Days Transcript Tuesday 12/3/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/3/13


Episode #12224 ~ A video from Kristen upsets Brady; EJ tries to learn what Sami is hiding; Gabi turns to Rafe for help.

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Jordan: [Gasps] I'll just...

Kate: Okay, Nick, let's see what your all-too-weird brain came up with. Oh, my God. You son of a bitch. What have you done? No, no, no, no, no. No, no. [Grunts]

Will: How many bartenders do you need?

Sonny: Two. But I should be good 'cause I have a whole slew of applicants.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: You should get some writing done.

Will: That is the plan. You're gonna be okay, right? Are you as happy as I am that your mom's not going to New York?

Sonny: Yeah, you can count me in. Gabi must be wiped. She's still asleep.

Gabi: Nick, that was sex. That was not love.

Nick: That was love.

Gabi: No! Stop it!

Nick: Gabi... aah!

Gabi: No! [Sobbing]

[Both grunting]

Kate: Oh, come on.

[All screaming]

Nick: Help! Help!

[All screaming]

Gabi: I can't. I can't. I just can't do this.

[Knock at door]

Brady: Hope, I got your message.

Eric: Why are you here?

Brady: Consider me gone.

Hope: Good, you're here. Listen. There's something you both need to know.

Brady: Tell me you have a lead on Kristen, please.

Hope: No, there's something else, and it's--it's not good.

Nicole: Look, Eric won't let I'm sorry, but that's pretty much it.

Miles: Damn it, Nicole, we are in the middle of the biggest sex scandal since Schwarzenegger and you've got the inside track. You gotta go back and try again.

Nicole: Trust me, the answer is no.

Miles: Maybe not after today.

Nicole: What?

Miles: Yeah, you know that sex tape with the priest and the DiMera babe? Last night, it went viral.

Rafe: Wait. You okay? Look, I'm sorry, all right? You know, it just--it just kind of happened.

Jordan: And it will never ever happen again.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no, no. [Sighs] Damn it, damn it. Sami, why the hell did I listen to you? [Sighs]

EJ: Can I help?

Will: Well, your mom's sleeping in late, so I think that maybe we should make her some breakfast. How does that sound?

Gabi: Will.

Brady: I don't believe this.

Eric: Why would somebody do that?

Hope: It's a digital age. When they see something that makes an impression, they automatically record it on their phones. It's almost instinctual.

Eric: So while the video was being played at the church...

Hope: Someone there recorded it and now it's on the internet.

Brady: Son of a bitch!

Hope: Listen, I suggest that you both contact family friends, the church, immediately and let them know what's going on. Believe me, everyone is gonna see this.

Miles: Oh, my gosh. [Laughs] Oh, Nicole, you gotta come and take a look at this. Oh, you wouldn't believe how these two horny bastards are going--are going at each other! Look at this. It's like deep throat meets the bells of St. Mary's. Come on, seriously. How hot is that? Ah, come on! Take a look! I mean, the guy is up to his collar in a sex scandal. You can't keep trying to protect him if you're gonna cover this damn story, okay?

Nicole: I can't. I'm too close to it.

Miles: This is exactly why we want you. You're the one that can get him to talk. Don't you understand? Trust me, this priest right here, he is ripe for it. When this goes national, oh, man, think about it. Your reputation, everything--

Nicole: Maybe you didn't hear me. I'm not doing it! No!

Miles: The hell kind of attitude is that? If you're crazy enough to not want to cover a story like this, maybe you just ought to quit.

Nicole: Maybe I will. You know what? Forget maybe. I do.

Eric: You know this video going viral is the worst thing that could have happened.

Brady: You think so, captain obvious?

Eric: Kristen destroyed both of our lives. The only thing that I want now is to find a way back. We were close brothers. We can't let Kristen destroy that too.

Tad: I can't believe how many people came in for that interview.

Sonny: Yeah, club TBD is the place to work. See how lucky you are?

Tad: Yeah, but I only came in to help out. Although, I've been thinking.

Sonny: Yeah, don't. Don't do that.

Tad: Seriously. You gotta hire two bartenders since Chad's gone, right?

Sonny: Yes, I need a bartender, and then Chad's gone, so I have to take his shifts, so...

