Days Transcript Monday 10/7/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/7/13


Episode #12185 ~ Sami and EJ face off with Marge; Gabi ends things with Nick.

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Marge: Murderer!

EJ: Marge. I know it must be very difficult to accept the truth...

Marge: The truth?

EJ: But you saw the proof in court. Your husband was going to--

Marge: Trying to kill Rafe with a razor blade? Please. You set him up.

Sami: Look, we're sorry, okay? I'm sorry--

Marge: Stop lying! You're not. You won't be sorry until I make you sorry.

Kate: Why is Rafe sleeping? He was supposed to be in aquatherapy five minutes ago.

Jordan: He was worn out from this morning's session. He needs rest.

Kate: Oh, okay. So you let him push himself too hard once again?

Jordan: Actually he had some very enervating guests yesterday.

Kate: Who?

Jordan: You'll have to ask him later. Excuse me.

Nick: You look so serious.

Gabi: Um, Nick, I think-- I think I we need to talk about what happened between us.

Nick: Um, why?

Gabi: It felt good in the moment.

Nick: Yeah, definitely. Definitely did.

Gabi: Um, but I think that we need to, um, talk about--I mean, we didn't think about what was gonna happen afterwards. I mean, the consequences.

Nick: The--wait, the con-- are--are you trying to tell me that you're pregnant?

Theresa: Hey, aunt Kayla. Look at me. Hard at work.

Kayla: Great.

Theresa: You don't seem too happy about it. Are you mad that you couldn't ship me back to L.A.?

Kayla: You know, quite frankly I have a lot on my mind right now. That really wasn't in the forefront.

Theresa: Anything to do with JJ?

Daniel: I wish you were here. Your son, he needs you. So does Jenn.

Jennifer: Don't tell me you don't know where my son is.

Bev: We don't.

Jennifer: Bev, please. You nave no idea how important this is. I have to find my son. I need to speak to him right away.

Adrienne: You know, your dad was always off on an adventure. You knew that and, uh, you probably know by now that it wasn't always the best plan. And it was very hard on your mother and you kids too.

JJ: I'm not talking about that stuff. It's that "other" thing. That thing that happened with aunt Kayla.

Adrienne: Oh!

JJ: Are you okay?

Adrienne: No, no, no. It's just okay, it's okay.

JJ: Let me help you clean up.

Adrienne: No, no, no, I got it, I got it, I got it.

JJ: I-I upset you.

Adrienne: No, no. I'm just clumsy.

JJ: Can we talk about what happened, please?

Adrienne: What happened. Are you saying that you know?

JJ: Yes.

Adrienne: God. Oh, God.

How could you say that?

Theresa: Well, JJ's sister was here earlier flipping out because he left home and stuff. I know you must be worried.

Kayla: I don't suppose you heard from him.

Theresa: No. Why?

Kayla: Never mind.

Theresa: But I was wondering how he's doing.

Kayla: You know what, it's-- [Stammers] Really, you have a lot to do right now, so why don't you focus on working, okay?

Theresa: Well, you don't have to be so snippy about it.

Bev: Mrs. Deveraux, we honestly don't know where he is.

Rory: He was trying to find something out about his dad and then--

Jennifer: Wait. His dad? Are you sure?

Rory: Yeah. What's wrong with that?

Adrienne: Look, JJ, it's really not my place to have this conversation with you.

JJ: Okay. I don't mean to put you in a tough position. I don't. But with the way things are, I can't go to my mom or my sister or aunt Kayla about this.

Adrienne: Look, honey, honey, honey, I understand, okay? But once you and your mother work things out, the two of you can sit down and discuss it.

JJ: I can't wait that long. My dad's book's about to come out and people--they're gonna be talking about his past.

Adrienne: What people?

JJ: You know the way reporters are. They're just--they're gonna be digging stuff up and--look, I just wanna be prepared.

Adrienne: Look, the only thing you need to know is that your father deeply regretted his actions. And he regretted them till the day he died.

Nick: Oh, my God. Wait. Okay. I know that we totally, totally didn't plan this, but--

Gabi: Nick, Nick, I'm not pregnant.

Nick: You're not?

Gabi: No. We used a condom, remember?

