Days Transcript Monday 12/23/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/23/13


Episode #12238 ~ Sami confesses to EJ; Stefano makes a request of Kate; Hope talks to Ciara about Bo; Jordan sends an email.

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Jordan: You're really kind of impossible.

Rafe: Oh, impossible, huh? Hmm. Did you know that "impossible" is actually just another word for "determined"? So, yes, I am. Yep. Especially when it comes to getting to know you better. So now might be a good time to stop fighting.

Will: This is Arianna. Arianna, meet Santa Claus!

Gabi: Say hi!

Lucas: Check her out. All right, will, move in a little more, closer.

Will: Okay.

Lucas: Everybody ready? Here it comes. Three, two, one.


Will: Good? All right. Now I'll take one with you in it.

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe we should take another one.

Will: Why?

Lucas: Mom, Gabi, and Sonny, they don't look too happy in this picture. What's going on?

Will: Hey, you're right. You guys look terrible.

Sami: Okay, okay.

Kate: I said turn the--

Sami: I'm trying, okay? I did not exactly pick the right shoes.

Kate: Do you want to try six-inch spikes, Sami? Wanna trade off?

Sami: Oh, my God. You know what, Kate? I do, yes.

Gabi: I heard something. I think I heard somebody.

Kate: That's it. Over here.

Sami: Oh, my God. Okay.

[Both muttering]

Sami: Oh, God! Give me that.


Sonny: Is that?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: Yeah, that's the guy from the other night.

Hope: Have they eaten all the building materials? Where's Theo?

Abe: He's upstairs with Kayla and joy. So how'd it go with Sami?

Hope: Uh, I think something weird's going on.

Abe: Mmm, with Sami? Alert the media.

Hope: She seemed genuinely sorry about how she treated Ciara, but I mean, even though she has the earring back, she's still upset about something.

Abe: Hmm, what about?

Hope: I don't know. She insists she didn't lose the earring by the river where Theo found it. Said she's never been there.

EJ: I don't suppose you lost anything else, did you? I mean, aside from the earring down by the river... in the river.

Sami: [Chuckles] EJ, you should have stayed to eavesdrop longer. You would have heard me explain to hope that I wasn't by the river.

EJ: It's probably just a coincidence, I would imagine.

Sami: A coincidence?

EJ: Yeah. This. Yeah, I found this, uh... just a few feet actually from where hope said Theo found your earring... across from big rock. "N.F."? You don't have any idea what this is, do you, or who it belongs to?

Nick: Help! No! Gabi, no! No! No!

Kate: Oh, my God.

Sami: I don't know. Could be anyone's.

EJ: Oh, anyone, yeah. I would imagine. Well, anybody with the initials "N.F." You know, like Nick Fallon.

Well, it is a small world after all. Fancy running into the two of you here. And who's this little charmer?

Gabi: That's my daughter.

Well, she's just adorable.

Gabi: Uh, thank you. I'm gonna just grab her for a second.

Will: No, Gabi, hold on. We gotta take another one.

Gabi: Why?

Will: Because no one's smiling, okay? None of you guys are smiling. Is that all right with you?

Oh, of course.

Will: Okay, great.

Kate: Okay.

Sonny: Well, can we have someone else take the picture so your dad can get in it?

Kate: Yeah.

Will: Uh, sure, sure. [Clears throat] Sorry. Um, excuse me. Uh, do you mind taking a picture for us?

Gabi: [Gasps]

Kate: Honey, what?

Sami: Well, isn't this just super fun, EJ? You were eavesdropping on my conversation with hope, then you decide to play Sherlock Holmes on a nature walk, and then you come back home and you shove this in my face like it's evidence? "Where were you on the night of January 25th?" Merry Christmas, EJ.

EJ: That's an excellent offense, my love. But it doesn't quite explain that.

Sami: It doesn't need explanation, EJ. It is just a thing with the initials "N.F." On it. It could be anyone's, and you have no idea how it ended up there. I mean, it could be Nathan Fillion's.

EJ: Who?

Sami: Long story. The point is it could be anyone's with the initials "N.F." I mean, Nancy Furman.

EJ: Right. Again, who?

Sami: This girl I went to third grade with.

