Days Transcript Tuesday 11/26/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/26/13


Episode #12221 ~ Nicole's first assignment is to interview Eric; Brady gets a tip about Kristen; Kate, Sami, & Gabi get a shock.

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Gabi: Nick, stop!

Nick: I love you.

Gabi: No.

Nick: I'll show you how much.

Gabi: No. No.

Nick: Then you'll understand why I did what I did.

Gabi: No, stop, you're hurting me.

Nick: I would never hurt you.

Gabi: No, stop.

Nick: I'd never hurt you. You know you love me. You know you love me.

Gabi: Stop, stop.

Nick: Look at me.

Gabi: No!

Nick: Look at me. I'm gonna show you how much--

Gabi: Stop it! [Panting]

Kate: Oh, my God, Gabi. What have you done?

Victor: Maggie, you didn't have to do any--

Caroline: You son of a bitch! How could you?

Nicole: Here's to the good stuff.

Miles: Salud. And only the good stuff from this point on.

Nicole: [Chuckles] So, trust me, I-I love the bubbly and the attention, but why are we meeting tonight? I don't start work till tomorrow.

Miles: Ah, yeah. Well, you see, this couldn't wait. It's about your priest.

Marlena: I haven't seen you take pictures for a very long time.

Eric: I'm sorry, mom. I can't talk to you right now.

Marlena: You need to. I have news.

Eric: I'm sorry. I can't.

Marlena: It's about Kristen.

EJ: Hey!

Brady: Tell me. Tell me. Tell me where your sister is!

Gabi: He was--he was on me, and he was so angry, and he was trying to-- he had this crazy look in his eye. He wasn't himself.

Kate: Hey, hey, hey, hey. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right.

Sami: Kate! I got your text. Hey, did you find Gabi and Nick? I guess you did.

Nicole: Okay. Talk about a buzzkill.

Miles: Only because you're looking at it the wrong way, Nicole. Come on, you're going back to work, and you're handed this huge story on a platter. Right? And everybody's talking about this priest with the huge secret, and, come on, frankly this video could still go public.

Nicole: Not if there's a God.

Miles: Nicole. Can you spell "going viral"?

Nicole: I still don't see how this has been handed to me on a platter.

Miles: Oh, come on. You worked with the guy, right? The two of you are friends. Aren't you? Aren't you? Nicole, wow, it is a simple question.

Nicole: Not really.

Marlena: I spoke to your father.

Eric: So this isn't about Kristen.

Marlena: He's calling in favors to try to get a warrant. He wants to get a look at Kristen's papers and her personal belongings.

Eric: So he's not afraid of what he might find?

Marlena: Eric. Your father is fighting very hard for you, but this is--it's a very challenging situation.

Eric: By challenging, you mean there's no evidence to back up my accusation.

Marlena: Your father and hope are talking to everybody--to the bishop, to father matt, so they can confirm your story. And your father thinks that he'll have a warrant to search the mansion as early as tomorrow morning.

Eric: Giving EJ more than enough time to destroy anything that implicates Kristen.

Brady: Tell me where she is. Where is she?

EJ: Illegal entry and assault and criminally--

Brady: It's not funny. You tell me where she is. Tell me where she is!

EJ: Such a lout. Cliché--

Brady: EJ, you tell me where she is, or I'm gonna end you right now. Tell me!

Sami: Why do I have a sick feeling of déja-vu?

Kate: Tell me about it.

Gabi: He was--he was--I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted to stop him.

Sami: Well, what you did was kill him.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, no, what am I gonna do?

Sami: I'd say 20 to life. Whether they go to the next page...

Gabi: No, no, no, no, he--he came at me. He attacked me.

Sami: Why would he attack you? You do whatever he wants.

Kate: Okay, Sami--

Sami: Well, she can sell her story to the judge. You could lie to the judge just the same way you lie to will, you lie to me, you lie to everyone.

Kat okay, look, you don't know what's going on, but, trust me, you can't call the cops.

Sami: You're right. I can't. I don't have any reception. I'm going to town. I'll call from there.

Kate: Damn it, Sami, you are not going anywhere.

Sami: Kate.

