Days Transcript Friday 3/1/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/1/13


Episode #12034 ~ Jennifer wants to break up with Daniel; Abigail walks in on Cameron changing.

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Nicole: Bless me, Father, for I sin...a lot. And I don't--I don't know the rest, so just listen, okay? I'm in the middle of something that I didn't intend. I'm messing up. What I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, what I want to do is totally wrong. Completely, out of bounds, so wrong. The thing is-- I'm having a-a really hard time trying to tell you this, but I-I'm going to try.

Eric: Go ahead, please.

Nicole: Eric?

Eric: It is, yes.

Nicole: Oh!

Chloe: I came to apologize, and then, the next thing I know, she attacked me for no good reason.

Daniel: Okay, okay. It's all right, hey.

Abigail: Look at her.

Abe: All right, everyone. Uh, look, there's nothing to see here. Excuse me, excuse me.

Abigail: She makes me want to puke.

Jennifer: No, honey, no. Come over here, it's okay. It's okay. It's all right now.

Rafe: Daniel, hey. Want to tell me what's going on here?

Chloe: Yeah, I'll tell you what happened, Rafe. Abigail attacked me.

Abigail: She called the police?

Abe: No, I did.

Nick: She's the most beautiful baby in the world.

Sami: Yes, she is. The spitting image of her real father.

Gabi: What? No, give me my baby, Sami.

Sami: She's not your baby.

Gabi: She's my baby.

Sami: You think I would let you keep her after what you did to Will?

Nick: Give her back to us.

Sami: Never. Neither one of you deserves her.

Gabi: Sami, no. No.

Sami: I know what she did last summer. And I'm not just talking about losing the baby. She could go to prison.

Nick: You know, it's hard to fathom how Will could have ended up as well as he did with you for a mother.

Sami: Oh, really, you--

EJ: What the hell is going on here?

Sami: Nothing. EJ, Nick and I are just coming to an understanding.

Nick: Yes, that's right. An understanding that, uh, she thinks she can threaten to send Gabi to prison in order to get her hands on our baby.

Sami: You threatened Will, and I'm not going to tolerate that. I will retaliate.

EJ: Give us a moment, will you, Nick?

Nick: Be happy to. Why don't you explain the facts to your girlfriend?

Sami: The facts are simple. Gabi did something that she deserves to go to prison for, and you actually know what it is.

EJ: That's right. I do. And as much as it pains me to say this, Samantha, I cannot tell you.

Sonny: Will, there's got to be another way.

Lucas: Yeah, Sonny's right.

Sonny: You know, I can call my dad. All right, he knows his way around this stuff.

Lucas: No, I don't want to tell Justin about this. Not yet, okay? And no offense, Sonny, but I wish Will didn't tell you about what happened with EJ.

Will: Sonny-- he's not going to say anything, Dad.

Lucas: I know he's not going to say anything, but this puts him in a position where he has to lie now, and Nick's going to realize that. Now I know you don't want to give up your child. I know you don't want to do that, but I'm not going to let you either.

Will: I know. So I just gotta tell the truth.

Lucas: No, you don't have to do that.

Will: Yeah, the only chance that I have is to turn myself in for shooting EJ.

Rafe: So Abe says he saw you attacking Chloe. Did she?

Chloe: We were both at fault. It's over. Except I really tweaked my arm, and it's killing me.

Daniel: Okay, here. Let me just--let me take a look at it, okay?

Rafe: Chloe, it's pretty much up to you here. If you want to press charges--

Chloe: No, it's done.

Daniel: Okay. Listen, I, um, I think that's a really good call. I appreciate it. I really do.

Abigail: I'm so sorry, Mom.

Jennifer: I know, baby. It's okay.

Abigail: I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: It's going to be okay.

Sami: All right, is this private enough for you? I can't believe you're not on my side about this.

EJ: Thank you. Look, Samantha, my brother signed an agreement in which he stated that he would not testify against Gabi. Now, if he does that, if he does that... he can go to prison.

