Days Transcript Thursday 5/16/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/16/13


Episode #12087 ~ John ends things with Marlena; Hope continues to investigate Rafe's attack; JJ ruins something of Daniel's.

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Kristen: You better think about it, Brady. You better think about it long and hard, because the bottom line is, I'm a DiMera. I'm a DiMera! And I'm not gonna apologize for that, and I'm not gonna turn my back on my family, so if you can't handle that, then maybe we should just call the whole damn thing off!

[Slamming door]

JJ: Oh, hey.

Jennifer: Hey.

JJ: We have company?

Daniel: Hey, JJ.

JJ: You're sure around here a lot, aren't you?

Susan: I'm afraid that detective Hernandez's condition is still critical. There's been no change, so the doctors are keeping him in a coma. I'm sorry.

Sami: Oh, God. Lucas, he can't die. I can't lose him. [Sobs]

[Footsteps approaching]

Kate: Hope, are you all-- is it Rafe? Has there been--

Hope: No, God, no, it's-- no, he's still the same.

Kate: [Sighs]

Hope: It's his badge. The hospital sent it over.

Kate: Well, of course, I'm going to ask the obvious question. Are you any closer to finding the son of a bitch who tried to kill him?

Hope: No, but I'm going to get him. Which is why I asked you down here. I want to go back over your statement again, Kate.

Kate: Well, you know I don't mind, I'm gonna do everything I can to help, but I already told you everything I know.

Hope: Right, well, everything except the fact that you and Rafe were sleeping together.

Marlena: You want a divorce?

John: I just think maybe it's better if we just make a clean break.

Marlena: We just got remarried. We survived everything that Stefano has put us through. We found our way back together and you want to make a clean break?

John: Hey, well, things change.

Marlena: The only thing that has changed is Kristen. That's the thing that has changed.

Brady: You don't mean that. Not after everything we've been through, Kristen, you don't mean that. We're a day away from getting married. A day that you said was gonna be the most wonderful day of your life, and you want to throw it all away because of some stupid fight we just had? Kristen. Look at me. Hey. It doesn't make any sense.

Kristen: Makes all the sense in the world.

John: You're right. Kristen coming back was the start of all this, but you want to know something? We made choices, too--some of them with the best intentions-- that hurt us both of us.

Marlena: Yes, we did.

John: I just want it all to end.

Marlena: By getting a divorce?

John: I think you deserve better.

Marlena: Don't you dare play noble with me, and don't you do what you think is best for me. You have spent weeks pushing me away with both hands, trying to push me towards Roman. You know, you act as though I'm some object for which you have no more use.

John: Well, kind of proves my point, doesn't it?

Marlena: I never thought I would say this, but you disgust me. I fell in love with a man of action, a man who did things, and I'm looking at a man who does nothing, not even when he's about to lose the people who love him most in the world. I can't even look at you.

Marlena: What we did is we got all swept up in the feelings that we have for each other and how attracted we are to each other, and we didn't pay enough attention to the reality of the situation.

Brady: No, no, no, no, no. No, the reality--no.

Kristen: Yes.

Brady: What--feelings--those feelings that you have, it's called love, Kristen.

Kristen: Brady...

Brady: It's very real.

Kristen: What happened to Rafe was awful, obviously, but maybe it was also fortuitous. Maybe we both needed to be just slapped across the face with all the reasons why we shouldn't be together.

Brady: Hold on, hold on, so-- so if I have a reaction to the fact that your father or your brother may have tried to kill someone that I care about, or a friend of mine, or what have you, the solution for you is to end this whole thing with us? Is that what you're saying to me? Kristen.

Kristen: You're just--you're too good, Brady. You're too good, and marrying me is gonna hurt you, and you don't see it right now.

Brady: Oh. But you--you see it, right? You see the future, you can-- you know what's going to happen, and you know that I'm gonna end up getting hurt?

