Days Transcript Thursday 9/19/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/19/13


Episode #12173 ~ Abe & Hope question Rafe about Bernardi; Eric & Daniel go to the hotel where Eric got sick.

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Sami: EJ, what are you doing here? I-I thought you were gonna go with Justin.

EJ: Justin said he would handle it. I thought I should be here with you to reassure you.

Sami: You could reassure me by telling me what the hell is going on.

Hope: No, I can't give you more time. I'm the one who'll be called on the carpet. Just do it.

Abe: Forensics?

Hope: Yeah, they're all over it, but they need more time.

Abe: No, no, we don't have it.

Hope: I know, so I authorized another squad.

Abe: Ye, I want the "a" team on this. We need accuracy. We cannot afford mistakes.

Justin: What kind of mistakes? I want some answers. We are in recess, and I have no idea why. Enlighten me.

Jordan: Good.

Rafe: Yeah?

Jordan: Yes. I know it probably doesn't feel like it, but you're making real progress.

Rafe: Thanks.

Jordan: It's a fact, not a compliment.

Rafe: I know. I was just thanking you for helping me.

Jordan: It's my job.

Rafe: Yeah. I wonder where Kate is. I could use some caffeine.

Jordan: My guess is ms. Roberts is berating the barista because the foam on your latte isn't fun enough.

Rafe: Oh, my God.

Jordan: What? What is it?

Rafe: I don't believe it.

Jordan: What? Is something wrong?

Rafe: Wrong, no. It's like a miracle, actually. Jordan Ridgeway, the most serious of all medical professionals, actually just made a joke. [Laughs] It's kind of funny. Hey.

Daniel: Thank you so much for doing this.

Maggie: Oh, yeah, spending time with my grandson--it's a real trial.

Daniel: Yeah.

Maggie: So how long you gonna be?

Daniel: I'm not sure, but I will--I'll keep you posted.

Maggie: So does this spur-of-the-moment trip have anything to do with Jennifer or JJ?

Daniel: No, it's something I'm doing to help Eric.

Matt: I offered a mass for your sister this morning.

Eric: Me too.

Matt: You know, I have a feeling when the trial's over, you're gonna start feeling better.

Eric: Well, that depends on whether she's free or she's doing time in the state house, right? I'm sorry.

Matt: Don't apologize. You have enough on your plate.

Eric: Father, I know that you think I'm stressed, and I'm not saying that I'm not. It's just... [Clears throat] [Sighs] It's this dream. I just--it never changes.

Matt: And you don't even know who the person is?

Eric: That's what's so strange. I never see the woman's face, but I know that I know her.

Brady: Ooh, ooh.

Kristen: Okay.

Nicole: Ooh, aye-yi-yi-yi.

Brady: Are you all--

Kristen: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Nicole: No problem.

Kristen: Well, I think you actually bumped into Brady. What's wrong--still a little tipsy?

Brady: Little-- still a little--what were you wasted last night?

Kristen: More like this morning. Then again, it's always 5:00 somewhere, right?

Abe: You are not welcome in here right now, counselor.

Justin: Abe, come on, I need to know if you have anything, anything to help Sami.

Hope: You heard the commissioner--out.

Justin: Hope, come on.

Hope: Let us do our job. Justin--

Justin: Hope!

Hope: Trust us.

[Phone rings]

Hope: Brady. Got it.

Abe: All right, I'll call forensics, tell them to keep on this. Meanwhile, you and I better handle this personally.

Sami: Will you please just tell me what is going on?

EJ: I don't know.

Sami: Then lie! God, can't you just make something up? I'm sorry. No. That was my fault. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be yelling at you. I shouldn't be taking this out on you. It's just this whole thing is driving me insane, EJ. Every little thing seems to make that trial just last forever.

EJ: Samantha, look, I know this situation is awful for you. And--and I'm really not just saying this. I think things may be looking up. You heard what Justin said. That prosecutor did not look happy.

Sami: So this could be good for me. Or I could just be getting my hopes up for nothing. So tell me--what do you think? I mean, at the end of the day, are they gonna take me away from you... from my kids, from my life?

