Days Transcript Monday 12/16/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/16/13


Episode #12233 ~ Will pushes Sonny to share what he heard; Nicole lies for Eric's benefit; Jennifer gets upsetting news.

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Brady: [Sniffs] [Groans]

[Doorbell rings]

Brady: [Sniffs] [Sighs] [Sighs] Hey. Hi, you.

Jennifer: Hi. I was close by, and I just thought I'd stop by and see if you were here.

Brady: You're lucky. I'm here, come on in.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Brady: Cool.

Jennifer: You know, when you called and said we needed to talk about JJ, I just thought, well, you know-- I mean, guess what.

Brady: What?

Jennifer: I'm a mom, so the least little thing, and I'm worried.

Brady: Yeah. Here's the bad news. You have reason to be.

JJ: I can't do that. It's too risky, Theresa.

Theresa: Riskier than this little video that could send you to prison in two seconds flat?

Abigail: Oh, good. You're home. We're gonna talk, JJ. I saw you in the town square today. You were with Rory and Bev? You wanna explain to me what you were doing hanging out with those druggies?

Theresa: [Laughs] It's kinda fun bossing JJ around. Gotta think up some more errands for him to do.

[Knocks at door]

Theresa: Honestly, that kid. You better not be back with any more excuses, hotshot, because I am not playing games. Grandma.

Caroline: Oh, who are you not playing games with?

[Monitor beeps steadily]

Eric: [Sighs] Father matt.

Matt: How are you feeling, Eric? Is the pain worse than they told you it would be?

Eric: [Sighs] You know, it's more tolerable now. My body must be getting used to the drug. You know, you didn't really-- didn't have to come down here.

Matt: No, I wanted to come. In fact, I hoped to be here before the procedure began. No use suffering any more than you have to.

Eric: I don't-- what are you saying? Has the church already decided what happens to me?

Nicole: I'm a little worried about the help I'm giving Eric with the TV piece.

Daniel: Why? I thought you were on board.

Nicole: I was. I am. I am, I just realized if I'm gonna go through with this, I need you to help me with something, and I don't think you're gonna like it. At all.

Daniel: Okay, what--

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Hold on a second. Wait, it's a result of a ct scan.

[Knocks at door]

Nicole: I'll get it.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Daniel: She's living here.

Victor: What?

Sonny: I'm glad you're sitting down 'cause you are not gonna believe this.

Adrienne: Hey, baby. Mm. So give us the dish. What were those ladies up to? Hmm?

Gabi: Both of you have been very supportive and everything, but I'm just--I'm scared to death that someone is gonna figure out what the three of us did, okay, that we murdered Nick.

Sonny: [Clears throat] Well, um, what can I say?

Will: Say everything. What happened? Spill it. Come on.

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So what, you're following me now? Did you sneak in close, so you could listen?

Abigail: Why can't you just answer the question, JJ?

JJ: 'Cause it's weird. It's weird getting jumped on for talking to people that I know.

Abigail: JJ, you said that you had changed. You said that hanging out with Rory and Bev was over, that it was history.

JJ: Abs, it's no big deal.

Abigail: The hell it isn't, JJ. If the judge found out that you were hanging out with your old posse again, you could go away for years.

JJ: So don't say anything.

Brady: See, I was in the park this morning, jogging, and I ran into JJ.

Jennifer: Oh. [Laughs] Oh, if you're thinking he skipped school, no, it's exam week, and his hours are so weird.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, no. He told--he told me about that. No, the thing is the area of the park that I saw him in is pretty shady.

Jennifer: And it's winter, so you're not talking about the trees.

Brady: Drugs.

Victor: You never get anything right, do you?

Nicole: Excuse me?

Victor: You finally do something halfway decent with your life--running Kristen off the road, hopefully killing her--

Nicole: I really don't know--

Victor: Hell, I was starting to think that I could at least tolerate you. Then, all of a sudden, the next thing I know, you're sticking your claws in my godson, and all because you can't-- no, wait a minute. Maybe you're a good one.

