Days Transcript Tuesday 9/3/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/3/13


Episode #12161 ~ Brady puts his and Kristen's future in Eric's hands; Sonny and Gabi fight about Nick; Caroline confronts Nick.

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Sonny: Bunny?

Gabi: It's not in her crib?

Sonny: Mm-mm.

Gabi: Okay, we gotta find it, because if she gets up and it's not there, she's--

Sonny: Go ahead. I'll check the couch cushions.

Gabi: Is that...yours?

Sonny: No. So it must be--let's see-- yours.

Gabi: Okay, Sonny, please don't be mad--

Sonny: You slept with Nick? Here?

Nick: I didn't realize that you still hate me...that much.

Will: Don't. You're not gonna make me feel guilty. It's not about hating you. It's about protecting myself and my daughter from you.

Sonny: What, Gabi, you couldn't even take it into the bedroom? Where was Ari during this?

Gabi: She was sleeping in the bedroom.

Sonny: What if will and I walked in?

Gabi: Oh, please. I'm sure you've been with will when I'm not around. Okay, God forbid I have a life.

Sonny: You're not stupid, Gabi.

Gabi: Gee, thank you, Sonny. Thank you very much.

Sonny: Do I really need to tell you how messed up this is?

Chad: These all go out with sugared rims. Got it?

Abigail: I think I'm supposed to meet somebody here tonight.

Buddy: Hey, I'm here.

Chad: Whoa. Down, boy. She's taken.

[Doorbell rings]

Kristen: Harold, you should just retire, seriously. Oh...EJ's not here, neither are the kids, so--

Marlena: That's good. I came to talk to you.

Kristen: Oh! Why? Did you speak with Brady?

Nicole: You didn't. You did? Oh, my God. You really did.

Eric: Did what?

Brady: You know, I was hoping at least you could be happy for us.

Nicole: Because you know that I am too sane and rational and right about all of this.

Eric: Okay, what is going on?

Brady: I asked Kristen to marry me.

Eric: I thought you said you were going to take things slowly.

Nicole: And I thought you said you wouldn't do anything supremely stupid. You know what, Brady, I'm sorry. But are you...

Both: Insane?

Marlena: No. I haven't talked to Brady. Why do you ask?

Kristen: Never mind.

Marlena: Do you, uh, mind if I come in?

Kristen: Seems like you already have.

Marlena: It won't take long.

[Door closes]

Kristen: So what can I do for you?

Marlena: Uh... you remember that I said that I would like us to bury the hatchet?

Kristen: How could I forget something that important? Of course. Where exactly did you wanna bury that hatchet? Right here or maybe right here?

Marlena: [Laughs]

Kristen: Unless, of course, you've changed your mind.

Marlena: Why would I change my mind? I'm all about peace and harmony. Roman, I really need those phone records. I can't tell you how important that is.

Roman: [Sighs] You know, as much as I would like to help... I can't legally get those right now. Doc, I can't break the law for you. Hell, we'd both wind up in jail. Now, you're gonna have to find another way to do this.

Kristen: I'm sorry. Why exactly are you here? Do you want to exchange recipes? Do each other's makeup? Yours looks pretty good.

Marlena: Um, no. You know what? The fact is I was realizing that when Sami actually goes on trial, well, this house isn't gonna be especially appropriate for the children. You're gonna have to go through a bounty of photographers just to get in and out of the house, your phone will never stop ringing--

Kristen: Okay, I get it. What's your point?

Marlena: I thought perhaps you could help me persuade EJ that the children should stay with me.

Kristen: Really? With you?

Marlena: Yes. Of course, I would talk to Sami about that first, but I thought if you could help persuade your brother that this would-- [Gasps, coughs] Oh, g--

Kristen: What were you saying?

Marlena: I'm sorr--if you could he-- if you could hel--oh!

Kristen: Okay, do you want some water or something?

Marlena: Please, yes, if you don't mind. I just swallowed--thank you. Yeah. [Coughs]


Kristen: Ah!

