Days Transcript Tuesday 10/22/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/22/13


Episode #12196 ~ Eric eavesdrops on a fight between Brady and Nicole; Kristen gets results from her fertility doctor.

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Eric: Dear lord, I come seeking help... to find the truth. No. Never. Nicole would never do that to me.

[Door opens]

Nicole: Hey.

Brady: Hey. Thought you quit.

Nicole: I did, but I'm not leaving until I hire my replacement. Are those your vows? Eric said you'd be bringing them by. I could give them to him.

Brady: I would never trust you with these, Nic.

Nicole: What has happened to your brain? If you wanna not trust someone, try Kristen. She's the one who's been lying to you. She's the one who--you know what? Oh, my gosh. I don't even know why I'm wasting my breath. You're so stupid. You deserve what's coming to you.

EJ: Hey.

Kristen: Hi. Mwah. Did you see Chad?

EJ: Um, I did. He was asleep by the time I got there, though. The good news is the nurses told me he's improving by the hour.

Kristen: Well, that's wonderful news. I've got wonderful news too. [Sighs] My wedding's been moved up.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Really? That's wonderful.

Kristen: Sorry, I've been waiting for this all day. Hello? Kristen DiMera here. Are you sure? Are you 100% sure? Okay. Okay, thank you.

EJ: Kristen?

Rory: Hey, Abigail.

Bev: Oh, hey, wait. Is your brother okay?

Rory: Yeah, have you seen him?

Bev: We're kinda worried about him.

Abigail: [Laughs] You're--I want you to stay the hell away from my brother. His life is a total nightmare now thanks to you both.

Jennifer: Listen to me very carefully. This is it. If you walk out this door right now, I never wanna see you again.

JJ: Yeah? You know that if I'm not living here, I go to prison, right?

Jennifer: It's your call.

Theresa: Hey. I like this, a doctor who makes house calls. How'd you know where I live?

Daniel: Well, I made it my business to find out.

Theresa: Ooh, a man who goes after what he wants. Very cool.

Daniel: I need a favor.

Theresa: Well then, by all means, come in.

Daniel: It wasn't an accident, and if I'm right, you were deliberately poisoned.

Eric: This is a recent picture of Nicole. Take a good look. Do you think she and Fay could've been the same person? [Gasps] Nicole. No. You would never do that to me. But who else could it be?

EJ: Kristen, what's wrong?

Kristen: Nothing. Everything. I had a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago. I know what you're thinking-- fat chance--but, you know, it just kinda got me thinking.

EJ: Dreaming?

Kristen: Yeah, you know? Look. I knew it was a long shot, but I went for a battery of tests. And I just got the results for the last one. And I guess where I'm concerned with fertility, I'm pretty much the Sahara desert.

EJ: Sweetheart. I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.

Kristen: No, it's okay. I'm not gonna feel sorry for myself. I've got so much to be grateful for, right? I mean, I'm marrying this--this wonderful man that just thinking about him knocks me senseless. He feels the same way about me, and we're gonna have a terrific life together. It's just getting that phone call. Depressing.

Brady: Seriously, I'm stupid. Let me--let me ask you something: What about thinking that you can turn me against Kristen by lying about her? See, I think that's pretty stu--

Nicole: No, I didn't lie.

Brady: Right, you don't lie, Nicole. You never lie, you never have lied. Right, here's the thing. When Kristen and I were broken up, I was unfaithful to her with you. With you, and you know what I did? I told her about it, and she forgave me.

Nicole: [Gasps]

Brady: Pretty healthy, huh?

Nicole: Yeah, right because she's so good, and perfect, and--and pure, and sneaky. She kept her sleep-around on the down low, and she continued to lie to you.

Brady: No, no, see, Kristen has no reason to lie to me. She knows that I would've forgiven her. We talked about it.

Nicole: And yet, she still kept it a secret. Why is that? Why--why would a person have to do that? Let's think about that for a second, Brady, hm? Or don't because quite frankly, I am so tired of trying to be a friend to you.

Brady: Oh, I don't think so. I don't think so.

Bev: No, wait, Abigail--

Rory: You gotta listen, okay?

Bev: Look, we know that JJ's in trouble, but it's not us, seriously. And--and all those busted windows and stuff--

Rory: That was all about his dad.

Bev: Yeah, and--and I mean, he's--we're just afraid...

Rory: Yeah.

Bev: For him.

Abigail: Afraid of what?

