Days Transcript Monday 5/6/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/6/13


Episode #12079 ~ Brady tells Kristen he's started adoption paperwork; someone breaks into Jennifer's house.

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Daniel: And how are you on this fine morning?

Maxine: Very well, thank you. I'd say saving a life before 8:00 a.m. is a good start to the day.

Daniel: Indeed it is. Hey, have you seen--

Maxine: Jennifer just called, said she'd be in shortly.

Daniel: And what about our good friend Anne Milbauer?

Maxine: Anne is...not here. And she's usually cracking the whip by now.

Daniel: Hmm.

Maxine: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Purse, purse--oh. Purse. Okay.

Kristen: Oh, hi, Eric.

Eric: Hello.

Kristen: Oh, I hope you don't mind. Sister Annabel said it was okay for me to wait here.

Eric: No, not a problem. I assume you want to talk about the wedding.

Kristen: Yes. Now of course, Brady and I don't expect you to bless our union, but it would mean an awful lot to your brother if you were there. And, I mean, I'm not trying to pressure you or anything, but--

Eric: Of course. Kristen... I do want to be there for Brady. The problem is--

Kristen: You can go ahead and say her name--Marlena. It always comes back to Marlena.

Marlena: Oh!

Roman: [Laughs]

Marlena: Oh, gosh.

Roman: Hey.

Marlena: Sorry.

Nicole: Hey, John.

John: [Gulps]

Nicole: Are you alone?

John: Yep.

Nicole: I heard about Brady and Kristen getting married, and, um, I know this can't be easy for you. [Gasps] Oh, my God. Are you okay?

John: Do I look okay?

Brady: Thank you for meeting me, and I appreciate your discretion.

Of course. Does this conclude our business then?

Brady: In fact, this meeting never happened.

What meeting?

EJ: My goodness, like father, like son.

Brady: I beg your pardon?

EJ: This is all very cloak and dagger, isn't it? So why the intrigue?

Brady: The better question is why do you care what the hell I do?

EJ: Well, you're marrying my sister.

Brady: You coming to the wedding?

EJ: I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Brady: With Sami?

EJ: [Chuckles] I admit, we haven't really discussed it, but I hope so.

Brady: Well, that's terrific then.

EJ: Okay, Brady. Why don't you tell me how you really feel?

Brady: EJ, you know that happy toast that you're preparing for me and Kristen?

EJ: Yes.

Brady: All the glowing words that you're planning to say and the well wishes delivered through gritted teeth?

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Then you understand exactly how I feel about you and Sami.

Eric: I really don't want to discuss my mother with you.

Kristen: Because you're a smart man. And no good can come from discussing religion, politics, or Marlena, who in her very own strange way, kind of embodies both those things, huh?

Eric: Religion is a safe topic in here.

Kristen: Oh, of course it is. And to that end, what more do you advise me to do? I've tried so hard to make amends. I really have. Make up for the heartache that I've caused people in your family, especially Marlena.

Eric: Okay, and I thought we weren't talking about that.

Kristen: No, we're not. I just wanted your professional opinion. I mean, what do you think is more important--the sin or owning it?

Eric: More important?

Kristen: Oh, maybe I misspoke. You know, I've tried so hard to take responsibility for the hurt that I've caused people. I want to know if I've been absolved. Or do you think that my sins are so egregious that no amount of regret or contrition could--

Eric: All right, Kristen, please stop. I'm not discussing this with you.

Kristen: Okay. Because you can't be objective?

Eric: Yeah. That is it. But I will say that confession and true repentance must come before absolution.

Kristen: Well, I completely concur with that. And I have had my confession heard. One question-- do you think that Marlena ever had her confession heard in regard to this?

Eric: That is none of your business.

Kristen: It's absolutely my business. Absolutely. Are you aware that she has never shown me even the slightest bit of compassion in all these years? She's never apologized to me for ripping my world apart...

Eric: Okay.

Kristen: Tearing it upside-down.

Eric: Kristen, that's none of my business.

Kristen: That's where you're wrong, Father. This is exactly your business. I mean, aren't you in the business of comforting people that are lost and confused?

