year.

JJ: You came here to tell me that?

Theresa: No. I came here to get this scarf, which I left here so I would have a legit reason to revisit these hallowed halls. See, I'm all about not getting you into trouble.

JJ: That would be awesome, if I believed one word out of your lying mouth.

Brady: What, you think I'm lying?

Daniel: Yeah, I do. That guy you were just talking to, I recognize him. His friends dumped him at the entrance to the E.R. He was half-dead from an overdose. That guy is a dealer, so when you say you're just walking around trying to get some air, not really--not really buying that.

Brady: All right. All right, I didn't wanna have to tell you this. But you deserve to know the truth. I'm not real comfortable talking about this. I know that guy's a dealer.

Daniel: Yeah, how?

Brady: An AA meeting. Somebody was talking about him.

Daniel: Okay. But you still haven't told me why you're talking to him.

Brady: This needs to stay between us, all right? I was having it out with that lowlife because of JJ.

Theresa: I need some information, and if you give it to me, that video I have of you getting high will go away.

JJ: Information about what?

Theresa: "Who." Daniel.

Sami: Well, as fun as it sounds to go hiking in the dead of winter, I actually can't. I have too much to do.

EJ: Really? Like what?

Sami: You're the one who was giving me a hard time about how I am behind in work, so I thought I would spend all day today catching up.

EJ: Well, I admire your dedication, Samantha, but it's gonna have to wait.

Sami: So that you and I can go hiking?

EJ: Yep.

Sami: Why don't you explain to me where we would go? What is so interesting?

EJ: Well, I thought we might take a wander down to a little spot by the river.

Nicole: You're taking my picture? When did that happen?

Eric: Father matt has a friend who owns a photo studio. I showed him my resume and portfolio and he hired me. This is my first assignment.

Nicole: How come you didn't tell me?

Eric: I tried. Check your phone.

Nicole: Oh.

Eric: Listen, I know you're busy, so why don't we get started?

Nicole: This isn't gonna work. You should go. Even let me take your picture?

Nicole: Don't take it personally.

Eric: What other way is there to take it?

Nicole: Well, how do you think it's gonna look when the photography credit on my pictures is the subject of my first interview?

Eric: Nicole, I'm not looking for credit, all right. I'm just looking for a paycheck. And we work really good together, remember? I am the one who got you started in modeling.

Nicole: Okay. Maybe I'm not making myself very clear here. You know, these pictures are gonna be used to promote my first story, which is about you and Kristen, and what she did to you. And you refused to do the interview for that story, which I sort of understand. But now you're okay with taking the pictures that go with it?

Eric: The diocese put me on suspension. I need the paycheck. I wanna do something I can feel good about right now and we--I'm a decent photographer. You know it.

Nicole: Yeah, you're more than a decent photographer, which is why I think you can get a better job for yourself.

Eric: And I wanna stay involved in this story.

Nicole: But you just said--

Eric: I'm not going on record, Nicole. I'm just trying to stay on top of it. Let's be honest here, my future as a priest is at stake.

Nicole: I understand. And I am looking out for you. I mean it. That's why I agreed to do this job, so no one else would. I have your back.

Eric: I know you do and thank you for that.

Nicole: I'm not gonna use any insider knowledge. I know how to be professional.

Eric: So do I. My job is to make you look good, so why don't we just stop arguing and get started?

Nicole: Fine...father.

Sami: I really don't wanna go back there.

EJ: Well, nor do I. But your most recent activities with Nick Fallon make it a rather hard spot to ignore. Samantha, we need to go down there and make sure that it is clean of any evidence.

Sami: Okay, you go. I'll stay here and get the work done.

EJ: You're the person who knows where to look, Samantha.

Sami: I'm up to here with the year end report, EJ--

EJ: Oh, hang the year end report, Samantha. It gets dark early this time of year. I'm going to come bring the SUV around to the front, so do me a favor and go upstairs and get changed.

Sami: Do we really have to do this?

EJ: Uh, nope. Not if you feel like spending the rest of your life in prison for covering up Nick Fallon's murder, we don't.

Sami: No, of course I don't want that.

EJ: Then yes, Samantha, we really have to do this.

Will: I don't think it's anything major, 'cause I don't think Sonny would keep anything big from me.

