Days Transcript Thursday 3/21/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/21/13


Episode #12048 ~ Daniel explains to Jennifer what she saw that night. Sami urges Will to enlist Stefano's help.

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Daniel: Jen! Jen! Answer me, Jenn! Are you here? Jenn? [Exhales] [Exhales] [Exhales] [Exhales] [Exhales]

Jennifer: [Gasps] [Exhales] [Exhales]

Nick: Will is not going to be part of this baby's life because he agreed--he signed away his parental rights, Gabi, okay? In the eyes of the law, he is no longer the father of your child.

Gabi: Okay, no, that doesn't make any sense. Why would Will do that?

Sami: I hate this. Will, you have to know that I hate that you're sad, and, it's because of me.

Will: No, it's not.

Sami: Yes, it is, and we both know it is. Nick would never have made you sign that if it weren't for me.

Will: Well, you know, Sonny said--and I think he's right-- that he was gonna use what he had on me anyway, you know? And, what you did was just kind of an excuse for him.

Sami: I didn't think I could hate that guy more than I already do. I know why you did what you did. I know you were thinking about your dad, and your grandpa, and aunt Hope, and--

Will: Well, they're my family. You know, I couldn't sell them down the river.

Sami: And you didn't. You didn't, but this isn't over. This whole custody thing is not over. I'm going to make sure that you can be a real father to your daughter, and I know how to make that happen.

EJ: So here is the check for the new school.

Eric: Thank you. I really appreciate your company. You've been very generous. I'll have Nicole send you a receipt for your tax records.

EJ: How is Nicole?

Vargas: [Exhales] [Sniffles and clears throat]

Nicole: Oh, my God. [Exhales] Oh, my God! [Gasps]

Vargas: Hello. Sorry if I scared ya. I didn't hear you come in.

Nicole: It's okay. You're here to fix the heat, right?

Vargas: I'm gonna try.

Nicole: Well, do you mind if I stay? Or I can take the laptop back to the convent, whatever.

Vargas: No, you're not gonna be in my way. I might be here a while, though, if you wanna do your work somewhere else.

Nicole: [Laughs] That's fine. I mean, I'll be fine. It's--it's fine... quite fine.

Nancy: [Sighs] Are you kidding me?

Chloe: Well, now that Daniel and Jennifer are, like, a thousand miles apart, it's time for me to close that distance between him and me.

Nancy: Am I losing my mind, or did we just not have a conversation about this being a bad idea?

Chloe: Mom, if he's in San Francisco, I need to be in San Francisco.

Nancy: Chloe, have you given any thought about your bumping into Daniel 2,000 miles from home?

Chloe: Yes, I've thought about it, and I've got a plan.

Nancy: [Sighs] Déja-vu all over again.

Jennifer: I thought you went to San Francisco.

Daniel: No, I am here, and I'm here because I love you, and I'm not going anywhere until I make this right.

Nick: What are you doing?

Gabi: I'm gonna call Will, find out what happened.

Nick: Well, I already told you what happened.

Gabi: Well, then, I'm gonna figure out why it happened. Nick.

Nick: Does it really matter? It's the same arrangement that we had before anyone knew that Will was the father.

Gabi: Look, this is exactly my point. Look, now everybody knows he's the father, and that completely changes everything.

Nick: Why?

Gabi: Because, for one thing, I know for sure that Will would never just sign his baby away unless somebody was holding a gun to his head, okay?

Nick: Well, actually, it was something kind of like that.

Will: It is truly amazing how you never change. I forget how many times I've asked you to keep out of this, and you keep trying to push your way back in.

Sami: Will, this situation is untenable.

Will: Untenable.

Sami: I mean, you can't just think that you're going to be able to go through life pretending your daughter doesn't exist.

Will: You don't use words like "untenable"...

Sami: It will eat you up inside.

Will: But EJ uses words like "untenable," so that means, not only are you not keeping out of this, you're taking your cues from him.

Sami: And every day you are not with your daughter, it's gonna hurt more.

