Days Transcript Tuesday 6/25/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/25/13


Episode #12112 ~ Dr. Chyka reveals a hitch in Kristen's plan; Chad confesses to manipulating Abigail; Nicole rescues Eric.

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Nicole: Oh, God. Eric, baby, wake up. What happened to you, Eric? Oh, my God. [Crying] Eric.

George: You're not going anywhere. I know what you're up to.

Abigail: I'm sorry.

Chad: For what?

Abigail: [Exhales] I just--I thought that tonight was about the two of us just going out and having fun as friends, right?

Chad: Um, actually, I'm the one who's sorry.

Abigail: Why?

Chad: [Sighs] Well, because I know what we said, but the truth is when I asked you to ride the wild tiger with me tonight, I never wanted to be just friends.

[Baby crying]

Will: Well, is she hungry?

Gabi: No, I just fed her ten minutes ago, but where is her blankie?

Sonny: I don't know where the blankie is. Maybe it got tossed in the laundry when we were unpacking. We can look in there.

Gabi: Can you please just help me look for this?

Will: Okay.

Gabi: It's okay, honey. We're gonna find your mantita. It's all right.

[Crying continues]

Will: [Exhales]

[Knock at door]

[Doorbell rings]

Daniel: [Exhales]

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: Hey. Hey, you're the last person I expected after everything--

Jennifer: I know. I just--I didn't want to leave things the way they were.

Daniel: Well, come on in. Come on, let's--let's talk.

Jennifer: Okay, you know what, talk is overrated.

Daniel: What? [Sighs] Oh.

Dr. Jonas?

Daniel: Hmm. Oh, hey. Hey.

Do you have the meds orders for me?

Daniel: Yes. Yeah, I do. Right here. There you go. [Groans]

Jennifer: Oh. Sorry.

Marlena: Look, my son didn't leave the name of the hotel where he was staying?

Annabel: No, he didn't. Nicole walker made his travel arrangements, but she's not here.

Marlena: I see that. I just don't know why he's not answering his cell phone.

Annabel: He probably turned his phone off to concentrate. Prepare for tomorrow's big meeting.

Marlena: Yes, I'm sure you're right. Oh, well. I know he's working hard.

Annabel: As always.

Marlena: Yeah. I just hope he finds some time to relax.

Nicole: Oh, baby. Oh, my God.

Eric: [Shivering]

Nicole: Oh, my God. Eric? Can you hear me? Oh, God. Come on! Talk to me. Oh, my God, what happened? Eric? Oh, come on, baby.

Kristen: You are so stupid. I'm leaving.

George: No, no, no. No, you're not.

[Baby crying]

Nick: Is everything okay?

Will: Yeah, everything's great. Just looking for Arianna's blanket because we must have lost it during the unpacking and the moving.

Nick: No, I mean, I don't mean to add to the chaos. I just, um, I brought a gift for her.

Will: Oh, great.

Nick: Yeah.

Sonny: Nick?

Nick: Oh, hey. Hey, Sonny. Yeah, it's like a--well, babies can't see color for the first three months of their life, and they find the high-contrast shapes captivating. That's what I read, anyway.

Sonny: Right now, we're happy to try anything, so thank you so much.

Nick: Yeah, the rest of--

Sonny: All that? Okay. Thank you.

Will: You're up.

[Baby crying]

Nick: Okay.

[Crying stops]

Will: Oh, my God. That sounds like it worked.

Nick: Nah, she probably just got worn out.

Will: No, come in. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Nick: Oh, okay.

Will: I'm guessing that you're here to see Gabi, so--

Nick: No, actually... I came to talk to you.

Abigail: Chad, what are you-- you know that Cameron and I are--

Chad: Yes, I know all about you and Cameron. And I think he's a wonderful guy. But I don't think he's the right guy for you.

Kristen: [Grunts] Aller! Oh!

Chip: What's the problem here, George?

Kristen: There is no problem.

Chip: Really? What's in the bag, ma'am?

Nicole: Eric. Eric, come on, baby. You have to sit up.

Eric: [Groans]

Nicole: Come on. Up, up, up. Come on, you can't-- oh, my God. Come on, baby. You have to get up.

Eric: [Shivers]

Nicole: Eric, you're burning up. You're burning up. I'm gonna get you a wet washcloth. I'll be right back.

