Days Transcript Thursday 9/5/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/5/13


Episode #12163 ~ Eric continues to feel uneasy about the night he got sick; Jennifer learns JJ was arrested.

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Sami: Why do you think that the prosecutor asked for a continuance?

EJ: Well, it could be any one of a number of reasons.

Sami: But Abe made it seem like it was good news. So...Justin, do you know what this is all about?

Justin: Well, I'd imagine it has something to do with the new evidence that's come to light. Isn't that right, EJ?

Kate: Kayla, glad I tracked you down.

Kayla: What's wrong, Kate?

Kate: Plenty. And since you're the chief of staff of that pathetic excuse for a hospital, perhaps you can explain to me how Stefano DiMera got access to Rafe's room.

Jordan: Easy now.

Rafe: No, I'm not gonna take it easy. Until I'm on my feet... until I'm myself again. [Straining]

Nicole: Eric, um, I was wondering if-- hey...what's wrong?

Eric: Nothing.

Nicole: Really? You look kind of wiped. Maybe you should... try to take a nap.

Eric: I'm good. Really, I'm okay.

Nicole: No, you're not.

Maxine: Nice to see that smile. Good news?

Jennifer: Yes. JJ got an 86 on his first summer final.

Maxine: Way to go, JJ.

Jennifer: Yes! Well, considering he got a 52 on his last test, I am ready to break out the champagne. I'm telling you, Maxine, I think my son has finally turned a corner--

Daniel: Oh.

Rory said you guys could hook me up?

JJ: Yeah. Top-quality stuff. No-return policy.

Got it.


Rory: Aw, crap.

Fellas, a little wholesome summer fun, huh? Excuse me.

Looks like you guys won't see the outside for a while. You're under arrest.

JJ: What the...

Hope: I heard the request for back--

Sami: What evidence?

Justin: Apparently, Bernardi opened a bank account for his son. The balance was over $100,000.

Sami: Well, that's certainly enough to prove that he is a dirty cop.

EJ: Uh, how-- how did they stumble across this evidence?

Justin: Actually, it's pretty ironic. Adrienne, of all people, saw Timmy's deposit slip and then tipped off Abe.

EJ: My goodness. Well, this continuance, do we know how long Trask is requesting?

Justin: No. I'll know more when we go before the judge.

EJ: Okay, well, look, if we're not heading into court immediately, I'm going to take care of a couple of things back at the office.

Sami: Um, okay. Sure.

EJ: Okay. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Justin: Anything I can help with?

EJ: No, thank you. Um, see? Told you. Keep the faith. I'll be back soon, okay?

Sami: Well, this is good news, right? I mean, $100,000, that's a real chance to prove that he's dirty, which clears my name.

Justin: Yes, if it turns out to be true... it probably will.

Nicole: I know it's insane, Brady coming to you, asking for your blessing to marry the spawn of Satan...

Eric: Nicole--

Nicole: And I know I was dumb enough to marry EJ twice, but compared to his sister, he is prince charming.

Eric: Nicole, you can't know what's going on in Brady's head.

Nicole: Because there's nothing going on in his head. That's the problem. Please tell me you didn't say what Brady wanted to hear.

Eric: I can't tell you that, Nicole.

Jennifer: Sorry. I should have been watching where I was going.

Daniel: Likewise.

Jennifer: I just got some really great news. JJ did great on his first final.

Daniel: I--I heard.

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, it might not seem that great to you, but I'm really proud of him. I really feel like he's turning things around.

Hope: JJ, what happened?

JJ: I know what it looks like, but you've gotta listen to me, it's not what you think.

Nicole: You didn't tell Brady that you would marry him in the church...

Eric: I can't tell you what I discussed with Brady, because it's confidential.

Nicole: I was in the room.

Eric: Until you left.

Nicole: Oh--oh, my God. My head is gonna explode. Are you serious?

Eric: I guess we won't return to that conversation, will we? Oh, by the way, I still owe you a check.

Nicole: For what?

Eric: Uh, settling up for the hotel bill that night I got sick.

Nicole: Oh, come on. Eric, please, te-- you can't tell me you're okay with your brother throwing his life away with that-- I don't even have an appropriate word to say in front of you! Anyone can see that you're tortured. Unless something else is wrong. Is there?

Daniel: I'm glad JJ is doing so well. I hope he keeps it up.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Daniel: Yep.

