Days Transcript Friday 5/24/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/24/13


Episode #12093 ~ John and Kristen's struggle reaches the point of no return; Brady realizes how Nicole feels about Eric.

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[Knock at door]

Kristen: What are you doing here?

John: You know.

Nicole: What happened?

Eric: Nothing.

Nicole: Is it rafe, is it will?

Eric: No.

Nicole: Are you sure?

Eric: I just spoke to the hospital 20 minutes ago, and they were still the same.

Nicole: Good. Then what else could have happened?

Eric: It's really not a big deal.

Nicole: Don't do that.

Eric: Listen, I said it's not a big deal.

Nicole: What did I do?

Eric: What?

Nicole: You're looking at me like I did something wrong, so just spit it out.

Marlena: What do you have there? Johnny: Grandma, I did a bad thing.

Marlena: What bad thing did you do, sweetie?

Johnny: I took something that wasn't mine.

Marlena: So you stole something. What was it?

Johnny: Something.

Marlena: Did you take something from a store?

Johnny: No way! It was ciara'S.

Marlena: What did you take from her? Honey? I'd like you to show it to me.

Bra: Tomorrow's gonna be a whirlwind though. It's gonna be-- it's gonna be nuts. I want to see her one last time before tomorrow. And I'm gonna surprise her. Right now, I'm going. Thanks for the party.

Daniel: Hey, well, I know it wasn't much.

Brady: No, it was exactly what I needed. Blew off some steam.

Daniel: Well, stick around, the night's young. Come on.

Brady: Nah, I gotta see my girl.

Jennifer: No, brady. You know what, I don't think that's a good idea.

Brady: Jen, I'm not superstitious, and I want to see my bride now.

John: Come on, kristen. You know why I'm here.

Kristen: Maybe. So that's it? You just show up and I'm supposed to open the door and let you in?

John: You don't want to do that.

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Rory: Oh, dude. Happy hour. Jj: Forget that, man. Vodka's poison.

Rory: [Laughs] You're so baked.

Jj: Roasted. So, what's on for tonight?

Rory: I could hang. What do you want to do?

Jj: There's got to be some fun somewhere in this town.

Jennifer: Wait, brady. Wait a minute.

Brady: Jen, why are you trying to stop me from doing this?

Jennifer: Well, because--

Daniel: I just think that kristen got a hotel room, wanted to be alone tonight, and you should probably just respect that.

Brady: Listen, listen. You don't know how many times this woman has said to me, "brady," you know, "get out, get out." It's like her little game. It's called a reflex, what have you, but I know she doesn't mean it.

Jennifer: No, I think--

Daniel: It's not--

Jennifer: I think she does mean it tonight. I mean, she just didn't look like she was really prepared to have guests, that's all.

Brady: Oh. Well, see, that's why it's perfect. That's why it'll be a surprise.

Kristen: Really?

John: Yeah.

Kristen: You want to play?

John: Yeah.

Kristen: So how do you think this goes? Have you seen hotel security around here? It's a bunch of ex-linebackers that would love nothing more than to frog-march your ass out of here.

John: You don't want to do that.

Kristen: You counting on that? One phone call, you're thrown out of here. You don't play with me.

John: Okay. There's your phone. Make the call.

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Eric: Nicole, that call had nothing to do with you. I mean, why would you assume that I have a problem with you?

Nicole: Because it happens, eric. Bless you, father, because you're ticked off. It's been how long since you were ang?

Eric: Well, not long enough. You know what, I'm just-- it was really stupid. I'm just embarrassed, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, been there, done that.

Eric: You know, honestly, when you asked if I had heard any news about rafe and will, it made me realize that this was so minor. I mean, they are what is important here. They're the ones who deserve my attention.

Nicole: But you're on it. You've seen them, you've prayed for them. It's not like you're slacking off or something. You just got mad at something else, right?

Eric: Yeah, and I shouldn't have. In fact, I mean, it's things like this that really make me question my own vocation.

Johnny: Can I have chocolate milk? I finished my vegetables at dinner.

Marlena: It's "may I have chocolate milk," and no. You need to show me what you took. It's okay. We're gonna make it okay. I promise.

Abe: Marlena?

