Days Transcript Monday 12/2/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/2/13


Episode #12223 ~ Sami worries she left evidence at the crime scene; Nick gives Kate an unpleasant surprise; Rafe & Jordan kiss.

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Sami: Okay, okay. Just find the earring. That's all you have to do is just find the earring. It's got to be here somewhere. I mean... it's just... okay. God, you would think with all the sunlight, the diamond would sparkle. Stupid leaves or-- anything. Oh, my God, this could take all day. [Screaming] Let me go! [Screaming]

Nick: The project we talked about-- this one's on the house.

[Overlapping shouting]

Sami: Let go of me!

Nick: Gabi, no!

Gabi: Oh, my God!

Kate: What's this really about, Nick?

Rafe: See that?

Jordan: I did, I did.

Rafe: Yep. Figured. I think I just earned myself a double stack.

Jordan: I thought we just came here for a coffee.

Theo: Rafe!

Rafe: What's going on, little buddy? Good to see you. Come here, man.

Abe: Wow.

Rafe: Hey.

Abe: Great to see you up and walking again.

Rafe: Well, uh, thanks.

Abe: Hey, Jordan. How are you doing?

Jordan: Hi, Mr. Carver. This is your son?

Abe: Theo.

Rafe: Yeah, well, look at you guys. Like something out of a magazine.

Abe: Yes, wearing the latest hiking attire.

Theo: Hot chocolate! We came here for hot chocolate.

Jordan: Oh, now that sounds like a good idea. You know, I've never had it here. It is as good as they say it is?

Theo: It's really good. Come on.

Jordan: Oh, okay.

Abe: Well, she seems...

Rafe: Different? Yeah.

Abe: [Laughs] Yeah.

Rafe: Completely different.

Abe: [Laughs]

[Knock on door]

Maxine: Good morning. I came by to bring you something you may need today.

JJ: Ooh. You're looking sharp.

Jennifer: Thank you.

JJ: What's up?

Jennifer: Today's Daniel's disciplinary hearing.

JJ: Oh, yeah. I forgot. You okay with that?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

JJ: So, uh... what do you think is gonna happen to him? Something really bad?

Anne: Momentous day, huh?

Theresa: What?

Anne: Well, it has the potential to be, anyway.

Theresa: Why? What are you talking about?

Anne: Under a rock much? Dr. Dan's hearing--it starts any minute.

Theresa: Yeah, I know.

Anne: And I have got the perfect thing to make it go ba-boom. You want to play?

Harold: Breakfast is served, sir.

EJ: I have to skip breakfast this morning, Harold. Sorry, I have to represent the hospital board at some sort of disciplinary hearing. Should be scads of fun.

Harold: I'll just set one place for ms. Sami then, sir.

EJ: Actually, no, I think Samantha left a while ago, Harold.

Sami: No! No! No! No! Let me go! Let me go!

Nick: Not this time, bitch!

Sami: No! No! No! No, don't! Aah!

Daniel: What is all of this?

Maxine: Letters from your patients and some of us who work at the hospital too.

Daniel: Oh.

Maxine: Bunch of us nurses got together and made some phone calls, and everyone we contacted said they'd be glad to write a letter about what they thought of Dr. Jonas. They run from "you were very helpful" to "you saved their lives."

Daniel: This is from, uh--

Maxine: Yeah. I talked to her myself. She sent an email in right away.

Jennifer: This hearing, really, is mostly a formality. Normally, Daniel would just give a formal statement, and that would be that.

JJ: But I don't get it, 'cause Dr. Jonas saved Theresa's life. I mean, she'd be dead if he hadn't done what he did, so why try to punish him?

Jennifer: Since when do you care how this goes for Daniel?

Anne: Come in. Okay. Check this out.

Theresa: What is it?

Anne: A statement. Give it a read. All right, so here's how it's gonna go down, okay? Dr. Dan, Danny boy, he's gonna read his statement, okay? And then everybody's gonna do the whole "okay, we're done here. Thanks so much." Whatever, "we're adjourned," that whole routine, right? That's when you make your entrance.

Theresa: I can just walk in?

