Days Transcript Friday 5/17/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/17/13


Episode #12088 ~ Someone steals the photo of Kristen and Sy; Nick gives Vargas what he wants.

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Nicole: Hey, Ciara, w-- what you got there, honey?

Brady: Marlena, what's wrong?

Marlena: Why? Can you fix it? Like you can make the last three months just disappear?

Brady: I'm sorry.

Marlena: I don't care. And I sure as hell don't care to discuss it with you.

Eric: Hello. Hey. Hey, mom, I was just actu-- have you been crying?

Marlena: I gotta go. I gotta go.

Eric: No, please don't. So what have you done now?

John: Looks like there's trouble in your little paradise too.

Kristen: You were spying on us.

John: Nice flowers.

Kristen: Put the flowers down.

John: So you planning on walking down the aisle with these tomorrow or are you just gonna throw 'em off the Tallahatchie bridge?

Kristen: Does it bother you at all that you've been reduced to spying on your son?

John: No, the only thing...

Kristen: That's your life.

John: That bothers me is that you didn't answer my question. So did you just dump Brady or are you gonna marry him tomorrow?

Nick: [Gasps] What the hell? God.

Vargas: Man, you're not very good at this stuff, are you? Lucky for you, you've got a guy like me to watch your back still. So what do you have for me? Nice.

Hope: Thank you. That was a guard at Rafe's room. He's fine. He's safe.

Gabi: Thank you very much.

Hope: Gabi, please tell me again about the phone call that EJ got the night that Rafe was attacked.

Gabi: Uh, well, before that, he was obsessed with his phone, texting, checking his messages.

Sami: You mean like everybody on the planet?

Gabi: But then he got a phone call and he moved away and that's when I heard him ask, "is it done?" And then he said, "good."

Sami: So?

Gabi: So? So I realize now that it must have been right after he had somebody beat my brother almost to death.

Sami: You don't know that.

Gabi: No? Well, he was waiting there for Rafe and then his phone rings and he leaves? He obviously knew that Rafe was not gonna show up.

Sami: He did not have someone beat Rafe up. He didn't do it.

Hope: I completely agree.

Gabi: You do?

Hope: Yep. Whoever did this wasn't trying to hurt Rafe. They were trying to kill him.

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: Excuse me. How is he doing?

Carla: Sorry, sir. I can only give out patient information to family.

EJ: Well, uh, nurse, um... peters, I'm on the board of directors. I just came from a meeting where I sat beside my good friend, the director of nursing. My family gives a tremendous amount of money to this hospital, so why don't we try that again, eh? How is Mr. Hernandez doing?

Carla: There's no change. They're keeping him in the induced coma. I have to see to a patient.

Ciara: It's private. Do you know what that means?

Nicole: You know, you remind me so much of your mother.

Caroline: Oh, Ciara, you know I don't like it when you run ahead of me like that. Uh, hi.

Nicole: Hi.

John: She loves Brady.

Kristen: Give me those.

John: She loves him not. I have a feeling that my presence is making you uncomfortable.

Kristen: It's making me angry. Go away.

John: Well, Kristen, you know I would. But we both know that's not what you really want. People are stuck in very old habits

Sami: Do you have any idea how many business calls EJ takes in a day? That call could have been from anyone about anything.

Gabi: Come on. You--you know better than anyone how much EJ hates Rafe. And you know that this isn't the first time he's tried to kill him.

Sami: Everything is different now.

Gabi: Oh, really? I mean, how stupid can you really be? Come on, you know what? Not so long ago you and Rafe were together and happy. And then all of a sudden like that you're in EJ's bed and there's a hit on my brother?

Sami: All right, I'm gonna give you a little leeway because you're upset and you're pregnant.

Gabi: You know what, Rafe tries to protect you and EJ goes after him. Rafe tries to protect Nicole and EJ goes after him and there's a pattern, Sami!

Hope: Sami, maybe you don't need to be here for this.

Sami: If she's gonna attack EJ, I'm not going anywhere.

Gabi: Oh, I'm attacking EJ? I'm attacking--do you know what he's done to my family? How can you say this? Have you forgotten that Rafe put his life on the line to save you and Sydney?