Tad: So, um, why don't you just hire one and then you keep me on, right?

Sonny: Really?

Tad: Really, come on. I'm the best, right?

Sonny: Okay, I'll hire one and we'll see how it goes.

Tad: Awesome, okay. Um...but you're not doing this because I'm will's friend, are you?

Sonny: No, I'm doing this because you're my friend. Oh! Okay.

Rafe: Jordan? Jordan, please. Okay, you're upset, I get that. But I just thought--

Jordan: Something like that will absolutely not happen again.

Rafe: Okay, all right. I hear you, but I just--

Jordan: I'm your therapist.

Rafe: And a friend.

Jordan: I'm a professional. Friendship is secondary. You know what? I should apologize because I should have seen it happening, and made sure--

Rafe: There's no need to apologize for what just happened.

Jordan: Yes, I do. I-I know better and I've been trained better.

Rafe: Okay, but if you feel like you did something wrong--

Jordan: Feelings aren't important. What matters is that I behave in a professional manner with every patient at all times, and I should have never taken advantage of a patient's condition.

Rafe: Whoa. You did not take advantage of me. I mean, I kind of wish you would have, but, um... can I just say that that was, like, the best 15 seconds that I have had in a hell of a long time? All right?

Jordan: Okay. You don't understand. You see, it is natural for a patient to become attached to the person helping them. Gratitude gets mixed with a deeper emotion and--

Rafe: Okay, all right. I am grateful, yes. I'm grateful for the kiss. Actually, it was two kisses, not that I am counting. But, um... what I felt, what I feel... it has nothing to do with gratitude. Can I ask you something? Hmm? I mean, you said this was never gonna happen again.

Jordan: Absolutely not.

Rafe: Right, because you're my therapist.

Jordan: And a professional.

Rafe: Right. So what about when you're not my therapist anymore?

Kate: Nope. Everything's fine.

EJ: Really?

Kate: Yep.

EJ: Things didn't look fine from where I was standing.

Kate: So what did you see?

EJ: I saw a woman who's extremely frustrated with her laptop.

Kate: You can say that again. We did some research for a new campaign. It was so...disappointing.

EJ: Oh, I can imagine. The ups and downs of the cosmetics world, eh? One moment, you have the euphoria of discovering some new formula, and the next minute...

Kate: The disappointment of having someone steal it.

EJ: Darling, you're not still obsessing over that, are you? I thought we'd established I did not steal anything.

Kate: Yeah, I just--I just think that we should end this conversation right here before it gets ugly, you know?

EJ: Well, uh, I don't wish you to worry because I'm sure that things could be much, much worse.

Kate: Thank you, love. Ta-ta.

EJ: Yes. I suspect there's been some sort of disaster over at mad world. Would you do me a favor and look into it? See if we can take advantage. What the hell does that have to do with Samantha?

Will: Wow, I didn't realize you were such a news junkie. What's going on? Gabi? Hello?

Gabi: Um, did somebody call while I was asleep?

Will: Mm-hmm. My grandma did, yeah.

Gabi: Kate?

Will: Yeah.

Gabi: Oh, what did she say?

Will: Nothing really. She was just checking in, wondering how you were doing and stuff, making sure you're okay. Actually, I'm worried about that myself. Is everything...all right?

Gabi: No.

Brady: Do you really think that with what's out there right now on the internet, circling around for everyone to gawk at, that we can just go back to where we were? Really? Just like that, we're gonna be best buds again? We can--water under the bridge? Is that what you think?

Eric: Brady, what happened is not my fault. It's not yours. Kristen did this to us.

Brady: [Sighs]

Eric: What? You don't think it's that way?

Brady: You know what I think, Eric? I think you're like Annie. I think you think the sun always comes out tomorrow and you've been brainwashed to believe it.

Eric: Brainwashed?

Brady: But with what's going on the internet right now, you can't just shake hands and patch things up. It doesn't work that way.

Eric: But I wasn't brainwashed, Brady.

Brady: Sorry. You weren't brainwashed. It's a bad choice of words. How about this? Your newfound calling...

Eric: Don't.