Tad: Yeah, and you know for sure that he and Gabi aren't having a thing. What? I'm agreeing with you.

Will: I do know they're keeping some things from me though.

Tad: Yeah, well, your birthday's coming up.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Maybe they don't know, like I know, that you hate surprise parties.

Will: Thing is, Sonny does know because we already talked about it.

Tad: Mm. Dude, the perfect time to pull off a surprise party is when the guy who's getting surprised thinks it's off.

Will: Really?

Tad: Mm-hmm. Maybe it's back on.

Will: Hmm. That's a good point.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Will: They must think they're so clever.

Tad: Mm, clever.

Sonny: All I keep thinking about is my part in this. I should have seen what this is doing to you.

Gabi: You know, I keep seeing Nick's face, and honestly, I try to block it out during the day. But at night I can't and I wake up every morning with a knot in my stomach.

Sonny: Gabi, Nick was attacking you. You had the right to defend yourself.

Gabi: Yeah, but he's dead, okay, and it was because of me. Sonny, I used to love him. I was married to him.

Sonny: Because you didn't know who he really was. You didn't know what he was like.

Gabi: I don't know how I'm gonna live with this. You know, sometimes I just feel like it would be easier if I just turn myself in.

JJ: What kind of information do you want?

Theresa: Oh, the general stuff, really. Where he went to college, med school, where he lived before he came to Salem, what he's into, old girlfriends. You know, stuff like that.

JJ: Are you going after him?

Theresa: He saved my life. I wanted to know him better.

JJ: I don't know what he's into, but I can tell you what he's not into. You. Did you not get the message?

Theresa: There's a chemistry between us. I'm not stupid about that.

JJ: So you are going after him.

Theresa: What--and he's not with anybody now, so that's fine, plus I know how to seduce a man, remember?

JJ: What I remember, Theresa, is that you were kinda funny and sexy at first. And then I realized that your wheels never stop turning and all you care about is getting what you want. That? It kinda took the fun out of it. In the end, you're just a buzzkill. I am so over you.

Theresa: Fine, you know what? I don't care whether you like me or not, as long as you do what I say.

JJ: Okay, Theresa, there are plenty of good looking guys in this town with money. Why are you going after Daniel?

Theresa: What do you care who he's with?

JJ: Because it's not about Daniel, is it? It's still about my mom.

Daniel: How does JJ fit into this?

Brady: I was out here running a couple of days ago and I caught JJ talking to the guy you just saw me with. And he made up some lame story like he waiting for a friend or something.

Daniel: Well, how do you know it's a lame story?

Brady: I just knew. People who are into drugs, Daniel, they lie very convincingly. They're very cunning and I read right through him. No one can fake indignation like an addict. I know a little something about that.

Daniel: And have you told anyone else?

Brady: I told Jenn. I told her.

Daniel: Oh, come-- and how did she react?

Brady: How do you think she reacted? I mean, she wants to believe in that kid so much and--

Daniel: Oh, I know, I know.

Brady: Anyway, I-I saw the sleaze hanging out here again and I lost it. I told him. I said, "listen, man, you leave that kid alone or you're gonna deal with me and I'll hurt you."

Nicole: Okay, do I have enough makeup on?

Eric: Yes.

Nicole: How would you know? You're a priest.

Eric: Uh, can you turn your head a little bit to the right? No, the other right.

Nicole: No, I don't look good at that angle.

Eric: You look good from any angle. You're hearing there's a fire at St. Luke's academy.

Nicole: Don't even say that!

Eric: That pompous guy who's head of the city council got caught with a prostitute.

Nicole: All right. Well, is the prostitute male or female?

Eric: What difference does it make?

Nicole: Do you even have to ask? Wow. You haven't lost your touch.

Eric: Yeah, well, neither have you.

Nicole: Oh. Thanks.

Eric: Let me show you something.

Nicole: Okay. Oh, dear. [Chuckles] Oh, my God, Venice Beach.

Eric: Remember how much grief you gave me about the locations for that shoot?

Nicole: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Eric: I told you you'd look beautiful anywhere and you did.

Nicole: That's 'cause I was happy then.

Eric: Well, you are happy, aren't you, Nicole? I mean, good job, great guy to go home to.

Nicole: Right, yeah. Lucky me. Oh, my goodness, I'm gonna be late. I have an interview with Brady in, like, five minutes. You know what, just call me if you think I need to take more shots.