Jennifer: Uh--

Daniel: [Clears throat]

JJ: Hope, it's not what--

Hope: I wouldn't say another word without your attorney present.

JJ: Why? I didn't do--

Hope: And don't tell me you didn't do it. You were caught in the act of selling drugs. You can't explain that away, JJ.

JJ: But I can explain why.

Hope: Okay, I'm listening.

JJ: Okay, I had this huge fight with my mom--

Hope: About what?

JJ: It was about Daniel. So look, I was just in a really bad place when my friend Rory reminded me that I owed him some now, today. He told me that we'd be settled up if I helped him. So it wasn't my idea or my fault.

Hope: No, I'm sorry, JJ, but this is your fault. The why, it doesn't matter. How ridiculous is that? The point is you were dealing drugs. Now you're gonna deal with the consequences. Let's go.

Rafe: What are you-- what are you doing?

Jordan: You are done for the day.

Rafe: I could have done, like, ten more reps.

Jordan: You could also do a lot more damage by pushing too hard.

Rafe: Okay, listen, I know my body, all right?

Jordan: Your grip strength is 28 bilaterally. Your lean body mass is 85%, and your shoulder range of motion is 60 degrees medially. If you continue to push, you risk a serious setback. Is that something you want, Mr. Hernandez?

Kate: Stefano is a maniac who has a personal vendetta against Rafe.

Kayla: If you're concerned about Rafe's safety, then maybe you should speak to the police department about getting him 24-hour protection.

Kate: Ha! Believe me, I would pay anything to make that happen.

Kayla: And what makes you think that you would be any happier with his security than you are with the therapist that you hired?

Kate: So are you telling me it's unreasonable to expect good care for Rafe?

Kayla: No, I just think that the decisions about his care should be made by Rafe. I will talk to him about what happened with Stefano, okay? And then we'll take it from there.

Kate: I'll tell you exactly what happened with Stefano. He threatened Rafe's life.

Kayla: Did Rafe tell you that...or did Stefano?

Sami: Well, why wouldn't it be true? I mean, we know that Bernardi was working for Stefano, so obviously he had to stash the money somewhere.

Justin: Yes, but an offshore account or a secret safe somewhere is the usual M.O. I mean, what if Timmy decides he wants to make a withdrawal... or tell his best friend that he's the richest third-grader in America?

Sami: Well, right, but he would have to have his name on it, because that's the only way he could access it to take money out or put money in. Or Marge would have had to know.

Justin: No, she didn't. Actually, she was quite shocked.

Sami: That must have been hard for her to find out that she didn't know her husband at all.

Justin: Yeah, well, when yore in love with somebody, it's easy to see what you want to see... and ignore what you don't.

Sami: Are we still talking about Marge Bernardi, or are we talking about me now?

EJ: Think very carefully before you answer this question, Mr. Stoller.

Stoller: Wh-what's that, sir?

EJ: The police discovered the funds you put in timothy Bernardi's account. Now, if they were to request the consult of a forensic accountant, how long would it be before they realized the money had been placed there after Bernardi died?

Jordan: I asked you a question, Mr. Hernandez.

Rafe: What do I want? I want my life back. I want to be able to answer a phone or pick up a fork or to press a damn call button when I need to. Actually, you know what? I don't want to press a button. I don't want-- I just want to get out of this damn bed and out of this hospital and back on my two feet again.

Jordan: Well, in that case, I need you to listen, follow my instructions, and do exactly what I tell you to do. And if you don't think you can comply, then I should probably say good-bye and good luck right now.

Kate: You know what Stefano is capable of.

Kayla: Of course I do. Which is why I know that if he wanted Rafe dead, he would already be dead.

Kate: He's biding his time.

Kayla: You know, not only is Stefano on the board, he is the hospital's top donor. So what would you like me to do? Is there any other board members that you would like me to bar from visiting the third and fourth floor just on your say-so?

Kate: [Scoffs] Wow. So do you mind if I hire a private guard?

Kayla: I will need Rafe to agree to that first. Okay? Have a good day.

Kate: Damn you. Damn you, Stefano.

Justin: Why would you ask me that?

Sami: I know what you're thinking. That I was even willing to think about taking the prosecutor's deal to sell EJ down the river.

Justin: Sami, I am not making any judgments here.

