Days Transcript Monday 11/25/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/25/13


Episode #12220 ~ Sami & Kate intend to stop Nick & Gabi from moving; Gabi learns about Nick's scheming; Sonny & Will fight.

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Daniel: Okay, Jenn, I'm trying to--

Jennifer: You are trying to spare me the embarrassment of your actions. Well, let me just tell you one thing. I'm gonna be fine. I am not gonna agonize over hearing about you and Theresa. In fact, I am going to feel nothing at all... except maybe revulsion and disdain. But other than that--

Daniel: Jenn--

Jennifer: What? Don't you get it? You mean nothing to me.

Daniel: Then there won't be a problem.

Jennifer: No. There won't be a problem.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Theresa: Daniel. Hey, I'm glad you're here. I need to talk to you.

Daniel: Um, this really isn't a good time.

Theresa: Look, I understand, but it's important. It's about the night I O.D.'d.

Daniel: Have you remembered something?

JJ: [Panting]

Daniel: JJ, what is wrong--

JJ: It's Theresa.

Daniel: What?

Abigail: Hey. What's all this?

JJ: Helping mom decorate.

Abigail: The kid who flunked scissors in kindergarten?

JJ: Okay, Martha Stewart, why don't you give it your best shot?

Abigail: Oh. I will. This is really nice, JJ. Mom's gonna be totally surprised.

JJ: You have no idea.

Sonny: I own my own club. You know how much time and energy I put into this town and that place? How can you not know that?

Will: Don't make me choose between my daughter and you, Sonny.

Sonny: Seriously? Wo--okay. Am I not the guy who got this apartment so that we could live with Gabi, who hated me by the way, and Arianna who I love like she's my own kid? How can you say that to me?

Kate: And Gabi is not going to New York alone.

Sami: I know. She thinks that she's taking Arianna with her.

Kate: And Nick.

Sami: What?

Kate: Nick Fallon is moving there with her.

Sami: Oh, my God. She lied. Right to my face.

Kate: Yeah, well, are you surprised by that? I guess I should be used to it by now. I can't believe-- I am not letting that sick bastard-- I--Nick Fallon is not getting away with this.

Kate: Sing it, sister.

Sami: You should tell Rafe. I mean, you know, if he found out that his little sister was going to New York with Nick, he would have the entire FBI after them.

Kate: No, no, I'm not gonna tell Rafe. He's in a hospital bed. Seriously, he can't deal with any more stress right now.

Sami: You don't think he'll be stressed out when he finds out that his sister's living in New York with Nick?

Kate: She is not going to New York, because you and I are gonna come up with a plan, and we're gonna keep Arianna in Salem... and stop Nick in his weasely tracks.

Gabi: I've changed my mind. I'm gonna turn down the agency's offer.

Nick: What?

Gabi: I'm not going to New York.

Nick: But I don't under-- I don't understand. This is such an amazing opportunity and you were so excited. Why would you say no?

Gabi: I know, but I've thought about it, and... I decided that... that this is the best thing for me and Arianna, to stay in Salem.

Nick: You can't do that.

Theresa: No, I... I don't remember anything that happened that night. I doubt I ever will. You probably heard my parents are here. We talked some things out and I get to stay in Salem. I just--I don't wanna screw up again.

Daniel: I'm glad to hear that. Yeah.

Theresa: Look, I need to make amends with pretty much every person in this hospital, starting with you.

Daniel: Okay, I appreciate that, but--

Theresa: I know, but things aren't really gonna change, you know, until I actually get into AA, but...[Sighs] I just-- I need to get clean, you know?

Daniel: Yes. Yes, you do.

Theresa: I was hoping maybe your mom could hook me up with a program. I mean, I heard she's like this amazing AA sponsor and a great woman too. I mean, well, of course she is. You are her son. Oh. I-- I didn't know Jennifer was there. I hope I didn't say anything to upset her.

Kate: Okay, we're gonna have to work fast. Nick said he's leaving soon. And believe me, he has the means because--

Sami: Because what?

