Days Transcript Monday 3/4/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/4/13


Episode #12035 ~ Nick tells Gabi he is in a hurry to marry her; Rafe and Kate get intimate; Daniel is stunned by Jennifer's decision.

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Jennifer: I just think that... maybe we should just take a break and not see each other for a while.

Daniel: Jennifer, please. You can't mean that.

Jennifer: I don't want to do this, but I really don't know how we're supposed to go on if you're not willing to not have any contact with Chloe whatsoever, and I don't think you're ready for that.

[Phone ringing]

Chloe: Hey, Mom.

Nancy: Hi, honey. I'm just calling now to let you know that I've got my plane ticket, my bags are packed, oh, and I can't wait to see you and my precious grandson.

Chloe: Well, I don't know. I don't know if now is such a good time.

Nancy: Um, you don't want me to come?

Chloe: No, I do. It's just that everything's a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.

Nancy: Okay, honey, tell you what, sit down, take a deep breath, and tell me all about it.

Abigail: [Gasps] Cameron. I'm so sorry.

Cameron: Uh, Abigail. What is it? What's wrong?

Rafe: Arianna Grace. [Chuckles] It's a beautiful name.

Gabi: Thank you. I'm already asking Ari to watch out for her.

Kate: Hi, Gabi. Thought I'd stop by and see how you are.

Gabi: Oh, hi. I'm fine, so thank you, bye.

Lucas: This isn't right, and you know it.

Nick: I only know what has to be done. Do you have a pen?

Attorney: Yes.

Sami: You can't do this.

Nick: I assume you found everything in order. Good. Well, I don't see a reason to waste any more time. Uh... oh, no, I won't be signing them. He will.

Sami: Look, Will, why don't you wait? Why don't we think this through before you do anything?

Nick: You know what the choice is here, Will... and trust me, you don't want to spend any time in prison.

Will: If I can go to prison without dragging anyone else down, I will. So at least she can come visit me...and I can see her when I get out. But I think you're right. We're all so screwed up, she'd probably be better off without me.

Jennifer: I hear the words coming out of my mouth, and I know it sounds like an ultimatum, but that's not what I want it to be.

Daniel: Look, I know you don't, but it is an ultimatum.

Jennifer: And I know the most important thing for you is to be with your son.

Daniel: Yes.

Jennifer: All right, but Chloe is not gonna stop, so it's just gonna get worse and worse, Daniel.

Daniel: And you can't live like that, I know. [Grumbles]

Jennifer: I just--ugh. I know that she's not gonna get you back, but I also know that she will eventually end up killing whatever we have between us.

Cameron: Sorry, I spilled something on my scrubs and had to duck in here to change.

Abigail: No, I'm sorry that I barged in like that.

Cameron: Oh, it's--no. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look, look, look, look, look, look, I can tell you're upset about something. Tell me about it.

Gabi: Just go, okay?

Kate: Sure. I'll leave this here for you. Get some rest.

Rafe: Kate. Wait. I know you're upset, but she's just trying to be nice. She's worried about you and the baby.

Gabi: Okay, uh, Rafe, why are you defending her?

Sami: [Whispering] I just want a second. Okay, just give me--just give me one second. I have something that I want to say to you, just the two of us.

Lucas: Sami, I don't think that's a good idea right now.

Sami: Well, I think it's a good idea. I think it's important for Nick and I to talk, just the two of us, so if you could just go... Will? Just give me a second.

Nick: [Scoffs]

EJ: You sure?

Sami: I'm sure.

Nick: [Scoffs] You can threaten me or Gabi all you want, but I'm not backing down, Sami.

Sami: I'm not here to threaten you. I'm here to make you an offer.

Nick: [Laughs]

Sami: Because I will do anything to make sure that Will does not lose his daughter.

Nick: Well, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do.

Sami: You're wrong. There is something. I will take an oath. I will sign your papers, I will sign anything. I will swear that I will stay out of that baby's life.

Sami: Get an injunction that will keep me away from the child. I won't fight it. I will sign it. But think about it, Nick. I am the one who made the mistakes, I'm the one you have a problem with, not Will, so punish me, not him.

Nick: This is not a punishment, Sami, do you understand? I am protecting Gabi and our baby.

Sami: Yeah, but you don't have to protect that baby from Will. It's his child. He loves her, he is totally committed to her.

Nick: Oh, really? Was he totally committed to her when he took Gabi to get an abortion?

