Days Transcript Monday 2/11/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/11/13


Episode #12020 ~ Daniel and Chloe grow closer due to Parker. Sami tells Marlena about her feelings for EJ.

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Sami: What are you talking about? How is that possible? How long is he gonna be gone? And when is he gonna be back?

Marlena: I don't know, and I don't want to talk about John right now.

Sami: But Mom, you need to--

Marlena: Honey, you invited me here to tell me something important about you.

Sami: Right. Yes, yes, uh, yeah, I did. 'Cause, um... well, because there's something I want to tell you about.

Marlena: All right. You're making me a little bit nervous.

Sami: Well, you should probably brace yourself.

Marlena: Why? What is it? Just tell me, Sami.

Sami: EJ and I are back together.

Stefano: Well, well, it's nice to hear from you, Elvis. I mean, it's been quite a while.

EJ: I'm not sure you're going to like the reason for this call.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Well, listen, I'm way beyond the day that I am surprised by anything that my children tell me, so spit it out, my son.

Kristen: Where is that waiter?

Brady: Kristen, Kristen...

Kristen: Oh!

Brady: Oh!

Kristen: [Laughs]

Brady: Whoa, hey.

Kristen: [Laughs] Oh...

Brady: You all right?

Kristen: Yeah. Your lap is so cozy.

Brady: Thank you.

Kristen: You got a cozy, cozy lap.

Brady: You know what's bet-- bed will be cozier. Let's go to bed.

Kristen: Oh, and that was a real non sexitur if I ever heard one. Did I say, "non sexitur"?

Brady: I think you mean "sensical," yeah.

Kristen: Non sexitur.

Brady: Yeah, we should get you home.

Kristen: No, no, no, no, no.

Brady: Please? Let's go home.

Kristen: The night is young. The night is yo--barkeep!

Brady: No, the night's over.

Kristen: Barkeep! Barkeep!

Brady: No, no.

Kristen: I need a barkeep.

Brady: No, we're good. Hey, we don't need anything else to drink, we're good.

Kristen: Baby, do you know how good it is to be away from Salem? We can be free, we don't have to worry about anyone thinking about us...

Brady: I know, it's a nice thing. Can I get a check, please? Over here--

Kristen: Oh, Chicago! Whoo-hoo! Can ya hear me? I hope so, 'cause I want you to know I love this guy. [Laughs] Whoo. Love you. Whoo, whoo. I love you.

Daniel: Okay, Chloe, it's Daniel. What is wrong?

Chloe: Oh, my God, Daniel, I'm at the hospital.

Daniel: The hospital? Are you--

Chloe: It's Parker. He's burning up with fever.

Daniel: All right, Chloe, you need to try to calm down and just tell me what is going on.

Chloe: Um, Maggie had to go, and she left Parker with me, and he was really hot, and I couldn't find you, and so I just--I took his temperature, and I've never been so scared.

Daniel: Well, what was his temperature?

Chloe: 105.

Daniel: 105.

Chloe: Kayla, it's Daniel. Please tell him what's wrong with Parker.

Kayla: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Okay, Kayla, Chloe just told me that Parker's temp is 105.

Kayla: Yes, Dr. Hogate's on it. We don't know what's causing his fever, but we're working on bringing it down.

Daniel: Okay, I will be right there. It's real.

Jennifer: Okay, let's go.

Daniel: Come on, let's go. Come on.

Chloe: You have to save him, Kayla, you have to save my son.

Kayla: We are gonna take care of everything, all right? Why don't we get started on his paperwork, all right?

Chloe: [Sighs]

Marlena: How did this happen? No... when did this happen?

Sami: Well, uh, you know, last couple days or so.

Marlena: Really? That's amazing. I heard you had a disagreement with Rafe right after--

Sami: Mom, it was a lot more than a disagreement. It's over for good.

Marlena: I know you feel that way, but Sami, you and Rafe have been in this place many, many times.

Sami: Mom, I saw him for who he really is. And I don't want to be with a man like that.