Marlena: Oh! I'm so sorry. [Coughs] I'm sorry. Let me just clean that. Oh, oh, my goodness.

Kristen: Okay, settle down.

Marlena: [Raspy] Could I have--could I have some water from the kitchen, do you think?

Kristen: Yes, I think so.

Marlena: Thank you so much.

Kristen: Maybe I'll make it a double.

Marlena: [Coughs]

Kristen: Just take some breaths.

Marlena: [Inhales sharply]

Brady: What I am is happy.

Nicole: Deliriously.

Brady: You know, I don't expect you to throw me a parade. I don't expect you to even choke up a congratulations, Nicole. But the fact is that she's going to be here working with you on the scholarship programs a lot, and I thought it would be best to get the news out.

Eric: Appreciate that.

Nicole: And how in the hell did she get you to propose this time?

Brady: As a matter of fact, I was the one that had to convince her.

Nicole: Aww, that's great. Un-convince her. Tell her you decided to celebrate April fools' a few months later.

Brady: You know, that's not cute anymore. Just--just stop.

Nicole: No, Brady, please, come on. Just for your sake, for all our sakes, just call it off!

Chad: I wanted to take you to chez rouge, but the club is so new and Sonny's got the night off.

Abigail: No, this is perfect.

Chad: It's not too warm, is it?

Abigail: No, it's fine.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: [Clears throat]

Chad: I hope tonight's the beginning of, uh... well, I'M...not really sure what we should call this.

Abigail: This?

Chad: You know... what we're doing here.

Abigail: How long have you been planning this?

Cameron: Planning what?

Abigail: To end things with us. When did you decide? I think we should call this exactly what it is. A date.

Nick: I want the same thing for Arianna that you do. Will, I want her to be happy and healthy and well taken care of. And I know that you and Sonny and Gabi are--are doing that.

Will: Yes, we are. If you're suggesting though that you think she should have three dads or whatever and you want us all to work things out--

Nick: No, I'm just-- all I'm asking is I wanna be a friend here. That's it.

Will: A friend?

Nick: Yeah. You don't have to protect her from me anymore.

Will: I just told you--

Nick: No, listen. I get it, okay? I understand that that's probably hard to believe after everything that's happened.

Will: Yeah, it absolutely is.

Nick: Well, things are different. The things that I said and the things that I did--

Will: You're--you're sorry, right? Or you didn't mean them, or it was the pills or what happened in prison. I'm sorry, these are just--

Nick: I'm asking you, will-- I'm asking you for a chance.

Will: I gave you one. I mean, everybody gave you one when you got out of jail. Right? And you--you wasted it. I'm sorry. Nobody should have to go through what you went through, but nobody should have to go through what Sonny and I went through either.

Caroline: Amen to that.

Sonny: You can't get back with Nick, Gabi.

Gabi: Who says I was?

Sonny: So, what? You just hooked up with some other random guy this afternoon? Did you hook up at "mommy and me"?

Gabi: No, and it wasn't this afternoon. It was last night when you two were having a great time out at the club, all right? So please don't worry about what your delicate eyes might have seen if you walked in.

Sonny: I don't care when it happened.

Gabi: And I don't care what you think, Sonny! This is none of your business.

Sonny: Whatever, you don't have to justify this to me. But good lucky justifying it to yourself.

Nicole: Look, Brady, I know you don't want to listen to reason.

Brady: Reason? Is that your middle name now? Nicole "reason" walker?

Nicole: Would you like to take a shot at this, please?

Eric: Take a breath here.

Nicole: Oh, take a bre-- really? Until we're blue in the face or what? It's like talking to a two-year-old. You know, we were all so excited when you finally found your brain, but that didn't last very long, right? So where you hiding it, Brady? Hmm? Where you hiding your brain?

Eric: Nicole!

Nicole: I'm sorry, no one can be that good, no one.

Brady: And nobody is as bad as you think she is either. Are you really gonna sit here in judgment? Think you can do that?