EJ: You know, Dudley do-right, there is nothing that I would like more than to knock some sense through that thick skull of yours and watch you get carted away by the police. So, now that you've taken your hand off my throat and 'cause my sister is not here to defend you, go ahead, take your best shot.

Brady: You--you knew.

EJ: [Laughing]

Brady: You knew what Kristen did for months. You knew it for months, and you didn't say anything.

EJ: I did not know for months. Not that I would have cared if I had. Frankly, what happens between two consenting adults in the privacy of a hotel room is none of my business.

Brady: Oh, shut up. You know damn well that Eric did not consent to anything that happened on that video.

EJ: Well, that's what Eric says. Only he knows--well, him and his precious God, I suppose.

Brady: No. Kristen knows. And you know. And you're lying to me right now.

EJ: Brady, you can save your breath, okay? I don't hear another lecture about how morally bankrupt I am or about how you can't understand how Samantha can bear to live in a house with me, considering how vile I am. [Coughs]

Brady: EJ, this is Stefano's roof, all right? And this is not about Sami. This is about Kristen, your psychopath sister who makes other psychopaths look morally upright in comparison. That's what your sister is, and she gets away with everything. Everything in this world. But not this time. This time she is going down.

Marlena: Sami said that EJ is doing everything that he can--

Eric: Mom, I talk to Sami. You don't have to tell me what she says.

Marlena: Oh, well, I guess you don't need me for anything--

Eric: Mom. I just want to be alone. I don't trust myself about almost anything. I just want to take pictures. For one, I might have to get back into this line of work, and, two, because I know I can't hurt anybody taking pictures.

Marlena: Do you think by talking to me you--you hurt somebody?

Eric: Mom.

Marlena: Eric, by not talking to me, you hurt me incredibly.

Eric: Mom, you know the cliché "keep it together"? I'm just trying to keep it together.

Marlena: Well, your father is going to make it very clear what Kristen did, and you will still be a priest.

Eric: Yeah, well, even if she was confronted and she confessed, it would still take a long time before I'm reinstated.

Marlena: You mean until things get back to the way they were.

Eric: No. Things are never gonna be like they were before.

Victor: Would you like a drink while you tell me off?

Caroline: Don't be glib. Not now. And would you look me in the eye, damn it? You're always going on about your family. Let me tell you something about someone in my family--Eric. Eric, who helped the poorest, most miserable people on earth. Not only helped them, he loved them. And he shared his joy with them. But you killed that joy. Purposely. What makes you think it's okay to destroy someone I love?

Nicole: Look, my relationship with Eric was not personal. We worked together. That's all.

Miles: Ah, right, okay, so let me get this straight, you worked long hours for no money to hone your secretarial skills?

Nicole: I needed a job.

Miles: And now you have your dream job. And no matter what you say about your reputation and your relationship with this man, you know him. You know him through and through, and you know everybody else that's involved with this story. Nicole, this could launch your comeback. Don't you see this? Not everybody gets handed a story like this every day. We could bury the competition. You could call your own shots, name your own figure.

Nicole: All right, all right.

Miles: I mean, the sky's the limit.

Nicole: Let me make something very clear--nothing is going to make me do a hatchet job on Eric Brady.

Kate: Sami, look, you don't know what you're doing.

Gabi: Sami, please.

Sami: I know will could bring the baby to visit you in prison. It's a lot closer than New York.

Kate: Ah, here we go.

Sami: You could do a fashion show for cell block nine.

Kate: Would you stop? Just stop and listen, because you don't know what you're talking about. I found Gabi and Nick at Horton square, and they were fighting, and, believe me, it was ugly.

Sami: Really? As ugly as this guy here with his head bashed in?

Gabi: No!

Kate: Sami, there were witnesses, okay, and now he's dead, so, if those witnesses tell the police, they're not gonna believe that it was self-defense.

Sami: Oh, you think? Someone might finally not believe Gabi? That's a shocker.

Kate: It was self-defense. And she could end up going to prison, okay?

Sami: Then she will finally, finally pay for something that she has done.

Kate: Sami, she was telling Nick that she didn't want to go to New York, okay? That's why they were fighting.

Sami: That's not true. She made it very clear to will that she was taking that baby and going to New York.

