Days Transcript Tuesday 10/8/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/8/13


Episode #12186 ~ JJ's anger lands him in jail; Kristen arranges for Marlena to be attacked.

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Brady: I can't wait for our wedding.

Kristen: If father Eric is willing to marry us.

Eric: I can't do that. I'm sorry... but you have to know this, Brady. Marrying Kristen would be a terrible mistake.

Kristen: He's right, Brady. It's a mistake. Seriously, don't do it. Don't.

Brady: Whoa. That was a crazy dream.

Eric: Hello.

Nicole: Hey.

Eric: So did you do as I asked?

Nicole: You mean did I give it some thought about leaving? Yes, I did.

Eric: So you've come to a decision.

Nicole: Yes, I have.

Kristen: Now, the woman gonna be here any minute. Do you have all the info?

Grab her purse, make sure I get the flash drive. What if she puts up a fight? Do I hurt her?

Kristen: I don't know. Just do whatever it takes, okay? Hello, there. Come sit. We have so much to talk about.

Hope: Yes, I'll make a statement--no problem. Look for my email. Hey, Kayla, hi.

Kayla: Oh, hope, you know, I'm sorry--it's not really a good time right now.

Hope: What's going on?

Kayla: You know, I just got to go--I got to-- I just got to take care of this.

Hope: Wait. Hold on a second. What's going on? What happened?

Kayla: Uh...

Hope: Tell me what's wrong.

Kayla: It's j--well, it's more than wrong. It's JJ. It's the worst possible thing.

Hope: What? What happened?

Kayla: Uh... he found out today that... uh, well, he's so upset, and Daniel went looking for him, and I just-- I just hope to God he finds him. I just--he's got to find him.

Daniel: You. You--you're JJ's friend, right? Have you seen him? Hey! [Claps hands] Have you seen JJ?

Rory: Dr. Dan.

Daniel: Yes, Dr. Dan. Have you seen JJ?

Abigail: Mom, I'm home. Mom, what's all that?

Jennifer: It's the transcript from my trial. When I came home... it was opened up... like this to your dad's testimony about raping Kayla. JJ was here... and he read it. He knows.

Kayla: Yes, Jack... raped me.

Hey, kid, what the hell is the matter with you?

JJ: Aah! [Breathing heavily]

D civilized or what? You and I--we're a team. Who would've thunk it?

Marlena: Well, not I, certainly.

Kristen: [Laughs] No. Well, I, for one, am very proud of us. Here we are, trying to see the best in each other, and I see a feisty woman with a lot of spunk, and you have a lot of energy, especially considering your age.

Marlena: Ooh. And I admire your energy too, especially since you've been persona non grata most of your life-- you know, having these colossal setbacks, and--and here you are. You just--you just keep on keeping on, don't you?

Kristen: Oh, with a vengeance, baby. [Laughs] Did I tell you I just didn't sleep a wink last night thinking about this party? I'm so excited.

Marlena: Mm, wow. I wonder where Sonny is.

Kristen: I'm sure he's on his way. Anyway, here's a list of hors d'oeuvres. Tell me what you think. And, of course, we're gonna have an open bar.

Marlena: Oh, I was, uh, thinking champagne.

Kristen: Oh, gallons and gallons and gallons of champagne, but we can't disappoint the martini lovers, can we? I'm so excited about this. You know, I was actually considering making it a double celebration-- you know, not just EJ and Sami's engagement but Sami's freedom.

Marlena: Oh. I ink that might be--

Kristen: I know. It could be tacky.

Marlena: Yeah, well...

Kristen: How can you celebrate a woman that actually shot and killed a man, left his wife a widow, and his little boy has no father for the rest of his life?

Marlena: Well, you know what? You seem to have made all the arrangements. So why don't we talk about the supper menu?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Kristen: Oh. Excuse me. It'll take a second. Hello.

The place is almost empty-- no witnesses. Get a move on, will ya? Unless you've changed your mind.

Kristen: Uh, no. No changes.

Nicole: Well, uh, my decision is that, um... I'm gonna leave St. Luke's. I'm gonna take the TV reporting job, and hopefully St. Luke's loss is broadcast journalism's gain. [Chuckles]

Eric: So you've thought this through.

Nicole: Of course I've thought it through. Why are you so resistant? I'm expendable.

Eric: I don't see you that way. I think you're extremely good at what you do. I'm selfish. I like having you around.