Eric: [Shivers] Oh this is soft.

Daniel: Yeah. Oh, ye--no, thank you. Yeah. Appreciate it.

[Hangs up phone]

[Tapping keys]

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. If I'm interrupting, I can come back.

Daniel: You know what? No. No, you're not.

Jennifer: I found this after we were-- and I didn't know if you wanted it back or if what you said about wanting a do-over was true, so-- I'm not meaning to put you on the spot. I need you to trust me, Daniel.

Daniel: Trust you?

Jennifer: Yeah. I really do because I know what it looked like when you caught JJ with Cameron's prescription pad. Okay, I just wish I felt like you trusted me to handle my son in my own way. Can you do that, please?

Nick: Uh...[Clears throat] I'm here because I still owe you an apology.

Will: Oh. No, you don't.

Nick: Yeah.

Will: No. I mean, you brought me my baby girl. And you put her in my arms for the first time, and that is something that I will never forget. I did-- when I heard what Jensen did to you in prison, I-- maybe you didn't want to let on how much it really affected you. And that is the reason that things got messed up between us. But I just want you to know that I completely understand. And I'm--I'm very sorry.

Nick: If I was half as good of a person as you are, none of this would have happened no matter what I had to deal with in prison.

Will: No. I don't know about that.

Nick: I do. I also know that Arianna is going to have one hell of a father.

Gabi: Nick. I wanted to say, um-- is everything okay?

Chad: I had a really good time with you tonight. Didn't you?

Abigail: Yes, but--

Chad: Okay, but when I asked you out, you had plenty of chances to say no. And hey, when Cameron asked you out, you turned him down, so you wouldn't have to cancel our plans.

Abigail: Wa--it's not like I was choosing you over him.

Chad: Right, it was all about the coasters. [Exhales]

Abigail: Right now I feel like I'm still on one.

Chad: Look, Abigail, I'm-- [Sighs] I'm sorry, okay? About everything. And I know I was so angry with Gabi that I let it get in the way of everything. I tried to give you space, and I tried to get over you, but I can't get you out of my head, Abigail. And I'm not giving up on you without a fight.

Nicole: Hey. I'm here, Eric. I'm here for you now, okay? Oh, you have to be okay. I need you. I'm gonna get you some help right now.

Eric: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh. Hey.

Kristen: Whoa. So suspicious? I have a bag in hotel. You want to see my lingerie, you just have to ask me, hmm?

Chip: Okay, but I mean--

Kristen: Maybe I call your chief, huh? What you think? I call your chief. Oh, my good friend, the governor, hmm?

Chip: What's your complaint, George?

George: This freeloader never checked in, and yet she has a key. Now she's trying to waltz out of here like nothing every happened. No. No, she is a thief. I want her arrested. Ok, I am coming.

Kristen: Please. This is ridiculous. I checked in. If I was a freeloader, I mean, wouldn't I stay one night?

Chip: Well, it's quite common when someone's engaged in a certain profession.

Kristen: Oh! So you think I'm a hooker?

George: You know, I think you're on to something, chip. She's determined to get into one particular room. When I said it wasn't available, it looks like she took matters into her own hands.

Kristen: I will pay for the room again! If that's what it takes. Please.

George: No, it's took late. I'm pressing charges. I want to know what you're really doing here.

Nicole: Yes, Eric. It's me, it's Nicole.

Eric: Why are you here?

Nicole: Well, you--you left your notes. And I came here, and I found you like this. Can you--can you tell me what hurts? Oh. Okay. Look, I'm gonna get you a doctor. I'm gonna get you a doctor. Here, look. Put your head here. Okay. Lean back, lean back.

Eric: [Shivers]

Nicole: Oh, baby, lean back. Oh, where's my phone? Oh. I forgot these don't work. Baby, listen. I don't want to leave you, but I'm gonna go downstairs. I'm gonna get you the help that you need, okay? I'll be right back. I'll be right back.

Eric: [Shivers]

Chip: Come on, lady. Let's do this.

Martha: What's going on?

Kristen: You checked me in. Now they think I stole the key.

Martha: Oh, I'm sorry. There has been a terrible misunderstanding. We've been so busy dealing with the phone outage, I guess I never finished filling out the paperwork.