EJ: Don't get me wrong, Samantha. I'm not jumping to conclusions. It just seems a little bit odd. That's all. You know what? Maybe... maybe Nick stole that earring. He would know how much it was worth. He stole it, and then he inadvertently dropped it where Theo found it.

Sami: You know what? You're right. That never even occurred to me. Maybe he was following me. He was such a creep, you know? I mean, he was always lurking around.

EJ: "Was"?

Sami: Was...when he was in Salem. 'Cause now he's not. He's in New York, right? That's where he's living now. You know what I mean.

EJ: I see. So Nick nicked the earring. Well...

Sami: What are you doing?

EJ: Calling hope. The way I see it, if Nick dropped this earring, one of two things happened. He was either robbed or he was attacked. Whichever which way, I think-- can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I think this is a job for the Salem police department.

Sami: Okay, no. EJ, you can't do that.

Kate: Hey, look, you need to keep it together, all right? We're visiting Santa. Smile.

Sonny: Gabi, look. It's not him.

Will: Okay, great. Thank you, thanks.

Pete: All right.

Gabi: Yeah, it's not Nick. It's Rafe's pt. It's--it's not him. Okay.

Pete: Okay, everyone, smile.

Right! Just like you were smiling down by the river that night.

Jordan: Ow!


Rafe: What the hell are you doing here?

Abe: Well, maybe Sami says she was never down by the river, but that's where Theo found the earring, and he has no reason to lie.

Hope: No, of course not. I know he's telling the truth.

Abe: Hmm. And Sami never lies.

Hope: But why would she? I mean, what's the point in it? If Sami was never down by the river, then someone else had it and dropped it. That earring screams, "money," Abe. Who would be so careless with something so valuable?

Abe: Who would go into the woods with it?

Hope: Something does not make sense here. Not at all.

Will: Oh, my gosh. This one isn't any better. You know, you guys aren't exactly exuding the spirit of the season. I'm so sorry. Can we do one more time?

Well, fine by me, but the elf's getting a little testy. Oh, come on. Visions of sugarplums, people.

Will: Yeah. Sorry. One more time?

Pete: Sure. Do they actually know how to smile?

Will: [Laughs] I know. We're dealing with some divas here.

Pete: Three, two, one... merry Christmas.

Will: Merry Christmas. Okay, that felt good.

Pete: Well, they look like they have indigestion.

Will: My God, people. Well, I guess that's as good as it's gonna get. Plus, I don't know how much more the elf can take.

Kate: I don't know.

Will: Thank you very much. Thank you. Sorry about that, Santa.

Well, the holidays can be a stressful time.

Will: Yeah. Can I ask you a question? What, um--what were you talking about when you said, "smile like you did down by the river"?

Kate: You know, honey, I think you should have Sonny take a picture with you and Ari and your dad. Really, come on.

Will: Really?

Kate: Over by the elf. It would be so cute.

Will: All right.

Gabi: We gotta grab the baby.

Will: Let me grab Ari.

Kate: Yeah.

Will: Hello, hello, hello. Come on.

Kate: Let's take a great picture. That's so cute. Look, Mr. Kringle, I know that you're probably just being polite and making conversation and everything, but I was a tad bit embarrassed by the reason why I was down by the river, and I really don't want my family to know that I was following my ex-boyfriend 'cause they're going to think that I've lost it, so...

Oh, of course. I should have thought of that. Well, from now on, mum's the word. It'll be our little secret.

Kate: Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, um, this isn't to imply it wasn't lovely seeing the two of you again, but where is your blonde friend?

EJ: Whoa, you don't want me to call hope? But what if something happened to Nick?

Sami: Well, if something happened to Nick, he would call hope himself.

EJ: Okay, I see. But what about you? Samantha, why didn't you tell hope the truth about being down by the river?

Sami: I didn't--

EJ: I heard you. You lied.

Sami: Oh, you mean the way you lied to me about Kristen?

EJ: Hey. I know your tactics. Don't change the subject.

Sami: I'm not changing the subject. We're talking about lying, which is what you did.

EJ: Tell you what. You can decide whether you want to tell me what happened between you and Nick, or whether you would like me to call hope and ask her exactly what she thinks that is.

Sami: Okay, fine. Okay, EJ, you win, and I will tell you everything.

