Days Transcript Monday 6/17/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/17/13


Episode #12106 ~ Dr. Chyka helps Kristen get revenge; Brady and Nicole make love; Chad has important evidence.

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Nicole: Oh.

Brady: What?

Nicole: What was that? [Sighs]

[Doorbell chimes]

Dr. Chyka: Ms. DiMera? Your father contacted me.

Kristen: Yes, I've been expecting you. I'm very happy to see you. You might be my last hope. Please. that it?

Dr. Chyka: You seem surprised. They say good things come in small packages. Well, sometimes bad things do too.

Marlena: Oh, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh, Marlena, hi. I am so sorry about Sami.

Marlena: Thank you. I heard your press conference on the radio. You could easily have thrown Sami to those reporters, but you stayed objective, and... we're very grateful.

Jennifer: That's my job. And I also had a big dose of the rush to judgment myself this past year, so I am not a fan. Let's just hope it all gets settled quickly.

Marlena: I hope so.

Jennifer: You don't sound convinced that's possible.

Adrienne: Oh, hey, hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Adrienne: Where's will?

Sonny: He had some tests.

Adrienne: Good, good. I wanted to talk to you for a minute.

Sonny: Me too. I got some big news. Gabi's moving in with will and me.

Adrienne: With the baby?

Sonny: Well, yeah. I mean, that's kind of the whole point.

Adrienne: Oh, Sonny.

Sonny: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Adrienne: That's because it is.

Justin: I thought you didn't want to be seen in public with me.

EJ: [Sighs] Unfortunately, there's a very legitimate, very public reason for me to speak with you.

Justin: How's Sami doing?

EJ: [Sighs] She needs a good lawyer.

Justin: Who can't be you.

EJ: Nope.

Justin: She really shot a cop? So it's as bad as it sounds.

EJ: It's worse.


Bernardi: [Groans]

Sami: [Muffled screaming]

EJ: She was trying to save a cop--Rafe.

Justin: Oh, then that should help.

EJ: Unfortunately, those idiots at the Salem police department cannot find Bernardi's weapon.

Justin: You're joking.

EJ: No.

Justin: Why not?

EJ: That's a question for a good defense attorney. Maybe somebody had a grudge against Rafe. Maybe somebody had a grudge against Samantha's father. Maybe somebody wanted Samantha in jail.

Justin: Or maybe there was no weapon.

EJ: There was a weapon, Justin. She's quite sure. I know how this looks.

Justin: EJ, you need to get this case thrown out. I mean, if evidence is already disappearing, then by the time it gets to trial...

EJ: That's why I'm here, Justin. I need a good lawyer. I need you.

Justin: Call Wilber, stern, and Levitt.

EJ: No, I need a fighter. I need somebody who won't blink. That's you.

Justin: [Sighs] I'll think about it. I'll let you know by the end of the day. But please... keep looking. You understand? Good luck.

Dr. Chyka: If you're unsure at all, I will leave.

Kristen: No, don't. It's not uncertainty.

Dr. Chyka: But you hesitate.

Kristen: Because it's a big step, and I know that once I commit, it's--

Dr. Chyka: There's no going back.

Kristen: Exactly. All other options are off the table.

Dr. Chyka: So it's important to know what you truly want.

Kristen: That's funny, because what I want, I can't have. It's actually about what I need.

Brady: [Sighs] A window blew open. We're good.

Nicole: I don't think so.

Brady: No, no, seriously, it's a freak thing, and we're alone.

Nicole: No, we're not.

Brady: [Inhales] Maggie and Victor are gone. And the staff is gone. It's just us.

Nicole: No, no. The good friend Gods paid us a visit.

Brady: Really?

Nicole: Yes.

Brady: Good friend Gods?

Nicole: Yes, yes, they reached down, and they stopped us to give us a minute to think about this.

Brady: Yeah, I don't think so, I don't think so.

Nicole: I do.

Brady: Are you sure?

