Days Transcript Friday 11/8/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/8/13


Episode #12209 ~ Chaos erupts at Brady & Kristen's wedding; Daniel & Nicole grow closer; Cameron tells Abigail he's leaving.

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Eric: We're gathered her to celebrate the union of Brady black and Kristen DiMera. But before we witness their vows, there's something that the groom would like to share with us all.

Brady: I just wanted to say that I know most of this town, probably this church, has had their doubts about Kristen and me. But I'm sure that once you see this, you will come to know the woman that I have come to know and love and today will promise to love for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Sami: Oh.

Brady: Oh.

Kristen: [Chuckles]

[Key clacking]

Eric: Kent? Can you play the video, please?

[Keys clacking]

Marlena: [Scoffs]

[Both moaning]

[All gasp]

Daniel: All right, cowboy, you ready to ride? Hmm? You ready? Do you know what tonight is? Do you know what it is? Do you know what tonight is? Don't know?

Parker: Game night.

Daniel: That's right. It is game night. It's gonna be you, me, some pizza. And I'm thinking maybe a little candy land, 'cause it's on. Me and you--you ready to go? Are you ready to go? Huh? Are you--

Abigail: Hey.

Cameron: Of course. No, no. I'm--I'm very interested and honored. It's just I think-- I think I need a little time to think about it and to make sure. Can I get back to you? Yes, yes, very soon. Okay. [Sighs]

Jordan: Dr. Davis, is everything okay?

Cameron: Uh, I'm--I'm fine. I'm fine.

Jordan: I didn't mean to startle you.

Cameron: No, no, it's okay. It's just, uh--it took a minute. I don't think you've ever spoken to me first--or not about anything other than a patient.

Jordan: I didn't mean to intrude.

Cameron: Uh, it's okay. I get it.

Jordan: What?

Cameron: You--you keep to yourself. You know, you do your job. Or-- well, maybe that's changing.

Nicole: Hey. Is this a bad time?

Rafe: Nah.

Nicole: Are you pumping iron?

Rafe: Yeah, I wouldn't go that far.

Nicole: You will.

Rafe: Will I? Yeah, well, just killing time till my next P.T. Session.

Nicole: You look much better.

Rafe: Well, thanks. Wish I could the say the same for you.

Nicole: Oh, aren't you a prince?

Rafe: Something wrong?

Nicole: Yeah, you know, you just insulted me. I'm glad I didn't bring you flowers.

Rafe: Nicole, come on. Your eyes... were you crying?

Nicole: No. [Sighs] Okay, I have. But you know what? I'm done with that.

Marlena: No, it can't be.

Kristen: [Gasps] Ahh!

Eric: God, I want you... like I've never wanted anything.

Kristen: I feel the same way.

Eric: Shh! Don't talk. Shut up and kiss me.

Sami: [Gasps] Oh, m--

Brady: Kristen.

Sami: This is some sort of sick joke. I mean, Eric-- Eric?

Maggie: Victor, what's happening?

Victor: Looks pretty ugly.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Brady: Turn it off. Kent. Kent, you can turn it off!

Marlena: What have we done?

Brady: Can you hear me back there? Turn the damn thing off!

[Keys clacking]

Marlena: [Grunts]

Brady: Turn it off!

Marlena: [Gasps] You!

Sami: Mom?

Eric: What? How?

Brady: What are you doing?

Kristen: You sick, twisted bitch! Why are you doing this to me? The acidic levels in some foods...

Kristen: You vile excuse for a human being. Do you really hate me so much-- do you really want revenge on me so badly that you would do this? You would create that trash and show it at a church?

Marlena: I didn't know!

Kristen: Oh, you didn't know. What, did that DVD just magically appear one day? What happened to the guy that's supposed to operate the equipment, Marlena? Are we gonna find him bound and gagged in a room?

Brady: Let's just step back for a minute.

Kristen: How could we possibly step back, Brady? Don't you see her-- what she's willing to do to ruin our happiness? She would even use her own son--

Marlena: I didn't know!

Kristen: Oh, you did know! Yes, you did! How did you do it? What did you do, Marlena? Did--did you hire actors that look like us? Did you do some crazy kind of Photoshop?