Brady: You are so optimistic these days, you just think the glass is half full all the time, that God has a plan, God has a way, he'll take care of everything. I don't buy it!

Eric: Brady, don't do this. Don't trivialize my faith or my beliefs.

Brady: Okay, I'm sorry.

Eric: No, I don't think you really are.

Brady: No, I am really sorry.

Eric: I think you feel like you can just mock me or just lash out at me.

Brady: I'm just calling it as I see it, Eric.

Eric: Oh, really? So now you're just making me your scapegoat for your pain and humiliation?

Kate: Hello, Sami. Yeah, you're right. I am upset. Oh, and let me thank you for telling me to check out the flash drive that Nick gave me. Why? Because it turned out to be a killer virus, that's why. Yeah, you're right about that. Believe me, if Gabi hadn't killed Nick already, I'd do it myself. No, I haven't--I haven't talked to Gabi. Last time I checked, she was asleep, which I think is a good thing. At least she's calmed down. No, I know. Believe me, I am going to have a long talk with our pretty friend. She has to realize that what happened to Nick needs to remain a secret.

Will: Please don't tell me you've changed your mind about New York.

Gabi: What? No. I'm not going. That's over. You know that.

Will: Okay. Is that why you're upset? Listen, I know you gave up a lot for us, and we really do appreciate the--

Gabi: No, it's not--it's not that, okay? It's just I have a--my brain's kind of on pause. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Will: Okay. You know what, listen. I think if you talk to my mom-- I could do it. I could talk to grandma or my mom and maybe they can use you as a model in their campaigns. You know, it's not--

Gabi: Is that why Kate called? Can you just tell me exactly what she said, please?

Will: Sure. She didn't say anything. Um, "hello. What's up? How's Gabi? How's the baby? Good-bye."

Gabi: Okay, I gotta go see Rafe.

Will: Didn't you tell him that you weren't gonna go to New York last night?

Gabi: Oh, God. Can you just please drop the whole modeling thing, okay? I'm not going, and I just have other things on my mind. Aah! I gotta go see Rafe.

Brady: You are so determined through your condescending piety and devoutness to not get what is really at the core here. And the core of this is that our lives are never gonna be the same, man. You can't rise above something like this through prayer, which is something I'm sure you've done a lot of in the last couple days, but it's not gonna fix it, all right?

Eric: Yeah, well, I understand that Kristen broke your heart. You know, what she did was profoundly hurtful and degrading. But this didn't happen once. It happened twice.

Brady: Where are you going with this? Am I to blame? Am I to blame for this?

Eric: Brady, I warned you about this. Everyone warned you about this. And did you listen? No, you didn't. You just let your own selfish desires take control and look what that got you.

Brady: Are you done?

Eric: That's the one thing you don't seem to grasp. For me, it will never be done. You know, being a priest is not just my life. It's not just my job. It's who I am. And now when people see that, they will only see filth, even if they know what happened. They will see filth. Kristen did that to me and you could have prevented it.

Rafe: I'm just saying. Once you're not my strictly professional therapist, all bets are off, right?

Jordan: Well, I am your therapist.

Rafe: I could fire you.

Jordan: You're incorrigible.

Rafe: That's one of my best qualities. Let's get this straight. Shall we? I am not going to be... in this damn chair much longer. And when I'm out of it, I'm gonna call you.

Jordan: Well, we shouldn't project into the future right now.

Rafe: Mmm, okay. I'll take that as a positive maybe.

[Cell phone rings] Yeah, sis, what's up?

Gabi: Hey, um, I really need to talk to you in person. So are you at the hospital? I can meet you there.

Rafe: All right, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down. Whatever it is, we'll fix this, okay? I'm actually leaving the park right now. You want to meet me at club TBD?

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, I'll meet you there. I have to tell Rafe what we did.

Nicole: That's it. I'm done, I quit. Easy come, easy go.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Nicole: [Scoffs] What now? 87 messages? Guess I'll start from the top. "Hot priest in action"? Really? [Sighs] You disgust me.

Gabi: I'm sorry, sorry.

EJ: Oh, Gabriella.

Gabi: Hi.

EJ: Lovely to see you.

Gabi: Where's Sami?