Nicole: Maybe it was the-- maybe it was the good friends with benefits Gods. [Chuckles]

Brady: That's probably who it was.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. [Chuckles] I'm on break sweetheart.

EJ: Come here. Sweetheart. Look, if this person wanted you dead, you would be.

Sami: That's supposed to comfort me?

EJ: Samantha, they're just trying to send you a message, okay? Listen, now it's our turn. We are going to make sure they do not get another chance.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Abe: Well, the interviews have started.

EJ: What about the security cameras? You must have footage of this attack.

Abe: The cameras in those holding cells were disabled.

EJ: I'm sorry, what? What kind of organization is this? That somebody can just waltz in here and just-- document it.

Sami: What?

EJ: This is the first concrete evidence we have that you were actually attacked.

Abe: It implies. It's not ironclad.

EJ: I want those cameras locked up, and I don't mean in the Salem police department evidence room. I want a court-appointed special master...

Abe: Look, look, EJ, I'm not in the position to do anything. I'm a consultant to the force, that's all.

EJ: Look, darling, I'm gonna go take care of this and a few other things, okay? If anybody tries to put you back in that cell, you call me, okay?

Sami: Okay.

EJ: Just remember something. He's not your lawyer, okay? They may have the recording devices in this room switched off, but you don't tell them anything, because it's not protected. Do you understand?

Sami: I'm good.

EJ: Okay? Do me a favor. Try not to get in any fights with anybody while I'm gone.

Sami: [Laughs] Well, if they start it, I can't make any promises.

EJ: And she's back. I love you.

Sami: I love you. Abe, you have to understand how creepy this is for me. I mean, I grew up here. I know everybody on the force, and to think someone is out there trying to set me up, trying to frame me...

Abe: Sami, I don't think it's anyone on the job.

Sami: Are you kidding me? They were on the other side of the bars. It was someone on the inside. Of course it was. They tried to kill me!

Abe: Except there's a big hole in your theory.

Adrienne: I wasn't attacking anyone. I was looking out for my son.

Marlena: You were trashing my daughter.

Adrienne: Marlena, it's nothing you haven't said about Sami yourself.

Marlena: I would never blame her for somebody else's actions, and I would never pass judgment on family because of what one person did.

Adrienne: What, your actions? Will's actions? Look at where we are! Will almost got himself killed, and he almost got my son killed. Your daughter did kill someone last night. The safest thing that has happened recently is your whole mess with Brady, Kristen, and john. That was just embarrassing. Come on, Marlena, put yourself in my shoes. If your child was getting involved in a family like this, wouldn't you speak up? Didn't you speak up when Sami said she was marrying a DiMera?

Marlena: That's got nothing to do with will or Sonny or their relationship.

Adrienne: Fine, fine, fine! Sonny deserves better.

Marlena: Sonny is lucky to have will. Will is the best thing that ever happened to him.

EJ: Look, the bail hearing's being set, so I need you to get in place. Now I want this handled as quickly and as quietly as is possible, all right?

I suggest you try your family lawyers.

EJ: No, no, no, there cannot be any sort of conflict. I need a criminal lawyer with a pristine reputation, if that's even possible.

It is. And nobody who fits that profile will touch this case. Excuse me.

EJ: What are you talking about? She's an innocent-- you pompous--

Chad: EJ.

EJ: Hey.

Chad: Hey, man, you know, I just heard what happened. Why didn't you call me? I would have been here.

EJ: Right, because that would have solved everything.

Brady: What have we done? You want a replay? I need, like, a minute and a half.

Nicole: No, no, no, no. I just need to know what... I mean, it's not like "where do we go from here?" It's... I mean, is this okay?

Brady: No. It's not okay. It's amazing. It's mind-blowing. It's great.

Nicole: But complicated, because Kristen and what happened and...and for me too.

Brady: Eric?

Nicole: No, I--

Brady: Eric?

Nicole: No, no. I... I guess what I'm trying to say is this isn't... this isn't a rebound, not for me.

Brady: Not for me either.

Jennifer: Can I say something, as your friend?

Kristen: Sure.

