Days Transcript Thursday 8/15/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/15/13


Episode #12149 ~ Sami gets good and bad news at her hearing; Brady catches Kristen red-handed.

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Nicole: "If it was so, it might be. If it were so, it would be. If it isn't, it ain't.'" Wow. Lewis Carroll, you must have been as drunk as us ladies last night when you wrote that. Mm-hmm. Okay, you know what, maybe if I just work on my tan, I won't have to deal with Kristen playing mother Teresa with Eric. [Sighs]

Eric: Hello.


Nicole: Uh, hi.

Sorry, but you really can't be here.

Eric: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hey. Um, is Kristen in there?

Kristen: I'm late. I'm really, really late. It's not possible. It can't be.

Maxine: There you are. He's been asking for you.

Kate: How's he doing?

Maxine: In a mood. What else is new?

Kate: [Sighs] Okay, I'm going to do my very best to cheer him up.

Maxine: Honey, I think you're the only one who can.

Rafe: Hi. So nice to see you.

Kate: Okay. I get it. Sick of being in here, and you're not thrilled with me 'cause I dropped that bomb on you, and then I left. But, you know, the doctors had things that they had to do, so--

Rafe: Well, you're here now, aren't you? So maybe you can explain to me in broad daylight how you could possibly think that Stefano did not send Joe Bernardi here to kill me?

Johnny: Mommy.

Sami: Oh, my babies. Hi. [Laughs] Oh! How are you? Oh, come here. Give me big hugs.

Johnny: Are you coming home, mommy?

Sami: [Gasps] Guard? Oh, hey. I just wondered if you had any new information about my bail hearing.

Clyde: I just heard they're bringing you clothes.

Sami: Oh, wait. I'm sorry. I just have one more thing I wanted to say.

EJ: Okay, well, which part of it is it that you don't understand, hmm? You either do the job that I'm already paying you to do or I find somebody else to do it.

Justin: What the hell is going on? What the hell's going on?

EJ: I beg your pardon?


Justin: After the disaster with the video, you promised that there would be no more secrets with this case. So please explain to me what in God's name you did and why.

Eric: My mom has a lot on her plate--

Brady: I know she does.

Eric: Well, I'm just saying--

Brady: Look, I know what you're saying, I know. But I seem to recall that it was you that suggested to me to tell Marlena.

Eric: Because I didn't expect her to hear it from anybody else. So if you were expecting her to react in a different manner--

Brady: You know what, I just wasn't expecting the "Brady, you're out of you're freaking mind" thing again. I was hoping just once, maybe this time, Marlena would not be so judgmental.

Eric: Oh, and you're not judging her for speaking her mind? Brady, me on. She has a daughter who is in jail. Her husband left her, and now her stepson is involved with her nemesis.

Brady: [Sighs] Well, hey. At least things can't get any worse, right?

Kristen: Wait a second, this can't be. I must have the dates wrong. I can't be pregnant with Eric's baby.

Brady: What's wrong?

EJ: I'm sorry, Justin. I'm really not in the mood for a lecture.

Justin: Really? You're not in a mood to discuss Sami's case? What, more pressing things on your mind?

EJ: Yes. Running an international corporation is a 24-hour business. It takes tremendous focus and energy. Now my father lost focus, and I was able to vanquish him. I'm not about to make the same mistake and have him come waltzing back in here.

Justin: Got it. So it's okay to screw things up on Sami's case. No big deal to just lose focus on where Sami's concerned, is that it?

EJ: Let me tell you something. Everything that I do is for Samantha and my children. Everything. And what I'm doing now is making sure that she does have something to come back to.

Justin: EJ, look, I am not questioning your intent. I am questioning your methods, which are going to sabotage this case. Do you not get that?

EJ: I have calls to make, Justin.

Justin: EJ, I just heard that the police got an anonymous tip to search Bernardi's house. Do you know anything about that?

EJ: He's dirty. And there has to be proof of that somewhere.

Justin: Right. And according to Abe and hope, you were stunned that that proof wasn't in Bernardi's house.