Marlena: No. That was you! And--

Kristen: Right. Like that's really gonna happen. I'm gonna hop in the sack with your son, the priest. And it's completely believable that your son, the priest, is gonna hop in bed with me, right? Not just any woman either-- no, the woman that's about to marry his brother. Oh, I knew you were sick. But I had no idea how sick you were, that you would use your own son that way.

Marlena: Stop saying that!

Kristen: You know what, Marlena? If you're gonna create a lie like this, you better hope to God it's at least a little feasible, just a little bit.

Marlena: Eric. Eric.

Daniel: I heard from e Boston surgical team today. It's good news, yeah.

Abigail: Is it?

Daniel: Yeah, Chad came through the surgery. He's in great shape--full recovery. You didn't hear?

Abigail: Uh, no. No.

Daniel: Um, hey, come here a second. Do you want to create something for me on this little game? Will you do that for me?

Parker: Yeah.

Daniel: Love it. All right, let's get that little thing out here.

Parker: [Stammering] This is right here.

Daniel: That's it. That's it, buddy. Um, look, I'M... I'm sorry about that, okay?

Abigail: No, that's okay. Um, he doesn't understand. And, you know, I'm not sure that I do either.

Daniel: Abigail--

Abigail: Listen, Daniel, I don't think that I should babysit for parker anymore.

Daniel: I don't know what to say. Uh, yes, I do my job. That's why I'm here.

Cameron: No, you know, I'm sorry. That came out terribly wrong. What I meant was, uh, I know how it is. You know, you're in a place you don't know, with people you don't know, and you just dig in. And it's all about the work. I get it.

Jordan: That's my M.O.

Cameron: Yeah. No, I... I get it. And your patients are lucky for it. Actually, I've overheard doctors in the residence lounge arguing and fighting over who gets you for their patients.

Jordan: Well, that's nice to hear. I-I wish I could do more, but--

Cameron: But you'd be cheating the ones that you already have.

Jordan: Some of them need a lot.

Cameron: Yeah, like Rafe.

Jordan: You know, I know he feels like it's taking forever. But when you look at how far he's had to come-- and for guys like that, who were in good shape and used to being in charge, you know, to suddenly be in that position, it's just so hard. But he just keeps pushing himself. And he never complains, and... he is the reason that he's doing as well as he is. Well, better get back to it.

Cameron: Yeah, me too.

Rafe: Yeah.

Jordan: [Laughs] He's a patient. That's all.

Nicole: I came here to see how you're doing.

Rafe: I'm bored. Tell me a story.

Nicole: Will you stop? Seriously, you have enough to worry about. You're the one in a hospital bed.

Rafe: Yeah, what else is new? Distract me.

Nicole: All right. You know what? You want to be my friend? Because that's what I came here looking for today.

Rafe: I'm trying to be.

Nicole: Okay, then can you please just tell me--

Rafe: Is it Brady? He's getting married today, right?

Nicole: Yeah, that's the rumor.

Rafe: You haven't talked to him?

Nicole: He-- I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever speak to him again.

Rafe: [Sighs] Okay, well, you guys have been through a lot together. No wonder you're crying.

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: It's not him.

Nicole: You are relentless.

Rafe: No, no, I got to keep in practice here.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Rafe: Okay, so it is something worse than falling out with Brady. Nicole... do you want a friend?

Nicole: I do.

Rafe: Okay.

Nicole: It's Eric. He hates me.

Rafe: Eric? [Chuckles] Eric doesn't hate anyone, especially you.

Nicole: Yeah, well... he found a way.

Marlena: You lying bitch! I didn't know I could hate you more than I do, but you know what?

Sami: Eric. He's in shock.

EJ: Yeah, he's not the only one.

Kristen: I loathe you.

Marlena: A priest? Have you no standards whatsoever?

Kristen: Just go, Marlena! Get out of here! I know you hate me. I know you hate me.

Marlena: Shut up!

Kristen: These people do not deserve to be subjected to your filth. They came to celebrate a wedding-- a marriage between two people that love each other, Marlena, and want to spend their lives together.