Jennifer: I think you need to stop obsessing about Marlena.

Kristen: Is that what it sounds like? This is the first time I've even talked about it at all.

Jennifer: What? Oh, Kristen!

Kristen: Yeah, it's awful. It sounds like I'm stuck on it? I hate that. I mean, you're the first person I've even spoken to about it.

Jennifer: Oh, great. Well, now I feel doubly rotten.

Kristen: No, don't, really. I didn't want to talk to anybody about it, Jenn. You know, I was trying to handle things on my own. Don't take it on.

Jennifer: No, I know. And I know that you've had time to deal. I guess I just didn't expect...

Kristen: You didn't expect what?

Jennifer: I didn't expect you to be angry. I expected you to be in a heap on the floor...

Kristen: I was in a heap on the floor.

Jennifer: And upset and crying.

Kristen: I was crying. I was. Believe me, I've been there. I've done that. I burned the t-shirt, the whole thing. I'm not okay. But I will be.

Adrienne: [Scoffs] You think Sonny's lucky? Do you know what I walked in on today? Sonny has rented a new and bigger apartment for the girl that will got pregnant and the baby that he lied about fathering, so they could all live together. No, your grandson is on the gravy train.

Marlena: Excuse me! Will is more than capable of paying his own way.

Adrienne: It's not about the money!

Marlena: Then what is your objection? That your son has the incredible joy of raising a beautiful baby with a man that he loves?

Adrienne: No, no. They're all too young for this.

Marlena: No question. But that is where they are.

Adrienne: No, no. That's where will is. It doesn't have to be Sonny's life.

Marlena: So you want to teach your son to abandon someone he loves, what, if things get challenging?

Adrienne: Challenging? Is that what you call this train wreck? Jeez.

Marlena: Train wreck? Listen to me, I know you like things simple. And organized and tidy, but life doesn't happen that way.

Adrienne: I don't need everything perfect and tidy, okay? But I don't want to bail my son out of jail every week either. And I don't want to watch him get his heart broken, because will learned his relationship skills from Sami. Or from you, for that matter. Yes, I know. The whole town knows about john. That's your family too, Marlena. So you know what? That's you too.

Kristen: Thank you. It would have meant a lot to have worn it. Thanks, Jenn.

Jennifer: Sure. You will have your new beginning.

Kristen: I know I will.

Jennifer: I hate when you say it like that.

Kristen: What did I say?

Jennifer: Because you sound like you're indulging me, like, and like your new beginning is resignation and defeat. I hate that.

Kristen: I'm not a loser, but I am a realist. I'm not gonna keep imagining that something is possible for me when it's not.

Jennifer: Okay, that's fine, and I'm not gonna push you any further. But I am telling you, one night, you're gonna come to my house, and we're gonna sit on the patio. We're gonna drink some wine, and we are gonna make a whole list of the wonderful things that are possible for you, okay?

Kristen: You're such a friend.

Jennifer: Yeah. And don't you forget that, okay?

Kristen: I won't.

Jennifer: And I know you. You're gonna find the right way to move forward.

Kristen: I will.

Jennifer: Yeah. I'll see you soon.

Kristen: Okay.

Jennifer: Okay. We'll have pizza with the wine.

Kristen: Okay, bye, Jenn.

Jennifer: Bye, thanks.

Brady: I'm not messing with you. I promise.

Nicole: Me either. Thank God.

Brady: Thank God? What are you... you pray now, right? That's your--is that your little thing now?

Nicole: Yeah, once a day I do. Thank you, God, for... giving me this amazing friend.

Brady: Nothing changes that. Nothing.

Nicole: No. We'll have to peel ourselves off of each other before we ever lose that.

Brady: Right, yeah.

Nicole: Hey!

Brady: What?

Nicole: Too late.

Brady: No, no.

Nicole: Yes.

Brady: No.

Nicole: Yes, that was too late, because you had at least a 30-second delay on that one.

Brady: I was...stuck on the image. Liked it.

Nicole: So no regrets?

