Days Transcript Friday 2/8/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/8/13


Episode #12019 ~ Jennifer's lie makes it hard for Chloe to contact Daniel about Parker; Nick spies on Will.

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Brady: The wedding can't be off. Why are you--why are you doing this? I love you. I-I want you to be my wife. Why are you doing this?

Kristen: Because your father left me at the altar, Brady. And utterly destroyed me.

[Knocks on door]

Brady: Kristen?

Kristen: So now, in true DiMera fashion, I've got my peace of mind...

[Knocks on door]

Brady: Kristen, don't do this to us.

Kristen: And my revenge.

Brady: Please.

[Knocking at door]

Brady: Kristen, please. Come on, open the door. Damn it!

Kristen: Now who wouldn't wanna propose to this? Except for Brady, apparently. [Sighs] It's time to turn this up a notch...starting tonight.


Maggie: Well.

Brady: Whoa, look at that. Someone's having fun tonight.

Maggie: Me. Um, Daniel said that he and Jennifer were going out clubbing with you and--and--

Brady: And don't worry about it. I'm not gonna let Kristen corrupt your son or your niece.

Maggie: Brady, I'm not worried about Daniel or Jennifer. I'm worried about you.

Brady: [Sighs] Because like everyone else, you think she's using me and that she couldn't possibly truly love me.

Maggie: That is not what I said.

Brady: Maggie, that is what you were thinking. It'll be fine. You go to Parker. I got a date at the Android Lounge in Chicago and I'm gonna have a good time. I'll see you.

Jennifer: Uh, I agree. You should know where Daniel and I are gonna be. Uh, the thing is we're gonna be right here in town. You know Club Inferno right here in Salem?

Chloe: Yeah, I know that place. Sounds fun.

Jennifer: Yeah, we're really looking forward to it. Oh, wait, what's that?

Daniel: Oh, that's just the information about where we're gonna be. I promised Chloe that I'd give it to her and I--

Jennifer: Does Chloe know that we're going to Chicago?

Daniel: No. All she knows is that we are going out tonight. That's it.

Jennifer: So if that's everything, you're good.

Chloe: I'm good?

Daniel: Chloe? I, uh, I didn't know you were here.

Chloe: Hey, yeah. I just, um, I brought you your stethoscope. You forgot to pack it up with you when you let Parker play with it.

Daniel: Oh, that's ri--there it is. Thank you.

Chloe: You're welcome. So Jennifer was just telling me about your plans for tonight.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna text you.

Jennifer: Yeah, but, um, now you don't have to.

Tad: Sonny. Hey.

Sonny: Hey, T.

Tad: So I've been holed up studying for mid-terms for days. Now I find out my gay friend's gonna be a dad? I don't get it. What's going on?

Sonny: How much time do you got? This is gonna take a while.

Lucas: [Whispering] "Your son shot EJ DiMera." What the hell?

Will: for us not to have a big fight. And that's the last thing I want. Look, I wouldn't even put you in this whole paternity thing except--

Gabi: I understand. You don't wanna risk, you know, losing the rights to your own child. But that would never happen.

Will: I know, I know, I know. I just think that--look, I like Nick. He's my cousin. You know, we're not always on the same page.

Gabi: But we are now. We all are. And--and we all want what's best for the baby.

Will: Yes, I d--I know. I do too and--

[Phone rings]

Will: So--so let's just get it ov--why don't we just get it over with, you know? To--I'm sorry.

[Phone rings]

Will: Dad, hey.

Lucas: If this is a joke, I'm not laughing.

Will: What?

Lucas: The text you just sent me.

Will: I didn't.

Lucas: Well, if you didn't send it, we need to meet. I need to see you now.

Will: Dad, what's going on?

Lucas: I'll explain it when you get here, all right? No, actually not here. Meet me in my office.

Will: I'm kinda in the middle of something.

Lucas: Hey, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is, this is more important.

Will: Okay. Okay, great. I will be right over.

Gabi: What's wrong?

Will: Uh, I am not sure and it's probably nothing, but you know my family, all drama all the time, so anyway, I'm gonna call you and we will schedule a test, okay?

Gabi: Sure.

Will: Okay. Good-bye. Bye. Sorry.

Gabi: [Sighs] If only you were Nick's baby. Everything would be so much simpler for everyone. Nick... where'd he go?

Jennifer: So, is there anything else that you needed?

Chloe: Uh, no. I don't think so.

Jennifer: Good, 'cause we are really in a hurry so if you wouldn't mind, you need to go.

Daniel: Thank you...

Chloe: Okay, well, yeah, have--okay, have fun.

