Days Transcript Thursday 6/27/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/27/13


Episode #12114 ~ Nicole finds a way to save the school project; Jennifer learns JJ has been arrested.

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[Silenced gunshot]

Eric: This isn't happening. It can't happen.

Kristen: Why not? I want you. I need you. And you need me too. You know you do. You know you do.

Jennifer: JJ, where are you? I left work because we were both gonna meet Cameron here together. Remember, you were gonna explain to him what happened? So get here, please.

JJ: When she said have a nice day I almost lost it.

Bev: That was so awesome.

Rory: Gosh, my stuff was rattling around in my bag. I-I can't believe she didn't hear it, man.

Cole: Weird, right?

JJ: All that matters is that we did a good job, man.

Cole: Hey, let's check out our stash.

JJ: Oh, man. This phone's gotta be, like, 300 easy.

Rory: Oh, dude, we can pick up a bill for it down at the docks any Saturday.

JJ: Yeah.

Bev: You have the best ideas.

JJ: So what did you get?

Bev: Oh, just a couple of videos. My hands were shaking.

Cole: Well, I got the new laser warfare game. Am I cool or what?

JJ: Actually, you're wasted, Cole.

[All laugh]

Caroline: You're right. I mean, it's bad enough to get sick when you're home, close to your family, but he was out of town.

Marlena: Yeah. And he's normally so stoic. He just, uh--he wouldn't complain.

Caroline: Well, then it must be something serious.

Marlena: Let's hope not.

Caroline: Hmm.

Marlena: Anyway, I came by to get some of your famous chicken soup.

Caroline: Oh.

Marlena: I thought, you know, hospital food is--

[Phone rings]

Marlena: Oh, oh, oh, sorry. Hold on. So sorry. Yello. Oh, hey, Roman. Oh. Wow, that's great. Um, yeah, I'll be there in a few. Bye. Eric is being released.

Caroline: Well, that's wonderful. That sure is a quick recovery.

Marlena: He was just in overnight.

Caroline: Well, I don't understand. He was sick enough to go to the hospital. The next day he's released?

Nicole: Eric didn't have anything to eat or drink at the hotel, right?

Daniel: W--that's what he said, but he doesn't really remember that much.

Brady: He said he took a shower and the next thing he knew he was in bed, sick as a dog.

Nicole: He is gonna get his memory back though, right?

Daniel: Possibly. I mean, maybe if he goes back to the room or--or sees someone he associates with what happened to him there.

Kristen: Hey, Eric. I mean, father. I heard you were here. I thought I'd just stop in--

Eric: I know why you're here, Kristen. Only too well.

[Knocks on door]

Cameron: Uh, is this a bad time?

Jennifer: Uh, no. Actually I'm glad you came. I thought you were JJ and maybe he'd forgotten his keys. But come on in, please.

Cameron: So your message, it said you son wanted to talk to me.

Jennifer: Yeah, um... Cameron, this is the deal. JJ was waiting for you in your office yesterday and when you hadn't returned he was just gonna write you a note. And he took this pad off your desk, and this is it.

Cameron: This is my script pad.

Jennifer: Yeah. And he's supposed to be here right now explaining all of this to you and apologizing, but he is delayed for some reason. But listen, he didn't mean to take your prescription pad.

Cameron: Hmm.

Jennifer: I'm-- he should have been more careful. I'm sorry.

Cameron: You know, I-I keep these in my drawer.

Jennifer: He said it was um, uh, on your desk.

Cameron: Uh... [Sighs] Well, you know, it's--it's brand-new. There's no slips missing.

Jennifer: Right, because he decided not to write the note.

Cameron: Okay, well, um, no harm, no foul I guess.

Abigail: Hey, mom...sorry, my class ended and I was--

Jennifer: Hey.

Abigail: Cameron. Hi.

Cameron: Hey.

Abigail: Oh, right. The prescription pad thing. JJ told me that he wanted to apologize himself I thought for--

Jennifer: Yes.