Kristen: And so on the very day that Brady thinks he's going to hear me say I love and honor him for the rest of our lives, till death do us part... he's gonna find me in bed with his father.

Brady: You're willing to throw away our future together because I have a problem with your family?

Kristen: Oh, God.

Brady: Kristen, I happen to know that you are unlike any other member of this DiMera clan, okay? You're not about power, you're not about--you're a changed woman, and I'm--

Kristen: Brady, I'm trying to give you an out! I'm giving you an out! Would you please--God, just take it!

Brady: I don't want an out. Kristen, I just want you. I mean, you haven't seen your family in how long? How many years has it been? You haven't even talked to them. Before you came back, it was years, and now, you're gonna take their side over mine? Do you want me to apologize for rushing to judgment about your brother and your father? Fine, I'll do it, I apologize, I'm very sorry.

Kristen: Don't, don't, don't. Please don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong, Brady. You never do anything wrong, Brady.

Brady: Oh. Don't make me out to be a saint. I'm far from that. Can we get out of this room, please? I just want to go somewhere with you and be alone with you, please.

[Doorbell ringing]

Kristen: Do you mind getting that? I gave the staff the day off today so I could kinda work them to death tomorrow. [Chuckles]

Brady: I love how you can be so mean and so nice at the same time.

Kristen: You're just too good. Just too, too good.

Maggie: I hate to break it to you, but you two are tough to buy for. I couldn't see Kristen DiMera needing a toaster oven.

Kristen: [Laughs] You're so sweet. Um, I had a little bit of a floral emergency and it's not a good time, so I'm gonna go take care of that, okay?

Maggie: Okay.

Kristen: I'm gonna talk to you later, okay?

Brady: Okay.

Maggie: Who did the flowers tick off? [Clears throat] Something going on here?

Brady: Just a case of cold feet, that's all.

Maggie: Brady, is it a problem with Kristen?

Brady: Mm-mmm. Kristen is not the problem. My father is the problem.

John: Marlena. Marlena--Marlena, stop! Stop! You're right. After everything that we have been through... we owe it to each other to talk about this.

Jennifer: Yes, Daniel--Daniel is here a lot. He and parker are always welcome here.

JJ: Yeah, parker seems to have taken over my room.

Daniel: You know what, well, if you give me a hand, we could take that train table out together right away, and--

JJ: No, man, no. No, no worries. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Daniel: How are you interrupting? It's your house.

JJ: It's just that you two seemed pretty intense just now.

Jennifer: No, uh... Daniel was just telling me some bad news. He has a friend that's in the hospital right now.

JJ: Oh. Sorry about your friend, man.

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you.

JJ: Well, I'll leave you guys alone. Oh, do you think parker would mind if I played with his train?

Daniel: Oh, no, not at all, man, go.

JJ: Okay, all right. Oh, almost forgot to tell you, I finished the paperwork for summer school.

Jennifer: Good.

JJ: Hope I didn't screw it up.

Jennifer: I'll take a look at it for you.

JJ: Thanks.

Jennifer: Remember when I said earlier that everything was fine? I probably need to revise that statement.

Daniel: [Sighing] It's just so hard, you know, the kids, they love Rafe so much.

Lucas: The kids love Rafe?

Sami: Okay, I love him too. I mean, I can't get along with him, I can't live with him, but I don't want him to not be in the world.

Lucas: No, I know, I know.

Sami: And I can't get it out of my mind, the way Kate told the story about how she found him.

Lucas: My mom's the one who found him?

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: And she decided to tell you about it?

Sami: No, I was just there at Stefano's when she came over to confront Stefano and accuse him of doing this to Rafe because he was jealous.

Lucas: Wait a minute, you're losing me here. Why would Stefano be jealous of Rafe, and how would my mom know that?

Sami: Oh, God. I can't believe I'm the one who has to tell you this. Um, I mean, you're gonna find out anyway, so--

Lucas: What, Sami? Find out what?