Kate: [Laughing] Because I paid him for two more projects.

Sami: Why would you hire him again?

Kate: Oh, Sami, because he's a freaking genius, okay? And because you and EJ stole my formula, I had to. Thank you.

Sami: Okay. Okay, okay.

Kate: Although if I'd known what he had planned, I would never ever--ah, God.

Sami: I get it.

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: I do, I understand.

Kate: You know, I mean, he had the nerve to throw it in my face. I mean, literally--literally, he took this flash drive, tossed it at me, and said, "it's on the house." And I guess he can afford to be magnanimous since he's taking my great granddaughter to New York on my dime.

Sami: Look, don't beat yourself up about this one, okay? It's not your fault, it's Nick's fault. He's lower than a snake. So is Gabi. But this one I really think is on him. So I think I'm gonna go give that conniving bastard a piece of my mind. And maybe a fist in his face while I'm at it.

Kate: Oh! Well, while you're practicing your particular brand of magic on him, I'll practice mine on her.

Sami: Give her hell.

Kate: Give him hell.

Gabi: What do you mean I can't do that?

Nick: I... I mean, I just--I know how excited you are about this, and I'd hate to see you lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for-- I mean, for what? Gabi, why--why would you--why would you say no?

Gabi: I talked to my brother and Sami.

Nick: What, like you didn't know what Sami was gonna say? I mean, she's way too selfish to ever consider your hopes and dreams. Why would you ever consider hers?

Gabi: Arianna is her granddaughter.

Nick: Ari almost died because she was harassing you when you were pregnant, Gabi.

Gabi: Okay. Look, I know that Sami can be aggressive. But she just wants Arianna to have a good life. And that's what I want, that's what you want. And what she was telling me makes sense.

Nick: That's a first.

Gabi: Look, I hate the idea of taking my daughter away from her father, okay? And Samantha says I can have the best of both worlds. And she offered me a modeling contract with Wilhelmina, which is what I was doing before anyway.

Nick: No, no, no, no, no.

Gabi: Nick, it's okay.

Nick: No, no! It's not okay. You have to take the job and you have to move to New York because I've worked way too hard to make this happen for it to all fall apart now.

Ciara: Abigail! It's so exciting!

Hope: Let's just say Ciara was not happy about missing the Thanksgiving party because mommy has to work. Cousin JJ to the rescue. Thank you, honey.

JJ: I haven't heard those words too many times in my life.

Hope: The girls are so excited.

Abigail: Really? I couldn't tell.

Hope: You do know what you're getting yourself into, don't you?

JJ: Mm-hm. It's gonna be fun. And abs'll be with me, right, sis?

Abigail: Right. Yes, I will!

Hope: Oh! Perfect.

JJ: And mom--not that she knows it yet.

Hope: Well, I think this is the perfect thing for her today.

JJ: I think it's what we all need.

Hope: All right, I gotta go. Off to work. I'll be back for turkey, gravy, stuffing--all of it!

Abigail: Mmm!

Hope: Be a good girl, okay? And try to help out. Be ladies, remember your manners.

Ciara and Abigail: Bye!

Hope: Bye, honey, I'll see you soon.

Abigail: This is awesome! We're gonna have so much fun. Do you guys know that I have been to the Thanksgiving party since I was your age? God, JJ, you were so little. Do you even remember?

JJ: Well, yeah, of course I do. It was mom's favorite holiday and it was mine too. She would make us say one thing that we were grateful for.

Abigail: Grateful for. Yeah.

JJ: Abigail would say "books" and I would say "pumpkin pie".

Abigail: [Laughing] I did. It's true.

JJ: I'm so grateful for the chance to do this again.

Abigail: Me too. What's the matter, Ciara?

Ciara: I hate my hat. I'm not wearing it.

Allie: But now you won't look like a pilgrim.

Ciara: Then I guess I won't go.

JJ: Ciara, you know what? I used to live in England, and the queen would never, ever, ever go out without a hat. It's very posh.

Abigail: That means cool.