Sami: I haven't forgotten anything.

Gabi: Or is it just--is it more important to you to get the DiMera money and power over my brother's life? Is that why you want EJ to get away with murder?

Sonny: See, right there. That's the garage that Nick has a receipt from.

Will: Okay. All right, so it's there. Then between the time the car was checked in and checked out, he did--he really doesn't have any time to go beat the crap out of Rafe and get back to the garage. It's not possible. So it looks like his alibi checks out.

Sonny: Maybe. Maybe.

Will: Maybe?

Sonny: Yeah.

Will: I mean, you really think he's capable of this kind of violence?

Sonny: Hey, why don't you ask Melanie? Or maybe prison sweetened him up.

Will: Okay, but you really think that he would do that to Rafe just to stop him from telling Gabi that he's homophobic?

Sonny: I don't know. I don't think anyone knows what Nick might do if he's backed into a corner.

Nick: It's all there.

Vargas: Oh, it sure is, kid. Nice work, man. Commission.

Nick: Oh, uh, no, that's-- that is okay.

Vargas: Hey, come on. Take it. Look, you got a kid on the way. Since I couldn't make the shower, you know, I guess the, uh, prison, they neglected to forward my invite, right?

Nick: Hmm.

Vargas: So anyways, uh, you know, I want you to still buy something for Nicky Jr.

Nick: Well, it's a girl and, uh, no, thank you. But we're even. Have a nice life.

Vargas: Whoa, Nick, where you going, man?

Nick: What are you doing? We're done here, man. We're done.

Vargas: Well, see, I'm not so sure about that. Let's, uh, let's do the math.

Nick: Yeah, let's. I tripled your money.

Vargas: That's true, you did. But that was a few days of work for you. I kept you alive for a few years. So this right here, this is a good start, you see? But you and me, we're not finished, man. Not even close.

Caroline: Well, I may not baby-sit them anymore, but I keep an eye on the baby-sitter.

Nicole: A sitter?

Caroline: Yeah, Paula. She's taking Allie and Sydney for ice cream.

Nicole: Oh, right. Okay. [Chuckles]

Caroline: So did they let you see Rafe?

Nicole: Yeah, they did. He didn't look like he was in any pain, but he didn't know I was there.

Caroline: It's just terrible. That poor man. I mean, it's--I hate there's so much violence in this world. Of course I'm not in a big hurry to get to the next one.

Nicole: [Laughs] Yeah, I see where Eric gets it.

Caroline: What?

Nicole: Well, you know, we-- we went to the hospital together and then he--he gave, you know, the last rites.

Caroline: Oh, it's now called the sacrament of the sick. The church is not quite as grim as it used to be.

Nicole: Right. Well, Eric, he's, you know, he's just so good and he helps so many people. And he is real religious, but he's not so--

Caroline: Yeah, he's not a drag about it, right?

Nicole: Yeah. You know, he takes everybody seriously but himself. He's completely opposite of me. But I-I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't there for me in the hospital and... I'm just so glad he's back.

Eric: You know, after I saw you and john at the hospital, I kinda hoped things had gotten better between you two.

Marlena: I don't get it. After all we have been through, this seems like the toughest time in our lives. I think it is.

Brady: I'm sorry about that.

Marlena: It does not mean that I am giving up.

Eric: What a surprise. I remember all the other times that you've given up. Like never.

Marlena: The strangest part of this entire conflict is that it's centered around somebody so utterly trivial.

Eric: Mom, why don't I get you home?

Marlena: No, I--no, honey. I'm gonna wait for Caroline. I want to see if she has any news about Rafe.

Brady: Me too. I haven't gotten a chance to get to the hospital.

Marlena: Well, of course you haven't because you're busy making the biggest mistake of your entire life.

Kristen: You know, I think that after all the water that's passed under that bridge that we burned all those years ago, the very least we owe each other is a little honesty, don't you think?

John: Me too.

Kristen: Yeah, you think that? So why don't you tell me what you think I want and, um, I'll tell you if you're right?

Sonny: See, the problem is we are dealing with a computer genius. He's not gonna have any trouble producing a parking garage receipt that says whatever he wants it to say.