Marlena: You want to be with a man like EJ? A man who's treated you the way that he has? A man who has been cruel to you? Look, I know you're frustrated. I understand that, and now with it turning out that Will is the father of Gabi's baby, it must put a lot of tension between you and Rafe, but to go from that to EJ? That really is your dead end street.

Sami: Oh, great. How did I know you would react this way?

Marlena: Anybody who knows you would react this way. Sami, you're not just hurting Rafe. You're hurting yourself.

Sami: Stop it, okay?

Marlena: You see what you're doing?

Sami: Mom, would you stop shrinking me and just talk to me like my mother?

Marlena: Fine. Fine. This is your mother speaking. What the hell are you doing?

Kristen: Take it from somebody who knows. You don't want to fall in love with a priest.

Nicole: Oh--[Scoffs] No more tacos after 10:00. It makes for crazy thinking. What the hell is wrong with me? All right. That's enough. No more.

Brady: Hey, come here.

Kristen: I love him.

Brady: Come here.

Kristen: He's cute.

Brady: Yeah, I'm gonna get you down. Heck, yeah, I love her too, Chicago! Yeah--she's okay. How'd you get a drink? Okay, we gotta get you to bed.

Kristen: No, I want a kiss. Gimme a kiss.

Brady: Okay. There's a kiss.

Kristen: I want another kiss.

Brady: Okay. Okay.

Kristen: Keep kissing me.

Brady: No, we gotta get the check now. Can we get a check, please?

Kristen: Oh, no, no, no, we haven't had dinner yet. And I seriously--I might need another one of these too.

Brady: No, that's actually the last thing you need right now.

Kristen: Oh, that's not true.

Brady: Can I please, please get, uh, service here, please? What are you doing?

Kayla: Do you know his Social Security number?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nurse: He's convulsing.

Chloe: What?

Kayla: Take it easy. Stay right here. I will come back with some answers.

Kristen: I was watering the plants. I love nature. Don't you love nature?

Brady: Okay--yeah. Careful with that. I love nature, it's pretty, yeah, come on, sweetie.

Kristen: I love my nature.

Brady: We gotta go. We gotta go. Okay.

Kristen: Oh, Brady, no fun.

Brady: No, I'm fun. Come on.

Kristen: You're a party pooper.

Brady: No, I'm not a pooper.

Kristen: You're a party pooper.

Brady: One foot, one foot in front of the other, okay?

Kristen: You're just so good for me.

Brady: Yeah, I'm a prince, but we gotta go somewhere, we gotta talk, we gotta--we--we gotta talk. I'm sorry, so sorry, excuse me.

Kristen: [Whispers] What do you wanna talk about?

Brady: 'Scuse me, yeah.

Kristen: I wanna hear it.

Brady: Enjoy-- enjoy yourselves.

Kristen: Okay... ooh.

Brady: Okay, take it easy.

Kristen: This is kinda pretty.

Brady: Yeah, this is really pretty, this is nice.

Kristen: Oh, I like it.

Brady: Okay, why don't we sit down?

Kristen: Ooh, okay. Oh...

Brady: Okay, you all right?

Kristen: [Groans] Yes.

Brady: Better?

Kristen: [Growls] Yes. I like it. Yeah.

Brady: Okay.

Kristen: Oh, I'm embarrassed that you think I'm a drunk.

Brady: I don't think you're a drunk. I think you're drunk, but you're not a drunk.

Kristen: I can't deny it. You're right about that.

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: When you're right you're right. You're right a lot. You're right about a lot of stuff.

Brady: Thank you for acknowledging that finally.

Kristen: Except when you're wrong, and you're wrong about the married thing.

Brady: Let's talk about that tomorrow over coffee or something.

Kristen: No, no, shh. No, no, no, no, no, no. I wanna talk about it now. 'Cause the only reason you don't wanna get married is because you don't want to upset John and Marlena, and I just have a question.

Brady: Yeah, okay, you know, we should go, let's go.

Kristen: What have they done for us lately, huh?

Brady: We should go. Let's go.

