Days Transcript Wednesday 11/6/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 11/6/13


Episode #12207 ~ Kristen gets a gun to make sure her wedding goes as planned; Victor tries to convince Brady not to marry Kristen; EJ must lie to Sami.

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Sami: Are you serious? [Whispering] Gabi has crawled back into bed with that slimeball... after everything that he has done to her? Has she no self-respect at all? [Normal voice] Don't say it.

Sonny: Okay. What are you doing?

Sami: I am going to give her hell.

Gabi: I just got this email from sparkle modeling agency. They want to meet with me. Why would they want to meet with me out of nowhere when... oh. Okay, I get it now.

Victor: Did Henderson offer you tea?

Marlena: Oh, no, he didn't.

Victor: Good. We don't have time for any pleasantries. Maggie's off to the florist to buy some flowers for the wedding that's not going to be. Redux. At least we can hope.

Marlena: Well, I think we have hope. Any luck with Kristen's flash drive?

Victor: My man said it's the most sophisticated encryption he's ever seen.

Marlena: So he can't do it?

Victor: He say's it'll take time, which is a luxury we don't have.

[Door opens]

Daniel: Hey. Feeling better?

Nicole: A little. I didn't think you'd be back so soon.

Daniel: I just, uh, went in to do my rounds. Then I put in for a few well-earned days off.

Nicole: Because they're all looking at you like you're an ax murderer? But you didn't do anything wrong. And I hate that they all hate you because of a lie.

Eric: I can't talk to you about Nicole. How many times do I have to--

Brady: Eric, you got to talk to somebody about this. Come on, you're a mess, man. Look, I've already told you how sorry I am for keeping it from you, but... look, you can't hate Nicole for falling in love with you. You can't--

Eric: That wasn't love! No one could do something like that to another human being and call it love!

EJ: How could you? How could you have sex with Father Eric?

Kristen: What are you talking about? You honestly think that I would have sex with a man who's given his soul to God, EJ?

EJ: Well, no, I wouldn't have done, if I hadn't just heard it from the horse's mouth. Who was that man you were talking to, Kristen?

Kristen: [Scoffs] One of father's useless minions, who I would not trust with my goldfish, let alone my deepest, darkest secrets, if I had any, which I don't.

EJ: Oh, I see. I made a mistake, did I?

Kristen: I don't know what you think you heard, Eej. I really don't. But I love Brady. You know that. What could I possibly have to gain by sleeping with his brother? Come on.

EJ: Besides eternal damnation? You tell me.

Victor: Brady needs to know that Kristen cheated on him, and he needs to know today, before the wedding.

Marlena: Well, even if we get the flash drive unencrypted, there's no guarantee that we'll have the proof we're looking for. I'm thinking that we need to go to Brady and tell him what we know.

Victor: Oh, yeah, because it worked so well when Nicole tried it. No, you're not gonna reason with Brady. The only thing that's gonna get through that thick skull of his is hard evidence. And by God, we're gonna get it.

Daniel: I knew--knew what I was getting into when I let everybody think that I was with Theresa when she OD'd.

Nicole: When you were "with" Theresa? That's the one person in Salem who has a worse reputation than me.

Daniel: Oh, really now.

Nicole: Look, at least you were doing something noble, protecting the son of the woman that you love. I mean, I was just an innocent bystander, for once. I mean, I can't believe Eric would think that I could do something so terrible.

Daniel: Yeah, he has--he's got to be reeling. I mean, not only knowing that he broke his vows, but that he was...

Nicole: Raped.

Daniel: Nicole, he is not thinking straight. Anybody who knows you, knows what you've been through in your own life, would realize you would never, ever--

Nicole: You know, I don't care what anyone thinks. He's the only thing that matters.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Brady: Okay.

Eric: I shouldn't have gone off on you like that. [Sighs]

Brady: This is about a lot more than Nicole keeping her feelings from you, isn't it? Eric, I think I know what happened.