Cameron: You know what? We've handled the problem. Thanks, Mrs. Horton. You know, tell JJ--tell him it's cool and I'll see you at the hospital.

Jennifer: Yes and Cameron, thank you again. I'm--I'm so sorry.

Cameron: Yeah.

Rory: Yo, I say we go to the park.

Bev: And do what?

JJ: Get baked? That's all he knows how to do.

Rory: What? No, man. I mean, I can, like, make stuff stick to my fingers in a store.

[Sucking noises]

[All chuckle]

Cole: You know what? I've just always hated this tree. Plastic rich people think they own it. Come on, everybody. Grab a hold. Take a piece of it home, right?

JJ: Stop, man. Get away from the tree.

Nicole: Well, what if Brady and I go to the hotel and take pictures of the room and then show them to Eric?

Brady: Would that even work?

Daniel: It might have some effect, but I doubt it. I mean, in situations like this, the memories usually come back on their own. Or not and it's just--it's a very--

The lab said you wanted these ASAP?

Daniel: Yes. Thank you. Thank you.

Brady: What are those?

Daniel: Well, hopefully answers.

Kristen: I had to drop off some papers for the upcoming board meeting. I heard you were here. I know we've had our differences because of Brady and our families--

Eric: Stop!

Kristen: I just came by because I was concerned about--

Eric: You're not here because you're concerned, Kristen. We both know there's a lot more to it than that. You think I don't know what happened? You love to play people, don't you? You take such joy in it.

Kristen: Father, I'm sorry if that's what you thi--

Eric: I know exactly what this is about. I didn't support your deep, crazy love for my brother, Brady. I wouldn't attend your wedding. I wouldn't hear your confession when your crazy scheme blew up in your face.

Kristen: Father, this has--

Eric: Those are the facts, Kristen! You have a ton of vindictive reasons to be angry with me, but now? Now that you heard that the new school may be in trouble because I've taken--I've taken ill and I didn't have some time to meet some very important bureaucrats...

Kristen: Father, I don't know anything about a meeting.

Eric: And that the DiMeras--oh, the DiMeras--they gave a ton of money for this new school. You are here to tell me the funds can be withdrawn.

Kristen: That's not true. That gift was--was without reservation, honestly. I'm only here because I heard you were ill.

Eric: And what, hoping that my mother was visiting? So you could just stick it to her? That's it. I know you, Kristen. When it comes to my family you always have a plan, don't you?

Marlena: The test results aren't back yet, so we don't know what happened to him.

Caroline: Well, at least he's recovered. Thank God.

Marlena: Thank God. Roman is going to pick him up and take him to the rectory. We'll meet him there and...hope you come along.

Caroline: Oh, you bet I can.

Marlena: Mm. Oh, Caroline, you know, between Sami being arrested and this business with Eric, boy, it's so hard when your children are suffering. I know you know that one.

Caroline: Yes, I do. But it must be a help to have Roman there. You know, for Eric and for you.

Marlena: Yeah. Yeah, it helps.

Caroline: And I'm sure that john's done all he could.

Marlena: Well, no. I just got a text from john saying he was out of town for a couple of days. And... that's fine.

Daniel: I'll be damned.

Nicole: What?

Brady: What? What is it? What does it say?

Daniel: Um, I need to go see Eric. Excuse me.

Brady: Hold on a minute.

Nicole: Okay, but is it the ri--

Brady: Did he seriously just say "I'll be damned" and walk out of the room? Did he find poison or what? I don't like that look on your face. What are you thinking?

Nicole: I may have the answer.

Jennifer: I'm just worried about Cameron. He seemed more upset about JJ taking that pad than he let on.

Abigail: Yeah, well, JJ should have been the one here explaining himself, if he can. But I think that Cameron was really upset about something else, too.

Jennifer: Honey, I hope you're not talking about Chad.

Abigail: No, mom, okay. Can we just agree to not talk about something and stick to it for, like, an hour?