JJ: Thank you. See? It's all about... having... confidence to pull it off.

Abigail: [Laughing]

Ciara: But you look like a dork.

Abigail: Ooh! She is kinda right.

JJ: Then maybe you should wear it. You always did have that pilgrim-y thing going on.

Abigail: In that case, then you would have to dress up like a turkey, right?

JJ: I think we should put the hat on her. Yeah?

Ciara: Yeah, let's do it!

Abigail: Oh, no, no. Wait.

JJ: Get her, girls.

Abigail: I didn't say that. That's not what--wait! Wait a minute!

JJ: Hold her down, hold her down, hold her down.

Abigail: Be on my team! Fine!

JJ: Very nice.

Abigail: What do you think?

Daniel: Um, yeah, I will ask my mom to get you some information about the program.

Theresa: Oh, thanks. But actually I was hoping maybe you could just give me her number. That way you don't have to get in the middle, and I can get in touch with her right away.

Daniel: Uh, sure, yeah, yeah. Absolutely, um...yeah.

Anne: Dr. Jonas?

Daniel: Here you go.

Anne: What do you think you're doing? You know very well you shouldn't be speaking to a potential witness before a hearing. I hope I don't smell a little cover-up here.

Will: Believe me when I say that I know all the sacrifices you made for us.

Sonny: Do you?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: I waited so long for you. I gave you space so you could come to terms with being gay. I didn't push you, did I?

Will: No, you didn't. You were just there for me. And I never could've done that without you.

Sonny: But I know what it's like to feel like you have to choose between the guy you love and someone else in your life. But when my mom tried to do it, look who I chose.

Will: I understand.

Sonny: You got Gabi pregnant and you lied to me about it. I helped you cover up evidence in two criminal investigations. Two. And look where I am. I am right here--

Will: Listen--I know that. And I don't take that for granted, and I don't take you for granted. And you know that about me. But Ari is not gonna be here. Gabi's taking her to New York. And if you're not willing to come with me, then do you not at least see how you're forcing me to make that choice. 'Cause I'm not gonna live away from my daughter. I absolutely will not.

Gabi: You worked hard for what? What did you do?

Nick: The offer that-- that you got from sparkle, I-- I arranged that.

Gabi: No. No, they saw my picture. They said that they liked my story.

Nick: I sent them that story. I sent it to all the big agencies.

Gabi: I didn't give you permission to do that, Nick!

Nick: I know, but I knew it was your dream, Gabi, and I knew that you weren't gonna pursue it unless somebody else gave you a little--a push.

Gabi: A push? What?

Nick: Yeah. I mean, after all the things that will and Sonny said to you, I knew that you needed a fresh start away from this town--we both did.

Gabi: Wait, what do you mean we both did?

Nick: I got a job... in New York, a really good one.

Gabi: What?

Nick: Yeah, I'm leaving today. I already sent all my stuff.

Gabi: No, no, no.

Nick: So Gabi, you have to take that job. Because that's--I mean, how else are you and Arianna and I gonna be together finally, the way that we always wanted?

Gabi: Oh, my God. What the hell is wrong with you?

Abigail: [Laughing]

Jennifer: [Gasps]

JJ: Surprise!

Jennifer: Hi! Ciara and Allie, what are you doing here?

JJ: I hope you're ready to get your pilgrim on, 'cause we're going to a party.

Abigail: The annual kids' Thanksgiving party is at club TBD.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh, my goodness, that's right! So you borrowed relatives so you could go.

JJ: Correction--so we could go.

Jennifer: Okay. That sounds like fun.

JJ: I am coaching Allie and Ciara for the win in the turkey drawing contest. Even though my supportive sister continues to remind me that I come in last every year.

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Abigail: Mom. They still look like alligators. Right?

Jennifer: Sorry, honey. Don't pick on your brother.

JJ: See, I told you. Just like old times.

Jennifer: Hey, was this your idea, honey?

Abigail: No, actually, it was all JJ's idea.

