Days Transcript Friday 2/22/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/22/13


Episode #12029 ~ Nick lashes out at Sami; Kristen insists she and Brady move into the DiMera mansion.

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Will: What happened? What happened?

Sami: I don't know. I don't know. We were talking, and then all of a sudden, she doubled over. Her stomach was cramping or something.

Rafe: What do you mean, talk? What did you say to her?

Sami: I was apologizing. I said I was sorry.

Rafe: Well, what did you--

Sami: I don't know. I just wanted to talk to her.

Rafe: Why are you even here? Huh? I told you to go home.

Maxine: Thank God you're here. She's gone into labor.

Nick: What? No, no, no, no.

Rafe: God.

Nick: No, no, no. It's too soon. She won't make it. The baby won't make it.

Brady: I got a big surprise for you.

Kristen: Oh, have mercy. I need sleep, Brady.

Brady: Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it. I'm not talking about that. Lift your head up for a second.

Kristen: All right. Okay, a big surprise.

Brady: Mm-hmm. Check it out.

Kristen: What is it?

Brady: Look. When I said I wanted to live together, I did a little research.

Kristen: Mm. Those are pretty.

Brady: This one--this one has views of the river, huge health club, it's great.

Kristen: I see that. Oh. [Inhales] You know what, I did a little research of my own.

Brady: Oh, yeah?

Kristen: I did.

Brady: Did you?

Kristen: I found a place with a full-time staff and tons of square footage, lots of privacy.

Brady: Wow, sounds like a mansion.

Kristen: Yeah. It is. It's my father's.

[Approaching footsteps]

Sonny: Going by the look on your face, that must be one fine cup of coffee.

Kate: You know, I never thought I liked decaf. I always thought it was weak and boring. But then I tried this new kind, and it is amazing how bold and strong it is, and afterwards I sleep like a baby.

Sonny: Okay. Well, let me know if you need a refill.

Kate: [Chuckles] Oh, I most definitely will. Sonny, have you seen my grandson lately?

Sonny: I have. Yeah, we're still--still friends.

Kate: Just friends?

Sonny: Just friends, yep.

Kate: I think that's too bad. I think that you were really, really good together.

Sonny: We were. For a little while.

[Door shuts]

Sonny: But...

Lucas: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Lucas: Sonny, good to see you.

Sonny: Good to see you.

Lucas: So why am I in a coffeehouse in the middle of the night?

Kate: You are here because I'm worried about Will and the baby.

Gabi: [Screams] It hurts so much.

Kayla: Hang in there. It's gonna get better.

Nick: I'm here, Gabi.

Gabi: Nick! [Cries]

Nick: What are you doing?

Maxine: Keeping you from getting in the doctor's way.

Nick: What am I supposed to do? I'm just supposed to stand around out here?

Maxine: You might try saying a prayer.

Rafe: No, listen, I know how you feel, but this isn't the time or the place. Nick.

Nick: What the hell did you say to her? What'd you to do her?

Lucas: So why are you worried about Will and the baby?

Kate: You're not worried?

Lucas: Our secret is out. Somebody wants us to pay. Um, well, you know, I just thought that everything was okay. I thought everything was fine.

Kate: Oh, then you haven't heard that Sami's demanding a paternity test, I assume.

Lucas: Why would she do that? Will hasn't denied he's the baby's father. Is Gabi saying the baby isn't his?

Kate: No, no, Sami's just causing trouble. Surprise, surprise.

Lucas: Well, Mom, I tried to tell her to make nice. I tried to tell her be nice to Rafe and Gabi. She wouldn't listen.

Kate: Yeah, well, obviously you have just as much influence over her as you ever have.

Lucas: Well, thank you for that. I appreciate it.

Kate: Okay. Now I'm going to forgive you for making me a great-grandmother at my tender age, okay.

Lucas: All right.

Kate: Uh-huh, but in return for that, you need to do something for me. You need to make sure and stop Sami before she screws this entire thing up.