Rory: When we saw him, it-- it was like he wouldn't even talk anymore. When all that stuff about his dad came out, he--he went all weird. Like he couldn't even face anybody.

Bev: He is just so withdrawn, like so deep inside of himself.

Rory: He won't return texts, and our calls go straight to voice mail.

Bev: I'm just afraid.

Abigail: Of what?

Bev: He'll--he'll do something. You know, just something.

[Door closes]

Daniel: Okay, this--this is about JJ.

Theresa: JJ Deveraux?

Daniel: Yeah.

Theresa: Wha--you came all the way over here to talk to me about some high school kid?

Daniel: Theresa, it's important that you stay away from JJ.

Theresa: Really?

Daniel: Really.

Theresa: You want me to-- wait, why--why do you even care one way or the other about JJ? He hates you.

JJ: Well, mom, maybe the judge made me move back here, but there's no way that you're gonna tell me what to do.

Jennifer: JJ, I am telling you that's not--

JJ: But if you don't like it, then you can pick up the phone and pack me off to prison. You already wrecked my life. You know what? Might as well throw in some ja--

Jennifer: You are not thinking clearly. Your life is not wrecked. Yes, I made a poor judgment by not telling--

JJ: My dad was a rapist, and you lied to me about it for 18 years. You know what? Yeah. Just so you know, mother, that this is what I came here for. See? So I could smoke this. The sooner, the better.

Abigail: Okay, look, I appreciate that both of you are worried about my brother, and I am too. But frankly, I think that what JJ's going through right now could turn out to be a really good thing. He's moved home, so I'm guessing that's where he is now.

Rory: Well, then why won't he text me back?

Abigail: I don't know, maybe because--maybe because JJ has figured out that hanging out with you people is part of the problem.

Bev: Uh, I'm thinking maybe--

Abigail: What? Maybe what?

Bev: I mean, he's pretty down on his mom. I don't think he'd be too happy at home.

Abigail: Or maybe he's realized that being with the two people that love him the most is what's best for him: His mother and his sister.

Jennifer: Are you out of your mind? You are one step away from prison, and--and you're gonna go out into the open and smoke marijuana? Really, JJ?

JJ: I'm going to do community service. It's just--it's just way more fun when you're baked.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, I can't even...

JJ: You know what? Actually, I was thinking about going to Theresa's to hang with her. You know, I know you don't like her, but you gotta admit she's pretty hot.

Jennifer: I can't even believe that first of all, you would show me this and then tell me that you're gonna go hang out with Theresa--

JJ: How about I'm being honest? Why don't you try it sometime? And if you're gonna play this I'm-better-than-you crap, then you can pick up the phone, and call the cops, and turn me in. Here!

Daniel: Okay, Theresa, you need to listen to me. There is nothing for you with JJ. Stay away.

Theresa: I thought you and Jennifer broke up.

Daniel: Excuse me?

Theresa: Well, that's why you're here, right? Making a pitch for her son, maybe trying to make things right with her?

Daniel: Now how do you know anything about my relationship to Jennifer?

Theresa: Oh, everybody at the hospital knows that you guys broke up. Haven't you ever heard of gossip?

Daniel: And why is it your business?

Theresa: Well, I don't care one way or the other, but you stuck your nose in my business. Turnaround's fair play, right?

Daniel: And what exactly did I stick my nose in your business?

Theresa: When you told me to stay away from JJ.

Daniel: Huh. I didn't tell you. I asked you. It was a request. Now, will you?

Theresa: [Sighs] You know, I would. I really would, but it's just that this town is so boring, and I do like to have fun, keep myself occupied. Oh, come on, don't give me that look. I'm just putting it out there. You know, I can tell JJ to take a walk, no problem. But I would like to know that there's something better waiting for me.

Daniel: Is there?

Kristen: [Sighs] Honestly, EJ, sometimes I think I deserve this.

EJ: I'm sorry.

Kristen: Well, you know, I've done--I've done some pretty horrific things in my life, don't you think?

EJ: Meaning what? John and Marlena?

Kristen: I don't know what I mean, but I do know that I'm not gonna dwell on it, okay? I'm gonna be happy, and I'm gonna be positive because I'm getting married, and I have a wonderful family, right? You're wonderful, and Chad's wonderful, and your father's wonderful, right?

EJ: Knowing that you have family behind you can certainly be a godsend...

Kristen: Mm-hmm.

EJ: Especially when life hits you with something unexpected. One minute, you're on top of the world. You're about to get married. You're planning your future. And the next minute, you're nothing.