Sami: Kate was sleeping with Rafe.

Kate: I didn't mention that Rafe and I had a relationship because it's not relevant.

Hope: Really? And that's your call? You decide what's relevant and what's not?

Kate: I was trying to protect his reputation, hope.

Hope: You know, that's what I've always loved about you, Kate, always thinking of others.

Kate: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Hope: Look... someone I really care about is hanging on by a thread. I'm not asking about this for fun. And if you think it wasn't relevant, then you've suddenly developed amnesia about DiMera men. Kate, you know they have a way, a very brutal way of dealing with romantic rivals.

Kate: Stefano didn't even know about us, not until...

Hope: Not until when?

Kate: Not until I told him.

Lucas: Wow, good old mom. She always has a talent for humiliating herself.

Sami: I'm really sorry.

Lucas: You know what? I don't wanna talk about it. It's--it's more than disturbing. Let's just talk about you and the fact that you're about to marry someone who put your ex-husband in the hospital, tried to kill him.

Sami: No.

Lucas: What, you're calling it off?

Sami: No, no. I'm saying he didn't do it.

Lucas: Sami, this has got "DiMera" written all over it. You think he's just gonna laugh off the fact that Rafe was trying to claim his child?

Sami: He got past that.

Lucas: The DiMeras don't get past squat. You know it.

Sami: Okay, well, EJ's working on getting past it, and he's working on getting along with Rafe. In fact, he was meeting up with Rafe 'cause Rafe had this FBI jacket for Johnny, and, in fact, that's what happened when Rafe got attacked.

Lucas: Hello?

Sami: What?

Lucas: What do you mean "what?" You didn't realize what you just said. That means that EJ knew exactly where Rafe was gonna be.

Sami: You're wrong. You're wrong about--

Lucas: And you're in denial. You're so worried about Rafe, you're scared. He's in there fighting for his life, and you won't even admit that EJ's the one who put him there.

Gabi: Wait, you really think that EJ did that to my brother?

John: I do not want it to end like this.

Marlena: You can't pull it off, can you? You can't even get to the finish line pretending this isn't killing you too.

John: I don't wanna hurt you anymore, doc. I just can't go on like this.

Marlena: You know, I-I-I'm-- I'm thinking this was all my fault.

John: No, no, no, I didn't say that.

Marlena: No, I know you didn't, but the truth is that I let Kristen--I let Kristen into our life because I didn't trust us enough, and then, I lied, and then--and I stooped to her level. I did the same vile, despicable thing that she did.

John: Stop, that's not what this is about, just stop it!

Marlena: I know, and then I found it was easier to blame her than to face what I had done and what I had become, and now, I understand-- [Sobs] I understand why you can't forgive me for that.

John: I... I'm sorry.

Marlena: Mm. When I thought this couldn't get any worse.

Jennifer: Please, the last thing you need is more bad news.

Daniel: Yeah, well, come here, come on, tell me. What's goin' on?

Jennifer: Oh, Daniel, it--

Daniel: No. There you go.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, my son got kicked out of boarding school. So that's what the whole dig about summer school, that's what that was about, because I am making him go so he doesn't fall behind.

Daniel: Yeah, well, you know, the kid lost his father. Boys, we--we tend to screw up rather than grieve, so--

Jennifer: Right, well, I'm just telling you--I want you to know there's probably gonna be some tension around here for a little bit.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: And I would love to share the details with you, but I don't wanna violate his privacy.

Daniel: No, no, I got it. I got it. And listen, if I'm an issue for him, I get that too. I'm sure I'm an interloper here, but just know that I have some pretty thick skin, feel that.

Jennifer: Okay, well, you know what, just enjoy parker's boyhood while you can, 'cause it gets harder, but you know that.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. Well, the kids are very lucky to have you.

Jennifer: I don't know if JJ would agree with you right now on that... [Both laugh] And I am purposefully gonna change the subject because I found this for you online.

