Days Transcript Monday 6/3/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/3/13


Episode #12098 ~ Kristen tries to reunite with Brady; Sami wants to know why no one was informed of Jensen's release.

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Brady: The hell are you doing here?

Kristen: Hi, baby.

Brady: What part of "we're done" didn't you understand? Let me be clear, if I wasn't before, Kristen. I don't want to see you anymore. Get the hell out of here.

EJ: Hello, darling. Have you spoken with Brady this morning?

Sami: He hasn't returned my call, but he probably doesn't want to talk to anyone. The last thing he wants to hear right now are those words so often spoken at my own weddings, "you're just lucky you didn't marry the bitch." Oh, EJ. God, I just knew it, you know? Damn it.

EJ: Samantha--

Sami: Don't you dare defend her to me, okay?

EJ: Look, I wasn't about to. But listen, I would not say this to anybody else, but you're right, and I'm sorry. However, when you see Kristen around the house, if you could just please--

Sami: I know, and I'm gonna stay as far away from her as I possibly can.

EJ: Thank you.

Sami: And that shouldn't be too difficult. I just got the report on the upcoming product launch.

EJ: Looks promising, doesn't it?

Sami: Yes. You certainly have been busy. How did you sneak that past me?

EJ: Well, you know, life without surprises can be so, incredibly dull.

Sami: Oh, um, I have to go. But I'll meet you at the hospital later, to see will?

EJ: Of course.

Sami: And then you can tell me everything else that you have been up to. I love you.

EJ: I love you. All will be revealed, Samantha. Just you wait.

Chad: All right, here you go. Sorry about that.

Cameron: It's busy in here today.

Chad: Yeah, I had a manager quit on me to take a new gig.

Cameron: Oh, man, I'm sorry to hear that. Hey, but please don't count on asking Abigail to help you tomorrow night. I'm asking her out.

Chad: Great. Go for it. Excuse me.

Cameron: Hey.

Abigail: Hi.

Cameron: Look who's here. Chad and I were just talking about you.

Kate: Hi.

Chad: Hey.

Kate: I just wanted to, uh, thank you for filling in for Sonny so he could spend some time with will today.

Chad: Yeah, yeah. Um, since my sister's wedding was canceled, it's not like I had anywhere else to be. Tell will I'll stop by as soon as I can, okay?

Kate: Okay, I'll do that.

Chad: Yeah. I, um-- I still can't believe that happened. He didn't even know the maniac, and, I mean, neither did Rafe. They both could've died. I guess Rafe still could.

Sami: Hope, I-I just can't thank you enough for what you have done. I mean, will wouldn't even be here--

Hope: No, Sami, really, stop. You don't have to keep thanking me. I saw will this morning. Gosh, he looks a lot better than he did last night, thank goodness.

Sami: Sure does. He really does. Yet we are immediately thrown into another family drama. Oh, can't you just arrest Kristen for something? You know, assault or extortion or whatever it is she did. You know, something. I really was counting on her being out of the house for a couple weeks with her "honeymoon."

Hope: Well, I apologize for the personal inconvenience, Sami, and I am doing my best to make the charges stick.

Sami: Well, I wish you the best of luck. She is a DiMera.

Hope: Aren't you about to be a DiMera yourself? And you know I can't tell you anything about an ongoing case.

Sami: Right. Do you know, if it weren't for what happened, we'd be at the cake-cutting ceremony right now, and I would be having fantasies of things I could do with that knife.

Hope: Sami.

Sami: Well, if the police don't get her, I hope someone does, because that heartless bitch deserves to pay for what she did to my brother.

Kristen: Come on, Brady. I went to a lot of trouble to track you down.

Brady: I don't know why. I got nothing left to say to you.

Kristen: Well, I have something to say to you. You know that, right now, we were supposed to be standing in front of our family and our two friends, exchanging our wedding vows--

Brady: Oh, yeah, I know. I know. Love, honor, cherish. Those kind of things.

Kristen: I love you. I always will. And I want nothing else in this world than to be your wife. It's not too late, baby. Come on. Marry me. Come on, Sulley, it's the last play of the game!

Brady: You're giving me quite the ego boost here, Kristen. I mean, I thought I'd lost my mind, but compared to you, I feel pretty damn sane right now.