Will: So your feeling is that he fabricated the alibi?

Sonny: Yeah. You saw how defensive he got when we asked him what he was doing on the other side of town. You have to admit, he looks guilty as hell.

Nick: Hi. Excuse me. Uh, do you know where Gabi is?

Carla: I haven't seen her in a while. Maybe she stepped out for something.

Nick: Okay.

EJ: Hello, Nick.

Sami: Hope, you cannot make EJ a suspect based on one phone call.

Hope: There are a lot more reasons than that, Sami.

Sami: She's upset and pregnant and emotional, okay? She's just looking for someone to blame.

Gabi: I know who to blame. Me.

Sami: What?

Gabi: Rafe wouldn't have been anywhere near that alley if I hadn't gotten some stupid craving and asked him to get me a muffin from Martha's.

Sami: Honey, you can't do that to yourself. I mean, you can't get yourself upset and then try to blame yourself for this.

Gabi: Please, don't be nice to me, okay? I don't want you to.

Sami: Okay. I won't. But think about what Rafe would say right now. He's a cop and cops make enemies and he chose this life. He wouldn't want you to put that on you.

Hope: Rafe didn't have anything from the bakery. We found nothing like that at the scene.

Nick: Ta-da.

Sami: Gabi? What's wrong.

Gabi: Nothing.

Sami: You had a look on your face like you've--

Gabi: Okay, yeah. I'll tell you what's wrong. What's wrong is that the DiMeras had my brother beaten up and that no one's gonna do anything about it.

Sami: [Sighs] Okay. Look, EJ swore that he had nothing to do with it.

Hope: Right. And EJ's never, ever lied to you before, right?

Brady: Gee, Marlena, why don't you tell me how you really feel about it?

Marlena: I feel you know there is something seriously wrong with this situation.

Brady: What's seriously wrong with this situation is my father's reaction to it.

Marlena: If that's true, don't you think what he's done is out of complete love for you?

Brady: [Grunts]

Marlena: Uh, excuse me. Well?

Brady: Don't make me say it.

Marlena: I think I can take it.

Brady: I think he's jealous. I think he's jealous of what Kristen and I have, okay?

Marlena: [Laughs] Oh, my.

Eric: I think you should have stuck to the not saying it thing.

Brady: Okay, okay. You're saying my father loves me, right? Back me up here, because when I was gonna get married in a church, I looked up some of the wedding rhetoric. It says, uh, love is patient, right? Love is kind. Isn't that what Paul says? You think dad is any of those? Does--does that sound like him?

Marlena: Yes, it does.

Brady: How about not envious? How about not angry or resentful? Hmm? My dad is none of those things. If you knew what was good for you, you would give up on him just like I have, Marlena.

Marlena: I've gotta go. Honey.

Eric: Well done. Kick her when she's down.

Brady: I don't--I don't think telling someone the truth is kicking them. And I'm tired of the Kristen bashing, okay?

Eric: You know, you seem to be into scripture nowadays, so why don't you look up Matthew 7:5? "First cast out the beam in your own eye, then you shall see clearly to cast out the speck in others." Kind of a loose translation is that you're full of it, which means you should stop making judgments about john, because the same things could be said about you.

Brady: Thank you. Thank you for the sermon. You're getting awfully comfortable with this moral authority, aren't you...father?

Eric: You know, as I once said to you, "I'm not speaking to you as a priest, but as your brother," I think you're an idiot.

Caroline: Well, I'm not surprised that Sami fell for Rafe because when she and Eric were growing up, they fought a lot, but she idolized him. And I think that Rafe and Eric are quite a lot alike.

Nicole: Yeah, they are both such good guys. Er handsome.

Nicole: [Gasps] You're not supposed to say things like that, especially about your own grandson.

Caroline: I know. [Both chuckle] I like to get a rise out of you.

Nicole: Yeah.

Caroline: Well, Rafe is a good man, so is Eric, and they're not, you know, simpy or holier than thou about it.

Nicole: You don't find 'em all that often.

Caroline: That's why I think Sami's an idiot.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Caroline: I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

Nicole: No, you didn't.

Caroline: No. Well, you are luckier.