Anne: Well, no. Don't just walk in. Come in all shoulders slumped and maybe a little mascara stain from all the crying. You know, you're like an emotional wreck, okay?

Theresa: Okay.

Anne: All right. You're gonna read this statement out loud, but you're gonna make your voice crack a little just a few times like this. Listen. Here. "I was-- [Voice breaks] I was so ashamed."

Theresa: Wait, why was I ashamed?

Anne: Read the statement, sweetheart. You miraculously recovered all memories of what happened that evening.

Theresa: "Dr. Jonas said he wanted to get high with me"?

Anne: "High with me," yeah. Well, I had a little wine last night. I let my imagination flow. And just keep reading. It gets way better. [Chuckles] Okay.

Sami: [Gasping] Nick, please! Please let go!

Nick: [Grunts]

Sami: No! No! No! Let me go! Let me go!

Nick: You think you're getting away this time, Sami? Think again.

Sami: No! [Panting]

JJ: Hey, I don't care what happens to the guy. It just seems like, you know, if they're gonna punish him for something, it should be for hurting you.

Jennifer: Well, that is very sweet. But you're right. Daniel did save someone's life. And they can hardly call a disciplinary hearing for me getting my feelings hurt. And I think that you should know they asked me to write a letter on Daniel's behalf. And I just want you to know that I did.

JJ: That must have been kind of hard.

Jennifer: Um... no, it wasn't. It's what I had to do. Okay, don't be late for school. Love you.

JJ: Love you too.

Daniel: Jennifer said this about me?

Maxine: Why not? It's true. From the heart.

Daniel: Yeah. Right, okay. Well, I gotta get going. [Sighs]

Maxine: What's that?

Daniel: It's Parker's. He gave it to me for good luck, I guess.

Maxine: Aw. When parker grows up, he's gonna be proud he's got the best dad in the world.

Theresa: What if they ask me questions?

Anne: Well, that's okay. Let them. Let them ask you questions. But remember your main talking points, okay? And don't--don't say you did drugs with him because Dr. Goody-good, he came in here, and he got tested the minute he hit the hospital that night, all right? But he did push them on you. You got that?

Theresa: Yeah.

Anne: All right. Oh. And he made promises to do drugs with you, like, I don't know, the next week.

Theresa: Okay.

Anne: Oh, and don't forget to make a really big point about the fact that he was trashing Jennifer, all right? She's boring, total missionary. Stiff as a board. Oh, my God. Kick it up a notch. Say that he told you that he needs just a little bit of pharmaceutical before he gets into bed with her. [Laughs] Oh, my God. If that doesn't send this bitch running out of the room, nothing will. Have you ever seen her when she is really embarrassed? She gets, like, a rosacea.

Theresa: Um, Anne, you do know that I don't actually remember anything that happened that night, right?

Anne: Wonderful. Then the facts won't get confused with what you're saying. So just read the statement as written, okay?

Theresa: Yeah, but, I mean, come on. It's obviously all lies.

Anne: And I'm sorry-- you have a problem with that? Come on. Okay.

Kate: This is not a negotiation, Mr. Ortiz. You will do this today. No. No. Come here. [Sighs] Pick up the receipt, fly to New York, go to the Fairmont storage facilities on the upper west side. And then you use the I.D. That says you're Nick Fallon to pick up the things that he had sent there. I don't care. Throw them in the Hudson. Down a rat hole. Whatever. Just let me know when it's done.

Jordan: So one of my jobs is to check and see how strong people are. Do you want to see if you can try and push my hand away?

Theo: Yeah.

Jordan: Oh! You are very strong. [Laughs]

Abe: [Chuckles] You know, when I met her a few weeks ago, she seemed so reserved, almost impersonal.

Rafe: Oh, well, yeah. She has opened up. Yes, with everything. She's--

Abe: Well, she's got you up and walking again.

Rafe: Well, yeah. Yeah. I'm kind of like a robot with run-down batteries, but I'm getting there, thanks to her.

Abe: Well, you should know that your job is still waiting for you at the department.

Theo: We're going exploring.