Nicole: Okay, it'd really be nice to know what you're yakking about, Victor.

Victor: Jennifer Horton says that Daniel's not good enough to be in her precious life anymore. But if you're here, she has to face the fact that he's already picked a replacement. Yeah, good payback that he chose you.

Nicole: Well, he could've done a lot worse.

Victor: Oh, yeah, sure he could, he could've picked Chloe. Not that there's much difference, a worn-out porn star or an opera singer who's a whore.

Daniel: Okay, Victor, shut the hell up.

Victor: Oh, I'm glad you're finally off the phone. Answer me this. When did you and peaches here decide to hook up?

Sonny: Mom, what--what are you doing here?

Adrienne: I stopped by to see you, but will said you never came in today.

Will: I told her about you spying on Kate and mom and Gabi.

Sonny: Really? You--you told her that?

Will: Yeah, I didn't think it was a big deal, just secrets about my surprise birthday party.

Adrienne: Yes, yes, yes. What'd you find out? Anything juicy?

Gabi: When I hit him, wi-- with the rock, yes, yes, I was defending myself. But after that, when we pushed his body into the water, that wasn't self-defense. That was murder.

Will: Hey. Hey, come on. What are they plotting?

Adrienne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, details. Come on, we're dying to know.

Theresa: Uh, I'm having a war with my dumb super. Yeah, I keep telling him that my heating system sucks--I don't know how many times--and he always makes an excuse.

Caroline: Oh, well, it's been a tough winter.

Theresa: Yeah, whatever. So how come you're here?

Caroline: I thought your apartment could use a little Christmas cheer and that we could catch up.

Theresa: Oh, grandma, that's so sweet.

Caroline: Well, glad you think it's sweet. [Clears throat] You haven't invited me in.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, yeah. Right, right, right, right. Come in. Wait, wait!

Abigail: JJ. I am not keeping quiet for you if you go down this same road again.

JJ: No, and I'm not, okay? I swear.

Abigail: Then what are you doing hanging out with Rory and Bev?

JJ: [Sighs] It's embarrassing, all right? It's--I don't have any other friends at school. I mean, people, like--they talk to me, and they say hi or--or whatever. But it's like--it's like I'm a plague. You know, I'm--I'm the freak who went nuts at the square and just tore up the place. I-I guess people just don't wanna be seen hanging with me. [Sighs]

Abigail: So that phone call earlier, that--that wasn't from Bev. That was from somebody ragging on you.

JJ: [Sighs] I'm dealing. It's--it all good.

Abigail: JJ. I just--sometimes, it's like I look at you, and it's like you're my little brother again, you know? And then other times, I see you sitting there all alone, and it just looks like you're gonna explode.

JJ: That's why I hang out with Bev and Rory. They treat me like a friend. But I'm not on drugs.

Jennifer: What he was doing at the park?

Brady: He said he was waiting for a friend, so he could give back some notes that he had borrowed. I mean, I did see the notes.

Jennifer: Did you see his friend?

Brady: No.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Brady: [Clears throat] I did not see his friend because he realized at the last minute that he was in the wrong place, and he left.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brady: Hey. I didn't see him do anything wrong. But it was--it was awkward. He was very tense, and then my antenna went up, and I'm not trying to get the kid in any kind of trouble--

Jennifer: No, I know that. I know.

Brady: I also know that his court date is coming up, and if he doesn't have his act together, Jennifer--

Jennifer: Yeah, he could go to prison.

Brady: Right. So that's--I mean, that's-- that's all I wanted to tell you. So you might wanna check it out. You wanna--

Jennifer: Yeah, I will. Although, you know, it could be totally innocent.

Daniel: My love life is really none of your business. So why did you stop by?

Victor: Don't you think--

Daniel: You know, and before you go off on one of your jags, I don't wanna hear you insulting Jennifer or Nicole, Chloe, anybody in my home again. Clear?

Victor: Your house, your rules. Nicole, can you take a hike? I need to talk to Daniel privately.

Daniel: Look, okay, excuse me. Nicole had something she wanted to say to me. You are gonna have to wait your turn.

