Days Transcript Monday 8/19/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/19/13


Episode #12151 ~ Nicole tells Daniel that Jennifer is pregnant; Rafe gets upset with his physical therapist.

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Sami: So Bernardi wasn't supposed to slit Rafe's throat. He was going to slit something else to make sure that Rafe never had sex with Kate again. Or any other woman for that matter.

EJ: I don't care. I wish Bernardi had finished the job before you shot him.

Sami: You can't talk like that, EJ. Rafe was defenseless. He was in a coma.

EJ: I am fed up of hearing about poor, defenseless Rafe. You're the person who is in here. You are the person who's being charged with murder, and it is his fault.

Kate: Okay, so I figured it out.

Rafe: Figured what out?

Kate: Honey, you can go.

Jordan: I need to talk to Mr. Hernandez about his physical therapy.

Kate: Well, I'm quite sure that can wait until the physical therapist gets here.

Jordan: I'm here. I'm your physical therapist.

Kate: No, that can't be, because his physical therapist is a man named Jordan Ridgeway.

Jordan: I'm Jordan Ridgeway. Who are you?

Vargas: Look, I want the limo here at 8:00, not five after. 8:00 sharp. Yeah, I'm going to the coliseum to see the fights. I got ringside seats, so I don't wanna miss the first round. That's fine, I'll pay the driver cash. Believe me, 800 bucks for the night, that's not a problem. Thanks.

Eric: Vargas?

Daniel: All right, you have a great time at your swimming lesson, buddy, and you be good to Joanna. All right. What are you doing here?

JJ: I, uh--I came to see my aunt Adrienne. I gave her a copy of the commendation I got from the governor.

Daniel: The one for your dad?

JJ: Right.

Daniel: It must mean a lot to you.

JJ: Yeah, like you care.

Daniel: Actually, you know what? I do. Very much.

Jennifer: Um, do you want me to wait around until you get the results?

Kristen: Oh...yeah, please.

Jennifer: Okay, I will. I'm going to. I'm gonna call the hospital and tell them that I'm gonna be late, okay?

Kristen: Thank you.

Jennifer: Be right back.

Kristen: [Sighs]

Nicole: Hi, Kristen. What's new?

Sami: EJ, you can't blame Rafe for this.

EJ: Yes, I can. Is it not the least bit ironic that just as you and I are back together and about to get married, that he comes between the two of us again?

Sami: That's not true.

EJ: Yes, it is true and you know it.

Sami: [Sighs]

Rafe: Well, Jordan, this is Kate Roberts and...she's a very good friend.

Jordan: Oh, I'm sorry.

Kate: No, I'm--I'm sorry. I--that was--that was rude of me, actually. I just--I think I was a little taken aback to find out that you were a woman.

Rafe: How did you know who my physical therapist was supposed to be?

Kate: Well, because your very good friend has been all over the doctors since you were admitted and, um--well, when Kayla was talking to me about the therapist, I'm pretty sure she thought the therapist was a man. I'm thinking she thought that you would be more comfortable with a man.

Rafe: Right. Okay.

Kate: No offense.

Jordan: None taken.

Rafe: Well, I am okay with my physical therapist being a woman. In fact, I kinda like it.

Daniel: I know this is the anniversary of your father's death and that you and Abigail and your mom must be very heavy-hearted today. I liked your dad. I understand why you guys are missing him so much.

JJ: You know, uh, Daniel, we know that my dad's looking down on us. And, uh, he can see that you're out of the picture now. So don't worry about mom and abs and me. We're doing just fine. Especially now that we know that my mom is through with you.

Daniel: You know, you may have your mother fooled, but I am on to you.

Nicole: What's wrong, Kristen, hmm? Cat got your tongue? 'Cause you're usually so chatty. Doesn't have anything to do with what's in that bag, does it?

Jennifer: Oh, Kristen, thank you so much for holding on to this for me. Sorry that text took so long. Hey.

Nicole: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Kristen: In answer to your question, that pregnancy test can't be mine, Nicole, because I can't have children. I thought you knew that.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry.

Kristen: Yeah. Since we both shared so much pain and heartache in that area, I thought that maybe this would be the one part of my life that you wouldn't turn into a cruel joke, but obviously I was wrong. Nice seeing you, as usual. I'll talk to you later, jenny.

Jennifer: Okay.