Will: Yeah, I know. I know that, but, mom, I signed a piece of paper, and it's over, so it's done.

Sami: It's over? Are you kidding me?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Sami: That deal isn't worth the piece of paper you signed it on. Nick was blackmailing you. That's not binding.

Will: Is that EJ talking?

Sami: No. This is me. What Nick is doing is morally, ethically, and legally wrong, and you just give me the green light, and I can make sure that you are a part of your daughter's life...

Will: How?

Sami: And I can make sure that Gabi and Nick are shut down. I can make sure that you are the one who decides how you want your daughter raised.

Vargas: I think I got it. Feels like it's already starting to cool down in here.

Nicole: Not really.

Eric: Nicole is doing very well.

EJ: Working at church. [Snorts] Living in a convent--sorry.

Eric: [Laughs]

EJ: Well, it's just not her natural habitat.

Eric: Well, she's doing much better since we put the wet bar in the rectory.

EJ: [Chuckles] I like it.

Eric: [Laughs]

EJ: Look, we're not friends, but I know she's been through a lot.

Eric: It's a slow process, but she's getting there. It may not be her natural habitat, but it's a stable one.

EJ: Good. Well, she's lucky to have you.

Eric: That goes both ways. Thanks again for the check.

EJ: Of course. That wasn't easy for you, was it?

Eric: God teaches us to reach out to sinners, especially sinners with deep pockets.

EJ: Sonny.

[Clears throat]

Sonny: Hey.

EJ: How's William holding up?

Sonny: You know, not great. Losing the rights to his kid's bad enough, but, to be shoved around by that sniveling, low-life piece of...

EJ: You really sound like you want to rip him limb from limb.

Sonny: Something like that, yeah.

EJ: I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Sonny: [Laughs]

EJ: What if I were to tell you that there may be a way that we could make William's pain go away?

Nick: [Exhales]

Gabi: What did you do, Nick?

Nick: Look, will knows that his baby almost died because of his mother. Maybe he signed his rights away in order to make sure that she left you and the baby alone.

Gabi: Really?

Nick: Yeah, and, maybe now that he's back with Sonny, he thought it would be best for the baby if he stepped aside. Like I said, it's exactly where we were before, putting the baby first, so that, when we sign Arianna Grace's birth certificate, I'll be the father, and the three of us can be the perfect, little, happy family we always dreamed of.

Gabi: No. No, no, no. No, I'm right. Okay, you did this. You did something, okay? You did something to make Will walk away from his daughter.

Will: Mom, just because Nick thought it was okay to take the baby away from me does not mean I think it's okay to take my baby away from Gabi, okay? I'd like my daughter to have both of her parents in her life.

Sami: I'm not talking about taking the baby away from Gabi. I just wanna make sure you're in the baby's life. Look, all Nick has is that recording that he made of you talking about the fact that you shot EJ and the evidence that the police have in the evidence locker.

Will: Oh, that's all he has? Does he need anything else?

Sami: All I'm saying is, if the recording and the evidence disappear, then he has nothing. Like EJ said, once that stuff is gone, then there's no way he can make that agreement stick. You'll be home free.

Will: Great, so, if we destroy the evidence at the police station, we'll be home free. That's simple.

Sami: Oh, it's not impossible. I mean, your father and I almost had it that--

Will: Oh, my God.

Sami: It's not that big a deal.

Will: It is a big deal, mom. I signed that damn piece of paper to protect dad, and you talked him into trying to steal something from the police sta--

Sami: Well, your father cares about you, okay? We both do, but we have a better plan now, all right? There is someone I know who can help you, someone who can make sure that that evidence disappears, make sure the recording disappears by barely lifting a finger, and, with a little bit of time, this person can be convinced to help you.

Will: So let me get this straight. You involved dad, and now you want to involve grandpa, right? Why don't we get great-grandma involved too? Why don't we make Ciara the lookout?

Sami: No, no, no, I am not talking about my dad. I'm talking about Stefano.

Chloe: Thanks, Barry. I owe you big time. Okay, bye. Done.

Nancy: What's done?