Sami: You mean, because he beat up Nick.

EJ: Right. So now do you understand?

Sami: Yes. But there has to be another way.

EJ: There is not another way. Nick is not stupid, Samantha. He knew that I would stop you.

Sami: So I just made it worse. That's what you're saying? I just-- I have to call Will, and I have to tell him what happened. Do you have my phone? Where's my phone? I-I don't have my phone.

EJ: Okay, listen, don't worry about your phone, okay? I think you've done enough for one day, all right, sweetheart? Please.

Lucas: Will, you've just got to rethink this, okay? He didn't press charges then. It's probably too late now.

Sonny: No, not with attempted murder. I did the research, and there's no statute of limitations.

Lucas: Oh, come on, man. He was a minor.

Will: I'm--I would still do time. And what's worse is that you could also face perjury charges.

Lucas: Well, I don't care about that.

Will: I do.

[Cell phone beeping]

Will: [Sighs]

Lucas: What, what's that? Who is it?

Will: Uh, Nick wants to see me.

Lucas: Right now?

Will: Yeah.

Lucas: Let's go then. Come on.

Sonny: Wait, I'm going to come with you guys. There's strength in numbers, especially with a bully. I'm part of this now.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Let's go, come on.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: [Mutters]

Nick: Don't worry, Gabi. I'll take care of you and our baby. Always.

[Indistinct chatter]

Abe: Uh, look, um, I know you're upset, and I'm sorry. But what went down was--

Jennifer: No, Abe. It wasn't Abigail's fault.

Rafe: Abigail, I'm still going to need a statement from you, even though Chloe's not pressing charges.

Abe: Excuse me.

Rafe: Yeah, okay.

Daniel: You have good range of motion, okay.

Chloe: I'll just--I'll be fine. I just want to go home.

Daniel: Okay, okay. Well, if, um, if you decide that you want to be alone, just let me know, and I'll, um, I'll come get Parker for a while.

Chloe: Okay, that sounds good. Daniel, hey.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chloe: I said, "That sounds good."

Daniel: Right, okay.

Chloe: All right, well, just come over when you're ready.

Rafe: Okay. Well, I'm done here. You're lucky. Lucky Chloe's not pressing charges.

Abigail: I'm lucky, Rafe? Yeah, super lucky.

Jennifer: Shh.

Abigail: Lucky me.

Daniel: Okay, you know, hey, um, I'm sorry about what happened. I don't know what happened or why, but I'm--I'm sorry, and I want to make sure that you're okay.

Jennifer: Yeah, she's good. We're just going to--we're going to head home.

Daniel: Okay, okay. Listen, Jennifer, I just--

Jennifer: What?

Daniel: I just, you know, I'm sorry about what happened, like I just said, and I--

Jennifer: Yeah, we just-- we--we need to go.

Daniel: [Sighs] What?

Rafe: Current girlfriend, ex-wife, kid. Complicated.

Eric: Okay. Nicole, Father Matt had a last-minute emergency, so I stepped in.

Nicole: To my confessional.

Eric: You said you were having feelings...

Nicole: [Groans]

Eric: That were wrong. About what? I mean, you know you can talk to me about it outside of confession.

Nicole: Well, that's never going to happen.

Eric: Why?

Nicole: Because it's none of your business, Father.

EJ: Look, Samantha, I'm sorry. I don't think we need to make a situation that is already fraught and miserable even worse.

Sami: If Gabi knew what Nick was doing, she would freak out.

EJ: You lashed out at Gabi, she almost lost the baby. Now, if you go hurling more accusations at Nick, you're going to throw fuel on this fire. She's just going to further ally herself with him, and it's going to make life a lot more difficult for you and for William.

Sami: Right. I'm fine. No more threats.

EJ: Thank you. What?

Sami: I'm just trying to make it right. I mean, that's all I'm trying to do.

EJ: I know you are. I understand. I understand you.

Sami: So, EJ, what should I do?