Daniel: On what? What is this thing?

Jennifer: Finally.

Daniel: "Revolting rhymes?"

Jennifer: I know.

Daniel: What are you doing to me?

Jennifer: My kids loved it when they were little, and you know, parker loved all those silly little rhymes.

Daniel: Oh, my goodness. You know what I'm gonna have to do? I'll load that thing right here on my mp3 player.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: Right there.

Jennifer: Good.

Daniel: However, I don't know how much longer I'm gonna have sole custody of this thing, 'cause parker, he wants it. He's, like, "I wanna hear-- listen, let me listen," so--

Jennifer: You can't give him that, no.

Daniel: I am, I'm gonna give it to him.

Jennifer: Melanie gave that to you.

Daniel: That's the perfect thing to do.

Jennifer: Look at this: "To the hippest dad in the world. Enjoy your Coltrane."

Daniel: All right, I didn't even know she knew I loved that guy, so what--I guess...

Jennifer: You're holding on to it.

Daniel: I am gonna hold on to it, but you know--

Jennifer: I can't even believe how much music they fit into that little thing. I still don't get it.

Daniel: I know, when she gave this thing to me, I'm, like, "what am "I gonna do with it? I have no idea what I'm gonna do with this thing, 'cause right now--" I'll tell you this: It's the only thing that I want on a deserted island.

Jennifer: Oh. Hm.

Daniel: I mean, with you there as well.

Jennifer: Oh, right, that-- you were gonna say that.

Daniel: I was.

Jennifer: That was a good save.

Daniel: You on a beach, in a bikini, drinks--

Jennifer: Nice save, good. [Laughs]

Hope: You told Stefano you and Rafe were sleeping together?

Kate: [Sighs]

Hope: Smart move, Kate.

Kate: I told him after the attack, all right? He didn't know till then.

Hope: Oh, and you believe Stefano when he claims he didn't know something? Honestly?

Kate: Hope, I followed your exact same train of thought. Believe me, I thought that Stefano was behind it, and I confronted him. I talked to him about the affair with Rafe, and he was totally shocked. And I know--I know it wasn't a performance.

Hope: If Stefano knew about the affair, if he arranged the attack on Rafe, what do you think? Of course he's gonna act surprised when you tell him about it.

Kate: I was married to him, okay? I know what I saw, and he didn't want anyone to know he was angry, and not because he still has feelings for me, but because he had been deprived of the sick pleasure of hurting Rafe himself, okay? You know, if you don't take my word for it, talk to Sami, talk to EJ, they were both there.

Hope: Oh, I will, believe me. I have a lot of questions for Sami...and for EJ.

Sami: Don't listen to him, okay? He hates EJ--he's biased.

Gabi: Well, my brother hated him too for the things that he did to you.

Sami: Look, don't worry about any of that right now, okay? You are going through hell right now, and you don't need to be thinking about things that are gonna make you more upset. Just let the police figure out what happened to Rafe, okay?

Gabi: I'm just scared, okay?

Sami: I know. I know.

Maggie: Maybe Kristen has some issues that she needs to resolve before making that till-death-do-us-part kinda vow.

Brady: Why--why can't anybody see her point of view ever? I mean, we're trying to move forward with our lives. I mean, we've talked about adopting a child, Maggie.

Maggie: Really?

Brady: Yeah, but she can't wrap her mind around having a child with me because of my father putting all this in her head. She keeps thinking about the child that she lost years ago.

Maggie: Again, maybe she has to work out some things before making this big commitment.

Brady: No, no, you--you-- you are right. There are some things that have to be worked out between me and my father.

Marlena: I guess I'll go. I'm sure john has something to say to you.

Kristen: Okay. Aw, what? Sad. Is there trouble in paradise? Again?

John: Oh, I guess one could say that. We're getting a divorce.

Kristen: What?

John: Oh, I think you know why. I think we both do.