EJ: Uh, she had to chaperone the children to an outing this morning. It was a volunteer thing she agreed to do a while ago. Why? Did you need to talk her?

Gabi: No, no. I mean, I talked to her yesterday. I have to go, though. I'm meeting Rafe, so--

EJ: Oh, he's coming along?

Gabi: Mm-hmm. Everything's good.

EJ: Are you okay? You seem a little bit tense.

Gabi: Oh, no. It's just school and classes and there's just so much to do. So I'll just--I'll see you.

Kate: Oh, my gosh. She is the cutest little thing. She really is.

Will: [Chuckles]

Kate: So how are you? How's the writing going?

Will: It's good. I'm supposed to do 30 minutes a day. Hopefully more than that.

Kate: Oh, yeah. Definitely more than that. You always wanna push yourself.

Will: Yeah, but, you know, I got a baby to take care of and people keep dropping by.

Kate: [Laughs] Do they? Really? That's a good thing, though, to have family and friends come by.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Um, so, Gabi, is she still asleep?

Will: No, she got up and she took off.

Kate: Oh, to class?

Will: No.

Kate: Is everything okay?

Will: I don't know. She's acting really odd, upset.

Tad: Someone's wound a little tight.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, she had a tough decision to make yesterday, but she's gonna be okay.

Tad: Hey, I'm caught up on all the inventory. Did you still want me to get those checks to the vendors?

Sonny: No, I can do that. In fact... what the hell did I do? Did I leave 'em at home?

[Door slams]

Brady: [Groans]

Henderson: Master Brady, this came for you earlier.

Brady: Uh, thank you. Thanks, Henderson.

Henderson: Will you be here for lunch, sir?

Brady: Um, probably not. I don't think I'm gonna-- sending me copies of this crap now. Are you kidding me? What is this? You--I assume you've heard about this, Henderson, right? The DVD?

Henderson: I did, sir. I'm terribly sorry that I didn't realize what it was.

Brady: No, it's okay. How would you? Forget about it. Uh, I'm probably gonna be getting a lot more gifts like these until the next big gossip story comes out, so... I'm gonna--I'm gonna watch this thing, so if you don't mind.

Henderson: Yes, sir.

Brady: Thank you. All right.

Eric: I don't have to ask what you're watching. Nicole, I am so sorry. I'm sorry for so many things. Things that I've done. The thing--the things that I've said. Most of all, I am sorry that you had to see that.

Nicole: What Kristen did to you... how you suffered, are suffering, because of her... it must be unbearable.

Eric: I just want you to know if I could have alerted you about this, I would have.

Nicole: I know.

Eric: Right now I'm just contacting people, warning them about the video being out there. May I ask how you found that?

Nicole: My producer.

Eric: Your producer? I don't believe this. You're still reporting the story? My name is lee Kaufman.

Kate: So did she say why she was upset?

Will: No. You know what's strange was I offered to talk to you about getting her a modeling job and she totally snapped at me and said it wasn't important anymore.

Kate: [Sighs] Right.

Will: She was also, like, avidly flipping through sections of the local newspaper on her tablet.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Oh, excuse me.

Kate: [Sighs]

Will: Hey, you.

Sonny: Hey, uh, sorry to bother you, but did I leave my checkbook at home?

Will: Yes, you did.

Sonny: Figures. Okay, I know this is a lot to ask 'cause you're, like, writing, but can you bring the checkbook to me? 'Cause I can't leave and I really need the checks.

Will: Sure, I can bring it.

Sonny: I wish I remembered before Gabi got here. I would have had her bring them to me.

Will: Gabi's there?

Sonny: Yeah, she's supposed to meet Rafe.

Will: Oh, that's right. Okay, uh, well, I will pack up aria and I will be right there.

Sonny: Okay, thank you. Love you.

Will: Love you too. Bye.

Kate: So Gabi's at the club?

Will: Yeah, Sonny said she's meeting Rafe.

Kate: Oh. Well, she's probably gonna tell Rafe that she's not going to New York.

Will: No, she did that already.

Kate: Really? I wonder--I wonder why she's meeting him this morning.

Will: I don't know. She just said it was really important and couldn't wait.