Kristen: What did I say, huh?

George: Um, I'm sorry, ma'am.

Kristen: Well, you are stupid. I'm calling my attorney.

George: Great.

Nicole: Please, I need your help.

Jennifer: You can't even answer me, can you?

Daniel: Do I trust you? Always. But do I think you have blinders on when it comes to your son? That right there, that is a different question.

Jennifer: Really? Is it?

Daniel: Yeah, he's your son. You're going to love him and support him no matter what.

Jennifer: And you think he's lying. And you think I'm wrong to believe him. But what makes you so sure? Maybe you're too quick not to trust him. You know, sometimes I feel like you are just sitting there waiting for him to screw up, so you can say, "I told you so."

Daniel: What, you really think that's what's going on? You think I'm just wait--

Marlena: I'm sorry. Excuse me. Do you have a moment?

Jennifer: Yes, yeah.

Marlena: Please, I'm so sorry to interrupt.

Jennifer: No, no. Please. It's fine. I was--I was just leaving. Excuse me.

Marlena: My apologies. Is she okay?

Nick: I just came by to bring that for the baby. Sorry, I should get going.

Gabi: Nick, hold on. I'm--I spoke to Kate. She told me.

Nick: I was fired.

Gabi: I'm sorry.

Nick: It's probably for the best.

Sonny: Hey, Nick. Arianna's finally sleeping, so thank you.

Nick: Yeah.

Sonny: If you want to get some fresh air and take a walk, will and I got this covered.

Gabi: Thanks.

Nick: See ya.

Will: See ya.

Sonny: Aww.

Will: That was so nice of you.

Sonny: I just figured they could use some alone time. And they weren't the only ones.

Will: Hmm.

Abigail: Chad... I didn't see any of this coming.

Chad: Really? It seems to me that life keeps throwing us together. And now that you've seen that video...

Abigail: We're keeping secrets from the police about a murder investigation. Yeah, that gives us a really special bond.

Chad: I'm sorry that you're in the middle of this. You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Abigail: No.

Chad: [Exhales] Okay, I know you want to do the right thing. And I admire that you stick to your beliefs.

Abigail: Okay, if this is gonna turn into a conversation about the virgin thing, then--

Chad: Why--why are you blushing right now?

Abigail: I'm not.

Chad: You're very cute when you blush, by the way. I'm serious. There it is again. I see it. [Laughs] Look, it's special that you want to save yourself for the right guy. And I don't know if that's me, but--

Abigail: No, I don't know. I don't know about any of this.

Chad: I didn't mean to dump this all on you. I just felt like there was something special that happened between us tonight, and--

Abigail: I need to go.

Chad: Wait, let me drive you home at least.

Abigail: No, I'm fine.

Chad: Here, hold on. You forgot this. Take this.

Abigail: Thanks.

Chad: You're welcome.

Nicole: He needs a doctor, and I can't call out.

Chip: I'll radio for an ambulance.

Nicole: Okay.

George: He didn't look sick at all when he checked in.

Nicole: Hey. Hey, we're gonna take you to a hospital, and you are going to get the best care. Right?

George: Right.

Nicole: What is your problem?

George: Well, I guess you've never been to county general. Last time I was there, I waited eight hours in the E.R.

Nicole: Is this the state capitol or Mayberry? Look, we're getting him to a doctor, and we're gonna get him the best care no matter what I have to do to make that happen.

Chad: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Chad: Hi, what's up, man?

Will: [Laughs] Hey.

Chad: Kate told me you got out of the hospital.

Will: Yeah.

Chad: Brought the baby home. That's a big day.

Will: Yep.

Chad: Yeah. Wow, you look like you're feeling better, so that's a good thing.

Will: I am, yeah.

Chad: Yeah. Is the baby sleeping right now or she--

Sonny: Yeah. I'm guessing you didn't come over to offer to change some diapers?

Chad: No. Actually, I just came by to see how will's doing.

Will: Okay. And?

Chad: Okay. I guess I kind of came over here to talk about Abigail.

Jennifer: I know that you're trying to help me, but you and JJ are a really bad combination right now.

Daniel: Jennifer, listen. This is not about me and JJ. Your son, you know what he was going to do?