Rafe: Oh, are you? Well, okay. Let me know what you find, then.

Theo: Okay.

Rafe: Okay.

Abe: Let's go. So long, guys.

Jordan: All right, take care. Hey, stay strong, Theo.

Theo: Bye.


Rafe: That was amazing. The interaction you two had-- never seen that before out of you. You're a natural. Have you worked with kids much?

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: Samantha. I thought you left a long time ago.

Sami: Why would I?

EJ: Because you're driving the children downstate to a field trip, remember?

Sami: Of course I remember. I know the shortcut, and we don't have to be there till later.

EJ: Huh.

Sami: Anyway, I have to get going. I'll see you later.

EJ: Samantha... why don't you tell me what you're really up to?

Rory: Well, hey, man.

Bev: JJ, hey.

Rory: Yo. Hey, dude, we're calling you.

JJ: Yeah?

Rory: Yeah.

JJ: Oh, okay. Well, I've got an early class to get to. So I gotta go. Sorry.

Bev: Whoa, wait. Hold up. How come you haven't answered any of my texts?

JJ: My phone has really bad battery life. Yeah, it's old now. I'm getting a new one soon.

Rory: Huh, I guess that's why you're not calling me back either?

JJ: Yeah, it is. Look, I've really gotta go.

Rory: Well, hey, what's your class?

JJ: [Clears throat] History.

Rory: You're playing me. Come on. Hey, you're the guy who said that history's only worth going to if you're totally stoned. So... who wants to get ready for class?

Bev: I do.

Anne: Listen, it's real simple, sweetie, all right? Jennifer is a colossal pain in our asses. And I don't care how much she pretends she doesn't care about Danny boy. You bring him down, and it is gonna kill her... which is something we've been dying to see, right?

Kayla: Theresa, there's a lot of flow charts you need to put into t computer at the nurses' station.

Theresa: Right. Yeah, I'm on it.

Anne: Yeah, flow charts.

[Door closes]

Kayla: I got a text from your dad when they landed in L.A.

Theresa: Yeah, mom texted me and said they had a good flight. Thanks.

Kayla: Yeah. Okay.

Jennifer: Yeah. No, that's not even possible until this afternoon. Okay, thank you.

Daniel: No, don't administer it unless he gets agitated. I prefer he be fully awake.

Rafe: You never answered my question.

Jordan: About?

Rafe: If you've worked with kids much.

Jordan: Sure. Teenagers, some very little ones too.

Rafe: Oh, wow. That must be tough, though, just seeing them struggle like that.

Jordan: It is when they don't understand why.

Rafe: Right.

Jordan: But they are almost always upbeat and ready for anything. And when you can help them, it is just the greatest feeling. And they just laugh and come alive and-- what?

Rafe: What?

Jordan: What's so funny?

Rafe: [Laughs] Nothing. I was just-- no, I actually--I just like seeing you like this.

Jordan: Like what?

Rafe: Enthusiastic.

Jordan: Okay. Enough questions. It's time to get you out and get some fresh air. It's gonna be snowing soon.

Sami: Nothing is going on. I'm just in a rush.

EJ: Really? Why?

Sami: I have something I have to do. Then I have to rush back here to take the kids downstate for their field trip.

EJ: I see. What exactly is it that you have to do beforehand?

Sami: Why all the questions?

EJ: Because I'm concerned. You come back last night late, you looked disheveled. You were upset, much in the same way you are now.

Sami: I'm disheveled?

EJ: No, you're upset.

Sami: I'm not upset. I'm just rushed. Last night I was upset to come home to find police swarming our house and looking through our things.

EJ: I already explained that to you.

Sami: Yeah, you did. And then you told me casually that my brother had stopped by-- my brother whose life has been utterly destroyed by that woman you call a sister and-- oh, right. I forgot you knew all about that, didn't you? You just decided not to say anything.

EJ: Why are you keeping something from me?

Sami: Because that's what we do, EJ. Face it. It's our specialty.

Abe: Not too far, son. Stay where I can see you.

Theo: Pretty.

Abe: Theo! Come on, man. We're going hiking, remember?