Nicole: No, it's--it's okay.

Daniel: No.

Nicole: It's okay, I need to go check on Eric anyway.

Daniel: Well, you made it sound important. I wasn't gonna like it. Remember--

Nicole: It--shh. It'll keep. Yeah. It'll definitely work.

Daniel: Okay. By the haggard look in your eyes, I would guess this is about Maggie.

Victor: [Sighs] Daniel, I wa-- I need your help.

Matt: Relax, Eric. The church has made no decision, and it won't for quite a while.

Eric: Good.

Matt: Uh, you'll have plenty of time to clear your name and to prove that you didn't break your vows willingly.

Eric: Father, what happened with Kristen DiMera was not consensual. I was drugged. I was poisoned.

Matt: Eric, I believe you. Now, do you think this test will prove that?

Eric: I hope so. Something has to. Being a priest, it means everything to me.

Matt: Eric. Eric. You know, trying to clear your name is going to put you under tremendous scrutiny from the media, from the church and the public. And the backlash could be vicious.

Eric: Yeah, father, I've already had a taste of that. People can be amazingly cruel.

Matt: If this all becomes much too much for you, Eric, your life can always go in a different direction.

Eric: I'm sorry?

Matt: With all you've been going through and knowing that it's gonna go on for quite a while, the church would understand if you decided to leave.

Eric: Father, is that what you want?

Sonny: I--whew. It's just so hot in here. [Sighs]

Adrienne: Sonny. Sonny, are you okay? You--you look flushed.

Sonny: No, I just, Anna sit down.

Will: You sure? Are you coming down with something?

Sonny: [Clears throat] No, I could--maybe, will, I could get some water?

Will: Water? Sure.

Sonny: Yeah.

Will: Sure.

Adrienne: All right, that's it, mama's in charge, hold on. Well, you don't have a fever. Honey, did you eat something? And--oh, honey, I can see your heartbeat in your throat. Your--your heart's going a mile a minute. What in the world happened in that apartment?

Jennifer: Thank you for the heads-up.

Brady: Sure, sorry about that, I hope I'm way off base. It wouldn't be the first time, right? What? What?

Jennifer: I'm--I'm sorry. How are you doing?

Brady: [Laughs] How am I doing? I'm--oh, you wanna talk about Kristen or something?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do, because we've only been texting, and I feel bad. I should've stopped by to see you, but then I felt bad because I'm Kristen's friend too, and I didn't know--

Brady: Stop. Please, relax. Kristen's out of my life. Seriously. Seriously, people--people talk about her. They say things about her that should upset me, but it doesn't, just rolls right off my back, like this--this thing that hope and Eric told me about her.

Jennifer: No, I know, and I am so sorry about that.

Brady: It's not a big deal.

Jennifer: I meant to tell you months ago that Kristen thought she s pregnant, and I--

Brady: No, she didn't-- what?

Victor: I mean, this separation has gone on long enough. And Maggie moved out because she couldn't understand why I did what I did with the video. But, I mean, enough is enough. You gotta talk some sense into her.

Daniel: Okay, I don't think I'm the one who should talk to her.

Victor: She won't talk to me.

Daniel: Won't talk to you or won't listen to your spin of the story?

Victor: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Daniel: Oh, I'm on yours, yours, yeah. And hers. What you did was cruel, unbelievably cruel. You humiliated Eric and Marlena, and you just--

Victor: I was protecting my grandson. I did it for Brady. Why do people find it so hard to understand this? A man protects his family.

Daniel: You are right, and I know your heart's in the right place, but you--you hurt innocent people. Like you didn't even give a damn, that's just--that's not right.

Matt: Eric, don't misinterpret. I spoke to the bishop this morning. We're behind you 100%.

Eric: Thank God.

Matt: I just brought up the possibility of leaving. We'd hate to lose you. You're an exceptional priest.

Eric: That's very kind.

Matt: But, Eric, if it all becomes overwhelming or if you think maybe God's leading you in another direction, we would all understand.