Kristen: No, no, no, no, no. Listen, you know what? John is making all these calls, and he's making bad moves, he's making 'em everywhere, Brady, he's making this town, and that town...

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: Not this town. I mean, that--this is Chicago. We're in Chicago. I love Chicago.

Brady: Yeah, we're in Chicago.

Kristen: You see, John's making these calls, and you know what, there's only one reason why he's making 'em. Just one.

Brady: What? What?

Kristen: Marlena.

Sami: [Sighs]

Marlena: Sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Sami: Well, you did.

Marlena: Look at me. I love you so much. I worry about you.

Sami: Mom, I know. Part of why you're worried is because you think that this has come out of left field, but it hasn't. EJ and I have been working together for months. Very closely, and... it just happened naturally over time. He--he has been so wonderful to me. And kind, and he's been there for me, and it just--it's been fun and easy, and better than it ever was before.

Marlena: I'd like to be happy for you. That's going to take me some time.

Sami: You're never gonna see EJ the way I do if you can't be open to the possibility that he has changed. A lot. Yes? No? What are you thinking?

Marlena: I'm... I'm wondering if he became the new EJ after his father left town.

Sami: Well... yeah. And?

Marlena: So, I'm wondering if he will be the same kind, gentle man when his father returns.

Stefano: You're what? Maybe we have a problem with our connection, but I thought you said--

EJ: No, you heard right. I'm back with Samantha, and it's actually better than ever. Father, are you still there? Hello?

Stefano: [Groans] How did you manage that?

EJ: [Sighs] Well, that's the rather interesting thing. You see, I didn't actually manage anything, it all just happened rather naturally. Effortlessly.

Stefano: No effort on your part, of course.

EJ: Are you insinuating Samantha engineered the situation?

Stefano: [Chuckles] She has been known to go after what she wants with a vengeance.

EJ: She has, yes. Actually, I always rather admired that about her. Her tenacity. But in this case, there was none of that. We just... fell in love, she and I. And actually, for once, I think it's really going to work out.

Eric: What are you doing, Nicole?

Jennifer: I'm gonna see if I can find out anything, okay?

Daniel: Okay, go.

Nurse: I understand your concerns, but you cannot be in the room.

Chloe: You have to tell me what's going on with my son!

Nurse: I will, but you need to stay right here.

Chloe: [Exhales]

Daniel: Okay. It's okay.

Chloe: Daniel, oh, my God. The nurse told Kayla that Parker was having a convulsion. And they won't let me in his room.

Daniel: Okay, shh, it's okay. All right, you need to calm--

Chloe: A convulsion. What does that mean?

Daniel: Okay, listen, I will find out. I will find out. You just stay right here. I will find out.

Chloe: Okay, okay, okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Kristen: I really tried. Tried with your 10-step friends, but they're tricky.

Brady: Yeah, that's actually 12, 12-step--

Kristen: Your 12-step friends are very tough or they're very tricky. And you know what? I think they need a 13th step, because I've been trying and trying, and it's not working. It's not working. Not working with your stepmother, that's for sure.

Brady: Yeah, well, it's a complicated situation.

Kristen: It's complicated. Are you kidding me?

Brady: All four of us, it's very--

Kristen: It's--more than that, it's a catastrophe.

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: It's a lot of "c" words, really is. But you. You, my seriously hunky, hot boyfriend.

Brady: Thank you, yeah.

Kristen: You make it so worth it. Mmm. 'Cause you make me so...

Brady: [Chuckles]

Kristen: Happy.

Brady: Thank you. Well, I thank--I'm so glad I do.

Kristen: You know what? I really remember the first time you kissed me.

Brady: You do?

Kristen: Mm-hmm. Every time I look at you. And I meant what I said out there, all those people. I love you. I love you.

Brady: I believe you.

Kristen: That's why I want you to start thinking about all the reasons why you should say yes to getting married to me. Don't think about the reasons you should say no, okay? 'Cause I want you to say yes. I want you to say yes. I want you to say yes. Mm, yes, okay? Really, really, really, really, really want you to say yes.