[Door closes]

Marlena: Oh. Hi.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Johnny: Hi, uncle abe.

Abe: Hey, how you doing, huh?

Johnny: I've been betR.

Abe: Yeah, buddy. I know what you mean. Marlena?

Marlena: Oh, you know what? Take your game and play right over there.

Abe: There you go. Right here. I assume he doesn't know about will.

Marlena: Oh. No. Thanks for thinking of that.

Abe: How is will?

Marlena: He's going to be all right.

Abe: How about you? You know, john came by to see me the other day.

Marlena: Then you know. I suppose everybody knows.

Abe: Is that what's up with your grandson?

Marlena: No, no. He was about to show me something. It'll wait.

Daniel: Uh, do you--do you know-- do you know your girl 'cause I know my girl, and I really think you should listen to jen. We're both on your side. Actually, both sides.

Brady: Okay, what is the deal? Jen, what's going on?

Jennifer: Brady, I just think that kristen needs the room.

Brady: How can you be so sure that she needs the room?

Jennifer: Because--I mean, you've been on your own. You know how it is. It's an adjustment when someone else is there, even if it's someone that you want to be with all the time. You know what that's like.

Brady: Yeah, I-I guess.

Jennifer: Right, so you can understand that. I think kristen means it when she's saying that she needs to be alone.

Brady: What are you not telling me?

Jennifer: Uh--nothing. I just told you--

Brady: No, I know what you told me, but there's something you're not saying. What is going on? Is she upset? Tell me what's wrong?

Kristen: This is so twisted.

John: Really?

Kristen: Yeah. Really, what are we doing, john?

John: Just making things right.

Kristen: That is not the word that I would use. I'm supposed to be getting married tomorrow.

John: That's tomorrow. Tonight, it's just us and all we have to do is be honest. It's gotta be about what you want tonight, kristen.

Kristen: [Sighs] What if I don't know? I'm going to the payless five-day sale

Nicole: Wait, you're--you're questioning your vocation? But--but this is your thing. I mean, don't you sign up for life?

Eric: Yes. Yes, I do. You know, I love being a priest. But I really didn't realize it was going to be so political.

Nicole: Political, how?

Eric: Yeah, well, you know, I've been preparing as the bishop is on his way, as you know.

Nicole: Right, right. He's coming to consecrate the building.

Eric: Exactly. And, well, I've been asked to kind of oversee and do all the details, which talk about zoning, permits, contracts, and--

Nicole: Right. Yes, of course, and you've-- you've done all that, and you've done a great job. That's what--that's what everyone says. You've been on top of everything.

Eric: Well, not exactly because there are certain things that are completely in-- just out of my control.

Nicole: Meaning?

Eric: Well, I went through a lot of red tape. Got the right permits, that is. Then out of nowhere, completely last minute, this agency called me and said that I was out of my jurisdiction, that--for "certain matters," that is-- that all my permits are now in limbo.

Nicole: Until when? Do you have any idea when this will be resolved?

Eric: No. No, I just know they have authorization to complete construction and to allow the school to be used for its intended purpose. They're all on hold until indefinitely, actually. So now, bishop--bishop white, that is, he's going to come over here without a finished building to bless.

Nicole: Oh, that would be kind of awkward, wouldn't it?

Eric: Worse than that. It would be an embarrassment. You know, I really wouldn't even blame the bishop if he just decided that I wasn't cut out for this after all.

Jennifer: Listen, brady. She's not upset. I just think that she's a little overwhelmed right now. You know, it was--we were laughing, we were having a great time tonight. And it's, like...

[Sighs] A switch just got flipped and then we were done. And the night ended earlier than I expected. And kristen said that she needed to be alone, and she just needed time to just gather herself.

Brady: Hold on, hold on. Are we talking about her having second thoughts about the wedding?

Jennifer: No, she didn't say anything like that, really. And you know what, brady, i think--I think maybe it's gratitude. I think she suddenly cannot believe that this is happening in her life with you. And now the possibility of adopting a baby.

Brady: Did she tell you about that?

Jennifer: Yeah. You are giving her a gift. And you're a gift. And like I said, I just-- I don't think she can believe that this is happening for her, that she's falling so in love with someone and that she wants to share her life with you.