Kristen: What are you doing? And why are you doing this today of all days? Are you trying to ruin my wedding?

EJ: Is that what you think I'm doing?

Kristen: I have no idea. Maybe you're hallucinating. And on that note, I'm gonna pretend we never had this conversation, okay? 'Cause I've got to do to get ready for my wedding. I got to go curl my hair. So, if you'll excuse me...

EJ: I'll give you something that will curl your hair, Kristen. Now... either you tell me what is going on... or I will go and talk to Father Eric.

Gabi: This is all so generic. I mean, they probably sent this out to a thousand girls.

Nick: W-why would you say that?

Gabi: Well, no one remembers you when you leave the business, Nick.

Nick: That's--that's not true. You've only been gone a year.

Gabi: Well, in a year--in modeling world, that's, like, forever.

Nick: But, I mean, do you ever think you might want to go back? You always--you always said that you loved it.

Gabi: I did love it, and, I mean--the thing is, I have Ari now and school. I mean, I wouldn't have time. You have to be really aggressive about going out to calls, and then probably one out of ten you actually get the job, and you make some money.

Nick: Right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nick: What's wrong?

Gabi: [Sighs] Sami. What now?

Sonny: Did you really just hit "Send"?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Sonny: Sami, what did you say to her?

Sami: I told her I need to see her right away. Gabi had better come running. I am not letting her get back together with that scum.

Sonny: She won't.

Sami: You said that she slept with Nick and that he wants her back.

Sonny: Yeah, but she doesn't want him back, all right? She's with Cameron now.

Sami: Look, does will know about any of this?

Sonny: Yes, he does. And it was a huge mess when he found out about her and Nick. But if you give Gabi grief now, it's gonna stir everything back up. And you know exactly who she's gonna take it out on.

Sami: Not Arianna grace.

Sonny: No, me.

Brady: Nicole came on to you, didn't she? Didn't she?

Eric: [Sighs]

Brady: No? Well, then--then what?

Eric: Brady, how many times do I have to ask you to drop this?

Brady: Come on, man, you're my brother. If something was eating me up this way, would you just walk away, tell me to forget about it?

Eric: Brady, you're getting married today. I want you and Kristen to have the perfect day.

Brady: Are you sure? I mean, are you sure you still want to marry us?

Eric: Absolutely. I don't want to ruin your big day with any drama.

Brady: [Sighs] You're not gonna--you're not gonna do that.

Eric: Brady, I have to tell you something. Your vows--they were... they were terrific. And usually I advise against straying away from your traditional rites, because they tend to sound so trite.

Brady: And... corny, right?

Eric: There's that.

Brady: Well, there is something else, actually. There's something I wanted to do at the ceremony. I wanted to give Kristen a surprise that she would never forget.

Daniel: I so know you feel alone right now, Nicole.

Nicole: I'm not the only one.

Daniel: No, I'm good. I'm good, I'm okay. Yeah, I got--I got... I got parker and Melanie. And you, you...

Nicole: You can say it. I don't have anyone.

Daniel: You know, I'm really worried about you.

Victor: That so-called hacker you sent me couldn't open my front door with a key. Now, I want your best man over here right away. Otherwise you might as well start the going-out-of-business sale.

Marlena: What makes you think your company's top hacker is a man?

Victor: I don't care what they are, as long as they get the job done.

Marlena: I wish there was something else I could do to help.

Victor: Yeah, I wish there were, too.

Marlena: So I'm going to gracefully slide out of here before Maggie comes back. Um, Victor, I-I'm sorry if I've caused any problems between the two of you.

Victor: Listen, Maggie is the least of my worries.

Marlena: Yeah. Stay in touch?

Victor: Soon as I know anything.

Marlena: I can't stand being at the mercy of technology. I wish there were some other way to get Kristen.

EJ: You tell me what part of this I misunderstood. "I need to make sure that Father Eric always thinks that it's Nicole he slept with, because he can never suspect that it was me."

