Days Transcript Monday 5/13/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/13/13


Episode #12084 ~ Kate finds Rafe unconscious in an alley; Kate makes a confession to Stefano, EJ, and Sami.

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Rafe: Uhh!

Hope: Ellen, thank you. No, seriously, you're a lifesaver. I know. Ciara hates how many hours I'm working, but... all right. Hey, thanks again. I'll see you in less than an hour? Perfect.

Will: Please.

Sonny: I'm not gonna do...

Will: Please.

Sonny: It's not gonna work.

Will: It's your boyfriend asking--you gotta go hard at--

Sonny: Does it work?

Will: Yeah.

Abigail: Oh, my God. I've been waiting for this call. Just go ahead and say hi, okay?

JJ: Yeah, yeah, no problem. Hey, you two.

Sonny: Hey!

Will: Oh, my God. It's JJ. What's up, man? Hey.

JJ: It's good to see you, man.

Will: Yeah, you too.

Sonny: Good to see you.

Will: When--when'd you get back?

JJ: Today. For me, it's, like, 3:00 in the morning, man.

Sonny: Well, why don't I get you something to keep you going?

JJ: Yeah.

Sonny: What a surprise! It's good to see you.

JJ: Yeah. So you guys are an item now? Abigail told me that you came out, will. But the way you guys were when I came in--you're together, right?

Will: Yeah. You got a problem with that?

Abigail: You're at the hospital?

Cameron: Yeah, but I should be able to leave soon, so are we still on?

Abigail: Yeah, absolutely. I'm really looking forward to it.

Cameron: Me too. I'll see you soon.

Kayla: Dr. Davis. We need to speak to you for a minute.

Cameron: Hm.

Sami: I know a little bit about chess. This one is the king. That's you, right? Wonder which one I am. What about EJ? And Kristen? And Chad? Stefano, what I really wanna know is which one is will.

Stefano: Is something bothering you?

Sami: Yeah. I wanna know why you didn't have your man Bernardi destroy the evidence that could put will in prison.

Stefano: You mean the evidence that you tried to take away from the man before he could get it to me?

EJ: Kate. I have to thank you for that most generous engagement gift you gave Samantha. A gun. Really? How thoughtful.

Kate: Oh, I believe in giving practical gifts. I'm sure she'll put it to good use.

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Let's be honest, shall we?

Kate: Sorry?

EJ: Violence very seldom solved anything, my dear.

Kate: Ah. [Chuckling] Really? Did I just hear those words come crawling out of your mouth?

Gabi: That's weird. Rafe should've gotten here by now. Where's Nick?

Rafe: [Grunts]

[Cell phone rings]

[Ringing continues]

Kate: A DiMera spewing platitudes against the use of violence. My, my.

EJ: Oh, please, Kate. Come on, I was generalizing in order to be polite. I think if we were to sit here and list all of your violent actions over the years, we'd be here all night.

Kate: [Laughs]

EJ: Aren't you the lady who had to marry into my family because of some other unsavory business with Chloe lane?

Kate: The only unsavory part of that was marrying your father.

EJ: Oh. And yet, here you are. Look at you. You're so bitter and depressed because he divorced you.

Kate: [Laughs] I couldn't care less about your father, EJ.

EJ: Really?

Sami: You have to understand. Will is my son. I was worried.

Stefano: You asked me for a favor. I granted it. And now, you try to interfere.

Sami: I'm a mother.

Stefano: Mother or no mother, you never, ever interfere in my business.

Sami: Look, Stefano, I totally get that. But you should've had that evidence destroyed.

Stefano: No, Samantha. You're wrong. I should've done exactly what I did: Kept it.

Rafe: [Grunts] [Coughs] Oof! Agh! Uhh! The makers of one a day believe, as I do,

JJ: Why would I have a problem with you guys being together? I think it's great. What, you don't believe me?

Will: [Laughing] No. I totally do. I just--I guess I just wish that everyone in the family was as cool as you.

JJ: Someone giving you guys a hard time?