Nick: Yeah--I mean, of course. I-I remember that--that we used a condom. But you know, they're not-- they're not 100% effective and I guess I'm just--I'm trying to say that if that did happen, I would 100% absolutely be there for you.

Gabi: I know. I know that, okay? But I already have a baby that I didn't plan for. And I love Arianna to death. I love her so much, but she's not even six months old yet. And, honestly, I don't--I'm not ready to do this again for a long time. I'm not.

Nick: Well, okay, so, well, you know, we'll be more careful next time.

Gabi: No. No, we won't.

Nick: What do you mean?

Gabi: Nick, as much as I missed being with you... I didn't miss how--how complicated it made my life and I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry, but I can't handle being anything more than just friends.

Rafe: Oh, hey.

Kate: Well, hello there.

Rafe: Hi.

Kate: You look like you went more than a few rounds with nurse Ratched.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Yeah. I'm still standing.

Kate: [Laughs]

Rafe: Sorta.

Kate: Well, apparently you did really well. I spoke to the taskmaster myself.

Rafe: Oh, did you?

Kate: Mm-hmm. She also mentioned that you had some visitors?

Rafe: Oh.

Kate: If it was Stefano, I swear to you, I--

Rafe: All right. Take a deep breath. It wasn't Stefano.

Kate: Okay, then who?

Rafe: Doesn't matter.

Kate: No, see, because-- you're saying that because you think it's going to upset me.

Rafe: Yes.

Kate: Well, obviously I'm already upset, so...

Rafe: Yes, but I'm not gonna tell-- okay. It was EJ.

Kate: What did that bastard want now?

Rafe: [Chuckles] Oh, just to rub it in that he was marrying my ex. Good luck to him.

Kate: Okay, so from the sounds of that you were the one rubbing something in, hmm?

Rafe: Maybe a little.

Kate: Okay, so tell me. Who--who else visited you? Because obviously it wasn't Stefano or EJ who upset you.

Rafe: Yeah. It was, uh...Marge Bernardi.

EJ: Don't threaten my fiancée. Come one, let's go.

Sami: EJ, I just wanna say one thing to her. You're right about me. I'm a liar. I always have been and yes, I lied about knowing your husband because--

Marge: You were covering your ass?

Sami: Yeah. I was. Haven't you ever done that? Hasn't everyone?

Marge: I never shot anyone.

Sami: You're mad because--

Marge: The last time I counted--

Sami: You're mad because your husband lied to you. And maybe he thought he had a good reason. Maybe he was saving money for Timmy's college--

Marge: Shut up! You planted that evidence. You set up my husband.

EJ: Marge, if I was planting evidence, why would I wait months to procure the evidence that would free Samantha? Look. I understand you can't be angry with your husband, so you have to be angry with somebody else, but--

Marge: Yes, I do. I'm angry at the person who took my husband's life.

EJ: You need to accept the truth. Not just for your sake, but for Timmy's.

Marge: No. Don't you ever say my son's name again. Do you have any idea what this has done to him? He idolized his father. And now he has to hear people calling him a mu-- a murderer! Oh, my--why is this happening? [Sobbing]

Sami: Shh, shh, shh.

JJ: Of course dad regretted it.

Adrienne: Look, honey, after--after what happened, your father felt that he didn't deserve to be happy or to be loved. Your mother had to convince him. And thank God she was persistent. Because now we have you and Abigail. And you two have blessed our lives so much.

JJ: I don't feel like much of a blessing right now. I don't know. Maybe I take after him?

Adrienne: Of course you do. In every good way. JJ, you would never do what he did.

JJ: How do you know?

Adrienne: Because you have to understand where he was coming from. Your grandma Jo gave up your father and uncle Steve so that they could have a better life. Jack grew up with every privilege. Every privilege except for love. That's not how it is for you. Look, I'm not making excuses for what your father did. I could never do that, but--

JJ: But?

Adrienne: But he would be the first one to tell you that. And when your mother--during Lawrence's trial, when your father had to testify--when he had to admit that he--

JJ: That he what? What did he have to admit, aunt Adrienne?

Adrienne: JJ, you--you don't know what I'm really talking about, do you?

JJ: Yeah--yeah, of course I--yeah, I know some of it. What are you doing?