Kristen: Wow, what a thudding irony, you ending your marriage the day before I'm starting mine. I I hope you meet somebody new. And I hope the next one is just a little bit more stable than that one. Have a nice day.

John: [Sighs]

Brady: Dad. I wanna talk to you.

Both: Hey.

Daniel: Oh, hey. Wow, I guess your mom tells me you're a runner just like me.

JJ: Yeah, it clears my head.

Daniel: I hear ya.

JJ: Hey, mom, do you have an mp3 player? I loaned mine to my roommate, and with all the drama, I forgot to ask for it back.

Jennifer: You know what, I don't, but I'm sure Abigail has one that you can borrow.

Daniel: Oh, you know what? Hey, use mine.

JJ: Nah, that's okay.

Daniel: What, you think you're gonna listen to, like, captain & Tennille on this thing?

Jennifer: [Laughs] Huh? Look at this right here. Check out that playlist. Right there. Huh? Yeah, I used that to train for the ironman, Hawaii. Use it.

JJ: This is actually very cool.

Daniel: Yeah, just give it back to your mom when you're done.

JJ: Mm-Kay. Hey, thanks, Dr. Jonas.

Daniel: Again, call me Daniel.

Lucas: What is it?

Sami: Okay, so they just called me to come down to police headquarters. Otherwise, I wouldn't leave, obviously.

Lucas: Oh, they wanna see EJ DiMera's living girlfriend. Really? Maybe he's using you as an alibi, Sami.

Sami: Stop it, okay? Seriously, you have to stop this. You cannot be putting ideas in Gabi's head about EJ.

Lucas: I'm not putting any ideas into her head. You think she's forgotten what EJ did to Rafe and how her sister died? You think she forgot that?

Sami: No, but you are not helping, okay? She needs to be calm, so your job right now is to keep that girl calm, and talking about EJ doesn't help.

Lucas: You not realizing that EJ's responsible for this, that's what's not helping here. He's the one that put him in there. You know it, and I know it.

Sami: That is not true.

Lucas: It is true. You're protesting too much again, and that means you know it's the truth! You always do that. When you hear the truth, you protest too much. You're scared of the truth, Sami.

Hope: Did Rafe mention something out of the ordinary? Like any threats from one of the cases he was working on?

Kate: [Sighs] Rafe and I didn't talk much.

Hope: Really? Well, that's surprising given how much you two had in common.

Kate: You know, I'm used to snide and condescending remarks, and usually, I don't give a damn, but Rafe was my friend and I cared about him, and I saw what was done to him, so do me a favor and cut me some freakin' slack.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Kate: You may have thought it was ridiculous, and that Rafe was desperate. I'm sure you think that Rafe was scraping the bottom of the barrel, right? But we were seeing each other through a really horrendous time in our life. So just find the person who did this to him, will ya?

Hope: I won't stop until I do.

Kate: Well, when you do, I'd like just five minutes alone with him with a baseball bat.

Hope: You're gonna have to wait your turn, Kate. [Sighs] EJ and Stefano. Obvious suspects. What is that Rafe always says? What is it we're not seeing?

Brady: Are you following her?

John: Excuse me?

Brady: Kristen, she--she's-- she's around here. She's doing an errand. Thought maybe you might be tracking her down so you can mess with her head a little more.

John: Oh, I saw her. She spoke to me, and then, she went that way, and I didn't follow her.

Brady: Just so we're clear, if you have anything to say to her, I want you to say it through me.

John: [Sighs] Well, seeing as how we're not speaking, I'm not sure exactly how that works.

Brady: So you do have something to say to her, huh? You're not done with her, are you, dad?

John: I'll tell you this much. I'm done with this conversation.

Kristen: Hi.

Brady: Hi.

Kristen: What are you doing here? Were you talking to your father?

Brady: Uh...yeah, something-- something that you could probably pass off for talking.

Kristen: Well, another reason to rethink what we're planning on doing tomorrow, right?