Eric: Yes, I am. And when I feel that somebody is sincere and non-manipulative. And what we are not supposed to do is take sides or disclose information that has been told to me in confidence.

Kristen: Of course. I understand that. I get you. Rhetorical question, okay? I mean, just for the hell of it. Am I alone here? Did Roman ever receive an apology from Marlena for tearing his life apart? I mean, did Sami? And as a matter of fact, did you?

Eric: Well, I can certainly say for myself that my mother owes me no apology. Never has for anything.

Kristen: I mean, you certainly have found your calling, haven't you?

Eric: And what is that supposed to mean?

Kristen: Only a man of God could be so forgiving.

Eric: There's nothing to forgive.

Kristen: Well, I disagree with that. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've seen your sister, Sami, struggling with the horror of walking in on your mother and John--you know, on the conference room table. And what about your father? Still struggling to this day with being lonely and miserable.

Eric: Hey. My father--

Kristen: Your life was destroyed, your family was decimated, but I guess that's okay with you, huh? Yes? No?

Eric: You know what, like I said, I am not discussing this with you.

Kristen: I hit a nerve, huh? Oh, of course I hit a nerve.

Eric: Kristen, I think you should leave.

Kristen: But it's not so shocking that you'd be so unfailingly loyal to your mother.

Eric: Okay, go.

Kristen: She does kind of portray herself as a saint, doesn't she? I have one last question. Do you think Satan made her commit adultery? Because I know for a fact it's on God's top ten list.

Eric: Yeah, well, I can think of a few other things that can make that list.

Kristen: Yeah, but did you ever think of what pushed me to such desperation, father? I mean, I take responsibility for my actions, but I was a woman in love. Until... whatever Marlena wants, Marlena gets.

Eric: Okay, that is enough!

Marlena: Sorry.

Roman: Doc, what's wrong?

Marlena: I wasn't watching where I was going, that's all.

Roman: John, right? What's he done now?

Marlena: You know I won't discuss John with you.

Roman: Which is why you're not answering my calls. And I totally understand that. So let's talk about something else.

Marlena: Roman--

Roman: Let me take you to breakfast.

Marlena: I'm not hungry.

Roman: Look, you gotta eat. Besides, I think you need a friend. Am I wrong?

Nicole: John, I'm-- I'm sorry. If it's any consolation, I'm having a hard time with this too. I mean, the wedding-- Brady is my friend. And Kristen is--well-- you know what, maybe this isn't as bad as it seems. I mean, maybe it's possible that she's changed, right? I mean, look at you. Mogul, priest, spy--

John: There's a point in all this, isn't there?

Nicole: If Brady loves her, then maybe that's all that matters. It's not like you still want her, right?

John: I'm gonna seduce her, Vic. I'm gonna sleep with her before Brady can marry her. And then and only then will I be able to open my son's eyes to who she really is.

Victor: You realize no matter how you try and justify this to her, Marlena is never gonna forgive you. You're gonna lose her and Brady.

John: I know that.

Nicole: John. You're not saying anything.

John: Well, what do you expect me to say? You know, in the last couple years, Brady has lost not one but two women he had planned to spend the rest of his life with. And in between, there was--

Nicole: He was with the likes of me. Yeah, I know. You can say it.

John: No, no, no, no. What I'm saying is he's not in a healthy place. And then you got Kristen doing what she does best. Eh, what the hell. You know what, he's a big boy. It's his life. I'm always gonna love him. And I think a part of you is always gonna love him. And all we want is for him to be happy, right?

Nicole: Right.

John: Right. I gotta get someone to clean this up.

Nicole: And how are you gonna clean up the real mess? John, what are you going to do to stop Kristen?

Abe: Hey, Danny.

Daniel: Hey.

Abe: Hey, you're just the man I was looking for. I was wondering if I could ask you a favor.

Daniel: Yeah, sure. You know, anything.

Abe: I've got an old friend, Jarrod Grant, and he's been admitted for tests. Yet nobody seems to know what the hell is wrong with him. And I think he's more scared than he's letting on.

Daniel: Look, I'd be happy to check in on him after my rounds, so just make sure he knows that he can call me anytime.

Abe: Yeah, I was hoping you were gonna say that. Thank you.