Brady: Okay.

Kristen: Say "yes." [Giggles]

Brady: [Chuckles]

Kristen: Yes.

Brady: Okay.

[Knock on door]

EJ: Hello. It's not too late, is it?

Sami: Oh, no. Not at all. Come in.

EJ: Brought some work from the proof campaign.

Sami: Did you now? I think you forgot something very important.

EJ: Really?

Sami: Mm-hmm. How could you forget? [Sighs]

EJ: Where are the kids?

Sami: Asleep. Johnny and Sydney are, anyway. Allie is at a show with her friend, it's super cute. And the babysitter's gonna be bringing her home soon.

EJ: How soon?

Sami: Couple hours.

EJ: Couple of hours?

Sami: Mm-hmm.

EJ: My goodness, that's not soon at all, is it?

Sami: [Laughs] [Sighs] Do you know...

EJ: Mm-hmm?

Sami: Johnny said the cutest thing to me tonight. He said, "I'm so happy that Daddy is happy all the time now." And I was thinking the same thing, I'm happy too.

EJ: Hey, Samantha...

Sami: Mm?

EJ: Stop talking.

Sami: [Laughs] Oh, yes, sir, yes, sir.

[Cell phone ringing]

Marlena: Unknown. Hello.

Stefano: How lovely to hear your voice, Marlena.

Marlena: Stefano.

Nicole: What am I doing? I'm going out. Can't you tell?

Eric: Where are you going?

Nicole: I don't think that's really any of your business.

Eric: What's with the attitude?

Nicole: I don't know. So I'm gonna go out. Maybe I'll find a better one.

Eric: A better attitude.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Yup. Exactly. You know, by having fun, something that's sorely been missing in my life lately.

Eric: Fun is a good thing.

Nicole: Yeah.

Eric: There's just certain rules of the convent that we have to abide by while living here.

Nicole: Oh, okay, what, is there a curfew or something?

Eric: No, there's no curfew. I mean, you can go out as long as you like.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. So, then, what is this rule that I've been flouting?

Eric: That. That--that dress. I mean, that you're wearing-- not wearing.

Nicole: You don't like my dress?

Eric: That's irrelevant.

Nicole: Oh. So you like my dress.

Eric: No, Nicole, it's not a matter of my liking or... not liking that... you can't...go out like that.

Nicole: Oh, well, you're very wrong, Father Eric, holier than thou. I can. And I will.

Daniel: Oh, hey, hey.

Chloe: Hey. Did you see him?

Daniel: I did, I did. The convulsion was febrile, not life-threatening.

Chloe: Oh, thank God! Where'd the fever come from? A virus? Infection? What's going on?

Daniel: They're just--they're figuring that out now. It's okay.

Chloe: But he's gonna be okay?

Daniel: He is gonna be just-- oh, come on. He's gonna be just fine. Just fine, and you did the right thing by bringing him here immediately, okay?

Chloe: Oh, God. I was going out of my mind. Daniel, I was trying to call you over and over again.

Daniel: I know, but my cell phone broke, literally.

Chloe: I called Jennifer's cell too.

Daniel: I know, but she didn't have hers with her. But you could've called me at the club in Chicago and just had me paged, that's all you had to do.

Chloe: Chicago? Daniel, Jennifer didn't tell me you were gonna be in Chicago. She said you were going out here in town, she gave me the name of a club.

Daniel: What?

Chloe: Inferno. Isn't that where you were?

Daniel: Uh, no. It isn't.

Brady: Hey, I am really touched by everything you said, okay? But--

Kristen: No buts.

Brady: But--

Kristen: No buts, okay? Uh--mm... this isn't the booze talking. I'd say this if I was stone-cold "stober." Brady...

Brady: Yeah?

Kristen: I love you... with all my heart and soul. And I want to tell the world. And it's not just 'cause I wanna shove John and Marlena's faces in it either, it's because... I don't think I've ever been this happy before. I'm afraid of losing you. And so I guess I want to make it official. I want a big dress, and I wanna say vows, and I wanna... I want the world to know. Okay? I want my happy ending.