Sami: Well, I am. I can't believe I was even considering it. That I was just-- I was just desperate. You know, I was just desperate to get out of that cell. I was desperate to be with my kids.

Justin: Of course. You thought if you gave up EJ, that he'd find some way to get out of it anyway.

Sami: Well, he is smart. You know, I mean, I do think he could have made some sort of deal.

Justin: Right. And ultimately, you couldn't take that chance, could you?

Sami: The kids need him. Hell, I need him. So here we are again. Ultimately it was a Sami Brady 100% selfish decision.

Justin: No, it wasn't. I think you'd do anything for the man you love. And he'd do anything for you.

EJ: You told me they could not work out where the money came from. But if they can work out when...

Stoller: As I said before, if the investigators follow typical protocol, they'll never know.

EJ: Right, but what if they become suspicious? If they dig deep? They bring in an FBI expert. How long?

Stoller: A week and a half. Two. But they'll probably give up long before then.

EJ: Melinda Trask does not give up.

Stoller: I really don't think we have anything to worry about.

EJ: Pray you're right.

Nicole: If something's bothering you, Eric, you know you don't have to just keep it between you and God. Sometimes you actually have to talk to a person. You can talk to me.

Eric: I know I can.

Nicole: But you won't. I get it. You only need a friend when it's convenient for you.

Eric: Nicole--

Nicole: But, you know, you put that collar on...

Eric: Nicole, please stop.

Nicole: And you hide right behind it--you know what? Just forget I said anything. I'm going.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Hello?

Eric: Daniel, hey, it's Eric. I just wanted to see if I could stop by.

Daniel: Yeah. When were you thinking?

Eric: How about now?

Hope: Any idea who tipped you off?

Yeah, it was just some kid. Said that a couple of guys from Salem high were dealing.

Hope: So you set up the sting. And the rest is history. I have a feeling we're gonna get two very different stories here. Well, at least one of 'em has a casual relationship with the truth. Call Rory's parents for me.


Hope: Thank you. I'll deal with JJ Deveraux. Time to call your mom.


Jennifer: Hello?

Hope: Uh, Jenn, hi, honey. It's hope.

Jennifer: Hey, I was just about to call you with some really great news.

Hope: Jenn--

Jennifer: I mean, it's-- it's really not that momentous, but to me it's a really big deal because my son JJ-- drum roll, please-- just got an incredible grade on his first summer final.

Hope: Jenn, I'm sorry, but I-- I really need you to come down right away.

Jennifer: What? Down where?

Hope: Salem P.D. He's okay, but--

Jennifer: What happened?

Hope: I'll explain everything when I see you.

Jennifer: I'm on my way. Jolly rancher bold hard candies...

Nicole: Oh, hey, um, excuse me. Do you--what happened here?

Kids got busted for selling drugs. Can't feel safe anywhere these days.

Nicole: Not as long as Kristen's in town. Dr. Evans, hi. It's Nicole walker. Remember when you said you'd be in touch about the whole wedding-crashing thing? Ticktock, doc. Call me.

Eric: Hey, uh, I know I told you that I was cool with never finding out what happened that night I got sick at the hotel.

Daniel: Are--are you feeling okay?

Eric: Uh, yeah. Physically, I am fine. It's just that I have this feeling. You know, it's a memory, I guess.

Daniel: A memory of what?

Eric: I'm not sure, really. But every time I come across a reminder... of that trip to the state capital, I, uh-- I feel so-- I don't know, it's really hard to describe, but uneasy.

Daniel: Okay, well, what can I do to help?

Eric: I understand that all of the evidence that mason collected was destroyed, but do you think that... maybe there's another way that we can figure out what happened that night?

Daniel: [Exhales]

Sami: Yes, I believe EJ and I would do anything for each other. But why do you make it sound like a bad thing?

Justin: Did I?

[Door opens]

EJ: Hello, hello.

Sami: I'm glad you're back.

EJ: Darling. These are from the children. They made you some cards. Forgot to give them to you earlier.

Sami: Oh, that's really sweet.

EJ: You're not going to open them?

Sami: Well, I don't want to cry.

Justin: EJ, I'm glad you're back. I was just thinking how this continuance actually might work in our favor.

EJ: Uh, no. No continuance. We're fighting any delays of this trial, Justin. We are going full steam ahead.

