Days Transcript Thursday 6/20/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/20/13


Episode #12109 ~ Brady has a proposition for Nicole; Jennifer reveals stunning news; Nick is fired.

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George: You don't want that room anyway. You'd be next door to a priest.

Kristen: What has that got to do with me?

George: Well, he's working on a very important project tonight and can't be disturbed. He especially asked for quiet. He'd probably be a pain to have as a neighbor.

Kristen: I'll be quiet.

George: Um, you know, room 438 has a great view of--

Kristen: I want room 201. It's the same room that my husband and I, we had our honeymoon.

George: Will he be--

Kristen: He's dead. My husband is dead. I need that connection. It's very important. I need that room.

George: I'm sorry, if I had known in advance--

Kristen: You know now! I want that room. You fix it now.

Eric: Can I help here?

Nick: Sorry I'm late. What did you, um, want to see me about?

Kate: The formula for your anti-aging cream.

Nick: Oh, right. Well, I think it's--I think it's gonna be huge. I just know it. Uh, why are you looking at me like that?

Kate: It's really astonishing to me when someone so smart could be such an idiot.

Daniel: Well, thank you for stepping up in this way, mom.

Maggie: Are you kidding? A chance to have an overnight with my grandson? I assume though that Jennifer was upset that you had to work? I bet you had plans tonight.

Daniel: Uh, nope. No, no plans.

Maggie: Oh, was she busy?

Daniel: You know what, I really don't know 'cause Jennifer and I aren't really talking right now.

JJ: Out of all the crap that we got from Cameron's sample stash, this is definitely the winner.

Rory: All right, well, what are they?

JJ: They're painkillers, dude. Total knockouts, man. But you know that kid at school who'll pay big for this, right?

[Keys jingling]

JJ: Go on!

Jennifer: Hey.

JJ: Mom, hey. You're back early.

Jennifer: Well, sorry to disappoint you. What? What did I miss?

Nicole: Nice of you to return my bracelet.

Brady: Mm. It was a convenient excuse. [Chuckles]

Kristen: To have me?

Brady: [Breathing heavily]

Nicole: Brady? Are you okay?

George: She's fine, father.

Eric: She doesn't seem fine.

George: Um, the lady is just high-strung.

Eric: I didn't mean to startle you, ma'am. I was only trying to help. Can you tell me your name?

Maggie: Why are you and Jennifer fighting?

Daniel: [Grumbles] Ooh, mom, mom, mom, mom, we're not really fighting. We're just--you know what, we're not really seeing eye to eye on an issue.

Maggie: Well, you have to face whatever it is and work through it, Daniel. I mean, you two were getting along so well. Okay, you know, you asked me about JJ after he had been home for a few days from boarding school.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: Daniel, does this have anything to do with Jennifer's son?

JJ: Sorry, mom. We were supposed to be studying for our classes, but we were playing a video game. We need to get to the library and focus, dude.

Rory: Yeah, focus. We gotta do that.

Jennifer: Yeah, hang on one second. Uh, I didn't get your name.

Rory: I'm Rory.

Jennifer: Rory? Oh, it's nice to meet you, Rory. Would you mind waiting outside? I need to speak to my son for a minute. Why didn't you introduce him to me yourself?

JJ: I'm sorry. I thought you'd met him before.

Jennifer: No, I haven't.

JJ: Oh, well, it's not like we're best buds or anything. He's just someone I know from summer school.

Jennifer: What's going on?

JJ: With school? Nothing. Rory and I just goofed off for a while and were playing video--

Jennifer: No, I know, you told me. That's what you said. You said you were playing video games, but you're not telling me the truth.

JJ: Yes, I am, mom.

Jennifer: No, you're not because the video controllers aren't even out. You're keeping something from me.

JJ: You're right, I am.

Brady: No, no, it's just a bad dream. Bad dream. I'm sorry if I woke you.

Nicole: Well, I'm not. What kinda dream did you have?

Brady: I, uh...I don't know. I don't remember it.

Nicole: [Scoffs] That totally happens to me. You wake up, and the dream goes right out your head.

Brady: Right.

Nicole: But I'm starving. Let's order room service. Are you starving?

Brady: Yeah, sure.

Nicole: Totally starving.

Brady: Let's eat.

Nicole: Look at this, we got a room, we got everything. And if we go out, we're gonna run into at least six people that we don't want to see. Okay, what do you feel like?