Nick: What'd you say to her, Sami?

Sami: I was just trying to make things better.

Nick: Better? She's in labor, for God's sake.

Sami: All I did was apologize.

Will: What--why were you there, Mom? We were all supposed to stay out of her room.

Sami: They let Nick in. I thought it would be okay.

Nick: But you didn't ask if it would be okay, did you? You snuck in there like you always do, because you knew what you were doing was wrong.

Sami: I was just talking to her, it was going fine, and then all of a sudden she started having contractions again. I swear it is not my fault.

Rafe: It's never your fault, is it?

EJ: What's going on? Is it the baby?

Rafe: Who invited him?

Sami: I did. Yeah, so she's having contractions again, and they're worried that, if they can't stop them, she's gonna have the baby.

Nick: Yeah, because of you, Sami. Because of you. Are you happy now?

Rafe: Will you just get her out of here?

Sami: No, I want to stay. I want to be with Will.

Will: I don't care, Mom. I want you gone. I want you to leave. I want you to leave now.

Sami: Will, please. I just want to make sure that Gabi is all right. I just need to stay close by.

Will: I don't care. I do not care. Leave.

EJ: Come on.

Gabi: Okay, what's happening? Is the baby coming? What--

Maxine: Calm down, Gabi. You're in great hands.

Kayla: Well, you're not dilating, and your water has not broken. That is a good sign.

Cameron: But we do have to stop these contractions. So we're gonna give you something.

Gabi: What? Is that gonna hurt the baby?

Kayla: No. No, no. It's just a drug that, its job-- listen to me. Its job is to stop your uterus from contracting. Your job is to try to relax, all right? It's okay.

Brady: You're funny. Crack me up, my God. Me and you moving into the DiMera mansion. Wouldn't that be a hoot? You're serious?

Kristen: Look, I know it's-- I know it's completely out of the blue, Brady.

Brady: Kristen, oh, my God, it's not happening. It's never happening.

Kristen: Just wait a sec, okay? Just give me a second, all right? I would love to live in one of these apartments with you. What I neglected to tell you is that I promised my father, when he came back to Salem, I would move back into the mansion.

Brady: Oh, my God, this keeps getting better and better. You--now I'm bunking with Stefano DiMera?

Kristen: No, honey. No. You're bunking with me.

Brady: Yeah, under the same roof of the guy who's devoted to destroying my dad.

Kristen: I'm aware it's gonna be awkward at first.

Brady: You--awkward? No, no, awkward doesn't begin to describe what it would be. It would be horrible.

Kristen: It's a really big house, though.

Brady: Yeah, I know it's big. But Wyoming wouldn't be big enough for Stefano and me, okay? Listen to me.

Kristen: Just wait a second.

Brady: No, listen. I love you. I don't have any love for your father. I'm not moving into the mansion.

Sami: I mean, this is just awful. It's awful, EJ.

EJ: Okay, why don't you just start by telling me what happened, hmm?

Sami: Well, I found out that Gabi was delaying taking the paternity test, right? So I went down to the pub, and I lay into her.

EJ: Okay. Probably not the wisest thing to do, but go on.

Sami: It just makes me so mad, you know. It just makes me so furious to think that she and Nick are keeping Will from his own child.

EJ: I understand that, okay? Just keep going. Tell me what happened.

Sami: Well, then Rafe showed up at the pub, and he started yelling at me, and so then I was yelling at him, and the next thing you know, Gabi was having contractions. And at first, you know, I didn't think she was sincere, but she was, she was really having contractions, and then they took her to the hospital.

EJ: And you followed them?

Sami: Well, yeah, I wanted to make sure she was all right. And then I texted you that she was doing better, so I went into her room, you know, to talk--

EJ: Oh, that really happened?

Sami: I wanted to apologize.

EJ: So you snuck into her room?