Will: Um, a certain cousin, yeah.

JJ: Who? Oh, wait. Is it Nick Fallon?

Sonny: Yep, you got it.

JJ: I always thought that guy was a loser. Be glad he's not on your side.

Will: [SNickers]

Abigail: What are y'all talking about?

Kayla: So as chief of staff, I thought that I should be the one to tell you that your fellow doctors are really pleased with how you have grown.

Maxine: And the nurses staff concurs.

Cameron: Well, thanks. That's great to hear.

Kayla: I mean, we all know that this year has not been a walk in the park for you. You're just getting started, and then losing your sister that we all--well, we all cared about a lot.

Cameron: Yeah, well, you know, Lexie--Lexie was the best. And not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

Maxine: Mm, same here. I just know that she'd be proud of you.

Kayla: That's for sure. Well, all this is leading up to something as I'm sure you can imagine. And at our last inter-departmental meeting, we all decided that we want you to be the new resident liaison.

Maxine: Well, you can't just stare like that. You gotta say something.

Cameron: Uh... [Stutters] Thank you. I-I'd be glad to.

[Cell phone rings]

Cameron: It's such an honor.

Maxine: You earned it, doctor. Wow, they never learn.

Kayla: [Chuckles]

Maxine: Excuse me, I gotta go.

Kayla: Okay.

Cameron: [Sighs] You know, Dr. Brady, this is really unexpected. I-I never... I--look. I know my life outside of the hospital has caused a few problems.

Kayla: Ah, you mean the dancing, or is it--is it-- is it called stripping, or is it dancing? Which is it?

Cameron: Oh, well, it depends on who's talking about it. But in case you were wondering, that's all over. I quit.

Kayla: Good...

Cameron: Yeah.

Kayla: I think. Or maybe not. I mean, my mother will be disappointed.

Cameron: [Laughs] That's funny.

EJ: Kate, you gave Samantha the gun because you were so angry with my father for cutting you out, that you were hoping she would shoot him.

Kate: Wrong. I gave Sami the gun because she might need it when she finds out that she's no longer considered of use to the family anymore. And then, if she does pull the trigger and a bullet hits Stefano, I guess you would just have to call that karmic justice.

EJ: Okay. Tell me what happens if that bullet hits your granddaughter Allie, or one of my children. Still smiling?

Kate: When it comes to her children, I trust Sami. Always.

Gabi: Hi, guys, sorry. Can I get you something?

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: Ah! No, I'm fine, sweetie, thanks.

EJ: No, I'm fine. Thank you. Excuse me.

Gabi: Hey, um, I just wanted to let you know that Rafe is on his way, just in case you wanted to head out or something.

Kate: Oh, that's very sweet of you, but, you know, we are going to have to run into each other from time to time. So... you know, I think I will get going. Thank you. I'll talk to you soon. Okay? Always a pleasure.

JJ: We were just catching up.

Abigail: Okay, wait, what--

Hope: Hey, JJ! Hey, kids, how are you? Oh, my gosh. Your mom left me a message, said you'd gotten in. Honey, you look fantastic. It's been such a long time. Wait--oh, excuse me. Sonny, would you please--could I get a iced blended--one of those berry things for Ciara, and I'll have a double chocolaty blended with double--

Sonny: With extra cream.

Hope: Yes, extra whipped cream, thank you. You know me so well. So young Mr. Deveraux, how about keeping me company while I grab some takeout for Ciara?

JJ: Sure.

Hope: I have a lot of questions. Uh... I think that should cover it.

Sonny: All right.

Hope: Thanks. Come on, let's go. Here, put your coffee down.

JJ: Thank you.

Hope: How have you been? Huh?

[Indistinct chatter]

Will: [Sighs] So, anyway, wonder if Nick has managed to stop Rafe from telling Gabi.

Sonny: I doubt it. But when Rafe does tell Gabi, Nick's future is gonna be looking mighty bleak.

Rafe: [Grunting] [Coughing] [Groaning] Uhh! Ohh!