Theo: Okay. Coming.

[Twig snaps]

Sami: Okay. Okay. Pull it together. You just have to find that damn earring.

Rory: All right. Well, let's go to the park, find a spot, and do it, dude.

JJ: No, seriously, man. I gotta get to class. I need good grades this semester.

Rory: Okay, okay, hold on. Take position, kid. You heard me, all right. Okay. Hey, what do you think, Bev? This guy claims to be JJ Deveraux.

Bev: Hmm.

Rory: And okay, he looks like JJ.

Bev: I don't know, officer. You think he's an imposter?

Rory: Damn straight, because if he is JJ, he'd want to get high.

JJ: Okay, give it a rest, man. I'm not interested.

Bev: Whoa, what is wrong with you?

Rory: Yeah, man. Why don't you want to hang out with us?

Bev: You're not still freaked out about that thing with your dad, are you?

Rory: Yeah, man. Hey, forget about that stuff. Come on with us. It'll be fun.

Bev: It's not like we're gonna get caught. We'll go up high, like, by the rocks. That spot?

Rory: We'll get totally baked, and you'll be buzzed for class.

JJ: I don't want to get baked, and I don't want to be buzzed during class, okay? I don't want to be a loser. Now, is that clear enough?

Kayla: If anybody'd like to make a remark before we start, please do so now.

EJ: [Clears throat] Well, as counsel for the boards, having read the incident report, frankly, I do not know why we are here.

Westbrook: Mr. DiMera, the evidence is a bit thin, but once a meeting has been requested, the committee is required to follow through. Please have Dr. Jonas come in.

[Indistinct chatter]

Kayla: Please state your name for the record, doctor.

Daniel: My name is Dr. Daniel Jonas. I would now like to make a statement.

Maxine: Theresa, what are you doing over there?

Theresa: I was just thinking.

Westbrook: On the evening of October 25th of this year, encountered a university hospital employee named Theresa Donovan at her apartment. I found her--

Anne: I would like to know why you were there, Dr. Jonas.

Westbrook: Excuse me. All questions will wait until after the statement has been read.

Anne: Well, I think it's drug-related, so I think--

Westbrook: This is my meeting, ms. Milbauer. No questions until after the statement has been read.

Daniel: And I am not here to discuss why I was there or anything else of a personal nature. My understanding is that this hearing is about my conduct as a doctor, and that is all I will be testifying to. Ms. Donovan was unconscious when I arrived, and I determined that she was suffering from a drug overdose. I called 911, then took steps to ensure that her airway remained open and worked to revive her, but I was unsuccessful. When the ambulance arrived, she was transferred to university hospital, treated for the overdose. Fortunately, she made a complete recovery.

Kayla: Thank you, Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: And for the record, since I'm sure I'm gonna be asked, I was not under the influence of any drug that evening. Hospital tests performed on the night in question confirm that. Also, I would like these entered into the record. These are 127 letters from patients and staff members attesting to my ability and/or integrity. And I deeply appreciate everyone who did this for me.

EJ: Well, as I've said from the beginning, I see no reason why a doctor who saved a woman's life should be called before this committee. However, here we are. So, Dr. Westbrook, do you have a conclusion?

Westbrook: I do, but first, I'd like to thank you for your testimony, Dr. Jonas.

[Knock on door]

Kayla: Excuse me. Theresa.

Theresa: I-I have a statement.

Kayla: Is it regarding these proceedings?

Theresa: It's about Dr. Jonas, yes.

Sami: Oh, God. I have dirt all over me. I mean, I could have lost that earring anywhere. Where the hell was I? Too many places. I mean, between carting the kids around and dragging a dead body. I mean, I just lost the earring, that's all. I just--I lost it.

[Phone vibrates]

Sami: Seriously?

[Overlapping shouting]

Theresa: Um, what I'd--

Kayla: Please state your name and position for the record, please.

Theresa: Okay, I'm Theresa Donovan. I work here at the hospital as a general assistant as assigned.

Kayla: Okay. If you have something to say, now's your chance.