Jennifer: Yes, that's fine. Okay, I am sorry.

Abigail: I gotta go see Cameron.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh, JJ. Where are you?

JJ: Hey, man, that was my great grandfather's tree. He was important, that's why the plaque's there. Get the hell away from it.

Cole: Hey, don't push me, man. What? Think your family's all special because Grampy's got his name on some stupid tree?

JJ: Back off, Cole.

Cole: Seriously? [Chuckles] Oh. "My family owns this place. My family's so cool."

JJ: I said back off!

Cole: Know what I think? I think your stupid. What do you think of that, huh?

JJ: You son of a bitch. I don't like to golf.

Jennifer: Cameron has been here and gone, JJ, and you are still not here. "Jenn, I miss you. If we can have do-over, I promise I'll let you win the next round of darts. Love, Daniel."

Daniel: Mm. This is not about me and JJ. Your son, you know what he was going to do--

Jennifer: I understand that and I know that you think that I'm so easy on him, but you know what? Honestly, I don't think this is your call to make. Gosh, Daniel. If we could just clear this up. Oh, God, JJ. Where are you? What are you doing?

JJ: [Grunts]

Okay, that's all. You're done.

Cole: Get off me, you son of a bitch!

On your feet!

JJ: Come on, you piece of crap.

What's going on?

JJ: He was trying to tear down the tree. You see what he did?

Cole: You and that stupid tree, man. Thinks he's so damn important.

JJ: Shut your mouth, Cole!

Whose backpack is this?

JJ: It's his.

Is that yours over there?


Hey, that's from my store.

You got a receipt for that?

Of course not. The security tag is still on it. He and his buddies were at my place shoplifting. The only thing they bought was a discount CD for 5 bucks. I wanna press charges.

All right.

Both under arrest. Hands behind your back.

Brady: You might have the answer to what? It's not like you saw Daniel's report on the--what are you doing? What are you doing?

Nicole: Shh, don't say anything. Hi, this is Nicole walker, titan TV. You need to put Hanley on the phone and right now.

Brady: You're not with titan TV any--

Nicole: Shh. Just--quiet. Hanley, hi. Nicole walker. Look, uh, I know you're a busy man, so I'll cut right to the chase, okay? We're about to go public with a story about how you almost killed father Eric Brady. Are you aware of that?

Hanley: What the hell are you talking about?

Nicole: Well, I'm gonna take that as a no, so here's the header: A young, courageous catholic priest desperately fighting for the life of his school has to travel to the capitol because Charles Hanley of the budget bureau is in a turf war with the department of education and is holding up certification for father Eric's school. Are you with me so far?

Hanley: This is outrageous.

Nicole: Good, well I'm not finished. Sadly, father Eric became ill and almost died because of Hanley's lust for petty power. Ooh, I like that alliteration. Petty power.

Hanley: Now, l-look, stop. I-I didn't do anything.

Nicole: You didn't do anything? Almost killing a priest isn't doing anything? Hey, do we still have that footage of Hanley, you know, that we can put up on YouTube?

Brady: Uh, yeah. Plenty.

Nicole: This firestorm's gonna be massive. That's why we wanted to call you first. So, Hanley, do you have anything you wanna say?

Hanley: Uh, I--uh, I'd have to consult with some people.

Nicole: Consult with whoever you want, but the bottom line is do we run the story?

Hanley: No. Please don't run the story. The school is being approved today.

Nicole: Oh. Well, thank you very much. So nice talking to you. Son of a bitch. He did almost kill Eric, but--but sometimes there's a silver lining.

Kristen: Father, I didn't come here to cause any trouble for you or your family. I promise you.

Eric: Of course you didn't.

Kristen: I didn't. I hope you can find a way to have that meeting and get the funds so you can get the school up and running.

Eric: You know what--

Kristen: I don't want it to fail--I mean, your whole family doesn't want it to fail.

Eric: Wh--why--your feelings about my family... let me tell you.