EJ: You're going to do nothing, Samantha. You're going to do exactly nothing, okay?

Nick: Oh, wow. You brought a posse with you.

Will: I got your text. What is it?

Nick: You afraid of me, Will?

Lucas: What do you want, Nick?

Nick: Will knows what I want. As soon as he understands what's at stake, I think he'll do everything in his power to help me get it.

Lucas: There's no way in hell my son is going to waive his rights to his own child.

Abigail: I'm sorry, Mom. I'm so sorry. I made even more drama for you and Daniel. But, Mom, if that woman wouldn't have provoked me, if she wouldn't have used Dad's memory to get to me--

Jennifer: Tell me what she said about your father.

Abigail: No, it's--it's--

Jennifer: Abigail, tell me what she said.

Abigail: She said that-- that Daddy was barely cold in his grave, and I was already pimping you out to Daniel.

Jennifer: Oh, dear God.

Abigail: I know, and I-- if she hadn't said that, I don't think that I would have lost it like that, Mom. I don't. I'm just so ashamed.

Jennifer: Don't you be ashamed that you lost it. She was being cruel. And it is unconscionable, what she said.

Abigail: No, Mom, I know, okay? But still, I-I should have just kept it together, you know? I mean, Chloe is a-a mean and a horrible person, and she's shallow, but now, all I've done is prove that I can stoop to her level. I should have just walked away.

Jennifer: No, you shouldn't have because you were defending your father, and you were defending yourself.

Abigail: There's other ways to defend myself, Mom. And I know that. And the worst part of this is that Dad wouldn't have wanted me to act like that. He wouldn't have liked it.

Jennifer: I disagree with you. I think that your father would have completely understood, just like I do. And I think he would be so impressed by the way that you have stood by me through all of this. Do you know what that means to me? And I am so proud that you're in my corner.

Abigail: Always.

Jennifer: You know what I think? No, I know that your dad would be so proud of you.

[Knock at door]

Rafe: Hey.

Cameron: Hey.

Rafe: How's she doing?

Cameron: Mom and baby are fine, but Gabi needs to take better care of herself.

Rafe: Well, okay. I'll make sure she does that. Thank you.

Cameron: Yeah. She's lucky to have a brother like you.

Rafe: Ah. Oh. Hey. Guess what. Cameron was just here, says you and the baby are fine.

Gabi: Oh, my God, Rafe. I just had the worst dream.

Rafe: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. About what?

Gabi: About Sami.

Nick: Well, it's--it's very sweet of you to stand up for your son like that, but I have a lot in my favor here, Lucas.

Lucas: Nick, don't test me.

Nick: I have all the incriminating information about the shooting on tape, which is, by the way, totally admissible in civil court.

Lucas: Civil court? You son of a bitch.

Nick: Wow, Lucas. Is that any way to talk to family?

Will: Nick--

Nick: Will, I want you to think about all of the family members who are going to be affected by your decision here. All right, just the law enforcement side of your family alone. Bo, Hope, your grandfather, Roman-- they will all have to testify.

Sonny: Unbelievable.

Nick: And then they'll have to explain why they didn't check for fingerprints on such vital evidence.

Lucas: The Salem P.D. and everybody who works there is off the hook because I confessed, you idiot.

Nick: To protect your son. I know. It's very noble. But the courts are going to smell a cover-up with his grandfather being commissioner, right? I mean, it's almost too obvious.

Sonny: You're s--

Will: Sonny, it's okay. It's okay. Um, I'll just turn myself in for shooting EJ. I mean, is that what you want me to do? And if I don't do it, you're going to do it, right?

Sami: Over my dead body.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come down on you so hard just now. It's just, I was-- I was shocked when I realized it was you in the confessional. And no, I don't want to talk to you about anything outside the confessional, Eric. It's--there are just some things that I can't talk to you about, not as a priest or a friend.

Eric: Okay. I won't push.

Nicole: Thank you.