Chloe: Well, that was a guy that I worked with last year in Chicago, and he got me an audition to do some voice-over work.

Nancy: In San Francisco.

Chloe: Right, so, when I bump into Daniel, I will have good reason to be there. [Sighs] Thank you so much for taking Parker to go see dad and Joy. At least I won't have to worry about him while I'm going to get him his daddy back.

Nancy: You really think that Daniel's gonna believe that you're bumping into him is kismet and not just the end of a string of elaborately staged events?

Chloe: Mom, why do you have to be like this? Can't you see that I have everything going for me right now?

Nancy: Yes, honey, but Daniel is not an idiot.

Chloe: No, he is not, but he's hurt and vulnerable. He and Jennifer are at each other's throats, and she's here, and he's there, and there's another thing. It's the most important thing.

Nancy: What's that?

Chloe: Well, since I've been back, I've been able to see that, deep down inside in his heart, he still wants me.

Daniel: I went to your house to talk to you, to try one more time to figure out why we're just not getting on the same page, and Kristen stopped me.

Jennifer: Okay, so?

Daniel: Well, so she just flat out asked me if I had slept with Chloe, and, of course, I told her that I had.

Jennifer: Again, so?

Daniel: So she went on, and she told me where you got that idea, that you came to my hotel room to talk to me. Chloe opened the door. You saw me passed out in the bed.

Jennifer: Yeah, but you already knew that, Daniel.

Daniel: No, no, I didn't know that. All I knew was that I drank too much, and I was making a fool of myself, but what I didn't know was that you saw me there and Chloe.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. So, when I slapped you, you had no idea why I did that?

Daniel: Not until an hour ago, and I didn't know that's what Chloe went to talk to you about, but, now that I know what happened, I mean, well, I think I got off easy with a slap to--

Jennifer: No, you didn't deserve that. You don't deserve any of this. I had no idea.

Daniel: You deserve it-- you don't because when I think about what you've been through and the thoughts that must've been going on in your head, and--oh, my God. And, believe me, Chloe's gonna have to answer for what she did, but that's not what's important here.

Jennifer: What's important--

Daniel: What is important here is that I love you, and I hate that I didn't listen to you well enough and long enough to get that there were bigger problems going on. I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Jennifer: I can see that. I can see how sorry you are. I just--I still don't understand why she apologized to me for what happened because nothing happened, and I believe that, so why do you think she was apologizing to me for? It doesn't make sense.

Daniel: Well, all right, remember we said we were gonna be honest with each other? So, well-- who, here goes. That night Chloe came to my place to return my hospital badge, and I was drinking. I was drunk, and she came onto me and kissed me.

Sonny: What exactly do you mean, "make Will's pain go away"?

EJ: Well, it seems to me that, at this moment, William seems to have just accepted the fact that Nick's calling all the shots.

Sonny: Isn't that pretty much the way it is?

EJ: Well, it seems a little bit defeated, don't you think?

Sonny: Well, I'm sorry. I just--I don't see any other option.

EJ: There are always other options. The question is whether or not you have the stomach to exercise that.

Sonny: Are you talking about something illegal?

EJ: Well, Nick is blackmailing William. That's not legal, is it?

Gabi: Nick, look, you once told me that you had something on the Hortons, okay? And you never told me what that was, okay? Did you blackmail Will into this?

Nick: Gabi, I was out of my mind when you almost lost that--

Gabi: So that's a yes.

Nick: There was no way I was gonna let that woman do that to you again.

Gabi: Fine, okay. Keep Sami away but not Will!

Nick: Do you really think that Will is strong enough to keep Sami backed off? No. As long as will has access to our baby, so does that woman, and there's more.

Gabi: What, Nick?

Nick: [Exhales] When Sonny showed up at the hospital that night--

Gabi: Wait, Sonny was at the hospital?

Nick: Gabi, they made threats. They started talking about a custody battle. They started talking about my prison record and how they were going to use that to keep our baby away from us, how Will and Sonny were gonna raise the baby together.

Gabi: Wait, Will and Sonny? No, Sonny hates me.