Jennifer: I understand that, and I know that you think that I'm so easy on him. But you know what? Honestly, I don't think this is your call to make.

[Door opens, closes]

Jennifer: Abigail?

Abigail: Hey, mom.

Jennifer: Hey, honey. Everything okay?

Abigail: Yeah.

Jennifer: You don't look okay. No, I mean, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

Abigail: I wouldn't even know how to put it into words, mom.

Jennifer: Do you want to try?

Abigail: Okay, um-- I am a complete and total screw-up.

Nick: Maybe we should sit.

Gabi: It's okay. I'm feeling good now.

Nick: You look great. I'm sorry you felt like you and Arianna had nowhere to go, that you had to move in with will and Sonny.

Gabi: It's okay. I mean, we're all getting along really well. And Sonny--he delivered my baby. Everything's good between us.

Nick: Right.

Gabi: Are you sending out resumes?

Nick: Yeah. I'm--it's the plan for tomorrow.

Gabi: You should send one to Sami. You know, she really wanted to hire you before.

Nick: Listen to us, Gabi. We're married, but from the way we're talking, we could be strangers.

Gabi: Well, maybe that's because...we are.

Daniel: Wow, this is a great pickup. I'll arrange for a head ct for Mrs. Senter first thing in the morning.

Marlena: Thank you so much. And please be good enough to send a copy to Dr. Holcombe. She's covering some of my patients while I'm spending time with Sami.

Daniel: Yeah, of course. Yeah. And if there's anything you need from me, please don't hesitate to ask.

Marlena: Thanks. I will. Just this whole situation with john and Brady and now Eric being out of town, I feel like I'm pulled in so many directions, I can't--

Daniel: Eric? Eric is out of town now?

Marlena: Yes. He had to go see the governor about getting the permits to open the new school at St. Luke's. He thinks if he doesn't get that done, he will be transferred out of Salem.

Daniel: I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out.

Marlena: So do I. I'd be lost without him.

Daniel: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Daniel: Oops, excuse me.

Marlena: Sure.

Daniel: Hello?

Nicole: Daniel, it's Nicole. Are you at the hospital?

Daniel: Yeah. Why?

Nicole: Oh, thank God. I'm in an ambulance with Eric, and I asked the paramedics to take him to Salem. He's really sick. Please, you have to help him.

Kristen: [Humming] No rest for the wicked.

Sonny: Abigail didn't change her mind about keeping quiet about the video, did she?

Chad: No. No, no, no, no. This has nothing to do with that.

Will: Great. Then what's the matter?

Chad: [Sighs] I, uh, kind of did something crazy tonight. Is it okay if I--

Will: Yeah, sure.

Chad: I, uh, I got these V.I.P. Passes to the whoopee world opening, and I asked Abigail to come with me.

Will: Okay.

Chad: Well, we had this very clear understanding that it wasn't a date. At least that's what she thought. Thank you.

Sonny: Wait, she's seeing Cameron.

Chad: I know, I know, I know. And I don't like dogging him, but I am telling you, it is not over between us.

Will: How can you tell?

Chad: I can just tell, that's all. Look, I just wanted one more chance with her. I mean, what if Cameron's not the right guy for her? And what if deep down, she thinks it too?

Abigail: Cameron and I have been getting closer and I told him that I was ready to--

Jennifer: Right. But you weren't ready?

Abigail: No.

Jennifer: And that's okay.

Abigail: No, it's not okay, mom. I mean, how many other virgins do you know that are my age?

Jennifer: Well, I was at your age.

Abigail: Yeah, but, mom, that was so long ago. Sorry, you know what I mean. It's just-- I went out with Chad tonight, and it was supposed to be, you know, just friends. And I think somewhere deep down, I knew that he wanted more from me. And I still said yes. And you know what the worst part about it is, mom? I actually had a really great time.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, maybe you did tonight. But you need to stay away from him. He is bad news.

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Eric: This is wrong.

Kristen: No, it's not. It's right. Can you feel how right it is? No. That will never do. Nope.

[Doorbell rings]

Kristen: Harold! Harold!

[Doorbell rings]

Kristen: Really? Do you ever work, Harold? Honestly. Dr. Chyka.

Dr. Chyka: I just wanted to check in. I hope my formulations were of use.