Abe: [Laughs] Yes, well, congratulations. Oh, this weekend, definitely, definitely. All right, you take care too.

Kayla: Hey, Abe.

Abe: Hey.

Kayla: How are you doing?

Abe: I'm doing fine. I-I just talked to cam. He told me he was chosen the next resident liaison.

Kayla: Yes. He's a very gifted doctor, that brother-in-law of yours.

Abe: Well, Lexie would be very proud.

Kayla: I am so sorry.

Abe: Sorry? Why?

Kayla: Well, I'm sure that this is a--a rough time for you and Theo.

Abe: It's no rougher than usual.

Kayla: Well, I was thinking that it's about a year now that you lost Lexie.

EJ: Are you all right?

Gabi: Oh, yeah, I'm just tired, that's all.

EJ: Okay, why don't you sit down? Please. There we are. Are you sure that you should be working this late into your pregnancy?

Gabi: Oh, yeah, the doctor said it's fine, and, well, Arianna gets a little rambunctious if I'm just sitting around.

[Both laugh]

EJ: You know, I, um... I don't think I ever really congratulated you on your pregnancy. I think that you and William will make fantastic parents.

Gabi: And Nick too.

EJ: Of course, Nick. How--how could I possibly forget about Nick?

[Cell phone rings]

EJ: Just one second. Would you excuse me? Is it done? Good. [Sighs] I'd-I'd best be going, actually. You know, I was waiting for your brother here. He was supposed to bring me an FBI jacket for Johnny, but I suppose he's been detained.

Gabi: I'll tell him you stopped by.

EJ: Would you? Okay. Don't work too hard, all right?

Gabi: See ya. [Exhales] Come on, Rafe. Where are you?

[Door closes]

Kate: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Rafe. Rafe! Oh, my God. Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh, no. [Crying] Oh, God. Come on. Yes. Yes, I need an ambulance. I'm, uh--I'm behind carter's in the alley in--so Horton square. A police officer has been attacked. Yes, hurry! Oh, God. Rafe. Rafe.

Hope: That is exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do a cookout to celebrate your homecoming. What do you think? The whole family. How's that? Maybe we'll do it out on smith island.

JJ: Sounds great. Just let me do half the work, okay?

Hope: You can count on it.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Ooh. Sorry. [Sighs] Of course, my phone is... constantly--I mean, I gotta take this, it's the station. Excuse me. Hey, Brady.

Sonny: How'd it go?

JJ: It was an interrogation. Family life, school life, love life, you name it.

Sonny: Well, I got a question for you. How come you're not in school, and it's the beginning of may?

JJ: Huh, what can I say? School lets out early in England.

Hope: Okay, I'll get the details later. Use a 10-30 code and secure the scene. I'm on my way. Bye. Enjoy the takeout. Sorry guys, I gotta run. Bye, Abigail. Bye, JJ, see you later.

Will: See ya. Kinda weird.

Abigail: Yeah.

JJ: I'm gonna take off too, you guys. I'm wiped.

Abigail: Okay, well, I'll go with you.

Sonny: Well, welcome back, man.

JJ: Thanks, man.

Abigail: Hm.

Will: Yeah, see you. Bye. Hey.

JJ: Yeah.

Will: Okay. You hungry? You wanna eat?

Sonny: Right now?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: Okay, I guess so. Yeah, okay. You have a place in mind?

Will: Um, well, Gabi's working tonight, so I'm thinking we could eat at the pub and watch Rafe bounce Nick's butt on the barroom floor.

Sonny: Sounds good. Let's go. Let's do it.

Kate: You hang on. You hang on, okay? I know you can do it. Don't give up. Don't give up. They're almost here. They're almost here. My God. [Crying] Hang in there, I know you can do it.

[Approaching sirens]

Kate: If anything happens to you, I don't know what I'll do. I don't know what I'll do.

Sami: Stefano, there is no doubt that I appreciate what you have done for will. And I know you care about him a lot, so that's why I was surprised that you didn't just destroy the evidence. I mean, I'm--I'm marrying EJ. We're gonna be family. And I thought family meant everything to you.