Brady: I didn't expect it either, jen.

Jennifer: Exactly, and that's the best way for it to happen sometimes is by surprise.

Brady: I agree. Yeah.

Jennifer: Okay. So she just needs a breath to just take it all in.

Brady: All right.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: It's one night, man.

Brady: I don't like to be apart from her.

Daniel: Well, let me tell you something, my friend. I know the feeling.

Jennifer: Yeah, me too. And guess what? After tomorrow, you won't be.

Brady: Ever again.

John: It's very pretty. Why don't you turn around?

Kristen: I don't want to.

John: Why not?

Kristen: I keep hoping that if I stay here long enough, you'll just go away.

John: You think that's gonna settle everything?

Kristen: Yes.

John: Doesn't sound very convincing.

Kristen: Get out!

John: That's better, but is that real anger or just frus--

Kristen: How dare you come here and play me. Do you see what this is? This is my wedding gown, john. I'm supposed to put it on tomorrow and marry the man of my dreams.

John: Is that what he is?

Kristen: I'm supposed to start my life with somebody that actually loves me. And you stand here like it's nothing. I mean, doesn't any of this bother you? Don't you have a twinge of guilt? There's nothing? All you want--

John: Is what? Go ahead and say it.

Kristen: I'm not like you. I can't just feel nothing.

John: I never said I--

Kristen: What?

John: I don't know what the hell we're supposed to be feeling right now, kristen.

Kristen: But you're here.

John: And you haven't kicked me out.

Kristen: Yet.

John: Is this what you're wearing?

Kristen: [Sniffles] I told you, it's for new beginnings, remember?

John: What about the "right" man? I think you said that you were gonna wear these for the right man--our wedding.

Kristen: That never happened. You took them?

John: Well, I just couldn't stop thinking about... you and this necklace. Perfect.

Kristen: Is it how you pictured it?

John: Not exactly. The picture in my mind, you were wearing those pearls and nothing else. A ok so I've been having an affair of sorts

Nicole: Well, that would suck. I mean, stink. It would stink if the bishop came here and didn't see that you were perfect for the job.

Eric: I know, I'm just embarrassed. I mean, I let the little things get to me. And I know. I know, I know I shouldn'T.

Nicole: Hey, but you were burning it at both ends to make sure the school is ready.

Eric: This is just not me. I'm--I'm pushing papers. I mean, do you have any idea that people e putting time and money into this? Do you know how much? I mean, they're doing God's work. They deserve the right to see their work honored and blessed by the bishop.

Nicole: Okay.

Eric: [Sighs]

Nicole: And what? You don't matter? You don't think you deserve a little honor yourself?

Eric: I just want to see the school up and running, that's all.

Nicole: You are too good.

Eric: No, I'm not.

Nicole: Yeah, what? Because you got a little annoyed?

Eric: No. Among other things.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Eric: I have faults. All right, I have a lot of them, nicole. All right, I'm just hoping to use that, my compassion, to help other people's weaknesses.

Nicole: Seriously, too good.

Eric: What?

Nicole: No, it's-- look, you fit here. They're lucky to have you here. You're like the perfect priest, and that is not gonna change.

Eric: Okay, well--

Nicole: Listen, I gotta go because I have some errands to run before everything closes, so see you later.

Eric: No, no, nicole. Wait. Wait a minute.

Nicole: Okay, bye.

Eric: Come on.

Daniel: Anyway, you know.

Rory: Well, this is riveting.

Jj: Shh.

Rory: What the hell? Let's go.

Jj: In a minute.

Brady: Okay, so I'm good now. Thanks for talking me down.

Jennifer: Anytime, anytime.

Brady: I think I'm gonna-- I'm gonna take a little walk. I'm gonna take in the evening a little bit, and it's my last night as a single man, you know. So you guys can go. Just go.

Jennifer: Hey, I'm gonna go over to the church to see eric to talk about our project I'm working on.

Daniel: Can I go?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, please. Come with us. Why don't you join us?

Brady: I, um, can'T. No.

Daniel: What, what? Is there--is there a problem? What?

Brady: There is a problem actually. Eric is not gonna be at my wedding. It's his decision, needless to say.