Daniel: I learned from the best--Lexie.

Abe: Yeah. Thanks, man.

Daniel: You bet, buddy.

Abe: See you tomorrow.

Daniel: Okay. [Exhales]

Joanna: [Clears throat]

Daniel: Oh, my goodness!

Joanna: He wanted to say good morning to his daddy.

Daniel: Good morning! Good morning, little dude. What's happening, man? You just made a great day even better.

Joanna: He woke up so happy.

Daniel: Did you? Did you have a good time last night hanging out with Jennifer? 'Cause you know what? I did too. Where's the love? Yeah.

Jennifer: Keys. What did I do with my keys? Oh. It's funny. Why are these doors open?

Brady: Anyway, EJ, it's been real, uh-- it's been real, uh-- let's just leave it at that.

EJ: No, I think it's very touching that you stand up for Samantha, especially since you spent a better part of your lives at one another's throats.

Brady: And you? You never knew Kristen at all. She had been excommunicated from your family.

EJ: I admit freely, I never heard a good thing about Kristen, especially not from my father. Fortunately, as it turns out, some of our preconceived notions are wrong.

Brady: And sometimes they're not.

EJ: Brady, I love my sister, and I support her in anything she does.

Brady: See, likewise.

EJ: There you go, see. We have something in common.

Brady: What do you know. Let's quit while we're ahead. See you back at the ranch.

EJ: Well, daddy's going to be waiting for you there. And you and he...have nothing in common.

John: So let me ask you, Nicole, what more can I do about Kristen, huh? I've talked to Brady. Everybody has talked to Brady. Begged, pleaded, threatened. He's made his mind up. He's not gonna change it.

Nicole: Because he's stubborn as hell. Gee, I wonder where he gets that from? You don't give up either.

John: You know, sometimes there's nothing you can do but accept that life has changed.

[Door closes]

Eric: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose my control.

Kristen: Oh, please. Don't apologize to me. I mean, priests are people too. Actually, you know what? I think I like you better, having seen this side of you. The side that's mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. I mean, if you just sat there so saccharine sweet and patronizing, it would've been awfully boring. But you're not a bore at all. Father Eric has an edge, doesn't he?

Eric: Getting back to the wedding, and since you can see that priests are human, which is why I think you'll understand why I won't be able to be there. The wedding is more about you and Brady and God and no one else.

Kristen: You make it sound so selfless. You've actually turned out quite well, considering where you came from.

Eric: Kristen, please.

Kristen: I meant it completely as a compliment. Really, your mother would be so proud of you, even if deep down, you can't possibly be proud of her. I'm going to save you a piece of cake.

Nicole: Why don't you show me where Caroline keeps the dustpan?

John: Tom will get it. Well, you two look... close.

Marlena: Would that make a difference to you?

Daniel: Are you ticklish right there?

Jennifer: Hello, there. Good morning.

Daniel: There's no tickle bone right--holy barnacles. Look who's here.

Jennifer: I found something. I actually sat on something when I was getting dressed this morning.

Daniel: Oh, my--sorry about that.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: Whoops. Our bad.

Jennifer: You know what, I kind of miss the days of stepping on Tinkertoys and finding cookie crumbs in my sofa cushion.

Daniel: [Laughs] Whoops-a-daisy.

Jennifer: There you go.

Daniel: Oh, what do we say?

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Daniel: Thank you.

Jennifer: You're welcome.

Daniel: My goodness. Give me one second. Well, good morning to you.

Jennifer: Good morning to you.

Daniel: Mm. Hi.

Jennifer: Hi. I can't believe I slept through my alarm.

Daniel: Really?

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: Had kind of a little rough night last night, did you?

Jennifer: No, not at all.

Daniel: No?

Anne: Well, good thing I didn't eat my breakfast. I don't think I could keep it down.

Maxine: Dr. Dan's been looking for you. Where have you been?

Anne: Attending to some personal business. There are women who sacrifice so much.

Jennifer: Okay, I really should get back to work.

Daniel: All right, and I need to get to post-op. Grab that little bad boy. You know what that is? That is when we pick somebody up, and then they get to hang out there for a while. You know, I'll show you in a minute, all right? Hold on. Yeah. And you, if you're free for lunch...