Jennifer: Thank you. That's a great idea. Hey! Show me the pictures of your turkeys. I wanna see these. Show me, show me. [Gasps] Oh, wow. Honey, they are better than yours, I'm sorry.

Abigail: [Laughing]

Jennifer: But yours is very pretty. Look at these! These are great!

Abigail: JJ, you made mom really happy.

JJ: Kind of owe her a few.

Abigail: You think? Seriously, though. You doing all this-- I don't exactly know what happened, but... I feel like I have my brother back. It's so nice. I just really hope it stays that way.

JJ: It's going to. It will. Just hanging out with my so-called friends made me wake up and realize that I didn't wanna end up like them. I guess I finally saw that I was just wrong... about everything.

Jennifer: Wow. Oh!

Theresa: Daniel was just trying to--

Anne: Theresa, listen. Honey, we don't want your first days back here to be too taxing. Okay, so don't concern yourself with this.

Theresa: But I--

Anne: Here, here's some filing. Keep your mind off things. Okay?

Theresa: Thanks.

Anne: Okay. Poor girl. You may have put her back together, but she will never be quite whole again.

Daniel: You're getting a lotta mileage outta this, aren't you?

Anne: Oh, I could ride this train around the world and back again.

Daniel: Yeah, why don't you make that a one-way trip? It would do wonders for the morale around here.

Anne: Okay. [Sighs] Oh, I'll boost morale, all right. But I'm not the one going anywhere.

Sonny: I know how much you love that little girl. Because I love her too. I helped bring her into this world. I was there the first time that she rolled over, I was there the first time that she cut a tooth. And I was the first person she spit up on.

Will: Yeah, I remember that.

Sonny: I feel like I'm her dad too.

Will: That's because you are. Neither of us are gonna be able to be a dad to her, though, if Gabi takes her to New York and we're here. Once a month? Once a month? I can't do that, I can't put Ari through that, and I also don't wanna stand in the way of Gabi's dream job.

Sonny: But you want me to leave mine.

Will: Because I know you're gonna succeed wherever you are. Especially in New York where there's so many opportunities.

Sonny: No, we already had this conversation, will. Please.

Will: Okay. Well, you know what? If you really feel that you can't pick up and go to New York, which I understand, then maybe we can find a way to still make this work.

Sonny: Maybe.

Will: Well--

[Arianna crying]

Will: I will be right back.

Sonny: [Sniffs]

Sami: [Knocks]

Hope: Oh, hey, honey. What a nice surprise.

Sami: Hi, hope.

Hope: Hi. If you're looking for your dad, he's not here.

Sami: No, actually I wanted to talk to you.

Hope: Okay.

Sami: I was hoping you would know where Nick is.

Hope: Oh, well, I talked to him earlier, but why? Is everything okay?

Sami: I just need to talk to him about something. It's important. And I was hoping to catch him before he moved. I heard he was maybe going to New York.

Hope: Yeah, sorry, but you're probably too late. Is it something important?

Gabi: How dare you go behind my back and play God with my life?

Nick: But that's not what I was doing, Gabi, I was just trying to help you.

Gabi: I didn't need your help!

Nick: I did this for you and Arianna. I did this for us.

Gabi: There is no us, Nick, okay? Don't you get it? You said it yourself. You were just--you were lying to me--it was a lie.

Nick: No, it wasn't a lie.

Gabi: Yes, you were using me so that you could forget about what happened to you in prison so you could act like maybe you could have a normal life.

Nick: No, I love you, Gabi. I love you. That was real. And I know you have feelings for me.

Gabi: You know what I feel? I feel relieved that you're going to New York so I can stop trying to pretend to be friends with you. Because it feels really awkward and really weird.

Nick: Gabi, please, calm down.

Gabi: No, I'm not gonna stop, okay? I've tried to be nice, I've tried to be clear, but let me say it so that you're not confused, let me spell it out for you. I am through, okay? I never want to see you again, all right? I want you out of my life for good!

Nick: Gabi!

Kate: Good girl, Gabi.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: [Scoffs] Damn it, Larry, what do you want? Okay, make it quick.