Stefano: If somehow... Samantha gets out of this mess, one way or the other... you are gonna live here in this house... as my son. You are gonna work with me, side by side. You and your entire family are gonna live in this house, my house... until... I want it otherwise.

EJ: Yes. Samantha, that is not going to happen. We just need to keep the faith.

Sami: We just need to believe that this is finally what will make these bars disappear. I love that just washed freshness,

Sami: EJ, I-I want you to be honest with me. I know I have this way of making myself the center of attention.

EJ: Well, no, let me stop you there. You are the center of attention, because wherever you go, you are the most interesting person in any room.

Sami: Don't be nice to me, EJ.

EJ: I will stop immediately. Sorry.

Sami: You have been there for me. You have been my rock since this whole thing started, and you--you have done everything for me. And I know that I have not returned the favor. If I get sent away, I know what it will cost you, and--

EJ: Samantha--

Sami: EJ, I'm just really sorry.

EJ: Hey, stop--stop it. Stop worrying about me, okay? Loving you and supporting you, that's what keeps me going. That's what I live for.

Kate: Such levity. I didn't know physical therapy could be so lighthearted.

Rafe: Yeah, who knew, right? Ms. Ridgeway just located my funny bone.

Kate: Really? How nice for you.

Rafe: Yeah, turns out she actually has a rather droll outlook on, uh, things.

Kate: [Chuckles] Oh. So what did she say that was so droll? Oh, come on. Seriously, I could really use a good laugh right now.

Rafe: No, okay. I was wondering what was taking you so long, right? And so she was-- you know, you just kind of had to be here.

Kate: Okay, so--but I wasn't here, you know. And the reason I wasn't here, the reason I was so late is that this barista, I swear, I'm sure she couldn't even spell her job title. She could not get the order straight. I mean, I don't know what is so difficult about a no-foam, low-caf latte, but, I mean, it's not like it's quantum physics. What's so funny?

Rafe: [Laughs] Nothing. I'm--

Kate: Oh. Oh, I get it. I'm what's so funny, right?

Rafe: No, Kate, listen, um, Jordan had just painted a verbal picture of you and the barista, and, um, it just turns out that she was rather accurate in her depiction.

Kate: [Chuckles] Oh, my God, how funny that is, right? So university hospital now has their very own Kathy griffin, complete with verbal pictures. How amazing.

Jordan: Well, I think I should be going. I'll check in on you later, detective Hernandez.

Kate: Yeah, be sure to spread that merriment, 'cause God knows everyone loves--loves a joke at someone else's expense. [Chuckles]

[Door closes]

Rafe: Okay. Um, should I call Salem P.D.? 'Cause evidently your sense of humor has gone missing.

Kate: Yeah, whatever. You just shut up, okay? 'Cause I am known for my sense of humor.

Rafe: Oh, are you really?

Kate: Yes, I am, and you need to drink this before it gets cold.

Maggie: I don't understand. What are you doing for father Eric?

Daniel: It's just a project I'm helping him with-- you know, quick day trip.

Maggie: Right. Well, I guess I was hoping it was something to do to help Jennifer.

Daniel: I know.

Maggie: Daniel, this is such an awful mess.

Daniel: Well, if there was something constructive I could do, I would. I just-- you know, you're right. It's just an awful mess.

Maggie: And it's not like you to do nothing.

Daniel: There's nothing to do.

Maggie: Unless if Jennifer is trying to get JJ to move back home, then your being around would kind of get in the way. I keep waiting for you to say I'm wrong.

Daniel: Hey, you said it, not me.

Maggie: Hmm.

Eric: Father, I--please. I don't mean to keep harping about the same subject. The dream really bothers me. And, yes, I understand there's nothing we can do about our dreams.

Matt: Except pray.

Eric: Yes, and I'm doing that, but at least I know there's something concrete I can do about the other thing that bothers me.

Matt: The reason you got sick at that hotel.

Eric: I've cleared my schedule for today. Maybe I can finally get some answers. If I'm not able to solve both of those riddles, at least maybe I can solve one of them.