Eric: None of us should judge.

Nicole: Okay, you know, fine. You do whatever you want. I'll just sit back, and I'm gonna watch this train wreck. You just keep it far away from me.

Brady: [Groans] [Growls]

Eric: Brady, she just cares about you.

Brady: Yeah, I know she cares.

Eric: Do you think because she's your friend, or do you think because she still has feelings for you?

Marlena: [Coughing]

Kristen: You know, even better than the water, why don't you take a nice big swig of this vodka? Maybe it'll unclench whatever's going on in there, you know? And I think I'll join you. Just please don't die in my living room.

Marlena: [Laughs]

Kristen: I know. Can you believe I said that? So vodka?

Marlena: [Coughing]

Kristen: No. Okay. All right, then, water it is.

Marlena: [Panting]

Marlena: [Coughs] Oh, no. That's okay. Please don't go to any trouble. [Coughing] I'll just have some seltzer water. Oh, these things are so sort of fancified, aren't they?

Kristen: I know, you just have to push that lever on the side.

Marlena: Is it--what, this--

Kristen: [Screams]

Marlena: Oh! I'm so sorry!

Kristen: Stop!

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, I'm--

Kristen: Stop!

Marlena: [Gasping] Oh, what is wrong with me? I-I'm so sorry.

Kristen: I don't know. Maybe you've got a small mammal stuck in your throat. Really!

Marlena: Oh, uh--

Kristen: I'll be right back.

Marlena: [Gasps] [Whispering] Okay, okay, okay.

Abigail: Mm.

Chad: I'm glad you like the abby-tini. It's the most popular drink on the menu, by the way.

Abigail: Oh.

[Romantic music playing]

Abigail: I think it must be because of the color.

Chad: I think it's who it's named after.

Abigail: So how are you feeling?

Chad: Fine. Why?

Abigail: [Laughs] Why? You know, the right hook to the jaw last night? Don't tell me you forgot.

Chad: You were right about the brain tumor. Turns out I'm dying. No, no, not-- I haven't forgotten. But trust me. It's the last thing on my mind.

Caroline: Does the truth upset you? Good.

Will: Grandma, are you--

Caroline: No, you know, the good thing about having Alzheimer's is I can speak freely, and no one expects me to use tact.

Nick: I-I certainly don't.

Will: Okay, uh, watch it.

Nick: Because I don't deserve it. Mrs. Brady, I'm sorry that I let you down, really, really sorry.

Caroline: Yeah. And I'm sorry I put you in a position to do it.

Will: It's not your fault. I mean, he took advantage of you and--

Caroline: I should have seen what was going on under my roof.

Will: Hey, you got a business to run. You have stuff to do.

Caroline: No, that--I'm not that far gone. And to think that I'm the one introduced you to Gabi.

Nick: And I'm--I'm appreciative of that. For everything. And I didn't--I didn't ever mean to hurt you.

Caroline: So that's why I got such a lovely letter of apology and a nice visit.

Nick: Well, I-- uh, I didn't think that you would want to see me.

Caroline: Oh, you're right about that, but not doing those things is just copping out, Nick.

Will: [Sighs]

Nick: What's it gonna take... for you guys to believe that I-- that I've changed?

Will: Um, I don't know. Honestly, I don't think it's gonna happen overnight, so maybe you could stop expecting it to. Do you want any help behind the bar or in the kitchen or any--

Caroline: Yep, sure do. Yes.

Will: Okay.

Caroline: Excuse us.

Will: Excuse me.

Caroline: Okay.

[Indistinct chatter]

Gabi: Are you really surprised that I kept this to myself? I mean, you've done nothing but judge me since the moment that you found this.

Sonny: I'm not judging you, Gabi.

Gabi: You know, things are not easy for me. You don't understand. I'm constantly on my own with Arianna, which is amazing, by the way. I love her. But I'm on my own. I'm picking up the slack because you two are out at parties, meetings, going to the gym. Oh, my gosh, Sonny, what I would give for 20 uninterrupted minutes on the treadmill!