Kristen: Okay. [Grunts savagely] But it's not what you think!

EJ: Oh, no. How dare I react with horror and disgust because my sister slept with a priest, let alone Samantha's brother? How could you?

Kristen: When I came back to Salem, I was all about getting revenge on john and Marlena. And then I fell in love with Brady. And I realized I could have one or the other, but I couldn't have both.

EJ: Well, congratulations, because now you have neither.

Kristen: Thank you. Then, on the eve of yet another wedding that wasn't gonna happen for me... Marlena walks in with that smug self-satisfied look on her face--so happy that she'd won. And I couldn't let her win again, okay? I couldn't let her win again!

EJ: So what, you had to come up with another way to get your revenge?

Kristen: You bet. If I was gonna go on living, I did. And what better way to get to the mother than through her children? Oh, EJ, just lighten up. I wasn't gonna go after Sami. I wouldn't hurt you that way.

EJ: Thank you! That's very considerate of you.

Kristen: Come on. Besides, we all know that Marlena's favorite is her golden boy, right? That's what we know.

EJ: Yeah, but how--how exactly did you get him into bed? Did you drug him? I mean, I heard this chap talking about some little potion!

Kristen: It was really kind of amazing, 'cause that video looks completely consensual...

EJ: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Video? Video?

Kristen: Yes.

EJ: Video, Kristen? Video?

Kristen: Yes. I needed Marlena to find out in the most devastatingly way possible.

EJ: [Sighs]

Kristen: So, at the school consecration, I was gonna give it to the bishop.

EJ: You are insane! Do you understand that? Insane!

Kristen: Okay, wait a second. Don't you judge me! Don't you dare judge me! You have done far worse, and you know it!

Sonny: Gabi was feeling lonely. She was stressed out, between school and the baby, and Nick took advantage of her.

Sami: That sounds like the Nick I know and despise.

Sonny: Yes, but Gabi and I got into this huge fight. And it just caused all this tension in the apartment. I don't want that again. She knows she made a mistake. I don't know why I would open my mouth, to you of all people.

Sami: Oh, right, because I can't keep a secret. Sonny, I'm sorry. I can't un-text her.

Sonny: If you talk to her, she's gonna be upset, and will's gonna be upset.

Sami: What if she does? What if she still wants to--

Sonny: Everything is great right now, Sami. Please just text her back and tell her "never mind."

Nick: So... do you think you're gonna call the agency back?

Gabi: I don't know. You think I should?

Nick: I mean, why not? Do you really not know how beautiful you are, Gabi? I mean, seriously, you know the way your--your face lights up when you talk about Arianna? That is the way it used to light up when you talked about modeling. I kind of think that you miss it.

Gabi: Maybe, but I'm just-- you know, I'm not in a really good place to deal with rejection right now.

Nick: If you don't call them, don't you kind of think you'll always wonder?

Nicole: Do you think my life is pathetic? [Scoffs] 'Cause it is.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, you got to stop that. Don't ever say that again, okay? Don't. 'Cause I know the tough time you went through when you got that job at the church. And I could tell it started to give you--it started to give you purpose, and it made you feel...

Nicole: Like a good person... for the first time in my life, ever.

Daniel: No, come on, stop.

Nicole: [Sighs] And then I let myself fall in love with a priest! I mean, really? How could I be such an idiot?

Daniel: You can't help that-- how you feel. You can't help that. It's not up to you. And you loved him long before he took his vows.

Nicole: You know, I was ready to leave town... put some distance between us, because I knew I could never act on those feelings. And I could live without Eric. I could live without that job. What I can't live with... is Eric thinking that I could do something so terrible to him.

Eric: What do you want to do?

Brady: I... I made a video. I have this DVD that I-I want to show.

Eric: Of you and Kristen? In the middle of mass?

Brady: No, no, in the beginning. No, in the beginning of the ceremony. Come on, I even wrote a speech to introduce the thing.