Brady: Nicole, I don't understand.

Nicole: There's nothing to understand. I went to an early brunch with an old friend, and we had a couple mimosas that went straight to my head. I'm sober as a judge now, and I don't need help standing on my feet. But thank you for helping me before, even though I didn't need it.

Kristen: You know what? I didn't need you attacking me earlier. So I guess we're kind of even then, huh?

Brady: Excuse me. Hold on a sec. You attacked her?

Kristen: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Why?

Nicole: Do I really need a reason?

Daniel: Okay. Thank you again for taking care of parker. Call me if you need anything.

Maggie: We'll be fine. I'll pick him up from Joanna in about an hour.

Daniel: Oh, that'd be great. Thank you. Yes, indeed, it will be an hour.

Maggie: Okay. I love you. Listen, by the way, this project you're doing for Eric-- is he all right?

Daniel: Uh, he's okay. But I'm hoping when we're done, he'll be doing even better. Okay. Thank you.

Matt: Are you sure you're up for that drive to the capital?

Eric: It's better than staying around here driving myself crazy. I mean, there's nothing that I can really do for Sami but pray for her. You know, on my way, I'll pray for her. When I get there, when I get back to that hotel room, maybe I'll have some answers. You know, I've been told he helps those who help themselves.

Brady: Just tell me what happened.

Nicole: Whoa, wait a minute. You're the one that got yourself engaged to a lying, sociopathic drama queen, and I'm the one who has to explain myself? It was nothing. It was, like, a stupid little incident.

Brady: Incident? Well, she said that you attacked her.

Nicole: Oh, well, give her the chance, and she'd call it world war iii. I'm so done here. There's no time. Good-bye.

Brady: Did you exaggerate?

Kristen: Is that what you want to believe?

Brady: I just want to know the truth.

Kristen: Okay, well, the truth is she is a sad, pathetic human being, and I'm not the only one that thinks that, or Marlena wouldn't have stood up for me.

Brady: Marlena stood up for you?

Kristen: She did. I know. I was shocked too. But clearly it's because Nicole is out of control, and she's over the top. And people like that, you know, they just want to lash out and blame everybody else for their problems. I hate this. I can tell you're upset, and I want to talk to you, but I have that errand to run. You want to go with me?

Brady: No, no, no, no. Let's, uh--let's meet up later, okay?

Kristen: All right. You know, I'm just reveling in the irony that I'm gonna end up with a man with a big, fat heart.

Brady: You just might. All right, I'll see you-- see you later.

Kristen: Okay, bye.

Rafe: You're not actually really mad that Jordan made a little funny, are you?

Kate: No. Of course not. No, I'm not. I mean, I don't know, though. If you're asking me, maybe I should be.

Rafe: Oh, come on. You have to admit that Jordan being a little less than totally serious about anything is... wow.

Kate: Oh, yeah. Yeah, wow.

Hope: Rafe. Excuse us. Uh, we need to talk.

Rafe: What happened? Is it about Sami?

Hope: No, she's fine, but we need to go over something about the case with you. And there's not much time. Would you excuse us? Kate, we need to talk to Rafe alone.

EJ: Justin, what's going on?

Justin: Something big, but I don't know what. Abe and hope are psyched about something but are completely tight-lipped. Sami, I think you have reason to be optimistic.

EJ: Why?

Justin: Because they are-- they want this to be airtight, so they're dotting the "I"s, crossing their "t"S. I mean, do you really think they'd be working this hard on something if it could possibly hurt Sami?

EJ: No.

Justin: They're doing everything they can to get you out of here, to get you home.

Rafe: Yeah. There's definitely something familiar about her.

Abe: Can you be more specific?

Rafe: Got it. I got--Bernardi knew her. Yeah. Yeah, I remember him talking to her when we'd, uh--we'd be working or when we were at the pub. Every time he saw her, he would always go up to her and say hello.

Hope: How many times did that happen?

Rafe: I don't know. Maybe a couple times.