Brady: I don't care. You choose.

Nicole: Okay, well, a hamburger's always safe. Oh, unless they have a club sandwich on a baguette. Then we could share, or--

Brady: Or you know what, we could just leave Salem.

Nicole: What?

Brady: Let's go away together.

Eric: I don't mean to pry, but if you open up to me, you might feel better.

Kristen: Thank you, no. I'm fine.

Eric: Wait. Do I know you?

Nick: No, no, no, no, no. How--how can my formula have been stolen? I have an entire security system with safeguards to prevent--

Kate: Maybe your safeguards sucked.

Nick: Well, do you know who stole it?

Kate: Yes, I do. Sami and EJ, Nick. That means our direct competition now has your formula.

Nick: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Kate: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, they have the formula. They're going to launch a line just like ours, and they're going to launch it eight weeks before ours. It's a complete disaster.

Nick: I don't--I don't know what to say.

Kate: Well, that's because there's nothing to say. Of course something good did come out of all of this.

Nick: Why, what? What's that?

Kate: Two weeks' severance. You're fired.

Maggie: So JJ was listening to music?

Daniel: Uh, right, yeah, and Abigail, she asked him to keep an eye on parker just for a couple of minutes. She walked out, and apparently JJ just slapped on some headphones.

Maggie: Oblivious to parker.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Yeah, he didn't see him standing on a stool. And fortunately I walked in to see it just in time, right before he was about ready to fall.

Maggie: Well, it's no wonder you were upset. JJ apologized, I assume?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, he, uh, yeah, he did.

Maggie: You don't believe he was sincere?

Daniel: Yeah, I suppose.

Maggie: You suppose?

Daniel: You know what, it's kind of complicated, so--

Maggie: I can handle complicated, Daniel. Come on.

Daniel: I don't think JJ wants me in his mother's life, and Jennifer is in absolute denial about it.

Maggie: Because she doesn't agree with you?

Daniel: That's part of it.

Maggie: Okay, what's the other part? Will you please just tell me, Daniel?

Daniel: You know, when JJ came home, some stuff started happening to me. Now I don't know for sure, but there is a connection here.

Maggie: Wait a minute. Are you talking about your car being vandalized?

Daniel: Among other things, yeah.

Maggie: Oh... [Clears throat] Daniel, you might be right about JJ.

Daniel: How so?

Maggie: The day your car was damaged, I saw him in the hospital parking lot.

JJ: You're right. Rory and I weren't playing video games when you walked in.

Jennifer: Okay, so you lied.

JJ: Only because I didn't want to tell you what we were talking about. I didn't want to upset you, mom.

Jennifer: I'm waiting.

JJ: It's about Abigail.

Jennifer: What? What's going on with Abigail?

JJ: Well, I'm not sure I should be blabbing about this, but, um, I saw her at the hospital earlier, and she was really freaked. I asked her what was wrong, but she wouldn't tell me. She only wanted to talk to Cameron.

Jennifer: Well, she left me a couple message earlier. In the first one, she sounded upset, but the second one she said to just forget about it and she was okay. And I called her back and left a message, and I haven't heard back from her.

JJ: Okay, well, I guess whatever it was Cameron helped her with it.

Jennifer: Okay. Yeah, and I can talk to her later when she gets home. So I'm glad you told me. I appreciate your concern for your sister.

JJ: I mean, we gotta look out for each other, right? I figure if the three of us stay tight, we really don't need anyone else.

Eric: Your voice is very familiar to me.

Kristen: Well, I do not know you, so please just leave me alone.

George: Father, I'm not sure she wants anyone's help. The lady is in mourning, inconsolable.

Eric: Oh, right. Well, I only came down because my phone in my room isn't working.

George: Oh, I'm sorry.

Eric: Yeah, my cell phone is dead, and I forgot the charger at home.

George: I see. Would you like to use the hotel phone then?

Eric: Yeah, that'd be great, if you don't mind. I just need to call my sister in Salem.

George: Of course. The phone's in the back, if you'll just follow me.

Eric: Of course.

Nicole: Wait a minute, you-- you want to move away with me? Is that what you're saying?

Brady: Move away? Oh, my God, why, is that what you thought I meant?

Nicole: Yeah, pretty much.

Brady: No, I meant, like, let's get away for a couple days. Let's go on vacation somewhere. You know, somewhere where we can have moments like these where we don't have to worry about running into people we don't want to run into.