Kristen: Okay, what is going on with you?

Brady: Hey, hey, not so fast. Listen. Do you think you can mouth off to me like that and just walk--

Nicole: I am so done with you, do you understand--

Brady: Do you know what your problem is, Nicole?

Nicole: Get your hands off--

Brady: Listen to me, listen to me.

Nicole: Oh. [Sighs]

Brady: You're miserable. You are an unhappy person, and you want everyone else to be miserable. It's not fair the fact that you can't have my brother. You want him so much. You think about him all the time--

Nicole: No, that is not it.

Brady: You think about him night and day. You probably dream about the guy. You gotta stop doing this, Nicole, because you love the man. You love him, and you can't have him.

Nicole: All right-- all right, all right! [Sighs] Yes, I love him. I love Eric. I'm obsessed with him, and I can't help it. Are you satisfied?

Daniel: I'm here to talk about JJ. That boy's in trouble, and he doesn't need any of your help. If he screws up, he's goin' back to prison. You understand?

Theresa: Sure.

Daniel: No, I'm not staying.

Theresa: Oh, come on, take a sip. You might wanna try it. You know, I'm all about giving out free samples. You might like it. Oh, what? Are you thinking you're too old for me because the way I see it, that's not really a problem. Two consenting adults--

Daniel: Okay, Theresa...

Theresa: What's stopping you? And please don't say Jennifer because you know that's over. She definitely dumped you for good.

JJ: You can't do it, can you? Yeah, I didn't think so. Couldn't tell me the truth, and you can't make one stupid phone call. You're not good at much of anything, are you? And don't give me that "it's because I love you" crap because your love doesn't mean a damn thing to me anymore. When I look at you, all I see is a liar.

Abigail: Hey. Mom, what's--are you okay?

JJ: I'm not here.

Abigail: Wait, JJ, no. Please, just don't go. Stay. For me?

EJ: Samantha and I have had our problems before, obviously. Her main concern now, her fear, is that she and the children will never truly be safe here.

Kristen: You mean, in this house, living with father?

EJ: Exactly.

Kristen: But the two of you are still in love, right?

EJ: Oh, of course. No, no, no, of course, and I do think that we will work this out. It's just when it comes to falling in love with a DiMera, father can be somewhat problematic.

Nicole: Are you happy now? Yes. I dream of him. Yes, I love him. I have always loved him, and I am miserable when I am not by his side.

Brady: What do you mean, "when"? When? You--you will never be with him un--unless you've had some overnight rendezvous that I don't know about.

Nicole: Oh, you're piling it on--

Brady: I am not. You know what? I'm--I'm celebrating because this is good. This is good that you have finally admitted it. I'm glad to hear that because you have zeroed in on him since he came back to this town.

Nicole: So what? I mean, what--why is that so weird? I loved him all those years ago. Why can't I love him now?

Brady: Why--why can't you love him now? Because he's a catholic priest!

Nicole: That doesn't change the way that I feel about him! God--oh, my--God only knows that I have fought it. I have. I have fought so hard. [Cries] I've even--even tried to--to-- to--to stay away from him. Finally, things just--it just-- it started getting weird, and I started making mistakes, and doing crazy stuff, and--

Brady: What cra--you tell me what crazy--

Nicole: No, it is--it's none of--it's none of your business, okay? I just lost control. Why do you think I quit? So that I could get away from him. And sometimes, I'm just--I'm so confused, I don't even know-- I don't even know who I am anymore. I don't recognize myself anymore.

Brady: That makes two of us. I don't recognize you at all.

Nicole: You know what, brad why don't you go lap up some more lies from Kristen? Or better yet, why don't you just go to hell?

Brady: After you, bitch.

Nicole: [Cries] Uh, I was just putting the flowers on the altar. I'll let you finish in here.

Eric: Wait. Look at me. Nicole. I said, "look at me." I heard what you said to Brady. Every word.

Theresa: Fine. We don't have to say another word. You know, sometimes I like it that way: Silent, slow, gentle.

Daniel: Good-bye.

Theresa: Oh, come on. You don't think a good-looking woman knows when a man's checking her out? We don't have to play games. We have the whole night. Why not make the most of it?

Daniel: Seriously, Theresa? You're coming on to somebody who's not even the least bit interested.

Theresa: Well, your eyes seem interested.

Daniel: Yeah? Well, I don't know how else to say this, but you, you have a lot of problems.