Eric: You were sure that I was gonna say yes, weren't you?

Brady: I was hoping. I know it's not gonna persuade my grandfather or anybody else, for that matter, but I wanted to do it for her.

Eric: Whatever makes you happy, Brady. It's your day. And I'm just honored to be a part of it.

Brady: I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us.

Eric: I'm your brother.

Brady: Stepbrother.

Eric: Don't see it that way.

Brady: Me neither. I will never forget the way you've been there for me. Thank you.

Eric: Same here.

Kristen: Would you like me to throw a few hundred sins in your face? EJ... th isn't your problem.

EJ: You're my sister, Kristen.

Kristen: It's a little late to be worrying about my immortal soul, don't you think?

EJ: Do you understand Samantha adores her twin brother?

Kristen: She never has to know. Eric never has to know.

EJ: Really? Because, you see, I thought that was the entire point.

Kristen: Have you--have you paid attention to what's been going on in my life lately? Because Brady and I are back together, EJ.

EJ: Oh, well, I would imagine at that point that this little plan of yours must have seemed a little ill-conceived, no? I'm beginning to see a pattern here, Kristen.

Kristen: EJ... I want--I want a life with Brady. If he found out what I did with Eric, I would lose him forever.

EJ: Mm-hmm. So what about the video?

Kristen: It's been destroyed. The only way that Eric would ever find out is if you tell him.

EJ: You're sure about this?

Kristen: Yes, this is-- this is how I know God is really on my side this time. I found out that Nicole has been in love with Eric. And by the best--the best stroke of luck ever, she was at that hotel that night.

EJ: Yeah, that's good luck for you. It's bad luck for Nicole.

Kristen: So what? All of a sudden, you care about Nicole?

EJ: No, I do not care about Nicole!

Kristen: Well, then there you go. As long as Eric doesn't remember, then I'm golden.

EJ: Yes, but, my dear, that is rather the point, isn't it? Because it would appear that Eric is starting to remember.

Eric: Mom, Brady and Kristen have completed all the required counseling. I truly believe that they're in love, and therefore, it's my God-given duty to just--

Marlena: Marry them--to marry them, I understand that. I hope you understand that it's my fervent prayer that they never make it to the altar.

Eric: [Sighs]

Marlena: I'm sorry I've upset you.

Eric: No, it's not you, mom. It's just that I got a lot on my mind.

Marlena: Well, I have some good news about Theresa. She seems receptive to going to rehab, at least that's what she says.

Eric: And what about Daniel and the ethics board?

Marlena: Well, I'm going to talk to him. I hope there won't be any long-term implications on his career.

Eric: Yeah.

Marlena: Honey, you seem... so sad.

Eric: [Sighs] No, I'm...

Marlena: Talk to me. Please tell me what's going on. Some make believe.

Sami: "Ignore my text. Sorry. Would love to get all the kids together with Ari soon."

Sonny: Okay, that works. Thank you.

Sami: [Chuckles] You're welcome. Okay, so I promise I won't say anything to Gabi about Nick...

Sonny: Okay.

Sami: Unless I have to. [Baby talk] I'm not gonna let him slither his way back in to my granddaughter's life, am I? No. If he tries, he's gonna regret it. Yes, he will.

Sonny: He sure will.

Sami: [Chuckles, sighs] Speaking of regrets, I wish I could send mine to Brady's wedding. But I should probably go and get ready.

Sonny: All right, well, have fun. Or, you know, good luck.

Sami: [Laughs] I'm gonna need it. Bye, sweetheart. Sonny.

Sonny: Mwah. See you later.

Sami: All right. Thank you.

Sonny: You're welcome. Thank you. [Exhales deeply] Wow, Ari. Really dodged a bullet there, didn't we?

Gabi: Oh, good. Sami said, "never mind."

Nick: Oh.

Gabi: I was afraid she was gonna start again about getting a muralist to turn Ari's nursery into whoville.