Daniel: For the stethoscope.

Chloe: At Inferno. Perfect.

Daniel: Chicago...

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Here we come. Are you ready?

Jennifer: Yeah. I'm ready, I'm ready. It was my idea, remember?

Daniel: Yes, it was.

Brady: Hello.

Kristen: Brady.

Brady: Hey. What's that smile for?

Kristen: Well, I'm just thinking about you.

Brady: You looking forward to tonight? Ready to have fun?

Kristen: Yeah. It's gonna be great catching up with Jennifer. Honestly though, I'd rather just have some time alone with you.

Brady: I'm sure we'll find some quality time together later.

Kristen: I hope so. I really want this to be a night that we always remember.

Tad: God, Sonny. I'm sorry. Well, at least, I hope you and Will can work it out.

Sonny: I appreciate your concern. I just--I'd rather not talk about it anymore.

Tad: Okay. Oh, geez. What, are you having twins?

Gabi: Uh, no, T. I'm having one baby and if you wanna call me fat, then you can just come out and--

Tad: No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm--was just trying to say I'm sorry. Last time I saw you, you looked normal.

Sonny: Just quit while you're behind, T.

Tad: Congratulations?

Gabi: Thanks.

Tad: I'm sorry. I didn't know what to say. This is kinda awkward.

Sonny: Tell me about it.

Tad: I mean, r-right? Will wasn't gay, now he's gay. Then he wasn't gay.

Gabi: He's still gay.

Tad: Right. Were--were you trying to make him change teams? Okay. Um, well, at least this kid's gonna have a really interesting life. I'll see you guys later.

Gabi: Great. Great.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Gabi?

Gabi: I'm looking for Nick, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, why do you think Nick would be here?

Gabi: Well, this is the coffee house. You know, people hang out here. If he asked you for a cup of coffee, would you kick him out?

Sonny: Of course not. But--

Gabi: But what? You know, Nick and Will are really trying to make this work. Are you above that? Is it really too much to ask you to try?

Will: Okay. I'm here. Now what is the big emergency?

Lucas: I didn't wanna say anything else on the phone.

Will: Yeah, okay, about what?

Lucas: About this.

Will: Who sent this?

Lucas: I have no idea who sent it.

Will: Then why--first of all, why did you think it was me? Why do you think I would joke about--about someone knowing that I shot EJ.

Lucas: Maybe I was grasping at straws because I was afraid of the alternative. Did you ever think of that? Our secret is out. Somebody wants us to pay.

Maggie: Oh, Chloe. You know, I really do appreciate you letting me spend this time alone with Parker. He's such a special little boy.

Chloe: Yeah, he is.

Maggie: He's so wonderful. I just love him.

Chloe: Well, have a good night.

Maggie: You too.

[Doorbell rings]

Chloe: I'll get it. Anne, hey. Come in.

Anne: Hey.

Chloe: Wow, if I didn't know it was you, I would hardly recognize you.

Anne: Well--should I take that as a compliment because it doesn't quite sound like one.

Chloe: No, no, you look amazing. Trust me, they are gonna jump you to the front of the rope line at Club Inferno.

Anne: Well, good, 'cause the sooner I have a drink in my hand, the happier I'll be. Especially when I can toast to Jennifer Horton's eternal misery so what do you want me to do?

Chloe: Well, they have a pretty good head start on us so we should head to the square and I will tell you on the way.

Anne: Okay.

Chloe: Let's go. Oh, it's so cold.

Anne: Yeah.

Chloe: Okay.

Jennifer: Look at this!

Daniel: Mm.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. This is amazing.

Daniel: Yeah? You like?

Jennifer: Yes! Yes!

Brady: You like, huh? How did we do?

Daniel: Well done.

Jennifer: So good.

Brady: Look, a free table, ladies.

Jennifer: Oh, wait, oh, wait. I just have to get one picture before we sit down, okay?

Daniel: Oh, you gotta get a picture?

Kristen: Are you sure you wanna be seen on social media with the likes of me?

Jennifer: Oh, come on.

Daniel: Oh, wow.

Jennifer: Listen, Abigail will not even believe I am in the Android Lounge unless I have photographic evidence to prove it, okay?

Daniel: Oh, here we go.

Jennifer: Let me get--oh, no.

Daniel: This is this lady--what?

Jennifer: Shoot. I left my phone at home.

Daniel: You did?

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: Well, it must be contagious. However...

Jennifer: Yes! Yes, yes, yes.

Daniel: Oh, look, we got good news. Let's try this, all right? Come on, get in here.