Gabi: No. No.

Sami: Of course she left out the fun fact that you were going with Nick "piece of dirt" Fallon.

Kate: Oh, nice. Rest in peace.

Sam he's a creep, and she was gonna let him near Arianna. To hell with will, to hell the fact that he's the father.

Kate: No, that's not true, because, after you and Rafe talked to her, she realized it was wrong to take the baby to New York. You got through to her, okay?

Sami: I don't think anyone gets through to her, Kate.

Kate: That's why he attacked her, because she told him that she wanted to stay in Salem, that she wasn't gonna go to New York with him. That's what happened here.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Nick. No. [Sobs] Last year was the biggest flu you to do a hatchet job, okay? I used to be an altar boy, for crying out loud. Seriously, I don't want you to trash father Eric. I don't. Really.

Nicole: You're working me. I know it.

Miles: Hear me out. Everybody's piling on the padre, okay? They're all talking about the priest sex angle, the falling from grace, blah, blah, blah. And that's just picking from the low-hanging fruit. If you could get an exclusive with this guy, if you can get him to sit down and open up and tell his side of the story, think about how much good this would do for him. Not to mention it is one hell of a story for you.

Victor: The woman had to be stopped. Eric was collateral damage.

Caroline: Oh, I could slap you for that.

Victor: Oh, for God's sake, woman, think of what you've done for your family. Eric was just a one-night stand. Brady was gonna marry her.

Caroline: It was not a one-night stand.

Victor: Well, I didn't know that. And I didn't set anything up either. That video just dropped in my lap at the last minute when I had no other options.

Caroline: She drugged him.

Victor: I know you need to believe that, but you have no proof.

Caroline: Eric said it happened, and Eric doesn't lie.

Victor: Men have been lying about sex since the garden of Eden.

Caroline: You want to think the worst of Eric so you can excuse the worst in yourself, your cruelty. Well, there's no excuse of what you did, none!

EJ: You know, if I had any incriminating evidence on Kristen or any knowledge of her whereabouts, I'd be quite tempted to share it with you just so I could spare myself another morally-outraged Brady aria, but I don't. And if I did, I wouldn't be here talking to you. I would be with her, comforting her.

Brady: Lying bitches don't need comfort, EJ.

EJ: She's my sister. And I care about her in exactly the same way you care about your brother.

Brady: You don't care about her. You care about you! You care about EJ. What's best for EJ. You always have.

EJ: Okay, well, think that through. I want to be with Samantha. She would never stay with me if she found out that I knew where Kristen was and I withheld that information.

Brady: Yeah, unless--and this just comes off the top of my head--you lied to her. Which you've been doing since you laid eyes on her.

EJ: Well, that would be very bad of me, wouldn't it?

Brady: I know there's more than what you're telling me. When I find out that truth, EJ, you will answer to me.

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: I don't know, Kate. I mean, she kills Nick, she's got the murder weapon at her feet, of course she's gonna say assault defense.

Kate: Oh, really? 'Cause that's all there is to the story, right? Everything is always exactly what it seems to be.

Sami: This is nothing like what happened to me.

Kate: Oh, yeah, except that it is. That's exactly what happened with you and Bernardi. There's more here than meets the eye. Believe me. I heard her tell Nick that she changed her mind about going to New York. You made her change her mind. It sunk into her because it's more important to her to be a mother than a model, Sami.

Sami: You heard it yourself?

Kate: You should have seen the look on her face when he let it slip out that he had lined up that whole modeling job for her. She had no idea he was planning to go to New York.

Sami: She didn't know that?

Kate: No, big surprise, right? That our dear, sweet--sweet, innocent Nick was manipulating her. 'Cause he believed that she was still in love with him. He believed it just the same way he believed Melanie was still in love with him. So loudly and publicly she told him it wasn't the case. She told him she thought he was totally out of his mind, and, trust me, he did not like being humiliated in public.

Sami: She conveniently murders him.

Gabi: No-- he had his hands on me. He was--he was--he was--he was-- [Sobs]

Kate: Are you gonna let Arianna's mother go to prison for that?

Nick: I think the best thing that could happen would be for will and his whole family to be shut out of this baby's life.

