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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/15/13

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Episode #12191 ~ Daniel works to save Chad's life; Stefano prays for Chad's survival.

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Will: Hello. Hi. Is there, uh, any news about Chad?

Maxine: No, sweetheart. He's still in the O.R.

Sonny: Do you know how long he's gonna be in there?

Maxine: Well, I'm afraid it's gonna be a long night.

Will: Okay. Thank you.

Maxine: Sorry. I wish I had better news.

Will: It's okay.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Will: It's kind of hard to believe.

Sonny: I know. I can't believe it either.

Will: It just sucks that we can't do anything.

Sonny: I got an idea. Come with me.

Abigail: Mom, Chad... he just has to be all right. He has to be.

Jennifer: Listen to me. We know that Chad is a fighter, and we know that Daniel does not give up, ever.

Abigail: That woman--she shot him twice. What if there's too much damage, mom?

Jennifer: Shh, shh, shh. No, don't talk like that, okay? Don't talk like that.

Kristen: I need you to tell me exactly what you said to my father.

Sami: I told him that if Chad dies, he has no one to blame but himself.

Kristen: How could you say something like that to him?

Sami: Because it's true, and he deserves to hear the truth.

Kristen: He's an old man, and Chad is his son... and no matter what you think, Stefano loves his children.

Sami: I believe that. In his own twisted way, I'm sure he does, but that does not change the fact that he is responsible for what happened tonight. And if you think that I am not going to point out to him that it is his own male ego that could cost Chad his life, you are dreaming.

Stefano: [Sighs] They're right. I put this in motion. Please... dear God, please... save my son's life. I know... I know better than to ask anything for myself. [Sighs] And I know that somebody has to be punished for what I have done in the past, all right? But if anybody's gonna be punished, then let it be me! Me! Please... don't take my son away from me. [Sighs]


Daniel: Come on! Come on, Chad. Come on, Chad!

Shall I call it?

Daniel: No.

Cameron: What else are you gonna do?

Daniel: Well, I'm not giving up. Give me an I.C.I. Come on. All right, here, here, here. Chad, don't you give up. Don't you dare give up.

Abigail: This just feels too much like... [Sighs]

Jennifer: Like when your dad died.

Abigail: Dad was trying to protect me, and Chad was doing the same thing.

Jennifer: No, wait, honey. You wait a minute. What happened to Chad is no more your fault than what happened with your dad.

Abigail: Nothing has been the same ever since.

Jennifer: Yeah, you're right. It hasn't been the same.

Abigail: I don't know. Maybe it's just bad luck or something. I'm starting to think that it's our destiny, mom. I mean... why do we have to lose all the people that we love?

Kristen: Marge Bernardi went to that club to shoot you. I believe that makes this your fault.

Sami: You should check your facts. She was planning to shoot EJ.

Kristen: Because she blames him for getting you off! You killed her husband! This is on you, Sami!

Sami: You and I both know that your father hired Joe Bernardi to maim Rafe. If he hadn't done that, I would've been guilty of visiting my ex-husband in the hospital. Look, I have done some terrible things in my life, and I've hurt people I love. This one is not my fault.

Kristen: Oh, so you didn't shoot and kill a guy? You didn't do that?

Sami: Because your father left me no choice.

Kristen: [Scoffs]

Sami: If the law does not make him pay for what he did, I hope to God that what has happened to Chad finally does the trick.

Daniel: Give me another shot of epi.

Cameron: I don't think there's any point.

Daniel: Just do it! Come on, Chad. Come on, here we go. Come on, come on. Here. All right, go. Ready? Come on.

Doctor, I think he's gone.

Daniel: Mm-mm. No. [Sighs]

Daniel: Come on, Chad. Come on.

Stefano: Dear God... hear my prayer.

Daniel: Come on. [Grunting] [Breathing heavily] Call it. [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Doctor, wait.

: You could wait and find out whether or not Chad's gonna live or die before you start pointing fingers?

Sami: Kristen, you know absolutely that I-- have you heard anything?

EJ: [Breathes deeply]

Cameron: Just for the record, that lie could've cost Chad his life.