Sami: We were talking, and it was going fine, okay? And then all of a sudden she started having contractions again. And it had to be a coincidence, EJ, it did, because we weren't even fighting. And, even if we were fighting, since when do pregnant women go into early, premature labor because they're fighting? I mean, I have four children, for God's sake.

EJ: Please, listen. I know. Look, I know you would never do anything to hurt Gabi or the child.

Sami: But everybody out there thinks differently, including Will.

EJ: William's frightened. Same as you are. Okay, look, the doctor is going to take care of the contractions...

Sami: I hope so.

EJ: Everybody's going to calm down. Everybody's going to calm down. And then this whole thing is just going to go back to normal.

Sami: [Scoffs]

EJ: Trust me.

Sami: Whatever that is.

EJ: There you go.

Lucas: I will try, all right. I'll try to tell Sami to leave Gabi alone.

Kate: You have to try hard because this is a very delicate situation. Sami's like a bull in a china shop.

Lucas: Yeah, she is like a bull in a china shop, but I'll do my best, okay? But you know Sami. She always thinks she's right.

[Cell phone rings]

Lucas: Ah, look at this. Speak of the devil. Unbelievable. Hey, Sami.

Sami: I just thought you should know that Gabi is in the hospital.

Lucas: Why, what's wrong with her?

Kate: What is it? What's going on?

Lucas: Hold on. Sami, are you there?

Sami: Yeah, I'm here. Gabi's having contractions.

Lucas: Is she in labor?

Kate: What? Oh, my God.

Sami: Yeah, she's--they don't know what's wrong with her. They're figuring it out right now, but you should come down here, 'cause Will needs to have someone on his side.

Lucas: All right, all right, I'll be right there.

Kate: Oh, God. Is Gabi in labor?

Lucas: I don't know. Sami's not sure. She's having contractions. But you know what happens then, right?

Kate: It is way too soon for the baby.

Lucas: I know it is. That's why I got to get to the hospital right now.

Kate: Okay, I'm going with you.

Sonny: Can you close up for me?

Staff member: Sure.

Sonny: All right, I gotta go.

Rafe: How you doing?

Will: Bad. Why are they--why aren't they telling us anything?

Rafe: They're taking care of Gabi.

Will: Yeah, I know, but don't you think it's taking too long?

Rafe: Yeah, it's driving me nuts too.

Will: You know... all of my life I told myself, "I'm gonna be a better parent than my parents." But I was--I was ready to sign over my rights and pretend that Nick was the father and not me, so I think maybe this is me being punished.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. No, the universe does not work that way. This is not your fault.

Will: I don't know.

Rafe: Well, I do. Now this thing that happened, who knows why? But it's not your fault.

Will: Thank you.

Rafe: For what it's worth, I think you're gonna be a pretty damn good dad.

Will: Well, I just figure that I'll think about what Mom would do and then just do the exact opposite.

Rafe: That's a good plan.

Will: I just hope I get the chance.

Nick: Come on, baby. Fight for your family.

Gabi: [Cries] Oh, this drug is not working. Why isn't it working?

Kayla: It can take some time, Gabi. Listen, you need to calm down.

Gabi: Well, how can I do that?

Maxine: Because it's for your baby. Now I want you to look at me and breathe through the contractions.

Gabi: But Maxine--

Maxine: Don't verbalize. Take a deep breath and blow it out. And another. Come on. That's right. Look at me and do your breathing. That's all you need to be thinking about. Okay?

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

Maxine: Has the contraction started easing off now?

Gabi: Yeah.

Maxine: Good.

Kayla: Good job.

Maxine: The same thing happened to me when I got pregnant the first time. But I did what my doctor said. I calmed myself down. Said a little prayer too.

Gabi: Was your baby all right?

Maxine: Well, I'd say a first-year chemistry major at Salem U is more than all right. That child wants to be a doctor. I'm gonna go broke paying for that too. What do you want your little girl to be?

Gabi: Whatever she wants. Mostly I want her to be more than her mother ever is.