Nicole: Well, I guess she told me. So are you gonna kick me out of book club now.

Jennifer: No, I won't.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have said that even to her. It's just that, you know, she--she was sitting here and the home pregnancy test beside her and I could just help but think, you know, well, I guess if it can't happen for Sarah in the bible--

I bought the test.

Nicole: You?

Jennifer: Yes, I bought it because I am volunteering at the homeless shelter and there is a young woman there who needed one.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Oh, come on. That's not true and you know it. 'M'm okay.

Eric: I'm sorry. I didn't even recognize you.

Vargas: How you doing, father?

Eric: Well, I'm good. Thank you for asking. But it looks like you're doing even better.

Vargas: I'm okay.

Eric: Yeah. Expensive suits and limousines. Ringside seats I heard? Wow. What happened? I mean, you won the lotto or landed a very good job.

Vargas: Yeah, good job. Yeah, that's it. Yeah.

Jordan: I'm sorry about all the confusion. I just got to Salem this morning and I thought I'd come introduce myself.

Kate: That's so lovely.

Rafe: Got in from where?

Jordan: Birmingham, Alabama.

Rafe: Oh. You don't even have an accent.

Jordan: It's not my hometown.

Rafe: Well, still, it must be a change for you being here in Salem.

Jordan: As long as this place has an up-to-date physical therapy room, I'll be fine. I'm going to check it out now.

Kate: That's a great idea. And if anything is missing, I am on the hospital board, and I'll make sure they order it for you.

Jordan: I'll stop back later and if you're up to it, I'll do the initial evaluation.

Rafe: Oh, I guarantee you, I will be up to it. Just get this thing started. You have any idea how sick I am of this hospital bed? Well, she seems up to the job.

Kate: Yes. She has excellent qualifications.

Rafe: Even for a woman?

Kate: [Laughs] If you haven't noticed, I am a feminist, so...

Rafe: Oh, okay. Just seemed like maybe it bugged you a little bit.

Kate: It didn't bug me. I was just surprised, that's all. Um, I have a question for you.

Rafe: Okay.

Kate: Why was EJ in your room earlier?

Sami: It's not ironic, because Rafe isn't coming between us.

EJ: Oh, bloody hell, Samantha. You and he were about to be married until you found out that his sister was carrying William's child. You didn't fall out of love, sweetheart. You ended up on opposite sides of an argument.

Sami: You know that's not true. You know I love you.

EJ: As soon as he's hurt you're in there helping him.

Sami: Well, I thought it was the least I could do.

EJ: Uh-huh. Yeah. So you had to run to the bathroom and get him a nice washcloth, did you?

Sami: He was hot.

EJ: How'd you know he was hot? He certainly couldn't tell you. You were stroking his face, right?

Sami: I am not having this conversation with you.

EJ: No, hey. Look. Face it. There is a part of Rafe that forces you to care, and because of that you took the time to go and get a washcloth instead of doing what anybody else would have done, which is to get a nurse to do it. Your feelings for Rafe may have ensured that you spend the rest of your life in jail.

JJ: What are you--are you having me followed now?

Daniel: I don't have to.

JJ: I'm not trying to fool anybody, man.

Daniel: Oh, yeah?

JJ: Look, just because I don't want my mom with you doesn't mean--so whatever you think you know about me...

Daniel: Okay, you say your dad's looking down on you. Do you think he'd like what you're doing? Especially if you end up hurting your mother with this nonsense. See, I don't think he would like it. But he isn't here to deal with it, is he? So if you hurt your mother, you are gonna answer to me.

Jennifer: You know, just when I think we're becoming friends, you turn around and call me a liar, Nicole.

Nicole: I'm sorry again. I didn't mean for it to--to come out like that. And I didn't mean to question your honesty. I--look, St. Luke's has a relationship with the homeless shelters, and I know for a fact that they don't provide medical treatment and counseling. Oh. Is--is the pregnancy test for you?

Jennifer: Oh, no.

Nicole: Oh, my God, Abigail?

Jennifer: No--Nicole! You know what, I don't owe you an explanation and I don't care what you think because this is a personal matter and it is none of your business.

Nicole: Okay, maybe not. But I bet the father would think it's his business. @ @ @ Mr. DiMera's always busy..

Kristen: Really? Why do they make these boxes so big? And what's in here, an entire chemistry set?