Stefano: It does. But I also know what happens when you marry a man, eh? So I'd be absolutely a fool to destroy anything so valuable.

Sami: So it is blackmail.

Stefano: Keep your hackles down, my dear, hmm? Don't force me to use that power. [Groans] [Sighs] This is you.

Sami: [Scoffs] The hell it is.

Abe: You know, next month, it'll be a year since we lost Lexie. But Theo and I, we're--we're hanging in there.

Kayla: I know you are.

Abe: Who would've thought? You know, wouldn't you-- you know, just how much time? Couple days ago, I-I-I picked up Theo from school, and he was-- he was so proud 'cause he had gotten an a-minus on a test he'd taken.

Kayla: [Giggles] Yeah.

Abe: And I-I picked up my--my cell phone to call Lexie, and... well, I realized that... it's still a little hard to wrap my mind around it, you know? [Sighs]

Kayla: Listen. You are a good dad. I hope you take comfort in that. Theo is a wonderful boy.

Will: Uh, no, um... we haven't seen Rafe since this afternoon. Why? Is something wrong?

Gabi: No, it's just kinda weird, you know? He said he'd be here in, like, a few, but it's been, like, forever. And Nick said he'd be here too. So...

Will: Nick hasn't shown up, mm?

Gabi: No. No, but I'm--I'm--I'm sure everything's fine. I'm probably just paranoid because I'm pregnant. Nick, there--I was getting really worried. Where were you?

Nick: Worried? What? About me?

Gabi: Well, yeah, you were taking so long.

Nick: Oh, yeah, but you're-- you're okay, right? You're--no contractions, or...

Gabi: Of course, everything's fine. Why are you all sweaty? Were you jogging over here?

Nick: Oh, no, I just--it took me forever getting you something, so I ran to make up the time. Ta-da.

Gabi: You went to Martha's muffins?

Nick: Yeah.

Gabi: [Gasps] My gosh, that's so sweet. It's one of my cravings. It's kind of a big deal. I can't believe this. This is so weird.

Nick: What?

Gabi: I mean, I spoke to Rafe, and I told him to stop by and get me one of them. And it's kind of like you're a mind reader.

Nick: [Laughs] I guess I am.

Paramedic: We went to radiology, just like you said, doctor.

Kayla: Good job. I'm getting it right now.

Paramedic: Reports and film.

Maxine: This way, let's go.

Paramedic: Lots of internal damage, doctor. He stopped breathing on the way in, but we managed to get him going. Pupillary response seems sluggish. The bleeding just wouldn't stop.

Kayla: Okay, thanks a lot. Okay.

Kate: Kayla.

Kayla: Not now, Kate. Let's go.

Hope: Honey. Honey, I'm sorry. Ciara. Honey, I said I was sorry, but I cannot come get you tonight. You're gonna have to have a sleepover there. Baby, no, it will not work because it will be too late by the time I'm done. An officer was hurt, and mommy needs to find out what happened. [Sighs] Sweetie, I love you--I love you--I love you so much, from here all the way to the stars. I'll see you first thing in the morning, I promise you, okay? I love you. Sweet dreams. God, I hate this.

Maxine: Doctor Davis, we need you in 409, stat.

Kate: Maxine, excuse me.

Maxine: Ms. Roberts. God, did you find him? Yes, I did. I-I have to know what's going on.

Maxine: Honey, right now, we're just trying to get him stabilized. Excuse me.

Hope: Kate? Kate, what are you doing here? Oh, my God, you must be the one who found the officer who was attacked.

Kate: It wasn't an officer. It was Rafe.

Kayla: Order me three units of o-positive.

Nurse Patricia: Right away.

Kayla: Thank you. Let's hope that's all he needs. I put his MRI and cat scan into the system.

Maxine: Yeah, I can see-- oh, my God.

Kayla: Yeah, multiple damage here, here, and here on the skull. Deep concussion. Bruised ribs, one broken, punctured his left lung.