Hope: Okay, there's something else we need to go over with you. There was a night before everything went down that Bernardi called in sick. Now, according to the, uh--the station log, you covered for him that night.

Rafe: Yeah. Okay, uh, he was not sick. Actually, he just wanted to take Marge and Timmy out for a nice dinner, so he asked me to cover for him.

Abe: Do you remember the name of the place?

Rafe: I don't think he told me. It was, uh... no, actually, it was an Italian place. Yeah, uh... "ver"--"ver" something.

Abe: Verducci?

Rafe: Yeah, that's it.

Abe: It's a quiet place way on the other side of town that's known for one thing-- not the linguini. They're very, very discreet.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, wait a second. Are you saying... that Joe and this woman... wow. They were having an affair, weren't they? Okay, so, if he was having an affair...

Abe: We didn't say that.

Rafe: Okay, what does this mean for Sami? Bernardi was obviously not quite the family man he made himself out to be, huh?

Abe: You know, why don't I move on and you finish up here? You take care of yourself, all right?

Rafe: All right.

Hope: Okay, you know the drill. Let's go over the times you saw her, see if there's anything else you can tell me, okay?

Rafe: Well, let me see the picture again.

Kate: Wait, that woman-- I know that woman.

Hope: Would you excuse us? We're not done, Kate. Please wait outside.

Kate: You know, it's-- I mean, I don't know her, but I have seen her.

Hope: What?

Kate: I think that I saw her here, actually.

Hope: Here in this room?

Kate: Well, I'm not sure it was in the room because she was dressed differently, but I did see her the night that Sami shot Bernardi.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Brady.

Kate: What's going on? What is it about this woman?

Hope: I'm out of here. Rafe, keep this quiet. Not a word to anyone, Kate.

Rafe: Good luck.

Kate: Who's the woman in the picture?

Rafe: I don't know.

Kate: You don't know? They didn't tell you why they're asking about this woman?

Rafe: Okay, listen--

Kate: You're a detective, for God sakes.

Rafe: Obviously hope and Abe have found something out, okay? So let's just keep quiet about it and keep our mouths shut, all right?

Daniel: Oh, that's great. Uh, thank you. Okay. Well, the hotel says the room is empty. We can take as long as you need.

Eric: That's great.

Daniel: And remember, the forensics guy I hired went over every inch of that place.

Eric: And remember everything he managed to dig up was destroyed.

Daniel: Yeah, so I'll get some new air and water samples, and maybe we'll find something he didn't.

Eric: Well, I'm just hoping a trip up there kind of triggers something.

Daniel: Well, mason said it can't hurt, but-- hold on a second.

[Cell phone rings]

Daniel: Uh, I got to take this.

Eric: Yeah, you know what? Just stay right here. I'll wait for you outside.

Daniel: You sure?

Eric: Yeah.

Daniel: All right. Dr. Jonas.

Kristen: Oh, hi.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Brady: Nicole, hold on. Wait.

Nicole: What? What? What do you want?

Brady: I want to know what happened between you and Kristen. Tell me.

Nicole: Well, I got mad, so I kidnapped her and held her captive in a secret little room. Oh, wait, no, that's what Kristen did to Marlena.

Brady: Nicole, tell me what happened.

Nicole: Ugh. Look, look, look, we're gonna make a deal, all right? Let's make a deal.

Kristen: Damn it, Nicole. Get off me.

Nicole: Let's make a little deal. I will stay away from you if you stay away from Brady.

Kristen: What are you talking about? Get your hands off of me, all right?

Nicole: You know what? You don't deserve Brady. You know what you deserve? You deserve a rock in the head is what you deserve.

Kristen: Get off of me!

Nicole: I will tell Brady. I will tell him, and he will dump you.

Kristen: Get off of me.

Nicole: I'm not doing anything right now.

Kristen: Right now!

Nicole: Does it really matter? Kristen and I don't like each other, so we got in a fight. Is it really that big of a deal?

Brady: No, it's not. But you getting drunk first thing in the morning... maybe.

Eric: I, uh--I wasn't expecting you to come by here today.