Eric: Father, I really appreciate that. I do. Being a priest is my life. Doing God's work, helping others understand our teachings, I know that's my calling.

Matt: No matter what the cost?

Eric: No matter what.

Matt: Good. I'm proud of you. I have something for you.

Eric: What's this?

Matt: Since all this is going to take time and you're under suspension without pay... I have a good friend. He has a studio over on sycamore street. I told him you were a good photographer. He wants to meet you.

Eric: Really? Thank you so much.

Matt: You're welcome. You take care, son.

Eric: I will. Thanks for coming by.

Matt: So long.

Nicole: Father matt. Hi, were you just visiting Eric?

Matt: Yes.

Nicole: I'm headed there myself.

Matt: Good. I understand you and Eric have patched things up.

Nicole: Yes. Forgive and forget, life's too short, you know.

Matt: I'm glad to hear that.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Matt: He was upset that he hurt you.

Nicole: Yeah, well, over and done with. In fact, I'm gonna help Eric prove his innocence. What?

Matt: Well, Nicole, do you think that's very wise?

Will: I think I know what happened.

Sonny: Mm, I don't think you do.

Will: I think I do. You shut yourself in that little closet. There's no ventilation. You got claustrophobic, right?

Sonny: That's right. Yeah, my claustrophobia.

Will: And you felt like you couldn't breathe, right?

Sonny: No, I couldn't. I couldn't breathe.

Adrienne: You know what? I'm sorry, that is totally-- he inherited his claustrophobia from me. Honey, when I heard you were sitting in that closet, I thought to myself, "how can he stand it?" I would've wanted to scream.

Sonny: Yeah, I felt like screaming a few times when I was in that closet.

Will: I'm so sorry. That's my fault. I totally--I didn't even think about your claustrophobia when I asked you to--

Sonny: Will, ple--no. None of this is your fault, okay?

Adrienne: Oh, you two. It's--seeing the way you love each other, oh, my gosh. You know, I was telling will before, his mother was right. You two are perfect for each other. I'm so glad I got the chance to tell her that today.

Sonny: You talked to Sami today?

Adrienne: Yep. Apologized face-to-face. And never again are you gonna hear your mother complaining how Sami's always dragging you into terrible messes. Nope, sweetie. It was just me being my overprotective, judgmental self. And it turns out, very unfair because it's just not true.

Sonny: Hmm. 3qyou disgust me.

Caroline: What did you have to hide, Theresa?

Theresa: Uh-oh, guilty. You caught me wrapping your present.

Caroline: Oh! Aw. That's so sweet. Thank you. Oh. So how have you been? You going to AA meetings?

Theresa: Uh, you know, I talked to Maggie about which ones are right for me and which ones are not so right, so...

Caroline: So that's a no. You have--still haven't yet.

Theresa: Well, tonight, 7:00 P.M.

Caroline: Oh, good, good, 'cause that's one of the conditions, you know, for our staying in Salem.

Theresa: I know. I mean, I tell you what, grandma, almost dying, that really changes your outlook on what's important. Those meetings are gonna be my lifeblood.

Caroline: Yeah. That a girl. Good for you.

Theresa: Thanks. It's so good to see you.

Caroline: Good to see you, baby.

Brady: I thought you were gonna say the video went viral. That's what--that's what Eric and hope told me, but you-- she--she thought she was pregnant?

Jennifer: I promised to keep it a secret. She was terrified that it would ruin her chances of getting back together with you, Brady.

Brady: Right, right, because it--it might not have been my kid. [Laughs]

Jennifer: All she told me is that she was with another man while the two of you were separated.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, Eric, Eric.

Jennifer: But I didn't know that, she never said his name. She never said how it happened.

Brady: No, of course not. Of course not. But then she found out she wasn't.

Jennifer: Right, that she wasn't pregnant, yes. And--and I'm sorry. I hate myself for not telling you because this turned into such a disaster. And I feel like if I had just told you that Kristen was unfaithful, then--

Brady: No, listen, Jenn. Jenn, stop, stop, stop. This is not--oh, no, no, no. This is not your fault. You didn't know how deep her lies were.