Daniel: I'm sorry.

Brady: No, it's okay, it's okay. It's what it is, and it's fine. And tomorrow is gonna be great. And that's it. I'm gonna go.

Daniel: All right, I will see you tomorrow.

Jennifer: It's gonna be great.

Brady: Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, and say hi to jj for me. I want to hang out with him.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. I will. That's great. He needs distraction.

Brady: It must be good having him back, right?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, it's great. Tomorrow is going to be great.

Brady: I'm excited. No, I'm counting on it. It's gonna be good.

Daniel: All right, we'll see you there.

Jennifer: Bye. Mwah, mwah, mwah.

Brady: Yeah.

Daniel: Nicely done.

Jennifer: Oh, boy.

Daniel: Wow.

Jennifer: We'll see.

Daniel: You know, I have this urge to kiss you.

Jennifer: Really?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: I guess you should probably just give in to that urge then.

Daniel: Well...

Jennifer: It sounds like a pretty good urge to me.

Brady: Thank you.


John: Don'T.

Kristen: They're too heavy.

John: They're too beautiful to waste.

Kristen: All of a sudden, you care about these? You'd never seen them before I showed them to you the other day.

John: So? Why did it bother you now?

Kristen: I told you, they're too heavy.

John: Too heavy? You never wore them before?

Kristen: No, I never wore them before. You know that. They were saved for one moment in time, for a wedding that never happened, remember?

John: Yes, I remember. I'm sorry.

Kristen: Please don't start with the sorrys.

John: I'm sorry. I told you I am so sorry.

Kristen: What is it with you anyway? It suddenly just dawned on you that leaving me in a broken heap on the floor was bad manners?

John: I never should have abandoned you. I'm so sorry.

Kristen: So what? You've come back here with this, and you think that makes it go away?

John: No. I just thought maybe that we could...start over. I mean, isn't that where you are right now, new beginnings and all?

Kristen: Yeah, that's where I am.

John: I just thought it might be easier if we just finished what we started.

Kristen: And then everything that's happened since then just never happened?

John: I know it's not gonna be easy. I know there's a lot between there and here. There are feelings, but nothing is gonna get better until I pick you up off that floor. Until then, it's not gonna be right for either one of us. And isn't that why you really came back to salem? Isn't that what we both need?

Kristen: You think you know what I need?

John: I think we both know.

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Rory: Okay, so that was not fun.

Jj: Nope.

Rory: Who's that dude with your mom?

Jj: A guy.

Rory: A guy with a sweet ride.

[Cell phone rings] Did you see that?

Jj: Yeah, I saw it.

Rory: Your broker?

Jj: [Scoffs] My mom. Making sure I know where she is because that's what responsible adults do as a matter of courtesy.

Rory: [Laughs] Yeah, I get that one weekly.

Jj: "Swinging by the church. Then I'll be home afterwards. Xoxo."

Rory: So you got a while.

Jj: Yeah.

Rory: What do you want to do?

Jj: I think I know where to find some fun.

Nicole: Hey.

Brady: Well, look who I ran into.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Brady: Hi.

Nicole: Where is the bride to be?

Brady: She's at a hotel.

Nicole: Oh. Well, then why aren't you with your buddies watching strippers or something.

Brady: Strippers? No, we went bigger than that. We went batting cages and bottled water.

Nicole: [Exhales] You are a party animal.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Hmm.

Brady: Yeah, that's me. I mean, I don't need a big blowout, nic. I'll buy you a drink. How about that?

Nicole: I'm pretty sure you have better things to do than hang out with me. I mean, you have a wedding tomorrow.

Brady: But considering-- considering how you and the missus get along, this might be the last time that we ever hang out, so--

Nicole: It's probably true though. But you don't drink anymore.

Brady: I'll keep you company 'cause it looks like you need it.

Jennifer: Okay, so you think that you can have your youth group there by 1:00, right?

Eric: Well, father matt will bring them. I'll already be there.

Jennifer: Checking on will?

Eric: And rafe. I mean, thanks to you, will's still alive.

Daniel: Well, will's still alive because of will.