Eric: Yeah.

Nicole: Okay. Thanks.

Daniel: You know, thank you. Thank you for telling me. Not that I liked hearing it.

Brady: Well...JJ's been trouble since he's been back, you know? I'm hoping you won't repeat what I told you to Jennifer or JJ.

Daniel: No, no, no, I'm not in their lives anymore.

Brady: Even if you were, man, it probably wouldn't be helpful to you to stick your nose in this thing. Because it is just speculation. I-I did not see a deal go down. Okay?

Daniel: But you're pretty certain there was one?

Brady: Why else would JJ be talking to that creep? And--and he's got a sentencing hearing coming up, right?

Daniel: Yeah, and from what I understand, the severity of the sentencing depends on whether he's been staying out of trouble or not.

Brady: Well, look, I-I did what I could. You know, I think I put the fear of God into the dealer. He, uh--he got threatened pretty hard, so... listen, man, I-I gotta go. I'll catch you later.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Theresa: So you think it's not possible for me to be seriously interested in Daniel?

JJ: I don't know what goes on in your head. It's scary in there. But even if you do have the hots for him, it's because of what he can do for you and it's because he can help you get back at my mom.

Theresa: So you're not going to fill me in about him?

JJ: I don't even know him! Do a web search or something.

Theresa: Hmm, somebody's in a mood. I have to go. It's time for me to just miss an AA meeting. But this conversation, it's not over.

JJ: It never is with you.

Theresa: And that's why, no matter what, in the end, I always win, JJ. You know, next time we talk, try to be a little more cooperative.

[Phone rings]

JJ: Oh, man, what now?

Sonny: I can't tell you what to do. You have to make that decision on your own.

Gabi: If--if it was just me, Sonny, I would just go to the police and I would just take my chances with the judge. But it's--it's not just me.

Sonny: There's Arianna to think about.

Gabi: Kate and Sami and--they were trying to help me and now they're part of this mess. And you, Sonny. Now--I'm so sorry.

Sonny: Gabi, I want you to stop beating yourself up.

Gabi: Why? No, I-I fell in love with a convicted murderer? How stupid does that sound? I just--

Sonny: Gabi. Gabi, Gabi, Gabi, stop please. Stop doing this to yourself. Okay. Arianna's gonna wake up soon. So what do you say we get her dressed in her cute little outfit and we take her out for some fresh air? It'll help you get your mind off all this.

Gabi: Thank you so much.

Sonny: For what?

Gabi: For being here. For listening. Having you to talk to makes a difference.

Sami: Whoa.

EJ: Would you just stop it?

Sami: Sorry. What is this for?

EJ: If anybody sees us, we're bird watching.

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: Bought a pair for myself too.

Sami: Are you serious? You and me bird watching? People are totally gonna buy that. Not.

EJ: Are you sure this is the place, Samantha?

Sami: Yeah. You know, there's nothing to find. I mean, we thought of everything.

EJ: Right, except for the tag that fell of Nick's backpack that I found in the bushes and the earring that you lost.

Sami: Well, if you're trying to make me feel worse it's totally working.

EJ: Just stop it. Shh.

Sami: Nobody's gonna come up here. It's--

[Whispers] It's freezing cold.

EJ: Okay, will you just please tell me every detail that you remember about that night?

Sami: Okay, um, Kate was-- [Whispers] Kate was following Nick and Gabi, right? And then she found them and followed them here and then she texted me to come here. And when I got here, Kate was comforting Gabi because she was freaking out and Nick's body was, like--like, right there.

EJ: And Gabi hit Nick on the head with a rock?

Sami: Yeah and we threw that rock in the river.

EJ: Nick was here?

Sami: Yes. What is that? Is that--

EJ: Blood. Yep. I'm guessing it's Nick Fallon's. Still think you thought of everything?

Nicole: I hope Brady's still here. He's been unpredictable lately.

[Doorbell rings]

Nicole: Oh, come on. Hello? Someone's gotta be here. Wow, that's never happened. Um, Brady? Henderson? I hope everything's okay. Hey, Brady. You're here. Thank goodness. I thought maybe there was a break in or something.

Brady: Hi. What are you doing here?

Nicole: Uh, we have an appointment, remember? I'm here to do your on camera interview about Eric. Are you ready grandma? Just a second, sweetie.