[Knocks on door]

Kristen: Oh, hi, Harold.

Harold: I was hoping to find Mr. DiMera.

Kristen: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Harold: Oh, it's not that. It's the children.

Kristen: What about the children?

Harold: They're so worried about their mother. Mr. DiMera's always busy.

Kristen: [Gasps] I have an idea. The kids love you and Mary. Why don't the two of you take the afternoon off and take the kids to the lake and go swimming, and then maybe afterwards get some ice cream. I'd love to do it myself, but I've got a lot going on and I could use a little me time anyway.

Harold: Well, if you're sure.

Kristen: Yeah. Go tell the kids you're taking 'em swimming. Thank you. Okay now. There can be a million reasons why a person is a month late. It doesn't have to be this. It couldn't be this. Oh, please don't let it be this.

Vargas: [Chuckles] Look, I'm sorry, father.

Eric: I don't understand what's funny. You're the first person that we selected for our pilot program at St. Luke's. We invested in you. Now you're living large. I think I have the right to know--

Vargas: Where I got the money? Of course. Look, I had some put aside, and then a-a friend gave me a tip that paid off big.

Eric: So your ship came in, huh?

Vargas: Well, more like a horse, but, hey, it's the American way, right?

Eric: So is working hard and making an honest living.

Vargas: Yeah, but see, that's the part that bores me to death.

Eric: Then I failed you.

Vargas: Whatever you say.

Sami: You have been my rock through this entire ordeal. And I'm glad you're mad at me. The fact that you can still be mad at me means you don't think that my days are numbered.

EJ: I'm angry because I love you, you silly thing.

Sami: I love you! I love you too, and I don't want you to keep blaming Rafe because it doesn't help anything, okay? You heard him. He feels terrible about what he's done. He said so in that video that Gabi made.

EJ: Well, what Rafe says and what Rafe is willing to do are two very different things.

Sami: How do you know that? That's why you're so hot under the collar. You went to see him, didn't you?

Rafe: You keeping track of who comes in and out of my room?

Kate: Uh, sorry. I'm concerned whether you're safe or not.

Rafe: Oh, okay. Okay. No. I-I understand. And thank you. I'm touched that you care.

Kate: Yeah. You know, if anything else happens to you, seriously--

Rafe: I told you what happened to me wasn't your fault, okay?

Kate: You were in a very vulnerable state. You still are. And Stefano almost--

Rafe: I know, I know. He almost killed me. But after what happened with Bernardi, I doubt that he's gonna try that again. Okay, I--you know, I just--I don't need you hovering around here like...

Kate: Like what? Like your mother? [Scoffs] Okay. I've got it.

Rory: Speaking of something else you'd like to conquer.

Theresa: Hey, guys, what are you doing here?

Rory: Nothing much. Just hanging. You wanna join?

JJ: Shouldn't you be at work?

Theresa: Oh, I'm on my break. Yeah. Had to get out of that place.

JJ: Yeah, mom's not gonna like that.

Theresa : She's not even there. She just gave me a whole bunch of stuff to do, put it on my desk, and then took off. But of course, she keeps calling me and texting to make sure that I'm working. [Laughs] I don't know how you stand her.

JJ: You know what, back off Theresa. Don't talk about my mom.

Nicole: Hi.

Daniel: Hey.

Nicole: Good, I'm glad you're home. May I come in?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, sure. Yeah, what--

Nicole: Thanks.

Daniel: Absolutely. What's--what's wrong?

Nicole: You know, I debated about coming over here. And we're friends, right? And friends level with friends.

Daniel: Yeah, I guess-- [Stammers] Okay, what is this about?

Nicole: I ran into Jennifer, and I-I caught her in a lie, and I swear I wasn't trying to do that. I--

Daniel: Okay, I don't care what you were trying to do. I really appreciate what you're doing though. But I don't wanna talk about Jennifer right now.

Nicole: Even if she might be pregnant?

EJ: Yeah. I went to see Rafe.

Sami: Why?

EJ: Because he owes his life to you. Or something equally as precious, so I think the least that he can do is repay that debt.

Sami: How?

EJ: Rafe knows Bernardi was on father's payroll. He believes that. Now he used to work with Bernardi, right? So I don't think it's too much to ask him to think back and see if he can recall some information which would help us build a case against Bernardi. Rafe has this sterling reputation. If we put him on the stand, he is a powerful witness against Bernardi's image as a hero.