Adrienne: No, I'm calling your mother. You should be having this conversation with her.

JJ: No way.

Adrienne: No, JJ! Don't you go! JJ!

Jennifer: What kind of information was he looking for? What did--what did he find out?

Bev: He was looking in these old newspapers online.

Rory: He actually wanted to go to the library.

Bev: Yeah, but we couldn't access the old files there, and we really tried to get him to talk to you, but he said that he couldn't.

Rory: He just got some brilliant idea and took off.

Jennifer: And you don't know where?

Bev: No, Mrs. Deveraux. I'm sorry.

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Hello?

Adrienne: Jennifer, it's Adrienne. Look, JJ was here.

Jennifer: He was? Is he okay?

Adrienne: Physically he's fine, but--

Jennifer: But what?

Adrienne: You need to come over right away.

Kate: I'm sorry--I mean, I'm sorry you had to relive that night all over again.

Rafe: Oh, whatever. It was actually a lot more traumatic for Marge. It was--whatever. You know, I'm not looking back. I'm looking forward.

Kate: I think that is a wonderful, wonderful attitude.

Rafe: Yeah. So what about you, hmm? You've got mergers and acquisitions and you've got this new great grandbaby.'re still here, wasting time hanging out with me and drinking bad coffee.

Kate: Hear, hear.

Rafe: Why?

Marge: I-I had to send Timmy to be with my parents so he wouldn't have to see the newspaper or hear his friends say anything. I miss him so much!

Sami: Of course you do. Of course you do. So maybe--maybe you could go be with your parents too. Be with Timmy.

EJ: Good idea, Marge. I think we should all take some time to heal.

Marge: Heal? That is never going to happen. Do you think this is gonna get any better? Hmm? My husband is gone forever. His reputation is ruined forever. And it's all because of you.

EJ: Marge.

Marge: And thanks to him, you got away with murder. And nobody gives a damn. Nobody but me.

Daniel: Hey, Karin, I'm looking for a missing bracelet. Did anyone turn one in?

Karin: I haven't seen it. Are you sure you lost it here?

Daniel: I thought I put it in my locker, but I must have dropped it when I scrubbed in for surgery.

Karin: If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Daniel: Thank you.

Theresa: Oh, Dr. Jonas. Just the man I was looking for.


Jennifer: What happened?

Adrienne: JJ had a lot of questions.

Jennifer: About his dad?

Adrienne: He said he knew about what happened between Jack and Kayla and he just wanted more information about it, but he was fishing. Sweetheart, I swear I wouldn't have said a word had I realized.

Jennifer: What did you say? Did you tell him that his father raped Kayla? Please.

Adrienne: No, no, no. When I saw the look in his eyes, I realized that he didn't know the truth, but Jennifer, I'm afraid it won't be long before he does find out.

JJ: Nice.

Bev: Are you sure nobody's home?

JJ: Of course I'm sure. The cars are gone. Didn't you notice?

Rory: Hey, maybe your mom will be so glad you're home she'll forget to ground you for life, dude.

JJ: If I was moving back home, do you think I'd be breaking in?

Rory: Then why are we here? You gonna grab some cash?

JJ: No.

Bev: Okay, well, then what's in there?

JJ: My mom has a transcript of this trial.

Bev: What trial?

JJ: His name was Lawrence Alamain. He attacked my mom. But...

Bev: What?

JJ: It happened before I was born and my parents always told me that they would talk to me about it when I was older.

Bev: That sounds terrible. Why would you wanna read about that?

JJ: Will you please just keep a look out for my mom and sister? Okay?

Rory: Okay.

Bev: Yeah.

JJ: I got it.

Nick: This is about will and Sonny, isn't it? I know--I know how upset will was when he saw us kissing, but listen, Gabi. I'll--I'll talk to him.

Gabi: No.

Nick: I can talk to him.

Gabi: No, please, don't. Don't do that.

Nick: You can't let them run your life.

Gabi: I'm not. Okay, and once he calmed down, he realized that he couldn't even if he wanted to.

Nick: Then it's this--it's this town. You said that before. I've heard you say that before. Nobody in Salem thinks that we should be together because of what happened.