Nicole: I am?

Caroline: Well, you and Eric are just friends and that's a lot less complicated.

Johnny: Come on, Ciara. I showed you my secret. What's in the envelope?

Kristen: Brady loves me.

John: But we're not talking about Brady, are we? Or about love. We're talking about you, Kristen, and we're talking about what you want.

Kristen: What I want? I want--


Kristen: I lost my baby. [Sobbing] No. No. No.

John: Boy, whoever kicked the ball this far is a pretty good soccer player. Which one? You or you? You did? [Chuckles] There you go, kid. You can take that, all right?


John: Okay, get out of here. We'll see you, kids.

Both: Thanks.

John: [Chuckles] Hey, you all right?

Kristen: Yeah, I'm great. You know, there was hope for us a long time ago, but it's so dead. It's never coming back, is it? I've done what I had to do. Now it's time to move on.

John: Well, you know what I think, Kristen? I don't think that you have moved on. And Brady... doesn't have to know.

Kristen: Really?

John: Really. We're here at Nashville's renowned jimmy Kelly's steakhouse,

Hope: You keep saying Gabi's upset. It doesn't mean she's not right.

Sami: Okay. Hope, I can't keep doing this.

Hope: Sami, you think EJ's innocent because he told you so? And he never lies, right? Never, ever? EJ could have a bullet-ridden corpse at his feet and a smoking gun in his hand and you'd still buy he was innocent. I have to go get my daughter... and keep her safe. Think about your own children, Sami, and keeping them safe.

Sami: [Sighs] You're wrong. It wasn't EJ. It couldn't have been EJ.

Nick: EJ... what are you doing here?

EJ: Just came from a board meeting. I'm on the board. My family built most of this hospital.

Nick: Well, uh, my family made it great.

EJ: I must say you're looking a lot more pulled together than you were the last time I saw you when I threw you out of Samantha's office.

Nick: Yeah, I could see you-- you enjoyed yourself. But that was all a big misunderstanding.

EJ: That's a rather interesting spin on things. You know, I don't really care. The only thing I'm interested in is that you're looking after your wife. She's carrying William's daughter.

Nick: That's not really any of your concern and besides, you know the arrangement that I have with will. That, uh, matter is settled.

EJ: Is that right?

Sonny: Are you gonna talk to hope?

Will: No, I'm gonna have to talk to Gabi, I guess. I don't wanna involve her in this, but, you know, she might know something that can prove whether or not Nick, you know, beat up Rafe.

Sonny: Well, if that's what you're gonna do, I wanna go with you.

Will: Okay.

Brady: Can we start over, please? Look, I didn't mean to hurt Marlena. I don't wanna hurt Marlena. Honestly, I was trying to help, but every time my dad's name comes into the conversation-- I don't wanna lose the people that I love because of Kristen, but honestly, man, let me tell you. It--it doesn't feel like I'm pushing people away. It feels like everyone's pulling away from me, all right?

Eric: I know. I know that's how it feels to you.

Brady: Just come to the wedding, please? Just--just come and show the family that it's not such a big deal.

Eric: Brady, I can't.

Brady: You--

Eric: I can't do that to my mother. I'm s--I'm sorry. I really am.

Nicole: Hey.

Brady: Hi.

Nicole: What was that all about?

Brady: You don't wanna know, Nicole.

Nicole: Bad day?

Brady: Yep, you could say that.

Nicole: Well, I've always found comfort in alcohol. Okay, you're--you're wrong. I do want to know if talking about it helps.

Brady: No, you know, it's-- I don't wanna talk. I don't ever wanna talk again...

Nicole: All right.

Brady: For the rest of my life.

Nicole: Good 'cause I love monopolizing conversations, so...first thing's first. To cheer you up, ta-da.

Brady: What is th--what?

Nicole: Well, it doesn't have a card because I figured if Kristen knows it from me, she'll just toss it.

Brady: What is it?

Nicole: I forgot, but it's something meaningful.

Brady: You forgot?

Nicole: Hey, come on. Are you nervous about tomorrow? You shouldn't be. I mean, it's not a very big wedding.

Brady: No, it's not that big and it's getting smaller by the minute.