Sami: What did Rafe say?

EJ: He said he didn't know anything.

Sami: I can't blame him for that. Oh, EJ. You asked him to lie, didn't you? He's not gonna do that.

EJ: Really? He had no problem lying to both of us about being the father of Nicole's child. My son. Now you tell me that he loved you. You were telling me that he loved your children as if they were his own. And yet that sanctimonious little prig won't lift a finger to help you.

Sami: He can't lie on the witness stand. He's a cop.

EJ: Oh, that's not why he's not doing it. No, it's because he can't stand the fact the he lost you to me.

Rafe: I didn't mean for that to sound the way it sounded.

Kate: No.

Rafe: Okay?

Kate: No, it's all right, really. I have been hovering and, um, there really isn't any reason to do that anymore, so I hope your physical therapy goes very well.

Rafe: No, c--would you wait? Come here. Please? M sorry. Okay? I'm gonna get through this. I just have to work, and I'm gonna get stronger. You know I'm gonna do it, right?

Kate: I believe that.

Rafe: Besides, you're the one that found me. You called for help. You've stayed with me through this whole thing. So when I do get better, it's probably gonna be because of you.

Kate: Nah. I think you should give yourself a little credit. You're the strongest man I know.

Daniel: Okay. What...are you talking about?

Nicole: I ran into Jennifer just now, and she had a-a shopping bag and it was kind of ripped and I saw inside, and there was a home pregnancy test.

Daniel: She could have bought that for someone else.

Nicole: Right, she--she said she volunteers at a homeless shelter and it was for a young girl there.

Daniel: Well, she does volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: So?

Nicole: But when a young girl tells you that she's pregnant, you don't handle it yourself, right?

Daniel: Um, uh, I gotta-- I gotta go.

Nicole: Where are you going?

Daniel: Um, would you shut the door behind you? Thanks.

Nicole: I'm sorry, Jennifer. But he has the right to know.

[Phone rings]

Kristen: Hi. What did Nicole say after I left?

Jennifer: Hey. Uh, you know what, she didn't suspect anything.

Kristen: Are you sure? Because she has the biggest mouth in the entire world.

Jennifer: Uh, yeah. I know that, but she's not gonna say anything. Not about you anyway.

Kristen: Oh, thank goodness.

Jennifer: Listen, I still have your test. Do you want me to bring it by?

Kristen: No. Uh, you can toss that one in the trash. I bought a new one.

Jennifer: Did you already take it?

Kristen: No. Still trying to build up the nerve.

Jennifer: I can be there in five minutes.

Kristen: You're so sweet, Jen. That's okay, I can handle this one on my own. And I know I keep telling you, but thanks for being my friend. You are incredible, and I don't know what I ever did to deserve you.

Jennifer: Call me, okay?

Kristen: I will. Bye. Yes. Yes. Just gonna have a little bit of this. Then I'm gonna deal with that.

Kristen: What do you think you're doing?

Sydney: Playing?

Kristen: I thought Harold was gonna take you swimming.

Sydney: He is later.

Kristen: Okay, well, this is not yours to play with. Do you understand?

Sydney: I'm sorry.

Kristen: I'm sorry. I'm just a big, fat Melanie. Look, this is medicine, okay? And I didn't want you to get hurt, right? Does your mommy sometimes talk like that to you kind of mean because she wants to keep you safe?

Sydney: I want my mommy.

Kristen: Oh. Me too, honey. She's gonna be back soon, okay? You have your daddy.

Sydney: And you too.

Kristen: Yeah. Of course you've got me too, honey.

Sami: Look, EJ, you hate Rafe and I understand that. But he would not just let me rot in prison for the rest of my life if he could do something about it, okay? Whether I was with you or not.

EJ: Well, you say that, but Rafe's celebrated honesty and integrity only really seems to kick in when there's something in it for him.

Sami: Oh, my God. You're not always right, you know that? You never-- hi, Grandma.

EJ: Caroline.

Another visitor.

Caroline: Yes. I brought you some clam chowder. I just thought it might be better than the food they're giving you here.

Sami: Thank you, grandma.

EJ: Very kind of you.

Caroline: Sure.

EJ: Well, I should, um... I should get going.

Caroline: Oh, well, please don't leave on my account.