Kristen: What happened to you last night was horrible. I can't tell you enough how sorry I am.

Brady: No, you're sorry that I found you out.

Kristen: I'm sorry I used you.

Brady: Are you sorry that you hurt my dad and Marlena? Isn't that what you wanted to do all along?

Kristen: I thought it was what I--

Brady: I don't know why you're here. I don't know why we're talking right now.

Kristen: I understand that you hate me. I don't blame you. Hate is such a powerful thing. But there is one thing that's more powerful. That's love.

Abigail: I love Robert Downey, Jr. Like, love him. And I so want to see that movie, but I actually have plans tomorrow night.

Cameron: Oh, um, okay. Well, then maybe the next night I'm off. I just have to check my schedule.

Abigail: Great, yeah.

Cameron: Cool.

Abigail: So did you see will this morning?

Cameron: Well, you know, I'd say he's feeling better. He asked me to sneak him in a cheeseburger.

Abigail: Oh, my--of course he did.

Cameron: I mean, what a difference a day makes. It's--it's crazy.

Abigail: Yeah. Gosh, it's so unbelievable. You know, one day, we're-- we're sweating whether we got a b-minus or a c-plus on our calc final, and the next, we-- we could've lost him forever.

Cameron: Abigail, are we talking about will right now, or your father?

Kate: You are not only my perfect lover. You gave me back my soul.

EJ: Justin, thank you. Thank you for meeting me.

Justin: Of course. Do you have something new for me?

EJ: I was hoping you'd have something for me. Look, my sister's best laid plans just got shot to pieces, so I need some assurance from you that this little idea we have to get my father out of the family business is not going to suffer the same fate.

Sami: Honestly, this, like, maniac get released on a--on a technicality, and there's no one who--who follows him, who watches it? No one whose job it is to make sure people know that there's a murderer on the loose?

Hope: That's a very good question, Sami.

Sami: But the answer is yes. Yes, it was someone's job, and yes, they didn't do it. And they need to know that. They need to fix it so that it doesn't happen again.

Abigail: You're right. Yeah, you're right. Uh, I-I didn't think that it was possible to miss my dad more than I already do, but-- I think it's just, you know, my brother being back home and everything.

Cameron: Well, it's-- it's the first time that you've been able to, you know, grieve together.

Abigail: Yeah, you know, it's not--it's not just that. The other day, JJ was telling a story, and I swear to God, Cameron, he didn't stop to take a breath for, like, five minutes. And in that moment, I realized that he sounded just like my dad. And my dad never got to know that. He's never going to see JJ all grown up.

Cameron: I'm sorry.

Abigail: Me too.

[Cell phone buzzing]

Cameron: [Sighs]

Abigail: No, oh, please, answer. It's fine. I know you have to get back to the hospital.

Cameron: No. I do. But if you want to talk, I'm here.

Abigail: I appreciate that.

Cameron: Have fun tomorrow.

Abigail: Oh.

Chad: So Sonny said Rafe's in a medically induced coma? What? How long till they try and get him out of it?

Kate: Well, they have to wait until the swelling in his brain subsides.

Chad: Okay. Well, I sure hope he makes it out of this, because Rafe is a good guy, and Gabi's going to need her big brother.

Kate: Well, I see you do have a heart when it comes to Gabi, huh?

Chad: Yeah, you know, I actually do feel terrible about ruining the wedding.

Kate: As well you should. But I have to say, I am glad that the truth finally came out, because Arianna needs both of her parents. And will is going to be a really great dad.

Chad: I'm sure he will.

Kate: Okay. I have to get going. Good seeing you. I will say hi to will for you.

Chad: You got it, thank you.

Abigail: Hi.

Kate: Hi.

Abigail: You look great.

Kate: Thank you. It's good seeing you.

Abigail: You too.

Chad: Hey.

Abigail: Hi.

Chad: Did you forget something?

Abigail: No. I have a question for you.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: I just ran into Cameron, and he said you two were talking about me?

Chad: You were mentioned, yeah.

Abigail: Did he happen to mention that he was planning on asking me out tomorrow?

Chad: Yeah, why?

Abigail: You know that you and I are planning on going to the V.I.P. Opening at whoopee world tomorrow. Why didn't you tell him?

Hope: Sami, I can promise you it will never happen again.