Maxine: Oh, her mother's not so bad.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

Kayla: Easy, easy, easy.

Gabi: It's happening again.

Maxine: Remember, look at me. Look at me and breathe. And breathe. Yes, that's right. Yes, good.

Kristen: You know, you never really struck me as the type of person that cares so much about what other people think.

Brady: I wouldn't if I was moving into the home of someone, you know, mildly evil like Al Capone or Adolf Hitler. But this is your father we're talking about.

Kristen: You know, I don't want to do this, but, okay, I'm going there. You know, your grandfather is hardly citizen of the year, Brady.

Brady: I agree with you, all right. I love him just like you love your father. The fact is, if I move into the DiMera mansion, I'm gonna lose my grandfather, 'cause he's gonna die. He's gonna have a stroke and die.

Kristen: I know for a fact that the families have made peace. I wouldn't have even brought this up--

Brady: No, you're right. And how long do you think that's gonna last if I'm shacked up with you in the DiMera mansion? What about Dad and Marlena, by the way?

Kristen: What about them?

Brady: I'm already on thin ice with them, Kristen. I mean, if I move into the mansion with you, any chance of a reconciliation with them is gonna be over.

Kristen: Just wait a second. I firmly believe that they're gonna come around eventually. They're gonna have to. Really. And besides, you know, EJ told me that Sami and the kids lived in the mansion for months.

Brady: Yeah, that's because Dad and Marlena were in Europe at the time and they didn't have to see it on a daily basis. I did. You know what it was? Dysfunctional to say the least, and it ended very badly.

Kristen: I don't know what to tell you. I mean, I would love to live with you, but I promised my father, when he moved back to Salem, I would move into the mansion with him. I gave him my word.

Brady: Just--just tell him you changed your mind. "Dad, I changed my mind."

Kristen: It hasn't even been a year since he lost Lexie. How could I do that? It'd be so cruel.

Brady: Can't you just visit him a lot?

Kristen: It's not the same. Look, I'm sorry. I'm moving in with my father. I have to. If you want to live with me, then it's gonna have to happen there.

Brady: Let me ask you something. Why are you taking such a hard line on this? Why is this so damned important to you?

Rafe: Hey.

Kate: How is she?

Rafe: Well, we don't know yet.

Will: Hi. How did you guys find out?

Lucas: Your mom called me, told me.

Will: Oh, well, at least she did one thing right.

Kate: What--what does that mean?

Will: Nothing. I'm just really glad that you guys are here.

Lucas: Yeah, we'll be here as long as you need us, okay?

Kate: So do you know anything about Gabi or the baby?

Rafe: The doctors are in there now. They're just trying to stop the contractions.

Kate: Oh, my God, poor baby. She had to have been so terrified.

Rafe: Thank you. I know you're as worried about the baby as we all are.

Lucas: Are you okay? You need anything?

Will: Um...

Lucas: Anything at all, I'll go out and get it for you.

EJ: Thank you, Paula. I appreciate it.

Sami: So she's okay to stay all night?

EJ: Yeah. Kids are asleep. Everything is fine.

Sami: I want to go back out there and find out what's going on.

EJ: No, no, no, no, William is out there. If anything happens, he will come and tell you, all right.

Sami: I hope so.

EJ: Samantha, people out there are upset. I think you've been shouted at enough for one day, don't you?

Sami: Why are my instincts always so wrong?

EJ: Your instincts are not always wrong.

[Approaching footsteps]

Lucas: [Clears throat]

Sami: Lucas, hey.

Lucas: Hey.

Sami: Thanks for coming. Have you talked to Will? Is there any news?

Lucas: Well, the doctors are still in with her. Anybody know why this is happening?

Sami: It's all my fault.

EJ: Now, Samantha--

Sami: It is. It is my fault. Me and my big mouth. Now we might lose our grandchild.

Will: Hey. I can't believe you came over here.