Sami: EJ, come on. No one would have found that.

EJ: What are you talking about? Haven't you watched those crime scene shows on television, Samantha? They find everything.

Sami: But that's TV and this is real life. No one's gonna be snooping around up here.

EJ: Not yet. What exactly do you think is going to happen when they realize that cousin Nick didn't quite make it to the big city? You see this?

Sami: What is that? What? Oh. It's just a piece of fabric... the same color as Gabi's coat.

EJ: Let's go.

Sami: Where are we going?

EJ: You are gonna show me everything.

Sonny: All these stores are having sales. We should get Ari some new clothes and a birthday present for will.

Gabi: Hey, you're being really nice to me.

Sonny: Gabi, we both have to find ways to think about something else. Anything else.

Gabi: You haven't changed your mind, have you? You're not gonna tell anybody?

Sonny: It's not my story to tell. And I don't wanna do anything that could take Ari's mother away from her. What's it like having all these people think you're the most important person in the world, huh?

Theresa: Shoot! The meeting's over already?

Maggie: Well, there were very few people there.

Theresa: Oh, well, I just--I ran home to get what I wrote about the first step. I wanted to give it to Juanita.

Maggie: Sorry, you just missed her.

Theresa: Well, uh, Maggie, do you think you could do me a huge favor? Do you think maybe you could read what I wrote and tell me if you think it sounds stupid?

Maggie: Are you sure?

Theresa: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if I'm gonna do this whole sobriety thing, I need to make sure I'm on the right track and you work the program every day and this entire town respects you. So I just feel like if you approve of what I'm doing, well, maybe other people will too.

JJ: I got your text. What's up?

Daniel: Yeah, come on in.

JJ: It must be something big. You're always saying that we shouldn't be seen together.

Daniel: Well, I'm not sure it matters whether or not we're seen together.

JJ: What are you talking about?

Daniel: I can't cover for you unless you're walking the straight and narrow. No, wait--let me--let me amend that. I won't cover for you.

JJ: Is this about Theresa?

Daniel: No, it is about you!

JJ: Why are you so mad?

Daniel: Because I was in the park. Yeah, I was in the park where I saw your dealer.

JJ: My what?

Daniel: Do not con me.

JJ: I'm not.

Daniel: I have an eyewitness who says you were making a buy.

JJ: You talked to Brady, didn't you? Dude, that lying bastard is out to get me.

Brady: Um, Nicole, I'm--I'm sorry. I got something to do.

Nicole: Brady, come on. I have a deadline and I just want the truth to come out. Please.

Brady: Oh, how do I say no to that face? Okay, fine, I'll do it. I'll do it.

Nicole: Thank you, thank you.

Brady: It's not live, is it?

Nicole: No. Hey, this is Greg.

Brady: This is Greg. Okay, hi, Greg.

Greg: Hi.

Brady: Brady.

Nicole: So, uh, he's gonna record the interview and I'm gonna edit it down.

Brady: You're gonna edit. Okay. All right. Sounds like fun. Good.

Nicole: Fun?

Brady: [Clears throat] Yeah, it can be fun. Getting the truth out is fun, right? That's what we're gonna do, so let's rock n' roll. And I'll answer anything you want.

Nicole: Oh, my goodness. I'm gonna be late. Uh, I have an interview with Brady in, like, five minutes.

Eric: Let's be honest here. My future as a priest is at stake.

Sami: Stop.

EJ: What?

Sami: What? No. Oh, I was just gonna tell you that that's where we hid the body, you know, when the "greetings" guy was here.

EJ: This "greetings" guy, did he see anything, Samantha?

Sami: He was a bird watcher who moonlights as Santa Claus. I'm sure he's clueless.

EJ: Did he see anything?

Sami: No.

EJ: Okay. Now, the body was here?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, we tucked it behind that bush, you know, for dealing with him.

EJ: I can see some sort of path. I can see where you dragged the body, Samantha!

Sami: Well, that is not my fault. I was dragging the body. Gabi was supposed to be cleaning it up. All right, all right, I will do this, okay. But I cannot believe this is how I'm spending my new year's eve.

EJ: I'm trying to make sure that you and Gabi and Kate are still at large in the new year! Now when you finish doing that, will you please text Gabi and tell her to get rid of that coat and anything else she was wearing that night?