Jennifer: I know, but I wanted to tell you. I just wanted to give you time to heal. And I mentioned it to Eric and hope, but then you told me that they had said something major--

Brady: You're being way too hard on yourself. Stop. It's all right. It's okay. You need to go see your son. You need to work that out, okay?

Jennifer: Okay. Thank you. I just--I wanna be sure that you're fine.

Brady: Jennifer, I promise you. I'm fine. Just--just let me know how it works out, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Brady: Thanks for coming. [Sighs] I don't need you.

Victor: Oh, screw it. Should've known you'd be on Maggie's side in this whole damn thing.

Daniel: [Groans] Okay, just listen to me for a minute, okay? Look, you know I love you to death, even if you do make me so mad sometimes, I think I'm gonna have an aneurysm. But I really, really don't wanna see you this unhappy, not to mention my mother, especially around the holidays, I--

Victor: Well, then, help me here.

Daniel: I will do whatever I can to get her to talk to you. But it's not gonna help if you just don't admit that you are wrong.

Victor: Damn it to hell, Daniel, it was Kristen that was going to--

Daniel: My mother's not married to Kristen. She's married to you, and if you want it to stay that way, you are gonna have to do some soul searching and come up with the right answer.

Victor: Most people would say I don't have a soul.

Daniel: Well, we all know how much you love proving people wrong.

Nicole: I don't understand. Why is it bad to want to help Eric? I mean, has the church turned against him? I mean, 'cause if that's the case, then--

Matt: No, no, no. The church is standing by Eric. Nicole, what I'm talking about is your romantic inclinations. Eric has shared a few things with me, and you and I have talked.

Nicole: Yes, in confidence.

Matt: He's under tremendous scrutiny. If your feelings for him ever got out, just imagine what the public's reaction would be. He might never recover.

Nicole: Yeah. [Sighs] I guess the best thing to do is make sure it's not a problem. And that's exactly what I plan to do, trust me.

Will: Feeling any better?

Sonny: A little bit.

Adrienne: Good. So tell us what they said. We are on pins and needles here.

Sonny: You know what? Why don't I tell will what I heard? And if he's cool with it, then we can let you in the loop.

Adrienne: Okay.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: I just--there's just-- I would tell you. There's just kind of, like, some embarrassing--

Adrienne: Honey, honey, it's will's family, and you're right to be protective. That's sweet. You know, I was telling will before--and I hope this is not too corny for your taste, sweetheart--but I hope that eventually, he and I can have the same loving relationship that you have with Sami. Right, will?

Will: You're right.

Adrienne: Hey, I better get an invite to this party. That's all I'm saying.

Will: You will. Oh, my gosh, they didn't invite her to the party. This is why surprise parties suck, because somebody gets left out and she's gonna get her feelings hurt. Oh, my God, man, this whole party business is shaping up to be my--my worst nightmare.

Sonny: No, will. That's not your worst nightmare. You got the bargain kind? I'm glad you're trying to clear Eric. I mean, you've maintained from day one you thought he was poisoned at that hotel that night.

Daniel: Definitely. He's undergoing some tests right now that might tip me off as to just what was used.

Brady: Sounds good.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Hey, listen, I know this might be a little bit touchy, but did Kristen ever talk to you about someone who could provide her with drugs? Any kind of drugs?

Brady: No. No, never. You know, the only two people that could probably help you with that information would be EJ or Stefano. And you know how willing they're gonna be to help you, right?

Daniel: Yeah, not at all.

Brady: It's amazing. Once again, a DiMera destroys people's lives and walks away scot-free.

Caroline: But I think that this could go almost anywhere, you know?

Theresa: Grandma, what is this?

Caroline: You don't remember? Oh. I thought I was the one with Alzheimer's. You--you made that for me when you were in the fourth grade.

Theresa: Oh, my God, yes. And all the other kids laughed at me because it looked so stupid. Gosh, grandma. You kept that this whole time?