Stefano: Sorry to intrude, but the door was open. Uh, may I introduce myself? I am Stefano DiMera.

Rafe: There's antibacterial soap in the bathroom. Use it. Get out.

Stefano: You asked me just now what I was doing here.

Rafe: That was a rhetorical question.

Stefano: Yes, well, it's really very simple. You see, since my son's life continued on, I made a promise to God that I would seek out everyone that I had harmed in any way.

Rafe: Yeah, I don't give a damn what promises you made to God. Unless, of course, one of 'em is you're gonna turn yourself in and spend the rest of your days rotting in jail.

Stefano: Well, I understand your reaction.

Rafe: Great.

Stefano: Well, because of that, I will go.

Rafe: Yeah.

Stefano: I'm glad to see that you are doing better. And I mean that...sincerely. Pleasure meeting you. Buon Natale.

Rafe: Up yours.

Jordan: So that's Stefano DiMera?

Rafe: Yeah. The one person I was hoping you'd never have to meet.

Abe: You know... I'm sort of looking forward to this Christmas. Last Christmas was the first one without Lexie, and... well, maybe this one will be more normal.

Hope: Abe. It's the first Christmas for Ciara without Bo.

Abe: He's not coming home?

Hope: And she doesn't know yet. I don't know how I'm going to tell her.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Oh, excuse me. Brady.

Rafe: Hey. Well, Stefano is back. The S.O.B. Just left my place.

Hope: I'm on it. Well, well, well. Theo's grandfather is back in town and I need to talk to him about Kristen. Could you watch Ciara just for a little while longer?

Abe: Sure, but do you need my help?

Hope: Thank you, but I think I can handle him.

Kate: Um, I don't know where our friend is. We don't go around in a pack.

Well, of course not. But be sure to give her my best when you see her.

Kate: Right. You don't work too hard on Christmas eve.

Will: Ho, ho, ho.

Sonny: Hey, look who it is. I'm gonna go show--hey. I got these pictures with the elf I'd love to show you.

Kate: Oh, good.

Sonny: Everything okay with Santa?

Kate: Yeah, it's fine. Clearly he knows nothing.

Sonny: Are you sure about that?

Sami: Believe me, EJ. I would love to have been able to share this burden with you, but after your unbelievable betrayal--

EJ: Let's stick to talking about Nick Fallon, shall we?

Sami: Okay, fine. So I was trying to convince Gabi that it was boring to stay in Salem, you know? That it was what was best for her baby, for Arianna. And she finally agreed with me.

EJ: And Nick wasn't happy about that.

Sami: Well, better believe it. I mean, he ended up having a conniption fit. He went completely ballistic. It was, as it turns out, totally his plan. He's the one who came up with that modeling contract for Gabi in New York. And a manipulative, lying, deceitful, horrible--

EJ: Little bit more narrative, little bit less character, please.

Sami: Okay, fine. So I went after him. I confronted him in the park.

EJ: Really? Did you? Somebody videotape it? Sorry.

Sami: And he stormed off.

EJ: You followed him?

Sami: I did. I did. I followed him, we had an argument, and he tried to get away from me again, and that is how we ended up at the river and got a little bit physical.

EJ: Did he hurt you?

Sami: No, he didn't hurt me, but he tried. And then he tried to get away from me, and then we were fighting over his backpack and I fell, and that's when I think I lost my earring.

EJ: And he lost his tag?

Sami: Yeah, exactly. The point is that Nick is a terrible person, right? And that is why I didn't want hope to know that he had reverted back to his old ways right before he left town.

EJ: I see. You were thinking about hope. Is that the night you came back so disheveled?

Sami: Yeah. So that's it. End of story.

EJ: Really?

Sami: Yes! Really. EJ, what do you care? I mean, you know what kind of man he was.

EJ: See? Again, there you are with that word "was."

Sami: I explained that already. Look, Nick is a terrible person. May he burn in New York city.

EJ: No, there's more. I know there is.

Sami: Are you serious? You don't believe me?

EJ: No, Samantha! Of course I do not believe you! Wait a second. Oh, my God, Samantha. It's been barely six months since Joseph Bernardi died at your hands. Please tell me you didn't kill Nick Fallon!

Jordan: So that was the Stefano DiMera. Came to say he was sorry.