Brady: [Chuckles]

Kristen: I really do. I want my happy ending, Brady.

Brady: Hey...

Kristen: I want it. [Sobs]

Brady: Hey, Kristen, Kristen, Kristen, Kristen, hey, shh.

Kristen: Do you believe me?

Brady: Listen, I beli-- oh, I do. I believe everything, everything you're saying to me right now. But we gotta go home.

Kristen: But--

Brady: I'm gonna go get your coat. You stay right here, okay? Please. [Chuckles]

Nicole: [Scoffs] Oh, my God. You are such a hypocrite.

Eric: Excuse me?

Nicole: Oh, "excuse me"? Seriously? I mean, it's not like you priests and nuns are so perfect. You guys get caught doing bad things all the time. I mean, really. You fired Brady and Kristen off the church board because of what? [Gasps] They were having sex. Oh, my gosh, the horror of it all.

Eric: Nicole, that's not exactly what happened.

Nicole: Really? Oh. Whatever. You know what? It's normal and healthy for people to have sex. Sure, you remember that, I'm sure you do. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you don't. Ma--maybe--maybe you're a freak like the rest of the people that work here. Or maybe... maybe you do remember. And maybe you're just jealous because people are out there having fun, other people are having fun. Without you. Well, I'll tell you something. I am sick and tired of leading this boring, unsexy life. And I'm gonna make up for lost time. I'm gonna go out, and I'm gonna have some fun. What? What? Would you just please say it? What?

EJ: Mm. You know, Johnny and Sydney could wake up.

Sami: [Giggles]

EJ: Oh, Allie could come home.

Sami: [Sighs] I've been thinking.

EJ: Oh, please don't do that.

Sami: [Laughs] You'll like this one. I think we should tell them, you know, that we're together.

EJ: Yes, I mean, look, I don't like keeping the way that I feel about you from anybody, let alone the children.

Sami: And they'll be so happy for us.

EJ: [Sighs]

Sami: What--

EJ: Me staying here, it's, uh...

Both: Dangerous.

[Johnny giggling]

Sami: No.

EJ: Yeah.

Sami: No, I didn't hear it. No, I didn't hear it. I swear, I promise.

EJ: No... I have to--I'll go and check. [Sighs] See what's going on.

Marlena: Why exactly are you calling me?

Stefano: To impart information, that's all. I just thought you would like to know that your husband was here.

Jennifer: Hey, I need some information about Parker Jonas. There was an emergency, and he--

Anne: Yeah, I know. Chloe was out of her mind when she couldn't find Dr. Jonas, who was with you, apparently, and uh, impossible to reach.

Jennifer: Wait a minute, were you with Chloe when she found out Parker was sick?

Daniel: What are you talking about? There's no way Jennifer could've told you Salem. We planned on Chicago from the start.

Chloe: What?

Daniel: Yeah, she planned--

Kayla: Guys, guys, the fever broke. The convulsion was a one-time reaction to the high fever. Dr. Hogate confirmed that.

Chloe: What caused the fever?

Kayla: It was a virus, but Parker's gonna be fine. You guys can go in and see him now.

Chloe: [Sighs] Thank you. Thank you, Kayla.

Kayla: Sure.

Daniel: Thank you so much.

Chloe: Oh, hey. Hi.

Daniel: Hey. Hey, little man.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Eric: You're doing it again.

Nicole: Doing what? Living my life?

Eric: No, acting out.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Eric: You jumped all over me this morning for no reason. But maybe there is a reason. I just don't understand why you don't tell me what it's about.

Nicole: Oh, my-- f-u-n, fun! That's it, no more, no less.

Eric: Just cut the crap, Nicole.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Eric: I mean, you were all over me this morning, and now you're--you are screaming at me, begging for a confrontation. What gives? I mean, why are you deliberately trying to get a rise out of me?

Nicole: Because I j-- I don't wanna hurt you.