Nicole: Well... right back at ya.

Eric: You know, my main concern is whether you're making this move for positive reasons.

Nicole: Making more money is a positive, right?

Eric: You know what I'm trying to say. I just have this feeling that you're running away and not toward something. So I want you to tell me why you're really leaving.

Nicole: Look, Eric, uh, my time here--I haven't exactly been proud of the things that I've done.

Eric: What things? I mean, can you talk about it?

Nicole: Yeah. I mean, the stunts that I've pulled, the mistakes that I've made... I will regret those. T you know what? I'm moving on, because it's the best thing for me and even better for you.

Jennifer: So I found your brother's so-called friends at the park--Rory and Bev--and they told me that he was definitely trying to find out something about his father. And then Adrienne told me that-- that he stopped by her house, but she said that he fooled her because she thought that he knew for some reason.

Abigail: So she told him.

Jennifer: No, she didn't tell him, but she said that maybe she had said something. I don't know, but she thought that by the time he left, he had figured it all out.

Abigail: And then he came here?

Jennifer: Yeah. Mr. Corman told me that he saw JJ breaking into the house. So, then when I walked in, this was all open. It was all out like this.

Abigail: He'd read what dad said on the witness stand. Oh, my God, mom, this is a nightmare. [Groans] Damn it. He won't answer. It's his voice mail.

Jennifer: Oh, God. Oh, I wish I knew where he was. [Sighs]

Daniel: Hey. [Claps hands] Hey, this important. Have you seen JJ?

Rory: I get it. I get it, man. I get it. And, okay, he's, like, my friend and all... okay, but today... whoa, man, so wacko.

Daniel: Okay, so--so you saw him.

Rory: Yeah, yeah, I saw him.

Daniel: Yeah? Where was he going?

Rory: Uh, we were in the town square together. I'm not sure where he was-- [Scoffs] Well, like, you're welcome.

Hey, come on, man. Give it a rest before somethi-- son of a bitch! Need a spoon, dear? Not anymore.

Eric: I really don't know how to take that. So why would your leaving be the best thing for me?

Nicole: Eric, listen, I know how dedicated you are to your work, and having a better assistant would really--would really help you out. But don't worry--I am gonna find you the perfect one.

Eric: I-I'm sorry...

Nicole: Look, I know I've quit on you several times now, but this time I'm gonna do it right. So, officially, I'm giving you my two weeks. But don't worry--I'm working with an employment agency who's already set up a few interviews, so we're good.

Eric: Oh. Okay, um... you know, you really don't have to do that.

Nicole: Yes... yes, I do. And I've already seen a few pretty good resumes, and since I know the job inside and out, I'm gonna do the one-on-ones. Trust me--I will find you a great assistant ASAP, subject to your approval, of course.

[Knock at door]

Brady: Hey.

Eric: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hi, Nicole.

Nicole: Hey. I'm assuming you're here for pre-cana, which means I'm about to... [Clears throat] Go get my work done. Excuse me.

Brady: Sure. So long. What is wrong with her? What was that about?

Eric: She's just trying to tie up some loose ends. Where's Kristen?

Brady: Uh, she's probably on her way.

Kristen: Where in the world is Sonny? We can't just leave the list here for him.

Marlena: Hmm.

Kristen: Oh, my God!

Marlena: What?

Kristen: I had a pre-cana meeting today. I totally forgot about it.

Marlena: Well, why did you ask me to--

Kristen: Would you please wait here and give Sonny the deposit check, please?

Marlena: Well, I can, but--

Kristen: Please. Thank you so much, and I'm so sorry about this. I'll be in touch, okay?

Marlena: Hmm.

Justin: Hey, honey.

Adrienne: Hey. I'm glad you're home.

Justin: Home. Yes. I never thought I'd miss the old place, but I did... mostly I missed my beautiful wife.

Adrienne: Yes, I-I know, honey. I know.

Justin: Adrienne? What's wrong?

Adrienne: Have you talked to JJ today?

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: Have you heard anything?

Kayla: Yes.

Jennifer: Okay, what? I mean, did he try to contact you?

Hope: Let's go inside.

Jennifer: Was he upset?

Kayla: I think I need to sit down, because this is gonna be difficult.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? Kayla, no, just tell me. What?

Kay: Look, I know a long time ago you and I made a deal that you would be the one to tell JJ what happened. But he came to the hospital today, and... I don't know--it's like-- it's like--it's like he knew everything already.