Rafe: He came to let me know that he's back. Everything the man does is for effect.

Jordan: Well, he seemed very sincere to me.

Rafe: Well, I can give you a list of people who thought he seemed sincere. Most of whom are dead.

Jordan: Well, sorry for what? What did he do to you?

Rafe: [Sighs] Man. You don't want to know.

Jordan: You mean you don't want to tell me.

Re: Both. I mean, the man comes here to tell me that he's forged some deal with God, to my apartment.

Jordan: Maybe you should thank him.

Rafe: Thank him?

Jordan: For that anger, that hatred. That's what got you out of the hospital bed to here. That's what's going to get you out of that chair and back to your job. That anger, that hatred that makes you keep fighting and fighting no matter what they throw at you.

Rafe: We talking about me or you?

Kate: Well, just what I needed. A nice, stiff cocoa. Now, you see that? That's exactly the reason that you can't say anything to anyone, especially your father, about Nick. 'Cause if you do, will's life blows up in his face.

Gabi: Why does he keep showing up? I mean, he's starting to freak me out.

Sonny: Gabi, just look at him. He's Santa Claus. He's harmless.

Gabi: Yeah. Kate, Sami, and I are harmless, but we're capable of murder.

Kate: [Gasps] [Whispering] It wasn't murder.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Now he's waving at us. Why can't he just leave us alone?

Kate: Because he's Santa and he's trying to be jolly. Just wave. Wave.

Sami: How dare you. You know better than anyone that my gunshot wound is not what killed Joseph Bernardi. So I resent anyone saying that I killed him.

EJ: Bloody hell. You did, didn't you? Why didn't you come to me? He attacks you? Come to me! Go to the police! Do anything--wait a second. Gabi Hernandez knows about this, doesn't she?

Sami: [Scoffs] I don't know what you're talking about.

EJ: No, no, no. No more lies, no more games, all right? Gabi knows. How?

Sami: Because she was there. Because we did it. We killed him.

EJ: "We"?

Abe: So how's that list going? You don't have anything on it.

Ciara: There's only one thing I want.

Abe: What's that?

Ciara: All I want for Christmas is for my daddy to come home.

Hope: Okay, Stefano, you know why I asked you here. And since you so graciously agreed to come, I'll assume you'll have no problem answering a few questions about your daughter...Kristen.

Stefano: [Laughs]

Jordan: I-- I'm just trying to find the positive in what's clearly a not-so-great situation. That's all.

Rafe: And what about you?

Jordan: What about me?

Rafe: Okay. Well, when you talk about anger, hatred... kind of sounds like you know what you're talking about. Look. I understand when you were my physical therapist there was a line that you didn't want to cross. I get that. But we're friends now, right? We're friends, and so I wanna know more about you--what's happened to you, where you've been--these things that make you you.

Jordan: I've just read a lot about motivation for my clients.

Rafe: You've read a lot? That's--I'm supposed to accept that as the truth? [Scoffs] All right, listen. When you said the reason I got out of that bed was because of hatred, that was the truth. That was dead on. And I know that you don't understand that because of some book. So what happened to you? What happened to you know what hatred means?

Will: You know, I was thinking.

Sonny: I thought I smelled something burning.


Will: That's very funny. I was thinking that, I mean, how different this Christmas is from last Christmas, you know? Last Christmas, I was afraid that, you know, say Ari was mine and you were with Nick, you know? I mean, that's behind us, of course. Yes! It's behind us. [Laughs] But, um--and he's gone forever. I think he really got the message, even if you had to pound it in his thick skull. You know what I mean? And that was not very Christmassy, was it? What I'm trying to say is, I think the three of us--I mean four of us--make a very good, if unusual, family unit.


Sonny: You're right.

Will: Yes. Even--even, uh, you two are getting along, which is rare.

Sonny: Yes, we've bonded. I think shared experiences do that to you.

Lucas: Speaking of Christmas, what did Santa mean when he said he saw you smiling down by the river?

Kate: I don't know. I think that was this-- the peppermint schnapps talking.

[Cell phone rings]

Lucas: Really? You think he did that?

Kate: Oh, the Stockholm office. Good thing we're not Skyping. I'd have to wear candles on my head.

Lucas: That'd be funny.