[Knock on door]

Kayla: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in the middle of a session. I'll just come back later.

Jordan: It's okay. We're definitely done for now.

Kayla: Hmm.

Rafe: Thank you, actually, for rescuing me from drill sergeant Ridgeway.

Kayla: Oh, she's working you hard, is she?

Rafe: Yeah, she works me hard, she rests me hard. She just basically likes to boss me around.

Kayla: Well, that's great. Then she's doing her job.

Rafe: Well...

Kayla: Listen, I know that you are getting impatient. Anybody in your situation would be. But you're gonna get there.

Rafe: I hope so.

Kayla: Listen, um, do you mind? I need to talk to you about something else. You know patient safety is a foremost concern--

Rafe: Oh, for God-- did Kate say something to you about Stefano?

Kate: Jordan, if I could have a word?

Jordan: Yes?

Kate: I'd like an update on Rafe's progress.

Jordan: And why would I give you one?

JJ: Did you know that my mom was lying about breaking up with Daniel? I walked in on 'em--

Hope: We're not talking about your mom and Daniel.

JJ: I'm just explaining how-- I never thought that she would do something like this, just... I was feeling really angry.

Hope: Hold that thought.

Jennifer: Wha--what happened?

Hope: Take a deep breath.

Jennifer: Was he arrested for shoplifting again?

Hope: No.

Jennifer: Oh, good, 'cause I was so afraid--

Hope: Listen to me.

Jennifer: What?

Hope: He's being charged with selling drugs.

Eric: [Sighs]

Daniel: Okay, I will do anything to help you. You know that, right?

Eric: Yeah, I appreciate it.

Daniel: But without the evidence that mason collected, all I can do now is just, I guess, just look at your blood work again.

Eric: I know, I'm grasping at straws.

Daniel: Can you tell me more about what you remember? Anything. Anything would help.

Eric: I saw a matchbook from the hotel earlier, and I just can't stop thinking about it.

Daniel: Okay, well, is that it?

Eric: No, it's nothing specific, it's just-- I don't know, it's just something just doesn't feel right. I told father matt that maybe something in me just doesn't want to remember. But now, I... want to know.

Kate: What did you just say to me?

Jordan: I'm sure you're familiar with doctor-patient confidentiality. I can't speak to you about Mr. Hernandez's condition without his permission.

Kate: I'm the one who--

Jordan: You're the one who what?

Kate: I care for Rafe. His sister recently had a baby, and I'm the one who is here day in and day out, so--

Jordan: Well, that doesn't entitle you to privileged information. Excuse me.

Rafe: I really wish she hadn't said anything.

Kayla: Did he threaten you? I really need to know that.

Rafe: No. Not exactly. Just wanted to make sure that I was well aware of my position in this hospital bed. Helpless.

Kayla: You are not helpless.

Rafe: I pretty much am, actually, you know. And my ex-wife is about to stand trial for murdering a guy who may or may not have been sent here to kill me with a razor blade by Stefano, depending on who you talk to.

Kayla: I can speak to the police and have them put the guard back outside the door. Would that make you feel more comfortable?

Rafe: Uh, no, actually. I think the Salem P.D. Has much better things to do than to stand in my door and to watch me struggle trying to stretch a rubber band.

Kayla: Kate has offered to hire someone privately.

Rafe: You know, I don't need protection. I just need to get out of this hospital and to get better.

Kayla: Well, we're working on that, right?

Rafe: Yeah.

Kayla: Yeah.

Rafe: Right. I mean, do you really think that Jordan can deliver on her promises?

Kayla: I think she's your very best bet.

Kate: Oh, God.

Maxine: Pretty bad, huh?

Kate: Oh, it's vile.

Maxine: Not just the coffee, though, is it?

Kate: [Sighs]

Maxine: That's got you agitated?

Kate: No.

Maxine: Stefano?

Kate: Were you here when he came to the hospital?

Maxine: No, I didn't have the privilege. I heard he was here, though.

Kate: Bastard.

Maxine: Kate, after what happened before, do you really think that someone's gonna come in here and try to hurt Rafe again?

Kate: Clearly, you do not know Stefano.

Maxine: Not well, no. Though I have had my encounters with the man.

Kate: I bet you gave him a run for his money.

Maxine: Oh, I stood up to him, all right. Let him know who was boss.