Jennifer: Yeah, stop by.

Daniel: Ah, famous chef to a pizza from Vinnie's to the hospital cafeteria in less than 24 hours.

Jennifer: You know what, it's the company that counts.

Daniel: Ah.

Jennifer: And you giving up our date for Abigail and Cameron, so they could have a special night together, that was a great thing to do.

Daniel: Well, I can't say it was totally selfless. I got a quiet night with you and parker, and that is just what the doctor ordered. Mwah. And you--I am so glad you are back to work where you belong.

Jennifer: Me too.

Daniel: Yeah?

Jennifer: I'm glad too.

Daniel: Okay, all right.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Bye. Come on, dude. Let me show you.

Jennifer: Okay, have a good day.

Daniel: All right, we will. Come here.

Jennifer: Bye, Parker. Bye-bye. See you later.

Anne: No, Jennifer. You don't belong here at all.

Jennifer: Anne, what are you doing here?

Anne: Well, just you wait and see.

Nicole: Hi, Marlena, Roman. John, it's nice to see you. I'll see you later.

John: Bye.

Nicole: Okay.

Roman: John, why don't you give Marlena a break?

John: Why don't you go?

Marlena: Why don't we not do this right here? Roman and I can leave.

John: No. Roman and I need to have a little talk.

Marlena: A talk? Or a fight?

John: We need to settle something, once and for all.

Roman: Anytime, anywhere.

Marlena: No, no, please.

Roman: It's all right, Doc. John, why don't you and I take a little walk?

Marlena: Oh, stop, John. Please, don't. Please don't do--

Victor: Let them go.

Marlena: I'm afraid they're going to kill each other.

Roman: And what would you do to stop them? Every time you've opened your mouth, you've made things worse, haven't you? Leave well enough alone, Marlena, for everyone's sake.

Kristen: Well, we can cross Father Eric's name off of the guest list.

Stefano: Pity.

Kristen: It is, actually.

Stefano: [Laughs] Why? There's not actually going to be a marriage.

Kristen: I'm aware of that, but I really wanted all of Marlena's family and friends to be on hand to witness her ultimate humiliation. Can you imagine the look on her face when Brady tells her that he found me in bed with John?

Stefano: Now your revenge will be complete?

Kristen: Yes, it will. You know, I think that self-righteous little Eric probably would've attended the wedding if I'd been able to control my temper when his sainted mother's name was mentioned. Brady's going to be very disappointed.

Stefano: [Laughs] Brady's going to be a hell of a lot more than disappointed when you break his heart into a million little pieces.

Kristen: As I said before, collateral damage. He'll get over it and me eventually.

Stefano: And how about you?

[Knock on door]

Kristen: I have to go. Yeah?

Brady: Good. You're here.

Kristen: I am here.

Brady: Come here.

Kristen: Mm. And you're here. I was just talking about you.

Jennifer: Are you really going to do this again?

Anne: You know, you may think you can quit your job and come back and then quit your job and come back--

Jennifer: I'm not quitting.

Anne: Well, who would know the difference, Jennifer? You're always late or detained, or you're having some PDA in the nurses' station with your hero/protector.

Jennifer: I was just kissing Daniel good morning, Anne.

Anne: Oh, so you admit it.

Jennifer: Admit what?

Anne: Let me tell you something. As long as I am stuck in H.R., I plan to fully enforce the codes of conduct in this hospital. So next time you see Dr. Jonas, do yourself a favor--hands off.

Jennifer: Okay, did Chloe put you up to this?

Anne: I'm just doing my job, jenny.

Jennifer: Okay, Annie. Well, maybe part of my job involves requesting a mental health consultation.

Anne: For you, an outstanding idea.

Jennifer: No, for you, because you are so strangely obsessed with my personal and professional life. And that is not normal.

Anne: I'm sorry. You are gonna pronounce judgment on what's normal? Don't you dare presume to tell me how to act. It is my job to tell you how to act.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Is it?

Jennifer: Daniel, it's fine. Really.

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Excuse me for one second. Hello. Oh, yes. I'll be right there. Okay, we are obviously finished here, so if you have another problem with me, just go straight to Mr. Burns.