Sonny: I'm working my butt off at the club!

Gabi: I would love to go to work! I would love to be around people that aren't talking constantly about calculus lectures. I miss my life, okay?

Sonny: You think you're the only one making sacrifices around here? We are equal partners, the three of us.

Gabi: Yeah? Except when you and will both think that you have the right to tell me who I can see and what I can do.

Sonny: I don't care what you do. But we're talking about Nick here, okay? And if you miss your life with that guy, then something is seriously wrong.

Gabi: You don't understand, Sonny. You don't get it, okay? What I miss is someone to be there when I feel lonely, okay? Someone to tell me I'm beautiful when I feel ugly. Someone to hold me when I want to be held, all right? And, yes, I miss sex.

Brady: No. No, I think Nicole believes that all of her exes should remain single forever. What's your excuse? You called me insane.

Eric: I know, and I'm sorry. I-I just kind of got caught off guard.

Brady: You know, out of everyone in the family, Eric, I thought you'd be the guy who would actually give us the benefit of the doubt.

Eric: Why is that?

Brady: Well, Kristen tells me you two have been working very well together.

Eric: We have. I admit I've seen another side of her.

Brady: How about that? Why shouldn't I? You know, I don't know why I should even care about what dad and Marlena think after the crap that they've given me.

Eric: Well, because they're family, and in the end, they love you as much as you love them.

Brady: You know, Eric, all along, I've felt like I've had to choose between my family and Kristen. Is it that crazy that I would hope that I wouldn't have to do that?

Eric: I hope not either. [Sighs]

Brady: You know, you know what would actually be great...

Eric: What?

Brady: Is that if someone else, someone else just-- just told my father and Marlena to clear their calendars and RSVP "yes".

Eric: Yeah? Like who?

Brady: How about you?

Marlena: Oh, damn, pass code. John's birthday. Hmm. Hitler. Ugh. Cheney. Oh, come on. Boy, I will never again try to get into your brain. What in the world were you thinking? Okay.

Kristen: Marlena.

Marlena: [Gasps] So.

Gabi: You know, why don't we get to what this really is about?

Sonny: And what's that?

Gabi: That you don't like me and that you don't want me here.

Sonny: Are you kidding me? It was my idea for us all to move in together.

Gabi: Yeah, because you wanted to make will happy, and I'm part of that package deal.

Sonny: An hour ago, you were congratulating me on my peek-a-boo skills. We were reminiscing about the day that I delivered Ari. We were happy. I was making an effort.

Gabi: Oh, an effort. Well, I'm glad to hear it's such an effort for you to be friendly with me.

Sonny: That's not what I meant by that.

Gabi: Then why did you say that?

Sonny: I was pointing out that we were happy, that we were laughing, okay? Can't you be glad about that?

Gabi: Is that the best we can do, just to get along with each other? Why is it so difficult for you to like me, for you to trust me?

Sonny: You really want me to spell out why I have trouble trusting you?

Gabi: How long are you gonna hold that over my head? Okay, what I did to Melanie--

Sonny: Was a felony. You're lucky you didn't go to prison.

Gabi: How kind of you to keep reminding me. Should I count my blessings? I should, right? You know, I'm sorry we're not all as perfect as saint Sonny. You know, no one is, unless they're sleeping with him. I'm done here.

Sonny: Where are you going?

Gabi: Out.

[Door slams]

Sonny: [Exhales] [Clears throat]

Marlena: [Coughs]

Kristen: Are you still alive?

[Doorbell rings]

Kristen: Honestly. Oh, fabulous. It must be my lucky day.

Nicole: Tell me I'm asleep, that his is a nightmare, because if it's true, so help me, I--

Marlena: If what's true?

Kristen: I think Nicole is referring to this. You're wide awake, Nicole, and yes, your nightmare is my wildest dream come true.

Eric: You want me to pick your wedding date. Now, how would that help anything?

Brady: It would mean we're not rushing. You know, it would mean you approve.