EJ: The only thing I know is that if Chad makes it through this, he's going to really understand that being a DiMera comes with a very heavy price tag.

Sami: [Sighs] I think you need to talk to your sister.

Jennifer: You know, gram always used to say that tough times make a tough family.

Abigail: [Scoffs] I remember her saying that, and I never knew what it meant... but I sure don't feel so tough right now.

Jennifer: Let me tell you something, sweetie. People and families--they get tested, and I don't know why, but I do know we are not going to become bitter because of it. We are gonna work through this together, okay? We are.

Abigail: I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Chad.

Jennifer: No, you do not have to apologize to me.

Abigail: I know. I just... feel like I do.

Will: Sonny... Sonny, slow down for a second. I'm sorry. Where are we going?

Sonny: [Breathing heavily] Oh, I just--you were feeling useless. I was feeling useless, and there's so much food at the club, you know. So we're gonna go. We're gonna make some sandwiches, get a big thermos of some decent coffee. Then we're gonna bring it back to the people at the hospital who are waiting to hear about Chad.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Right?

Will: That's a great idea.

Sonny: Yeah, just keep busy. We got to keep--keep moving.

Will: Right. Yes.

Sonny: You know?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: 'Cause I already tried to give blood, and I wasn't the right type.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: You know, 'cause I can't stand this. Like, our friend is fighting for his life, and I don't want to sit at the hospital and do nothing.

Will: We're not doing nothing. We're making some sandwiches. That's a great idea. Let's do it.

Sonny: Okay.

Karin: Maybe this will help. We ran out.

Sami: Oh, thanks. I don't think anything could make it taste better, but it's worth a shot.

Karin: [Chuckles] If there's anything else that you need, ms. Brady...

Sami: How do you know who I am?

Karin: Uh, your picture was in the paper a lot and on the news.

Sami: Oh.

Karin: [Chuckles]

Sami: Right.

Karin: I hope you don't mind me saying this, but, um... I know how your fiancÚ and his sister must feel.

Sami: I somehow don't think that's possible.

Karin: Uh, I just meant... my brother was in the hospital once, fighting for his life, and my whole family--we were at each other's throats.

Sami: Even you?

Karin: [Chuckles] I was the worst... just a total bitch. I kept yelling about having to be here, and then my aunt went off on me for being so selfish, and I just broke down crying. I said that I wanted to go and hide somewhere where nobody could find me and tell me that my brother had died.

Sami: Oh, honey.

Karin: And then my mom was hugging me, and my dad was crying. We all realized that we needed each other.

Sami: Your brother--did he pull through?

Karin: I hope Mr. DiMera's brother does too.

Sami: Thanks... really.

Karin: Sure.

Kristen: I try so hard to give Sami the benefit of the doubt. I try so hard, but we don't even know if Chad's gonna make it or not, and she's already making this father's fault.

EJ: It is father's fault.

Kristen: Seriously? I mean, you are no help at all. Where is he?

EJ: He's in the chapel... asking God not to punish him by taking Chad. Let's just hope it's not too little too late.

His pulse is weak and thready, but he's got a pulse.

Cameron: He's in defib.

Daniel: All right, Cameron, let's give him another shot of epi. Get the defibrillator.

Cameron: Are you sure?

Daniel: Look, if we can't regulate his heart rate, he will arrest again.

Cameron: I know, but can his heart--

Daniel: I don't know, but if we don't try, he will not survive. Come on.

[Monitor beeping]

[Camera shutter clicks]

You're the owner of this place, right?

Sonny: One of them, yeah.

I'm gonna have to ask you to stay clear of this area.

Sonny: Yeah, we just want to make some sandwiches and--and some coffee and bring it to the people at the hospital. Is that okay?

The area behind the bar is not part of the crime scene.

Sonny: Okay, that's perfect. That's all we need.

Will: Great. Thanks. [Clears throat] So what do you want me to do?

Sonny: You know what? You don't have to do anything, because I know every kind of coffee that everyone likes, and I saw Chad make his dad a cup of coffee before, so I know what kind that is too.