Theresa: This has been a bad year for me. I got involved in drugs and did a lot of things that I regret very much. I know Dr. Jonas is here because of what happened on October 25th. I want to say to everyone that I'm very sorry that I was the cause of so much trouble. As far as that night goes, I don't remember anything about it. All I know is when I woke up, e nurse told me that Dr. Jonas saved my life. I will always be grateful to him. That's all I have to say.

Westbrook: Thank you, ms. Donovan. You may leave now.

Kayla: Dr. Westbrook, if you could render your decision.

Westbrook: Gladly.

Anne: Wait, wait, wait, wait just a minute. Can anyone spell "whitewash" here? Now, I have done some investigating on this incident on my own time--

EJ: And why was that?

Anne: Because that young, innocent girl--she works for me. Now I happen to know that some neighbors heard loud noises coming from her apartment that Friday night.

Kayla: Okay, are the neighbors here to give statements?

Anne: Well, no. But I can tell you--

Jennifer: Well, then it's not permissible. Because third-party statements are automatically ruled hearsay according to the hr handbook, which you wrote.

Kayla: Dr. Westbrook?

Westbrook: I hereby rule that there is no cause for any further action to be taken in the matter of Dr. Daniel Jonas and the events of October 25th. Thank you for your help. This case is closed, and we are adjourned.

Kayla: Thank you.

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, sir.

EJ: Hey. Congratulations, doctor.

Daniel: Thanks. Yeah, a little surprised you were with me on this.

EJ: I will never forget what you did for my brother. That, and I know what it's like to be the victim of a witch hunt.

Daniel: I hear you.

EJ: But mainly, it was because that vile woman had no grounds, none whatsoever. Good luck to you.

Daniel: Thank you. Okay.

Rory: We're your only friends, man. Everybody else at school, they think that you're some freak who gets arrested and then goes off and breaks all the windows in the square.

Bev: We actually care about you.

Rory: But if you're too good to hang out with us now, then fine. Find out how much life sucks when you're all alone, dude.

Rafe: It's weird. Every year I've been in Salem, there's been snow on the ground by thanksgiving.

Jordan: It'll come.

Rafe: Yeah? What's the weather like in Birmingham this time of year?

Jordan: I don't know.

Rafe: You don't know? What, you don't talk to friends or family back home?

Jordan: No. Hey, by the way, what happened with your sister and the modeling job?

Rafe: Well, funny you ask. Actual, she texted me last night and turned it down.

Jordan: Oh, well, I'm sure you're happy about that.

Rafe: Well, yeah. You know, I would miss her and that baby.

Jordan: Hey, do you want to sit on the bench for a little while?

Rafe: Sure.

Jordan: I'll wheel you closer.

Rafe: No, no, no. I'm gonna walk it from here.

Jordan: That's a little further than you're used to.

Rafe: Well... you don't think I can do it? Huh?

Jordan: Okay.

Rafe: I'm kind of feeling that. All right. Why not then? Yeah.

Jordan: Oh.

Rafe: That's right. Yeah. I'll show you. Ta-da.

Sami: Oh. Hi.

Kate: Well, look at you.

Sami: I lost my balance, okay?

Kate: You went back there.

Sami: Yeah, to the scene of. So what did you want to talk to me about?

Kate: Oh, I don't know. Someone's dead. I thought maybe we should touch base, make sure everything's covered.

Sami: Look, as long as Nick stays underwater or floats out to sea, we're golden.

Kate: Oh, really? 'Cause there's more to it than that, Sami.

Sami: Like what?

Kate: Like I used Nick's phone to text hope to let her know that Nick "arrived safely" in New York and is doing swell.

Sami: Okay, but, you know, ease off the communication. It's not a game.

Kate: Whatever. And I arranged for his things to be picked up that he had sent there previously. And they will disappear.

Sami: Perfect.

Kate: I called your son, and it seemed that Gabi was still in bed, which says to me that she's having trouble sleeping.

Sami: Right, I'm sure.

Kate: You do know that she's the wild card in all of this, right?

Sami: [Laughs] No kidding, Kate. She's the reason we're in this mess.

Kate: So are you gonna tell me why you were down by the river?