Nicole: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Brady: I wouldn't mind putting some space between me and my dad actually.

Nicole: And Kristen?

Brady: It's got nothing to do with her.

Nicole: Okay. Well, where would you wanna go?

Brady: Anywhere your little heart desires.

Nicole: Oh, yeah?

Brady: Yeah, I could have the titan jet fueled up. We could be out of here in the morning.

Nicole: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. Didn't you promise your brother that you would keep an eye on Sami while he was out of town?

Brady: Yeah, I mean, but there's nothing I can do for her right now. I can't help her right now. And if she needs my help, we will fly right back.

Nicole: Oh, yes, the advantages of having a private jet.

Brady: Yeah. What do you say, are you in? Wanna do it?

Nicole: Yeah, you know, I could really use a vacation.

Brady: Mm-hmm. You're not worried about Eric not giving you the time off, are you?

Nicole: No. Besides, he's out of town obviously.

Brady: But when he gets back, is he gonna need you then?

Nicole: Eric doesn't need me. He's fine on his own.

Kristen: Hello. Excusez-moi. I need room 201.

Martha: I'm sorry, do you have a reservation?

Kristen: Yes, I do. Fay Taylor.

Martha: I don't know if I can accommodate your room request.

Kristen: Could you please accommodate me now?

Martha: Certainly, miss Taylor. Enjoy your stay.

Kristen: Fantastic. Merci.

Nick: You can't fire me.

Kate: And why not?

Nick: Because I have a contract.

Kate: That's true. You do. A valid contract.

Nick: So then how are you gonna fire me?

Kate: Well, you see, our security people along with the I.T. Department confirmed that our computer system was never breached and you're the only one who ever had the whole formula. So whether it was deliberate or accidental, you blew it.

Nick: No.

Kate: Breach of contract.

Nick: No. Look, Kate, I-I need to keep this job, okay? I'm helping Gabi and the baby financially. How am I supposed to do that if I'm unemployed?

Kate: Gabi and the baby are going to be fine because I'm going to see to it that they are. And frankly, I think they'll be a hell of a lot better off without you in their life.

Nick: You're just doing this because of what I did to will. You spiteful bitch.

Kate: Yes, that's exactly what I am. And you would be wise to remember that if you ever decide to screw with my family again.

Maggie: I don't mean to jump to conclusions. I mean, it could have been a coincidence that JJ was in the hospital parking lot.

Daniel: No, but there have been a lot of coincidences when it comes to this kid. Jennifer doesn't see it that way. She just defends him.

Maggie: He's her baby. Now you have to understand, Daniel, JJ's going through a very rough time.

Daniel: Okay, I do understand. Oh, I do, and I've tried to give him a chance, mom.

Maggie: Okay, just think how vulnerable he is right now, Daniel. I mean, my God. It hasn't even been a year since he lost his father.

Daniel: No. You're right. And I do feel for him and Abigail and Jennifer, but I just--I don't know how much longer I can look away.

Maggie: Well, then you're gonna have to find a way to get to the truth and deal with it and somehow not let it come between you and Jenn.

Daniel: I know and I don't want it to.

Maggie: Well, then don't let it. You're gonna have to work this out, Daniel. Sooner rather than later.

JJ: I know how that sounded, but that's not what I meant.

Jennifer: Okay, well, what did you mean?

JJ: Just that family is really important. Oh, and by the way, I went to see Daniel again to apologize about the thing with parker.

Jennifer: Uh, yeah, I-I heard.

JJ: What?

Jennifer: I was there. I-I was in the bedroom and I heard you apologize to Daniel and I'm really proud of you for that.

JJ: Okay, so you were at his place. Does that mean you guys aren't fighting anymore? That things are okay now?

Jennifer: You know what, we are working on it.

JJ: Okay, well--well, good luck. I hope it all goes the way you want it to.

Jennifer: Good. Thank you.

JJ: Well, Rory's been waiting a while. I should probably go.

Jennifer: Well, I mean, how late is the library open?

JJ: Uh, I don't know. Late though. If Abigail gets home before I do, will you please tell her to text me so that I know she's okay?

Jennifer: Well, you know what, why don't you text her and ask her that? Because I'm going out too.

JJ: Oh, to see Daniel?

Jennifer: Uh, no. When I was visiting hope, uh, I thought of someone else that I really need to check in on and I don't wanna put it off any longer.