Nick: Oh, man, I hope not, because I don't think that this would go with the theme.

Gabi: You shouldn't have.

Nick: Oh, it's not from me. It's from my mom.

Gabi: Oh. Let me see. Oh, Ari's gonna love this. Thank you so much. Tell her I say thank you.

Nick: I will. I will. I hope you don't mind that I sent her some pictures.

Gabi: No.

Nick: You know what she said? She said the funniest thing. She was like, "I think that Arianna grace is gonna be a model, just like her mom."

Gabi: Well, ex-model.

Nick: Well, after that email, I guess that part's up to you.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Oh, hey. Hey, you know what? I have to shoot this guy a message. I'll be--I'll be right back.

Gabi: Hi. This is, uh, Gabi Hernandez. I was sent an email to call. Oh-- yes, sure. I can hold. Thank you.

Victor: I need this unencrypted ten minutes ago.

Yes, sir.

Victor: You can work in my office there's a laptop in there. This way.

[Door opens]

Victor: Here.

[Door closes]

Victor: Well, today's finally the big day--for sure this time.

Brady: For sure.

Victor: Listen, Brady, I hope you appreciate how hard I'm trying to be supportive.

Brady: Why do I feel there's gonna be a big "but" coming?

Victor: Well, about this honeymoon-- whose idea was it to drop off the face of the earth for three months?

Brady: Mine.

Victor: Well, then who do you suppose is gonna be running the business while you're away?

Brady: Well, I hear there's this great guy named Victor Kiriakis who's pretty good.

Victor: You could have asked me.

Brady: Are you really concerned about the business? Really?

Victor: No, I'm concerned about my grandson.

Brady: Granddad, you don't have to be.

Victor: If you're sure this is what you want, Brady, I'm not gonna stand in your way.

Brady: [Sighs]

Victor: But why the rush to the altar and then... leaving all your friends and loved ones after that?

Brady: That--that's not what I'm doing.

Victor: Well, don't you want to take some time to make sure that you really know Kristen?

Brady: Granddad, I do know Kristen. And I've heard your concerns over and over again. And if Eric is the only family member on my side, so be it. I'm not changing my mind.

Eric: It's nothing that I want to talk about right now.

Marlena: Yeah. Eric?

Eric: Mom... I'm fine. Thank you for caring so much.

Marlena: Mm. Oh, I love you so much. I would do anything for you. I hope you know that.

Nicole: I mean, to think that... someone could do something that sick to anyone, let alone Eric.

Daniel: I hear you. I hear you.

Nicole: I just think... that deep down, Eric was horrified about the way I feel about him, and--I don't know-- maybe he was just looking for a reason to hate me.

Daniel: No, I don't think so, Nicole--I don't. Something happened that night. And it's still likely that Eric was poisoned.

Nicole: But you didn't find any traces.

Daniel: No, no, it's true. I didn't, but--but a strange woman was at the hotel that night, calls herself Fay Taylor. Yeah, yeah. And she wants to stay in the room next to him? I mean, why?

Nicole: I don't know. So what do you want to do?

Daniel: I want to talk to Eric about what exactly he remembers... because if we can find that woman, we can prove that it wasn't you. And then maybe we can finally get to the bottom of what really happened that night.

Kristen: Nicole and Eric can't even stand to look at each other, let alone sit down and try to figure out what happened--not that they ever could.

EJ: I know Nicole a hell of a lot better than you do. You really just think she's gonna let this go, don't you?

Kristen: She's not gonna have any choice, EJ.

EJ: You think I'm just gonna let this go? What you are doing can ruin the lives of both of Samantha's brothers!

Kristen: Only if you let it. Samantha's family loyalty is about as changeable as her nail polish. What about yours?

EJ: Kristen... this not about the past. This is about what you're planning on doing to the father. You're gonna drug him again. What am I supposed to do-- just turn a blind eye and lie to the woman I'm about to marry?

Kristen: Yes.

EJ: I can't do that.