Kristen: Father?

Daniel: Father Eric, I have the results. Kristen, what are you doing here? Father Eric hasn't been cleared for-- what's going on? Are you starting to remember what happened last night? Father? Is something wrong?

Eric: Yes. Something is definitely wrong. Dr. Jonas, I-I need to say something.

Daniel: Uh, yeah. Kristen, could you step outside?

Eric: No--

Kristen: Absolutely.

Eric: No, no, no, please, Kristen. You should stay. She's part of it.

Daniel: Okay. What, uh--what's going on?

Eric: Whatever my illness was, it's apparently made me very irritable. I just attacked Kristen. I started blaming her. Accusing her of-- would you please just accept my apology?

Kristen: Of course.

Daniel: Uh, and Kristen, why are you here? Visiting is restricted.

Kristen: Oh, I was here on unrelated business and I heard that father had taken ill. I am so sorry I disturbed you.

Eric: I'm very sorry I snapped. I'm very worried about the school myself. What happened to me last night is in no way your fault.

Kristen: No problem. Bye.

Got a ton of messages, kid. All from your mom.

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Oh. You better have a really good excuse, mister. Hello? What? Uh, yeah. Oh, gosh. Yes, I'll be right there.

Abigail: Cameron, hi. Um, my mom was worried that you were upset about that whole prescription pad thing.

Cameron: Uh, that pad was brand-new, and there's no way it would have been on my desk, but I should have locked my drawer. So for that part, I'm mad at myself.

Abigail: And at me?

Cameron: When were you gonna tell me?

Abigail: Tell--tell you what?

Cameron: I don't know how many times that you and Chad are just friends, but as soon as he tells you he's really into you and that he wants to move it to the next step, it's not a word. So, I'll repeat--when were you gonna tell me?

Eric: All the tests came back negative?

Daniel: Every one.

Eric: Except for my foul mood. You know what, the important thing is I'm fine now.

Daniel: Uh, well, see, uh, I'm a doctor and I need answers. Are you sure you don't remember anything? A mint on your pillow, bumping into somebody in the lobby, maybe a little sharp pain?

Eric: I'm sorry, I don't remember a thing and I really wish I could. The whole night is just a blank.

Daniel: Okay. Well, we'll definitely run some more tests, but the next ones are gonna be a little tricky though, and I am gonna need your consent. Will you agree?

Marlena: Mm.

Caroline: Oh, it's a nice day.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: We could walk.

Marlena: We could walk or, you know, my car's right there at the curb.

Caroline: I say we walk.

Marlena: I say I'm with you, baby. Let's walk it.

Kristen: Hi, Caroline.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Kristen: Hey, Marlena.

Caroline: Oh.

Abigail: Cameron, I have tried to explain this to you so many times. Chad and I are close, but I consider him a friend, period.

Cameron: Really? Well, here's what I'm saying. If you didn't show at least some feeling for the guy, none of this would be going on. He's picking up on real signals, Abigail.

Abigail: Cameron, I care about you.

Cameron: I think you do. You really do. But I'm sorry, Abigail. It's just not enough.

Jennifer: My God, JJ, what did you do? How could you get arrested? What in the world? Did you get in a fight?

JJ: Yeah.

Jennifer: Are you hurt?

JJ: No.

Jennifer: Is the other boy hurt?

JJ: No.

Jennifer: What happened?

JJ: We were in the square, and he started making fun of the plaque that's on the family tree. And then he threw his drink all over it, and...I just lost it.

Jennifer: You just lost it, JJ? Yo couldn't call the police and have them come take care of it? How could you-- how could you do this? I mean, okay, he threw a drink at a plaque. That is so bizarre. Why?

JJ: I know, it was crazy. He was trying to, like, kill the tree by tearing down branches and stuff. I tried to stop him, but then he punched me, so I gave it right back to him. I'm sorry, but weren't your grandparents, like, really special? I mean, that's why the tree's there. I remember you telling me stories about them. All the great stuff they did.