[Coffee beans clatter]

Will: Okay. Hold on. Hold on.

Sonny: No, we have to--let's just clean this up. We got to get back to the hospital.

Will: We will. We will. I want to talk to you.

Sami: I'm sorry that I got into it with Kristen. I know this isn't the right time.

EJ: It's okay. You didn't say anything that wasn't true.

Sami: Well, I know, but... I know she's really scared about Chad too.

EJ: You ever read king Lear?

Sami: I skipped that one.

EJ: It's about an old man who tries to control his grown children by wielding his power. Instead, he starts a war. He dies... holding the body of his youngest child.

Sami: I can see why you are thinking about that right now.

EJ: Yeah, maybe this will finally get through to father.

Sami: Well, something better.

EJ: Samantha, he stepped in between me and the gun. Why would somebody do that?

Jennifer: Like I said, you're not a little girl anymore. I don't need to know every detail of your life.

Abigail: Mom, Chad is not a detail.

Jennifer: Honey, I-I know. I just feel like I have been so focused on your brother that I have just sort of allowed you to fend for yourself.

Abigail: No, mom, that's not true.

Jennifer: Yes, it is true, and we both know that I have.

Abigail: Okay, well, even if you have, mom, honestly, I-I didn't even notice, because... Chad was there... and I could talk to him like I never could before. He was so sweet about everything, and he's the one who gave me an early copy of daddy's book.

Jennifer: The one that you gave to JJ?

Abigail: Yeah. He wanted me to see it before the rest of the world did.

Jennifer: That was really thoughtful of him.

Abigail: [Sighs] Chad knew everything about me, and for the first time in my life, I didn't hold anything back. Sorry. I hope that's not too much information.

Jennifer: No. You know, it's like I said-- you're not my little girl anymore.

Abigail: He and I... we were together before he gave me the book. It's not like he was doing that to get me in bed or anything.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Honey, honestly, first of all, I know that you would never fall for a tactic like that, and second of all, I know that Chad is not his father's son.

Stefano: I always prided myself on being strong... the enemy that no man could vanquish. But... this has happened to my son because... I was foolish and vain. I tested Katherine for no reason, and then I threw her out of my life, instead of taking her in my arms and telling her that I was sorry and that I loved her. And instead of facing the fact that I pushed her into Rafael's bed... I started a chain of events... that gave me nothing... and left Chad fighting for his life. Samantha is right. At this point... all my power is useless. And only you... you... can save my son.

Daniel: Okay, here we go. Clear!

[Monitor beeping]

Cameron: He's still not in sinus rhythm.

Daniel: All right, let's do it again. Come on, Chad. This... is me.

Sonny: It's just that woman comes in here, waving the gun around... and he doesn't even think. He just steps in front of EJ and Sami, and then he gets shot.

Will: I know.

Sonny: I don't get it. Like, I didn't--I didn't know that he could do something like that.

Will: Me either. Well, listen, when--when we were younger, he was always saying how he was the only child of two people who couldn't stand each other. And then the whole thing came out with his mom and Stefano, and he suddenly kind of fell into a family.

Sonny: One that he would risk his life for?

Will: Well, apparently. I mean, maybe he didn't know until he saw the gun. He didn't know that he was pro-gay until he found out that--you know, found out about us.

Sonny: [Chuckles] He was--he was happy...

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: For us.

Will: I know. He's your best friend.

Sonny: [Sighs] He is... you know, like, after you, of course.

Will: Well, thank you. So let's get some coffee made, and let's get our asses over to the hospital, okay?

Sonny: That sounds good.

Will: Great.

Stefano: Your son died to save sinners like me. Now it's my turn to pay for my own sins. If you will spare my son's life, I promise to make up for what I have done.

Jennifer: You know what? I look forward to, uh, getting to know him better.

Abigail: I really hope you have that chance.

Sami: 'Cause he's your brother--that's why.

EJ: Would you do the same thing for Eric?

Sami: Yeah. And I know Eric would do the same thing for me, and I know you would do the same thing for Chad.

EJ: [Sighs] I'm not sure I'm that noble.