Brady: Listen, listen. He doesn't matter. You matter. And we do need to talk about tomorrow and make sure it's something we both want to do.

JJ: Thanks, Dan.

Jennifer: Oh, Daniel. I mean, nobody really calls him "Dan."

JJ: Right, and listen, I'll just swing by the hospital at the end of my run and give this back to you.

Jennifer: Honey, just be really careful with that, because it's important to him. His daughter gave it to him.

Daniel: Okay, don't worry about--no, it's just a little-- but it's pretty indestructible, yeah.

JJ: Okay.

Daniel: Yeah.

JJ: All right, well, see ya later.

Jennifer: Okay, bye, honey.

JJ: Bye.

Daniel: See ya. All right, well, I gotta get going too.

Jennifer: Thank you for reaching out to him like that.

Daniel: Well, he seems like a nice kid, and this may come as a complete surprise to you, but there have been times in my life that I've screwed up too.

Jennifer: No!

Daniel: I know, I know...

Jennifer: Uh-uhh.

Daniel: And you know what? Maybe--maybe he did it the wrong way, but maybe he just wanted to be home. And, you know, whatever happened at school is just an isolated incident.

Jennifer: Yeah. I hope you're right about that.

Kate: Yes, okay. Thank you for the information. [Sighs]

Lucas: Well, there you are. What a surprise. Thought you'd be busy pulling tricks somewhere again.

Kate: You know, it's always so difficult to read you.

Lucas: Hmm.

Kate: Is this your oh-so-not-very subtle way of telling me that Sami wasted no time in tracking you down and telling you about my latest transgression?

Lucas: Did you do a Google search on "least appropriate partners" and came up with my ex-wife's ex-husband? I mean, the guy's the uncle to your great-grandchild. Really? Mom, that's sick. But if you think it's a match made in heaven, go for it.

Kate: Okay, please. Please. All right? I know that it's not easy having me for a mother.

Lucas: [Sighs]

Kate: But...we kept it private, we ended it, and right now, Lucas, I have to tell you, I'm just scared that what happened to him is somehow my fault.

Lucas: No, I don't think it's your fault, but I do think it's EJ's.

Sami: [Sighs] Same old, same old, huh? Something goes wrong in this town and if it's not my fault, it must be EJ's.

Hope: Sami, please! Just answer the question. What were you and EJ doing before he left to see Rafe? Just answer the question.

Sami: Nothing. Nothing. We were just with Johnny. You know, we were-- [Sighs] Johnny's going to be so heartbroken. He loves Rafe so much.

Hope: I know he does.

Sami: And he was just talking about it, Johnny was saying how happy he was when we were living with Rafe.

Hope: Well, that must have thrilled EJ.

Sami: Don't put words in my mouth, aunt hope. EJ didn't even hear Johnny say that.

Hope: Oh, and no one ever overhears anything in that house.

Sami: But--

Hope: But what? Sami, tell me.

Sami: Nothing, okay? EJ wasn't in the room when Johnny said that, and even if he had been, it doesn't change anything.

Hope: Do you hear yourself? You keep defending EJ, but every time you try, you sound less and less convinced.

Brady: When I saw you walking towards me just now--with these flowers, which are beautiful, by the way--I didn't see a DiMera. I didn't see EJ's sister. I didn't see Stefano's daughter. I saw my wife.

Kristen: Oh.

Brady: I saw my wife walking towards me down the aisle. It's--

Kristen: Brady.

Brady: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I rushed to a conclusion about your brother and about your father, but make no mistake, if they're guilty and they attacked Rafe, they're gonna answer for it, but listen, I'm not marrying them. I'm marrying you.

Kristen: I'm a DiMera.

Brady: Yes, you are... in name. In name only, and so I have an idea. I don't know if you're gonna like it, you might hate it. It's a little egotistical, but-- I think you should have my name. I want you to be Kristen black. Hey. Marry me. Make me the happiest guy on the earth.