Sami: You don't understand what he--

Nick: You need to face facts here, Sami. Will is just like you. He will not commit to anything unless it's convenient, and those commitments have a tendency to subside very quickly.

Sami: We are talking about his child. This is Will's baby girl, and that has to mean something to you. You love Gabi, right? You love her and you love this child that she is carrying... but Will being a part of this baby's life doesn't have to change that for you. It's me you have a problem with, and I totally understand that. So if you promise that Will will be a part of his daughter's life...I will disappear. I will stay away from that child forever.

Nick: You know what, Sami? I think you actually mean that.

Rafe: Defending her? [Laughs] No, I'm just wondering why you're so tough on her.

Gabi: Well, I'm tired, okay, I'm upset.

Rafe: Okay.

Gabi: And I also can't forget how hard she was on Nick.

Kate: Gabi, we were in negotiations. He was really hard on me too, and I respect him for that.

Gabi: Oh.

Kate: But none of that really matters. You're having Will's baby, and that's what's important to me. You have the upper hand, because I will do practically anything to be part of that baby's life. I mean, this is just the start. If I have to buy you a new car, send you on a trip to Europe--

Rafe: So you think you can buy her affections?

Kate: I'm gonna try. Here, go ahead and open it. Tell me how I'm doing so far.

Cameron: Is this about the other day? I'm sorry I ran out on you.

Abigail: No, no, you had an emergency, and that's not what this is about.

Cameron: Well, then what is it about?

Abigail: Something really terrible happened today, something awful.

Cameron: Go on.

Abigail: I got in this huge fight with Chloe, and I think I screwed up my mom's life completely.

Cameron: Abigail, come here.

Daniel: Love. Love is what we have between us. She's not gonna kill that, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You're right, and that's why I want you to hear what I'm saying, because this is so important. I don't want to give up on us. I want to fight so hard for what we have, so I don't understand why we can't just draw this line in the sand for Chloe and ask her to honor that.

Daniel: Okay, okay, so if we draw this line in the sand, what is gonna happen to my son? You were okay with this before.

Jennifer: I was, I was before all this trouble happened with her, before I knew how obsessed she was with you, before she dragged my daughter into this and taunted her with the memory of her dead father, Daniel.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: Oh, she didn't tell you about that? Wow, how unusual for Chloe to leave out a pertinent detail like that, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, I--Jen, Jen, I am gonna make sure that I can--

Jennifer: Oh, I know what you're gonna say. You're gonna make sure that it never happens again. You can't.

Daniel: You don't think it's gonna get even worse if I don't even talk to her?

Jennifer: I have no idea. I don't know how to get through to her obsessed, sick mind right now, 'cause she is out of control.

Daniel: Mm. Jen, I-I--

Jennifer: But I see. I see what she's doing to you, and I feel for you in this situation, I really do, but now that she has dragged my daughter into this, I am not gonna let us go down this road that you are proposing--letting us believe that everything is gonna be okay, and deluding ourselves into thinking that Chloe just wants to be a good mom to Parker when her agenda is so clear.

[Daniel scoffs]

Jennifer: We don't have to talk about it anymore.

Daniel: Yeah, well--

Jennifer: You know why I made this decision and you know how I feel, so now, it's up to you.

Chloe: I don't know if there's anything that you or I could do, Mom. If Daniel agrees to what Jennifer wants, then I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to get close enough to him to win him back.

Nancy: Honey--honey, listen to me. [Sighs] Everything's going to work out. We'll find a way for you to get him back. I promise you that.

Daniel: I gotta go. I have to tuck my little man in.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know. I understand.

Daniel: Okay. Well, good night.

Jennifer: Good night.

Cameron: She spoke about your father?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah. She acted like we didn't even care that he died, and she accused me of pimping my mom out to Daniel because I'm trying to get back at my dad for deserting me for all those years, and then... uh, then I attacked her. Physically. I mean, I physically attacked her.

Cameron: Well, I hope she's missing teeth.

[Both laugh]

Abigail: What if she's right?

Cameron: Abigail, she's not right. I was there, and I saw how that affected you and how much you loved him.

Abigail: Yeah. I just-- why was he so determined to save me?

Cameron: Don't say that. Don't think that.

Abigail: It should have been me on that elevator. It should have been me.

Cameron: No.

Abigail: [Sobs]

Gabi: Um, thank you so much. It's a gift certificate to the spa, whole day.

Rafe: Wow.