Sami: Well... I'm sure that you are, EJ DiMera. You were willing to give yourself to the D.A. to keep me from spending the rest of my life in prison. Why are you being so hard on yourself? [Sighs]

EJ: I blackmailed Chad to get him to move into the mansion to make father happy.

Sami: What are you talking about?

EJ: He was resistant. [Sighs] I got my hands on some information, and, uh, I used that to break down his resistance. It's the only reason he moved in.

Sami: Well, he didn't seem that miserable about it.

EJ: Samantha, Chad never wanted to be a DiMera. It was me who forced the issue, and that's the reason he's in there fighting for his life.

Sami: [Sighs]

Stefano: I know that you don't make deals with men like me. But... I cannot lose another child... especially if it's because of my own misguided actions. If you spare my son, he will do so much good in the world. And I will try to be a better man. Please, please... give me that chance. Huh. Give him that chance.

Daniel: Clear!


[Monitor beeping]

Cameron: You did it. He's back in sinus rhythm.

Oh, my God. His pulse is steady. He's not cyanotic.

Cameron: I can't believe it.

Daniel: All right, let's get him closed up and down to I.C.U.

I'll get an orderly.

Daniel: Ah, all right, way to go, buddy. Somebody up there is on your side, because it clearly wasn't your time to go.

[Monitor beeping]

[Door opens, footsteps approaching]

Hope: Hey, guys.

Sonny: Hey.

Hope: What are you doing here?

Will: Uh, we just made some sandwiches and coffee for people at the hospital.

Roman: How's your mom doing?

Will: Uh, worried, just like everybody else.

Sonny: Did you, uh, hear anything about Chad?

Hope: No, not yet.

Sonny: Okay, well, we're gonna get going.

Will: Yeah, great. It was good to see both of you.

Roman: Okay, we're going to the hospital after this. We'll see you there.

Sonny: Okay, I'll see you.

Roman: Okay.

Hope: Careful driving.

Sonny: Okay.

Roman: [Sighs] [Sighs] [Smacks lips] [Exhales deeply]

Hope: I know what you're thinking.

Roman: It could've been Sami's blood. I probably should've been here.

Hope: No, no, no, you can't blame yourself.

Roman: No, I'm just thinking, maybe I should've come to this celebration for the engagement, even though I detest the guy she's gonna marry. I might've been able to stop this.

Hope: I stayed home to be with Ciara. See? Life is full of choices, roman... yes, even for cops. We had no way of knowing that Marge Bernardi was gonna crash the party with a gun. And you know how much I love Sami, and she knows what she's getting if she marries EJ DiMera, but she's doing it anyway.

Roman: I haven't given up. She still hasn't married him yet.

Cameron: His pulse is steady. I still can't believe it. It's like you willed his heart back.

Daniel: If will was involved, it was his. Something's making that kid want to stay alive.

[Monitor beeping]

Cameron: I-I don't think it's something. I think it's someone.

Kristen: I saw the way my brother was looking at you at the party. If anybody can help pull him through, it's gonna be seeing you again, believe me.

Abigail: Thank you. I hope so.

Will: So I'm guessing since I didn't hear anything from you--is it still the same?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. No, you guessed correctly.

Will: All right.

EJ: It is just the waiting that is driving me crazy.

Roman: I'm gonna talk to Sami.

Hope: Yeah, okay. Hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

Hope: Hi, sweetheart. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Hey, Sonny. Can I ask you a few questions?

Jennifer: I can't even believe this whole thing has happened.

Hope: Oh, thank God more people weren't hurt.

Roman: I need to talk to Sami alone.

Sami: Why? Dad--

Daniel: Um... well, uh... Chad--he made it through surgery.

Abigail: Oh, thank God!

Daniel: He's being moved into a room now.

Abigail: Oh, thank you.

Sami: That's such good news.

Daniel: Yeah, but I've got to be honest with you. That bullet did some damage, and he's gonna be in pain for quite a while, but it is a miracle that, uh, he made it through.

Cameron: Yeah.

Daniel: He's obviously a fighter.

EJ: Dr. Jonas, I'd just like to thank you for saving my brother's life. Thank you. Um, I'm gonna go and find father.