Kristen: Since when?

EJ: Because, Kristen, every time I've lied to Samantha, I've almost lost her. And I'm not going to lose her again because of your... plan.

Kristen: And I am not going to lose the man I love because of your sudden and temporary attack of conscience. You are not going to ruin my wedding day, EJ. You are not going to ruin my life. You're gonna keep your big mouth shut.

Sami: Oh. [Chuckles nervously] Sorry. Bad time?

Nick: Hey.

Gabi: Uh, I took your advice, and I called the agency. And, uh, they're really interested in me.

Nick: What? I told you.

Gabi: Yeah, they--

Nick: I told you. Wow!

Gabi: I know.

Nick: That's crazy. So are--are you excited?

Gabi: I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's kind of hard not to. I mean...

Nick: [Laughs]

Gabi: Oh, I have--I have to go pick up Ari.

Nick: What? Oh.

Gabi: Thank you so much for the gift, uh, and the advice.

Nick: Yeah, of course, of course.

Gabi: Okay, cool. Oh, Nick, um...

Nick: Yeah?

Gabi: Could you not tell anybody about the modeling thing? I don't know how will and Sonny would react.

Nick: No, no. I mean, first of all, I'm sure that they would be supportive if such a great opportunity came along. But second of all, I don't really talk to will or Sonny that often anyway, so...

Gabi: Thank you.

Nick: Have a great day.

Gabi: You too.

Nick: Yeah. [Sighs contentedly] I'm sure I will.

Daniel: So do I have your permission to talk to Eric about this?

Nicole: You don't need my permission. Thank you for asking... and for wanting to help, but I-I just think this is a lost cause.

Daniel: You never know unless you try. Okay?

Nicole: Yeah.

Marlena: Oh, hi, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey.

Marlena: I wanted to talk to you about the ethics inquiry, if you have a minute.

Daniel: Uh, you know, I'm on my way out. It's important.

Marlena: No, you don't--I'm sorry. I should have called--of course.

Daniel: I'm sorry to have wasted your time.

Marlena: Well... oh.

Nicole: No, no.

Marlena: Nicole.

Nicole: [Chuckles nervously] You didn't waste your time. I-I really do need to have a word with you.

Daniel: So I'll call you, set up a meeting A.S.A.P.?

Marlena: That'd be great.

Daniel: Great. Okay.

Marlena: Thank you.

Daniel: See you. Bye.

Marlena: Yeah, okay. Well... all righty. What are you doing here? And what do you want?

Victor: Planning on showing the guests a movie to entertain them, in case the bride doesn't make it to the altar?

Brady: [Clears throat] Very funny. No, it's a surprise for Kristen. It's kind of a little tribute to her.

Victor: Ah... Kristen DiMera's greatest hits. Maybe you'll give out false teeth as wedding souvenirs.

Brady: Well, thank you so much for your "understanding," granddad.

Victor: Oh, better yet, you should pass out antacids, 'cause I'm sure I'm not gonna be the only one whose stomach is churning during the ceremony.

Brady: You know what? Kristen and I... are gonna get married. And she's the only one I really care about right now. And I'm gonna make this the most memorable day... of her life.

[Knock at door]

Daniel: Hey.

Eric: It's not a good time right now.

Daniel: Don't worry about it. It's not gonna take long. Um... I'm pretty sure you're upset about what happened with Theresa. And I... well, I am too, and I plan to fully cooperate with the ethics investigation to make sure they do whatever...

Eric: Listen, I know you're not here to talk about Theresa. I know Nicole told you her version of what happened that night at the hotel.

Daniel: Yeah, she did. And I believe her.

Eric: Well, I don't.

Daniel: Okay, we have been working for months to get to the bottom of this. Between the info that the PI's got, what the clerk said, what you remember or think you do--

Eric: I know what I remember. Nicole--she's a good liar. She's a great, great liar. Don't get taken in by her. Don't be a fool, like I was.