Kristen: Oh, no, did you forget? I was supposed to stop by and try to book a time for our first pre-cana meeting.

Eric: [Sighs] Right.

Kristen: Yeah.

Eric: Right, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. I'm just going on this quick trip today, and I had some things I had to get done before I go.

Kristen: You know, don't let me stop you. I'll text you, and we'll figure something out, okay?

Eric: Thank you.

Kristen: Sure. Have a good trip.

Eric: Will do.

Kristen: Bye.

[Door opens, closes]

Daniel: All right.

Eric: Oh, you have to get back to the hospital?

Daniel: No, no, I'm good to go. You ready?

Eric: [Sighs] Let's do it.

Daniel: All right, come on.

Melinda: What's going on, detective Brady? I still have a case to prosecute. Where were you?

Hope: Where do you think I was? I was trying to run down leads.

Melinda: Just cut to the chase. Am I getting screwed with this?

Hope: I don't know. Do you think you deserve to be?

Justin: Sami, I swear, if I knew anything, I'd tell you.

EJ: Okay, but you think that Abe and hope are onto something?

Justin: Yes, and here's what else I think-- that Melinda Trask will do everything in her power to keep whatever this is from the jury.

Sami: God, why does she hate me so much?

Justin: Don't worry. I've already taken steps to counter her.

EJ: What steps?

Justin: Let's just say that never underestimate the power of social media.

EJ: What? Justin!

Sami: Hey, hey, just let him go do what he has to do. The bottom line is he's right. Abe and hope would not get all fired up if it didn't help me.

EJ: I suppose it sounds plausible.

Sami: Oh, do you suppose it sounds plausible? Look at your poker face.

EJ: I beg your pardon?

Sami: Sounds plausible because you set this up.

Nicole: I didn't set out to get drunk.

Brady: Sure you didn't. I'm sure you didn't mean to get drunk. I'm sure you didn't mean to attack Kristen. Doing things you don't mean to do, Nicole, these are called warning signs, all right?

Nicole: Oh, Brady, come on, spare me.

Brady: Listen, are you having a tough time dealing with me being with Kristen?

Nicole: No, it was just a-a couple of complimentary mimosas.

Brady: And is it because you know you'll never have something like that with Eric?

Nicole: Just get over yourself and mind your own business.

Brady: Nicole, I--

Nicole: Ugh.

Brady: [Sighs]

Mage: What was that all about?

Brady: I asked her about, uh, her drinking, and she exploded.

Maggie: Hmm. That's not good.

Brady: No.

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Uh, Maggie, I got to--I got to take this.

Maggie: Sure, sure.

Kate: So... truth is killing you, right?

Rafe: What?

Kate: What? Not being part of the investigation--that's what.

Rafe: No. No, I love lying in bed doing nothing... [Inhales deeply] Nothing at all. It's, uh--it's amazing.

Kate: Yeah?

Rafe: Yeah.

Kate: Not helping Sami?

Rafe: Wow. Really?

Jordan: Time to get back to work.

Rafe: Save that.

Jordan: Could you?

Rafe: Okay.

Kate: Okay, so I'm just-- tell me if I'm in the way.

Jordan: You are.

Kate: And don't sugarcoat it. Anyway, I'm gonna get going. Have a good session.

Rafe: [Laughing] Yeah. I'm ready. You know, today's actually turning out pretty well. You're not gonna ask why?

Jordan: No, I was going to ask if we could get started. We have a lot of work to do.

Rafe: Oh.

Kate: [Sighs]

Stefano: It's a beautiful day today. Isn't it, Katarina?

Kate: Why was Stefano so happy?

[Footsteps approaching]

Melinda: It's good you're here, commissioner. Your detective seems to have her priorities out of whack.

Hope: Oh, I think priorities are way out of whack when the prosecutor cares more about her win-loss record than finding out the truth.

Melinda: That is insubordination. You heard what she said.

Hope: Happy to put it in writing.

Abe: Just... easy.

Hope: Right.

Melinda: What is going on here?