Sami: I lost something.

Daniel: I don't think Anne was very happy.

Jennifer: Well, then my day is complete.

[Both chuckle]

Daniel: No, seriously, the way you shut her down, it was well done. But what I appreciated mostly was the way you supported me. This letter-- it was so kind, so warm.

Jennifer: Well, I was asked if I would write it. And I immediately knew that I had to.

Daniel: But the words you used to describe me--

Jennifer: Yeah, every word in that letter is true. You are a great doctor.

Kate: You lost the other one?

Sami: It's a good thing EJ didn't notice. He gave them to me for valentine's day.

Kate: My God. This is 30,000 at least.

Sami: Those earrings cost $30,000?

Kate: No, one. One, Sami. One is 30k. And now its twin is somewhere down by the river.

Sami: Oh, my God. It might not be, okay? It might be at the house. I might have lost it anywhere. It's gonna turn up. I am going to find it.

Kate: God, let's hope that a lost earring is the only other problem with all of this. Okay, look. We have to go talk to Gabi now.

Sami: What? I can't. I have to go take the kids to the natural history museum downstate. You talk to Gabi, all right? Thank you. Hey, did you check that flash drive that Nick gave you?

Kate: No! No, not yet.

Sami: Okay, well, you should when you get a chance. I mean, who knows what kind of incriminating evidence he's got on that thing.

Kate: Okay, look, don't start making up imaginary problems, okay? Don't. Just go.

Sami: [Sighs]

Rafe: [Chuckles] [Laughs]

Jordan: Oh.

Rafe: Sorry. Sorry.

Sami: Oh, my God. Whoa! Oh!

Abe: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sami: Oh! Oh, my gosh. [Laughs] I'm so sorry. Are you okay? I am just totally out of it this morning.

Theo: It's okay.

Sami: I'm sorry.

Abe: You know, somebody is in a rush here, huh?

Sami: Yes. Yeah. I really am. I don't have time to chat, but hi, Theo. Hi, Abe. Bye.

Theo: Bye. in there? Come here.

Theresa: Hey.

Anne: Don't you "hey" me, you little backstabber.

Theresa: Look, Anne, I already told you that I can't just go in there and lie, okay? I could get in trouble and--

Anne: I told you you wouldn't, didn't I? For God's sake, this was like the chance of a lifetime, okay? Little jenny and Dr. Dan would be out on the street right now, but no. Suddenly the druggie gets a conscience?

Theresa: Yeah, well, maybe it's about time.

Anne: What?

Theresa: Maybe it's time I realized who my real friends are.

JJ: Aunt Kayla.

Kayla: Oh.

JJ: Hey.

Kayla: Hi, JJ. How are you?

JJ: I'm well. Um, aren't you supposed to be at that thing with my mom?

Kayla: You mean the hearing?

JJ: She told me that Dr. Jonas was, like, on trial.

Kayla: Well, no, not really. And it's over anyway.

JJ: Oh, okay. Well, I hope--I hope it wasn't too hard on my mom.

Kayla: Don't worry. Your mom's fine. So is Dr. Jonas. In fact, I'm kind of hoping that it's a new beginning for them. They deserve better, JJ. And I realize it's maybe not what you want to talk about, but if they decide to be friends again, I hope that you've figured out that you really don't have a say in it. You know, bub? All right, I'll see you later. Okay.

Daniel: Jennifer, thank you. This was very nice of you to say.

Jennifer: Well, it's true. Why not say it? That's what all these letters attest to, isn't it? You are a talented, gifted doctor. It's too bad you're such a poor excuse for a human being.

Jordan: I'll just--

Rafe: Sorry.

Kate: So am I connected to the office network yet? I'm gonna send something over. No, no. Don't stand by. I'm just gonna check it out, see if it's worth it. Okay. Well, Nick, let's see what your all-too-weird brain came up with this time. What the hell?

[Static, explosions]

Kate: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! Damn it! Damn it.

Sami: Come on, kids! Time to go! Time to hit the road. We gotta have some fun. Oh, my God, $30,000. I have got to find your mate.

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