Sami: Look, I know you're in a tough spot looking after me. Officer Bernardi was one of your own. And I'm not gonna trash him. I'm not trying to plead my case to you or anything. I just wanted you to know that I am really grateful to you for being fair to me. Thank you.

Clyde: Your father saved my life. I'm looking after his kid. On my watch, you're safe here, ms. Brady. I promise you that.

Kristen: Do I just seem completely overwhelmed?

Brady: Uh-huh.

Kristen: Well, I am because of all these scholarship applications. Thank you very much, father Eric. What are you doing here?

Brady: Hi.

Kristen: Hi. I'm glad to see you. Oh, wait, you said you were gonna stop by.

Brady: Yeah, I did. I did, remember?

Kristen: Yeah, I do. I can't stay and chat though. I'm gonna go see EJ for a little bit. He's very concerned about Sami. I want to check in--

Brady: Yeah, you can't because EJ is in a hearing...

Kristen: Right.

Brady: About some motions.

Kristen: Right. I'm just gonna go down and say hi to him anyway.

Brady: But, Kristen, it's a closed hearing.

Kristen: And I will wait for him to come out, and I'll go say hi. That's all.

Brady: Okay, all right. Can I have moment alone with her, please, Eric?

Eric: Yeah, of course.

Kristen: Whoa.

Brady: Hi.

Kristen: [Laughs] What's up?

Brady: That's what I want to know.

Kristen: What do you mean?

Brady: What happened between you and my brother?

Kristen: What kind of question is that? Nothing happened between Eric and me. What do you mean?

Brady: You were gonna interview scholarship applicants, right?

Kristen: Yes, and we did.

Brady: Okay, well, when I saw him just now, he was in quite a mood. I was just wondering if you two weren't getting along.

Kristen: We're getting along just fine.

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Okay. I just--I wanted--all right. I have to take this. Dinner later.

Kristen: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Yeah? All right.

Kristen: Bye.

Brady: Bye.

Kristen: Oh, Eric, I have to get out of here.

Eric: Kristen, you can't go. I need you.

Nicole: Um, I thought this was a public place.

It is, but there's gonna be a ceremony for the one-year anniversary of the explosion.

Nicole: Oh, wow. It's been one year already?

They just asked us to leave the pool. Everyone's got to clear out.

Nicole: Oh. Well, it's certainly a nice thing that they're doing. You know, honoring people who were lost. I didn't--I didn't lose anyone in the explosion, but I know someone who did and-- thanks--thanks for alerting me. Hope you have a really nice day.

EJ: What exactly is it that has you so upset?

Justin: DiMera, use your head. Abe and hope are gonna be called by the prosecution to testify about their work on this case, which now includes that search.

EJ: So?

Justin: So the only thing they found was a metal box, the contents of which makes Bernardi look like saint Joseph. So, please, stay out of this. And let Sami's team of allies take care of everything from now on.

EJ: No, I will not stay out of this. I am not gonna stop until my fiancée is back here in this house.

Sami: [Sniffles] Hey. Oh, thanks, Clyde. Oh, EJ.

Justin: Look, I understand this is a very difficult situation.

EJ: Do you know what it is that I am most concerned about, Justin? It's the children. Johnny and Sydney and Allie are constantly asking me why is their mother taking such a long time on this business trip.

Justin: I can only imagine how difficult this is for them. And I am doing absolutely everything I possibly can to get Sami back home as soon as possible, but, EJ, I need you to work with me.

EJ: By the book, right?

Justin: Yes. It's the only way.

Rafe: You really think that Sami shot Joe Bernardi for no good reason? Hmm? She's got four kids. What do you think? She just did it for the thrill of it?

Kate: No! No, I don't. But I do know Stefano. And I'm just not sure he's lying. Okay, let's just stop worrying about Sami, okay? Just for a while. You're about to start physical therapy, and you are gonna need all of your energy to get your strength back.