Theresa: Well, you didn't seem to think so when we first met. You were all smiles.

Daniel: Yeah, well, you had everybody fooled when you started at the hospital. But that was then, and this is now, and you? You don't have me fooled.

Theresa: You don't fool me either. You seriously expect me to believe that you came all the way over here in person to talk about some high schooler? Yeah, right. But fine, I'll stay away. I just need you to give me one thing in return. It's something we'll both enjoy.

JJ: Okay, I'm here. What's up?

Abigail: I just came from the hospital.

JJ: How's Chad doing?

Abigail: He's better.

JJ: Good. Good. Um, I know that must've been really rough on you, how close he came and-- will you please tell him that I say "hello" next time you see him?

Abigail: I will. Thanks, JJ. It's nice to know that you care.

JJ: Of course I do.

Abigail: I know because I know you, the real you. I know that you're this big tough guy on the outside. But deep down, you're still the same sweet brother that I've always had.

JJ: What does--what is that? Is that some kind of a lead-in? Now, we're gonna, you know, sit down and do the whole family thing? Okay, I'm leaving.

Jennifer: Oh, and make the worst possible choice.

JJ: Oh, okay, yeah, play-- do the guilt trip, mom. See how far that gets you.

Abigail: Just wait a second, all right? Let's just sit down and-- everyone just relax. Let's just talk about this, okay?

JJ: You wanna talk? Set her straight and tell her that she can't tell me what to do anymore.

Abigail: JJ--

JJ: No, she thinks she's head of the family? My family's dead to me, just like dad.

Abigail: Hey, JJ, you can't-- what--

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: [Sighs]

Kristen: So speaking of father, do you think that he's actually changed?

EJ: What, undergone some sort of transformation because of what we heard in the chapel?

Kristen: Well, he sounded sincere. He doesn't make promises lightly. You know that about him.

EJ: Chad was potentially dying. Father would have promised anything to anybody, God included.

Kristen: And we all know how difficult change is.

EJ: Mm-hmm. Now, Chad's on the mend, and I'm sure father will just view it as a moment of relapse in his rather nefarious concentration.

Kristen: You know, the only reason that Chad is alive is because of Daniel.

EJ: We owe him a debt. Speaking of which, is he standing up for Brady at the wedding?

Kristen: Uh, he was supposed to, but, you know, he and Jennifer are going through so much. [Gasps] That reminds me. I wanted to ask you something, but I haven't spoken to Brady about it yet.

EJ: No, no, you--you aren't seriously asking me to be Brady's best man?

Kristen: No, no, no, no. I want you to stand up for me. And then, Sami will stand up for Brady. What do you think?

EJ: I stand up for the bride, she stands up for the groom?

Kristen: Yeah, I know it's kind of unconventional, but we're DiMeras, right? So who cares?

EJ: No, I love it. I think it's fantastic. I mean, I would be very happy to stand up for you, and I would imagine Samantha would stand up for Brady. You know, her--her brother is performing the ceremony.

Kristen: Yeah.

EJ: Yeah. Cheers.

Kristen: Cheers.

Nicole: I am so sorry. That was not meant for you to-- to hear.

Eric: I wasn't eavesdropping. You were both being quite loud.

Nicole: I know. Oh, God, I've never been this embarrassed in my whole life. Can we just--can we just forget that that ever happened, please? I would really appreciate it. I will let you--

Eric: Nicole, we have to talk about this.

Nicole: No, we do not.

Eric: I insist. Make no mistake: We are gonna talk about this now.

Nicole: But if we--we talk about it now, I mean-- [Laughs] I mean, come on, it was just a-a misunderstanding, you know? I say that I love a lot of people. You misunderstood. I mean, if you think that--that I meant that I was in love with you, I mean, that's just ridiculous.

Eric: Nicole, stop.

Nicole: No, Eric, really--

Eric: No, I said, "stop." Nicole, you said you were in love with--with me. You said you were obsessed with me.

Nicole: I just said that because Brady seems to think that I still have feelings for him. So I was over-exaggerating to get--

Eric: You're lying! You are standing in the house of God. There's no point because I know the truth. I just want you to say it now.

Nicole: But-- okay. I'll tell you the truth. I love you. [Cries]

Abigail: Mom, JJ is really upset right now. He's saying all kinds of stuff that he doesn't really mean.

Jennifer: Oh, he means exactly what he is saying. So now, I know what I have to do 'cause he's walking around with marijuana. So I need to call the police and have my son arrested.