Sami: Okay.

Abigail: Thank you. Thank you, thank you so much. [Inhales deeply, laughs]

Cameron: [Sighs]

EJ: Dr. Davis?

Cameron: What do you want?

EJ: Look, I saw what you did for my brother earlier, and, uh, I would just like to say thank you.

Cameron: Listen, I don't want or need your gratitude.

EJ: Fine. Now that Chad is in recovery, I trust you won't be using that information to your advantage.

Cameron: Oh, you must mean the fact that he lied about having a brain tumor so that I would back off and he would have a clear shot at Abigail. Is that the knowledge that you're alluding to?

EJ: That would be it.

Cameron: [Scoffs] Listen, that's the last thing that I would do to her.

EJ: Good. [Pats arm] Keep it that way.

Cameron: [Scoffs]

EJ: Father?

Stefano: Oh. [Mumbles] What have you heard? I mean, I-I-is he--come on.

EJ: No.

Stefano: Oh, well...

EJ: He made it through the surgery.

Stefano: Oh.

EJ: He'll be in a room soon.

Stefano: So he's alive. I--you know, when you walked in, I-- [Sighs] Take me to him. Come on, take me to him.

Abigail: So can I see Chad now?

Daniel: Well, we don't usually do that.

Abigail: Oh, okay. Um...

Daniel: Um, but, you know, maybe I can talk the staff into bending the rules so you can go in and--and immediate family.

Abigail: Thank you.

Daniel: Okay. Uh, you know, I'm sorry, guys, but you're gonna have to wait just for a little bit, okay?

Sonny: Uh, that's--that's fine. He made it, and that's all we really care about tonight.

Daniel: Okay. Thanks a lot.

Kristen: Daniel, thank you. I never had a chance to thank you for what you've done for Chad.

Daniel: You do not have to thank me, but I just told Abigail that I'd let, uh, her and you and EJ and your father in to see Chad, so, okay?

Kristen: Thank you. That means so much, especially to my father.

Daniel: Okay.

Kristen: Thanks.

Daniel: Uh, just hang in there, okay?

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Wow. It seems like when I or anyone else I care about has a medical crisis, you're right there. Thank you so much.

Daniel: Ah, just--just doing my job.

Jennifer: No, it seems like more than that to me.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, I'm gonna go call Melanie, give her the--the news.

Jennifer: Of course. Yeah.

Daniel: Okay. Bye.

Jennifer: Bye.


Cameron: Hey.

This is Chad DiMera's chart. You're on duty tonight, right?

Cameron: Right, yeah.

Yeah, I just put all of Dr. Jonas' post-op instructions in the computer. I was gonna post the hard copy in his room.

Cameron: You know what? I can take it for you. I was gonna go check on him anyway.


Cameron: Thank you.


[Monitor beeping]

Abigail: [Chuckles] [Softly] Oh, Chad. [Chuckles] [Sniffles] The next time somebody comes in the room with a gun, just duck, okay? Don't try to be a hero. [Voice breaking] See, I... I figured something out tonight. I can't lose you, Chad. Remember before, when... I gave you such a hard time for wanting to get back together? [Sniffles] Well, that's all over now, because I know how lucky I am. [Sniffles] I am with... the sweetest, bravest, most genuine guy in the whole world.

Kristen: Yes, he's okay! He made it!

Stefano: Oh, God, thank God. Thank God.

Kristen: I know. Thank God.

Stefano: Thank God. [Sighs]

Kristen: Yes.

Stefano: Would you do me a favor?

Kristen: Of course.

Stefano: All right, would you call Cecily and tell her the good news about Chad?

Kristen: Yes, I will. And by the way, Daniel said we can visit Chad, just so we don't stay too long. He's gonna make it all right for us to do that.

Stefano: Okay, that's fine. I was gonna go in whether it was fine or not.

Kristen: Oh, I know. I know. Yes?

EJ: Where's Samantha?

Kristen: I don't know-- somewhere.

Stefano: I don't know.

EJ: That's okay. Okay, I'll find her.