Tad: Help me.

Abigail: Excuse me, mother, I'm needed.

Jennifer: Yes.

JJ: Hey, mom.

Jennifer: Oh, hi, there. I forgot about the part when the puritans discovered Vegas.

JJ: You like that, huh?

Jennifer: Yeah, it's nice.

JJ: Ciara didn't want to make a headdress--she's a little rebel.

Jennifer: Oh, really? I remember someone else at that age being a little rebel.

JJ: Yeah, and now.

Jennifer: You know what, this is really sweet. It's bringing back good memories for me.

JJ: For me too.

Jennifer: I'm glad we came.

Gabi: Hello? Casey McGraw? Hello, yeah, I needed to talk to you about that offer, um... what? Hello?

Kate: 1.5 million, Larry, not a penny more. Okay, don't call me again until the deal is done. [Scoffs] God. Send text to Sami. I found Gabi and Nick. Meet me in the park near the square.

[Phone vibrates]

Hope: Sami? Sami, I'm sorry. [Stammering] Is everything okay?

Sami: Yeah.

Hope: Did Nick do something?

Sami: Oh, I just really need to talk to him. It's important.

Hope: Okay. Listen, I know that--that he's caused a lot of problems for, well, a lot of people, but... especially will. But he is still my cousin and I love him.

Sami: He's been through a lot--yeah, I've heard it before.

Hope: I know his staying in Salem hasn't been easy, but I really do believe that him moving to New York--it's gonna be good for him.

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: Yeah.

Hope: For everyone.

Sami: If he goes alone.

Hope: What?

Sami: Nothing, I'm sorry. I just have to deal with this.

Hope: Okay.

Sami: So I have to get going, okay?

Hope: Yeah, okay.

Sami: All right. Bye.

Hope: Bye.

Sami: See you soon.

Hope: Okay. Are you okay? I mean, is everything all right?

Sami: It will be.

Gabi: Give me my phone back, Nick. I have to tell them that I'm turning the offer down.

Nick: Please, Gabi. You--you can't do that, okay? I know that you're upset that I went behind your back--

Gabi: I am way beyond upset.

Nick: Okay, but I only did it because I didn't want you to get your hopes up in case it didn't work out.

Gabi: Let me get this straight. I get the offer, I tell you about it, I ask you what I should do, and never once did you mention that you arranged it, never once did you tell me that you were planning on going with me and Ari...

Nick: Because--

Gabi: To New York!

Nick: I wanted to surprise you.

Gabi: Well, you sure did. What did you do to get them to hire me--did you bribe them?

Nick: No, Gabi, they totally want you. All I did was help them see what you have to offer.

Gabi: Right, why should I believe you? All you've done is lie to me.

Nick: No, Gabi, I love you. I love you, and you love me too. I know you do.

Gabi: Nick, what do I have to tell you to get it through your head? I do not love you! Okay? And whatever we had, it is over now.

Nick: No, Gabi, don't say that.

Gabi: Yes. You have to stop. You're sick. You have to talk to somebody.

Nick: No! Stop it! Shut up! You stop!

Daniel: Get me with your beak. Ahh!

[Making sounds]

Allie: Isn't he the cutest little guy ever?

Theo: Besides me.

Ciara: Hey, parker, you want to come make handprints with us? I'll show you how.

Daniel: Ooh.

Abe: Hey, you know what, I'll make sure he doesn't come back green.

Daniel: Good luck with that. All right, thanks. I'll get you something.

Abe: All right, let's go, guys.

JJ: I'm sorry. If I'd known you were coming...

Daniel: Don't worry about it.

JJ: But since you are here, why don't you just try to talk--

Daniel: Okay, I tried that earlier. It's the last thing she wants. In the good news department, I also ran into Theresa earlier. She still doesn't remember what happened the night she O.D.'d. From a medical standpoint, if it's blank up there now, probably always will be.

JJ: That's--that's good, but--

Daniel: No but. It's good. I'm gonna take this over to parker.