Maxine: Who would do something like this?

Kayla: I don't know. I wish he'd wake up and tell us, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

EJ: [Knocks at door] Hey. What?

Sami: See this? This is what your father thinks of the woman that you're gonna marry.

EJ: A pawn? Were you playing chess with-- Samantha, please tell me you--

Sami: He thinks he's the king, and I'm nothing.

EJ: Did you talk to him about the evidence? Come on! What-- we agreed you weren't going to do that!

Sami: Well, I couldn't help it, okay? And it doesn't matter anyway. He made it clear that he's gonna hold it over my head forever.

EJ: Forever's a long time. You know, there are always ways.

Sami: This isn't Nick Fallon we are talking about here. This is Stefano DiMera with that evidence.

EJ: Honey, everything is going to be fine.

Sami: How can you say that?

EJ: Look, things are already fine. Are they not? My father has the evidence against William, and it's safely stored away. Nick Fallon is not going to be a problem for very much longer. Okay?

Sami: [Laughs]

Nick: Wait, is something going on, guys?

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: No, we just stopped by to get a bite.

Gabi: Hello?

Hope: Gabriella? It's hope.

Gabi: Oh, hi.

Hope: Honey, I'm afraid this is official business. I'd give anything if it weren't.

Gabi: What?

Hope: Is someone there with you?

Gabi: Um, yes. Uh, Nick is here. Sonny and will are--Rafe, wait. Did something happen to Rafe?

Hope: Gabriella, listen to me. He's in the hospital. The doctors are with him right now. He was attacked in an alley. We need you to come down here right away. Can you do that? Can Nick bring you?

Gabi: Yeah, I guess. Yeah, I'm--I'm on my way right now.

Will: What happened?

Nick: What--what's going on?

Gabi: Rafe was attacked. He's in the hospital. I need to go right now.

Nick: Oh, wait, okay. I'll get your purse. Here, baby. Come on, it's gonna be okay. We'll get over there right now. Everything's gonna be okay. We'll get there in no time.

Kate: [Sighs] God. Why can't they come out and tell us something?

Hope: Kate, can you give me a statement?

Kate: I found him behind, um, the alley, behind carter's, and I didn't see anything. I-I just saw him lying on the ground.

Hope: Is that when you called 911?

Kate: Yes. [Sighs]

Hope: I'm sure Kayla and her team will do everything possible to make sure he pulls through this.

Kate: But is it going to be enough?

Kate: [Sighs]

Hope: You seem really shaken. Maybe you should go, Kate.

Kate: I'm not going home.

Hope: Kayla.

Kate: Kayla, what's going on?

Kayla: We got him stabilized, but he's in critical condition, and I think he's gonna be like that for a while. Right now, we're mainly concerned with his internal bleeding and the fluid buildup on his brain. Did anybody get a hold of his family?

Hope: Yeah, I got a hold of Gabi. She's on her way.

Kayla: Oh, okay. This is Dr. Brady. When I said I wanted that hematocrit stat, I meant stat. I meant now. Thank you.

Kate: I wanna see him.

Kayla: Well, not right at this point, okay, Kate? I'm sorry.

Kate: [Sighs]

Hope: Why don't we sit down? There's nothing we can do.

Kate: The hell there isn't.

Hope: Kate. Kate?

Gabi: [Cries] What happened?

Hope: Oh, my God, Gabi.

Gabi: Was he shot?

Hope: No, someone beat him up very badly.

Gabi: Oh, my God, who would do that to him?

Hope: I don't know. I'm on my way to the crime scene right now. Honey, stay strong. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, okay? They'll let you in to see him soon. I'll call you in in a little while.

JJ: You didn't have to come with me. I'm just getting a little air.

Abigail: Oh, actually, I am being totally selfish. Cameron and I are supposed to meet here when he gets a break. Hey, look at me. We're out of the house, away from mom, no cousins around. How about the truth?

JJ: Sorry?

Abigail: London, JJ. You got kicked out of school. That's huge. I mean...