Gabi: Okay, that's--that is part of it, okay? With everything that's going on in my life, I just--I don't have the energy to deal with people judging and lecturing me. Okay, and it's better if we just move on like you said. You live your life and I live mine.

Sami: Well, I wish that woman knew that he is the reason that her husband is dead.

EJ: Darling, Joseph Bernardi did not have to go and work for my father.

Sami: No one says no to Stefano DiMera. He ruins lives. That's what he does for a living. It's what he's good at and he never pays the price. I swear to God, that is not justice. You understand that, right-- I am in the middle of a rant here! Okay? You have to let me--

EJ: I love it when you're feisty.

Sami: When am I not?

EJ: Well, earlier with Marge you were not very feisty. She's throwing a thesaurus full of insults at you and you just stood there calmly and compassionately. You gave her a shoulder to cry on.

Sami: Oh, I will charge her the dry cleaning bill.

EJ: It s a compliment, Samantha. You were caring and sensitive.

Sami: Are we still talking about me?

EJ: Samantha Brady, you are a truly incredible woman. And I have to remind you just how fantastic you are every day for the rest of your life.

Theresa: Uh, don't forget I need you to finish filling out there forms so you can get your new badge.

Daniel: Yeah, terrific. More paperwork.

Theresa: Sorry, I hate being the form police.

Daniel: All right. No problem. Just doing your job. All right.

Theresa: Yeah, well, I'm trying to put my disastrous stint as Jennifer's assistant in the rearview mirror. I'm sure she told you all about it.

Daniel: Uh, nope.

Theresa: Well, I can't blame Jennifer for letting me go. I just couldn't seem to get her system down.

Daniel: Well, you really know what, Theresa? You don't have to explain to me. It's really none of my business.

Theresa: I know, I just--I wish that I could have been more helpful, you know? I mean, especially now that I know that she was having such a hard time with her son. But, I mean, I do really hope things get better for her.

Daniel: Yeah. Me too.

Jennifer: Jack and I intended to tell JJ the truth.

Adrienne: Oh, I know, honey.

Jennifer: We just both wanted to be together to tell him do you tell your son, who idolizes his father, that he--

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Hello? What? No, no, please. Please don't call the police. I'll be right there, okay?

Adrienne: What now?

Jennifer: My neighbor saw JJ and his friends breaking into the house. I gotta go.

Adrienne: Jennifer, do you want me to come with you?

Jennifer: No, I'm fine. I need to do this by myself.

JJ: Jack Deveraux is sworn in.

Rory: Wait, what?

JJ: I just--I don't understand because it was Lawrence Alamain who-- no, no, no. No way.

Bev: What's wrong?

JJ: Forget it. Just get out of here.

Bev: Why?

Rory: What if your mom co--

JJ: I said get the hell out of here!

Rory: Okay. We're going.

Bev: You know where to find us if you need us.

JJ: This--this can't be true. It just can't be. 3q it's time to change the way we clean.

Jennifer: JJ! JJ! JJ!

Kayla: JJ.

JJ: Um, aunt Kayla, uh... I know what my dad did. But I ne--I want--I need to hear it from you.

Gabi: Nick, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't lead you on. And...I want us to still be friends.

Nick: Sure. Sure.

Gabi: Look, I know that this--this has been a crappy year for you and it can only get better. It will be better. But if you need anything, you have to know that I'm here. You know that.

Nick: Yeah. I do know that. Thanks.

Kate: Am I cramping your style, detective?

Rafe: Of course not. You know I always enjoy your... company. But I just don't want you here feeling guilty.

Kate: Oh, so you think I'm here out of guilt?

Rafe: Well, no, I wouldn't say that, but--

Kate: But what? I am here to support you and I am going to come here every day and sit by your side until you are well enough to leave the hospital.

Rafe: Are you?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: I thought I asked you to let my patient rest.

Rafe: Oh, well, this one never listens. Part of her charm.

Daniel: What?

Theresa: Dr. Jonas, I don't really know how to say this, but, um, I owe you a huge apology.

Daniel: And why is that?

Theresa: When I first came to town, I came on really strong and I'm just--I'm completely mortified every time I think about it.

Daniel: Ah, you know, don't be.

[Phone rings]

Karin: University hospital fourth floor.