Nicole: Brady, I'm--I'm-- hey, I'm sorry.

Brady: Don't be sorry. Don't be. If--if my dad and his wife don't want to see me get married, then that's--that's--that's fine. I don't really give a damn about 'em.

Nicole: But you care about your brother. Is he coming?

Brady: I gotta go.

Nicole: I'll take that as a no. Brady, you forgot Maybe I can get him something better.

Ciara: No, you can't see what's in my envelope. It's not for boys.

Johnny: Hey, look at that.

Ciara: No! Don't look! You can't look!

Caroline: Whoa, what's going on here? Hey, hey, whoa. You two know enough not to do things like this.

Ciara: He started it.

Caroline: What?

Ciara: He tried to steal my stuff.

Caroline: Oh, well, goodness, we'll just have to arrest him... after I fix your barrette here. Okay?

Kristen: I'm going to marry Brady tomorrow. Nothing's gonna stop me. Oh, well played, if I do say so myself.

Nick: Where were you?

Gabi: How's Rafe?

Nick: The same.

EJ: Gabi... if you need anything, anything at all, just give me a call, all right?

Gabi: Why were you talking to him?

Nick: Uh, I-I don't know. He was just here, I guess. Where were you?

Gabi: I was talking to hope.

Nick: Well, if she wanted to talk to you, why didn't she come here?

Gabi: I went to her. I wanted to tell her something.

Nick: What did you wanna tell her?

Gabi: You know, I found out something too. You know, they didn't find a bakery bag at the scene of the crime. Remember how I told you that Rafe was out getting me a muffin? It's the same type of muffin that you got me before I found out that he was hurt.

Nick: Well, so, Rafe hadn't made it to the bakery when--when he was attacked?

Gabi: There's something else, uh, Nick. I spoke to him and he said that he needed to talk to me about something important about you. Do you have any idea what he might be talking about?

Nick: What truth?

Rafe: Well, what kind of man her husband really is. She deserves to know and I'm gonna tell her.

Nick: I-I have no idea. Wait, you--you don't think that I had anything to do with what happened to Rafe, do you?

Will: Hey, Gabi. How's Rafe doing?

Nick: He's the same. Uh, Gabi and I need to step out for some air.

Gabi: I'm fine.

Nick: No, um, I think that we need to go talk alone. Please.

Will: What is--

Eric: Hey.

Nicole: Hey. So I was talking to your grandma today.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Did you know how much she likes you?

Eric: I've heard. Tell.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Uh, well, number one, I agree with her, and it also makes me think about everything that you've done for me and I would like to return the favor. Like, I was wondering if you were going to Kristen and Brady's wedding.

Kristen: I mean, I take responsibility for my actions, but I was a woman in love until... whatever Marlena wants, Marlena gets.

Eric: Okay, that is enough! No. I'm not going.

John: Yeah, that went well.

Johnny: Bye, Ciara. I'm sorry I made you mad.

Caroline: Okay. All right.

Hope: Bye. Bye, Caroline.

Caroline: Bye, darling.

Hope: Bye, Johnny. Come on, sweetheart.

Kristen: Hi.

Brady: Hi.

Kristen: Thank you so much for giving me a little time because now I know for sure what I really, really want is to marry you. Okay?

Brady: You do not make things easy, you know that?

Kristen: Oh, shut up. I've been told that before.

Brady: You don't.

Kristen: But for certain, I'm so certain that tomorrow's gonna be the very happiest day of my life.

John: Oh, Kristen. Hmm. Now was this an accident or did you drop it for me on purpose? [Chuckles] Doesn't really matter. Either way, I have what I need.

Kristen: What's wrong? I can tell something's wrong.

Brady: Well w--for one thing, I didn't know till 20 seconds ago whether I was getting married tomorrow or not.

Kristen: Oh, yeah, that. What else?

Brady: Uh, saw m--

Kristen: What's going on with you?

Brady: Saw my dad. I think he was following you. Did you see him?

Kristen: Yes. And I-I just ignored him.

Brady: Good. Good.

Kristen: Why? Did he upset you again?

Brady: No, not me. Marlena. I found her. She was crying. He must have done something once again to upset her.