[Both chuckle]

Kate: Well, if anyone could intimidate Stefano DiMera, it would be you.

Maxine: Kate, don't worry. Only medical staff and people who love him-- and there are plenty of those-- will be allowed in his room from this moment on. Trust me, okay? That's a promise.

Kate: Okay.

Maxine: So while I pour myself a cup of this vile coffee, how 'bout you go and see him?

Kate: I think that's just what I'm gonna do.

Maxine: [Chuckles]

Kate: Thanks.

Maxine: Honey, cut yourself a break. You are not responsible for what happened.

Justin: Why would you turn down the chance to look for more evidence to exonerate Sami?

Sami: Yeah, you thought that the continuance was a good thing.

EJ: Because if Melinda Trask is worried, and I know her, she'll be working twice as hard to find evidence against you.

Sami: Like what?

EJ: Do we want to wait to find out?

Justin: It's also possible that she could drop the charges, knowing that the case is now no longer winnable.

EJ: Okay, but then she could refile the charges. She did that once before. I mean, Samantha, do you really want this cloud hanging over your head again?

Sami: No, of course not. But the only reason that she refiled the charges is because she saw the video of me attacking Bernardi, courtesy of Adrienne Kiriakis. But that's not gonna happen again. I mean, if this money proves that Bernardi was dirty, then what other evidence could possibly come to light that would make me seem guilty?

Justin: That's exactly what I was thinking.

I'm gonna take Mr. Deveraux, get his prints.

Jennifer: Did he tell you what happened?

Hope: He claims he was coerced by his friend into helping with this transaction... that he'd never done anything like this before.

Jennifer: Right. Did you believe him?

Hope: Listen, whatever happened, he needs an attorney right away before he says anything more.

Jennifer: Um, do you have Justin's number?

Hope: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, wait, he's starting Sami's trial later today.

Hope: I know one of his associates. I hear he's very good. You know what, let me see if I can grab Justin before he gets into court, okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, I appreciate that.

Hope: Love you.

Jennifer: Love you.

JJ: Mom...I can explain.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sure you can.

Kayla: You can go in and see Rafe now if you want.

Kate: Ms. Ridgeway refuses to update me on Rafe's progress.

Kayla: As it should be. Hipaa regulations and all that.

Kate: I pay her salary, Kayla.

Kayla: I know. You've told me. On numerous occasions. You know, if Rafe wants you to be updated on his care, all you have to do is ask him to sign a waiver.

Kate: That simple?

Kayla: Mm-hmm. Well, it should be. But in your case, I don't think anything short of Rafe's full recovery is gonna give you peace of mind.

Kate: We'll see about that. Good morning again.

Rafe: [Quietly] Good morning.

Kate: How are we today?

Rafe: I'm feeling pretty But we need to talk.

EJ: Look, we all know Melinda's not gonna drop this case. She's far too ambitious.

Sami: You make it sound like she can win.

EJ: Well, she thinks she will, but she won't because this evidence gives us reasonable doubt, Samantha.

Justin: EJ, this is not a slam dunk.

EJ: But it is enough. It's enough to get you acquitted and to make sure you don't have to spend one more night in jail. And I don't think, frankly, that we should settle for anything less.

Justin: All right, listen. If you'd like, I could argue against the request for a continuance on the grounds that the prosecutor should have to stick to the schedule that she originally requested.

Sami: You think that this is the right decision-- it's a good idea?

EJ: Samantha, if we go through with this trial, and you're acquitted--

Sami: If?

EJ: When we go through with this trial, and you're acquitted, it is the only way to guarantee that this nightmare is over. Then you can come home to me and the children.

Sami: Well, when you put it like that...

Justin: Sami, as your attorney, I just have to say this-- that I'm not sure that this strategy is in your best interest. But in the end, it's your decision and yours alone.

Daniel: Hey, here you go.

Eric: Thanks.

Daniel: Yeah.

Eric: I'm really sorry to bother you about this again.

Daniel: No, no, you're not. I want to figure out what happened just as much as you do.

Eric: Yeah, but you've got so much on your own plate.

Daniel: No.

Eric: Listen, feel free to tell me to mind my own business, I just--

Daniel: [Scoffs]

Eric: I want to know how things went. Your talk with Jennifer.