EJ: Well, I have some things to do.

Caroline: Oh, okay.

Sami: I love you.

Caroline: I didn't mean to run him off.

Sami: You didn't. He snuck away because we were fighting.

Caroline: Oh, dear. Sweetheart.

Sami: You know, grandma, sometimes life just--it just sucks.

Caroline: Yeah. In spades. Yeah. Well, that used to make you feel better when you were a little girl.

Sami: Oh, I remember. I wish my problems now were as complicated as they were then.

Caroline: Samantha jean, you're gonna beat this. I know it.

Sami: Thank you, grandma. I love how confident you sound.

Jordan: I want you to try and raise your hand and push it against my hand as hard as you can. Okay. Okay, now push.

Rafe: I can't. Well, this isn't good, is it?

Vargas: Look, don't beat yourself up, father. I mean, Francis of Assisi couldn't get me to change.

Eric: So maybe I'll pray to St. Francis to help accept that.

Vargas: Or maybe you should just take off the blinders.

Eric: What blinders are you talking about?

Vargas: The ones that keep you from--from seeing anything that you don't wanna see.

Eric: Are you thinking that I'm naive?

Vargas: No, I know it. I mean, otherwise you would have picked up on the fact that I was only participating in your program until something better came along. Look, and now it has, okay? But look, don't worry, father. You're a cool guy. I'm glad that I met you. You were just trying to do a good thing and--and you did. You helped your fellow man. See now it's time for that man to help himself. So I'll see you around, father. Don't let bastards like me get you down, okay?

Theresa: Why are you biting my head off? You're the one who's always complaining about your mommy.

JJ: My mom wasn't at work because a year ago today my dad was killed in an accident.

Theresa: Um, I didn't know.

JJ: There was a ceremony this morning held in my dad's honor. The governor was there. Maybe you'd have known about it if you thought about anything but yourself.

Rory: Whoa, JJ, chill, man. Come on.

Theresa: Look, I'm sorry, I am. I apologized. Hey, maybe the three of us, we could hang out later, you know? Maybe we could just--

JJ: And then smoke some free pot?

Theresa: Did I say that?

JJ: You don't have to. I got all your messages last night about how I let you down and how you found someone else to do business with. So you probably spent all your money on blow and now you need a little herbal refreshment to calm down with, right? Well, forget it.

Theresa: Your loss, sweetheart.

Rory: Man, I know you're upset, but you just blew your chances with her. For both of us.

JJ: If you think you ever had a shot with her, you are the dumbest person I ever met.

Rory: Whoa, hey, where are you going?

JJ: To go find my mom and keep her thinking I'm a good son.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. Uh...I don't have a lot of time, I'm sorry. I was not at work this morning, so I have a lot of work that--

Daniel: No, it's really not gonna take too long. Are you pregnant?

Jennifer: [Laughs] Nicole's already gotten to you. Wow, that's gotta be a record for her.

Daniel: Okay, is it--is it true?

Jennifer: You know what, I'm an adult, and I know how to keep myself from getting pregnant. And if I even had the slightest suspicion that I were, you would be the first person that I would tell.

Daniel: So you're not?

Jennifer: No.

Daniel: I'm sorry. I--

Jennifer: No, it's--it's Nicole that I'm upset with.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: Are you disappointed?

Daniel: Um, I--we never even really talked about it, but if you were pregnant, um, we would have no choice but to figure things out.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Right--I mean, the two of us would have to be talking to--to build a life together and JJ, he would have to accept the fact that I love you and you love me and... we love each other and we are committed to each other.

Jennifer: Right.

Daniel: Right.

Jennifer: Right. But I'm not pregnant.

Daniel: Right. I guess there's really nothing to talk about here, so--

Jennifer: Okay, wait, Daniel.

Kate: Where are you going, EJ? Back to the hospital?

EJ: Just keep on walking, Kate.

Kate: I don't want you badgering Rafe. He may be getting better, but he's still weak.

EJ: Enough.

Kate: What? I--

EJ: I don't want to hear any more about poor old Rafe.

Rafe: Let's do the hand thing again.

Jordan: This is just an evaluation. You've had three months of de-conditioning. That's why you're so weak. Okay. Now I want you to take your foot and push against my hand.

Rafe: [Grunts] Damn it. You're stronger with one hand than I am with my whole leg. How am I ever supposed to walk again? Hmm?