Rafe: Sami saved my life, okay? The least I can do while I am stuck in this Godforsaken bed is to try and use my mind to figure out what the hell happened here.

Kate: Okay. If you're not gonna let it go... I'm not saying that there isn't a connection between Bernardi and Stefano, okay?

Rafe: Because clearly there is.

Kate: Can you think of any reason, any other reason why Bernardi might have wanted to attack you?

Rafe: There isn't one. The only thing that Joe and I ever disagreed about was whether to root for the cubs or the white sox.

Kate: I don't know. Maybe he thought that you suspected him of being a dirty cop, of being on the take.

Rafe: I didn't. No one did. He was obviously so good at what he was doing he got away with it.

Kate: Not in the end. It cost him his life.

Rafe: Yeah, and I'm not gonna let it cost Sami hers. I'm not gonna let that happen.

EJ: One more thing for you.

Justin: What is this?

EJ: That is Trask's next move.

Justin: How did you-- damn it. By the book from this moment forward.

EJ: I want to get her back here, Justin. I want her home. It's where she belongs.

Sami: [Exhales] Mini about me.

Brady: I will. Thank you. You take care, okay? All right, bye. You look upset.

Nicole: I was reminded of something today and--

Brady: That it's the one-year anniversary of the explosion.

Nicole: You remembered.

Brady: Sure. That was Madison's sister that I hung up with, back east.

Nicole: Got it. I suppose you know that there's a memorial ceremony at the park today too?

Brady: Mm-hmm, but it's for immediate family members of the victims only by invitation.

Nicole: Oh, right.

Brady: You know who I've been thinking about today is Jack Deveraux, the fact that Jennifer and the kids must be having a hard day.

Nicole: Yeah.

Brady: But mostly I've been thinking about Madison... and what she would want me to do now.

Nicole: And what would that be?

Brady: Live.

Eric: I need you for one more student interview.

Kristen: Father, honestly I--

Eric: Well, there was just one more applicant that I didn't think was available but is available now.

Kristen: I know, but, see, I have some place I need to be, and I really can't be late.

Eric: Well, it's 30 minutes. It won't take long. Her and her guardian are right outside. Kristen, what's wrong?

Kristen: Uh... nothing. Nothing I can change in 30 minutes, right? So let's do it.

Justin: Thank you.

Sami: Justin, EJ.

EJ: Hey, sweetheart. You all right?

Justin: Stay calm. Remember what I said.

Sami: Okay.

EJ: Here.


Rafe: I can't even believe that we are having this conversation. Obviously, Stefano is capable of murder. What, you think he's not gonna lie if it doesn't suit his best interests? What, is somehow lying now worse than committing murder?

Kate: No. No, I-I never said that. It's just that, when Stefano gives his word, a DiMera honor--

Rafe: "His word"? "His word"? Screw his word, okay? It is worth nothing. And he's worth nothing. He's nothing more than a lying, homicidal psychopath. And I have zero doubt that he sent Bernardi here to try and kill me.

Sami: Thank you for the dress.

EJ: I think it will bring us luck.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. I have two motions in front of me. I'll hear arguments.

Justin: Your honor, since ms. Brady's incarceration, there have been not one, but two threats on her life. Two separate incidents. This cannot be tolerated. We ask the court to do everything in its power to protect the safety of my client. Your honor, she's not a flight risk. All she wants to do is prove her innocence, clear her name, so she can get back to her home to take care of her children. So I ask therefore, respectfully, to have your prior decision rescinded and to allow my client to be free on bail in the safety of her home with her family.

Brady: I've tried to honor Madison's memory by staying clean, and God knows I haven't succeeded. Tried to live my life fully and be good to the people that love me, and all the while trying to keep my sense of humor about it.

Nicole: She was really funny, too, huh?

Brady: She was funny. Oh, you'll appreciate this one. We were at a business meeting one time. It was with these founders of this start-up that we wanted to buy. These guys were smart. And they were asking her all these questions. Tough questions. And she would always look down at her phone right before she'd answer, and then she'd look these guys dead in the eye and give the perfect response every single time. And so we ended up closing the deal. And when they left, I asked her, I said, "what's on your phone? What information do you have?" And she was like, "nothing." I grabbed it from her. Do you know what she was doing?