Marlena: Eric, look at me.

Kristen: Do you want to destroy my day, Marlena? You will not destroy my perfect day! Nobody--what? Make her go! Brady, please just make her go. She won't listen to me.

Sami: Eric?

Kristen: Nobody wants her here. You don't want her here.

Sami: Eric?

Kristen: Eric? Eric, you don't want her here, do you? Not after that.

Eric: It was you.

EJ: Father, you don't look very well. Why don't we go outside and get some fresh air?

Eric: That was the dream-- everything. Everything that was on that screen is--is what I've seen. I never saw your face until now.

EJ: Marlena, I'm not quite sure what you think you've done, but your son is clearly in a state of shock.

Eric: No.

EJ: Hey, no, father, listen to me. You're not yourself at the moment.

Sami: EJ, you got to let him talk. What dream, Eric?

Brady: What dream?

Kristen: Why are we doing this right now?

Eric: I remember. I was sick that night, for days.

EJ: You're very upset. Clearly, this is very confusing for--

Eric: No, I remember!

EJ: Okay. You were sick. You remember? You thought you had a dream. All of this is very jumbled. Let's go and get some fresh air.

Victor: Like hell. There's nothing jumbled about what we just saw. What your sister and Eric did to my grandson was just--

Sami: Okay, stop. Just--mom, you explain. What is going on?

Victor: Does anyone besides me give a damn what happened to Brady just now?

Kristen: Because of Marlena, because of the lies that she's spreading.

Sami: You stop it too. Mom, you explain what you thought you were showing us.

Marlena: Kristen with someone... but I had no idea that it was Eric.

Kristen: My God, that's so disgusting.

Eric: I was sick. We never figured out how, but I wasn't--

EJ: Yes, father. Come, come. Let's take you outside.

Sami: No, no, you hold it. Everybody just stop, okay? Because this is insanity. Obviously that video is fake.

Kristen: Obviously!

Victor: Oh, you're not getting away with this time, you tramp.

Kristen: Oh, my God. Brady, please, I just want to leave. Let's--

Brady: No.

Kristen: Please?

Brady: We can't leave.

Sami: No, he's right. We can't. We have to figure out what is going on with that video.

Victor: Well, let's play it again.

Sami: What?

EJ: No, you can't seriously want to subject us all to this.

Victor: If it's fake, what do you care? It's got nothing to do with you. Why does anybody care? Right, Kristen, huh? You want the truth, don't you? Let's clear your name, sweetie.

Sami: Brady... Eric... tell us what you want to do.

Abigail: Whenever you and my mom had trouble, whatever happened, you always tried to do the right thing-- with JJ, with me, with all of us. You put us first. And now maybe that the two of you broke up, you feel like you don't owe that to us anymore. And you know what? Honestly, maybe you don't. But come on, Daniel-- Theresa? I mean, honestly, of all the people that you could've been with, that was the biggest slap in my mom's face.

Daniel: Okay. The last thing I want is your mom to think in any way that I was trying to hurt her. Do you understand that?

Abigail: That is the last thing that you wanted, Daniel.

Daniel: Yes, it is the last thing.

Abigail: And yet, you still got involved with the one person that my mother cannot stand.

Daniel: Okay, I'm not--

Abigail: The one person. And not to mention, it was just a short five minutes after the two of you broke up. God, do you have any idea how humiliating that was for her... how absolutely heartbreaking that felt for my mom? Is that what she deserves, Daniel?

Daniel: I repeat... I was not trying to hurt your mom.

Abigail: No, you weren't trying, but you did. And you had to have known that. Take some responsibility, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, hear me out.

Abigail: No, you know what? I don't understand this... and I never will. Bye, parker. I'll see you, buddy.

Rafe: I don't know how, but somehow we became friends. Obviously, you can use a friend right now. Tell me what happened.

Nicole: You know, the funny thing is, for once... this wasn't my fault. I mean, I know that I've pulled a lot of stunts and scams, and I've made some really bad choices. But for once, I genuinely didn't do anything wrong, and I'm getting slammed for it. And Eric is punishing me for something that I didn't even do.

Rafe: Did you tell him that?