Theresa: I think--I don't know, I think I was just new to town and I really needed some attention.

Daniel: Oh, yeah? And now?

Theresa: Salem's growing on me. I mean, I'm really glad to work at the hospital. It's kinda awkward being around Jennifer and you.

Daniel: Look, I really can't speak for Jennifer, but as for me, all's forgiven. No worries.

Theresa: Really?

Daniel: Yeah. You know, I've seen how hard you've been working to start over, yeah.

Theresa: Well, I've just--it was kind of a shock getting fired from my first job and I, uh--it was a wake up call, you know, to get my act together.

Karin: Dr. Jonas, Maxine needs you in room 410.

Daniel: Uh, okay. Um, can we do this later?

Theresa: Sure.

Karin: Dr. Jonas seems awfully nice.

Theresa: Yeah.

Karin: I didn't think he'd take time to talk to people like us.

Theresa: Was he talking to you?

Karin: No. I just meant surgeons are usually friendly with other surgeons or with the nurses, with the--

Theresa: Yeah, I get it, Karin. You didn't think he's gonna take time to talk to lowly me.

Karin: No, I didn't say that. I just wonder, the way you two seem to get along and the look on your face when you were with him just now? Are--is there something going on that I should know about?

Theresa: Do you have time to grab a coffee?

Karin: Sure.

Theresa: Oh, it's my treat.

Karin: You're on.

Kayla: I-I think you need to go home and discuss that with your mother, JJ.

JJ: But what he did, he did it to you. Aunt Kayla, I know that this must be so hard for you, and I'm sorry to ask you this, but I need to know from you. Because it doesn't make any sense.

Kayla: What doesn't make any sense, JJ?

JJ: I read the transcript from Lawrence Alamain's trial and it said that my dad had to admit-- it's--it's not true, right? He just did it to put Lawrence away so he would never hurt my mom again. Come on, aunt Kayla. He's my dad. I have to know the truth.

Kayla: I'm sorry, JJ. But it's true.

JJ: He--

Kayla: He, um, he assaulted me.

JJ: He--he raped you?

Kayla: Yes, Jack Devereaux... raped me.

Karin: So we couldn't talk about this in the hospital? It must be big.

Theresa: Oh, no. No. It's just, uh, you know, poor Dr. Jonas was so lonely after Jennifer Horton dumped him. God, she is such a pain in the ass, isn't she?

Karin: I wouldn't know. I haven't really seen much of her.

Theresa: Yeah, she's never there. Anyway, I just felt so bad for him, so I wanted to, you know, lift his spirits.

Karin: "His spirits"?

Theresa: Well, I--

Karin: Are you two, like--

Theresa: No, no. Uh, God. Oh, God, absolutely not. We're just, uh--we're just friends.

Karin: Really?

Theresa: Well, you won't say anything, will you? I mean, this is how rumors get started.

Karin: No worries.

Kate: Hey, sweetie.

Gabi: Hey.

Kate: How are you?

Gabi: I'm good. How's Rafe?

Kate: Um, tired. He's in there with that automaton of a physical therapist right now.

Gabi: Hmm. Uh, how'd your talk go?

Kate: What talk?

Gabi: Well, you said you were gonna tell him that you were in love with him.

Kate: [Sighs]

Jordan: You already did 15 minutes of grip strength exercises in the physical therapy room. That's enough, Mr. Hernandez.

Rafe: I can't just lie here, okay? By the way...

Jordan: Fine.

Rafe: It's totally insane that you're still calling me Mr. Hernandez.

Jordan: Look, I--

Rafe: It's Rafe. That's my name. Rafe? Do you hate it?

Jordan: Of course not.

Rafe: Then use it. Go ahead. Try it.

Jordan: Fine...Rafe.

Rafe: Thank you. Oh, my God. That was great, by the way. Speaking of which, how did I do with my physical therapy sessions?

Jordan: You were there, weren't you? You completed all the exercises.

Rafe: But how well?

Jordan: You want a grade?

Rafe: Yeah, I do, actually. It's exactly what I want.

Jordan: Fine, I suppose I would give you a "B."

Rafe: A-- you know what, actually that's pretty much right on. And all things considered, I'm actually pretty happy with that. Are you?