Eric: But it was a gratifying moment for me, if only for a moment. Thought you had kind of accepted God and the Church.

[Cell phone beeps]

Eric: I have to go to this preliminary meeting now, for the prisoners' outreach program. I'm sorry about that.

Nicole: Honest mistake. [Chuckles] Yeah. Mm. That would have been the cherry on my sundae for the day-- or for the year. "Yeah, Eric, uh-huh. I want to rip your clothes off." That would've been great. It's too close, Nicole. Way too close.

Jennifer: I hate that you're in the middle of this.

Abigail: I hate that Chloe Lane is the most despicable human being on earth and that she would do anything, no matter how disgusting and immoral, to get Daniel away from you.

Jennifer: You know what, sweetie? She is feeling so desperate.

Abigail: No kidding.

Jennifer: I think that she feels like she was cheated out of the love of her life.

Abigail: She was cheated? Look at what that woman has done to Philip, Mom, and Lucas, and God knows how many other men.

Jennifer: Please, don't go there. Don't do that. Just sip your tea.

Abigail: Okay, honestly, I don't know how she lives with herself.

Jennifer: Well, I think she does that very easily because she justifies everything that she does.

Abigail: [Sighs] I hate that I lost it like that.

Jennifer: Honey, no. You are not going to start with that again, please.

Abigail: Mom, they said that I was insane. They-- you know what, you're right. Forget it. It doesn't matter. I'm already done for, anyway.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? Why?

Abigail: You don't think that Cameron isn't going to hear about this? That he's not going to hear that I attacked Chloe Lane in the town square? Abe saw the whole thing, Mom. Abe's probably telling him about it right now.

Jennifer: First of all, you need to calm down. And all you need to do is tell Cameron that Chloe provoked you, and she was saying horrible things about your father, and he will understand that. Anybody with a heart would understand why you reacted the way that you did.

Abigail: I think you're right. I-I have to go.

Jennifer: Right this minute?

Abigail: Yes, right this minute. I have to talk to him. Okay.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: Wish me good luck.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: Love you.

Jennifer: I love you too. Please--

Abigail: Okay.

Parker: [Babbling]

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: Hey, how are you? How's, uh-- how's the little man doing?

Chloe: Oh, he's great. He just had a nice nap. Oh, it was so nice to just be able to hold him after that awful incident in the square.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Daniel: You know, what in the world happened out there?

Chloe: Well, it was horrible, obviously. I just went to Abigail to talk to her about why I was staying here so that she'd understand and not make up some nasty story as to why it was happening, and she just freaked out on me. First, it was with words, and then, eventually, it just went downhill from there.

Daniel: Okay, well, that seems really out of character for her. I mean, to go that far--

Chloe: Well, I don't know. Whatever. It's--it's over. And I meant what I said back there. I just want to be done with it.

Daniel: Okay.

Chloe: Oh, um, that nanny called, the one that I thought would be perfect. Um, unfortunately, she took another job.

Daniel: Well, I'm sure there's another one just like her.

Chloe: No, no. She's the only one that I was happy with. So, um, I came up with a brilliant idea, and I think you're going to like it.

Sami: Lucas is the one who shot EJ, and he already went to prison for it.

Nick: Maybe you should catch your mom up, Will.

Will: Yeah, he knows everything--

EJ: There's nothing to know.

Nick: Oh, I have the entire confession on tape, Counselor. I also happen to know that there's a lot of evidence with Will's fingerprints on them, which tie him to the crime.

Sami: Is that true?

Lucas: Yeah, it is.

Sami: Well, I can't believe you would even think about doing this, Nick. Will has given you the benefit of the doubt since you got out of prison.

Nick: I had no problem with Will until his family got involved.

Lucas: Really? Or is it because the truth came out, is that it?

Sami: Think about what you're doing. Will is your family, and he is the father of Gabi's child. I mean, how could you threaten him with prison?

Nick: Oh, was it better when you threatened to send Gabi there?

Daniel: Yeah. Oh, where'd the elevator go? It's around right here.