Jennifer: Yeah. He read the transcripts to my trial.

Kayla: Listen, I tried to convince him to come here and let you tell him about it, but he wouldn't let it go. He forced me to confirm that--

Abigail: No, no, don't say it. Don't say it.

Kayla: I am so sorry.

Jennifer: No, Kayla, don't you be sorry. Don't you ever. You are the victim here.

Kayla: No, no, what I meant was I am sorry that JJ's now a victim too. To find out about his dad like that, just--

Jennifer: I know, Kayla. It's my fault.

Hope: No, it's not your fault.

Jennifer: Yes, it is. Hope, I should have told him years ago. Hey, baby. I told Abigail, and it was hard, you know, but we got through it, and I think that's what made us closer, but... I never told JJ... because he was always away. And then Jack died, and then... I don't know--he came home, and ever since then, everything has just been so wrong.

Kayla: There's never a good time to tell someone this.

Jennifer: And it's just been awful because I feel like I can't even talk to him now.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Jennifer: But you--you saw him. I mean... was he okay? H-how did he look?

Kayla: Physically, good. Emotionally, not so good.

Hey, listen, guy, what the--

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Just stop!

JJ: Get your hands off of me, you son of a bitch. I swear to God I'm gonna kill you.

Daniel: Shh. Just stop.

JJ: I'm gonna kill you! down at the square--probably a shoplifter or something. I don't know--the patrolman will handle it, but I'm the detective on call. I'm sorry--I-I got to go.

Jennifer: No, it's okay.

Kayla: Thanks for coming.

Hope: Hang in there. Hang in there, sweetheart, okay?

Jennifer: I just wish there was a way to contact him.

Kayla: You know, when he's ready, I'm sure he's gonna come here and talk to you about it. It's just--right now I think he's just too upset.

Abigail: Mom, this is weird. I'm getting all these tweets. Oh, my God. "Store featuring Jack Devereaux's book smashed and trashed. Young kid goes berserk."

Kayla: What?

Jennifer: It's JJ. That's where he is.

Justin: When was JJ here?

Adrienne: Not that long ago. He--

Justin: I hope he wasn't trying to convince you to let him move in, 'cause the best thing for him is to move back to the house. He needs his family right now.

Adrienne: No, no, he didn't want to talk about staying here, no. He's awfully upset right now about something, because I--

Justin: What? What?

Adrienne: Well, when he came by... you know how he can be really charming?

Justin: Oh, boy.

Adrienne: No--

Justin: What did he do?

Adrienne: He wanted to know something, so he sort of... [Sighs] After...

JJ: Yeah?

Adrienne: After what happened, your father felt that he didn't deserve to be happy. Look, I'm not making excuses for what your father did. I could never do that, but--

JJ: But--but?

Adrienne: But during Lawrence's trial, when your father had to testify, when he had to admit that...

JJ: That--that--that he what? What did he have to admit, aunt Adrienne?

Adrienne: JJ, you-- you don't know what I'm really talking about, do you? I think I may have really messed things up again.

JJ: You son of a bitch.

Daniel: Just stop talking, JJ.

JJ: I hate you.

Daniel: Whatever's wrong--

JJ: I'm gonna smash your face in, Daniel!

Daniel: You're not gonna fix it by trashing the place.

JJ: Aah!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, calm down.

Nobody gets hurt.

When this man lets you go, keep calm, keep calm.

Daniel: He's fine.

Let him go.

All right, keep your hands around behind your back, and we're gonna pull you up. Do you understand me? Do you understand me? Let's go.

Hope: What the hell happened here?

Well, somebody doesn't like books.

Excuse me--I saw the whole thing. He was smashing windows and trashing the place. He punched me when I tried to stop him.

Hope: Go with officer Hamlin. He'll take your statement. JJ... you want to tell me what happened here? Okay. We'll do this down at the station. JJ, I'm sorry, but you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Marlena: Come on, Sonny, at least a text. [Sniffs] Oh! Oh, no. Ugh. [Sighs] Come on. [Sighs] Oh, hell.

[Cell phone rings]

Marlena: Sonny, that better be you. Hello.

Dr. Marlena Evans?

Marlena: Yes?

I'm with perfect delivery, inc. I have a package for you from a john black. Uh, my instructions are to hand-deliver. Where are you now, please?