Brady: What do you say?

Nicole: Hmm.

Brady: So are you in? Are we doing this?

Nicole: Okay, all right, yes. Yes, I am definitely in. Okay.

Brady: All right.

Nicole: I could use a break from reality. It's just that there's--there's one--one thing that I would like to talk about.

Brady: Okay. What is it?

Nicole: This thing that--that we're doing, it's--it's strictly friends with benefits, right? That's it?

Brady: Yeah, that's--that's all I got right now, Nicole.

Nicole: Okay. That's probably best for both of us.

Brady: Yeah. Although, you never kn--you never know what's gonna happen down the road, do you?

Nicole: Mm-mm. And I do not have my crystal ball in my pocket.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: But it is a very good distraction.

Brady: It is a perfect distraction actually.

Nicole: Yeah. So what island? Hmm?

Brady: Ooh.

Nicole: Antigua?

Brady: Name it.

Nicole: Antigua. I like Antigua. Or Monaco, yes.

Brady: Nice.

Nicole: I know about seven words en Franšais, ma Cheri.

Brady: [Speaks French]

Nicole: Ooh, like, nice. That's very impressive. There's just--there's one thing I don't have.

Brady: What?

Nicole: Well, travel clothes that don't wrinkle and, uh...

Brady: [Laughs]

Nicole: An actual suitcase. I'm gonna have to go shopping.

Brady: Hey, no, no, li--hey, hey, listen, listen. We will get whatever we need for where we're going, all right?

Nicole: That is such a typical guy thing to say.

Brady: I'm a guy.

Nicole: No way. No. No, absolutely not. So what do I need? What do I need? Island wear? Do I need European casino beachwear? What do I need?

Brady: How about both? Both. We'll get both.

Nicole: So we're gonna go both places?

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: All right.

Brady: Maybe.

Nicole: I like the way you think. I'm gonna let you choose the place.

Brady: All right.

Nicole: Okay? Just remember I want to go to the beach.

Brady: Beach.

Nicole: I love the beach. I like the beach.

Brady: Beach--I know you love the beach, Nicole.

Nicole: You do?

Brady: We can go to a beach.

Nicole: Okay. Ooh, and those--those really cool, unique, little yummy mixed drinks with the umbrella in it.

Brady: Yeah, the yummy ones.

Nicole: [Giggles] Yeah.

Brady: You got it. You got it.

George: If you need to make another call--

Eric: No. No, no, not now. Thank you. Please remember I do not want to be disturbed unless it's about my sister.

George: Of course, father.

Eric: Because I have a morning meeting in the capitol. I have a lot of preparations to do before then and I'd like to get to bed early.

George: Well, hand to God, father, you will have the most peaceful and quiet night of your life at our hotel.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Kristen: I'm sorry, sweetie. Poor Eric. Somebody has to pay for your mother's sins.

Nick: [Slight laugh] Hey, yeah. I need to talk to you right away.

Cole: Stuff better be good.

JJ: Hey, are you kidding? It's the real deal.

Rory: Hey, it's pharmaceutical grade. You get what you pay for.

Bev: So, uh, why have I never noticed you before?

JJ: I've been in boarding school in London.

Bev: Oh, no way. That is the coolest thing.

Cole: We have to go.

Rory: Dude, you gotta get more of those pills.

JJ: Too risky, man.

Rory: Oh, come on. Look, we made good money on that deal. A couple more sales like that and we'll be set for the whole summer.

Daniel: "Dear Jenn, I miss you. If we can have a do-over, I promise I'll let you win the next round of darts. Love, Daniel." I think that works.

Nicole: What works? Hi.

Daniel: Hi. Oh, I was just, uh, writing a letter to Jennifer.

Nicole: A sweet one, I bet.

Daniel: Um, yeah. Yeah.

Nicole: Lucky girl, that Jennifer.

Daniel: Yeah. So, um, what, are you leaving town?

Nicole: Um, for a--for a couple of days or ten days. I'm not really sure.

Daniel: You mean on your own?

Nicole: No, not on my own. Um--oh, what the hell? I-I'm going out of town with Brady.

Brady: So you can file that flight plan tonight?

[Knock at door]

Brady: Great--oh. Thanks, Barry. Hi, Jenn.

Jennifer: Hi. Do you forgive me?

Brady: What did you do?

Jennifer: Well, I have not been a good friend. I didn't even come to see you--see how you're doing.