Kate: Aromatherapy, a mani-pedi, a mom-to-be personal massage.

Gabi: It's perfect. Thank you.

Kate: Great. So does this mean that I don't have to buy you that new car?

Rafe: [Laughs]

Will: Is there any way where I--if I take responsibility for my actions, I can just serve the sentence and not drag anybody else down with me?

EJ: [Sighs] I think, under the circumstances, Nick has a pretty good case. I'm sorry. I can't imagine that a board of inquiry would understand what your grandfather did... Bo and Hope not properly investigating evidence that would have implicated you, and then there's what your father did.

Lucas: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

EJ: Lucas, you already perjured yourself, twice.

Will: I-I do worry about you, Dad. You have suffered enough because of my stupidity, and I don't want to hurt anybody anymore.

Lucas: What about your own daughter? Do you really want her to be raised by a blackmailing murderer?

Sami: I do mean it.

Nick: Yeah. You do. That's why people keep falling for your lies. 'Cause when you say them, you actually mean them.

Sami: I'll put it in writing. I will sign anything, right now.

Nick: It doesn't matter, because tomorrow morning, you'll wake up and try to find some way to change it. You don't change, Sami, no matter what you promise. Sign something, put your hand on a not... believe you.

Sami: No, no, no!

Nick: What?

Sami: I am offering you something that is so precious to me. I am offering you my time-- my time with my granddaughter... for Will. So think what you want of me, but no one would argue that I do not love my children.

Nick: Sami, you just tried to blackmail me by threatening to send Gabi, the mother of your unborn granddaughter, to prison.

Sami: I was desperate.

Nick: And you still are. Do you really think for one minute that if Will were to be able to see this baby, to hold her in his arms, to spend time with her, that you'd be able to prevent yourself from elbowing your way in on that? You would not be able to stop yourself from interfering...

Sami: You don't have any rights to this child!

Nick: And making Gabi's life totally, totally miserable.

Sami: You are a blackmailer and a murderer, and you are trying to steal another man's child! You don't deserve to raise any child, never mind my son's daughter!

[Nick chuckles]

Sami: I didn't mean that.

Nick: No, Sami, I think we both know that you did mean that. Listen... [Clears throat] This conversation has ceased to be productive on any level, so I'm gonna go get the notary, I'm gonna get Will, and he's gonna sign this paper.

Will: I know what Nick is doing is wrong, but he's only doing it because he's scared. He's scared of what Mom did. I mean, Gabi almost lost the baby during one of Mom's attacks.

EJ: Wait a second, you're not seriously suggesting that that man is justified in what he's doing?

Will: No, I'm not. I'm just saying that... Nick is right in that what Mom did is just one example of the dysfunction of our family. He does not think that's a healthy environment for a kid to grow up in...

Lucas: All right.

Will: And he's gonna do everything he can to protect Gabi and to protect the baby from her.

Nick: That's right. I will.

Cameron: Abigail, listen. I was there. Your father is a true hero, and I'm so grateful you're still alive. He'd hate it if you felt guilty for what he did of his own free will.

Abigail: Thanks. When you say it, I can kind of believe it.

Cameron: Well, believe it, 'cause it's the truth.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Cameron: Thank God you're still alive.

Daniel: Listen.

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: I am not giving up on you, on us, 'cause I will make you see that I can do this. I can make this work and give my son everything he needs. Know that. I love you.

Jennifer: I love you.

Daniel: Whoa.

Jennifer: Oh, maybe love is enough. Daniel—

Sami: It didn't work. He hates me and he is using me to hurt Will, and I played right into his hand.

Nick: Well, I don't see a reason to put this off any longer. Does anyone else?

Sonny: Will, hey... please, talk to my dad.

Nick: What is another lawyer gonna tell him? We can't wait any longer.

Will: You know this is wrong. Somewhere deep in your heart, you know this is wrong.

Nick: I only know what's best for Gabi and this baby.

Will: [Sighs]

Abigail: Thank you for talking to me. I don't know how you did it, but I actually feel better.

Cameron: Well, I'm glad, because you're amazing. You should always feel good about yourself.

Abigail: Well, I do when I'm with you.

Cameron: I better get back to work.

Abigail: Yeah.

Cameron: But, hey, can I see you tomorrow?

Abigail: Yeah, I like that.

Chloe: Shh. Have you made a decision yet?

Daniel: Decision?

Chloe: About Jennifer's ultimatum.