Kristen: Excuse me. Hey, EJ? One second. EJ, can I ask you something? So do you think Chad's gonna turn out like you, me, and father?

EJ: What do you mean?

Kristen: Well, I went to the chapel, and I overheard father talking to God about how he set this whole thing in motion, with Bernardi and Bernardi's wife, and that kind of destructive jealousy, you know, because he did it--he's afraid of losing Kate to Rafe. I mean, it's turned into a family curse, don't you think?

EJ: I think the lord knows that we are proof of that.

Kristen: Yes, exactly. So do you think Chad's gonna be lucky? Honestly? Or do you think he's gonna maybe escape this curse?

[Monitor beeping]

Abigail: [Sniffles] Oh. I know--I have to go, right?

Cameron: Yeah. You can see him tomorrow when he's awake.

Abigail: [Sighs] Cameron... I don't even know how to... say thank you. You and Daniel... you saved his life. [Crying] [Sniffles]

Cameron: [Clears throat]

Kristen: Daniel said we could stop in.

Cameron: Just for a few minutes.

Kristen: Okay. Chad... you decided to stick around, huh? I'm awfully glad you did. I love you, you know.

EJ: Hey, brother. You stepped in front of me to save my life. I will never forget that.

Roman: Sami?

Sami: Oh, hi.

Roman: Hi. I wanted to talk to you for a minute.

Sami: I know what you're gonna say.

Roman: Good, good, because you're gonna hear it again. What if your kids had been at that party tonight? What if Marge hadn't stopped at two bullets? What if she had killed you and EJ?

Sami: Daddy, I get it, but Marge is locked up now. She can't hurt--

Roman: It's not gonna end with Marge. You know better than that. How many weeks did you spend in witness protection because one of Stefano's thugs knocked off the mayor?

Sami: Daddy, that's in the past. EJ has changed. I am marrying him.

Roman: [Exhales sharply] Sami, come on, Stefano is back. He's running things. He hasn't changed, and EJ does what daddy tells him to do. You know damn well I'm right. Now, you listen to me. Listen to me. You haven't made this mistake yet. So, for your sake and for your children's sake, think very long and very hard about what you're doing. Is this really the life you want? Think about it.

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: There you are.

Sami: Hi. [Chuckles]

EJ: I'm about ready to go home. How about you?

Sami: Oh. [Chuckles] Yes.

[Monitor beeping]

Stefano: Grazie. Grazie mille.

Will: I wonder what woke her up.

Sonny: [Sighs] Maybe the thunder.

Will: I'm glad she didn't wake Gabi up.

Sonny: [Sighs] I know. When I, uh, called her to tell her about Chad, uh, she said that she was exhausted. She's such a miracle.

Will: I know. We kind of all got a, um, glimpse of what a miracle life is tonight.

Sonny: We sure did. Was she awake when you went in there to get her?

Will: No, I just wanted to-- you know, just wanted to hold her.

Sonny: I get it.

Will: Hi.

Abigail: How long have you been planning this?

Cameron: Planning what?

Abigail: To end things with us. When did you decide?

EJ: He's not on the protocol. He's not taking any drugs. He doesn't have a tumor.

Sami: It's supposed to rain later. We should make sure the kids' bedroom windows are shut.

Kristen: Well, I'm sure they are. I'm gonna go upstairs and call Brady, give him the good news.

EJ: Good night.

Sami: Thanks.

EJ: Should we go up?

Sami: Um, you go. I'm just gonna sit and think for a while.

EJ: Okay. I understand. Don't take too long, okay?

Sami: Okay. [Sighs]

Stefano: If... you don't already know... you're going to find out soon that... what happened to you tonight... happened... because of me. So... I made a promise with God. I said that if you he would spare your life... that I would spend the rest of my days being a good father... good grandfather... and trying to make up, I mean, for some of--I don't know--some of the things that I've done.

[Monitor beeping]

Stefano: I have a feeling that someone... [Chuckles] Is gonna be watching and make sure... that I keep my end of the deal.

Roman: You haven't made this mistake yet. So, for your sake and for your children's sake, think very long and very hard about what you're doing. Is this really the life you want?

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