Caroline: My granddaughter made that for me, and I think it showed a lot of promise.

Theresa: Grandma, it's hideous. I knew from the first time I saw it.

Caroline: You always did underestimate yourself. And you're still doing it, you know? Theresa, you have everything going for you, so don't give up on yourself.

Theresa: [Laughs] You know, you're about the only person on the planet that has any confidence in me. Everybody else thinks I'm a lost cause.

Caroline: Well, then, they're fools, and you can tell them I said so.

[Both laugh]

Theresa: Thank you for--for everything.

Caroline: I think the person you should really thank is Jennifer Horton. You know, she fixed it, so you could stay in Salem. And if I were you, I would find a nice way to repay her for her kindness.

Theresa: Don't worry, grandma. I will.

Caroline: Okay.

Jennifer: Hi, guys.

Abigail: Hi, mom.

JJ: Hey, you're home.

Jennifer: Yeah. Sweetie, I know it's your day off, but do you think you could pass out more flyers for me about the toy drive?

Abigail: Oh. Yeah, sure, mom, no problem.

Jennifer: Yeah, that'd be great. I have a big bunch of them in my car. If you could just pass them out to all the businesses in the square, I'd appreciate it.

Abigail: Okay. Yeah. All right. No problem, and I will see you guys later, bye.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Abigail: Love you.

Jennifer: Love you.

JJ: Well, I've got some Christmas shopping to do.

Jennifer: No, you're not gonna go anywhere until you explain something to me. What were you doing in the park this morning?

Will: [Sighs] Hey. What's the matter with you? I've never seen you like this. Sonny, did something else happen at the apartment that's not about my surprise party?

Sonny: Well, I don't--I don't know if I sh--I don't know.

Will: You don't--what? Did they catch you? Did you sneeze? Or did you knock over the coats in the--

Sonny: No, that's not what happened, will.

Will: Okay, sure. Well, I mean, I know mom and grandma Kate. Did they make you promise not to tell me? What'd they do? Did they do something?

Sonny: Uh...

Will: You see-- [Sighs] That's too bad because, I mean, you just texted me how incredible, you know, mom and grandma Kate were, and I was so happy that you liked them, you know? And I know they love you. And if they did something to mess up--you know what? I'm gonna call mom right now, and if something happened...

Sonny: No.

Will: I'm gonna make her apologize.

Sonny: You can't. 3q septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes a year,

JJ: I guess Brady got a hold of you, yeah?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah.

JJ: Okay, I don't blame you for being suspicious because I know that that part of the park is like drug central.

Jennifer: Yes, so why were you there?

JJ: I was actually meeting a buddy, Jeff Clark, to give him his notes back. Yeah, he told me to meet him at the benches, but as I was talking to Brady, it hit me, and I realized that he meant the benches by the fountain.

Jennifer: Okay.

JJ: And then, I-I went there. And sure enough, he was there waiting.

Jennifer: Okay, do you realize what could've happened if someone from the judge's office saw you there?

JJ: But, mom, I didn't do anything. I wasn't using. I wasn't dealing. I'm not--I wasn't anything.

Jennifer: I understand that, but that's not what it looks like. It looks like you haven't changed.

JJ: Oh, come on, mom.

Jennifer: That's what it looks like, and it looks like that you don't believe a judge could send you to Statesville prison for years.

JJ: No, I do understand. I just made a mistake.

Jennifer: Yes, you made a bad mistake, huge.

JJ: Mom, it was--

Jennifer: What?

JJ: It was a mistake. Okay, I-I'm not gonna do anything stupid to blow it with you or abs, okay? Come on, you know that I've changed. I mean, I-I'm doing good. I'm doing well in school. I'm home all the time. We're talking a lot more. Come on, mom, you gotta believe me. Just please trust in me. Please?

Jennifer: I do. I-I do believe you.

JJ: Okay.

Jennifer: I love you.

JJ: Me too. All right.