Brady: Now would be a great time just to say "yes."

Kristen: I need to think.

Brady: You need to think. Okay.

Kristen: Oh, Brady, it's just been a really weird day.

Brady: I know.

Kristen: I need a little time alone, just want to think things through, okay? And then we'll talk. Mmm.

Brady: I'm warning you, though. I'll give you this time to think, but you can think about it all you want, it's not gonna change how we feel. We love each other.

Kristen: That's what screwed everything up.

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, Daniel was so great. I mean, he was really reaching out to JJ.

Maggie: He knows how much JJ means to you.

Jennifer: Yeah, and JJ was needling him, believe me--both of us, but it didn't even bother Daniel. He understands what he's going through. I mean, wouldn't it be great if the two of them could get along?

[Knocking at the door]

JJ: Hey, the nurse at the front desk told me that you're in here.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. How was the run?

JJ: Listen, um, thank you for loaning me this, but by the way, it broke.

Gabi: Yeah, so I'll meet you here when you get off of work. No, no, don't stop what you're doing, because I actually have to leave for a little bit. There's something I have to do. Bye.

Kate: Do you really think EJ did this?

Lucas: Or arranged it.

Kate: Well, the DiMeras do have a history of taking their time before they exact revenge.

Lucas: Or maybe it was a preemptive strike. The fraternity of men that have been involved with Sami all know one thing--she always wants the guy she can't have, so now that she's back with EJ, it's just a matter of time before she wants Rafe again.

Kate: Well, if that was his motivation, then he didn't go far enough.

Lucas: Why, what do you mean?

Kate: With Sami's b-movie mind, what could be more romantic than nursing Rafe back to health?

Lucas: Yeah, you're right. You should have seen her at the hospital. Scared to death for Rafe, but I think more scared that EJ had something to do with this.

Sami: EJ has changed, okay? He's not the same man.

Hope: And Kristen's not the same woman. Now, they're all like the von Trapp family, right? And what about Stefano? I suppose he's changed as well? Sami, tell me, was he happy for Kate that she found a little comfort in Rafe's bed?

Sami: You know about that.

Hope: Kate says Stefano knew nothing about it...until she told him. You were there, you think that's true?

Sami: Yeah. I do. So does EJ.

Hope: "And so does EJ." Well, there's a surprise. He's backing his father's story. But you know what, I wonder. I wonder if Stefano will be willing to cover for EJ as well.

Sami: There's nothing to cover for!

Gabi: I just remembered something. I know who tried to kill my brother.

JJ: So I dropped it and then a truck ran over it. Sorry, man.

Daniel: No, it's okay. No worries.

JJ: Thanks, but still, bummer, huh? Well, I gotta run.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Bummer.

Kate: Can't believe I'm actually gonna say this, but I actually feel a little sorry for Sami.

Lucas: That never happens.

Kate: [Laughing] I know, but if EJ truly is behind what happened to Rafe--

Lucas: I really don't think there's any "if" about it.

Kate: Okay, so we know how good he is at covering his tracks. Sami's never going to know the truth, which means she's going to have to deal with the nagging doubt that she's living with the man who tried to kill the man she loves.

Hope: You know who attacked Rafe?

Gabi: It was EJ.

Sami: No, it wasn't.

Hope: Sami, not a word.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Hope: Why do you say that?

Gabi: I just remembered that the night that it happened, EJ was at the pub and he was on the phone, but he didn't know that I could hear what he was saying.

Hope: Which was what?

Gabi: He said "it's done? Good." Then he hung up the phone and smiled.

Hope: Oh, my God. Excuse me, Gabi.

Sami: Who are you calling?

Hope: The guard on Rafe's room. If EJ paid somebody to kill Rafe, they may very well come back to finish the job.

[Phone ringing]

Brady: Marlena. What's wrong?

John: So is it true? You're not gonna marry my son?

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