Eric: But you don't need my approval.

Brady: Well, I kind of do if I'm getting married in your church.

Caroline: For you.

Will: Oh, my gosh.

Caroline: [Laughs]

Will: Thanks. You know, I-I'm not ten anymore, so ice cream doesn't make everything better.

Caroline: Yeah, but you make everything better. I was very proud of the way you stood up to Nick.

Will: Thank you. I just wish I'd said something a little sooner.

Caroline: Hmm. A wise man said, "never look back, unless you're heading that way."

Both: [Laugh]

Will: Okay, that's good advice. Still, I-I hope he got the message.

Caroline: Oh, I think he did, honey. Loud and clear.

Will: Well, if you say so.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

[Door slams]

Gabi: I'm sorry, I just-- I didn't know where else to go.

Nick: No, no, no, no. What's wrong?

Gabi: Sonny and I got into a fight.

Nick: What about?

Gabi: I think he really just hates me. That's what it is.

Nick: Well, I think he's an idiot.

Gabi: Ugh, yeah, he and will, they think that everything I do is a mistake. [Sighs]

Nick: You--you're talking about me.

Gabi: Sonny says I messed up, and honestly, maybe he's right. I don't know.

Nick: No, no, no, no. You are--are smart, and-- and you're beautiful. And you're amazing. And don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

[Romantic music playing]

Chad: Oh--oh, sorry.

Abigail: Oh, wait, no--

Chad: Ah, my-- I'm sorry, my bad.

Abigail: No, it's my fault. I couldn't hear the music.

Chad: Hmm.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: Who needs music?

Buddy: Excuse me, guys. Can I get you anything else?

Chad: Can you fly solo for a little while? I'm walking my beautiful date home.

Will: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, uh--

[Door slams]

Sonny: [Whispers] Ari's sleeping.

Will: [Whispers] Oh, no. Sorry. Hey, is Gabi here yet?

Sonny: Um... she was, but then she-- she just left.

Will: Oh, damn. I was kind of psyching myself up to talk to her.

Sonny: About what?

Will: Um, uh... Nick tracked me down today, and he said that he wanted to work things out with us.

Sonny: And you told him to go to hell.

Will: Yeah, pretty much.

Sonny: Good for you.

Will: Thanks. I do, I still feel bad about going off on Gabi, but, I mean, if he thinks that he deserves to be part of Arianna's life at all, he's--

Sonny: No, uh-uh. It's not gonna happen.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: Not gonna happen.

Will: What is she thinking? I mean, I'm hoping that that was just kind of a one-time thing. She's not thinking maybe, down the line, there's a chance to--

Sonny: Actually, tue--

Will: I mean, I w-- oh, sorry, I was just gonna say that, I mean, her life is her business, but Ari's is mine. Right? And I don't want him near her unless one of us is present. That's it.

Sonny: I agree. I hear you.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Will: So did you, um, get a chance to talk to Gabi?

Sonny: Yeah. We--we talked.

Will: Okay, how'd it go?

Nick: You feeling any better now?

Gabi: I am. I just--[Sighs] I don't know. I can't stop thinking about Sonny and will and the things they said to me.

Nick: There's no reason you have to put yourself through that.

Gabi: Well, I mean, I live with them, Nick. I mean, we have to find a way to get along.

Nick: Not if you move out.

Gabi: Yeah, where would I go?

Nick: I don't know. I mean, your brother's place is--is empty right now, isn't it?

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, he's getting better, and I hope that he'll be able to go home soon.

Nick: Yeah, but, I mean, realistically, he's-- it's gonna be a couple months before--before he's back. You feel obligated to stay with will and Sonny, don't you?

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Nick: Why?

Gabi: Well, I mean, I had nowhere to go when I got out of the hospital, and they were there to help me.