Nicole: Of cour-- have I ever gone down without a fight? Of course I told him. He doesn't believe me.

Rafe: Okay, well, can you prove it?

Nicole: No. I just can't believe that he-- he would think I could do something like that and-- oh, oh, my God. You are so good.

Rafe: What?

Nicole: Please, do not ask me another question. I swear I will leave.

Rafe: Okay, I'm-- no questions. Maybe he'll come around.

Nicole: No. And honestly, I don't think I could forgive him for thinking what he does. And I sure as hell am not gonna try to change his mind, not now, not ever.

Kristen: People-- people, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Do I need to remind you that we're in a church? I mean, we are in a holy place. We shouldn't be looking at that filth again. Correct?

Sami: Eric?

Victor: You think this is all a misunderstanding. Why don't we get it cleared up right now?

Sami: He's right.

Marlena: Sami, no.

Sami: Mom, we have to do it. I mean, I know it's disgusting, but it's--but it's not Eric. It's probably not even Kristen.

Kristen: It's definitely not Kristen.

Marlena: You knew.

Sami: Mom, you were conned by him maybe. I don't know. But obviously the video was a setup.

Kristen: Brady, please make him stop. Please just don't let him play that again. Brady, come on, make him stop it. Please don't subject me. This is my wedding day. Oh. Ugh. When it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, Daniel, and he said that Chad's surgery in Boston went really well.

Cameron: Yeah, I-I heard.

Abigail: Well, I, uh, have a lot of emails to catch up on. So I guess I'll see you around.

Cameron: Abigail... actually, you won't.

Jordan: Two more. Okay, and... one. You know, that's the best you've done yet. You have just won yourself a trip to the square.

Rafe: Great.

Jordan: What's the matter? You did well.

Rafe: Oh, I know I did, or you wouldn't be saying it.

Jordan: Well, didn't you think you did?

Rafe: I did.

Jordan: Okay, something's wrong.

Rafe: No, I'm sorry. It's just, uh... a friend of mine-- she's being blamed for something she didn't do, and it's bumming her out. It's not Kate, by the way.

Jordan: I didn't assume. I know you have a lot of female friends.

Rafe: Well...

Nicole: [Gasps] Hey! It's the little dude. How are you, buddy? I didn't know you were coming home today. Hi.

Daniel: Yeah. He and his mom had all the fun they could have. Oh, and he even drew me a picture, check that out.

Nicole: Oh.

Daniel: That's me on the left--see, with the hair all messed up.

Nicole: Wow, yes, I can see that.

Daniel: And he got a new game, which he's in love with, by the way.

Nicole: Very cool.

Daniel: Yeah, he's entranced.

Nicole: Okay, uh... well, I-I guess I'll just be a sec, then.

Daniel: What do you mean a second?

Nicole: Um, well, I'm gonna go and pack my things.

Daniel: No, no, no. Don't go. No. Stay.

[Both breathing heavily]

Kristen: Ahh!

Eric: God, I want you, like I've never wanted anything.

Kristen: I feel the same way.

Eric: Don't talk. Shut up and kiss me.

Jennifer: I can't believe you're watching this.

Hope: Someone has to try to be objective.

Jennifer: And?

Hope: It's not photoshopped. It's real.

[Both breathing heavily]

Eric: You! You drugged me. It was you. How could you do something like this to me?

[All screaming]

Hope: Brady! Brady, stop!

Sami: Brady, Brady, stop it!

[Overlapping shouting]

Sami: Get away from him! Get off my brother! Nice work. Brady--stop it!

Hope: Get off of him. Get off him.

Sami: Oh, my God, Eric. Come here.

Hope: Take your time.

Eric: She raped me.

Brady: You sick son of--

EJ: Hey, okay, okay! Enough. Enough.

Brady: Fine! You will answer. You will answer for this. You will answer for it! [Breathing heavily]

Jennifer: Stop, Brady. Stop.

Victor: Keep going... and don't look back.

Jennifer: Come on. Just sit down. Sit down.

Sami: Hey, hey. You just breathe, okay? Eric, you're gonna be okay.

Eric: She raped me.