Sonny: I heard your dad telling Kate what was going on, and, you know, we're still friends, and I just had to be here.

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: Unless I'm in the way. I can--I can go.

Will: No. No, I want you to stay. I really do.

Sonny: I can't imagine how hard this is on you.

Will: You know, she was just this idea, you know? She was just this problem. And then I saw the sonogram, and she was, like, trying to suck her little thumb. And I put my hand on Gabi's stomach, and I felt her kick, and it was like she was saying, like, "Hey, there you are. I've been waiting for you." And I'm like, that's my kid, you know? I have a daughter. And I started thinking about all the stuff we could do together. I was like, I could take her camping in the summer. We could go ice skating in the winter.

Sonny: But, Will, Will, you kind of suck at ice skating.

Will: Yeah, I was gonna try to get better, though. I don't know. I can't fall if she's holding my hand, you know. I really hope I get to hold her hand.

Sonny: You know what I think you should do? You should take some ice skating lessons, because little kids like to learn to ice skate when they're young. And the way that you skate...

Will: [Laughs]

Sonny: You're gonna need a head start.

Kate: Have you seen Gabi?

Rafe: I was with her when it happened.

Kate: That had to have been scary.

Rafe: Yeah. The only time I felt more powerless... when my sister Arianna died.

Nick: How is she?

Will: Hi, what's going on in there?

Maxine: They gave her an injection to stop the contractions.

Nick: Did it work?

Maxine: Not so far. I'm sorry I don't have better news.

Cameron: She hasn't had one in several minutes.

Kayla: Well, that's good news. How you feeling, Gabi?

Gabi: I just feel tired. Oh, my God, it's happening again.

Kayla: Take it easy. Take it easy.

Gabi: Please help me, please, because she can't come now, because she'll die.

Kayla: All right, calm down. Calm down, okay?

EJ: Well, I think Samantha is rather overstating the case.

Lucas: I would like to hear it from her.

Sami: EJ, it's okay. I'll just talk to Lucas about it, just the two of us. Is that all right?

EJ: Of course.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: Sami, how is this your fault?

Sami: Because right before Gabi started having contractions, I was yelling at her.

Lucas: About what?

Sami: About the fact that I found out that she was delaying taking that paternity test.

Lucas: You're kidding me, right? You did that? You went after her about that?

Sami: I was thinking about Will, okay?

Lucas: You weren't thinking about--you weren't thinking about anybody but yourself, and you told me--you promised you weren't gonna cause any trouble. What happened to that?

Sami: I know. Okay? I know, and I'm sorry, Lucas. I'm--I'm really sorry. I... I'm sorry.

Lucas: I know, all right? I know that you would do anything for Will, and I know that you never wanted this to happen. I'm not stupid. It's just...

Sami: Thank you. Thank you for saying that. Lucas, I'm so worried about this baby.

Kayla: You're doing great. You're doing great.

Cameron: You've got the breathing thing down.

Gabi: Well, I don't want to be good at this. Not now. Can't you do something?

Kayla: No, I'm sorry. We cannot give you another injection. We have to just--we just gotta wait this out, all right?

Gabi: I can't just lie here. No, can we--could we maybe say a prayer or something?

Maxine: Sure, we can. That sounds like a fine idea. Lord, we're coming to you now asking for help. It's for a little girl that a whole lot of people love.

Rafe: So before we brought Gabi here, I told Sami to stay the hell away from her.

Kate: And she didn't listen to you?

Rafe: No. Of course not.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Rafe: She snuck into her room.

Kate: She is unbelievable. She creates chaos wherever she goes.

Rafe: Well, now that a little time has passed, I see that I was part of it too. I gave her hell.

Kate: Oh, come on. She had it coming to her.

Rafe: Well, I think she actually may have felt a little bad. She said she went in the room to apologize.

Kate: That's what she says to you. Who knows what went on in that room? I'll tell you what. Instead of teaming up to talk to Nick, we should have found Sami, locked her in a room until the baby was born.