Jennifer: So, you and Chloe hang out together, huh? In bars?

Anne: What business is that--

Jennifer: So, you're friends.

Anne: Yes! We happen to go way back.

Jennifer: Oh, really? I d--I didn't know that.

Anne: Well, so what? The point is Chloe is Parker's mother. You can't imagine how upset she was when she found out he had such a high fever and his father was unreachable. Why? Because he was out clubbing with you. It was a nightmare.

Jennifer: I'm terribly sorry--

Anne: Yeah, well, "sorry" isn't gonna cut it, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Excuse me?

Anne: Chloe is the mother of Daniel's child. You are nothing.

Daniel: You are gonna be just fine. You know that? All these nice people here... yeah, they're gonna help you get better really fast.

Chloe: Mm-hmm. And Mommy and Daddy are right here, and we love you so much. More than anything in the world.

Kayla: You know what, guys? I think that what he needs most is some sleep, okay?

Chloe: Okay.

Kayla: Okay.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Daniel: Buh-bye.

Chloe: Oh... oh, thank God he's all right.

Daniel: I know.

Chloe: Thank God.

Kristen: Oh...

Brady: Hey, it's okay. Take it--don't shake like that.

Kristen: I'm so sorry. Such an idiot.

Brady: No, you're not.

Kristen: Yes, I am.

Brady: Have some water. Drink. Drink.

Kristen: You probably think I'm just a big, fat drunk.

Brady: I don't think that at all, but I just think it's time for bed, okay?

Kristen: Okay.

Brady: Okay, here, crawl into bed now, all right?

Kristen: All right.

Brady: [Sighs] Come on. [Chuckles] Hey, I'm not mad at you, I'm not upset at all.

Kristen: You're not, really?

Brady: We had a good time. It's fine.

Kristen: At least not everything I said was completely stupid, right?

Brady: No.

Kristen: What I said about loving you, I meant that, I love you.

Brady: Mm, it's all right.

Kristen: I love you.

Brady: I love you too, but in vino veritas, right? Yeah.

Kristen: Yeah. Um, there's something else I should say out loud.

Brady: Okay.

Kristen: [Sighs] It's really hard for me.

Brady: You can do it. What is it? Tell me.

Kristen: Do you remember when I first brought up us getting married? And you laughed at me? 'Cause you thought I was joking?

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: It really hurt my feelings. It was like a knife in my heart.

Daniel: You must have misunderstood, Chloe. Jennifer would not say that we were at Inferno, since--

Chloe: Since what? You were in Chicago and always planned on being there? Wake up, Daniel. She lied to me so that you two could be alone and I couldn't find you.

Daniel: Okay, no, no, no, she would not do that.

Chloe: But she did! Oh, my God, didn't you see how she shut you down when we were talking about where you guys were going? She told you that she gave me the name of the place. Well, she didn't. Did you happen to write it on a little piece of paper?

Daniel: Yeah, I did.

Chloe: Yeah, 'cause I saw her crumpling that piece of paper. So no, Daniel, there was no misunderstanding. I thought exactly what Jennifer wanted me to think.

Jennifer: I'm so glad that Parker's okay. Thank you for letting me know.

Kayla: Sure. I'm sorry that your evening was ruined. I'll see you later.

Jennifer: Yeah, me too. I don't know how this got on my desk. This isn't even my handwriting, and second of all, if I didn't tell you about Chloe, why--why would I tell Child Protective Services?

Daniel: That's what I'm trying to find out, that's why I'm asking--

Jennifer: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Anne: Are you all right? You look upset.

Jennifer: I need to know where this came from.

Brady: I had no idea that I hurt you. I didn't mean to do that.

Kristen: I know. I know it wasn't intentional.

Brady: But I don't get it. I mean, you made light of the fact that I was laughing about us getting married. I-I had no idea that you were hurt.

Kristen: That's because everybody thinks that DiMeras are totally impervious to pain of any kind.

Brady: No. No--hey. Hey, look at me. Look at me. I never--[Chuckles] Never thought that about you.