Sami: Oh, God.

Eric: I don't know how you could even--

Brady: Shut up! She raped you!

Hope: Stop it. Try to stay calm--breathe. Eric, breathe. Just breathe, okay?

Daniel: Nicole, this is not even a question. There is no reason for you to move. It's a three-bedroom apartment. There's plenty of space. And obviously he loves you.

Nicole: Oh.

Daniel: Yeah, so why go?

Nicole: Uh, because it's time.

Daniel: Yeah, well, where are you gonna go?

Nicole: The Salem inn. You know, they miss me there.

Daniel: No, they don't.

Nicole: Yeah, they do. I rack quite a big bill, you know?

Daniel: Do you? A big roller now?

Nicole: I can afford it.

Daniel: Yeah, okay. Look, you do not want to go to the inn.

Nicole: Why not? I like fresh linens and that little mint on my pillow.

Daniel: All right, noted.

Nicole: Besides, I mean, your reputation has already taken a hit. If I'm here, people are gonna think--

Daniel: You know what? I don't give a da-- I don't give a darn, um, what people think. And besides, oh, you can't go.

Nicole: Why not?

Daniel: Why?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: It's game night. Oh, it's on.

Nicole: [Laughs] Okay.

Daniel: Yep, come on.

Jordan: Just let me know if you need a break.

Rafe: Break? Break? Did I say anything about a break?

Jordan: All right, I won't offer again. Just know.

Rafe: I love this place. I love it... especially this time of year. It's so damn beautiful.

Jordan: Yeah. It really is. Down at the water, that sunset when the light hits the trees and the water, on the south shore, you get double the color and the reflection. It's--it's really peaceful and... what?

Rafe: Nothing. Nothing. I-- it's actually one of my favorite spots on the lake too. Glad you found it.

Jordan: Yeah, me too.

Rafe: That's good. I see you're giving this town a chance. It's growing on you, isn't it?

Sami: All right, I got him. Let's sit down. Let's just sit down, come on. Are you all right? Oh, my God. You're bleeding.

Brady: Hey, this is not over.

Jennifer: Brady, it is--

Hope: Thank you, EJ. It is for today. Step away. Step away.

Sami: Come here, come here. Just let me-- let me fix it. Thank you. Here, here. Okay, does that hurt? Oh, God.

Eric: I've been trying to understand what happened. And now I know.

Brady: Where's Kristen, huh?

Sami: Okay, let's stand up. Come on, come on. Get some air.

Eric: [Coughing]

EJ: Samantha, a word.

Sami: What?

EJ: Just do me a favor and stay put here, okay?

Sami: Where are you going?

EJ: I have to go and find Kristen. I can't let Brady find her in the state he's in.

Sami: No, no, no. Hold on a second. You and I have a lot to talk about first. Save them.

Cameron: So doctors without borders is looking for someone to start a program in east Africa. And... they called me.

Abigail: Wow. That's that program that you told me about before, right?

Cameron: Yeah, yeah.

Abigail: The one that you were interested in, but you weren't really sure?

Cameron: Right, yeah. Only... and now I am.

Abigail: Hmm. That's--that's great. Um... that's great. That's a real chance to do some good and give back.

Cameron: It is. Yeah, it is.

Abigail: Congratulations. It sounds like it's too good an opportunity to pass up, right?

Cameron: Yeah, yeah.

Abigail: Well, I... I hope that it's... everything that you want it to be. Uh... I should probably get going. But, um... good luck.

Cameron: Thank you.

Abigail: Yeah. Bye.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Jordan: Salem is great. Well, I hope I never complain about it.

Rafe: No. But I wasn't sure you'd noticed.

Jordan: I did. I do. Everywhere I go, I try and find a spot like the lake... or as close as I can get.

Rafe: You move around a lot.

Jordan: I like a change of scenery, you know. It makes things interesting.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah. No, I totally get that. In fact, it's one of the reasons I went in the FBI. Mix it up, you know?

Jordan: So why'd you quit?

Rafe: At some point in your life, people matter more. I wanted to be close to friends, family.

Jordan: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah. You don't sound convinced.