Sami: Will has rights to that child. He gets to decide how much access you have to that baby--

Nick: I love Gabi and that baby, and there's no way I'm gonna let a bitch like you ever hurt them again.

Sami: You don't have any rights to this child! You are a blackmailer and a murderer, and you are trying to steal another man's child. You don't deserve to raise any child, never mind my son's daughter. [Screams]

Nick: I'm sorry it's come to this. You le me no choice. And now you're coming with me.

Sami: Well, I guess that son of a bitch finally got what he deserved. Okay, ladies, what's the plan? Get in the bag, get in the bag, get in the bag, now!

Kate: Okay, see, Sami's come around. Everything's gonna be okay.

Gabi: How--how is everything gonna be okay? I just killed somebody.

Sami: Okay, shh.

Kate: No, you did not kill someone. You protected yourself. You protected yourself. Now you're gonna have to pull it all together 'cause we have a lot to do. I know that no one saw me follow her here. What about you?

Sami: I think I'm good. What are we gonna do with--

Kate: Shh, shh.

[Rushing sound]

Kate: The river is really close by.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Sami: Well, lucky for us he's skinny. Okay. Here, you hold that.

Kate: Okay, great. Gabi, get the rock, put it in his backpack.

Sami: Okay.

Kate: Go ahead. Do it.

Sami: Okay.

Kate: You take that one.

Sami: Can you grab-- there, got him.

Kate: Not as skinny as we thought.

Sami: One, two--okay--damn!

Kate: What? What's wrong?

Sami: I chipped my nail.

Kate: For God's sakes.

[Both grunting]

Kate: Oh, come on. [Groaning]

Nicole: So you're saying we'll be giving Eric a chance to tell his side of the story.

Miles: Exactly. He can defend his reputation that a lot of people are hell-bent on destroying at this point. What do you say? Will you get in touch with him for me?

Nicole: I'll think about it.

Miles: Well, you better think about this-- you could be his only hope.

Nicole: Whatever. Like you said, if I did do this, it'll be good for my career. Clink.

Miles: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Marlena: Eric. It's fine to look at things through a lens. It's not fine to run away. There are so many people--so many people who love you--

Eric: Mom, I just want to be alone, all right? I'm just struggling to understand why God let this happen to me. I just want to understand what God's will was in all of this. And what kills me the most is that I may not even find it.

Marlena: Everybody gets tested. You're going to be fine.

Eric: You know what, sometimes shooting pictures is interesting, it's nice... my life was being a priest. If they take that away from me, I don't even know what I'm gonna do.

Marlena: You're not being punished for this. You did nothing wrong.

Eric: No, but I did some things wrong. It may not be what's getting the most attention, but I just need to examine my own conscience, so...

Marlena: Eric, Eric, you seem so lost.

Eric: Mom, I am so sorry, but I can't talk about this anymore.

Brady: I should have known better than to come here for answers.

EJ: Brady, when have you ever known better?

Brady: I just hope that when Sami finds out what you really are, it's not as painful as it was finding out about your sister.

EJ: Well, she's not quite as fragile as you.

Brady: You're a jerk.

EJ: Brady... there is one thing that I can share with you. It may help you understand my sister's methods and her motives. Who knows? Maybe it will help you find her.

Brady: You know what, I'm not interested in hearing more excuses about what your sister did to my brother. Not interested. J: EJ: This has nothing to do with Eric. It's to do with you. How my sister felt about you.

Sami: Okay.

Kate: That's it. Turn--

Sami: I'm trying. Okay, I did not exactly pick the right shoe-

Kate: Do you want to try six-inch spikes, Sami? You want to trade off?

Sami: Oh, my God, you know what, Kate, I do.

Gabi: I heard something. I think I heard something.

Kate: Get over here.

Sami: Oh, my God. Okay. Come on. Oh, God, give me that.


Kate: Ah, greetings.

I hope I'm not hallucinating. It's not every night one encounters three lovely ladies in the woods. What are you doing?

Sami: [Chuckles]

Kate: Funny you should ask.

Kate: So our friend here wants to know what we're doing.

Sami: Well, we could ask him the same question, couldn't we?