JJ: I told you. My roommate was dealing. He got caught, and since I hadn't snitched on him, the school assumed that I was in on it, and I got kicked out too.

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that mom bought that story, although you never know with her. But I'm not believing that for a second. So why don't you start over and tell me what really happened?

Gabi: If I hadn't asked him to get me that stupid muffin, he wouldn't have gone down that alley.

Nick: Hey, stop it.

Will: Hey, Gabi, this is not your fault.

Nick: Yeah, it's just that it was probably random, you know? Wrong place, wrong time. It could've been like a--like a druggie who--who needed cash, you know?

Will: Well, he was jumped from behind. 'Cause Rafe definitely knows how to defend himself.

Gabi: [Cries] He's so strong. And now... oh, my God, who could do something so terrible?

Nick: Stuff happens.

Maxine: Gabi?

Gabi: [Whimpers]

Nick: [Sighs] I-I gotta go take care of something.

Will: Okay. I think we need to have a talk with him.

Abe: Hope. I got a call from Roman at his conference in L.A. He asked me to consult.

Hope: Oh, great. Having you on board can make all the difference.

Abe: Well, we're gonna get whoever did this.

Hope: You're damn right we are.

Abe: All right. First thing we need to answer is was Rafe a random victim, or did somebody mark him for this?

Sami: What do you mean Nick's not gonna be a problem? What have you done?

EJ: I just need you to trust me. Do you think you can do that?

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: Hm?

Sami: Of course, I--

EJ: Look, I'm just looking out for what is best for both of us.

Sami: I know. I know that you are, and I appreciate you. Promise me you have to-- we can't, okay? I love you. We can't keep living in this house. We have to get out--

EJ: Listen--hey, no, no, no, Samantha. You know we're not doing anything impulsive because the last thing that we want is for my father to think he did the wrong thing by helping us, okay? And in fact, I think that it might not be a bad idea if you were to just--if you were to just apologize to him.

Sami: Apo--apologize? Have you lost your--I'm not apologizing to that son of a bitch.

EJ: Calm, collected, breathe, please.

Sami: Even if I could calm down enough to choke out an "I'm sorry," he would never believe me.

EJ: That's not the point. Of course he's never gonna believe you. You massage his ego. You give him some small sense of Victory. Should we go and do that? New jolly rancher and new twizzlers bites

Sami: [Sighs] I hate this. You know that, right? I mean, I hate--hate all of this. Not you. Right? You know that, right? I love you, but I hate all of this.

EJ: I know. That is how I feel about you. Can we go make nice with my father, please?

Sami: [Feigns crying]

EJ: Give him a moment to wallow in his little Victory?

Sami: Right. Let's get it over with.

EJ: Ah, father.

Stefano: Uh-oh. Looks as if I've got in the way of another evening of passion.

Sami: Oh. [Chuckles] There's just a little--sorry, true love is a little messy. Um, I'm glad you're here.

Stefano: Oh?

Sami: Actually. Yeah. Uh, there's something that I wanted to say to you. Um, I wanted to say that I'm--I'm sorry. I mean, I'm a mother, so I tend to be overprotective. And I apologize.

Stefano: Apology accepted. And just for the record, I love my family too.

Kate: Oh, yes. In fact, he loves them to death.

Harold: I'm sorry, Mr. DiMera. I couldn't stop her.

Kate: You jealous bastard! How could you do this?

JJ: Abs, I'm serious. My roommate was this total jerk.

Abigail: That isn't why you got kicked out of school, JJ.

JJ: God, let me finish? He was some rich politician's son. It was, like he thought he was immune or something. He had no problem showing his stash to anybody who turned up.

Abigail: That doesn't explain anything. Still, there--

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Hang on a second. Hi, I'm at the town square.

Cameron: Abigail, I'm-- I'm really sorry. I have to cancel. We just got an emergency admission, and I'm assigned to work with Dr. Brady.

Abigail: Oh, okay. I totally understand. Um, will you call me later?