Nicole: Mm-mm.

Brady: She was watching a movie.

Nicole: [Laughs] You're kidding..

Brady: She was watching

Bridget Jones's diary on her phone during the meeting.

Nicole: Oh, that's a great movie. I love that film.

Brady: Yeah. It's just amazing that all these answers came from the top of her head.

Nicole: Yeah. She was a smart cookie, huh?

Brady: Yeah. She was smart, she was funny, she was--she was great.

Nicole: Unlike your current lady friend. [Chuckles]

Brady: What?

Nicole: I'm sorry, Brady. I don't mean to be insensitive.

Brady: You know what, that was insensitive.

Nicole: It's just so strange to me... how you can go from a woman like Madison to--

Brady: To what? A bitch like Kristen?

Hayley lost her mother six months ago.

Eric: Very sorry, Hayley.

I'm her second cousin, and she's been with me ever since. She's very smart, but her grades have slipped lately.

Eric: It's very understandable. Hayley. You want to tell me what your favorite subject in school is? Hayley, I'm going to step outside and talk to your cousin, if that's all right. Kristen's gonna stay here with you. Is that okay?

Kristen: You know, if this was my interview, I'd probably do the same thing you're doing. So if you just want to sit here, I'm totally cool with that.

Kate: I have a novel idea. Why don't we not talk about Stefano? Are you excited about your physical therapy? 'Cause I heard that they have assigned you a therapist, and he is supposed to be the very, very best. So you don't want to talk about that. How about this? 'Cause you have to say she's a beauty.

Rafe: Yeah.

Kate: Yay! A good topic, and I heard you had a really, really good visit with her the other day.

Rafe: Yeah. I did. Despite of the fact that I couldn't hold her in my arms and my sister just had to put her on top of me. Yeah. It was good.

Kate: You are going to be doing all of that. You are going to be holding her and hugging her and taking her for adventures all over town before you know it.

Justin: Your honor, we understand the court's concern about my client fleeing. So we present the passports of ms. Brady and Mr. DiMera as well as this certified document verifying the self-impoundment of the DiMera private jet. May I also remind the court that the children involved--

Melinda: The children involved are of no consequence.

Justin: Excuse me?

Melinda: The defendant and her fiancé have found themselves in a situation like this before. And they ran without their passports, without the private jet, and without their children. They were ultimately apprehended in a DiMera family safe house along with the means to flee the country.

Judge: I'll consider this. The other motion, the request for a closed trial.

Justin: Yes, your honor.

Melinda: I'd like to register the state's dissent on this motion.

Judge: Noted.

Justin: Your honor, we're concerned with the defendant's right to a fair trial.

Judge: As am I.

Justin: But I believe that we are justified in that concern. If this trial is open, the gallery attendees can have an adverse affect on the impartiality of the jury.

Judge: Mr. Kiriakis, every attorney wants to make that case.

Justin: But not every defendant has cause. And I think once you see what's inside this folder, you will share my concern. Those are personal emails from four different members of the Salem police department. Each one describing an organized effort to pack the gallery with uniformed officers.

Melinda: Really? This is your motion, Mr. Kiriakis? Men in uniform?

Justin: Your honor, we all know that detective Bernardi was a decorated officer. And no one can blame his comrades for their loyalty, but this is a blatant and coordinated effort to sway the jury against my client. And may I also point out that the prosecutor was copied on each email.

Melinda: [Scoffs] Not to put too fine a point on this, but unless you had a warrant, which I know you didn't, accessing the personal emails of private citizens is a crime.

Justin: One of the officers on this string voluntarily gave me a copy of the emails. No crime was committed.

Melinda: Who gave you the emails?

Justin: His or her identity will not be divulged in order to protect his or her safety.

Melinda: This is outrageous. The public's rights to know--

Justin: Are secondary to the rights of my client.

