Days Transcript Wednesday 6/12/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/12/13


Episode #12103 ~ Kristen vows to get revenge against Marlena; things become more complicated for Sami.

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Kristen: I have nothing to say to you.

Marlena: Fine. I have a lot to say to you.

Kristen: What could we possibly say to each other that we haven't already said?

Marlena: It isn't about the past. It's about the future. Something that will work for everybody, including you.

Kristen: Oh, I can't wait to hear this--what?

Marlena: Get out of Salem! Sooner rather than later. And don't come back.

John: What you said to Kristen in front of all those people here, no matter how you feel about her now, I know that had to hurt. But I hope to God you know you did the right thing.

Brady: Who is it right for, dad? Me or you?

Sonny: How's it taste?

Will: Mm! So good. It should be illegal.

Sonny: Well, maybe it is.

Will: [Laughs] What do you mean?

Sonny: When I got here, there was, like, a hundred cops running around the lobby.

Kate: Kayla, any news about the guy that Sami shot?

Kayla: Well, he made it to the O.R.

Kate: So he's gonna be okay?

Kayla: Well, it depends on how much damage that bullet did.

Doctor? Is, uh, sergeant Bernardi out of surgery yet?

Kayla: No, uh, and I'm afraid it might be a while.

All right, thanks.

Kate: Was he talking about the guy that Sami shot?

Kayla: Yeah.

Kate: Good grief. She shot a cop?

Sami: What do you mean, you didn't find a weapon? There was a knife. I saw it.

Hope: Can you describe it?

Sami: It had a silver handle. There was a blade.

Hope: Sami, are you sure it was a knife?

Sami: It happened very fast, hope.

Abe: So you're not sure.

Sami: Well, I am sure that there was an approved list of visitors, and that guy wasn't on it. So what was he doing in Rafe's room?

Abe: Sami, they're police detectives. They work together. They have each other's backs.

Sami: Well, he wasn't there to protect Rafe. He was there to kill him.

Hope: Sami, the man who tried to kill Rafe before--he's dead.

Sami: Well, then, there was more than one. Hope, I am telling you that I did what I had to do. Are you really standing here and accusing me of shooting an innocent man?

EJ: Look, obviously, this knife slid out of sight when the detective lost his grip on it.

Abe: When he was shot, you mean.

EJ: No, Abraham, what I mean is you need to go and do another search.

Abe: Sami, you said you knew detective Bernardi was there to kill Rafe. What made you so sure?

EJ: I--excuse me, I'm sorry. You are acting as a consultant for the police department. Is that right?

Abe: Right.

EJ: Okay, well, uh, my, uh, client is not going to be answering any questions for the police or anybody associated with the police.

Hope: Well, that's her right.

EJ: Precisely. My dear?

Abe: Well, she does have her attorney present.

EJ: And as such, I'm instructing her to stay silent.

Hope: Excuse me, excuse me. No one is charging Sami with anything.

Sami: Yet.

Abe: Sami, you're lucky that hope caught this case, that we're the first on the scene. The police aren't too happy when one of their own gets gunned down.

Sami: Are you kidding me? Abe, how do they feel when one of their own tries to kill another one of their own? They happy about that?

Abe: Sami, we didn't find a weapon.

EJ: But may I suggest you go and look for it again?

Hope: And we will. And we'll try to find out how detective Bernardi is doing in surgery. Sami, please, in the meantime, I'd like you to stay right here, okay?

Sami: Hope, I know I did the right thing. I saved Rafe's life.

Hope: [Sighs]

Sami: Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. Stefano put a hit out on Rafe.

Kristen: Gonna ride me out of town on a rail, huh, sheriff?

Marlena: Wow. Now, there's a picture. Look, Kristen, there is nothing here for you. Except, I don't know, maybe trouble with the law.

Kristen: You don't know that.

Marlena: You hired two goons to beat up Brady so you could rush in, become the hero, and begin conning him. And if you think that hope and Roman are not gonna build a case against you, you are delusional. And Brady wants nothing more to do with you, so what's to stick around for?

Kristen: This is about john. Like it always is. You're so hot to get me out of town because you're afraid something's gonna happen between me and your husband.

Marlena: [Laughs] Oh, my. [Exhales]

John: If you don't know that everything I do is for you--

Brady: Dad, dad, I know you keep telling yourself that. All right? But I compared the text messages. And I put a couple things together. The night before my wedding, you and Kristen both sent me a text message asking me to come to her hotel room. That was a neat trick, by the way, sending a text message while you're ripping a woman's clothes off.