Jennifer: I saw you talking to Daniel.

JJ: Oh, no, it was just--

Jennifer: No, you don't have to explain. I know what it was about.

Will: After you... Sonny? Sonny? Well, what do we do now?

Sami: Oh, Sonny, hey, hi.

Sonny: Hi.

Sami: Is everything okay?

Sonny: [Sighs] Yeah, just this whole thing with Gabi and Ari is driving me nuts right now. And then will wants to move to New York.

Sami: He can't do that.

Sonny: That's what I said.

Sami: Sonny, did you two have a fight?

Sonny: Yes. I told him that I want to stay in Salem and then he said that I'm making him choose between me and Ari, which I'm not doing.

Sami: Look, don't worry, okay? We're gonna get this worked out.

Sonny: What do you mean "we"?

Sami: Oh, nothing. Never mind. Anyway, the point is I know that things are stressful right now, but I want you to focus on the most important thing, which is that will loves you very much.

Sonny: I know.

Sami: Okay. All right, listen, I'm really sorry, but I have to get going. I am meeting someone.

Sonny: Yeah, I don't want to keep you. And can you not tell will that we talked about this?

Sami: Of course. All right. Hey, take care of yourself.

Sonny: Oh, thank you. You too.

Sami: See you soon.

Sonny: See ya. [Exhales]

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Rafe. Hey. How are you? I can barely hear you. Yes, no, I heard about the modeling. I know. Sure, I can make some phone calls, I can see if it's legit. No, I understand. I know that you're worried, but you know, honestly, I think you can relax. I have a feeling everything is gonna turn out just fine. Yeah.

Gabi: Hey. I wasn't trying to upset you.

Nick: I know.

Gabi: Just trying--

Nick: I know. I know, um... I think we're both... [Sighs] Upset right now. And we both said things that we don't mean. But once you have time to think about this, Gabi, you'll realize what a terrific future I made for you and Arianna. I mean, you're so beautiful. You know, and this is your dream. I think you'd be crazy--I mean, who wouldn't kill for an opportunity like this?

Gabi: I'm really, really, really grateful for your help. But I can't take Arianna away from her father.

Nick: He'll come visit. And we'll come back here, like, once a month.

Gabi: It is not the same, Nick. It's not right.

Nick: Gabi, how else--how else are we gonna be together? I mean, we talked about this. How everyone in this town judges us and how we need a fresh start.

Gabi: That's--that's not what I said. I mean, don't you--don't you think that I-I should have a say in this?

Nick: [Sighs] You're right. You're totally right. I keep making unilateral decisions for both of us when it's clearly upsetting you. [Sighs]

Gabi: Thank you for understanding.

Nick: Yeah. So I guess I'll give you two choices. I mean, one is you take the job offer and you move to New York with me and Arianna, and we can be a family together, right? Or option number two is you go to prison for what you did to Melanie.

Daniel: Yeah, and then put it on...

Jennifer: I know that you're trying to help, but please don't engage Daniel. Arguing with him is not gonna accomplish anything. Okay, you have to go before the judge again soon. I don't want you to do anything that's gonna jeopardize your freedom.

JJ: I won't, mom. I just really hate the way things are. And I wish that there was something I could do to help. You know what, I think I'm gonna take off for a while. I'm gonna put some space between me and Daniel. I'll be back for dinner, okay?

Jennifer: Okay. Yeah. Love you.

JJ: Love you too.

Daniel: Parker, we should get going, buddy, okay?

Ciara: But you just got here.

Hope: Hey, what's going on?

Ciara: We want parker to come to dinner with us.

Hope: Oh.

Ciara: But his dad said they have to leave.

Allie: Aunt Jennifer, you want them to come too, don't you?

Gabi: No, no, you wouldn't do that, you wouldn't send me to prison.

Nick: I don't want to, Gabi, but if I don't have a choice...

Gabi: Arianna needs me.

Nick: Then do the right thing. Come with me to New York. Just come with me. Let us be a family together. I mean, Gabi, I've got it all planned out. You just--you need to trust me the way you always did. Let us be happy together.