EJ: Okay, so you and Gabi killed him together? That's what you're telling me?

Sami: EJ, he was attacking her. She had to hit him over the head with a rock to protect herself.

EJ: Okay, so what did you do?

Sami: I got there later, okay? When I got there, I checked him out, and I thought he was dead, so we dragged his body to the river. We were gonna dump it, and then when he got in the water, his eyes opened and he grabbed on to my arm, and it totally freaked me out. I mean, it scared me, so I let go, and then the current pulled him away, you know, underwater. And the water was so cold that obviously he's dead, and nobody's ever gonna find his body.

EJ: Well, maybe, Samantha, but also maybe not.

Sami: Oh, my God. Please don't say that.

EJ: I see. So this--this is what has had you and Gabi so upset. No wonder the poor girl's beside herself.

Sami: No, we have been doing a really good job of keeping her calm.

EJ: You know what? What is this "we" business?

Sami: Kate was there too. In fact, she was there first. In fact, it was her idea to throw Nick's body in that river.

EJ: Was anybody else there, Samantha? Your grandmother? Ciara?

Sami: This isn't funny.

EJ: No, it's not funny at all. I don't think it's remotely funny. Do you? You guys really thought you were going to get away with this?

Sami: Well, I think we have a really good chance of getting away with it, yes. I mean, none of us are gonna say anything. I mean, Sonny is a bit of a wild card--

EJ: Sonny? Sonny was there.

Sami: No, he was in the closet.

EJ: I beg your pardon?

Sami: No, no, like, not that closet. He was in the closet in their apartment. He thought he was listening in on us because we were planning some sort of surprise party for will.

EJ: Well, he got a lot more than he bargained for, didn't he?

Sami: Yeah, he sure did. Anyway, my feeling is that drugging priests, seducing them isn't really a sign of independence now, is it? Kind of depraved, actually. Do you think women have oedipal complexes? Sleeping with father?

Stefano: My dear detective Brady, are you trying to rile me?

Hope: No, I'm just, you know, trying to figure out what's going on in her mind. Did she confide in you? Did she tell you what she was planning on doing?

Stefano: Well, yes, as a matter of fact, we had many a talk, heart to heart, about what it's like to go to bed with a priest, you know? As a matter of fact, I helped her even buy the camera.

Hope: This is all a laugh, right, to you, right? Isn't it? To father Eric, not so much.

Stefano: You're right. All right? But you have no idea what my daughter had to pay, the price that she paid for what she did. She lost the man that she loves.

Hope: Not exactly the same as prison time.

Stefano: Oh, now you're judge and jury altogether, huh?

Hope: Do you know where she is? Has she contacted you?

Stefano: No. And if that's all there is, Christmas is a very, very important time, and I have to get some coal for my children's stockings. You do know, don't you, as a parent that we cannot control our children or where they go? Hmm? All we can do is love them and protect them... and hope that if they come across some difficult situation, they will make the right choice.

Hope: Thank you... for your philosophy on child rearing. Very inspirational, Stefano.

Stefano: Ah, thank you very much. Oh, by the way, this little chat that we've had is obviously off the record.

Hope: [Chuckles] Of course. It's just a little chat amongst rivals.

Stefano: Ciao.

Hope: Ciao.

[Door opens, closes]

Rafe: All right, listen. I don't mean to pry, okay? I'd just like to know something about you, okay?

Jordan: There's nothing to tell. I'm boring, and--and it's late, so...

Rafe: Okay, all right. Well, maybe tomorrow then.

Jordan: Well, tomorrow's Christmas eve, and I'm sure your sister, you know, wants to do something with you and the baby.

Rafe: Well, I don't know if that's true, but if it is, join us.

Jordan: I don't wanna intrude.

Rafe: Yeah, it's Christmas eve. It's, like, the one time of year that you can't intrude, you know? The more the merrier?

Jordan: Rafe, I have--I have a job too. So I promise we'll see each other soon, but, um, but until then, merry Christmas.

Rafe: Okay. Well, hey, thanks a lot for the shopping and the tree and merry...Christmas.

Lucas: Well, I think I'm gonna head home now.

Will: Okay, thanks for joining us. Sorry Santa was a little kooky.

Lucas: Yeah.

Gabi: Is Kate coming back?