John: Oh, son--

Brady: No, real talent, dad. You both wanted me to come to that room and catch you guys doing it. Are you freaking kidding me?

John: You know, maybe our means were the same. But the ends we had in mind were two different things.

Brady: How? How?

John: She wanted to use me to hurt you, and all I wanted...

Brady: Oh, yeah.

John: Was for you to finally, finally see that woman for what she really is.

Brady: You wanted me to see the woman that still had a flame for you, right? Isn't that really what you wanted me to see?

John: I tried everything I could to get through to you, and you weren't buying it. All I was trying to do was spare you a lifetime of pain.

Brady: By sleeping with my fiancée? How does that work?

John: I'll tell you how it works! The whole time you're making wedding plans, she's coming onto me, so I just used it. I used it to make you see, kid.

Brady: I know what I want to talk about with you. You up for it?

John: Go.

Brady: I've listened to you and Marlena and Victor and Maggie and Eric and everyone in this town. And they were all right. I'm man enough to admit I was wrong about Kristen. But I want you, dad, to look me dead in the eye and swear to me that there isn't a part of you that still wants Kristen bad.

Brady: Yeah. Well, I guess I got my answer.

John: [Sighs] Hey, kid, kid, hold on.

Brady: Hey, hey, hey. I guess that's why Kristen was the one that stopped the little game you two were playing, right? She was the one. Am I correct here? Wasn't she the one that left the--left the room and couldn't go through with it?

John: All that matters is you see her for what she is.

Brady: Oh. I'm so done with you. Yeah, you were the--you were the one that told me that Kristen was playing with my head. What have you been doing, dad?

John: Kid, listen--

Brady: What have you been doing with me, huh?

John: You knew her history with me, and you still took up with her. I mean, you had to have some idea what you were letting yourself in for.

Brady: You claim that you were just thinking about me the whole time. You wanted to show me who the real man of the family is.

John: Oh, will you stop it?

Brady: Isn't it?

John: It's not.

Brady: You don't want Kristen, but you don't want anybody else to have her either, do you? You're no better than she is, dad. You're just like her. You both throw the word "love" around, and--and, you know, you both use it to get what you want. Why are you wasting your time talking to me? Go find her. Go be with her. You deserve each other.

Marlena: You want john? Go for it, honey.

Kristen: Have you really given up on him?

Marlena: Have you learned the meaning of "none of your business"?

Kristen: Wow. [Laughs] Oh, my.

Marlena: Something funny?

Kristen: I told john that I was done with him.

Marlena: Oh.

Kristen: That I was done having to get even with him. That I finally got it. He wasn't worth it. And apparently, you got that too. Or so it seems. So this man that we fought over, that we were willing to die for, I think it's funny that now neither one of us wants him. Don't you think that's a little funny, Marlena?

Marlena: You know what? I don't find it funny. You came here to destroy us. And I think the person that got hurt the most is you. You see, john, Brady, and I, we will rebuild our lives. But not you. You have lost your chance for love. And you have lost it forever.

Will: Cops? Hmm. You think they're here because of what happened on the island?

Sonny: I don't think so. I mean, the case is closed. Jensen's dead.

Will: Right. Man, I wonder what's going on with Nick and Gabi right now.

Sonny: Me too.

Will: Oops. Yikes, I got ketchup on me.

Sonny: You better get used to having food on you, daddy. And a lot of other things too.

Will: [Laughs] Hey, I got two little sisters and a little brother, so I know all about that.

Sonny: You know, I stopped by the nursery on the way here.

Will: Oh, no, you saw her?

Sonny: Yeah, Arianna was the only baby that wasn't sleeping or crying. She was just lying there, chilling.

Will: [Laughs] That's great. Good, man. I don't--I don't ever want her to cry.

Sonny: Well, it's gonna happen. She's a baby.

Will: You know, Gabi thought she was gonna have this perfect life with Nick and Ari. I mean... how is that gonna be possible now?

Sonny: She knows what Nick was keeping from her. And she knows it almost got you killed.

Will: Mm-hmm. So if they break up, what's that gonna do to Gabi? You know? And, ultimately, what's that gonna mean for my baby?

Maxine: Gabi and the baby are being released tomorrow.

Kate: Well, that's good. Rafe will be conscious. He'll be some support.