Daniel: Well, in a way, I guess they--they went well. You know, getting parker's birth certificate actually gave me some clarity about what we both need. Why letting Jennifer go was a good thing. Was the right thing, anyway.

Eric: That's not what I thought you were gonna say.

Daniel: You know what? Jennifer and I, we-- we have spent a lot of time and energy trying to make this relationship work. And it just--it doesn't. And I can't--I can't-- I just can't make it work, so--

Eric: Are you sure about that?

Daniel: [Chuckles] You know what? I have a little boy who needs to be my main focus, just like JJ needs to be Jenn's. So I guess that's, uh-- I guess that's what the universe is telling us.

Eric: The universe or JJ? That was a very selfless thing. Is that what Jennifer wanted? Is that what you wanted?

Daniel: You know, I just want Jennifer to be happy.

Eric: If she needs you... will you be there?

JJ: Did hope tell you what happened?

Jennifer: I want to hear it from you.

JJ: I did something really dumb, mom. I was just so upset after--

Jennifer: "I was so upset after we fought," JJ?

JJ: Yeah. I turned in my paper at school, and I met Rory at the park. I just--I just wanted to hang and chill. But then he reminded me that I owed him some cash, and he--

Jennifer: Oh, okay, so you thought that you would settle your debt with him by helping him with his business?

JJ: After everything that happened at boarding school, I know that I should have just walked away. I--I knew that--

Jennifer: You're that angry at me that you just want to punish me, JJ?

JJ: Mom, I swear, it happened one time. One time. And if I would have been thinking straight, I never would have let Rory talk me into doing something like this. Aren't--aren't you gonna say anything?

Eric: Good, you're here.

Nicole: What's so good about it?

Eric: I have your reimbursement for the hotel bill.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. So what, it's just all business all the time?

Eric: We are at work.

Nicole: Really? 'Cause I'm pretty sure a church is not a business. I thought it was about relationships and people and souls. So now, not only can I not be your friend, but I guess I can't ask you to be mine.

Eric: I'm sorry if I've been a little distracted, but I just have something else on my mind.

Nicole: Okay, well, then you think. I'll walk.

[Ominous music]

Kate: Oh.

Rafe: Kate... I appreciate your concern. I really do.

Kate: But...

Rafe: But you can't control whether the thermostat's set too high or my oatmeal is too thick or if it takes the nurse too long to respond when I push the call button. I mean, you can, but I don't want you to.

Kate: [Sighs] Okay, every patient needs an advocate--

Rafe: Can you stop calling me a patient?

Kate: Well, I didn't--

Rafe: I'm a man, okay? I'm a man. I just want to be able to get the hell out of here and take care of myself.

Kate: Well, you are going to be able to do that.

Rafe: Okay, and you can't-- no, list-- if I push the button and the nurse doesn't come in here right away, then you know what that does? That gives me more motivation to get the hell out of here. To get out of here. I mean, don't you understand that? So I can see what's out there in the world, what's waiting for me.

Kate: I guess I just feel responsible.

Rafe: You're not-- no one is responsible for me... but me.

EJ: Samantha, Justin's absolutely right. This is entirely your decision. But I've seen a number of cases like this before.

Sami: I'm sure you have. EJ, you had me at being able to go home to you and the kids. So, Justin, I want you to fight the continuance. I want this whole thing over with once and for all.

Justin: I hope it will be. Okay, well, I'll start the paperwork to file a motion. Excuse me.

Sami: EJ, what would I do... without you?

EJ: Hmm.

Maxine: Dr. Dan, you talk to Jennifer?

Daniel: No. And unless this is about work--

Maxine: It's about why she's not at work.

Daniel: Why?

Maxine: She got a call from the police station. She rushed out of here like a bat out of hell. Something's very wrong.

JJ: Mom, you believe me, don't you?

Jennifer: No, I don't.

JJ: But I'm-- I'm telling the truth.

Jennifer: Do you know how many times I've heard you say that? Really, how stupid do you think I am, JJ? I feel like I don't even know my own son anymore. But you know what the sad thing is? Is that I think I finally do.

JJ: What do you mean?

Jennifer: I wanted to believe you. I wanted to believe every excuse, every single story. But now I have to face the truth-- that my son is a criminal. He's a liar.

JJ: Mom--

Jennifer: No, don't even say anything, because you know what? It is the end of the line. It is all over.

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