Kristen: Hmm, what now?

Brady: I'm not sure, but, I tell you what, she was a mess.

Kristen: Oh.

Brady: She was a mess and Marlena's rarely a mess.

Kristen: Oh, I know. She's such a strong, strong woman.

Brady: She refuses to give up on him.

Kristen: She's resilient too, right?

Brady: [Sighs]

Kristen: Well, who knows? Maybe after this whole wedding drama is over with, she and john will fall back in love.

Brady: Is that something you would want?

Kristen: Why not? I can afford to be generous, right? I'm about to get everything I ever wanted... with you, Mr. Black.

Will: So, Gabi and Nick, that was a little off, right?

Sonny: It was, yeah. What do you think that was about?

Will: I don't know, but, uh, you know, we can find out. They probably haven't gone very far.

Sonny: Let's go.

Will: Okay.

Nick: I mean, Gabi, what-- what kind of man would I be if I beat your brother to a pulp and--and I-I pry the--the bakery bag from his hand and then deliver a blueberry muffin to his pregnant sister, my wife?

Gabi: It--it's just--

Nick: It's a coincidence, baby. I passed by that shop and I thought of all of the times that you had a craving for one of those muffins.

Gabi: Nick, look, the only reason that Rafe would have to, you know, go through that alley to the pub was--was if he had already stopped at the bakery and got me a muffin.

Nick: Gabi, you have to believe me.

Jensen: Hey. Nick Fallon. It's funny. I recognized you even from behind. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Hope: And EJ's never, ever lied to you before, right?

EJ: You expect my son to live in a house with a man you don't know anything about?

Rafe: It was him, Sami. He ordered Anna to kidnap Sydney. Him. [Grunts]

Sami: Oh, my God.

EJ: Samantha. Hello. What's wrong?

Sami: Look, EJ, I know what you said to hope, but I want you to be straight with me. Did you have something to do with what happened to Rafe?

Gabi: I-I know you. You were in the pub.

Jensen: Yeah, once. Bourbon straight up. And it's kind of nice to be noticed.

Nick: Yeah, well, um, we have to be going, so--

Jensen: Hey, Nick, what's your hurry? You and I, we have a-a lot of catching up to do. Looks like you've been busy. Don't you think we should go somewhere a little bit more private?

Gabi: Nick, what's going on?

Nick: Look, um, Jensen and I...need to have a little talk. I'll catch up with you later. Just go.

Jensen: Hey, Nick, you and I, we don't have any secrets, right? Let her tag along. I'm sure the pretty woman would love to hear all the things I have to say.

Ciara: But I hate it here.

Hope: Honey, I know. Just--uh, I promise, I'll only be a little while, okay? And then we're gonna go get pizza. How is that? And you get to choose as many toppings as you'd like, all right?

[Phone rings]

Hope: Brady. Yeah, I'm working on the Hernandez case. We have a few suspects, but nothing concrete-- what prisoner? No, I never received any paperwork on that. I'm gonna continue checking. I'll call you back.

Marlena: I can't shake the feeling that Kristen is calling all the shots and there's nothing anybody can do to stop her.

Caroline: I don't know how much more of her manipulations you can take.

Marlena: I'm beginning to wonder that myself.

Nicole: Are you sure you're not gonna go? He's your brother. And besides Victor and Maggie, he's not gonna have any family there and you know Victor's gonna be a jerk and Maggie's gonna try to keep him in line and h--he'll be all alone.

Eric: Brady will be fine. He's got Kristen.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, I-I'll be there. Can I just tell you your timing sucks, though? Fine. I'll--soon. [Sighs] You're not gonna believe this.

Kristen: You have to go.

Brady: I promise. Listen, I'm not gonna be long. I promise.

Kristen: That's okay. I'll keep this chilled for you, all right?

Brady: Okay. Hey, do me a favor. Don't change your mind while I'm gone.

Kristen: Okay, I won't.

Brady: Good-bye.

Kristen: I'm not gonna change my mind, Brady. 'Cause if I did, then john and Marlena might end up back together. We can't have that, now, can we?

John: So after tonight, Brady and Kristen will be finished... forever.

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