Parker: [Laughing]

Chloe: Hey, Daniel. You have a really busy schedule.

Daniel: I know I do. What?

Chloe: And so do I, with my teaching. I'm on overload, and instead of having another exhaustive interview process, which could be time-consuming and stressful, I was thinking--

Parker [Babbling]

Daniel: Shh. Oh, what? Shh, Mommy has to say something. What's that?

Chloe: Well...

Daniel: What'd she say?

Chloe: I was thinking that maybe my mom could come here.

Daniel: What?

Chloe: And be with me and Parker for a few weeks.

Daniel: Your mom? I mean, what about Craig and Joy? I mean, she can't just leave them, right?

Chloe: They'll be fine, they'll be fine. They have each other. And besides, she's been dying to see Parker. What do you say?

Daniel: Well, I guess we could think about it, right? What do you think?

Chloe: What's there to think about? It's a win-win for all of us, right? And I think it would even help out with Jennifer.

Daniel: What does that mean?

Chloe: Well, one of the things that Abigail said to me before she tried to rub me out...

Daniel: She didn't try to rub you out.

Chloe: Was that Jennifer wanted you to cut off all contact with me. So given all the hostility and rage that Abigail and Jennifer have toward me, I figure that my mom would be a good go-between for that, you know?

Daniel: Okay, we don't need a go-between. And, Chloe, I never agreed to cut off contact with you. We share a child. I wouldn't do that.

Chloe: Well, I know that you wouldn't do that, but I'm just trying to make everything as easy for you as possible, okay? And wouldn't it be nice for Parker to have his grandma around for a while? Wouldn't that be nice? I mean, she is his family too, you know? So what do you say? What do you say, little buddy? Do you want Grammy around? To love you and squeeze you and tickle you, just like this? Yeah?

Daniel: Look out.

Gabi: It--it was awful, Rafe.

Rafe: [Mutters] Well, it was just a dream too. That's all. Just a dream. Sami does not have any say in this, none whatsoever, so don't be giving her any power where she doesn't have any, okay? Especially with your subconscious.

Gabi: Yeah, Nick said basically the same thing.

Rafe: Right? And Nick's a smart guy. He's looking out for your baby's best interests. So am I.

Lucas: What's he talking about, Sami?

EJ: It's nothing.

Will: You threatened to send Gabi to prison?

EJ: It's a mistake. Let it go. Samantha, I'm going to make a quick phone call. I'll be back in a second. Don't do anything until I return.

Nick: He's going to try to find a DiMera way out of this, so probably call a hit man.

Sami: Or maybe just your parole officer.

Lucas: Come on, Sami, don't push it, okay?

Sami: What? I mean, if Gabi knew what he was--

Nick: You see? Do you see what she's doing? You understand now what Gabi would be facing for the rest of her pregnancy? And after the baby was born, it would just get worse. Do you understand now why you need to give up your rights, Will?

Sonny: It doesn't have to go that far, Nick.

Nick: This doesn't involve you.

Sonny: The hell it doesn't. I'm not going to sit here and watch you hurt Will.

Sami: You know what, Sonny? Don't worry about it. Because he can threaten all he wants. Gabi is the child's mother, and there is no way she will go along with this.

Will: Mom, I think you should stay out of this.

Nick: You know what, Will? Actually, uh, your mom is absolutely right. I couldn't have convinced Gabi to do this. But your mom's constant badgering and threats have terrified Gabi. She's having nightmares. You know, Sami, if--if anybody is responsible for Will losing his rights to the baby, it's you.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Hi.

Margaret: Oh, hello. I was just looking for, uh, Father Eric.

Nicole: Uh, he has a meeting, but he shouldn't be too long.

Margaret: I'll come back.

Nicole: Wait, Sister Margaret, please. Can I ask you something?

Margaret: Of course.

Nicole: Uh... I-I was just wondering, when you have up in the confessional to Father Matt, or let's say Father Eric, do you, um-- do you think it's weird, ratting yourself out to your boss? You know, especially when you have to talk about, you know, personal stuff.