Sami: No, actually, hope, you can't promise me that, because you don't even know how it happened in the first place. You don't know who's responsible--

Hope: Sami, I'm the one who screwed up. It was my fault.

Sami: What?

Hope: The department of corrections sent a notification of Jensen's early release. The only thing-- it was my responsibility to take the appropriate measures to safeguard the public, and I didn't, and it's my fault.

Sami: Why didn't you? Why didn't you do your job? Hope, I deserve an answer. You're protecting someone. Who is it?

Justin: Look, EJ, I was a kid when I lost my father. And no matter what I think of Stefano, and how much I want to see him go down, he's still your father.

EJ: Are you saying I'll have regrets?

Justin: I tried to walk away from my family once. I didn't approve of my uncle, and how he ran the family business, and I just walked away. And you notice how that turned out.

EJ: My father turned his back on me, Justin. On me. 'Cause he thought we didn't share the same DNA.

Justin: But Kristen is adopted, right?

EJ: In a way, that makes it worse, don't you think? You know, being created in his image, his right and proper heir, was apparently all I ever meant to him.

Justin: EJ, I-I don't want to upset you with this, but did you really expect anything more from Stefano DiMera?

EJ: Yes. As you pointed out, he's my father. I'll tell you this much-- I'll do a much better job with my kids.

Justin: I'm sure you will.

EJ: I already have. You know, when I thought that Sydney wasn't mine, I'm ashamed to say I did turn my back on her for a moment, but I didn't deny her. Because real love-- real love is unconditional.

Justin: Real love and Stefano DiMera-- I'm not sure if those two things actually fit in the same sentence.

EJ: You must be very proud of Sonny.

Justin: I am. Always have been.

EJ: William and he are heroes, you know. I mean, to everybody, but particularly to Arianna. That's what a father should be, every day. Don't you think?

Kristen: You were supposed to be a means to an end.

Brady: Thanks--thanks for reminding me.

Kristen: But then something happened that I never planned on. I fell for you. I fell hard.

Brady: It's shocking that you'd be attracted to the likes of me.

Kristen: No, that's not what I'm saying. It's just shocking that I'd be attracted to anybody after what your dad did to me.

Brady: So the night that you were going to sleep with my dad and destroy his marriage and destroy my life, that was the first time that you realized that you had feelings for me?

Kristen: No.

Brady: It's funny, 'cause it coincides with exactly the same moment that your plans blew up in your face.

Kristen: No, Brady. I had feelings for you right away. I just kept fighting it, 'cause I just kept trying to convince myself that it couldn't happen for me.

Brady: Well, it turns out, you were right about that.

Kristen: You saved me.

Brady: I saved you?

Kristen: Yeah, you rescued me.

Brady: Oh, I rescued you from the mugging that you set up? Give me a break.

Kristen: No, not from that. Brady, I was just-- I was just dead inside for so long. All I thought about was getting revenge on john and Marlena. But now, all I think about is you. I know how to love now. 'Cause you showed me.

Brady: Are you done? Are you done? Because on the off-chance that you actually believe what you are saying right now, I don't. You know what you showed me? You showed me how to be deluded. Problem is, I'm not as stupid as you think, Kristen.

Kristen: I never thought--

Brady: I don't want to hear any more from your mouth. All I hear are lies coming out. I don't want to hear it anymore.

Kristen: Then why am I still here? I think you do want to hear it. You don't want it to be a lie. Because underneath all that hatred and anger, you feel the same way.

Brady: I'm going to get over you. It's not going to be as hard as you think it is.

Kristen: But you don't have to. You don't even want to. Love bears all things, believes all things, and hopes all things.

Brady: Are you going to quote the bible to me right now?

Kristen: That was the reading that you chose for our wedding.

Brady: You are--you are so unbelievable to me.

Kristen: Please, just believe this. I love you. I'm going to prove it to you.

Chad: With everything going on around here, I forgot the park opening was tomorrow.

Abigail: You forgot?

Chad: What, did you think I was trying to keep some big secret?

Abigail: No.

Chad: Look, if you want to go out with Cameron, then--then go out with Cameron, okay? I'm sure I could find a dozen people who would love to ride the wild tiger in your place. I-I mean--

Abigail: No, no, no, I get it. I know what you mean, okay? I get it. If you would rather go with someone else, maybe you should--

Chad: No, no. No. Unless you want me to.