Cameron: Definitely.

Abigail: Bye. Well, Cameron has to work, which means I am free to continue bugging you...

JJ: Abigail.

Abigail: Which I plan on doing until I get the truth. Clear?

Gabi: [Cries]

[Heart monitor beeping]

Gabi: Rafe. [Sniffles] I need you to know something. I have to tell you that I am the luckiest little sister in the whole wide world because I've always had the best big brother. You always had time for me, and you were always there making sure that I did my homework and... [Cries] [Sighs] You know what? I kept--I kept that St. Christopher's medal that you gave me when--when you left home. You said that it would watch over me, and I wanna give it to you. [Cries]

Abe: You know, all police officers have enemies. I mean, this could be some kind of revenge thing or a mugging, except that--

Hope: Except--except for the severity of the injuries. I just got off the phone with Kayla. Abe, somebody wanted Rafe dead.

Nick: Was Gabi asking for me?

Sonny: No. She's in with her brother.

Nick: [Sighs] Okay, good.

Will: Um, you don't seem very upset about what happened. Why is that?

Nick: My brother-in-law may die. You're--you're damn right I'm upset. Am I not weeping enough for you? Am I not moaning? Am I not putting on a big enough show for you, will?

Will: Well, maybe you could try not texting while your wife is crying her eyes out in the other room.

Nick: You know what? I've absolutely had it with you, will. Absolutely had it with you and-- and fancy-pants lover boy here too.

Will: Okay. All right, let's start the gay bashing, huh? Go ahead, let's show everybody who you really are.

Abigail: JJ, I am not Mom. I'm not gonna rat you out no matter what happened.

JJ: I told you. Trevor was this total dealer, and they kicked me out with him so his rich dad couldn't claim they favored Americans.

Abigail: Okay, just forget it, fine. Just know that someday, I am going to expect the whole truth. Understood?

JJ: Oh, my God. One of those guys sure is checking you out. Do you know them?

Abigail: No. I've seen them around, but I don't know them. They are not the kind of kids you wanna be hanging around with, okay, JJ?

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Uh, I gotta take care of this. And you said you were really tired, so go home, okay?

JJ: Sure.

Abigail: Bye.

JJ: You take care, sis.

Sonny: All right, just everyone, take a break.

Nick: What is wrong with you? Why are you on me like this?

Will: You know, when you showed up at the pub, you were-- you were kind of a mess. It's almost like--I don't know, almost like you were in a fight, or...

Nick: [Laughs] I was running. I was running. I had to run there. Are you suggest--you think I'm the one who--who beat up Rafe?

Sonny: It's just the way that you acted when you found out that Rafe knew the truth. You know that he was gonna be gunning for you. Let's just face the facts. You were very upset.

Nick: [Laughs]

Will: Rafe was gonna go see Gabi.

Sonny: Yeah, and it's funny how he was late to the pub too.

Nick: Oh, um, I did not go after Rafe.

Will: Then where were you? And what were you doing? Okay. I can just go tell hope right now what I know, let the police handle it, unless you wanna tell me exactly where you were.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Abe: Hope, I'm gonna call Roman, let him know where we are.

Hope: All right, thanks, Abe,

Hope: Thanks. [Sighs] This was for Johnny.

Stefano: Katarina, isn't it like you to come in here screaming your head off?

Kate: Are you really that empty, that small? Is your ego so fragile that you had to do something this evil?

Gabi: [Cries]

[Heart monitor beeping]

[Rapid beeping]

Kate: Did you really have to send one of your thugs to beat up Rafe?

Sami: Rafe? Has he been hurt?

Kate: Yes, Sami. And you can thank Stefano for it.

[EKG flatlines]

Gabi: Rafe. Help! Somebody help, please. Rafe! [Sobbing]

Sami: What are you talking about? Why would Stefano have Rafe attacked?

Kate: Because he found out we were lovers.

[EKG flatlining]

Cameron: Clear!

Kayla: Charge!

Cameron: Clear! [Sighs]

[Flatline continues]

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