Margaret: No. It isn't weird. A priest's job isn't to judge. It's to listen and to help us understand.

Nicole: Right, I-I know that, but--

Margaret: And for us, just setting foot inside the confessional, opening up about what's bothering us, can help us clear our heads, shed new light on the things that we need to take care of. Does that answer your question?

Nicole: Actually, yes, it does.

Chloe: Uh, my mom would be great with him. It'd be great for both of them. It'd be a huge help to us, not to mention the fact that I wouldn't feel so alone here in Salem.

Daniel: Right. You know, well, I can't tell you not to have your mom visit.

Chloe: Well, great. And you two have always gotten along really well. I mean, you like my mom, right?

Daniel: Yeah, I do. No, we've always gotten along.

Chloe: Well, that's why it makes perfect sense. Uh, she can watch him when I'm working, and when it's your turn to visit, then my mom can bring him to you, especially if you're with Jennifer. It would keep the awkward factor low, you know?

Daniel: Okay, look, look. I just--I think I need some time. I mean, the idea of your mom taking care of Parker on a permanent basis, I mean, I just--

Chloe: Yeah, of course.

Daniel: Okay? Look, we'll talk about it, okay?

Chloe: All right.

Daniel: Well, in the meantime, I can, um-- you know, I can take Parker for the rest of the day 'cause I'm not on call, if you want.

Chloe: No, it's okay. He actually made me feel better. Thank you, though.

Daniel: Yeah, that's our little man, though, huh?

Chloe: You know, would you watch him for a second, though?

Daniel: Yes, I will.

Chloe: Thanks.

Daniel: Hey. Come here, little buddy. Ready? Yeah. Oh, do you know something?

Parker: Yeah.

Daniel: Let me tell you something. You have no idea how precious you are to me. You know that? And I just want to do right by you.

Rafe: Te amo tambien. Buenas noches, Mama.

Gabi: She's, uh, lighting candles and praying?

Rafe: She is. For you and for her granddaughter.

Gabi: And for Ari's angel.

Rafe: Hey, it's real for her, you know?

Gabi: I know. I know. I've been thinking about Ari lately too.

Rafe: Yeah? So have I. You've been thinking?

Gabi: Yeah.

Rafe: What?

Gabi: Well, um, I kind of want to name the baby after her.

Rafe: [Sighs] Oh, wow. I think that's a great idea.

Gabi: I also wanted to name her after Grace. You practically raised her as your own, and even if it was for a short time, and I know that you loved her as much as I can see Nick already loves my baby.

Rafe: So Arianna Grace?

Gabi: Yeah.

Rafe: That's a really, really beautiful name.

Sami: No, you do not get to blame me for this. I am just trying to protect...

Nick: I'm not blaming you.

Sami: My son.

Lucas: If you're not blaming her, what the hell do you call it then?

Nick: Do you guys realize that the only constant over the past six months has been the love that Gabi and I share for each other? The only constant.

Sami: That is ridiculous. You realize that, right? We're talking about six months. You barely know her.

Nick: Uh, you're wrong, Sami. We know each other very well. In fact, we're very much in love.

Sami: [Laughs]

Nick: What is wrong with you? You're laughing? What is wrong with you? And what's happened to you all in the past six months?

Lucas: You have no right to punish our son because--because we happen to be screw-ups every now and then.

Nick: Punish him? What about Gabi, who's bringing a baby into this world to suffer at the hands of such a totally, utterly dysfunctional family?

Sami: That is so unfair.

Nick: You know, Sami, a few weeks ago, at our wedding, everyone was talking about how you and Rafe would be the next ones to walk down the aisle. Now you're back with EJ.

Sami: Okay, you know what? Rafe and me have nothing to do with what you are doing.

Nick: Are you going to say the fact that you and Rafe lied about EJ being Sydney's father, that doesn't factor in here at all? No equivalent?