Jordan: Oh, it-- it's just hard to imagine, I guess.

Rafe: You don't have family?

Jordan: Uh, not here. Um, no.

Rafe: Oh. Well, you can't say you don't have friends... not here, anyway... not anymore.

Jordan: [Chuckles]

EJ: Samantha, this is really not the time for a chat, okay? I do not know what your brother is gonna do when he finds Kristen, but she needs me--

Sami: She needs to go to jail for what she has done. She is a complete nut job. EJ, you saw that video.

EJ: Yes, I saw the video. I did.

Sami: Well?

EJ: It looked like sex between two consenting adults.

Sami: Don't even try it. You and I both know that Eric would not have sex with your sister in a million years.

EJ: Samantha, you saw as much of that as I did. And there is no way that what happened on that tape--

Sami: Oh, it wasn't. It wasn't consensual. You know it, I know it, and you know what I am asking you.

EJ: No, I don't.

Sami: Eric said he must have been drugged. That is the only way that that could possibly have happened. So tell me...

EJ: Samantha...

Sami: Kristen would not have been able to pull off something like that by herself. She had help.

Victor: Let's go.

Maggie: You never once looked surprised, Victor... never once.

Victor: There's nothing we can do for Brady now. We'll talk at home.

Hope: Eric, we should go back to the rectory. You need to get some rest.

Eric: Get out. Everyone, out... now!

Kristen: No, no. No. No. This is not happening to me. This is not happening to me. I'm not gonna let this happen to me. Okay, let's just calm down. Yes. You're not gonna let it happen, Kristen. You're gonna think. You're gonna think of a way. That's what you do best. You're gonna think of a way, right?

[Door slams]

Daniel: Let's play. Come on, kid.

Parker: Yay!

Nicole: Yoo-hoo!

EJ: Bring it right up here. Sit your little keister there.

Nicole: All right. Okay, so who goes first?

Parker: Me.

Both: You?

Nicole: I think girls go first, if you ask me.

Parker: No.

Daniel: Not so much?

Parker: Boys.

Daniel: Boys, yes. Where's the love?

Nicole: Wait a minute. Okay, this isn't fair here.

Daniel: Come on, pick, right here. You go first, kid.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Jordan: Uh... we're late.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Jordan: Ugh. I should probably get you back.

Rafe: Oh, come on, what's the rush? What do you say we make a detour by the Brady pub, hmm? I'm buying.

Jordan: We have more work to do.

Rafe: Right. Well, you're the boss. But just so you know, I am content to stay here all day.

Jordan: Well, I bet you could. But, you know, you're sitting in that comfy chair, no weights to lift, no drill sergeant yelling at you.

Rafe: Are you kidding? I live for the nagging.

Jordan: [Laughs]

EJ: I don't know about it, and neither do you.

Sami: I know that Stefano was involved in this. I know that this is exactly the kind of twisted and demonic plot that he can hatch without breaking a sweat. I know that your sister is insane, and she destroyed my brother's life.

EJ: Okay, that is speculation, Samantha.

Sami: You don't think that Eric was wrecked? 'Cause he looked pretty wrecked to me. You saw him.

EJ: I don't know what happened. All I know is that there are a lot of unanswered questions.

Sami: Actually, I don't have any questions, EJ. I am 100% certain that Kristen is behind this. I'm sorry that this hard for you to hear, but she is dangerous, and she is evil, and she has done nothing but hurt my family time and time again. And you have to face the reality of that. How could anyone-- [Crying] How could anyone do something like that to my brother--to a man like Eric? You-- you saw him.

EJ: I did. I'm sorry.

Sami: [Sobs]

EJ: You'll help him.

Sami: I don't know how to help him, EJ. If I had just known-- if I had just known, I could've done something. I could've done something to prevent this train wreck, and I did nothing.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sami: Oh, God. Maybe it's Eric. Maybe he's calling me.

EJ: Is it him?

Sami: No, we have to go. Come on. I'll explain on the way. Come on.

Jennifer: We can't just leave him like this.

Hope: I think we have to. He needs some space... and no audience.

Brady: Come here. Why? Why did you sleep with my brother? Why?

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