Gabi: How can we be happy when you're blackmailing me?

Nick: Do you not understand? You're the one good thing that's happened to me since I got out of prison. The one good thing. And I was good for you too. I mean, don't you remember what we had together? All of our plans and our hopes and our dreams together, Gabi. I mean, even after everything went bad, we still couldn't stay away from each other. You still wanted me.

Gabi: Nick, that was sex. That was not love.

Nick: That was love. That was love, damn it.

Will: You've got to get to sleep, sweetheart, otherwise you're gonna be up all night and daddy's gonna be up all night. Oh, I love you so much. And I love Sonny so much. But he doesn't need me the way that you do. You know, I was thinking if your mom goes to New York to be a model, who's gonna take care of you? A nanny? I don't--I don't--I mean, she's probably gonna be better at nanny stuff than I will, but she's not gonna be me. I don't know. You're too young to understand why I won't be around. And I... I miss you when I'm gone for a couple hours. I can't even imagine, like... you're my little girl. [Chuckles] And I promise you that I will always take care of you no matter what.

Nick: [Sighs] No, no, no, no! No, no, Gabi, Gabi, Gabi...

Gabi: Please let it go. Please, Nick.

Nick: Just calm down, Gabi. Gabi, Gabi, just calm down.



Nick: Gabi, Gabi, Gabi, are you--are you okay?

Gabi: I want to go home. I want to go home.

Nick: Well, where is home? You know? I'll make you feel better.

Gabi: No.

Nick: You've told me so many times how much you love it the way I make you feel.

Gabi: Nick, you're scaring me.

Nick: Don't be scared. Just let me help you remember why we're so good together.

Gabi: No, no--

JJ: Theresa.

Theresa: What are you doing here? Look, your mom's not here.

JJ: I know she's not here. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Theresa: I think your mother would rather that I didn't.

JJ: This is important. I gotta make something right.

Theresa: What are you talking about?

JJ: I'm not supposed-- look, maybe if you and I can go somewhere, maybe I can--

Theresa: No. Look, JJ, I don't know what the hell you want, okay, but you need to stay away from me.

Jennifer: You know, Allie, sweetheart--

Daniel: You know, parker and I, we have plans for tonight. Little boys' night. So thank you very much for inviting us. You guys have a good, messy fun, okay? Come on, buddy. Let's go. You little turkey.

Hope: Ciara, Allie, come on, honey. You guys all clean? We have to go grab our jackets, okay?

Abe: Yeah, Theo, you wait right here. I'll be right back, okay? Dry your hands.

Hope: Girls clean? Come on, up here. Go get your jackets.

Theo: Do you miss parker and his dad?

Abigail: What made you say that, Theo?

Theo: Because she looked sad when they walked away.

Sonny: Hey.

Will: Hey. Where'd you go? We missed you.

Sonny: Just needed to get some fresh air. So I, uh, thought about what you said. And I want to apologize to you. I know that you're in a very, very tough situation, and I'm frustrated with Gabi, and I shouldn't have taken that out on you. So I'm--I'm sorry.

Will: I'm sorry. I mean, I owe you the apology. I know I made it sound like I was choosing her over you.

Sonny: Because you're a good dad. And if a choice has to be made, you have to make that choice.

Will: "If"? You mean that?

Sonny: I think we can make this work, will. Together.

Sami: [Sighs] Where the hell are you, Kate?

Kate: Oh... I know. Last time I wear six-inch heels on an impromptu hike.

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Send text to Sami. I'm in the west end of the park. Hurry. Okay, so, Gabi and Nick have to be somewhere.

Gabi: Nick, stop!

Nick: I love you.

Gabi: No!

Nick: I want to show you how much. Then you'll understand why I did what I did.

Gabi: No, stop, you're hurting me!

Nick: I would never hurt you. Look at me.

Gabi: No.

Nick: I want to show you how much...

Gabi: Stop it!

Nick: Ugh!

[Gabi panting]

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