Marlena: Uh, I-I'm at, uh... a-at club TBD. Uh, uh, uh, do you know where that is?

Yes, ma'am. I'll meet you outside the entrance in five minutes.

Marlena: Uh, uh, sure. Okay, thanks.

Nicole: Okay, let me be up front about the job. You have to really want to commit to watching over father Eric, father matt, the sisters, sometimes the school kids, the parents. I mean, you pretty much have to give yourself over to the work.

Oh, I'm ready to do that.

Nicole: Are you sure? 'Cause it's, like, all day and all night and not a lot of pay, and you really have to want to make St. Luke's run right. Or really, just don't apply. So are you cool with the drawbacks?

Oh, I've admired father Eric ever since he came to St. Luke's. And, of course, father matt's everyone's favorite.

Nicole: You're a parishioner?

Yes, a retired nun... ready to get back to work for the lord.

Nicole: Oh, that's wonderful. Okay, thank you. We will be in touch. Nice to meet you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Hell, no. A nun as an assistant-- Eric would rather chew glass. Ugh.

Kristen: I'm so sorry I'm late. I-I-I was having that meeting with your mother about the--you know, the engagement party. I'm so sorry.

Eric: You know what? It's okay--Brady just got here a few minutes ago.

Brady: It's okay. Breathe. It's all right. It's fine.

Kristen: I really hate being late. I really hate it more than anything in the world. I feel like I'm failing people.

Brady: You're not. Stop.

Kristen: Where do you want to start? What should we do? What do you want to do?

Brady: Sit. Please, get a chair.

Kristen: Okay, okay.

Eric: Kristen, the last time that you spoke was so eloquently about how much you love Brady and why.

Kristen: Right. That was really easy to do.

[All laugh]

Eric: And I'm sure he loved hearing it. And after that, I thought that, you know, Brady was really the one who truly opened up on the deeper issues that you two might be having. He was almost painfully honest.

Kristen: [Softly] I know. I remember.

Eric: I think both of you came into the session stronger. But now it's your turn. As you approach the wedding, do you have any hesitation... any secrets that you may be keeping?

Marlena: Oh! Wait!

Give it up, bitch!

Marlena: Stop that! What do you think you're doing? My home is busy

Nicole: You're an employment agency, for Pete's sake. Really, do you not screen these people? Okay, the last guy was great on paper, as long as you overlook the fact that he's blind. And really, an ex-nun? Devotion to God is not part of the job description. Believe me--I know. And the next applicant--no-show. Great. Now we're back to square one. [Clears throat]

Nicole: Oh, never mind. She's here. Thank you. I'll call you back. Okay, well, you're late, but, uh, let's get on with it. Uh... Madeleine. All right, good. Worked in a church. That's good, good start. Administrative assistant. Great references. Just moved from Chicago, so no preset ideas. I like that. Ooh, graduate of northwestern. Everything's coming up roses for you--no. No, I'm sorry. You can't work for Eric, honey. You're gonna have to get another job, okay? Thanks.

Justin: It sounds like JJ played you. He's very adept at that.

Adrienne: He just seemed so sincere.

Justin: He's adept at that too.

Adrienne: [Scoffs] I really thought he knew-- I mean, not everything, but most of it. And en I talked to Jenn, and she said he didn't know a thing about Jack and Kayla-- not a thing.

Justin: Well, when do you tell your son something like that?

Adrienne: Plus, she said since he's been back from England, he's been so alienated, so angry. But, Justin, I'm afraid of what he'll do when he does find out.

[Cell phone rings]

Adrienne: Oh, wait. Hold on. It's Jenn. Jenn, how's JJ? Have you talked to him? He's here. We'll be right there. We have to go to the police station. JJ's been arrested.

Hope: You've got some cuts on your hands. You want me to send for a doctor? I got this. Come here--let's sit down. This is off the record. When we're on the record, I'll make sure you have an attorney, but right now this is family... just you and me, JJ. What happened out there? Hang in there. We'll get through this.

Daniel: I, uh, tried calling Jennifer, but her batteries must be--must be dead.

Hope: Yeah, she's on her way. How's that bystander who got cut?

Daniel: He's fine. Didn't need stitches. I cleaned him up. He went back to the office.

Hope: Good. Can we take your statement? What did you see?

Daniel: Well, actually, I was, uh-- I was late to the scene, so...