Brady: [Sighs] Well, good luck, man.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm gonna need it, but I really think I can find a way to trace the drug she used on Eric. And if I can--

Brady: Yeah, in a perfect world, you'd find out who gave it to Kristen.

Daniel: And then, we find Kristen.

Brady: Hey.

Daniel: All right.

Brady: All right.

Daniel: See you, man.

Brady: See you. [Sighs] You bitch. You bitch. You're never coming back. You are never, never coming back.

Nicole: Hi.

Eric: Hey.

Nicole: You seem better.

Eric: I am. Thanks for coming by earlier and sitting with me.

Nicole: Well, you were-- you were kind of out of it, so I'm surprised you remember.

Eric: Yeah, things are still a little fuzzy. But one thing I remember really clearly: You said you forgave me.

Nicole: I did.

Eric: That wasn't out of pity, was it? Or because I was in pain?

Nicole: I don't do pity.

Eric: That meant the world to me, Nicole. After I treated you so badly--

Nicole: Okay, let's--let's not go there anymore, okay? Let's just move forward and focus on trying to prove your innocence.

Eric: Right. But there is one more thing that I wanna put on the table first, though.

Nicole: Sure.

Eric: I mean, I know you're not angry anymore. I was wondering how you were feeling exactly.

Nicole: About you?

Eric: Well, because I was oblivious to your feelings, which was a mistake and one I don't want to repeat.

Nicole: Okay. You want things on the table? You got it. I'll tell you exactly how I feel.

Will: Why--why shouldn't I call my mom, Sonny? Sonny?

Sonny: Because you'll spoil the surprise.

Will: Oh, no. So there is a surprise party. I knew it. Unbelievable. You know what I should do? No, no, I probably shouldn't spoil that surprise.

Sonny: No, you don't say a word. Hey, look at me. You don't know a thing about it, okay?

Will: Okay. Phone, please.

Sonny: Promise?

Will: Promise. I won't say anything about it. I won't even call Mom. [Sighs] Oh, crap, okay, now, I gotta go to the library. I'm gonna get some books, write an essay, and I gotta practice my surprise face. [Laughs] Surprise. I'm so surprised. I'm so-- surprise! Surprise. Surp... needs some work.

Sonny: Should've told him. Now, what am I gonna do? I love that just washed freshness,

Jennifer: He went Christmas shopping.

Abigail: Oh. Is everything okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. Abby, your--your brother's changed, right? I mean, it seems real. He hasn't gotten into any trouble, right?

Abigail: Um, I guess. Why?

Jennifer: I don't know. It's probably just me. I think I'm paranoid.

Abigail: JJ's different. Yeah, he's more open now, more-- more like he used to be. I think he's fine.

Jennifer: Yeah. I'm sure he's fine.

Abigail: Yeah.

JJ: All right, listen to me. My mom and sister are all over me. I can't keep buying you drugs. I will get caught.

Theresa: You seem to forget. I own you. If I say "jump," you ask, "how high?"

JJ: All right, Theresa. Listen.

Theresa: See if you can score me some coke next time.

JJ: All right, listen to me. It's not gonna happen. Hello? Skank? Man, there's gotta be a way to shut her down.

Nicole: I'm gonna help you as your friend. We are friends again, right?

Eric: Of course.

Nicole: Good. And as far as everything else goes, just forget it. I'm not--I'm not dreaming about you anymore. I'm not pining over you. I'm not trying to get you to notice me, okay? That's--that's over, especially after the fight we had...

Eric: Okay, Nicole--

Nicole: But--but it is good we had a knock-down-drag-out because it--it helped me get you out of my system, so I can move on with someone else.

Daniel: Well, I have to check on father Eric. I'll--I'll have to call you back. Yeah.

Eric: Moved on? With whom?

Nicole: Daniel. I know it's our second time around, but with the kind of connection we have, it was only a matter of time before we were hopelessly drawn to each other. It's kind of like the first time. It feels right, so right.

Sonny: Dad, when you get this, can you please give me a call back? We need to meet. And it's gotta be somewhere private. This is very important.

Will: Mom, meet me at my place. Need to talk now.

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