Daniel: Okay, it wasn't an ultimatum, and that's not why I'm here, all right? I don't want to talk about that. I'm actually here to say good night to Parker.

Chloe: Well, you're too late. He already fell asleep in his playpen. It was so cute, you should have seen him. He was trying to stay awake, saying, "Where Daddy? Where Daddy?"

Daniel: Really? Really?

Chloe: What, you think I'm lying?

Daniel: No, I think you enjoy making me guilty. [Scoffs] What you need to do, you need to call your mother, and tell her to get here right away, until we find a nanny.

Chloe: Okay.

Daniel: And by the time we hire someone, we'll have made some decisions about how everything is gonna work here.

Chloe: You mean the Jennifer Horton plan goes into effect?

Daniel: Okay, did I say that? I don't think I said that. Did I say that?

Chloe: You know what? Have you thought about it, Daniel? If we can't be in the same room, how are we gonna go together to his nursery school interviews or his birthday parties or soccer games or whatever? Are you seriously going to let Jennifer dictate how we parent our child?

Daniel: Shh, shh.

Chloe: I'm sorry. It's hard for me to keep my voice down when we're talking about my son's life. I'm gonna go call my mom.

Daniel: [Sighs] Oh, I am gonna do what's best for you. Oh, but what the hell is that?

Notary: These are in order. I'll take them to your lawyer.

Nick: Okay. I think we're done here. I'm sure everyone understands the importance of discretion. As far as people outside of this room, this was Will's decision. I say that to protect you, Will, because the fact is, I have nothing to lose if the truth comes out, whereas Will, on the other hand--

Lucas: Your great-grandfather practically built this hospital. If he could see you now, he'd be disgusted. You are not a Horton.

Nick: I need to go find Gabi.

EJ: Nick. A word. Four years ago, I stood in a courtroom and I defended you. I asked for leniency. Leniency you got. Leniency, without which you would not have got your parole. William is like a son to me, and I belong to a family you do not want to mess with.

Nick: You don't scare me.

EJ: [Chuckles] Then you're a lot more stupid than you look.

Nick: Maybe.

Sami: [Sobbing] He's a vicious son of a bitch. But it's my fault, and I'm--

Will: No.

Sami: I am so sorry.

Will: No. I have nobody to blame but myself. Sonny, can you take me home?

Lucas: You tried. It's not your fault, Sami.

Sami: He can't get away with this.

Lucas: It looks like he just did.

EJ: Come here.

Sami: How could anybody be so cruel? [Sobs]

Nick: How are you feeling?

Gabi: Good. How about you?

Nick: Good. Excited. Happy. Gabi, all of our problems are over. They're over. Everybody finally came to their senses.

Gabi: What are you talking about?

Nick: Will, his whole family, they all finally realized that you and the baby are the biggest priority. No one, not even Sami, is gonna be able to bother us now.

Gabi: Okay, what did you do?

Nick: I did what I had to do. And now I want to marry you as soon as possible.

EJ: Samantha, come on. Let's go. All of this can wait until the morning.

Sami: Why should it?

[Keyboard clacking]

EJ: Because you need to go home and get some rest.

Sami: Why should I go home? So I can ruin the rest of my kids' lives? Maybe I could get Johnny kicked off the soccer team...

EJ: Samantha--

Sami: Or Allie to have--

EJ: Hey, Samantha, would you look at me, please? We said we weren't going to do this. Would you please let me in? Will you let me help you?

[Door opening]

Sonny: Wish there was something I could say.

Will: No, it's... it's over now. My little girl.

Gabi: That totally came out of the blue, what--

Nick: What do you mean? You know how much I want to marry you.

Gabi: Well, yeah, but I mean, all of a sudden you want to get married right away, and I mean, we told Rafe that we would wait.

Nick: And we waited over a month. I mean, you know how much I just want the three of us to be a happy family. I wouldn't do anything to screw this up, I-- there's no more reason to wait. Gabi, please. Please, marry me.

Gabi: Nick. Yes, of course, yes.

Nick: Mmm. [Sighs]

Chloe: Well, I called my mom, and she's thrilled. She's gonna be here tomorrow.

Daniel: Good, I'm glad it all worked out. And once again, you are gonna stay away from Jennifer and Abigail. If you happen to run into them, you cross the street and you stay away from them.

Chloe: Daniel, I said I would do that, and I'm gonna keep my word.