Sami: Yes, sir.

EJ: Can you walk and do that?

Sami: I can if we're going back to the car.

EJ: We're not, no. We're seeing this through to the bitter end. We're going down to the river.

Sami: What? No, no, no, no. No, I can't do that.

EJ: Of course, you can.

Sami: Look, I found the earring, okay? And you found Nick's tag. I think we're good.

EJ: That was before I knew that it was the site of a murder.

Sami: Okay, stop saying that word, okay? It wasn't murder at all. Gabi was defending herself. Nick was gonna rape her, EJ. And she didn't know if she was gonna survive. She wanted to see her kid again, and frankly, I know exactly how she feels. If it were me, I would have done the exact same thing.

[Phone vibrates]

Gabi: Hey, thank you for getting me out of the apartment. It really helped.

Sonny: That's good.

Gabi: And, uh, I'm really happy that you've become a friend. It means a lot to me that I can lean on you.

Sonny: Well, you've had your share of bad stuff to deal with.

Gabi: Yeah, when--when I think about Nick trying to keep you and will out of Arianna's life, I mean--she has two of the best daddies in the world.

Sonny: I'm really glad you feel that way.

Gabi: Yeah. I can't believe that I was--I was ready to trust Nick with her. Well, thank God that it's you and not him.

JJ: Daniel, I swear that I haven't used drugs since the night Theresa overdosed.

Daniel: Well, you have a history of swearing to things that you know are lies, JJ.

JJ: I know, man, but you and I, we've come a long way since those days. And mom, she actually says that she's proud of me. Do you think I'd mess that up? Brady is lying to you.

Daniel: Okay, really? What does he--what does he have to get out of this?

JJ: All right, that day Brady looked like he was jonesing for drugs himself. He was all hyper and his pupils were huge.

Daniel: Okay, Brady claims the only reason he was in the park was to go for a run.

JJ: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Yeah.

JJ: Yeah, he told me that too. But I didn't see--I didn't see him do any running. And then he went straight to mom and she told me that he told her that he was worried about me. But he's just covering his ass.

Daniel: Okay, so you and your mom, you're okay now?

JJ: I don't know.

Daniel: You don't know?

JJ: I hope so.

Daniel: Okay, d--why didn't you confront Brady? Why?

JJ: Because I could care less what the guy thinks about me. But I do care what you think, all right? And I'm not on drugs, man. I'm not doing drugs. I couldn't hurt my mom like that and I couldn't do that to you either. Not after everything that you have done for me. Do you believe me?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I do believe you.

Nicole: When you reconciled with Kristen, she had already drugged and seduced your stepbrother, father Eric Brady. In looking back, do you think she might have regretted what she had done?

Brady: [Laughs] No. Are you kidding me? Whores don't have regrets.

Nicole: Okay, but you said publicly that you believe she changed.

Brady: I did. I know. You know why I said that? 'Cause I wanted to keep having sex with her. Again and again and again--I did. I did--that was the good part of our relationship, you know? I would have said anything to keep that--you know, keep that up. Can I talk to her? I mean, I wanna look right in--okay. Kristen, hey. Brady. How you doing, baby? Listen, um, I hope you're watching this because you need to see what you've done to my life. You need to see what you've done to everyone else's lives out there. You destroyed 'em. I hope that makes you warm and fuzzy at night. I think it makes you feel pretty good, but I wanna let you know something. In the not so far distant future your looks are gonna go, honey. Your body's gonna sag. Your face is gonna wrinkle up and you're not gonna be able to have the power over men that you had before. You're not gonna be able to destroy them the way you destroyed me and sent my life into hell, sweetheart. And what's funny is the world just keeps spinning around. It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if you wanna get off or not. It just keeps going and it doesn't care about your problems and I know, Nicole, you know what I'm talking about, right?

Nicole: All right, Brady, listen--

[Door slams]

JJ: It's been a long time since somebody like you said they believe me.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. I shouldn't have gone off on you.

JJ: It's okay.

Daniel: When you told me about what happened, it just makes sense.

JJ: I know that it hasn't been easy for the two of us, but that's on me. But if you ever need anything--I really mean it--you can count on me.

Daniel: Excellent. Thank you, JJ. Thank you. Just make sure nobody sees you, you know, when you're leaving.