Maxine: Emotional support, maybe, but that's it. Rafe's got a long road of rehab in front of him. And Gabi doesn't even know where she and the baby are gonna live.

Kate: Well, she's not going to have to worry about that. I'm going to make sure that she and the baby get everything they need.

She's a doctor. Maybe she has some information.

Marge: You stay with the officer, okay, honey? I'm gonna go talk to that lady. Okay? Um, they told me my husband's here. Detective Joseph Bernardi.

Kayla: That's right. Um, he's in surgery. I'm so sorry about what happened.

Marge: Is he going to make it?

Kayla: Well, gunshot wounds at close range are always very serious. But he got help quickly. Listen to me. Hang in there. He got help quickly, and his doctors are doing everything they can for him. Okay? Listen, I'll let the O.R. Know that you're here, and hopefully you'll hear something soon, okay?

Marge: Thank you.

Kayla: Sure. Emily, this is detective Bernardi's wife. Will you make sure that she gets everything she needs?

Marge: Is there someplace that we could sit and wait?

Emily: Hi. Right over here.

Marge: Thank you. Oh, buddy.

Timmy: Can we go home now?

Marge: Not yet, honey.

EJ: Samantha, I'm sorry. We do not know that my father ordered Bernardi to go and kill Rafe. We just don't.

Sami: You think it was a coincidence? He just happens to be on your father's payroll, and then he just happens to be standing over Rafe's bed with a knife in his hand?

EJ: No, what I think is that we have better things to do than jump to conclusions.

Sami: There is no other conclusion. Unless you don't believe me.

EJ: Oh, no, I believe you saw Bernardi in that room, and I believe he had a knife. What I'm having a tough time with is why you were in there in the first place.

Sami: I told you. I just went to check on him.

EJ: Why?

Sami: What difference does that make?

EJ: It makes a really big difference to me.

Sami: Oh, my God, are you serious right now? If I hadn't been there, Rafe would be dead! Is that what you want? I mean, there are no cops here. You can answer me honestly. Do you really wish Rafe was dead? We're here at the famous tapia brothers produce stand

Abe: You know what? For now, we need a guard around the clock in Rafe's new room.

Hope: Done. Okay, let's get started.

Abe: You really think we're gonna find this knife?

Hope: Oh, we'd better. Otherwise, Sami's gonna be in a lot of trouble.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: [Sighs] Obviously, you guys haven't--you haven't heard.

Will: Heard what? What happened? Is the baby okay?

Kate: Um, yes, the baby's fine. Gabi's fine.

Sonny: Does this have to do with all those cops I saw in the lobby?

Kate: Yeah. Um, there's--there's been a shooting at the hospital.

Both: What?

Will: What happened?

Kate: Yeah, uh, this guy got into Rafe's room.

Will: And Rafe was shot?

Kate: No, Rafe is fine. The guy who got into the room ended up being shot.

Will: Oh, my God. Well, who did that? The cops?

Kate: All right, there's no way to really soften this, will. Your mother did it.

Sami: I saved Rafe's life, and you are jealous.

EJ: [Scoffs] Yes. I would rather see Rafe dead than see you in the mess you're in.

Sami: I don't believe this.

EJ: Samantha, did you have to use a gun? You couldn't just shout for help?

Sami: He had a knife. He could've killed me too.

EJ: You were found in Rafe's room with a smoking gun in your hand, and this knife that you say you saw is nowhere to be seen!

Sami: I saw it.

EJ: Then where is it?

Sami: I don't know. I don't know. But it could be anywhere. There were a million people in that room when Kayla was working on that guy. Anything could've happened to it.

EJ: Samantha, you do realize that if this--if this officer dies, you're going to be charged with shooting a cop in the back. And I'm really sorry, but I do not want the mother of my children and the love of my life to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Sami: I don't want that either.

EJ: Okay, just please think before you act, Samantha.

Sami: It might not be that bad.

EJ: What exactly do you think is going to happen when the police find out that you lied about knowing Bernardi?

Sami: How are they gonna find that out?

EJ: Because if he wakes up, he might just tell them.

Sami: He wouldn't do that. I mean, if he did, he would be admitting that he only knows me because he was stealing evidence against will from the police headquarters. And then that would reveal that he's Stefano's mole on the police force. Trust me, he's not gonna say anything.

EJ: Yeah? Well, then, I might.

Sami: Why would you do that? You would be putting will in prison. You would be giving me a motive. Are you really that mad at me for being in Rafe's hospital room?

EJ: Samantha, I am trying to get you to take this seriously!