Rafe: That's a little extreme. But I like it.

EJ: William. Any news?

Will: Maxine came out and said they gave her drugs to stop the contractions, but it hasn't worked yet.

EJ: I'm sorry.

Will: Me too.

EJ: Your mother feels terrible.

Will: I don't care. I can't think about my mom right now. The only person I can think about is my daughter.

Maxine: We ask this in Jesus' name, amen.

Both: Amen.

Kayla: Thank you.

Gabi: Thank you. I feel better now.

Kayla: No, you didn't have a contraction the whole time we were praying.

Gabi: I know. I don't feel anything now. That's good, right? Oh, my God, please tell me that my baby's still alive.

Brady: I mean, do you think this is some kind of simple request?

Kristen: No.

Brady: Kristen, if I do what you want, I don't have a family anymore.

Kristen: Wait a second. You know, Stefano is my family. You don't seem to have any problem at all asking me to turn my back on him.

Brady: I don't--I don't-- I can't do this. I'm sorry. I can't do it.

Kristen: What are you-- where are you going?

Brady: I'm going--I'm going home.

Kristen: What? Because of this?

Brady: Kristen, I don't see any compromise out of this at all. You're taking a really firm stance on this, and if that's true, I don't see how we're gonna be together.

Kate: You must be as worried as I am. I know that you love Gabi and the baby too.

Nick: They're my life. I feel like, for the first time, I know why I'm here on this earth. I don't think I knew what family meant until--until now.

Kate: Well, Gabi's a very lucky girl.

Nick: I'm the lucky one. I met Gabi, and suddenly everything that was bad and ugly and horrible about my life just disappeared. It's like all that stuff happened to somebody else, somebody I don't--I don't really know that well but that I feel sorry for. Oh, God. My life's in that room. I want to be able to go in there. I want to hold her hand. I want--I want to tell her how much I love her.

Kate: Nick, somehow I have the feeling that she already knows.

Sami: Hey, maybe we could go back out, you know, to where everybody was waiting.

Lucas: What are you gonna do, use me as a human shield? No, thank you.

Sami: No, come on. I'll be really quiet. I won't say a word. I won't bother anyone.

Lucas: You promise you won't bother anybody? You'll be good if I do this for you?

Sami: Yes, I promise. I just--I just want to be there, you know. I want to be with Will when he gets--when he gets good news about the baby. Please.

Lucas: All right. All right. Let's go.

Sami: Thank you.

Kate: Honey, you will hear something soon. This can't go on forever.

Will: I know. I know. But when are we--when are we gonna...

EJ: William, you have to know she's just as scared, she's just as worried as you are.

Cameron: It's good news.

Kayla: Gabi's contractions have subsided. There's no reason that she can't have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Sami: Thank God.

Cameron: She's fine.

Nick: Can I see her?

Cameron: Well, she's exhausted and has fallen asleep, which is the best thing for her, so I'm gonna put in an order saying no visitors for a while.

Kayla: Really, the best thing you can all do for Gabi is to go home and get some rest yourselves, all right?

Nick: I get what you're saying. I think we all get what you're saying.

Kayla: Good.

Cameron: Good.

Nick: Um, do you have any idea what could have made this happen?

Cameron: Gabi was pretty dehydrated. She'd been working a lot of hours at the pub and hasn't been drinking enough water, so...

Sami: That's what caused the contractions?

Cameron: Yeah, and fortunately we were able to stop 'em.

Nick: Well, I can--I can guarantee you she'll be drinking tons and tons of water.


Cameron: Well, she's also been under too much stress.

Will: And what, so stress can play a part in it?

Cameron: I think it definitely did.

Kristen: Nothing. He just walked out on me and went home. I know why. I overplayed my hand. I was in love with the idea of John and Marlena finding out that Brady was living in Father's house, too in love with it. Well, Brady doesn't know that. He's in love with something too. You. So you can still get your revenge. All you have to do is tell him you never loved him, tell him it was just a game. Just tell him you were playing with him. So sorry, Brady. [Sighs]

Sonny: How you doing?