Kate: Yes. See, my friend here thinks we could ask you the same question. But I don't know, maybe you wouldn't want to answer that question, a distinguished gentleman like you alone afoot in the forest. Maybe you're up to no good.

Sami: Yeah, I mean, that's what we're doing. We're up to no good too.

No, I'm harmless, as I'm sure you are. In fact the only dangerous thing in these woods is the megascops asio. I spotted one earlier. A female.

Sami: And you lived to tell of it.

The megascops asio is the eastern screech owl. So you ladies have nothing to fear. They only prey on small rodents.

Sami: That's funny. I know where she could find one.

Oh, wish I had spotted a male.

Kate: Story of my life. You know, I think did spot one a mile that way.

Oh. No point. It's too dark now. It'd be impossible to find your way. In fact would you do me the honor of escorting you back to the safety of Horton town square?

Sami: Oh, you know what, thank you, but we actually--

No, no, let me be clear. I won't take no for an answer. Why don't you let me help you with your bag and we shall be back in civilization in no time flat.

Victor: I couldn't let Brady marry that woman. I had to expose her. And then face the consequences.

Caroline: It's my grandson who's facing the consequences. He's paying for what you did.

Victor: Now, but that will pass.

Caroline: Oh.

Victor: The way that you're looking at me, I know that I've lost something that I really treasure. And I think I've lost it forever.

Caroline: That may be true. I don't see how Maggie can bear to live with you. Has she left you? Oh. Good. Maybe something good has come out of all this.

Brady: I'm not gonna stand here and listen to any more of your spin. What?

EJ: You know what I'm going to say. Kristen loved you. She loved you more than she loved her own family. She chose you over revenge against john and Marlena. That revenge was at the very core of her being. And she chose you over that.

Brady: Your sister drugged and literally raped my brother, EJ. I don't think she did that out of love for me.

EJ: She loved you! A hell of a lot more than you loved her. And, if you trusted her, if you listened to her explanation at your first aborted wedding, I am damn sure that whatever happened between Eric and Kristen would never have happened. So you think about that. And get out of my house.

Nicole: Eric.

Eric: Nicole. What are you doing here?

Nicole: I came to see you.

Sami: Um, sir, what a kind gentleman you are, but actually my friends and I, we are staying out here until it gets dark because we are looking for a thespesius occidentalus, and it's completely nocturnal, so we are bound and determined to see one.

A what?

Sami: A thespesius occi-- oh, you're just teasing me. I'm sure you've seen many in your day.

Well, not many.

Kate: I hate to be rude, I really do, but I'm sure you'll understand that we really need to keep as quiet as possible.

Of course. Of course. Then I shall bid you adieu and best of British luck to you.

Sami: We're gonna need it.


Sami: Cheery-bye. Oh, my God.

Kate: What the hell was that about?

Sami: What? The thespesius occidentalus, it's a duck-billed dinosaur that Johnny is in love with.

Kate: So what if this theseus-whatever-the-hell, what if he knew what it was?

Sami: Well, he didn't, and I didn't hear you coming up with anything better, okay?

Kate: Well, maybe I would have if you didn't start blathering away.

[Overlapping statements]

Gabi: Stop!

Kate: Honey, I'm sorry. Don't even think about it. We always do it. It's just because we don't like each other.

Sami: But we like you, okay, and we love your baby, and we're gonna make this right.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Both: What?

Sami: Oh, my God. He's gone. Of all the places in your house...

Sami: Well, I guess he's not as dead as I thought he was.

Kate: Okay, ladies, this is not the me bush.

Sami: What?

Kate: Ah. Here he is. Right where we left him.

Sami: Oh. Thank God.

Gabi: What? Now we're happy that he's dead? No, I can't--I can't deal with this, I can't.

Sami: Okay, you know what, you have to. Okay, you have to deal with this for Arianna. Do you want to be there when she wakes up tomorrow, or do you want to be in prison?

Gabi: Okay, let's just get this over with.

Sami: Yeah, okay. Here, Kate.

Kate: What?

Sami: Give me your bag. Here. Okay? Okay.

Kate: You ready to do this?

Sami: All right. Yes.

Kate: Okay.

[Both grunt]

Sami: Ready? On three. One, two, three.