Sami: I am. When I did it, I didn't know who that guy was. All I knew is that I was doing what I had to do to save Rafe's life. How is that a crime?

Hey, I'm gonna call the squad room, see if I can find out anything.

Marge: Okay. Miss? Is there someplace my little boy can lie down? I had to wake him up to come here, and he's so sleepy.

Emily: There's a small couch in the waiting room. It's right through there.

Marge: Okay. Come on. Ready? Okay.

EJ: Well, we'd better pray the police find that knife.

Sami: If they do--when they do, I will be in the clear. [Sighs]

EJ: Okay. I will do everything that I can do to make that happen.

Sami: You know, um, this place is swarming with cops. If Bernardi has a friend, maybe someone took the knife to cover for him.

EJ: That's a distinct possibility. Just stay here, okay? And please stay out of-- stay here.

Sami: The man I love is you, EJ.

[Door slams]

Marlena: Think about what I said. There's nothing here for you.

Kristen: It didn't have to be this way. You could've had john, and I could've had Brady, but you had to go and ruin everything, didn't you, Marlena?

Marlena: Hmm. I have no regrets.

Kristen: Yeah? Don't be so sure about that. I don't think I'm quite done with you.

Marlena: You're done with me!

Kristen: I don't think so.

Marlena: There's nothing else you can do to me. So now every time you walk around Salem, you'll be reminded of everything you've lost. So. Do yourself a favor. Do all of us a favor. Disappear again. For a decade or two.

John: Bad day?

Kristen: Well, I guess Robert burns knew what he was talking about, huh?

John: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kristen: The Scottish poet. The one who said the line about the best laid plans, john.

John: You ruined four lives, including your own, and you're gonna be glib?

Kristen: I don't have another scene in me. I'm sorry, I just don't have another big scene.

John: I'm sorry it's not as entertaining as the last couple months have been for you. Setting up my grieving son to fail, using Marlena's principles against her, that's more your style, right?

Kristen: You know, don't be so melodramatic. Honestly, Marlena's furious now, but she'll get over it. She's not the type to hold a grudge. I mean, isn't that why you like her so much? 'Cause you can keep doing the same thing over and over and over to her. You can kind of control her and play with her emotions, and she just always forgives you, doesn't she?

John: [Sighs] My son hates you now. So... I guess it was worth it.

Kristen: Was it worth it? Really? Losing the love of your life, your precious doc?

John: You know, when I came in here, you were throwing things. But now that you see that I'm in pain, look at you. Cheeks are all flushed, and your eyes are shiny. You see, Kristen, that is the one thing I've always known about you. And it's why I had to be willing to lose everything to keep you away from my son. Because you are only happy when you are hurting people.

Brady: Dad, give it up, all right? Marlena.

Marlena: Hi.

Brady: I really don't want to talk right now. Please.

Marlena: It's okay. I just have to know one thing. Are you okay?

Will: Is mom gonna be okay, or--

Kate: All I know is that the police are questioning her.

Sonny: Why did Sami have a gun?

Kate: Okay, that is my fault. I gave it to her as an engagement present.

Will: Are you nuts, grandma? Are you--

Kate: Look, she had just moved into the DiMera house. I thought she might need it for protection. I'm glad I did. Otherwise, the guy she shot might have succeeded in killing Rafe.

Will: So, I mean, is the guy dead, or--

Kate: No, he's--he's in surgery.

Sonny: Who was he? Someone Rafe sent to prison?

Kate: Unfortunately, no. It was a police detective.

EJ: So this is how you search for a knife, is it?

Abe: You know, we went over every inch of this room. We didn't find anything with a blade.

EJ: Abraham, if Samantha says there was a knife, there was a knife.

Hope: So where is it?

EJ: So you searched every inch of this room? Did you search the bed?

Abe: All right, give me a hand, please.

Hope: [Sighs] If you're gonna be in here, put these on. [Sighs] I see something in there.

Marge: Here, right here. Here, sweetie, lie down here. Oh, baby. When you wake up, maybe you can see your daddy.

Timmy: Will you stay with me?

Marge: Oh. I'll be right here.

Sami: I have a little boy about the same age. He has a ton of questions, you know, always "what if?" What if this? What if--what if we could walk on the ceiling, you know? Things like that.

Marge: This guy is full of questions too. Why do you have to peel potatoes?

Sami: Right? And don't you just want to say, "I don't know. 'Cause my mother peeled potatoes."