Melinda: [Scoffs]

Justin: She is entitled to protection and to a fair trial.

Melinda: Your honor, if I may--

Judge: Not now. We'll take a brief recess. I'll rule on both motions and present you with orders before close of day.

Bailiff: All rise.

EJ: Well done.

Sami: So what happens now?

Justin: Actually, I think we have a really good shot at getting you home tonight.

Rafe: So jury selection is starting soon, huh?

Kate: Um, yep. Apparently so.

Rafe: What if I'm called as a witness?

Kate: Well, then you'll tell the truth. But right now you need to focus on your--

Rafe: My recovery. Yes.

Kate: Yes.

Rafe: I know. I know.

Maxine: Hey, there. The doctor will be here soon, ahead of your first pt appointment.

Kate: Meaning I need to go. But I will be back. Thank you.

Rafe: Fine. I'll be nice.

Maxine: Hmm. Words are cheap, Hernandez.

Hayley: Why do you think I don't want to talk?

Kristen: I don't know. I just assumed. I mean, I think I understand. I mean, I think I do understand what you're going through. When I was about your age, I lost most of my family too, honey. For a long time, it was just my brother and me. And we were mad. So mad, and we were sad too. 'Cause we felt that we'd been cheated out of something, you know, that was important, and we had been cheated out of something, just like you have. I didn't want to talk 'cause I was afraid that if I opened my mouth, words wouldn't come out anyway, you know. I thought maybe I would just start screaming bloody murder... and crying. And then I'd be freaking out. And everybody around me would be freaking out. Do you kind of feel like that too? Look, I know it sounds really crazy, but things are gonna get better. You're not always gonna be so mad. You're not always gonna be so sad. You're gonna realize that the people that you lost are still with you. And they're in your heart. They want you to be happy. They want you to feel safe. It's gonna get better. I promise you, Hayley.

Nicole: Brady, I-- I don't mean to hurt you. I don't.

Brady: You know, out of everybody, I thought you-- I thought you would be the one that would get Kristen the most.

Nicole: Me? Why?

Brady: Why? Because she has been wounded by life, by things she couldn't control and hurt by the people that were supposed to love her in the world. And now she's trying to get another shot at happiness and turn her life around. Does this sound familiar to you?

Nicole: Okay. Fine, maybe we do have a lot in common. But you know what we don't have in common? [Clears throat]

Brady: Go on. Tell me.

Nicole: Okay. All right. Brady, she's a--Kristen is--

Brady: What is she?

Nicole: All right. Fine. We are a lot alike. Which is even more reason for you to listen to me. She is a man-eater. And you look in those big eyes, those sad eyes and you say, "aw." But she will eat you up and spit you out. Again.

[Knock at door]

Eric: Hi. Hayley, your cousin is in the corridor waiting for you.

[Door closes]

Kristen: I think she'll start opening up when she trusts people a little bit more.

Eric: I think she trusted you. You know, I watched you two for a moment from the doorway.

Kristen: We just talked a little bit, and I guess she needed a hug.

Eric: 'Cause you obviously understand her better. I mean, knowing what she's going through.

Kristen: Yeah, I suppose so.

Eric: You know it's terrible when we lose somebody-- when adults lose somebody--but for a child to lose a parent or both, it's-- [Exhales]

Kristen: How about you?

Eric: What?

Kristen: You just seem to have such an affinity for kids. Yet--

Eric: And yet I don't have any of my own? Is that what you were gonna say?

Kristen: I don't know if I was gonna say that at all.

Eric: Well, Kristen, I--

Kristen: You shouldn't just jump to the conclusion that I was gonna say that. I don't know if I was gonna say that. So could we please just not talk about this right now? In fact, let's not talk about this ever again, okay? See that film? People call me about this every day.

Sami: But, Justin, if the trial is closed, then will EJ still be able to be here?

EJ: Oh, Justin took care of it. I'm second chair counsel.