Jordan: Well, you are making excellent progress. In fact, I think you're ready for the next step.

Rafe: Next step. Yes. What's the next step?

Jordan: I would like to extend your rehabilitation to real world experiences. Some short excursions outside the hospital with appropriate supervision, of course. And you will be moved to the rehab floor.

Rafe: Outstanding. You're telling me that pretty soon then, I can blow this joint and go home? For good?

EJ: So I was thinking, maybe we should just skip our engagement party this evening.

Sami: What? Why?

EJ: So we can make love all night long.

Sami: Mm. Well, that is a wonderful plan for tomorrow. I'm absolutely not gonna miss my--I mean, our party.

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: You know my father's going to be there, right?

Sami: Yes, but he's everywhere, right? We live with him now. You know, I was thinking about it though. His bad karma is totally balanced out by my brother the priest's good karma. And we're gonna be surrounded by my family and friends of whom I have so few.

EJ: Right. I forgot they're all so thrilled about this wedding.

Sami: You are gonna charm them.

EJ: Speaking of which, did you mention to your father that we're having this party?

Sonny: Don't--do--I haven't, okay? I will. I promise I will. I'm just getting up the nerve.

EJ: Mm. Gonna have to mount quite the charm offensive. But you do have quite the knack for getting what you want.

Sami: Speaking of, you know what I want?

EJ: I know exactly what you want.

Sami: Mmm.

Kayla: JJ. JJ, listen to me. You need to know that this was a really long time ago. And I-I did something to hurt your dad. I mean, I would never--I could never justify what he did. But you need to understand that he was a very different person then. This is long before you or Abigail were born--

JJ: Stop! I don't wanna hear any more!

Kayla: JJ.

Daniel: Hey, hey, hey. What's going on in here?

Kayla: We're okay.

JJ: No, we're not okay!

Nick: Gabi, you have no idea how happy we can be. We just have to get out of this damn town. [Sighs] I promise you, I'm not giving up on us. I'm gonna make all of our dreams come true.

Kate: I don't recall ever saying I was going to have that conversation and I certainly don't recall ever saying that I was in love with him.

Gabi: Well, okay, you didn't use those exact words, but it was pretty obvious that's w--

Kate: No, what's obvious is that Rafe, right now, needs to concentrate on getting better. That's the only thing that matters.

Gabi: Okay, but if he knew how you felt, maybe it'd give him even more motivation to get better.

Kate: Oh, believe me, he has plenty of motivation. Gabi, I can't force him. Look, tell him I had to go and you enjoy your visit.

Gabi: Okay.

Kate: Bye.

Jordan: I can't tell you when you'll be ready to go home.

Rafe: A week? Two? Three?

Jordan: I said I can't--

Rafe: No, I just want an estimate, okay? What's your best guess?

Jordan: Fine. Two years, give or take.

Rafe: Two years? Are you out of your mind? I'm not staying here for two years in this bed. You gotta--no. I'll get a new-- oh...okay. You're just messing with me.

Jordan: Just trying to give you a little extra inspiration.

Rafe: Or maybe a stroke.

Jordan: You are the only one that can determine when you will get out of here. Take it easy. Get some rest.

Rafe: Yeah. You're gonna pay for that...joke.

[Door closes]

EJ: You okay? I think this is the quietest I've ever seen you.

Sami: No, it's just... thinking about how lucky I am. And how Marge has to live with-- EJ, if I ever lost you, I don't know what I would do.

EJ: Stop. You don't need to worry about that because I'm not going anywhere.

Daniel: Are you all right? No, you're not all right. What--what did he do?

Kayla: No, it--it wasn't JJ's fault. He just heard some really upsetting news today and--if you could have seen the look on his face, the way he reacted. I'm really afraid of what he might do next.

Daniel: All right, don't worry about it. I'll go after him.

Kayla: Daniel.

Daniel: No, I got this.

Rory: Dude. JJ, what happ--

JJ: Don't wanna talk about it.

Rory: Hey--

JJ: I said I don't wanna talk about it!

Rory: Whatever, man.

Jennifer: JJ! Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, God. Oh, JJ.

Kayla: Yes, Jack Deveraux... raped me.

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