Jennifer: Yeah, JJ, they did. My grandmother and grandfather were two of the best people in this world. And you know what, they set the bar really high, and I don't always live up to it, but I keep trying, JJ. Just gonna take this taken care of, okay? Just get through this.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Cameron: Listen, I'd do almost anything for you, Abigail. I really would. That's how much you mean to me. That's why I'm glad we started dating again. I mean, we've been through some--we've been through some pretty bad stuff together. And when--when you told me that--

Abigail: Okay. If you're gonna bring up the virgin thing again, I--

Cameron: No, no. I didn't mean that. I mean, if you wanna wait until you're ready, I'm fine with that, I've told you. No, I was talking about my illustrious night job stripping for cash at a Chicago club. That's not something that I necessarily want on my highlight reel. But the worst part about it was that I lied to you.

Abigail: But we got past it.

Cameron: We did. And we can get past anything if we just stay honest.

Abigail: Cameron, I have never lied to you.

Cameron: Abigail, no, but you're lying to yourself.

Abigail: No, I'm not.

Cameron: And I'm not gonna hang around if you continue to play these mind games. You know how I feel. You know how Chad feels.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Cameron: It's time for you to figure out how you feel. I mean, if we're serious, then we're exclusive. 'Cause otherwise, we're done.

Eric: You want me to give blood every few days?

Daniel: Well, just to sample. We need to study what's called antibodies, try to identify what your body's using to fight the poison, and then work backwards to try to identify the poison.

Eric: Dr. Jonas, I really appreciate you wanting to find the answers, but right now, I need to focus on opening St. Luke's. I need to get to the capitol. I need to beg if I have to--

Nicole: No.

Brady: Nope.

Nicole: No begging needed.

Eric: What?

Brady: St. Luke's academy open for business.

Eric: What? What are you talking about?

Nicole: Oh, check it out. Just hit the internet.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. New school at St. Luke's approved in Salem.

Eric: But how? I mean, that is amazing.

Brady: Hold on, hold on, look at this, hold on. A tweet from the governor. It says, "congrats to Salem on the new school. One more promised fulfilled by my administration."

Eric: This is amazing. But how in the world did this happen?

Brady: Well, that's, uh, that's actually a pretty good story, if you want to--

Nicole: It doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, the bureaucrats did something right for once, so let's just be grateful.

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: Yay.

Eric: Believe me, I am.

Nicole: Okay.

Eric: This is a great day.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, it's really great. It's wonderful.

Roman: Hey, hey. Guess you heard, huh? Just came on the radio when I was pulling into the parking lot.

Eric: Dad, this is great news, I mean, everything we finally worked for is gonna pay off. Those kids are gonna get everything, an education, and--

Roman: You better believe it. All right, you ready to go? Family's headed to the rectory.

Eric: Oh, that's great. Let's go.

Roman: Okay.

Eric: Dr. Jonas, I just wanna say thank you for everything.

Daniel: Yeah. No, I'm glad I could help. Congratulations. Yeah. Uh, you know, now that you won't be traveling, we could run those tests.

Eric: Actually, you know what, I don't want to spend any time looking back. The school is--the school is opening. Let's just look forward, okay?

Daniel: Yeah.

Kristen: Oh, I hope you're both well. I really do.

Caroline: We're--we're on our way to the rectory. Eric is coming home.

Kristen: Isn't that terrific news? A full recovery? It's so fantastic. But this thing about Sami must be really weighing heavily on your mind. Murder. I hope the trial goes okay.

Marlena: Why do I have a hard time believing that?

Kristen: Of course I want it to go well for Sami, if for no other reason, EJ.

Marlena: Are you trying to make a point that I'm missing somehow?

Kristen: Just that our families are close. You know, because of your daughter and my brother intertwined. We're so connected. I think we will be till the day you die. Bye.

Daniel: If father Eric could keep a diary, that would be very useful.