I saw the whole thing. The kid was totally wacko. He--he could've killed somebody. Smashing things, punching people--you should have him tested for drugs. He's nuts.

Hope: Dylan, get this guy's statement.

Dylan: Yes, right away.

Kayla: Can you tell us what happened, Daniel?

Jennifer: What happened? JJ.

JJ: Go for it, Jonas. You always know everything, right? You've been wanting to see me in jail since day one. So why don't you tell them all about it?

Marlena: No, you--

Let it go, bitch!

Marlena: Oh, no, you don't.

Kristen: I don't know where to start.

Eric: [Chuckles] Well, wherever you feel comfortable.

Kristen: Okay. Um... I've always been afraid... to trust... I mean, anyone. I guess it's not that shocking, considering my last name is DiMera, right? My childhood... was... [Sighs] Wow. And my various relationships with men--kind of... disastrous nightmares. And I felt that, you know, women... are unreliable. And then I met and fell in love with you. Your love is just so complete and so total, and your trust and your forgiveness... I mean, I don't even have words... except to say that I find that I am not as afraid as I used to be to trust. See? Did you see that little smile?

Brady: Uh... yes.

Kristen: [Laughs] That's his way of letting me know that he loves me... and that I'm safe. He changed my life... this one right here... because he made me hope that I can love and that... I can have happiness. [Voice breaking] And the most amazing thing of all is that I'm actually starting to believe that I deserve those things. And that's just... incredible. I know that I-I... had those plans to hurt people, and that was horrible of me. And I was keeping secrets. Look, there's something that both of you need to know. I've been keeping... a secret. Zach has his dad's skin.

Abigail: I'm not asking why, JJ. I know why. But what happened?

Kayla: Everyone here is just trying to help you, baby.

Jennifer: JJ, are you okay? Are you all right?

Abigail: What happened, JJ?

JJ: Now's your chance, Jonas. Go for it. Score some points. Tell 'em what a piece of crap I am, how I never do anything right. I'm a born criminal. Why don't you go ahead?

Justin: JJ, I got to just say something here. Listen, I am still your lawyer, and I need you to listen to me very carefully. Do not answer any questions from anybody. In fact, I suggest that everyone here just stay silent.

JJ: Oh, right, 'cause that's what you do best, isn't it? You say nothing!

Kristen: Okay, don't look like that, please. I know that we said we're not gonna keep any secrets, and here I am admitting to one, but I mean, aren't some things supposed to be private, ever? [Sighs] I know that if we're gonna work that we have to be honest.

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: And you were completely truthful with me, so I need to be completely truthful with you. I did something behind your back. And it started a long time ago. I find this slightly terrifying. I'm afraid that if I tell you, I might lose you again.


Nicole: Hey! Oh, my God!

God's sake, lady! Damn! Oh, for God's sake.

JJ: You make me sick... all of you.

Justin: JJ, listen to me. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

JJ: You know, I don't care. I don't care anymore. Why should I? You know, maybe I should go to jail. At least in jail I wouldn't--

Justin: Son! Listen to me!

JJ: I'm not your damn son! Now leave me alone!

Justin: I just meant--

JJ: No, no, you're a liar just like the rest of them. The only difference is, is that you get paid for it. My God. God, you're all such hypocrites, jumping on my case whenever you get the chance, 'cause I'm not good enough. I'm a disappointment. I'm the loser-- the screw-up home from London, getting kicked out of school, trashing peoples' things and stealing, doing drugs, dealing drugs, breaking the damn law.

Justin: JJ, JJ, you...

JJ: No, and don't forget lying. Uh-uh, no way. Can't forget those damn lies, right? 'Cause you guys are all so perfect. Oh, you don't lie, do you? Oh, wait. Hold on--I just turned 18, and you've been lying to me since the day I was born!

Jennifer: Honey, please, I'm begging you right now to stop.

JJ: All of you knew how I felt about my dad. All of you knew how I felt about my dad--great guy... oh, the greatest. A couple of flaws, sure, but a total hero. Hell, he died saving my sister's life. So I go around telling everyone what a fantastic father I had. And every single one of you knew the truth, and you didn't say a damn word. You had years. You had years to tell me, but you didn't. And I'm supposed to be the screw-up. I'm supposed to be the one that doesn't do anything right. And you? What do you always do? You let me go on swallowing the big lie. You know, who finally tells me the truth? Who do I finally turn to? Aunt Kayla... I am so, so sorry... for what he did. I still can't believe... I can't believe that--that he raped you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. 3qyou disgust me. really need to keep your eyes on the road. I mean, this tablet cost me more than I make in a week, and if I drop it, I'll be--

Shut the hell up! Keep moving.