EJ: Uh, actually, uh, no, no, darling. Kristen and I were just, um... in the middle of something.

Sami: Mwah. Clearly. Well, I'll leave you to it. Uh, I should probably make sure that the arrangements are all set for the kids to have a babysitter while we, um, enjoy the wedding. [Chuckles nervously] Hi, Kristen.

Kristen: Hello. Are you gonna tell her or not?

Nick: [Grunts] Come on. Who wouldn't want to hire this face? You can finally follow your dreams, Gabi, and the three of us can be a family, just like we always wanted. New York, here we come.

Brady: [Sighs] Look, don't think you're doing me any favors by coming to the wedding, Granddad. You don't want to be there... don't come.

Victor: [Sighs] Well?

Hacker: I cracked the code. Video's up and running.

Victor: Did you see what was on it?

Hacker: None of my business. It's all cued up for you. And I made a DVD.

Victor: Thank you. That's all I'll need.

Daniel: Okay, I--Eric, I know Nicole very well. I've been the victim of her lies, and I'm not guy who goes looking for the good side of everybody like you do.

Eric: Yeah. Are you sure about that?

Daniel: Okay, I'm not saying that Nicole's not capable of deceit, but after talking with her, I know--I know she wouldn't do this. There's got to be another explanation.

Eric: No, there's not!

Daniel: I'm gonna help you find--oh, you don't want to know the truth?

Eric: I already know the truth. I'm just trying to put this behind me and get on with my own life.

Marlena: What did you want to talk to me about?

Nicole: Your son.

Marlena: Eric?

Nicole: Have you seen him today?

Marlena: A few minutes ago. Why?

Nicole: How was he?

Marlena: He was upset.

Nicole: Did he tell you why?

Marlena: He didn't want to talk about it.

Nicole: Okay, that's all I need to know.

Marlena: No, no. Now I need to know. What is going on with you and Eric?

Nicole: Nothing.

Marlena: Nicole, my family has had enough trouble. So, if you're causing any problems with Eric--

Nicole: I didn't do anything!

Kristen: Make up your mind, EJ. Either you keep my secret, or you tell Sami everything-- right here... right now. What's it gonna be?

Sami: So Johnny just needs a battery for his remote control, and we could-- do you two need a referee? I mean, it's almost wedding time. I'm happy to help you settle this so that your, um, sister can actually walk down the aisle.

Marlena: Why so defensive, Nicole?

Nicole: Don't start with me.

Marlena: I will finish you if you've done anything to hurt my son Eric.

Nicole: I would never hurt Eric, ever!

Marlena: Then why all the questions, and why is he so upset?

Nicole: Don't you see that I'm upset? Don't you see that I care about him? Oh, my God! Get out! Get out! Get the hell out!

[Door slams]

Nicole: [Sobbing]

Eric: Listen, I don't want-- I don't want your help. I just want you to drop this.

Daniel: Okay, Eric--

Eric: Listen, I remember what happened that night. I wish I didn't. I wish I-I left it all alone. I have a wedding. You need to go.

Daniel: I'll respect your wishes. I can't imagine what you're going through right now. [Taps table] But you know what? I think you're making a huge mistake with Nicole, and I'm convinced you're gonna regret it someday. [Taps wall]

[Door closes]

Eric: Will I?

EJ: We were just discussing, um... work.

Sami: Yeah? What about work?

EJ: Just having a disagreement. She, um... made a decision that I thought showed rather poor judgment, but in the end, I decided she acted... appropriately. And I support her.

Kristen: Thank you. And now I'm gonna go upstairs and get ready for my wedding. [Chuckles] Yay.

Sami: Yeah. Oh, I can't wait. What decision?

EJ: Nothing for you to worry about, dear.

Sami: Somehow, I doubt that's true. Come on, Mr. DiMera... you can't be keeping that woman's secrets from me. Kristen's gonna marry my brother.

Kristen: Yeah. Nothing's gonna stop my wedding... not this time.

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