Will: I am fine. I am just fine.

Sonny: Why don't you go home and get some sleep?

Will: No, there's no way I could sleep right now.

Sonny: Yeah, but you heard the doctors. Gabi's sleeping. She's fine. And they're not gonna let anyone else visit.

Will: Yeah, I still don't want to try to sleep, though.

Sonny: Okay. Plan "B". I heard there was this place that serves halfway-decent coffee. Want to head over there?

Will: Yeah, plan "B" actually sounds pretty great, actually. Okay.

EJ: Okay, are you feeling better now?

Sami: Yes, of course, about Gabi and the baby, I feel much better, but the fact that my son and the mother of my grandchild hate me, no, I'm not feeling great about that.

EJ: Samantha, the crisis is over, okay? William and Gabi will forgive you in time. Now we are going to go home and spend some time with the kids. You are going to stay here, and I will go get the car, all right? Don't talk to anyone.

Sami: [Laughs]

EJ: Promise?

Sami: Yes.

EJ: Okay.

Rafe: So does Gabi have to take any special precautions now?

Cameron: Well, she has to stay hydrated and get enough rest and also avoid stress.

Kayla: And if she does that, she and the baby should be fine.

Cameron: Yeah.

Nick: [Sighs]

Rafe: I want to thank you guys. You're the best.

Kayla: Seriously, our pleasure.

Nick: Thank you so much. That's the truth.

Cameron: Yeah.

Kayla: Forget it.

Cameron: Just doing our job.

Kayla: Okay, we'll see you guys, all right?

Nick: Good to see you.

Rafe: Good job.

Kate: Well, thank God that ordeal is over and Gabi and the baby are doing good.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nick: Just as long as Gabi avoids any stress.

Sonny: [Shivers]

Will: Okay.

Sonny: We don't open for another hour, so no one will bother you.

Will: Great. I'm just gonna splash some cold water on my face.

Sonny: Okay. Well, I'll get some coffee going for us.

Will: Okay.

Brady: Hey. What are you doing here? I'm the only one up right now.

Kristen: I had to see you. I'm sorry. I know it's so early.

Brady: It's all right. I didn't--I didn't get much sleep anyway.

Kristen: May I come in?

Brady: Yeah. Come on in.

Kristen: Thanks.

Brady: Look, Kristen, if you're--if you're wondering if I've changed my mind, I haven't. I love you. I'm crazy about you--

Kristen: Wait a second. Before you say anything else, I need to tell you something. It's really important.

Kate: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Lucas: What's the matter?

Kate: My reading glasses. I left 'em on the counter. I'll be right back.

Lucas: All right.

Kate: Hey. My reading glasses. Such a pain.

Rafe: It was a long night.

Kate: Yes, and I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

Rafe: I'm glad you were here.

Kate: Yeah. Well, look, you know, maybe when we're not just both feeling like zombies, we should get together and talk. What do you say?

Rafe: Talk. All right, well, I'll see you soon.

Kate: Okay. Give Gabi a kiss for me.

Rafe: Okay.

EJ: That was a beautiful moment between you and my stepmother.

Rafe: Hmm.

EJ: What's all that about?

Will: "Sonny, I'm not sure I'll find the words when I see you, and I want to make sure I get this right. I never thought I'd get another chance with the only guy that I've ever loved. So thank you for being patient and generous and for loving me as much as I love you. And most of all, thank you for giving me a second chance."

[Footsteps approaching]

Sami: Mom, don't worry about it. It's a good thing you didn't pick up the message until now. Yeah, no, we're all relieved that Gabi and the baby are okay. Will is exhausted but relieved. Yeah, no, thank you. I love you too, Mom. Bye. Bye.

Nick: You blew it, lady. And now it's all over.

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