Abigail: What?

Jennifer: And you know what? I couldn't do it before, but the way he just shoved you and walked out--

Abigail: No, mom, I'm fine.

Jennifer: No, listen to me. Everyone keeps telling me about tough love and codependency. And you know what? They're right because I have been taking abuse time after time, hoping that it would prove to him that I love him. But it doesn't because he is so indifferent. So I do not have a choice, honey.

Abigail: Mom, he cannot be arrested again.

Jennifer: Your brother has to have consequences for doing drugs, for stealing things, for hooking up with whoever he wants, for doing whatever he wants to, and I am going to stop lying to myself. Your brother is going to get caught. So better now that when he starts mainlining drugs or--or committing a crime that can't be forgiven. Baby, look at me. I love your brother. And I have to do this.

Abigail: Mom. No, you don't. Please. You'll be sending JJ to prison.

Daniel: Theresa, your idea of fun is not gonna happen.

Theresa: Hey, look, if it's about the age--

Daniel: No, it's about you being deluded. Now I don't know when you decided this is the way you deal with a man. Maybe you had it rough growing up. Maybe you got hurt when you were too young and you have a real--

Theresa: Look, you know what? My life's been whatever, okay? But I'm fine with it, and I don't need a shrink. I'm-- [Sighs] What I need-- [Laughs] You know what? It doesn't even matter what the hell I need because you're not gonna give it to me, and that's fine. I'll get it from somewhere else.

Daniel: Yeah, good luck with that.

Theresa: Thanks. And good luck being the most egomaniacal jerk on the planet! [Sighs] [Sighs]

JJ: Hello?

Theresa: Hey, you.

JJ: Hey, Theresa.

Theresa: Thought you said you were gonna call me.

JJ: Yeah, yeah, um, I was.

Theresa: [Sighs] Well, you're--you're gonna make me beg, huh? All right. Well, will you come over to my house? Please?

Kristen: You're awfully tense. What's the matter?

Brady: Uh, um, I'm okay. It's not important.

Kristen: Well then, why not tell me?

Brady: All right, I had a-- I had a pretty nasty argument.

Kristen: Really? With who?

Brady: Nicole.

Nicole: I am so sorry. Oh, my God, I feel like I've said "I'm sorry" on every street in Salem. And I am forever ruining things, and--and hurting people, and doing things I shouldn't.

Eric: Well, maybe it's time to confess what those things are.

Nicole: I mean, I just lost control. And I swear--I swear I try to fight it. I did, I tried to fight it, and I--and I know that I crossed a line. And I-I didn't think that I was capable of doing some of the things that I did, and who I was with. I did--I did some things, and I said some things, but it--it doesn't really matter. You have gotta see why I need to leave, and why I need to quit. And what I let myself do and think is just wrong.

Eric: Let's start there, shall we

Nicole: No, no. I know. I am--I am so done. And that's a very good reason why. I mean, you--you--you did a-a sermon a couple of Sundays ago... [Exhaling] And I need to--I need to remove myself from the occasion of sin.

Eric: That's a good place to start.

Nicole: And I...I am so terribly, terribly sorry for everything I've done. Can you forgive me?

Jennifer: Honey, listen to me. Your brother is going to get caught doing drugs, stealing, whatever. He will have a better chance to recover if it's soon.

Abigail: No, listen to me, mom. I just saw a couple of his friends in the town square earlier, and they're worried about him too, okay? They said that he's been acting different lately, really strange. He's--he's not returning any of their text messages or phone calls--

Jennifer: Yes, honey, that's the point. He's only going to get worse because your brother is determined to be self-destructive. I can't stop him. My love for him means nothing to him, and the police are the only ones that can handle him right now.

Theresa: Hey. You came.

JJ: I did.

Theresa: I'm glad. [Sighs] Come on, get in here.

Daniel: Anne, I need to talk to you about Jennifer and Theresa Donovan.

Anne: Yeah?

Daniel: I didn't realize there was so much hatred there.

Anne: [Chuckles] No? Head in the sand much, doc?

Daniel: I was also told that, though Jennifer let her go, you managed to get her re-hired to another position.

Anne: Right, because she's a bright, young woman with a lot of potential.

Daniel: Oh, I don't think so.

Anne: Oh, you don't think Theresa's bright?

Daniel: No, I don't think that's why you found her another job.

Anne: No need to raise your voice, doctor. I'm standing right here.