Kate: You know, honey, you have so much writing to do. Why don't I take that checkbook for you and bring it to Sonny? Okay?

Will: What? Really?

Kate: Yes.

Will: Okay, all right.

Kate: Absolutely. Get writing.

Will: See you.

Kate: [Sighs]

Rafe: Sis? Hey.

Gabi: Could I talk to him alone, please?

Jordan: Yeah, of course. Take your time.

Rafe: Okay. Well, it sounds serious.

Gabi: It is...very serious.

Will: Good morning.

EJ: Good morning, William. I was just in the neighborhood. Thought I'd swing by, see how the little one was doing.

Will: Oh, great. She is asleep. But you know what? Come on in. Come on, please.

EJ: My goodness. What an angel she is.

Will: Yeah, she is.

EJ: So you must still be riding the high after winning that writing fellowship.

Will: Berkeley was an eye-opener.

EJ: Mmm, I wouldn't know. I mean, I don't really write. A few dull legal briefs on occasion, but nothing ever creative. Obviously you have an ability to truly put yourself out there.

Will: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, actually, to tell you the truth, I got like half an hour before she wakes up and I haven't written a word today.

EJ: Oh, yeah. I apologize, William. I, um, actually didn't just happen to chance by. I wanted to have a conversation with you... uh, about your mother.

Eric: Just the idea of you exploiting my pain and Brady's humiliation all so you can just see yourself on television! Smiling! Chatting up about the latest gossip and you're calling yourself a journalist? You're disgusting. And here I am, feeling sorry for you having accidentally seen that disgusting filth!

Nicole: Please--

Eric: Have you no sense of decency?

Nicole: Will you stop jumping to conclusions?

Eric: And you're wallowing in trash and loving it! You don't even care that you're causing somebody pain, humiliation, I mean, hurting their family, their friends!

Nicole: You don't know what you're talking about.

Eric: Oh, I think I do!

Nicole: No, you don't! And as usual, you're ready to judge, making me out to be some worthless piece of trash because you know I'm an easy target! Well, guess what, father big mouth! I don't answer to you. Not anymore.

Eric: Fine. Then you go make your TV show and you say anything you want to about me. Go lie your little head off, and then you find a way to live with yourself.

Nicole: I'm fine. Don't even ask, okay? I'm fine.

Brady: What the hell is this? Some blank DVD?

Kristen: Hi, Brady. [Sighs] Do you know how much I love you?

EJ: I don't mean to put you on the spot, William, but something is going on with your mother. I mean, I know she's been through this terrible ordeal regarding her brother.

Will: Yes, I know. And you're worried that she's not handling it well?

EJ: Well... I'm not entirely sure that that's the problem. She's definitely hiding something from me. She came back last night and she was distinctly tense and distracted. And I asked her why and she wouldn't tell me.

Will: I bet it's Gabi's modeling thing.

EJ: Really? What modeling thing is this?

Will: Oh, you don't know? Apparently--I mean, well, this is what happened. Big modeling agency offered Gabi a job, wanted to make her a huge star, but she would have to move to New York.

EJ: And take the baby with her?

Will: Yes. So Sonny and I started talking about moving to New York as well, and I'm sure, you know, mom freaked out about that.

EJ: I don't know why she wouldn't mention that to me, though.

Will: Um, maybe 'cause it's all settled? Gabi changed her mind and everything's back to normal.

EJ: Not for your mother.

Rafe: Gabi, Gabi, come on. You know you can tell me anything, right? No matter what. Just tell me. Obviously something's eating you up.

Tad: There you go.

Rafe: Thank you.

Tad: And what can I get you, Gabi? Did you decide? I bet you with skin that perfect, she never does chocolate. I should go over here.

Rafe: Yeah. Good idea. Tell me.

Kate: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Kate: Here it is. I spent enough time with Arianna. I wanted to give will a chance to write.

Sonny: I know. Well, thank you very much.

Kate: You're welcome.

Sonny: Uh, t? T? Can you handle things? I want to go take care of a few things.

Tad: Yeah, got it boss.

Sonny: Okay, cool. Thank you again.

Kate: You're welcome.

Jordan: Hi, Kate.