Brady: Well, yeah, he could jot down any memory that may come to him, right?

Daniel: Yeah, right.

Brady: Yeah. No, I'll tell him. I'm sure he'll be willing to do that.

Daniel: Good. Problem is, his whole life is dedicated to taking care of other people. I mean, I'm worried that he, you know, might not work hard to find out what's really happening there, and it's--it's important. It's not like a little insect bite. This is a powerful toxin.

Brady: Yeah, but he--he recovered completely though. Right?

Daniel: Uh, well, um, I mean, he did notice that he lost his temper for some apparent reason, which is a clear sign the toxins are still in his body. Yeah, well, Kristen, she--you know, she stopped by. He had to apologize to her for snapping at her and--

Brady: Kristen--I'm sorry, Kristen was here?

Daniel: Man. Just the mention of her name. Okay, you know what, listen. Um, if you wanna talk about Kristen, what happened between the two of you--

Brady: No, no, no, no, I don't wanna talk about Kristen. I don't wanna hear her name. I don't even wanna think about that woman.

Anne: Wait, what about Jennifer? What? Are you--hey, are you pulling my leg? Oh, my God. This is just too priceless.

Jennifer: I don't understand why people just keep walking past us and they're not saying anything.

JJ: God.

Jennifer: What's taking so long?

JJ: I shouldn't have been hanging out with Cole. He's always getting into trouble, you know? If--if I hadn't been with him, I wouldn't be in this situation.

Jennifer: Excuse me. Are you any closer to releasing my son?

No, ma'am.

Jennifer: Okay, I mean, this is just getting ridiculous. I don't think he didn't anything really all that wrong.

JJ: Mom--

Jennifer: You know, if anything, I think he kept someone from vandalizing public property.

JJ: Mom--

Jennifer: Is that such a crime? Look, he's a minor. I'm his mother. I demand you release my son right now.

Abigail: Cameron, wait.

Cameron: Abigail, there's nothing left to say.

Abigail: Yes, there is. Cameron, look at me. Please. What you said before about me lying to myself... you were right. I didn't even know it. But then once you said that, I realized that that is exactly what I've been doing. Please say something.

Cameron: I just--I-I don't know how I'm supposed to react to that. I mean, this doesn't change anything.

Abigail: No, but, cam, can you at least try to understand that me being conflicted isn't about you?

Cameron: [Scoffs] Right, so this is--this is that classic cliché when you wanna spare someone's feelings. It's--it's not you, it's me. Got it.

Abigail: No, look. Can you just cut me some slack, please? You know, my family's going through a really rough time right now, and I'm not at my best, okay? Uh, forget it. That was a really pathetic excuse, and actually there is no excuse for playing games, for hurting someone. Even if it's not intentional.

Cameron: Listen, Abigail. You have to do what's right for you. Okay, you can't commit to somebody because you don't wanna hurt them or because--because you wanna be decisive. Okay? You do it because they are the person that you wanna be with. Because you are sure... there is no one else that makes you feel the way they do.

Abigail: Right. Yeah, I understand.

Cameron: [Hand slaps leg] Look. Don't be too hard on yourself, okay? Just--just try to figure it out, and when you do... yeah. Bye.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Eric: See?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Eric: "Salem's best day of the year."

Caroline: Okay.

Eric: [Laughs] "Congrats to St. Luke's."

Caroline: Yes.

Nicole: By the way, I love this tweet. "Yay for father Eric. He's a jolly good fellow. Hip hip hooray."

Marlena: Oh, amen to that. Isn't it wonderful?

Caroline: Everything's so fast today with tweets and beeps and YouTubes, and for myself, I'm really from the smoke signal era.

[All laugh]

Eric: It's amazing, isn't it, Nicole? That guy from the budget office, what was his name?

Caroline: Oh, thank you.

Nicole: Uh, Charles Hanl--Hanley.

Eric: Hanley. Right.

Nicole: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, he seemed so intent on stopping us from opening the school. Then, poof, everything's fine.