Kristen: Understand that I-- I opened my heart to you, Brady, and I let you in.

Brady: I know you did. I know you did, and I love the fact that you did. But we can't get married right now, you know the reasons why.

Kristen: 'Cause of John and Marlena, and if it wasn't for them we could.

Brady: If it wasn't for the-- it's not just them. I mean, it would still be impossible.

Kristen: What do you mean, it would still be impossible?

Brady: It's ju-- it's--it's just me.

Kristen: What does that mean, it's you?

Brady: I can't talk about it right--I don't wanna talk about it right now.

Kristen: But--but--

Brady: Look, it's been a long night. You need to get your rest. We'll talk about it, but let's get some sleep, okay? All right?

Kristen: Okay.

Marlena: Why are you doing this to me, Stefano? What do you want?

Stefano: [Chuckles] My dear, I want nothing. All I'm doing is trying to tell you that your husband was here, and that he was in good hands.

Marlena: How very thoughtful of you.

Stefano: [Chuckles] If only I could believe that you really meant that. Anyway, this is gonna be the first of many--well, no, the second of many talks that we are gonna have.

Marlena: Why in the world would you think that?

Stefano: Well, our families are getting closer, no? [Chuckles] I mean, we have Kristen and Brady, and we certainly have my son and Sami. [Chuckles] I can tell by your silence that you're not too happy with this new closeness, huh? But Marlena, look, we both know that the heart wants what the heart wants, all right? Listen, you should be very happy that your other son is a priest, no? [Laughs]

Eric: Why would you think something like that? I mean, how?

Nicole: Because look at me! And I'm not just talking about this outfit. I don't have it in me to be this good Christian person that you want me to be.

Eric: No, I want you to be you. I believe that you have it in you... to be at peace... to do God's will the way he wants it to be, not the way I want it.

Nicole: Same difference. It's never gonna happen, never.

Eric: You know what, it's-- it's--it's getting late. Why don't you just go to bed and we can talk about this tomorrow? [Sighs]

Nicole: Yeah, okay.

Eric: So, are you gonna go to bed?

Nicole: And do what? Count rosary beads? [Scoffs] I'm going out.

Eric: Fine. And don't come back.

Sami: [Groans] A pen, a pen... my kingdom for a pen. Maybe EJ has one. Um...

Kristen: Father. I'm glad I reached you.

Stefano: Oh, well, how did the night end?

Kristen: Epic failure. He will not propose to me. But at least now I know that it goes beyond him not wanting to hurt John and Marlena.

Stefano: What other reason could there be? I mean, this jerk is not good enough to shine your shoes.

Kristen: I have no idea, but I will find out, and I will get him on both his knees, begging me to marry him.

Stefano: Well, be careful, darling, because even DiMeras can overstep at times like this.

Kristen: Don't worry about me. It was a very small battle in a very big war.

Stefano: Buona notte, figlia mia.

Kristen: Night. I will get what I want. I will get what I need. [Silently repeats]

Sami: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Oh, dear Lord.

Nicole: Okay, let me--let me get this straight. You would actually kick me out if I go out.

Eric: There's obviously a lot that you're not saying. Why don't you just stay? Get some rest. And we can talk about this tomorrow when you're not so worked up. Or you can go, and the conversation is over for good. So, what is it? What do you want?

Nicole: I'll tell you exactly what I want.

Daniel: I know that you're upset about what happened to Parker today, but he's gonna be fine, so why don't you just--

Chloe: This isn't about Parker. I know he's gonna be fine now, and I'm greatly relieved. This has to do with the fact that I could not find you when I needed you.

Daniel: Okay--

Chloe: When your son needed you.

Daniel: Okay, listen, I know that that is frustrating. I do. But Jennifer would not do--

Chloe: [Groans] Okay! You know what? Don't take my word for it. Ask her, she's right here.

Daniel: Chlo-- Jennifer, did you lie to her about where we were tonight? Jennifer? Is Chloe telling the truth?

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