Abigail: What? I think that we're probably talking in circles right now, and--and--and I want to go with you. I said I would go. I'll go, I'll go.

Chad: O-okay, okay. Great.

Abigail: Great.

Chad: I hope Cameron wasn't upset when you told him that you were, uh, spending the evening with me. [Scoffs] Oh, okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You didn't tell him why you couldn't go out with him, did you?

Hope: I'm sorry, Sami. I told you the truth. It's my fault, all of it.

Sami: What? Hope. You find out that there is a murderer going to be let loose in Salem, and you just decide to keep that information to yourself?

Hope: No, it's not quite like that.

Sami: No, it's not, because I think you're protecting Rafe.

Hope: Rafe?

Sami: Well, he almost got himself killed, didn't he? He went after that guy by himself. That's why my son ended up in...

Hope: No, Sami. Sami, no.

Sami: In the hospital. That's why Gabi--

Hope: Don't even go there, okay? Rafe is an innocent victim in all of this.

Sami: Then I don't understand.

Hope: The letter from prison was misplaced here in my office.

Sami: What? Hope, I've seen your jewelry drawer. You have everything organized from beginning to finish. If you're not going to be honest with me, then I'm going to go to my dad, and he's going to tell me what's happening.

Hope: Sami, don't... go anywhere, please. I will tell you what happened. It was Ciara.

Sami: Ciara?

Hope: Nobody knew Jensen was released from prison because the letter was hidden by my daughter.

EJ: Well, you may not be in this for the money, Justin, but you will be rewarded handsomely for your time and your discretion.

Justin: Thank you.

EJ: Oh, I should also mention to you that we have a blockbuster product that we're bringing to market. It should raise the stakes of this little transaction considerably.

Justin: Duly noted.

EJ: Not to mention, it will drive a stake through Kate Roberts' heart. And her company.

Justin: EJ, I can see that you're confident, and that's a good thing. Because I hope that you're prepared for the fight of your life. EJ, I don't need to tell you that Stefano will always defend what he feels is rightfully his to the death.

Ricardo: Mr. DiMera, she just arrived. What do you want me to do?

Kate: Cameron? The--the guard who's supposed to be watching over detective Hernandez--where is he?

Abigail: No, I didn't tell Cameron.

Chad: Aha. So you're the one keeping a deep, dark secret.

Abigail: No. No, I just--I--

Chad: You just thought he might be jealous?

Abigail: Of course not, no. There's nothing to be jealous about.

Chad: Right.

Abigail: It's not a date.

Chad: So you've mentioned, a few dozen times.

Abigail: I--Cameron knows that we're just friends.

Chad: Right.

Abigail: I have to go. I'm--I'll see you tomorrow at 7:00.

Chad: Great.

Abigail: Bye.

Chad: Looking forward to it.

Cameron: The police took the guard off the door because the guy who attacked detective Hernandez is dead. Are you worried about something?

Kate: Uh, no, I-- can I see him?

Cameron: Sure. Um, I was just going in to check on him myself.

Kate: Okay.

Cameron: Ah, what the--

Kate: Oh, my God.

Cameron: A wire came loose, and somebody turned the volume down on the alarm.

Kate: Turned the volume down? So no one would hear if something went wrong? Who would do that?

Cameron: You know, I have no idea. But it was a very stupid move, obviously.

Kate: So is he okay?

Cameron: Yeah, yeah. In fact, his, uh, neurosurgeon is very pleased with his progress.

Kate: Are you saying that he's out of the woods?

Cameron: You know, I can't make any promises, but it definitely looks that way.

Sami: How did Ciara get her hands on a letter from the prison board?

Hope: Because the desk sergeant on duty put it on my desk, where I wouldn't miss it, and told Ciara it was very important.

Sami: And?

Hope: She hid it from me.

Sami: On purpose? Why would she do that?

Hope: Because we were supposed to go to the zoo that day.

Sami: What, she--she thought that, if you read the letter, you would be stuck here and-- and ruin her fun?

Hope: Yeah. It's been really hard on her, with--without Bo here, and, um, with me pulling double shifts, we haven't exactly had a lot of mother-daughter day-- look, I'm not making any excuses here. What she did, it was wrong, and she understands that. But, Sami, if she had fully grasped the--the consequences of her actions, she never would--

Sami: What about you? Fully grasping the consequences of leaving your daughter alone in your office?