Eric: Well, and a big assist to you. Thank you very much. Listen, I have a couple of questions about the program that day. I mean, do you have a minute, please?

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: You know, yeah, go ahead. I got some messages to check.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Eric: Please.

Jennifer: Oh. Okay.

Eric: Listen, I wanted to talk to you about the wedding.

Jennifer: Um, oh. Okay, sure.

Eric: I'm sure you know that I won't be there.

Jennifer: We heard, and I am sorry to hear that. And I wish for both of your sakes that whatever is in the way, you would settle it before tomorrow.

Eric: You must know the problem.

Jennifer: I'm guessing it has something to do with john and marlena.

Eric: It's no secret how my mother feels about what's going on.

Abe: So theo is back to testing where he was on the spectrum before... well, before lexie passed away.

Marlena: That's wonderful. You've done such a fine job with him.

Abe: I wake up every day and put one foot in front of the other. How about you?

Marlena: What did john say?

Abe: Not much. He was preoccupied. He hinted that things were rough with you two.

Marlena: That's one way to put it.

Abe: Marlena, this morning he sent me a text that felt-- well, bizarre is the only word.

Marlena: What did he say?

Abe: He asked me to look out for you, to help you if I could. It was as if he felt that he wouldn't be here himself.

Marlena: Well, there it is. John won't be around. We're getting divorced.

Abe: No.

Marlena: I know. I'm shocked too. I tried to confront him and make him see that we were standing on the edge of a cliff, and that we had to step back and work it out together. He just jumped.

Abe: Are you sure?

Marlena: He knew what i wanted. He wouldn't take one step towards me. And when I gave him the chance to step back, he jumped at it.

[Knock on door]

Man: Room service. You left it open for me?

Kristen: Yes. Please come in.

[Silverware clinks]

John: Don't worry about the setup, kid. I'll just take the bill. Thanks.

Man: Congratulations.

John: Yeah. That should do it. Make it worth your while. Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

John: Kristen. Kristen. Kid finally got the hint. I hung the "do not disturb" sign. Okay?

Daniel: Okay, well, we'll see you soon.

Eric: Yes, well, I'll be seeing you every day at the hospital.

Jennifer: I'm sorry we won't see you tomorrow, but I do understand. Family is complicated.

Eric: It is. Good night to you.

Daniel: Okay.

Jennifer: Good night.

Rory: Whoo! That was awesome!

Jj: I know, man.

Rory: We did it.

Jj: Ah, yeah. Nothing to it. Nothing to it.


Daniel: Hey.

Eric: Did you forget something?

Jennifer: No.

Daniel: Do you know-- can I use your phone? I couldn't really get a signal.

Eric: Oh, I'm so sorry. There's a lot of dead spots in there, but please go ahead. There's the land line.

Daniel: Excellent. Thank you.

Eric: Is there a problem?

Daniel:S there an emergency tow service that you guys like to use?

Abe: I'll tell you, I can't believe this is where you are.

Marlena: I know. Looking at it, it must all seem so cavalier to you.

Abe: I would give anything for the luxury of an argument with lexie.

Marlena: I feel so stupid that we let it get this far, that we let kristen do this to us, that we weren't a strong enough team to stop it from happening.

Abe: But you are. That's why I can't believe that this is really the end. I've been here, marlena. I've seen you and john through the wars. I've seen everything you've fought and you survived to get back to each other. And kristen isn't bigger than that.

Marlena: Unless you let her in.

Abe: And I pray you find a way to cast her out. I'm betting on you two.

Marlena: Oh, you're such a good friend to me.

Abe: Yes. Yes, I am. And if you need a shoulder--

Marlena: I will call you.

Abe: Oh.

Marlena: Thank you. Please say hi to theo for me.

Abe: I will. Take care, hmm? Johnny.

Marlena: Hey.

[Door closes] What you got there?

Johnny: The thing.

Marlena: The thing that you took from ciara, the thing that you stole?

Johnny: Yep.

Marlena: You know it's wrong to steal. And she must be pretty upset that she's missing her thing.

Johnny: I don't think it's hers either.

Marlena: No? Whose is it?

Johnny: I think it's aunt kristen'S.

Brady: Here you go.

Nicole: Oh, thank you very much.