Abe: We're waiting on a call from forensics.

Melinda: About what? Details, people, details.

[Cell phone rings]

Abe: Well, this is it. Carver.

EJ: Well, you're wrong. I didn't do anything.

Sami: The timing on this one just makes it seem a little like you must have--

EJ: Samantha, the timing is a coincidence. You just need to wait and see what happens here, okay? We need to stay even-keeled.

Sami: You were just telling me to be positive. Anan w you want me to stay even-keeled? Why? Are you worried that it might backfire like the last time?

EJ: No, that is not going to happen, all right, Samantha? I told you I would get you home to the children, and I will. That's worth anything, right? I mean, that is worth any cost.

Don't let the holidays sneak up on you.

Daniel: Wait. Martha's not here? I just talked to her on the phone.

She was called away on an emergency.

[Door beeps]

Daniel: Eric?

Eric: I don't mean to pry, but if you open up to me, you might feel better.

Kristen: [Russian accent] Thank you, no. I am fine.

Eric: Wait. Do I know you?

Daniel: Eric? You, uh, coming?

Eric: There was a woman in the lobby when I checked in. She, uh--she had dark hair. Maybe you remember her.

I didn't work here then. Here you go. My boss told me to give you all the cooperation you need. We're not looking for any bad publicity here.

Eric: We're just trying to figure out some things.

[Door closes]

Kristen: Hi.

Brady: Hi. Mwah.

Kristen: That was a wasted trip. Eric and I ended up scheduling everything by text.

Brady: You were in the same room texting to each other? That's ridiculous.

Kristen: No, when I got to the rectory, Eric was on his way out--some kind of a business trip, I guess. So he texted me from the car.

Brady: Shouldn't text and drive. That's a no-no, especially for a priest. Where's he going?

Kristen: I don't know. I don't care. I just want to check things off the pre-wedding to-do list.

Brady: Yeah. A black/DiMera wedding... I think it's gonna be fun.

Kristen: I know.

Brady: I can't wait.

Kristen: I can't wait for the wedding night.

Brady: That's gonna be the best time.

Daniel: I'll, um--I'll come get you when we're done.

Good luck.

Daniel: Thank you. I'm gonna get the water sample. You sit tight, all right?

Eric: Yeah.

Jordan: Six... seven... eight... come on, give me one more. Come on, one more. There you go. Okay.

Rafe: [Grunts]

Kate: Go, Rafe.

Abe: Yeah. Yeah, I got it. All right. The evidence has been verified.

Melinda: Well, it hasn't been verified by me, and there's no way I'm walking into that court blind.

Abe: I don't think you understand--

Melinda: Look, when we resume, I'm putting you on the stand exactly as planned. T I don't want a word about whatever the hell this is to pass your lips.

Hope: You're an officer of the court. We have evidence.

Melinda: It doesn't matter what you have, not now anyway.

Hope: Can you spell "suppression of evidence"? Abe?

Melinda: Can you spell "no pension"? Get her in line and then get down to the courthouse. Sami Brady is going down, and she is going down today.

Hope: Abe, Abe--

Abe: Hope, rein it in.

Hope: But that woman--

Abe: Look, look, listen, don't let her get you off your game.

Hope: Right.

Abe: I'm gonna go up there just like she told me to do. I want you to get the guys and bring everything up to the courtroom.

Hope: Right.

[Door opens, closes]

Sami: Ugh, the last couple hours have felt like years. When are they gonna tell us what they know?

Justin: Right now. Court starts in five minutes. The guard is on his way.

Sami: [Exhales sharply] This is it.

Rafe: Okay, I'm sorry I called you that.

Jordan: I've heard worse.

Rafe: Well, it's just-- since it feels like boot camp, I started talking like it was boot camp. You're really good, though, you know that? Worth every penny.

Jordan: You haven't seen my bill yet.

Rafe: Whoa. Was that another joke?

Jordan: Would you give me a break?

Rafe: [Laughing] Why? It seems like it's actually starting to loosen you up.

Jordan: I have other patients. Don't forget to stretch again in half an hour.