Nicole: Yeah, who would have thought?

Roman: Well, the main thing is Eric is among the living.

All: Yes.

Marlena: Oh, wonderful news. Amen.

Nicole: Cheers.

Eric: It's a good day for everyone.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Good day for everybody, huh?

Roman: Good day for everyone.

Caroline: Oh, maybe not so good for Kristen.

Roman: Well, what about Kristen?

Marlena: Oh, nothing, nothing. We ran into her on the way over here, and she just said she was kind of concerned about Sami and Eric.

Eric: Yeah, she stopped by to see me at the hospital.

Caroline: Oh, that girl goes everywhere she's not wanted.

Nicole: That is very true.

Caroline: [Laughs]

Roman: Hey, listen. If Kristen bothers your again, let me know, and I'll deal with it, okay?

Kristen: So a couple of times, he had this really odd look on his face like he was remembering something. You know, either being hit with the tranquilizer or being in bed with me, but actually it turned out he was thinking about something entirely different.

Dr. Chyka: Those memory cells have died. They'll never come back to him.

Kristen: Are you positive about this?

Dr. Chyka: Completely.

Kristen: Good.

Dr. Chyka: You've gone to a lot of trouble, ms. DiMera, and I know at first you were very worried, but now that you're certain he'll never remember anything, I'm assuming you have some sort of plan in mind?

Kristen: Yes. Of course, I do.

Eric: What's happening? [Sighs] Who are you?

Kristen: Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.

[Garbled audio]

Eric: This isn't happening. It can't happen.

Kristen: Why not?

Eric: This is wrong.

Kristen: No, it's not. It's right.

[Garbled audio]

Eric: It can't happen.

Kristen: Why not? Oh, man. Poor guy. Trying so hard to do the right thing. Such strong principles. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Anne: Uh, Dr. Jonas, I-I didn't know that Jennifer's son was back in town.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. JJ.

Anne: Yeah.

Daniel: He's back in Salem.

Anne: JJ and that's so nice. I mean, she must be just sick about what happened.

Daniel: What?

Anne: Oh, didn't you hear?

Daniel: No, I guess not.

Anne: Oh.

Daniel: Yeah, is there something you'd like to--

Anne: Well, let's not spread it around, but I have a friend at the police station, and Jennifer's son was arrested.

Jennifer: I mean, really, my son should not have been arrested in the first place. And since neither one of them were hurt in the fight, I mean, it's really not a problem, is it?

JJ: Mom.

Jennifer: What?

JJ: I wasn't arrested for fighting.

Jennifer: What was my son arrested for?

Shoplifting. He stole several hundred dollars' worth of merchandise.

Daniel: Well, Kristen, she--you know, she stopped by. He had to apologize to her for snapping at her.

Brady: I'm sorry, Kristen-- I'm sorry, Kristen was here? What the hell were you doing at the hospital, Kristen? What's your agenda? Who cares? Nothing to do with my life anymore.

Eric: Thank you, bishop white. That's very kind. A good day all around. You too. The bishop just hung up with the department of education. He's ecstatic.

Marlena: Oh, yes, yes, bravo!

Eric: Let's toast. Glasses up, everyone!

Marlena: Okay.

[All laugh]

Eric: To St. Luke's academy. A place of learning for the benefit of our children and praise of our lord.

Caroline: Amen.

Marlena: Yes. Yes to that.

Eric: Grandma.

Marlena: Is it even possible that, hours ago, we were worried to death about you?

Eric: It seems strange, I know. Maybe if I hadn't gotten sick and I had gone through with the meeting, maybe the school wouldn't have been saved. Instead, a miracle occurred. God works in mysterious ways.

Caroline: Yes.

Eric: [Chuckles]

[Glasses clink]

Kristen: Aah!

Eric: God, I want you like I've never wanted anything.

Kristen: [Chuckles] Oh, Eric. Something tells me that not everybody's gonna be so understanding about this. I have a funny feeling.

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