Nick: Yeah, but if they treat you like crap, they're not doing you any favors. I'm just saying you gotta put yourself first, Gabi. For your sake and-- and for Ari's sake. A happy mom makes a happy-- happy baby. Just remember you have-- you have options.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, you've given me a lot to think about. I gotta, um, actually gotta go. Uh, I gotta get back to Ari.

Nick: Okay. Well, I'm glad you came.

Gabi: Me too.

Eric: You really want to get married in the church?

Brady: It'd be g-- it'd be great. It would mean a lot to me. It would mean a lot to Kristen.

Eric: Hmm.

Brady: I'd have to talk to her about it, of course, but listen, we would do pre-cana.

Eric: [Clears throat]

Brady: Anything that you would require.

Eric: Of course.

Brady: And if we had your blessing to go ahead, then--

Eric: I don't see why anyone would object, right? I mean, not your father, nor my mother. You're using me, Brady.

Nicole: That is some rock you got there, Kristen. I hope Brady doesn't take you on a romantic boat ride on the lake.

Kristen: Gee, why not, Nicole?

Nicole: Because you'll sink all the way to the bottom, and, oh, what a tragedy it would be.

Kristen: Ha, ha, ha! So funny.

Marlena: Wow. So you're-- you're engaged, hmm?

Kristen: Yes.

Nicole: And you're quick.

Kristen: So, you feel better now that you've spewed a couple of insults? Kind of like coughing up a hairball, isn't it? So now that you've gotten that out of your system, maybe you want to leave. Marlena and I were having such a lovely conversation, weren't we?

Nicole: Yeah. I'm sure. When everyone finds out about you and Brady, there'll be a line of ill-wishers at the door stretching all the way to Texas.

Kristen: Nicole--okay, and why is this anybody's business besides mine and Brady's?

Nicole: Because everyone knows you're using Brady.

Kristen: What am I using him for, Nicole? What? What, to get back at Marlena? That ship has sailed, hasn't it? I mean, assuming you meant what you said about extending an olive branch. Of course, you haven't said much since you've heard my fantastic news, so... [Sighs] Are you sure you haven't changed your mind?

Marlena: If I'm quiet, it's... frankly because I'm stunned.

Kristen: I was too. I was. I never expected this. But then he actually got down on one knee.

Nicole: Hmph. I'm surprised you didn't kick him while he was down there, but I'm sure there's plenty of time for that.

Kristen: I think it's time for you to leave, Nicole. I don't want to lose my temper. I mean, none of us likes to see that, right?

Nicole: Okay, I'm going. I'm going. But I promise Brady will be right behind me. Okay?

Kristen: Bam.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Marlena: Wow. H-have you set a date?

Kristen: No. I'm pretty sure tomorrow is out. But, you know, keep your schedule open. I mean, assuming you want to come.

Marlena: I wouldn't miss that. And...[Coughs] Congratulations. I should go. Uh, please remember to talk to EJ for me.

Kristen: Sure. Take care of that nasty cough.

Marlena: Yeah.

Nicole: Hi.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Nicole: Did you lose your tongue in a catfight?

Marlena: Catfight? What?

Nicole: I'm surprised you didn't ask her what china pattern they were registered for. I cannot believe you didn't back me up in there. Seriously? You cannot be considering giving her another chance. Are you?

Kristen: [Sighs] Oh, what am I doing? More for me.

[Phone rings]

Kristen: [Sighs] Wait a second, this can't be. I must have the dates wrong. I can't be pregnant with Eric's baby. [Shudders] Oh.

Brady: Look, I know you're not gonna, you know, rubber-stamp something you don't believe in.

Eric: Yeah, you're right.

Brady: And I would never ask you to do that. I would never want you to do that. But, I mean, sure, if it'd help dad and Marlena to get on board with all this, that would be great.

Eric: Well, I'm not sure I can do that.

Brady: I get it. I understand, all right? Your blessing alone matters to me. It matters to Kristen as well. Eric, you gotta understand, everybody in this town told me I was wrong. Everybody said, "Kristen can't possibly love you." Well, they were wrong. I'm confident that, once the three of us are in the same room together, you will know exactly why I love her so much.