Kate: So... how did it go?

Rafe: Things are actually starting to look up.

Bailiff, call ms. Trask. Tell her she's trying my patience.

Melinda: So sorry, your honor. I'm ready to go. I'd like to call commissioner carver.

Judge Sims: Not quite yet, ms. Trask. Before we bring the jury back in here, I may be a luddite, but my staff informs me that social media is lit up with rumors and stories about some kind of new evidence in this case.

Melinda: What?

Judge Sims: Tabloid TV news is all over it, and I'm somehow out of the loop?

Melinda: I-I don't think we should be influenced by outside pressures.

Justin: Is ms. Trask saying there's no new evidence?

Judge Sims: Mr. Kiriakis, please. Is there new evidence, ms. Trask?

Melinda: Actually, there may be.

Justin: Oh, is that why you called commissioner carver?

Judge Sims: Quiet. Is that why you called commissioner carver?

Melinda: Well, in truth, uh, commissioner carver has been working on it, and he has asked for some time.

Judge Sims: You were gonna call him as a state witness when he asked for more time?

Melinda: To explain that we needed time, but since that's already been established, perhaps we could just take a recess, give commissioner carver time, and I can prepare to proceed. So, with the court's indulgence--

Judge Sims: No, no indulgence. If something important has broken, I'll be dammed if I'm gonna be the last one to hear about it.

Justin: We'd like to hear about it too. I guess counsel has forgotten about the rules of disclosure.

Melinda: Your honor, I haven't had time--

Justin: We'll wave disclosure. Let's just get started, shall we?

Melinda: Your honor, in the interest of justice--

Judge Sims: In the interest of justice, bring the commissioner in here.

Melinda: Your honor--

Judge Sims: Now, ms. Trask... right now.

Hope: Good luck with this.

Judge Sims: It's my understanding, commissioner, that you have some new evidence. You have the floor, sir., Let's hear it.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Oh, hi, Maggie. Sorry. Eric is not here.

Maggie: Actually, Nicole, I came by to see you. Um, I talked to Brady, and he said a few things that have me concerned.

Nicole: Not you too. Really, I don't have a drinking problem.

Maggie: Well, I've heard that before. Everyone who has that problem has said that at one time or another.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I'm telling you the truth.

Maggie: All right, well, I just want you to know that I'm here if you ever need to talk, or I can, uh, drive you to a meeting.

Nicole: Maggie... I work in a church. I work for a priest. I've never been this not me in my whole life.

Maggie: Okay. Well, like I said, you have my number if, uh, you ever feel like it.

Nicole: Okay.

[Door closes]

Nicole: [Scoffs] You know, I'm just trying to look out for Eric. I'm trying to look out for Brady. I live like an expletive-deleted nun. Really, what is going on here? You know what--you know what you're doing? You know what this morning did to me? Now I want a drink. I mean, why won't you get on Kristen's case, huh? Why don't you get off your throne there and make sure she gets what's coming to her? How about that? Ugh!

Kristen: [Laughs] We have to fill out this entire questionnaire before our very first meeting with Eric?

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: Okay, what about this one? "Your first year of marriage-- where do you see your relationship going?" I'll say, "I didn't know relationships went. I actually thought they were." Brady?

Brady: Hey. What?

Kristen: What's going on?

Brady: Sorry. I'm still a little worried about Nicole.

Kristen: Really? Well, you shouldn't be. I made a big deal out of nothing. So just--don't we have more important things to focus on?

Brady: Yes. Yes, we do. I'm sorry.

Kristen: Look at this thing. It's completely endless. After all the time I've spent with Eric lately, I mean, is there actually anything he doesn't know about me?

Daniel: All right. Hey, did you, uh--did you have this window open or closed while you were in here?

Eric: Open, I think, to air out the place.

Daniel: Okay, well, I have a few more questions for that clerk. Are you ready to go?

Eric: I'm gonna stay here, try to remember.

Daniel: All right, okay. Um, I won't be too long. Okay?

Eric: All right. [Sighs] God, I give up. This is a waste of time.

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