[Both groaning]

Sami: All right, together, together. Okay, okay.

Brady: Stupid son of a-- I didn't see you there.

Victor: So who's the son of a bitch?

Brady: EJ. Tried to get him to tell me where Kristen is, and a bunch of lies fell out of his mouth.

Victor: I could have told you talking to EJ would have been a waste of time. Well, it's been a fun night for everyone.

Brady: Yeah, it has. [Grunts]

Eric: I am so happy to see you.

Nicole: I want to talk to you.

Eric: Anything. Just call the shots. I'm listening.

Nicole: I think--I think you should get a chance to tell your side of the story.

Eric: I think my side of the story is pretty straightforward. I screwed up, and I'm really sorry about it.

Nicole: I'm not talking about . I'm talking about what happened to you and all the trouble you're in.

Eric: I'm sorry. I guess I don't understand.

Nicole: Just give me--give me a second.

Eric: Nicole, what the--

Nicole: I think you should start from the beginning. I think you should start from what happened between you and Kristen DiMera.

Gabi: What if they find the body?

Kate: Oh, my God, the current here is very strong, very dangerous, especially this time of year. People go in rarely.

Sami: Fun facts from the former Mrs. DiMera.

Kate: Well, body disposal was a constant concern.

Sami: I'm sure it was.

Gabi: Can you just stop? Please, stop acting like that.

Kate: Sorry. Sorry. It's just our way of dealing with things. I guess we've forgotten what it means to be sweet and innocent.

Gabi: I am not innocent. Look at what I did.

Kate: Okay, Gabi, you defended yourself against a person who was sick and was dangerous. You know, I for one don't mourn a man who treated women the way Nick did. Okay? So now, look, you need to get yourself together, 'cause we're almost done with this. Okay? We're almost done with it. Okay.

Sami: Oh, all right.

Gabi: What--what are you doing? What are you doing?

Kate: Just trying to cover our bases.

Sami: What fits into his pockets. [Strains] I can't...

Kate: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Do you know what this is? Well, maybe it'll come in useful.

Sami: Is there another--

Gabi: I can't watch this.

Sami: Oh, maybe that will come in useful.

Kate: I'd say so. You need to trust me, Sami.

Sami: I don't think I have a choice, do I?

Kate: Yeah, no, you don't. All right. Like I said, let's get this done, okay?

Sami: Oh, here. Come on, Gabi. Hey, hey, you got to cover our tracks.

Eric: So this was just a setup?

Nicole: No.

Eric: You know, what I thought--I thought--was stupid, you know, impossible that you wanted to actually talk to me, but actually you just wanted to use me as a story.

Nicole: Now, listen, this could be good for both of us.

Eric: No, for one of us. I'm nothing but a story for you now.

Nicole: Well, what the hell did you expect?

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Hello?

You're looking for Kristen DiMera? I know where you can find her.

EJ: Another fine mess you got me into. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. She's family.

[Both groaning]

Kate: A little bit--

[Both grunting]

Both: Oh, my God.

Kate: Gabi, get that rock, throw it in the river.

Gabi: I don't know if I--

Kate: Just do it.

Gabi: All right.

Kate: Great. Our turn.

Sami: Okay, okay, okay.

Kate: All right, let's see here--

Sami: I don't think we're gonna be able to do this.

Kate: Come on.

Gabi: Oh, my God, no, no, no, this is not right. What about his family? What about Maggie? No, we can't do this. This is not right.

Sami: Oh, God. Okay. Okay. Okay. You will go to prison for what you did. We will go to prison for helping you move the body. He didn't care about you. Nick didn't care about the baby. He didn't care about his family. He definitely didn't care about Maggie Horton. You need to concentrate on Arianna, okay? You think about that baby. She needs you, and she needs you to be tough right now. You can cry tomorrow.

Gabi: You're right. You're right.

Sami: Good. Now, Gabi, you have to suck it up, because you are going to help us put that body in the river, okay?

Gabi: Okay.

Sami: You grab his feet.

Gabi: Okay.

Both: Okay.

Gabi: Okay.

Sami: Okay. One... okay, push, push...

Kate: Wait, that leg.

Sami: Yeah, I got it. Okay.

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