Sonny: Yeah, Gabi and I, we were--we were acting like everything was cool. Thank you.

Will: And?

Sonny: Um, and we were joking about your lousy cooking.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Which I agree with.

Will: Thanks.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. So everything was going good, and then, um--

[Arianna crying]

Will: Hold on one second. I gotta get her. Hey, I got her.

Gabi: Thank you. [Crying continues] Obviously, you didn't tell him.

Sonny: Not yet.

Gabi: I think you'll find that it was a smart idea you didn't tell him.

Sonny: Why do you say it that way?

Gabi: Well, we're all living here pretty much on top of each other. And I don't need to know everything you guys do, and vice-versa, right?

Sonny: Nick made our lives a living hell, and you brought him into our home.

Gabi: But if I'm gonna keep living here, you and will need to stop telling me who I can see, when I have to get home, what I can and cannot do.

Sonny: What do you mean, if you keep living here?

Amazing benefits

Chad: It was a really good book. I'm so glad that post-apocalyptic trend is finally done.

Abigail: Hey!

Chad: What?

Abigail: Are you dissing my

hunger games?

Chad: No, no. I would never do that. But this book is a little more uplifting. I mean, there's no war. Everyone's living in peaceful harmony. I know it sounds kinda cheesy.

Abigail: Oh.

Chad: But it's a really good book.

Abigail: You know, I used to think about the future too that way when I was young and naive.

Chad: Well, I still do. I mean, I'm--I'm here with you, aren't I?

Abigail: Thank you. I had a really good time tonight.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'll... call you tomorrow.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: All right.

Marlena: Why does this concern you?

Nicole: Because I care about Brady, and I thought you did too, and if Kristen's worried about wearing white after labor day, they'll be married before the weekend's over. Okay, so you do care. I mean, how could you not? I mean, this is a disaster. We have to stop this.

Marlena: We? We?

Nicole: Yes! You're Sami's mother. You must have a scheming bone in your body somewhere, and as for me--well, look. Between the two of us, we can make Kristen's life hell. And you know hell. So... what do you say?

Marlena: Let me get back to you.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Kristen, you don't have a prayer.

Eric: Brady, I'm-- listen, to be honest, I'm not sure if you and Kristen are eligible to get married in St. Luke's, given that--

Brady: Given our respective pasts. I get it.

Eric: I'll look into it for you, okay?

Brady: All right, thanks. And if we are marriageable material, you will think about--

Eric: I will pray on it, okay? I'm not saying no.

Brady: That's the best I could ask for. I wasn't sure how you were going to react to all this.

Eric: I didn't know how to react, to be honest.

Brady: I understand. But just know, Eric, that the only thing better than marrying Kristen would be for you to be the one to marry us. [Gasping and kissing]

Eric: God, I want you like I've never wanted anything.

Kristen: I can see why.

Eric: Shh, don't talk. Shut up and kiss me.

Kristen: Oh, boy. You, my friend, are one dangerous sucker to keep around. Maybe I should just get rid of you. No. Not until I'm absolutely sure.

Nick: [Grunts]

Gabi: Rafe's loft is empty, and when he gets out of the hospital, I think it'll be the perfect medicine for him to have his niece and his sister there to take care of him.

Sonny: So you're just gonna go out there on your own and take care of your brother too.

Gabi: A lot of single moms do it. I'm not here because I need you. I'm here for will's sake. And I wonder what he's gonna think when he finds out that I left because of you. And I don't know. If he has to pick between his daughter and you-- you know, I think it's better we just try to find a way to get along. I live my life my way. You guys live your life yours.

Sonny: Yeah. I think that'd be great, if we all got along, for everyone's sake?

Gabi: Really glad you see it that way.

Will: Hola.

Gabi: Hola, dulcita.

Will: Here's your mama.

Gabi: Hi.

Will: Let me hold you a little bit more.

Gabi: No, get over here.

Will: Come on.

Gabi: Come here. Hi.

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