Sami: You think of everything. Oh, he's back.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: I've made my rulings on both motions. My clerk is typing up the orders. To the motion requesting a closed hearing barring the public from the proceedings, I rule in favor of the defense.

Melinda: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Noted. The second motion regarding bail--denied.

Sami: No.

Judge: The court's view, extraordinary measures have been taken to assure the defendant's safety, and given the defendant and her fiancé's blatant disregard for honoring prior bail agreements, I can't in good conscience allow for it. That's all.

Bailiff: All rise.

Eric: What did I say to--

Kristen: Look, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you that way. There's a lot going on in my life right now, and I just feel like I can't even keep up with it. I mean, Brady and I are back together, and that's wonderful, and it's incredible. It's also kind of confusing for me, you know.

Eric: Can you talk about it?

Kristen: No, I mean, obviously I love him. What's not to love? I mean, I don't think anybody's been so devoted or kind to me--

Eric: So why are you so confused?

Kristen: Because I'm just not used to feeling these feelings I have, that's all, and like I said, everything's changing, and it worries me. I'm just worried.

Eric: What changes are you talking about?

Kristen: I'm talking about all these circumstances-- oh, God, I can't-- I can't talk right now. I have to go.

Brady: Look, I know you're gonna scoff at this, but the God's honest truth is I am getting back together with Kristen with my eyes open. No comment, huh?

Nicole: Afraid I'll scoff. Not very good at controlling that.

Brady: Nicole, you don't have to trust her. I do. If you're my friend, you will trust the fact that I won't let anybody, including Kristen, screw up my life again. End of story.

Maxine: Here's what I know about the first days of physical therapy: It sucks.

Rafe: Okay.

Maxine: It hurts.

Rafe: Good to know.

Maxine: And you'll think it won't get any better. But it will. Besides, you're the toughest dude I know. If anyone can take it...

EJ: Just breathe. Okay? Just breathe. This is not over.

Melinda: Prosecution witness list. Hope this is a surprise to you. I'd hate to think you stole it off my clerk's laptop.

Justin: Pretty standard. Forensics, coroner, Hope, Abe, Roman.

Sami: My father?

Justin: Sonny, Adrienne, Kate, Will.

Sami: Oh, my God. They're gonna make my son testify against me.

Justin: And Rafe.

EJ: Rafe. Please. Rafe was in a coma.

Sami: And he's already made it clear that he believes me. So I don't understand what she's doing. Why is she calling all these people?

Clyde: Time to go.

EJ: Come here. This is not over. We will win this. I love you.

Sami: And I love you.

EJ: So what do you make of the list?

Justin: It's not who's on the list. It's who's not.

EJ: Marge Bernardi.

Justin: The grieving widow. It'd play very well to the jury.

EJ: They don't want her on the stand, because they're afraid we'll cross-examine her.

Justin: Maybe she's hiding something about her dearly departed Joe.

EJ: Could be father's money's in her account or in her son's name.

Justin: EJ, I'm not sure we can go there.

EJ: Justin, Samantha's life is on the line here. We go wherever we have to go.

Rafe: You new here?

Jordan: I am. Actually my name--

EJ: I'm gonna need a moment alone with Mr. Hernandez. Now.

[Approaching footsteps]

Sami: What do you want?

Kate: We need to talk... about Stefano.

Eric: [Chuckles] So you weren't sick today, huh? You just trying to steer clear of Kristen?

Nicole: You know, I had an upset stomach, but I'm better now. So how did the scholarship interviews go?

Eric: It was great. Kristen was terrific. I mean, she was so skilled in the way she handled the girl who lost her parents. Very impressed.

Nicole: Oh, for the love of Mary and Joseph, not you too. She is a snake. You know, like the one in the garden that started it all?

Eric: Nicole, I need copies of this flyer. Today.

Nicole: Hello? Is anybody up there paying attention to what's going on down here? I mean, someone needs to get busy for heaven's sake and have the scales fall from the eyes of at least one of those idiot others. Come on already! Oh, my...

Brady: Kristen?

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