Marge: He makes a good point, though. Why do you peel potatoes?

Sami: I swear, my son has so much energy right before bed, and he's always begging me for ten more minutes. But then I put him in bed, and he's lights out, just like this one.

Marge: An angel?

Sami: You know, I, um, I sometimes try to show affection, and he's with the other kids, and he doesn't let me do it in front of them anymore. But when he's sleeping, I can hold him in my arms, just like when he was a baby.

Marge: And for a little while... [Sighs shakily] You can protect him from this crazy, scary world he can't wait to be a part of.

Sami: Um, can I get you something? How--how about some coffee?

Marge: That would be great.

Sami: Good, okay. Um, let's see. Oh, jeez. Sorry. Um, how--how do you take it?

Marge: Black, please.

Sami: Okay, uh, here you go.

Marge: [Gasps]

Sami: Oh, I'm sorry. I think that was me. Is your hand shaking? Are you okay?

Marge: At this point, I really don't know.

Hope: [Grunts] I've almost got it. Just a little bit more.

Roman: Hey. Got a call. Rafe's okay. Bernardi's in surgery. Looks like he'll pull through. Now, what the hell is he doing at a crime scene?

EJ: He is trying to help the police locate the weapon that detective Bernardi used to try and kill detective Hernandez. It seems you have a little bit of a morale problem.

Roman: Joe Bernardi is a decorated cop. He and Rafe are friends.

EJ: Well, with friends like that--

Roman: Where are you getting this garbage?

EJ: I'm getting this garbage from your daughter.

Hope: Sami claims she saw Bernardi standing next to Rafe's bed, wielding a knife.

Roman: Okay, wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Sami's your witness?

Abe: Uh, Roman, there's more to it than that. Sami's the one who shot Bernardi.

Hope: All right, guys. I definitely see something in here.

Sonny: Why would another cop be trying to kill Rafe?

Kate: Well, I'm sure the police are going to be asking the exact same question.

Will: Does Gabi know about this?

Kate: Yeah.

Will: Great, well, I gotta go talk to her now.

Kate: No, no, no, no, no. Maxine just got her calmed down. Really, I don't think you should bother her right now.

Will: Okay, well, I guess I'll just see her tomorrow.

Kate: Um, you know, Gabi and the baby are being sent home tomorrow.

Will: Home to what?

Kate: Exactly. That's the other reason I wanted to talk to you. What would you think about Gabi and the baby moving in with me?

Brady: You never gave up trying to make me see the truth. And I said some really rotten things to you. I owe you an apology.

Marlena: No, you don't.

Brady: Yes, I do.

Marlena: No, you don't. And I'm--I'm going to be all right. Because I know that you... are gonna be just fine.

Brady: I hope so. 'Cause I am so played out. I just--I don't know--

Marlena: I know.

Brady: I don't know how I'm gonna feel.

Marlena: I know. I'll go. I'd like to get some rest.

Brady: That's a good idea.

Marlena: Have you spoken to your father?

Brady: Oh, yeah. I gotta be honest with you. I, uh, I don't expect things to be okay with him for a long time. If ever.

Marlena: I understand completely. Mm.

Brady: [Sniffs]

Kristen: You're not gonna believe this, but I'm in pain too.

John: Because you didn't succeed in totally destroying my son?

Kristen: Because I was stupid. I was so obsessed with you, I didn't see that Brady was all I really wanted in my life.

John: Give it up, will ya? That game's over.

Kristen: Yeah, it's over because I stopped it. I'm the one that put an end to what was going on in that hotel room, and I meant what I said. I don't care if you go or you stay or you live or you die. I have no idea what's going to happen in my life, but I do know that it's never gonna include you again.

John: Promise?

Kristen: I promise.

John: So what do you do now?

Kristen: I know what I'm not going to do. I'm not ever gonna think of you as the man that broke my heart. You don't have any power over me anymore. I'm free. I am free.

Kate: What do you think about me taking Gabi home tomorrow?

Will: [Sighs] Um... well, I'd like to speak to Sonny about it, uh, privately.

Kate: Sure, okay. Of course. Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Will: Okay. Can you believe this?

Sonny: Your mom? No.

Will: [Laughs]

Sonny: And what is she gonna do if she has to go through Kate to see the baby?

Will: I don't know. I mean, grandma's right. They need a place to go, but--

Sonny: You know what? I, uh--I have an idea. Wanna hear it?

Hope: I can't reach it.