Hope: Actually, Sami, I left her in my office that day with you. I had some papers that I needed signed, and I told you that I didn't feel comfortable leaving Ciara in my office by herself, and asked you to stay till I got back. Only, when I returned, you weren't here. Remember?

Sami: Yes. I remember. What you're telling me is that what happened to Rafe, what happened to my son is because of me? It's my fault?

Kristen: Last night, I tried to give you an out. I tried to set you free. If you had taken me up on my offer, then all of my--my planning and scheming wouldn't have amounted to anything. Why do you think I did that? I couldn't stand the thought of hurting you, Brady. I couldn't go through with it.

Brady: I'm--I'm sorry, did I hear you right? I swear, you just said something about not wanting to hurt me.

Kristen: In the end, ultimately, your happiness meant more to me than my revenge.

Brady: Oh. Oh, that's beautiful. Yeah, that's, like, the definition of true love right there. Kristen, I should've-- I should've taken the chance when I had it, when you gave it to me, to run like hell.

Kristen: But you didn't.

Brady: And you didn't argue with me. Actually, I think you were really fine with breaking my heart.

Kristen: No, that's not true.

Brady: Yeah, you were.

Kristen: No. When I left your father in that hotel room, I left behind all my hatred and all my bitterness.

Brady: Uh-huh. And you could fill one room up with all of that? That's amazing.

Kristen: Brady, why am I here?

Brady: I don't know.

Kristen: I was-- I was humiliated. I was degraded. I was exposed again. If I didn't love you deeply, if I didn't care about you, then why wouldn't I run away and never come back?

Brady: Actually, that's what you should do if you do care about me.

Kristen: Brady, we fought so hard for this, especially you. You stuck to your guns, no matter what everybody was saying, that our love wasn't real and true. You said they were wrong. And now, all of a sudden, they're right? I mean, how can you be so sure?

Brady: All I'm sure about is I want you out. I want you out of here.

Kristen: Wait, wait, wait a second, wait.

Brady: What? Oh, Kristen--

Kristen: What about this? Just-- somewhere out there, there's a child that needs a home. A child that's supposed to be ours. This was the most amazing gift that anybody's ever given me, baby. This child was supposed to be our future, and our hope. This child is our love. Can you really give up on him or her so easily? I mean, as easily as you're giving up on us? I love you. I know you love me. And I know that we could have a future together. Please tell me that you feel the same way.

Kristen: You don't have to answer, Brady. Our love has always gone beyond words. I thought I was in love before, but nobody's ever made me feel what you made me feel. When we made love, it was pure and honest. You know that's true. I can feel your heart pounding. Tell me you don't want me as much as I want you.

EJ: You have a big grin on your face.

Chad: It's nothing. Actually, okay, between the two of us, I'm actually going on a date with, uh, Abigail tomorrow.

EJ: Really?

Chad: Yeah.

EJ: I thought Abigail was dating Cameron.

Chad: Ah, it depends on the day.

EJ: Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to get to hospital to see Samantha and this new baby.

Chad: Ah, speaking of which, there is something that I need to show you. It'll probably only take a minute. Just--just hang on one sec.

EJ: Of course, of course.

[Cell phone ringing]

EJ: Oh, I'm sorry, Chad. I have to take this. Do you mind?

Chad: Sure. Tell, uh, will "hi" for me.

EJ: I will do. And we'll do this next time.

Chad: Okay.

EJ: Okay. Hello? Yeah.

Hope: No. Sami, this is not your fault.

Sami: What about that cop? I mean, he leaves a letter with a little kid? He doesn't--he doesn't ever follow up with someone over the age of ten? I mean, what's his name? What does he have to say for--

Hope: Sami, what good would that do? What good would it do to go-- Jensen got out of prison, and he picked up exactly where he left off. Now, if you look at Vargas-- I mean, he got out of prison, and now he's working at the church, trying to make a good life for himself. You know, I don't know if you know it or not, but he's the one who told me that Jensen worked on smith island.

Sami: No, how would I-I--

Hope: If he hadn't told me that, Sami, if he hadn't put his neck on the line, will might not be alive right now.

Sami: Well, I will have to find some way to thank him.