Anne: Oh, don't think I won't.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sure you will.

Daniel: No. No, no, no, you won't.

EJ: [Exhales]

Stefano: Oh, don't disturb the pieces. Don't you see I'm in the middle of a game? Come on.

EJ: Oh, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.

Stefano: All right. So what's on your mind?

EJ: I bumped into Brady Black earlier.

Stefano: Lucky you.

EJ: Well, it was the first time he and I've really been able to have a conversation about Kristen and the wedding.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. And?

EJ: I-- I just never really imagined that he would be my brother-in-law. You know? I mean, are you not concerned about Kristen joining the Kiriakis family?

Stefano: See, I am concerned about a lot of things, but I don't see any reason why I should get my blood pressure up on something that may not even happen, right?

EJ: It's funny the way you say that, you make it sound like you think it's not going to happen.

Kristen: So guess what. I sent Jenna down to graphics. She's not going to be back for 20 minutes. I could lock the door, and we could get started on our honeymoon a little early. Come on. Come on, handsome one. Brady? What's wrong?

Brady: Nothing, but we should talk.

Kristen: Sounds kind of serious.

Brady: It is.

Anne: Listen, golden boy. You may think your magic hands are special, but you are not the boss of me.

Daniel: Well, you're not my boss or Jennifer's boss. And if you keep this up, the only place you'll be reporting for work will be the unemployment line.

Anne: How dare you.

Daniel: You know, I talked to Chloe last night, so she could talk to Parker. And before we hung up with each other, she said some very interesting things about you, Anne. Oh, yeah, every shady thing you had done to help her bury Jennifer.

Anne: That bitch.

Daniel: Still interested in calling the morality police?

Anne: Wait a minute, why would she say those things about me? I'm her friend.

Daniel: They're true. And she's trying to face up to what she's done, so she can put her life back together.

Anne: Yeah, well, she can leave me out of it.

Daniel: A little too late for that. Yeah. I'm sure Mr. Burns and the hospital board will be happy to hear what Chloe told me, yeah.

Anne: Well, are you going to--

Daniel: Mm, no, no. I don't see any reason to say anything to them now. Unless you give me one. So what's it gonna be?

Jennifer: Sorry, false alarm. Is there a problem?

Nicole: Hey, Eric. I thought you were gonna visit Mrs. Monninger this morning.

Eric: I told her I'd come by later.

Nicole: Well, look, I'm glad you're here. You need to know about something that happened earlier.

Eric: With Vargas?

Nicole: No. With your family.

Eric: My family?

Nicole: Yeah, I was at the pub, and I ran into John, and your dad was with Marlena and--

Eric: It sounds like Armageddon.

Nicole: Pretty close. But Brady and Kristen's wedding is driving everybody crazy.

Eric: I know the feeling.

Nicole: Me too. Are you going?

Eric: I've decided the best thing that I can do for them is pray for them. Keep my distance, which is what I'd advise you to do too.

Nicole: Sure, I don't have a problem doing that, but I'm not sure you have a choice.

Victor: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so blunt.

Marlena: Didn't you?

Victor: But I do hope you're self-aware enough to know that you pushed Brady into that temptress's arms and kept him there.

Marlena: Believe this or not, I care as much about Brady as you do.

Victor: I believe you. And I believe that this outcome is not what you wanted at all. But tell me, what do you suppose a good psychiatrist would advise a woman in your shoes?

Marlena: I wish I knew.

Victor: I know. What's the one thing you haven't tried? Walking away. Do it, Marlena. Accept the fact that you've lost John and move on before things get worse.

John: Let's not waste any time. I'll just cut to the chase. I know you still care about her. You've always have.

Roman: You're right, but we've already talked that. More importantly, what about you? John, look. You slept with my wife. You got her pregnant. Our marriage--over, done, boom. Now you hit a little bump in the road, and you're just gonna throw her away? I'm gonna ask you one last time. Do you have any idea what you're doing to her? Do you even care?

John: Of course I care.

Roman: Well, then stop treating her like the enemy.

John: It stops now.

Roman: Good.