Lucas: No, it doesn't. It has nothing to do with it.

Nick: And how many times have you and Sami gone to battle over Will and Allie?

Sonny: No, that's not fair. Okay, Will is not responsible for any of that.

Nick: Sonny, again, this is not your concern. I-I don't even know why you're here.

Will: I wanted him here. Do not talk to him that way again. Sonny and I are together, and we are in love.

Nick: You're in love, I know. And you've been back together all of, what, 24 hours? And how many times have you guys been in and out of love over the past six months?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Lucas: What, your time in prison has given you the right to pass judgment on all of us? Is that it?

Nick: No. My time in prison made me understand that, when I had the chance, I needed to stand up for what was right. Tell me you can't see this, Will. Tell me you don't know from experience the type of hell your daughter would be pulled into by your mother's obsessive behavior.

Sami: That is an outrageous lie.

Nick: Is it?

Sami: Tell him.

Nick: You've got a choice here, Will. You can either turn yourself in for shooting EJ and hurt a lot of people in the process, or you can give up the rights to your daughter and not only protect the people you care about, but give your daughter a fighting chance at having a stable life. That's what it boils down to.

Abigail: Hi, um, I'm wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for Dr. Davis. Do you know where he is?

Nurse: Actually, I did just see him.

Abigail: Oh, great.

Nurse: He was heading for the supply room down that hall.

Abigail: Okay. Thank you so much.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Hi, Sister Margaret. I was, uh, looking for Nicole.

Margaret: Well, she was here a few minutes ago, but she went out, Father Eric.

Nicole: Sister Margaret is right. Eric's not going to judge me for feeling the way I feel about him. But he's so committed to God now, he doesn't see the way I look at him or understand the way I feel about him. And since I'm the only one who's aware of this problem, I'm the only one who can make it go away. And I will. I have to.

Abigail: Oh!

Chloe: Grandma will soon be here, honey. Look, that's Grandma. She will love you to pieces.

Parker: What's that?

Chloe: That's Grandma. Yeah.

Parker: That's Grandma?

Chloe: Yeah, it's Grandma. Maybe, finally, things will start to go our way. Yeah. Yeah.

Daniel: I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Uh, no. Don't, Daniel, please. I mean, come on in. It's freezing.

Daniel: No, I mean it, Jenn. What happened with Abigail and Chloe--

Jennifer: I know. I don't want to talk about it. Please.

Daniel: Fine, yeah. No, I just hate that you had to worry about your kid. I mean, I know that feeling, and it's the worst.

Jennifer: Yeah. My daughter was hurt, and that breaks my heart. And she did not deserve what happened.

Daniel: No. Of course not. And I am really sorry.

Jennifer: I know you are. But we--we can't keep doing this.

Daniel: What? What are you--

Jennifer: This, it's-- it's just painful. It's painful for you, it's painful for me, for Abigail. I just think maybe-- maybe we should just take a little break and--and not see each other for a little bit.

Will: Nick, you don't have to do this.

Sami: EJ, there has to be something.

Lucas: Do you have any idea how the family's going to react when they find out about this?

Nick: The only thing they'll find out is that Will made a very brave sacrifice for his little girl.

Sami: No one is going to believe that.

Nick: That's not really my concern.

Attorney: Mr. Fallon?

Nick: Yes. I trust you have all the papers?

Attorney: Yes.

Sami: What papers?

Nick: I took the liberty of having an attorney draw up a standard agreement for relinquishing custody, with Will's name on it. You can check it out if you'd like, EJ.

Sami: This is ridiculous. You can't actually believe that Will is going to sign anything.

Nick: Well, that's why we're here.

Lucas: This isn't right, Nick, and you know it.

Nick: I only know what has to be done. Do you have a pen?

Attorney: Yes.

Sami: You can't do this.

Nick: I trust you found everything in order. Well, I don't see a reason to waste any more time. Oh, I won't be the one who's signing. Uh, that would be Will.

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