Brady: You're here now.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm so, so sorry.

Brady: It's okay.

Jennifer: I-I talked to hope about what happened and what Kristen tried to do.

Brady: What Kristen tried to do? No, Kristen succeeded. But she did not succeed in becoming my lawfully wedded wife though.

Jennifer: I can't imagine how hurt you are.

Brady: I'm--I'm an idiot.

Jennifer: What?

Brady: I'm an idiot.

Jennifer: Really?

Brady: Yeah.

Jennifer: Really, for opening your heart and loving someone, Brady?

Brady: To someone who lied about everything. What?

Jennifer: No, I-I'm not trying to make this worse for you. I'm not trying to make it harder, but--

Brady: All right, um, just say it.

Jennifer: Okay, you need to know that everything was not a lie.

Brady: Meaning what?

Jennifer: Meaning that whatever Kristen started with this miserable plot of hers, you need to know that in the end, her feelings for you were true and very real.

Eric: [Yawns]

[Water running]

Rory: Who are you calling?

JJ: Shh.

Rory: Who are you calling?

JJ: Shh. Hey, Cameron. Uh, it's JJ. I know you're probably working, but, um, when you get off later, could you give me a call? I just wanna make sure Abby's okay. Okay, bye.

Rory: Dude, what did that have to do with anything?

JJ: Wow, that weed is really frying your brain, man.

Rory: Oh! Sorry. Wait, I got it. If you go back to the hospital, then you get close to the drugs.

JJ: Yes, Rory.

Maggie: These are pretty.

Parker: [Indistinct whisper]

Maggie: Yes? Well, look who's here. Parker, can you say hi?

Kate: Hi, sweetie. Oh. For me? I-- [Squeals] Thank you. You know this is my favorite. [Both laugh] Thank you.

Maggie: Of course. I, uh, wanted you to know I-I took a little visit to see Arianna grace earlier.

Kate: Oh, isn't she beautiful?

Maggie: Oh, she--

Kate: Here, sweetie.

Maggie: Oh, she is. And sleeping five hours at a stretch. Oh, my goodness.

Kate: I know, I know. Gabi is one lucky woman. I hope she knows that.

Maggie: Yeah. I'm relieved that will is gonna be all right.

Kate: Yes, I know. He's going to be released from the hospital and then he and Gabi and the baby will all move in with Sonny.

Maggie: Yeah, I know. Maybe in time, Nick and Gabi can work things out.

Kate: You don't really believe that, do you?

Maggie: Of course I do. They love each other, Kate.

Kate: Okay, Maggie. I know that Nick is your family, but even you have to concede he's a monster.

Maggie: I will concede nothing of the sort.

Kate: Well, of course you won't because you're in denial.

Maggie: Okay, you know, Kate, uh, Nick is a decent young man with a good heart.

Kate: And no job.

Maggie: What?

Kate: That's right. I fired him. So I won't ever have to lay eyes on your nephew again. Good-bye, sweetie.

Maggie: Good-bye, Kate.

Vargas: I'm surprised you wanted to meet me here.

Nick: Why? I don't care if anybody sees us together. Not anymore. Thanks.

Vargas: Well, you're sounding a little, uh--a little downbeat there, Nick. Things not going your way?

Nick: Well, I lost everything, Vargas, which means you can't threaten me anymore.

Vargas: Threaten you? Look, man, I'm sorry that you saw it that way. 'Cause from my P.O.V., I was just asking my pal to repay a debt.

Nick: Look, you saved me in prison, all right? And I've more than paid you back. In fact, I tripled your money.

Vargas: Yeah, you did. Which is why when I complete father Eric's noble little outreach program, thanks to you, I'll be able to walk out of this dump with a very sizeable amount of cash.

Nick: And that's why I wanted you to meet me.

Vargas: Oh, 'cause I'm the rich guy now, you mean?

Nick: Because I was thinking that you and I could work together on a new venture.

Daniel: Okay, wait. You are--you are going away with Brady as in, like, together?

Nicole: Yes, as in together. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you that. Okay, don't take out an ad or anything, okay?

Daniel: Yeah, okay, yeah. You know, whatever is going on with you and Brady is--is really none of my business, but I gotta put this on record here. Because I worry about you, the two of you jumping into something too soon, and despite what Brady's telling you, he is nowhere near being over Kristen.

Brady: So Kristen got you to drink the fruit punch too.