Brady: Welcome. Nicole: Okay. To your happiness.

Brady: Thank you very much. Now start talking.

Nicole: About?

Brady: About whatever's bugging you.

Nicole: What, I'm fine. Look, you're the one getting married tomorrow. Can we give that a minute or two, please?

Brady: I got the whole rest of my life for that.

Nicole: You sure about that?

Brady: I am.

Nicole: Hmm. Okay. Okay, I'm just saying, with all the controversy going on, you know, just making sure you're not having second thoughts.

Brady: "Controversy"?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Brady: You're talking about that stuff going on with my father and marlena, right?

Nicole: And your brother, eric.

Brady: I don't want to-- I don't want to go there right now with that.

Nicole: He didn't say "no" lightly.

Brady: Yeah, he didn't say it smartly either. Nicole, the guy's been very hypocritical.

Nicole: Don't talk about him like that.

Brady: Very hypocritical. No, no, no. He is the one--

Nicole: No, he puts everyone else before him, okay? And he bends over backwards to see a person's point of view.

Brady: [Scoffs] Unless it's in his own blind spot.

Nicole: He doesn't have a blind spot.

Brady: No, you're right. He's not supposed to have a blind spot, but he does.

Nicole: I don't understand.

Brady: No.

Nicole: What did he do?

Brady: Because he doesn't-- he--he chose sides. He chose sides. He's not supposed to do that. The collar is supposed to make him different.

Nicole: He is different. Trust me, brady, you don't-- you don't know a better man. You will never meet a better man in your life, okay? So please don't talk about him like that. What? What?

Brady: Oh, my God.

John: Where were we?

Kristen: Nowhere. The waiter got here just in time.

John: Oh.

Kristen: He saved us from doing something really stupid.

John: You don't mean that.

Kristen: Yeah. I do.

John: Are you sure?

Daniel: Ah, they're tires. They're replaceable.

Jennifer: Daniel, I know, but the fact that someone would do that, that they would vandalize your property?

[Tv playing gunfire] Could you turn that down, please?

Jj: Sorry.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. It's just been a rough night, okay?

Jj: What happened?

Jennifer: What ha-- someone slashed daniel's tires in a church parking lot, no less.

Jj: Oh. Somebody does not like you.

Jennifer: Yeah, it was some stranger pulling an ugly prank, I'm sure.

Jj: Still, I mean, who would do something like that?

[Tv turns off]

Jennifer: No, honey. I'm sorry. It's fine. You can watch it in here. We'll go.

Jj: No, no. You know, it's boring anyway. I'm just gonna upstairs and read, you know. It's all yours.

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Excuse me.

Daniel: Oh, yeah.

Jj: I'm sorry about your car, man.

Nicole: Well, look at that. Time for me to go.

Brady: Hey, hold on, hold on.

Nicole: Okay, happy wedding.

Brady: No, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey. Wait, hold on. Hey, stop, stop.

Nicole: I have to go, brady.

Brady: Stop it. Did I hear what I thought i heard you say?

Nicole: No. No. Probably--no, of course. Probably no, you didn'T.

Brady: Sounds like I heard you have feelings for eric, feelings that you shouldn't be having.

Eric: [Blows air] Brady, I'm sorry. I'm not taking sides.

[Sighs] And one day you'll understand that. I am praying for you tonight, hoping that you find happiness and peace that you deserve.

Marlena: Why do you think that whatever you took from ciara belongs to kristen?

Johnny: 'Cause she's in it. It's a picture.

[Phone clatters]

Brady: You want eric.

Nicole: Don't be ridiculous. He is so taken. What do you think I am?

Brady: I think you're human.

Nicole: Or stupid or dumb.

Brady: I never said that. Hold on.

Nicole: Or masochistic.

Brady: Masochistic, that's debatable.

Nicole: Hey. Eric and I are friends. We are very old friends.

Brady: I know you're old friends. Is that all that you want to be?

Nicole: Yes. Why are you interrogating me?

Brady: I'm not interrogating you. I'm worried about you.

Nicole: Well, worry about yourself.

Brady: I don't need to worry about myself. My life is good. After tomorrow, it's gonnaet better. I'm getting everything I've ever wanted.

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