Kristen: Yeah. Definitely.

Marlena: What did she say? What did--

Daniel: All right, what do we got? What do we got?

Patient is unresponsive. Pulse is 110 and thready. Temp is 105.

Marlena: 105? Oh, Eric.

Daniel: Hey, what happened?

Nicole: I don't know. I found him like this in the hotel. And he woke up, and he recognized me, but only for a second. Please tell me he's gonna be okay.

Daniel: Well, first thing we gotta do is get his temperature down. Then we'll figure out what's causing it. E.R.'S swamped. Let's get him in here.

Yes, sir.

Daniel: Straight ahead. Nurse, get the door. Straight ahead. Right in that room. Here we go.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Marlena: Roman!

Roman: Marlena! I got your message.

Marlena: Daniel's got him right now. We don't know what happened.

Roman: What's wrong with him?

Marlena: We don't know yet. Daniel's--Daniel's with him, but Nicole said that she found him in his hotel room. He was delirious, he was fev-- sister Annabel said he was fine when he left. He was alone. What the hell were you doing there?

Nick: It's my fault, Gabi. I made a thousand promises about our future and our life together. I want you to know that I meant every single one of them then.

Gabi: I do know. I do. But you were lying to yourself, Nick.

Nick: Yeah. I guess I just-- I tried so hard to pretend that what happened to me in prison wasn't driving every single thing that I did. You know, I thought somehow, that if I had the perfect family--the beautiful wife and the beautiful baby, that it would just-- it all would just go away. I know it might feel like I just latched onto the first girl that came along, but, Gabi... you're so special. I'm always going to care about you. Always. And I hope... that even though-- even though we've been through so much that...we could still be friends.

Gabi: I care about you, Nick. I mean, you know that. And I want you to get the help that you need. But what I need--what I need is to take care of my brother when he gets out of the hospital and be the best mom that I can be. I have a chance finally to get things right. And I don't want to do anything else that could screw that up.

Nick: I think you made the right decision... [Sniffles] Moving in with will and Sonny. They're good guys. A hell of a lot better than me.

Gabi: I need to go. Please take care of yourself.

Nick: [Sniffles]

Abigail: Mom, when dad flipped out because I started to see Chad, you are the one that told him to relax.

Jennifer: Yes, but that was before he did what he did at Gabi's wedding, honey.

Abigail: Mom, everyone makes mistakes. I've made plenty.

Jennifer: Absolutely. That was more than a mistake. And besides, you just told me that you're feeling really close to Cameron.

Abigail: I am. And I do. Sometimes. If I were so sure that he was the right one, why would I keep thinking about Chad? Oh, this is-- I don't know what's wrong with me.

Jennifer: Honey, there's nothing wrong with you. It's just a confusing time right now. It's okay.

Abigail: You have no idea.

Jennifer: What? No idea about what, honey?

Abigail: Nothing. Nothing.

Jennifer: Abigail, please.

Abigail: No, mom, seriously forget it. I'm fine. I just need to be alone, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Will: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you and Abigail break up after the wedding thing?

Chad: Yeah, that would be correct.

Will: Yeah. Well, listen. I mean, we all make mistakes, and if I'm over what you did, I'm sure Abigail's over what you did, you know. And if you hadn't done it, then I wouldn't be a father to my little girl. So in a really convoluted way, I mean, you did me a favor.

Chad: Wow. Thanks for saying that, man. Well, I'll let you get back to whatever I interrupted. I'll see you guys later, all right?

Sonny: All right, see you later.

Will: Where were we?

Sonny: I think we were right here.

Nicole: Marlena, I was there because I found Eric's notes back at the church. The ones he needed for the meeting about the school. I knew how important they were to him, so I tracked him down and-- you know, God, I just pray that he's gonna be okay.

Roman: Yeah, we're all doing that.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

Roman: Why didn't the paramedics take him to the closest hospital?

Nicole: Because I wanted him to get the best care possible, so I insisted that they bring him here, and Daniel's gonna help him. He has to.

[Monitor beeps]

[Door closes]

I got his labs. White count's normal.

Daniel: Well, that's strange.

Maybe it's viral?

Daniel: No. I'm not so sure.

Kristen: Would you like a drink?