Daniel: You did it to spite Jennifer.

Anne: I did it because it was the right thing to do. I did it because Jennifer was being spiteful when she fired the girl. It was all personal. It had nothing to do with Theresa's performance.

Daniel: No, it wasn't personal. Jennifer fired her because she wasn't doing her job, because Theresa is an insolent little b-twerp who shouldn't be working anywhere, much less in a hospital where people's lives are hanging in the balance.

Anne: Oh, right, because I hired her to perform brain surgeries, to extricate kidneys. Come on, I gave her a low-level administrative position, for God's sake.

Daniel: Don't wanna fill me in? That's fine. I'll go to somebody else who will tell me what the hell's going on. Thank you for your time.

Anne: Do you have a--do you have a thing for the little twerp, doctor? Is that why you're so interested in her status here?

Theresa: Excuse me?

Anne: Oh, oh, and also, did you get your bracelet back? Because some of us, we were wondering how Theresa got her hands on it in the first place. But I guess--I guess now we know, huh?

Daniel: Okay, first, I'm gonna tell you how I feel about you, Anne. I think you are a sad, lonely woman who, for some unknown reason, has it in for Jennifer Horton, and you're consumed by it. It takes up your life. It's sad. It's sick. Actually, it's pathetic.

Anne: Wow. How do you really feel about me, doctor? And please, don't hold back.

Daniel: Okay, now, I'm gonna tell you how I feel about Theresa. I don't think she should go anywhere near Jennifer or her children. I don't think she should be working in this hospital. In fact, I'd be glad if she weren't living in Salem.

Anne: Whoa. Sounds like you guys might've had a little spat.

Daniel: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Anne: Oh, come on, Dr. Jonas. Everyone is on to you. You broke up with Jennifer, and then you got right back in the game. You get Theresa to take a little tumble, and then when you're done with her, you'll move her out of the picture, and move on to the next one. Am I--am I getting warmer?

Kristen: You know, I've gotten to the point where nothing that woman says could surprise me?

Brady: You know, don't-- don't even worry about it. I don't wanna Nicole to ruin--

Kristen: I'm worried about it just because I can tell that you're upset.

Brady: She did. She did upset me, but it doesn't mean that you have to be upset.

Kristen: [Sighs] There's nothing that she can say that's gonna upset me, okay? Remember what we learned in pre-cana counseling? We have to completely honest? Remember how it works?

Brady: Yeah. Okay, then, fine. I will tell you, but you're not gonna like it.

Eric: What are you expecting from me? Compassion? Understanding?

Nicole: I was hoping you could. I told you...I tried to find it. I swear, it's just that it-- it was bigger than me.

Eric: Yeah, apparently.

Nicole: But you're a--you're a priest, and we go back a long way. You can forgive me, right?

Eric: I don't know how you expect me to forgive what you did. I don't even know if God can forgive you for what you did.

Nicole: What--what are you talking about?

Abigail: Mom, listen to me. JJ is really upset, and he has made a lot of mistakes, but he needs our help right now.

Jennifer: And that is exactly why I need to call to keep him from making things worse. That is why I need to call the police.

Abigail: No. Mom, I swear to God, if you do this, I will never speak to you again.

Theresa: So this is finally happening. I am so ready. I bet you are too.

Daniel: Theresa and I did not have a tumble or anything like that, and we never would. Theresa is a danger. She is a dangerous person. I think she's out to hurt Jennifer and probably her son. So here's what I want. I want her fired. I don't wanna see her in this hospital. Understood?

Anne: Loud and clear, except I don't work for you. I hired her, and she stays.

Daniel: Yeah, you hired her to stick it to Jennifer.

Anne: Yeah, in your totally unbiased and objective opinion, right?

Daniel: Okay, Anne. Fun's over. Done, over. I want Theresa outta here. Do you understand? I don't care how you make that happen, but I want that woman gone.

Brady: Okay, here it is. Nicole told me something. And I know it's not true, but if it starts spreading around, you should be prepared for it.

Kristen: Well, what did she say? What is it?

Brady: She told me that while you and I were broken up, you had an affair with someone and lied to me about it.

Nicole: How can God not forgive me? It's not a sin to love someone. Is it, if there was no real harm done, right?

Eric: What do you mean there was no harm done? What you did was vile. It was horrible. It was beyond belief.

Nicole: Eric, what do you think I did?

Eric: It's not what I think. It's what I know. You raped me.

Nicole: [Sighs]

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