Hope: Sami, I take full responsibility for everything that happened, and I will make that very clear to your father. I'll face all the consequences, if it makes you happy.

Sami: I wish it did make me happy. I wish we could make this all not have happened. But-- I wish I hadn't left Ciara alone in your room. Hope, I know you feel as bad as I do.

Hope: You know what? We fight so hard to teach our kids right, and to protect them. You know, when we lost Zack, I blamed Chelsea, I blamed Bo, I blamed Billie, but mostly, I blamed myself.

Sami: Why?

Hope: Because it's our job to protect our children, to keep them safe. Ciara--I mean, she's our miracle baby, our second chance, and I've just-- I've let her down so much. I've--you know, I've made so many mistakes, Sami.

Sami: No, no. I promise you, I have you beat there.

Hope: I hope you understand that there is one thing that I will not apologize for, and that's keeping my daughter's name out of this. I haven't told anyone else.

Sami: And I promise that I won't, either.

Hope: Thank you. Thank you.

Sami: Give me a hug. Mothers have to stick together, right?

Hope: Absolutely. I'm going to, um-- I'm going to go visit with will. Okay.

Hope: Send my love. And kiss that baby for me, all right?

Sami: Yes. Absolutely.

Hope: I love you, sweetheart.

Sami: I love you, too, aunt hope.

Kate: So if he's doing that much better, do you think they'll be bringing him out of the induced coma soon?

Cameron: Uh, tomorrow, we hope.

Kate: Really?

Cameron: Yeah.

Kate: Oh, my-- did you-- Rafe, did you hear that? Oh, thank you, Dr. Davis, so much.

Cameron: Oh, don't thank me. He's--he's a fighter. Of course, he has a long recovery ahead of him, with physical therapy, occupational therapy, but we're very optimistic he's going to make a full recovery.

Kate: It's just so much good news for me in 12 hours. I can't tell you. It's hard to stand it, really. Do you--do you mind if I, um, sit with him, just for a little while?

Cameron: Oh, sure. Stay as long as you want. It's--it's good for him to have visitors.

Kate: Thanks.

Cameron: Yeah.

Kate: Tomorrow. Thank God. I don't like to golf.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. Seriously, Brady? I was really hoping you'd pick up, and I'd catch you. Please give me a call back as soon as you get this. I really need to hear your voice, and so does Ciara. I miss you. Would you hurry up and get home already? Love you, Brady.

Abigail: Hey.

Cameron: Hey, Abigail. Hey. What's going on?

Abigail: I know that you have to get back to work, and I won't keep you. I just, um-- I needed to tell you something that I should've said earlier.

Cameron: Okay.

Abigail: The reason that I can't go out with you tomorrow night is that I already have plans with Chad.

Ricardo: Mr. DiMera, the item you requested.

Stefano: Oh, yes. Thank you, Ricardo. [Grunts]

Kate: Did anyone tell you that your niece was born? And Arianna grace is really looking forward to meeting her uncle. I'm going over there right now. And I'm going to tell will the good news about you. So hang in there, Hernandez, okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: I-- hello? What? Are you sure? Who could have possibly--

Sami: Hi. So, when you marry me, you're going to become a step-grandfather. Have you thought about what you want Arianna to call you?

EJ: Oh--

Sami: Pops?

EJ: Pops?

Sami: Papa?

EJ: No. I don't think so. I actually don't think it'll matter too much. If she's anything like Sydney, she'll have me wrapped around her little pinky in two minutes.

Sami: Oh, I'm sure that's true. Come on. Let's see her.

Kate: Not so fast.

Sami: Excuse me?

Kate: I know what you did, and you're not going to get away with it.

Sami: [Sighs]

Brady: You--you would use-- you would use this child as fast as you'd use me.

Kristen: No, I wouldn't. Brady, don't say that to me.

Brady: You--you don't deserve to be a mother. No child deserves to be your kid. I don't want a future with you. I don't want to have a kid with you. All I want is for you to get out of here, and I don't want to see you again.

Kristen: Brady--

Brady: I want you out of here, Kristen.

Kristen: Brady, please, just listen to me--

Brady: I want you out.

Kristen: Brady, just listen.

Brady: I want you out!

Kristen: Please. Brady! Brady, I'm not going anywhere! Brady.

[Knocking at door]

Kristen: I love you, Brady.

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