John: You look after her, Roman. You take care of her. She's all yours.

Brady: You know, before you know it, our wedding day is gonna be here.

Kristen: I know, I can't wait.

Brady: And there's a lot of things to do, a lot of things to think about. And I, um, I really want to get it right this time, starting with my gift to you.

Kristen: Brady, I don't want any more gifts. Please, you've done more than enough.

Brady: No, there's gonna be-- there's never enough.

Kristen: Brady.

Brady: Let me just say this to you. When you met me, I had pretty much given up on the future that I wanted. I just thought it wasn't going to happen, and then you-- you made me believe again. I thank God for that.

Kristen: Me too.

Brady: I love you more than words can say. You've changed my life. And now, I want to change yours.

Jennifer: What's going on?

Anne: Nothing. We're just-- we were just talking. So where did you get that lovely dress? It looks--it looks beautiful on you.

Jennifer: I don't remember.

Anne: Well, hi-ho. It's back to work I go.

Jennifer: You know that I can fight my battles all by myself.

Daniel: Oh, I've seen you in action, yeah. But sometimes two are better than one.

Jennifer: Um, yes. I agree with you on that one.

Maxine: What is your problem now?

Anne: What else? Jennifer Horton.

Maxine: Of course.

Anne: I mean, am I the only one who sees that overindulgent, spoiled, self-entitled witch for what she is?

Maxine: Apparently so.

Anne: No. Someone, somewhere is gonna teach her the lesson she's got coming.

Eric: If you have something to say, could you just please say it?

Nicole: Okay. Well, when I was talking to John, I just got this really strange feeling that he literally wanted to kill someone with his bare hands. I mean, isn't that what he used to do for a living?

Eric: What's your point, Nicole?

Nicole: Well, it scared me. And with everyone so upset about Brady and Kristen's wedding, I'm afraid something terrible is gonna happen.

Abe: [Laughs] Hey, John. Hey, man. It's good to see you.

John: Yeah.

Abe: Hey, you know, I'd love to take you out for a beer and catch up sometime.

John: Ah, can't. So sorry, Abraham. What I really meant to say was I would like to have a beer with you, but right now, I got a lot on my mind, okay?

Abe: Yeah, I know. You know, at the risk of sounding presumptuous, I think you need to talk about it.

John: Not now.

Abe: Look, buddy. I'm worried about you.

John: No problem. Don't be, I'm fine. Got everything under control.

Abe: Somehow, I don't believe that.

John: Abraham, now is not the time.

Abe: Well, when will it ever be? Hey, look, man. I'm your friend.

John: I know you are. And I'll call you when I'm ready.

Abe: I hope that's soon. You take care, all right?

John: Yeah, you too, Abraham. You get yourself ready, Kristen. I'm coming. No matter what it costs.

Victor: No, as hard as these words are to hear, very often, your best weapon is preparation.

Marlena: "Preparation"?

Victor: You're in a tough situation, and you think, now surely, it can't get any worse. But it does. It can always get worse. It can, and it will.

Stefano: Not even Stefano DiMera can predict the future.

EJ: Possibly not. But you can certainly try like mad to change it.

Stefano: You know what I think the best thing for all of us to do really is to live in the present. Totally, completely, no?

EJ: I like that. Dante?

Stefano: No. Me.

EJ: [Laughs] I like it. It's trite. But things that are trite are usually true.

Kristen: Where is all this coming from, hmm?

Brady: Oh, I think you'll understand it better if you read it yourself.

Kristen: Uh-oh, prenup?

Brady: Not a prenup. That's cold.

Kristen: I was just kidding.

Brady: [Clears throat]

Kristen: What is it? These are--

Brady: Adoption papers. I called in a favor. I had us fast-tracked.

Kristen: I didn't think I--

Brady: Kristen, we can't be turned down. There'll be no questions asked.

Kristen: I mean, how--

Brady: It's in the brochure. Every single question you have is gonna be answered.

Kristen: I can't believe you did this.

Brady: I know how much you want to be a mom.

Kristen: Um--

Brady: And I know that you thought it was impossible, but I'm standing here in front of you right now telling you... we can have a child together. We can do it. All you have to do is say the word.

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