Nicole: Well, excuse me for my very existence, you clumsy fool. You know what? If you think I'm gonna help--

I said shut the hell up, bitch!

Marlena: Stop him! Somebody stop him! It's a thief! Stop him!

Nicole: He--

Kristen: I went to see a specialist... a doctor. And I kept it from you.

Brady: Wha-- what's wrong? Are you--are you--are you okay?

Kristen: I'm okay. It's not like that. You know, it started when you brought up the chances of us adopting a baby maybe. And I started fantasizing about what it would be like to be pregnant... to have your baby.

Brady: I thought that--

Kristen: I can't get pregnant. Right, I know. But there's been so many medical advances, so I thought, you know, I'll just... take a shot, you know, check it out. Why not? Maybe...

Brady: Of course.

Kristen: Yeah, but I mean, I always knew conceiving would be a long shot, and after seeing the doctor... a long shot's kind of optimistic.

Brady: I'm sorry.

Kristen: Don't be.

Brady: Hey. It's okay. But I don't--I don't understand. Why would you not want to share this with me? Why would you keep this a secret?

Kristen: I didn't want you to get all excited and get your hopes up. I didn't want to fail you. I don't ever want to fail you. I know that you would make such a great dad. I saw that when you were showing me the adoption pamphlet and everything, and you were so excited about raising a baby with me.

Brady: I still am. I still want to. I-I want to.

Kristen: Listen... you have to understand something. The chances of me conceiving... are highly unlikely. And you need to know that in your soul. Okay? Do you understand?

Brady: I... I understand. But here's the thing-- I don't care. I don't care. If we adopt a baby, wonderful, we adopt a baby. If you want to go through fertility treatments, we'll go for it. We'll do it, whatever we want to do, but here's the beautiful thing. If none of it works, none of it... but you're happy... then I'm okay with that, 'cause you're all I want. You're all I've ever wanted.

JJ: Nothing I can say can ever make it right, aunt Kayla, ever. For what my dad did, I hope he's screaming in hell. At least I know that you had a reason not to tell me. But the rest of you--nobody here gets a pass. You hear me? You're all a bunch of liars. From now on, I don't want anything to do with any of you anymore. Not that you give a damn-- you all hate the screw-up anyway.

Abigail: JJ, that's not true.

JJ: I'm the one that screws up everything. I'm the one that's always getting in trouble. Oh, but you guys-- you're just so perfect. What a kind, loving, honest family. Oh, wait. Hold on. My kind, loving, honest family told me that they would rather have me sleep on the street than come stay with them. That's some love.

Jennifer: We do love you, JJ, of course we love you.

JJ: You know, you shut the hell up. You're just another liar that says that she wants the truth. Oh, my so-called family-- you guys are all strangers to me, just like my dad... just like my dad.

Justin: JJ! JJ, stop!

[All screaming]

JJ: Aah! [Breathing heavily]

Hope: Let him go!

Jennifer: JJ!

Hope: Enough, I've got it. Let him go right now, officer. JJ, easy does it. We're gonna take you downstairs now. You'll be booked, then spend the night in jail, and you'll be arraigned tomorrow.

Justin: Hope, look, JJ and I need to talk...

Hope: Justin--

Justin: Before you start--

JJ: Why don't you go to hell with the rest of the liars?

Hope: Let's go.

Jennifer: Listen, JJ, we--

JJ: Get away from me! Don't touch me.

Jennifer: [Sobbing]

Eric: I want to thank both of you. The kind of honesty you showed here was exactly what was needed. I mean, these pre-cana sessions are kind of here to help you get a handle on any problems before the wedding, and that's what you've done.

Kristen: Well, thank you.

Brady: Yeah. I'm glad we did it. I'm happy we did it.

Eric: Good.

Kristen: I am too.

Brady: [Sighs] But, uh, the question still remains. Now that we've done what you asked us to do... will you marry us?

Marlena: Nicole, he's got my bag.

Nicole: Okay, it's right here. He threw it right here.

Marlena: Oh--

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Yes, hi. We need the police at the entrance of the Salem park. A woman's purse has been stolen, and the thief is getting away. They say no good deed goes unpunished.

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