Daniel: Good. This is exhausting. I'm getting out of here. I'll see you tomorrow.

Abigail: Mom?

Jennifer: Hmm?

Abigail: Listen to me. Okay, I lost it because of Chloe, okay, but I'm fine now.

Jennifer: I know, baby. It's late, it really is.

Abigail: Mom. I hate it that you and Daniel are breaking up because you're worried about me.

Jennifer: Honey, we're not breaking up. We're just trying to figure all of this out right now, okay?

Abigail: Well, I feel like it's my fault.

Jennifer: It's not. It's not your fault. It's not my fault, it's not Daniel's fault, it-- I just hope that Daniel figures out whose fault it is and that he just gets Chloe out of his life for good.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Hello?

Nancy: Oh, Daniel! It's so good to hear your voice.

Daniel: Uh, I'm sorry, who is this?

Nancy: Daniel, it's your son's proud grandma.

Daniel: Nancy. I'm sorry, I--

Nancy: Oh, no, honey, don't worry about it. It's been a long time since we've spoken. Oh, ah, but that's all gonna change, isn't it? Oh, I can't wait to see Parker again.

Daniel: Well, it's really nice of you to help us out like this.

Nancy: Oh, thank you, Daniel. Um, Daniel, there's something that I want to say, entre nous. I know a lot about what's going on. I love Chloe to death, but... I can see clearly that she needs to let go, move on.

Daniel: Really?

Nancy: Yes, and I'd like to maybe sit down with you when I get back to Salem, and maybe I can help Chloe find her way through all this.

Daniel: That would be-- that would be great.

Nancy: Good, then we'll talk when I get there. Good night, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay. [Laughs] All right, good night, Nancy. Phew. [Whispering] Yes.

[Phone ringing]

Chloe: Mom?

Nancy: [Gasps] It went great. I stayed on script, and he bought it all.

Chloe: Oh, thank you so much.

Nancy: Don't worry, honey, it's all going to work out just the way you planned.

Chloe: That's right. Just like I planned.

Cameron: Don't forget, she needs her sleep.

Nick: Yeah.

Cameron: Okay.

Nick: [Sighs] He's right, you should get some sleep.

Gabi: Well, I hope I'm not too excited to sleep, because... I can't, I'm all excited. [Giggles] I love you, Nick.

Nick: I love you so much, and I'm gonna make you so, so happy.

[Phone ringing]

Kate: Mmm.

Rafe: Oh, my God.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: I really don't want to get that.

Kate: [Laughs]

Rafe: But it's work... so I have to.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: Okay. Hernandez. Okay, I'll be right there. Sorry.

Kate: Oh. That's okay, duty calls.

Rafe: [Laughing] Yeah. It won't take long. I'll make sure it doesn't take long.

Kate: So what are you trying to say?

Rafe: Stay here... if you want. I'll be back. Mmm.

Sami: Don't. I don't need your sympathy, EJ, and I sure as hell do not deserve it.

EJ: Samantha.

Sami: I don't, okay? I just don't need you! I'm sorry.

EJ: It's okay.

Sami: I do. [Sobs]

EJ: It's okay.

Sami: [Sobbing]

Will: And I just can't get away from the fact that this is really all my fault.

Sonny: And Nick? He's just blameless? Will, will you just please talk to my dad? Please.

Will: There's nothing to talk about.

Sonny: So what, you're just gonna give up? After everything Nick did to you?

Will: I don't know. I-I-I-- I get why he did it, you know? It wasn't fair.

Sonny: And it was cruel.

Will: Yes, and it was wrong, but he's just trying to do what he thinks is best to protect Gabi and, you know, what he sees as his family.

Sonny: Protect from-- from you?

Will: I don't--from my family, from my mom, you know. [Mumbles] He's right about how...

Sonny: Damn it, Will, no.

Will: Screwed up we all are.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. That's just an excuse. Listen to me, I've been--I've been thinking about this. You know, I'm--I was trying to piece this whole thing together. Will, Nick played you... and Gabi, and everyone. You think that he just stumbled upon this evidence of what you did, the evidence of the cover-up? No. He went looking for it, and he found it... and he sat back and he waited for something to happen so he could justify using it. This whole entire--listen to me, this whole thing was planned. That's why he was so thrilled when your mother butted in.

Will: No.

Sonny: Yes, yes.

Will: No.

Sonny: You really think he's doing all this because your mother butted in? Will, he's doing this... because you're gay.

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