Nick: So I didn't know what other choice I had.

Will: Stefano? You want to get Stefano involved in this?

Sami: Well, EJ and I are together, and, you know, we're talking about taking the next step, moving in.

Will: Please don't tell me what you're about to tell me. Please don't tell me what I think you're about to tell me.

Sami: Come on. This is serious, all right? And Stefano, he's getting up there, right? Makes sense that EJ would want to spend time with him.

Will: Yeah, you hate Stefano, though. Now you're talking about moving in with him?

Sami: That'll make us family, and Stefano protects his family, right? This could work. He already cares about you.

Will: The last time that I saw Stefano, I was pointing a gun at him because he blackmailed me and ruined my life. You know what should happen, though? Nick and Stefano and EJ should all get together, and they should all have a beer and talk about how they all blackmailed me about the same thing.

Sami: Okay, okay, I knew you would feel this way, but, look, this is important. Please, we have to do something. I knew you would rather die than not be in your daughter's life.

Will: What are you talking about is worse than what Nick did.

Sami: [Exhales]

Chloe: Yes, I'm only gonna need the room for one night, and then I'll have another place to stay. Uh, yeah, and I have another friend staying at the hotel. I was wondering if you could ring his room. Yeah, Dr. Daniel Jonas, and I was hoping maybe I could stay on the same floor. He what? No! Why would he cancel his reservation?

Daniel: Chloe kissed me, and then I pushed her away and told her that she had to go, that I was with you.

Jennifer: And why didn't you tell me?

Daniel: Well, first of all, I didn't wanna upset you more than you already were, but mainly I thought I finally was clear with Chloe that there was no chance of getting back together, so, for Parker's sake, I just thought it was best to forget the whole thing.

Jennifer: Right.

Daniel: Look, when you told me that Chloe came to you to apologize, I thought that's what it was about. I thought that you understood.

Jennifer: No, this was just Chloe, Chloe putting us against each other.

Daniel: Okay, listen, it is not about Chloe! What matters right now is that I love you. Now I have been confused about a lot of things but never, never about that. Okay. I know it's a lot to take in, and, if you want me to go to give you time to think... does that mean you don't need time to think?

Jennifer: No, you catch on fast.

Daniel: So, we're good?

Jennifer: We're good. We are so good. We are really good.

Nicole: So you fixed everything with just those, huh?

Vargas: Yeah, I'm pretty good with my hands.

Nicole: Oh. You must feel pretty sure about yourself.

Vargas: Well, I saw these tools laying there and just figured I'd give it a shot.

Eric: Nicole, what are you doing here?

Nicole: I work here.

Eric: I know, but I thought--

Nicole: That I'd rather not be here when the potentially violent prisoner you decided to rehabilitate shows up?

Eric: Nicole--

Nicole: Someone needs to pick up the paper work for the "invite someone who might kill you into your home" program. Oh, wait a minute. I mean, the prisoner release program. That's right.

Eric: Well, then, let me introduce you to Vargas.

Nicole: Yeah, I know. We met. He fixed the radiator. Do you have a bill or something? I can write you a check.

Vargas: I'm not a plumber. I'm the prisoner release guy.

Gabi: Sonny threatened you?

Nick: Threatened us, our baby.

Gabi: So, you blackmailed Will?

Nick: I had no choice.

Gabi: Nick, you realize you're still on parole, right? You could go straight to prison.

Nick: No, no, no, no, I've got them backed into a corner.

Gabi: No! Will does not deserve that!

Nick: What about what we deserve? our baby deserves? Will's mother is never gonna back off, and Sonny is just gonna keep whispering in Will's ear about you. I had to handle it, and I had to handle it fast, and I did not blackmail him. We made a deal. I know something about Will's family that could hurt them.

Gabi: All right. You gotta tell me what it is.

Nick: It's not important. What's important is that we made a deal. Will and I made a deal. He backs off, and I keep my mouth shut about it. It wasn't blackmail.