EJ: Here, allow me.

Hope: [Sighs] I've got it, thank you, EJ. [Grunts] [Sighs]

EJ: [Grunts] Got it.

Abe: Well, we have our weapon. Bernardi was obviously planning on manicuring Rafe to death.

EJ: Look, somebody took a knife out of this room. I want a list of every single person who's been in here--

Abe: You are not running this investigation.

Roman: No! No, you're not. I am.

Hope: Damn it. There's another vent. We've gotta get forensics back in here.

Roman: Is Sami still here at the hospital?

Hope: Yeah, I'm just about to go see her. Would you like to be there?

Roman: She's the shooter. I have to question her.

Abe: You know, since Roman's here, I think I'm gonna head out. Look, if there's anything else you need, you let me know.

Roman: All right. Thanks, Abe.

Hope: Thanks, Abe.

Roman: All right. What the hell happened here? And don't leave anything out.

Marge: You've hardly sat down since I got here. You worried about somebody?

Sami: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Marge: Mind if I ask who?

Sami: Um, you know, uh, my son.

Marge: Oh, the one you were telling me about, the one that's Timmy's age?

Sami: No. I have, um, I have an older son too. And, well, he's a great, great guy, but he, um, is gonna have a lot of growing up to do pretty quick here. He, um--he got a girl pregnant. And, um, she and the baby are up on the O.B. Floor.

Marge: So you're a grandma.

Sami: Yeah.

Marge: You sure don't look the part.

Sami: Well, thank you. But Arianna--that's the baby's name--she is so beautiful and perfect, so I don't mind being a grandma to her. You know, life is too short to worry about every little mistake.

Marge: [Sniffles] It's way too short.

Sami: Um--

Marge: [Sobbing]

Hope: That's everything.

Roman: So Sami was walking around with a loaded gun?

EJ: Yes.

Roman: For how long?

EJ: I'm not sure.

Roman: Well, I'd better go ask her. Where is she?

Sami: So you're here, obviously, 'cause you're worried about someone you love.

Marge: My husband. Timmy's dad. He's a good man.

Sami: Well, he's married to you, so of course he is.

Marge: [Sniffles]

Sami: Why don't you tell me about him?

Brady: [Exhales]

Kristen: No, Marlena. I don't think I'm quite done with you yet. Bitch.

Sonny: Had this feeling that Nick and Gabi weren't going to go back to the way they used to be. So I kind of did something.

Will: What?

Sonny: You know bob and Nancy across the way? They moved out.

Will: Oh, finally.

Sonny: [Laughs] I told the landlord that we wanted to rent their place. I even put down a deposit.

Will: It's a two-bedroom.

Sonny: It's a lot bigger than our place.

Will: Are you talking about Gabi and the baby moving in with us?

Sonny: What if I was?

Hope: I told Sami I'd meet her in the waiting room.

Roman: Hey. Any news about Bernardi?

Kayla: Well, the surgery went fine. But they got him back to recovery, and he started to bleed. They couldn't control it, and they lost him.

Roman: You said it went well. How can that happen?

Kayla: It was a gunshot wound, Roman. And after that surgery, you just never know.

Roman: Well, we gotta tell his wife.

Kayla: Well, she's here. She's here at the hospital, in fact. This officer here brought her in. I-I bet he'd know where she is.

Hope: Excuse me.

Kayla: Good luck.

Hope: Bennett, do you know where detective Bernardi's wife is?

Yeah, her son was sleepy, so she took him to the waiting room.

Hope: Uh, through there? That waiting room? Okay.

EJ: That's where Samantha is.

Marge: Even when my husband works the night shift, Timmy makes me promise his dad will wake him up when he gets home. He reads to him every night, no matter how late it is.

Sami: What does he read him?

Marge: Uh, right now, it's the hardy boys.

Sami: [Laughs]

Marge: I couldn't leave Timmy at home with a sitter tonight. I knew he'd wake up, and he'd want his daddy to read to him.

Sami: My kids have two dads, and they're both these really great guys. I know they'd do anything for their kids.

Marge: You're lucky.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, we are. Hey. Daddy, how's Bernardi?

Marge: You know my husband? Commissioner... is there any news on Joe?

Roman: Mrs. Bernardi, can we talk someplace more private?

Marge: No, no, I don't want to leave Timmy. I-- you can tell me here, please. Please.

Roman: I'm sorry. I am so very, very sorry.

Marge: Oh, my God! Oh! [Sobbing]

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