Jennifer: Okay, come on, come on. Come on.

Daniel: You ready?

Jennifer: Okay. Yes.

Daniel: All right, a night to remember. Here we go.

Jennifer: One.

Daniel: Two. Got it. See?

Brady: Well done. Well done.

Jennifer: Oh, wow. Ooh! Let me see.

Daniel: Well, t--oh, there we go.

Jennifer: We have to see it. Oh, that's good. Thank you.

Daniel: All right. No, you look beautiful. You don't photo great. All right. So why don't you guys get a drink. Brady and I will--actually, reverse that. We'll get a drink, you get a table, and we'll be right back.

Jennifer: Okay.

Kristen: Okay.

Daniel: All right. Come on.

Kristen: We're gonna kiss too then.

Daniel: All right, get over there.

Jennifer: This is so fun.

Kristen: Yeah, it really is.

Jennifer: Oh, wow.

Kristen: That Daniel, what a nice, nice guy.

Jennifer: Yeah, he's a great guy.

Kristen: I'm so glad we're doing this.

Jennifer: You know what, I-I am too. I am.

Kristen: Really? You mean it?

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean it.

Kristen: Well. Well, not everybody would wanna be seen hanging out with the most hated person in Salem. You know? And you're so cheerful about it, Jennifer. Then again you're always cheerful, aren't you?

Jennifer: Kristen, come on. Hardly. Really. And I don't think you're the most hated woman in Salem. You have a lot of competition for that crown.

Kristen: Hmm. Well, I'm not deluded enough to think that, you know, you wanna be best friends again, not after everything that's happened. I mean, I get that.

Jennifer: Yeah. Maybe not right now--

Kristen: But look at you, look at you. You're giving it a shot and most people wouldn't, so thanks.

Jennifer: I have to admit, there's another reason I came here tonight.

Sonny: What happens between me and Will is none of your damn business.

Gabi: Look, I know you don't like me and I really don't blame you for being angry with me.

Sonny: Gee, that's big of you, Gabi.

Gabi: We both care about Will.

Sonny: And you have a funny way of showing it. I'm not gonna stand here and watch you hurt him again.

Gabi: Are you kidding me, Sonny? You've already hurt Will more than I ever could.

Will: What do you mean, somebody wants us to pay?

Lucas: I am talking about blackmail.

Will: Blackmail?

Lucas: That's right. I've tried to trace the text as best I could. I've come up empty. It's probably a disposable phone or something like that.

Will: Okay. Okay, okay. Just, um... who would do this?

Lucas: Well, that's a really good question, because it happened a long time ago and only a few people know the truth. There's Stefano and EJ.

Will: And there's Mom and there's you.

Lucas: Well, I think you could rule us out. Thank you very much. Stefano and EJ, it's not like them to make anonymous threats like this. If they were gonna blackmail you again, you would know about it. Trust me. I think we just have to assume that it's somebody we don't know. You know, somebody who just kinda stumbled across this information and now they're trying to use it to their advantage. I'm sorry, man. I know you got a lot going on with this baby and everything, but I thought you should know. I thought you should know what we're up against.

Will: No. This isn't--you're not gonna be sorry. This is my fault. I'm sorry. I shot EJ and you went to prison for me. You know, I didn't think I was gonna be blackmailed three times for the same thing.

Lucas: That makes two of us. Will, I wanna help you. All right, so just tell me. What did you do?

Will: I-I shot EJ. I tried to kill him.

Lucas: Did you tell anybody else about this other than me? Anybody at all?

Will: Uh...

Lucas: It's gonna be okay, all right?

Will: It's not. It's--

Lucas: Yes, it is gonna be okay. You're my son and I love you. And I'm gonna get you through this.

Will: I'm sorry. You should have just let me go to jail, Dad. I didn't deserve what you did for me and now it's all for nothing anyway.

Chloe: Hey.

Anne: You got it?

Chloe: Yeah, I got it. Are you sure this stuff is safe?

Anne: Yeah, she's gonna lose a few pounds. You're doing her a favor. More important than the weight loss is that Jennifer's romantic night with Daniel will be anything but.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Anne: What? You're not--you're not having second thoughts?

Chloe: No. No, no, I'm not. It--you know what, this is for a good cause. The best cause. Parker deserves to have two parents who are together in love.

Anne: Damn straight.

Chloe: Okay. You ready to do the honors?

Anne: With pleasure.

Brady: Coming in.

Kristen: Thank you both.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Brady: You're welcome. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Yes. Thank you.

Kristen: Okay, so you were saying?