Gabi: [Exhales] Well, it sure sounds like it, Nick, okay? And, other than Sami, Will's family has been so good to me, to us, okay? His grandmother, his mother, they set up this amazing wedding for us. Father Eric, you know what he told me today? He said that we were making something great out of something bad, and it feels like I'm lying to a priest again. I don't want to do that.

Nick: Okay, calm down. Father Eric doesn't know anything about the deal, so we're not lying to him.

Gabi: Okay, so, then who does?

Nick: Uh, Will, his mother, his father, Sonny, and EJ.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Nick: And those are the only people who should know. Can you go along with it? Do you think you can not tell anybody else?

Sonny: Are you trying to enlist me? Do you think I'm gonna pressure Will into doing whatever it is that you're planning?

EJ: Don't you want to help him?

Sonny: I do, but I don't want to manipulate him into doing something he doesn't want to do. Why do you care so much?

EJ: I like William, and I want his mother to be happy, and I think it'd be great fun to crush Nick Fallon like a bug. Don't you think it would be fun?

Will: Wow, okay, so, you're talking about committing a crime or crimes to cover up the fact that I committed a crime.

Sami: You were driven to do what you did.

Will: What I did, mom, was shoot somebody, okay? I've come to the conclusion that that's almost never a good idea.

Sami: [Laughs] You know what? I'm gonna tell you what I think.

Will: That's new.

Sami: What Nick is doing is worse than shooting someone because he's not just hurting you. He is hurting a helpless, innocent child, your child.

Will: By telling the truth?

Sami: I cannot believe you are standing here defending him to me.

Will: Well, I can't believe you're moving back into the scene of your own crime. Do you remember when you snuck in there and shot EJ in the head? Are you at least gonna have a different bedroom?

Sami: EJ and I are in love, and, Will, I would do anything for you. I would sleep in the street on a cardboard box if it helped you.

Will: Yeah, you're gonna be slumming it in the mansion for sure. Look, I don't want your help, 'cause, every time I get it, I just need more help from somebody else.

Sami: I deserve that. I know I deserved that, Will. I guess I just push too hard because I am always trying to make up for everything. I'm trying to make up for the time I spent away from you. You just have to ask yourself this: Do you wanna someday be saying the same thing to your child?

Chloe: I just called the hospital, and Daniel cancelled his trip, and now he's not picking up the phone in his hotel room either. Daniel, where are you? [Sighs]

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Kissing and heavy breathing]

Daniel: Okay.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: Are you sure? I want this to be special.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure. I know how much you love me, so I know it's going to be special.

Daniel: I do.

Jennifer: I do.

Daniel: I love you.

Nicole: Well, this is awkward.

Eric: Well, I was trying to keep it from being like that, but you just wouldn't shut up. Vargas, this is Nicole walker. She works here with me, and, if you try hard enough, you might be able to pry an opinion out of her.

Vargas: Nice to meet you.

Nicole: I'm sorry. It's just I have a really big mouth.

Vargas: Where I spent the last couple of years, what you said sounds warm and inviting.

[Laughter] I'd shake your hand, but, you know.

Eric: You know, Sister Annabel, she's outside. She's gonna show you your room so you can settle in and get cleaned up.

Vargas: Thanks.

Eric: No, thank you for fixing our radiator.

Vargas: So I was telling her that I'm pretty good with my hands, so anything you need.

Eric: Wasn't that very classic Nicole walker?

Nicole: Well, maybe it didn't occur to me that he's the ex-con since he was left here alone.

Eric: And, you see, with an opportunity, he fixed the heat for us.

Nicole: Or maybe he was just setting us up for some false sense of security before the big score.

Eric: The next big score? Yeah, I'll try to infiltrate a broke parish church.

Nicole: Oh, you know what? You're so perfect and wonderful because it's your freaking job, but I'm less than thrilled that I'm gonna be living under the same roof as some ex-con.

Gabi: Nick, I'm sorry. I guess I just--I can't understand why you did what you did because I don't think that it's gonna work. Will's my friend.