Brady: One.

Justin: Excuse me. [Clears throat]

Sonny: Dad, come on. You have to take Sami's case.

Justin: Sonny, it's not that simple.

Abigail: Look, I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn.

Justin: It's okay. It's all right.

Abigail: You know what? I'm gonna--I'm gonna go. Will you just tell will that I came by?

Sonny: Yeah, I will.

Abigail: Okay.

Sonny: What's the problem, dad? Why are you even hesitating?

Justin: Will's almost family.

Sonny: It doesn't--

Justin: It's not the best situation!

Sonny: So what? So what?

Justin: Sonny.

Sonny: You're still gonna be objective about Sami.

Justin: Sonny.

Sonny: She is innocent, dad. her.

Adrienne: Wh--what? No. No, Justin. No way are you taking Sami's case.

EJ: Sorry, come here. Sorry.

Chad: No, it's fine, it's fine, fine. Look, I know this sucks, okay? Just tell me what I can do to help.

EJ: [Sighs] I don't suppose you've finished law school and passed the bar in the last 24 hours, did you?

Chad: What, you need a lawyer for Sami?

EJ: Not many people want to defend a cop killer, Chad.

Chad: You know, she also saved a cop, right? That's how this went down, right?

EJ: [Sighs] I just--I wish she'd stayed away. Then she wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

Chad: But if she hadn't been there, Rafe would be dead right now.

EJ: I need to make a call. Sorry.

Chad: EJ, you're a good lawyer. Why don't you just defend her yourself?

EJ: Because I'm too close, and I have the wrong last name.

Justin: Get in there. Get inside, we are not--

Adrienne: It's a conflict--

Justin: Listen to me, we are not going to make a scene.

Adrienne: This is exactly why we need to get away from this whole family!

Justin: What?

Sonny: Yeah, that's her thing today. I'm supposed to dump will and then never speak to another Brady or Horton ever again.

Adrienne: No, I didn't say that. Justin, this is an ugly case, and we have more than enough involvement with this family, so please, please, let someone else figure out a way to keep Sami out of jail.

Sonny: She is innocent, dad. She saved Rafe's life, but no one wants to cut her a break because of the DiMera name. You know exactly what that is like.

Justin: This case is gonna take a lot of attention, a lot of time.

Sonny: That's why we need someone we can trust.

Adrienne: We?

Sonny: Will and me. This is his mother. So no matter what you say, we're sticking by her. Dad, please help Sami.

Sami: They look after their own. Believe me, I understand that better than anyone. But, I mean, people here think I killed a cop. In cold blood.

Abe: Here's the big problem. The knife that Bernardi had was missing from the beginning, before any knew who the victim was. You--you didn't even know who the victim was.

Sami: Right.

Abe: So how could the officers on the scene have known? I mean, Bernardi was out of his room and in surgery before any of the uniforms arrived. All anybody had heard was that Rafe had been attacked.

Sami: Another one of their own.

Abe: You know, if anything, the officers on the scene would have bent over backwards to help you prove it was a righteous shoot.

Sami: It doesn't make sense. Why would someone set me up? I was living with pain -- all over.

Nicole: Wow, this is the so what's your big regret?

Brady: That we did this, and we were very grown.

Nicole: Terrible situation to be in, yeah, I totally regret--

Brady: What I regret is that it's over.

Nicole: Says who?

Brady: Says nobody.

Nicole: [Chuckles] To try to build your case on the back of the victim.

Abigail: Hey.

Chad: Hey.

Abigail: Did you see EJ?

Chad: How's will?

Abigail: I didn't see him. Uh, so what's the deal?

Chad: EJ's nuts. Still trying to find a lawyer for Sami.

Abigail: God, I can't believe this. I can't believe that Sami would kill this guy in cold blood.

Chad: Well, he attacked Rafe, so...

Abigail: Chad. Bernardi was a decorated cop.

Chad: No way.

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Are you serious?

Abigail: Yes, look, here. I'm sure that's what I read. Check it out.

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