Kate: [Sighs]

Hope: Nicole, listen. That video that Kristen made... it went viral overnight. Right now, Eric is desperate to contact everyone he knows, let 'em know what's going on. And of course he's worried sick about his family, not to mention the powers that be in the church. This is a nightmare.

Nicole: Yeah.

Hope: So, please... try to go easy on him. I mean, this is only gonna get worse. He's being attacked from all sides. He's helpless. He's completely helpless right now. Kristen violated him... and he's the one who's being punished.

Eric: Father matt, it's Eric. When you get this, can you call me as soon as possible? It's urgent. And if you see the bishop, can you have him contact me? Thanks.

Dawn: Father Eric!

Eric: Dawn, hi. How are you?

Dawn: You weren't at school this morning.

Eric: Yeah, I couldn't be there today.

Dawn: You lost your collar.

Eric: Actually, honey, I... I wasn't there because I'm taking a little time off. Taking time to think about things, you know? I just need a little time.

Dawn: Don't stay too long, okay?

Eric: I won't.

Mr. Gorman: Dawn? You need to go be with mommy now.

Dawn: Okay. Bye, Father Eric.

Eric: Bye, Dawn.

Mr. Gorman: I don't ever, ever want to see you talking to my little girl or anyone in my family again. Clear?

Kristen: Do you know what the best part of loving you is? It's knowing that you love me too. And that's why I'm happy now, and I'm always gonna be happy.

Brady: She made it right here in this room.

Kristen: By the time you see this DVD, I will be in Peru... having my meeting with Roberto. But I'm only gonna be thinking about you.

Brady: She made it before I surprised her about the honeymoon.

Kristen: And of course, I'll be flashing my wedding ring to everybody and telling them all about mi esposo nuevo, the most wonderful man in the world, who, when everybody was against us, believed in me, trusted in me... loved me. I can promise you that as soon as that meeting is over, I will be on the first flight out of lima, back home to you, my husband... my man... my love... so we can start our new lives together.

EJ: You know, I ran into Gabi earlier this morning. She seemed a little tense.

Will: She woke up that way.

EJ: She told me she spoke to your mother yesterday. I wonder if it's something your mother said that made her that way.

Will: You never know with mom. She does know how to push Gabi's buttons, though.

EJ: Oh, well. I wouldn't worry about it. It's probably nothing. I will let you get back to your writing, dear boy.

Will: Okay, thank you.

EJ: Thank you.

Will: All right.

EJ: What are you up to, Samantha?

Kate: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to talk to Gabi.

Jordan: Actually, Gabi asked to speak to Rafe alone, so maybe we should respect that.

Okay. If this is about the modeling thing in New York-- all right, because if you have changed your mind--

Gabi: No, it's not. It's not that. That's over, done.

Rafe: Oh, good. That's great, 'cause a lot of people were really upset about that.

Gabi: It's something worse. Much worse. It's about Nick.

Miles: What are you doing back here? I thought you quit.

Nicole: I reconsidered. I'm gonna cover the father Eric story.

Miles: Gr--great. Great! Great.

Mr. Gorman: You're a disgrace. You don't deserve to be a priest. And if you ever come near my little child or anyone in my family again, I will personally make sure to run you right out of town.

Eric: Hey, Mr. Gorman, I was just try--

Mr. Gorman: Just shut your damn mouth! Okay? I don't even want to see you. Nobody does. So why don't you do us all a favor and get the hell out of Salem? 'Cause we don't want your kind here, your filth!

Eric: Mr. Gorman--

Mr. Gorman: I hope there's a special place in hell for your kind. As far as I'm concerned, you can go there right now.

Kristen: I can only hope that you miss me, Brady, as much as I miss you, that you want me back home with you as much as I want Toto there. You know... normally, I wouldn't do this kind of thing. You know, you send an email or a text, you never know if somebody's gonna intercept it, right? But since I happen to know this is a hand-delivered DVD, well, I think I can tell you what I wish you were doing to me right now... and... what I know I'm gonna do to you the second I get you alone... because I want you as much as I know you want me, baby. I want you to touch me. I want you to kiss me... any place you want.

Brady: [Grunts] Aah. Aah!

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