Jennifer: I know what I saw.

Brady: No, she--she's been dishing out the whole "Brady, my feelings have changed. You don't understand. I'm--I'm--I'm different and it's real." She's been saying that since it exploded in her face.

Jennifer: Okay, whatever she was planning, whether it was revenge or whatever--

Brady: It's not a wh--no. It's not a whatever, Jennifer. It was very specific. It was revenge. That's why she did it. It's not a whatever.

Jennifer: Okay, Brady, listen. The fact is that things they usually do. Kristen changed when she fell in love with you.

Brady: Don't go there. [Stammers] Don't go there with me, all right?

Jennifer: Brady, do you remember when--when I walked in on the t--on the two of you...

Brady: Of course.

Jennifer: In her hotel room? Okay. Well, after you left, that's when Kristen told me that she realized you loved her and that she would never wanna hurt you.

Brady: It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter what she said!

Jennifer: Brady.

Brady: Jennifer, look at me. She hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me before.

[Zipper zips]

[Silenced gunshot]

Vargas: You're serious?

Nick: Look, Vargas. I saw the way that you operated in prison. The way you could get a group of people to do what you wanted them to do. You're--you're better at that than I am. I think you could get a group of investors to believe in something.

Vargas: And what exactly will they be believing in?

Nick: Well, I haven't really figured out all of the details yet, but I-I wanted to see what you thought. Are you interested?

Vargas: Maybe.

Nick: Good. Think about it. I'll be in touch.

Vargas: Hey. You trying to patch things up with your wife?

Nick: Why?

Vargas: Because if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be putting all my energy into some business deal. I'd be doing everything humanly possible to get her back.

Joann: May I help you?

JJ: Hello. Uh, no, I'm just waiting for the doctor. I know he's--he's on rounds, but I've waited for Cameron in here before. He's kinda seeing my sister, so we're friends.

Joann: Oh, you're Abigail's brother. Jennifer Horton's son?

JJ: Yes. I'm JJ. Dr. Wedret.

Joann: Nice to meet you, JJ.

JJ: Oh, yeah, you too. You know, if you'd like, you can wait in here with me.

Joann: Thanks, but I've gotta get to work.

JJ: Yeah, no problem.

Nicole: I know that Brady is not over Kristen, okay? But he's not wallowing in it either.

Daniel: Well, so you're just helping him out with that?

Nicole: Well, he's helping me move on too.

Daniel: From?

Nicole: From you. Okay, uh, don't worry. It's not some crazy obsession anymore. I'm, like, 99% over you.

Daniel: You're 99%?

Nicole: Yeah.

[Both chuckle]

Daniel: Okay, please take care of yourself. I do not wanna see you get hurt. You or Brady.

Nicole: I got it.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: And we'll send you and Jenn a postcard.

Daniel: Will you?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Great. Where you gonna send it from?

Nicole: Some place fabulous. That's all I know. I'll see you.

Daniel: Okay.

Brady: So Kristen's not a sociopathic monster. That's--that's good news. That's--way to cheer me up.

Jennifer: Okay, Brady, really, could you stop being sarcastic for one minute?

Brady: No, Jen--Jennifer, you're not gonna--you're not gonna get me to forgive her.

Jennifer: Ok--I understand that.

Brady: Okay?

Jennifer: I'm not asking you to do anything. I'm just trying to tell you what I know, and what I know is that Kristen broke your heart, yes. But her heart is broken too. The night before the two of you got married, I was with her. And you know, she told me how you surprised her with the adoption papers. And I could tell how much it meant to her that--that you wanted to raise a child with her. I could tell how much you meant to her. Okay, I'm not--I'm not defending her. I'm not saying that you should forgive her. I'm--I'm just hoping that maybe you can find a little bit of comfort in the fact that what she felt for you was real. Not everything was a lie.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh, hi! Oh, oh, oh, oh. That is such a nice hug.

Maggie: Aw, well, it looks like parker misses you as much as his dad.

JJ: [Chuckles]

[Door opens]

Daniel: What are you doing?

Nicole: It'll be good to take a break from this place. [Humming] Oh, my God, Eric. Oh, no, I-- you--

Kristen: I chose you, Brady, because you're the most important thing in the whole world to me, and I don't need anything else. I don't need revenge. I don't need anything but you, Brady, and your love.

Brady: What if Jennifer's right? What if she did love me? What if it wasn't all about revenge?

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