JJ: All right.

Daniel: Damn it.

Maggie: You sure? Okay. I'll read it and give it back to you.

Theresa: Oh, thank you so much.

Sami: You know, we should do this another time. It's gonna get dark soon.

EJ: Samantha, we have work to do--look, I can see where you dragged the body, sweetheart. Samantha, where do you think you're going?

Sami: EJ, I can't, okay? I just can't do this right now. I-I cannot stay here.

Gabi: Okay.

Sonny: You calm her down. I'm gonna get the diapers.

Gabi: All right.

[Baby fusses]

Gabi: Well, I think she's gonna need some clean clothes too. It's okay, baby. We're home.

Daniel: Well, hello there, good lookin'.

Maggie: Oh, hi, honey. How'd you know I needed that?

Daniel: Psychic.

Maggie: Oh, I just got out of a meeting.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, is Brady still around? I need to just talk to him about something, that's all.

Maggie: He wasn't there. I'm worried about him.

Daniel: Yeah?

Maggie: Yeah. You know, when a recovering alcoholic or addict goes through a painful thing the way that Brady went through with Kristen, it's just we know that we have to start going to meetings...

Daniel: Right.

Maggie: Every single day.

Daniel: Yeah, well, Brady didn't do that?

Maggie: No, it's not just that. He--he's been avoiding me ever since I got back to the house.

Daniel: But you're his sponsor, right?

Maggie: Yeah, but he went off by himself at Christmas. And that's not a good thing for him to do. And I've also caught him in some little lies.

Daniel: Well, have you--have you talked to him?

Maggie: I tried. He says he's fine.

Daniel: Right. Okay, you know, I actually have some patients waiting, so--

Maggie: Oh, I'm sorry. Go.

Daniel: Okay, okay.

Maggie: Go. Yeah.

Brady: What are you doing here?

Eric: I'm sorry I barged in, but the door was open.

Nicole: Eric, you shouldn't be here.

Eric: I just wanna hear what Brady has to say. You know what, I won't make any noise. Just forget I'm here.

Nicole: This--this isn't a good idea.

Eric: I think I have a right to hear what's gonna go on the air.

Brady: You know what, I think he's right. I think he's right. Welcome to the trash Kristen party. Kick back. I'm gonna make a drink. It's gonna be good. Uh, Maggie's not here. She's at a meeting, so don't worry about it.

Nicole: Okay, n-no. That--that's it. Turn that off. We are done.

JJ: "Hi, honey. I ha a date tonight with Liam, so I won't be around for dinner. But there's a casserole in the fridge for whenever you get hungry. 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Love, mom." You can do better than some jerk drug salesman. You should be with Daniel. It's my fault that you're not. I have to fix this and I better do it fast. Theresa's on the move.

Theresa: Hi. Did you have time to read what I wrote?

Maggie: I did. You're a very clever girl. And a very good writer.

Theresa: Thanks.

Maggie: I've been in the program a long time... and I've developed a sixth sense and I know when someone is writing or speaking from the heart.

Theresa: And you're saying I'm not?

Maggie: It just seems a little pat. Like you're saying what you think people wanna hear. So I hope you're serious about the program. Because it only works if you work it.

Theresa: I know that.

Maggie: I hope you do. Because you have to commit yourself because if you don't, the consequences are deadly. Relapse is a horrible thing.

Nicole: I told you to turn that thing off.

Brady: You--you begged me to do the interview. Now you wanna turn the thing off. Which is it? What's bugging you? Is it because Eric's here? Is that why? It's freaking you out or something?

Nicole: No.

Brady: Well, what's going on?

Nicole: No, it's because of you and the way that you're acting and saying things you would never want anyone to hear. What is with you today?

Daniel: He's as high as a kite. That's what's with him.

Sonny: Poor baby.

Gabi: Yeah, she has to be teething, right? That's why she's crying more than usual.

Sonny: Yeah, and she's really tired. [Clears throat]

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Sonny: What?

Gabi: Sami says I have to burn my coat.

Sonny: Why would she say that?

Gabi: Well, because that was the coat I was wearing the night that I killed Nick. [Screams]

EJ: Samantha, hey. No, no, no, listen. We have to make sure there's nothing incriminating here and then we can go, okay?

Sami: [Screams]

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