Nick: Babe, we can't be sentimental about this.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Nick: Um, I have to go down and sign for this package, but, look, take a deep breath, okay? I'll come back up in a minute, and we'll figure this out together.

Gabi: Will's my friend.

Excuse me? Daddy, why didn't you want me? Sir, did you hear me? I asked where the library is.

Will: Oh, I'm sorry. It's that way.


EJ: Hey. You don't seem very happy.

Sami: Tell me some good news about your conversation with Sonny.

EJ: Well, I planted a seed, and he certainly seems to hate Nick just as much as you and I do...

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: But he's also being very protective of William.

Sami: Yeah, well, we'll see how much good that does him. Will is trying to do the right thing. You know how I feel about that.

EJ: Mm, conversation didn't go very well?

Sami: It didn't, but, you know what? I think he's gonna have a change of heart. I think when he sees Gabi and Nick raising his child, he's gonna see it differently.

EJ: He may just need some time, you know? Unfortunately, you and I don't have that luxury. Speaking of which, did you make a decision as to whether or not we are going to move into the mansion?

Sami: [Laughs]

Chloe: Something is just not right.

Nancy: Chloe, stop and think.

Chloe: What is there to think about? If he's with her, then I need to go find them!

Nancy: But, honey, you don't know that they're together, and, if they are and you go barging in, you're only gonna make Daniel angrier than he already is. Remember when you were just going to take off and do nothing? Jennifer and Daniel were able to mess things up all by themselves.

Chloe: Mom, I can't let her win.

Nancy: Chloe, you and I have done everything we can to convince Daniel that Jennifer is not the right choice for him, you are, and we have to sit back and do nothing.

[Light rock]

Singer: Mm honestly kissing you is like a fantasy every dream is now reality

Both: Heaven is here in your eyes I found paradise I'm lost in your love I can't get enough everything I want and more with this perfect touch want to say so much words just aren't enough I'm sure I could not ask for more Mm

Eric: You're an ex-con too, Nicole.

Nicole: Yeah, but I'm not worried that I'm going to kill me in my sleep.

Eric: And I'm sure he won't do that.

Nicole: Well, that makes me feel so much better.

Eric: You know, it's actually your influence on him that I'm kind of concerned about. I'm worried about what you might do to him.

Nicole: How dare you. Did you tell him I did time too?

Eric: No. That is none of his business. I mean, besides, you've changed. So don't you think that you, more than anyone, think that this man deserves the same chance?

Vargas: So the blonde's not quite as naive as the priest. I still think this is gonna work out just fine.

Sami: All right. Yes, EJ, I am ready to take the next step with you. I am, but I just don't know if the DiMera mansion is really the right way to do that.

EJ: But we'd have essentially our own wing. We can keep ourselves to ourselves if we want to.

Sami: But I'm not thinking about me.

[Sighs] Normally when I say that it's a punch line, but right now I'm serious. For me, it'll be great to live there and to butter Stefano up. I want to make sure I get him on my son's side, but I'm thinking about you too.

EJ: But that's exactly what I want.

Sami: Really? I mean, what about all the issues you have with your father? Are you sure you are ready to deal with him on a daily basis?

Gabi: Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: [Exhales]

Gabi: I was looking for Will. He hasn't answered any of my texts.

Sonny: Oh, I know. Yeah, this morning, we took each other's phones by mistake, so...

Gabi: Oh. You guys should probably get different covers.

Sonny: It's really not that big a deal. Will has nothing to say to you.

Will: Why don't you let me decide that? Hey, what's up? I thought you had your wedding today.

Gabi: Yeah, but this can't wait. Can we go somewhere and talk for a second?

Jennifer: That was perfect.

Daniel: [Sighs] You were perfect. Mm.

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: Maybe living with my father is the best way to deal with those issues, but, more important than that, this is about making William happy, because, if William's not happy, you're not going to be happy.

Sami: Thank you.

EJ: And I promise you that little girl is going to know that William is her father.

Nick: Hey, Gabi, I was just thinking that...

Gabi: Look, I know what you did, but I want to hear it from you.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: Are you really okay with giving up your daughter?

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