Chyka: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Kristen: No. Just making a little something to remember the night by. Because God knows that nobody else is gonna remember, right?

Daniel: I'm gonna start a broad spectrum antibiotic while we wait for his cultures. Okay. And if his condition changes at all, you come to me...

Of course.

Daniel: Right away, all right? Okay.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Will: Hey. Everything okay?

Gabi: Yeah, everything's great. Is Ari still sleeping?

Sonny: Yep.

Gabi: Long nap. Great. You know what that means.

Will: She's gonna wake up and she's never gonna go to sleep again.

Gabi: Well, I wouldn't say never, but she is gonna wake up every two hours. She's gonna be hungry, cranky. She's gonna be crying her little head off.

Sonny: Wasn't she down for, like, five hours the other night?

Gabi: Well, yeah, that was-- that was a fluke. That was a one-time thing. She's not even a month old. You really expect her to, you know, sleep the whole night through?

Will: No, of course not. My mom said I didn't leave her alone for more than three hours till I was one.

Gabi: Yeah, I was like that too, and I hope it's not hereditary because if it is, we are in trouble. I'm gonna go try to nap for a bit while I can, okay?

Sonny: Get over here.

Will: Ah! Ow. So how old were you when you slept through the night, Mister?

Sonny: Well, I was the perfect baby apparently. I slept through the night as soon as I got home from the hospital. Rarely cried. And you know, when I was six months old, I was speaking in full sentences. [Laughs] And then I bowled people over with my highly refined sense of humor...

Will: Oh, shut up.

Sonny: Before I could even walk, can you believe that?

Will: Please, you were-- I'm sure you were a little nightmare.

Sonny: I was. Yeah, my mom said that she didn't sleep or even rest for, like, the first two years.

Will: Two years?

Sonny: Two years.

Will: You expect three-week- old Ari to sleep through the night?

Sonny: A boy can hope, can't he?

Will: I'm gonna go sing to her.

Kristen: Are you all right?

Chyka: I have to admit this is not simply a courtesy call. There's something you need to know about the drug's aftereffects.

Kristen: You mean the fever and the chills? Those aftereffects?

Marlena: Daniel.

Roman: How is he?

Daniel: Well, heart rate's back to normal and the fever's broken, yeah.

Marlena: So quickly?

Daniel: He was very dehydrated, so we pumped him full of fluids, and he seems to be responding very well.

Marlena: [Sighs]

Roman: So then he's gonna be okay.

Daniel: Yeah. It looks that way.

Marlena: I assume you'd like him to stay a couple days?

Daniel: Well, actually I'm not sure that'll be necessary if he continues to improve at this rate. And I know that sounds surprising considering the state that he was in when he came here, but--

Nicole: Daniel, you are the best.

Marlena: Yes, thank you so much. Thank you both so much.

Daniel: Well, when the nurses finish checking his vitals, you know, you can go in and see him.

Roman: All right.

Daniel: Yeah.

Roman: Well, thanks. Okay.

Daniel: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Nicole: Sure.

Daniel: Yeah, I need to know everything that happened from the time you found Eric to the time that you brought him here. Every detail however unimportant it may seem.

Nicole: Why, what's going on?

Kristen: The fever and the chills aren't the side effects you're talking about, are they?

Chyka: No. As I said, they should subside quickly. I'm referring to the other thing we discussed.

Kristen: The promise that you made me that the patient wouldn't remember anything that happened to him? That other thing?

Chyka: Uh, yes. That.

Daniel: Eric's lab results are not indicative of a bacterial infection. I have never seen a virus hit this hard this fast and clear up just as quickly.

Nicole: I'm sorry. What are you saying?

Daniel: Well, if I didn't know better, I would say that Eric was poisoned.

Kristen: Now you're telling me this?

Chyka: I'm sorry. It was only after I gave you those formulations that I was alerted to a problem with the ingredients I used. Apparently, part of the compound was corrupted.

Kristen: So?

Chyka: Its properties are likely not as potent as I expected them to be.

Kristen: And what does that mean?

Chyka: Obviously the drug worked as expected. But it's very difficult for me to make any promises about the victim's long-term memory at this time.

Kristen: So what you're telling me is that this person could remember everything that happened to him? Is that what you're saying? Damn it.

[Glass shatters]

Eric: [Groaning]

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