Jennifer: You say that we have nothing to talk about, but I disagree with you. We are mature adults and we love each other.

Daniel: Yes, we do, and you want us to sneak around like teenagers.

Jennifer: Me proposing that we--that we "sneak around" as you call it, is not the way I usually do things, Daniel.

Daniel: I know, baby. That's what makes it so--

Jennifer: I'm telling you that I think there is a way for us to be together and for me to be there for my son too.

Daniel: Yeah, by keeping this a secret? Lying? And it wouldn't be just to JJ. It would be to everybody.

Jennifer: Okay, but we would be together.

Daniel: Oh, my God, are you kidding me right now?

Jennifer: Why can't you see that? I really wish you could see that.

Theresa: Why don't you watch--sorry. My fault.

Vargas: Are you kidding me? Wow, today must really be my lucky day.

Theresa: Well, play your cards right, it may even be your lucky night.

Nicole: Oh, hi.

Eric: Excuse me. Do I have any calls to return?

Nicole: No. Um, you look upset.

Eric: Well, I just saw Vargas.

Nicole: How's he doing?

Eric: Well, his suit looks like it costs more than my car, and he was ordering a limo for himself.

Nicole: I guess the simple life didn't work out for him.

Eric: That, and the program failed.

Nicole: Eric, the program didn't fail. Hope and Abe just picked the wrong guy.

Eric: And I didn't see that.

Nicole: Look, you were trying to help him, okay? Maybe you saw something in him that--

Eric: What, what I wanted to see? That's pretty naive, don't you think?

Nicole: No, it makes you who you are. You see the good in people with me and Vargas and...Kristen DiMera.

Eric: listen, can we just not talk about this anymore?

Nicole: Yeah, sure.

Eric: Listen, speaking of Kristen, these are the applicants for that new scholarship program. She must have left these behind. Would you mind taking these over to her to look at?

Nicole: I would do just about anything for you. But I draw the line at being errand girl for that bitch.

Eric: Fine, I'll do it myself.

Kristen: Right. This is it. It's plus or minus time.

Theresa: You got a name?

Vargas: Uh, yeah. It's Vargas.

Theresa: I'm Theresa.

Vargas: So what did you have in mind, Theresa?

Theresa: Right now I gotta get back to work.

Vargas: That doesn't sound like much fun.

Theresa: Hmm, well, if you're interested in fun, there's a club opening up tonight and if you have some cash, I have a connection.. We could have some real fun.

Vargas: Mm, actually I'm going to the fights. I have ringside seats, so...

Theresa: Who wants to watch two guys beat the crap out of each other? Okay. Here's my cell. I'll see you later. Unless something better comes along.

Vargas: Oh, really? And what could be better than me?

Theresa: Well, I'll let you know after I see what you got.

Daniel: [Sighs] I am in no mood to go around and around about this again. I'm just--

Jennifer: I don't know what else to do. I have a son who can't see me with anyone but his dad. But I need you in my life. But I promise you u --it won't be much longer. I'm telling you--

Daniel: Honey, you can't promise me that. You can't.

Jennifer: Okay, then what is the fair thing? Is it just to end this? Because I can't do that. I wouldn't even be standing here asking you this if I didn't really, really love you.

Daniel: [Mumbles]

Caroline: Sami, when you're on the stand, maybe you should tell the story as if you're telling your kids. Because you never lie to your kids. That'll show in your face.

Sami: That is a good tip. Thank you for the advice. How about the kids? Have you seen 'em?

Caroline: Yeah. I saw 'em today. And they miss their mother so much. And you have got to do everything you can to bring her home to them. And to all of us.

EJ: Samantha could spend the rest of her life in prison because of you and your little affair with Rafe.

Kate: Okay, so that's why you went to his hospital room? To remind him of that?

EJ: No, I went to his hospital room to ask him for help in keeping Samantha out of prison. And he turned me down.

Kate: Oh.

EJ: If she is convicted, it's on you and your little boy toy.

Kate: Is that a threat, EJ?

EJ: My father makes threats. I make promises.

Rafe: I asked you a question.

Jordan: That's a question for your doctor.

Rafe: But you must have an opinion. Am I gonna walk again?

Jordan: Together we'll give it our best shot and we'll see what happens.

Nicole: Maybe that test was Kristen's. No way. Not without divine intervention.

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