Lucas: Uh, she's on a work call right now, but I guess I'll stick around and walk her home. So have a good night.

Gabi: Okay, bye.

Lucas: Merry Christmas, huh? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Will: Merry Christmas, dad.

Lucas: See you later.

Will: See ya. How does this cup taste?

EJ: Please tell me William doesn't know about this.

Sami: No, no. Even Sonny agrees that we shouldn't tell will. No, it's just the four of us-- well, five of us who know now.

EJ: Don't you think Nick's family is going to be worried when they don't hear from him?

Sami: Kate has that covered. She grabbed Nick's cell phone and she has been texting with hope and his family and letting them know that he's okay in New York. In fact, she also had his possessions picked up.

EJ: [Muttering] What about this possession, hmm?

Sami: That must have come off his backpack.

EJ: Where is the backpack?

Sami: We threw it in the river. We put tons of rocks in it so it would sink. It sank really fast, actually.

EJ: Samantha, do you have any idea how stopgap this is? Kate can't keep texting away forever. At some point, someone in his family is going to want to see him or talk to him.

Sami: I don't think so. I mean, things ended with Nick really badly. I bet they'll be happy if he just fades away.

EJ: This problem, Samantha, is not gonna fade away. Nick Fallon is not just going to fade away.

Kate: Yeah.

Stefano: I remember our time in Stockholm.

Kate: [Sighs] That's so funny because I don't.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. Look, I know you're gonna be all mixed up with your family for the holidays and all that thing, but maybe next week we can finally get together and sit down and have that dinner.

Kate: What dinner?

Stefano: The one that Chad wanted us to have where you can tell me exactly what you think of me.

Kate: I didn't agree to that dinner! I'm not going to that dinner!

Lucas: Was that Stefano? Thought he was dead again.

Kate: He thinks he's so clever, but I know him too well.

Lucas: Then you know to stay away from him.

Jordan: "Love."

Hope: Wow. You guys did such a great job on this house.

Ciara: I want to make one with daddy when he gets home.

Hope: Ciara, about that.

Ciara: He's not coming home, is he?

Hope: No. He's, um, working on something that, um, is very important and he can't stop.

Ciara: Even to see me.

Hope: Oh, baby, come here. Come here, sweetheart. It's not that, baby. It's not that. Your daddy, you know how much he loves you, how much he wants to spend time with you. In fact, you know what? He would jump on Santa's sleigh--

Ciara: Can we go home now? I'm tired.

Hope: Yeah. I know you are, honey. I know you are. So am I. So am I.

Will: I'll, uh... I'll put her in her bed.

Gabi: Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah?

Gabi: Look, I know that this thing with Nick is a huge burden on your shoulders, but I wanted to tell you that, um, I'm glad that you know.

Sonny: Why?

Gabi: You know, I have a lot of nightmares, and I keep thinking that I--that I'm seeing Nick, and I'm just glad I have someone to talk to. Thank you for doing this and for making sure that I can take care of my baby.

Will: Hey. Anybody up for some white Christmas?

Gabi: Oh, you guys can. I'm--I'm gonna go to bed. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Sonny: [Clears throat]

Will: So I saw that hug.

Sonny: [Chuckles] You jealous?

Will: No. But...guess Gabi's just getting really slammed hard by the Christmas spirit, if you know what I mean.

Sonny: Yeah, I guess that's it.

EJ: Samantha, when Nick's relatives find out that he's dead and that somebody's been texting on his behalf, do you think that they're just going to fade away?

Sami: They're not gonna find out. I mean, the only way they would know that there's something wrong is if the body turns up, and that's not gonna happen because Kate said that Stefano said that that river bank is the best place to drop a body this time of year.

EJ: She spoke to my father about this?

Sami: No, no, no, no. She said that Stefano had mentioned it one time--

EJ: It just happened to come up in conversation?

Sami: Pillow talk. Look, EJ, the point is I'm... I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. I should have. But it was right after what had happened with Kristen and Eric, and...

EJ: You were really gonna handle this on your own, weren't you? You silly thing. You're never on your own, Samantha. Doesn't matter how bad this mess gets. You'll always have me. I'll always protect you.

[Door opens]

Stefano: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! I am back!

Sami: [Sighs]

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