Jennifer: Um, I was saying it's wonderful. I'm glad that we're here all together, really.

Kristen: But?

Jennifer: But I just wanted to come to Chicago and just put a little distance between...

Kristen: What? Oh, what? A rival and you?

Jennifer: That's one word for her.

Kristen: Whoa. Well, good for you. Cheers to that.

Jennifer: Cheers, but I hate lying. I hate it so much.

Kristen: I know, I hate lying too.

Jennifer: But it was just this little white lie.

Kristen: I'm sure it was, Jenn.

Jennifer: You don't even know what I lied about.

Kristen: [Laughs] Okay, what did you lie about? What was it?

Jennifer: You--I don't know. Did you know that Daniel just found out that he had a son?

Kristen: Yeah. I met his mom, Chloe. Brady's ex. Wait a minute. Does she want Daniel back, but you're in the way?

Jennifer: I don't--I have no idea, but she already tried to ruin one very special night that we had planned together. And she would be here right now trying to ruin this one except--

Kristen: Except what?

Jennifer: No, this is where the little white lie comes in. I told her that we would be at a club in Salem.

Kristen: Oh.

Jennifer: So that's really not bad, right?

Kristen: No. No, you go, girl.

Jennifer: No, it is.

Kristen: We're cheering to that again. It is not, it's good.

Jennifer: No, it's bad.

Kristen: It's not bad, it's good. It's good. You go. Go.

Daniel: Yeah, I think Jenn and I are probably gonna bail before too--too long. Booked a hotel room for tonight and, uh--

Brady: Yeah, I figured when you said you wanted to drive separately.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm just a little nervous. Just wanna make her happy, man.

Brady: I think that's exactly what you're doing.

Kristen: So, does Daniel know that you told Chloe?

Man: Ladies.

Jennifer: Oh. Hi.

Man: I've got a problem and was hoping you could help me.

Kristen: You could try us.

Man: I just can't decide which one of you to buy a drink for, so I think I'll make it a double.

Kristen: Oh, that's s--

Man: Two!

Jennifer: Our boyfriends are right--right there. Yeah.

Man: Oh. Sorry.

Kristen: No, you should never apologize for offering to buy a girl a drink. It's too bad we're not closer to home though 'cause has she got a girl for you.

Jennifer: Kristen!

Kristen: [Laughs] Well, you do.

Chloe: What happened?

Anne: Jennifer isn't in there. Neither is Daniel.

Chloe: What?

Anne: Yeah. Are you sure this is where they were going tonight?

Chloe: Yeah, of course I'm sure. Jennifer told me. Oh, my God. She tricked me. When Daniel came back, she couldn't wait to get rid of me because--

Anne: Because she hates you?

Chloe: Because she didn't want him to know that she's a lying bitch.

Lucas: Don't you say that.

Will: It's true. I'm sorry. It's my fault you went to prison for nothing.

Lucas: No, no. You were a kid. You were caught up in the mess your mom and I created. This was not your fault.

Will: Yes, it wa--Dad, I literally shot someone in cold blood!

Lucas: So what, you made amends, all right? You've turned your life around.

Will: Yeah? Have I? Have I?

Lucas: Yeah, you have. Now we got through this once and we'll get through it again.

Will: Thank you for the vote of confidence, Dad. Thank you. That means a lot, but I'm a screw-up. I always have been and I always will be.

Lucas: What happened?

Officer: Two kids, two six packs.

Lucas: How much did you drink, Will?

Officer: One is too many at his age.

Lucas: No, you're right. Absolutely.

Officer: Look. See it doesn't happen again. I'll have no choice but to take him in.

Lucas: Yes, sir. I'm sorry about that.

Officer: All right.

Lucas: Thank you.

Officer: Yep.

Will: Don't say it.

Lucas: "Don't say it"? Your father's an alcoholic. Now you're going down that same road, too? Man, drinking is not gonna make this go away.

Will: I-I just wa--I just wanna forget about it all. Every time I close my eyes, I imagine the click that the gun made when I pulled the trigger--

Lucas: You know what, don't you ever say that again. Don't you ever say those words! Do you understand me? Ever!

Will: Oh, my God.

Lucas: What?

Will: Dad, um--

Lucas: What?

Will: Do you remember that one night that I was drunk and the cop brought me home? And--and anyway, I was with T before that. And I told him...

Lucas: You tol--T knows you shot EJ?

Will: Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was drinking, he was drinking. What I do remember though is that he didn't even believe me.

Lucas: Well, what? Did he ever bring it up again?

Will: No. No, no. Not after you went to prison for what I did.

Brady: Jenn and Kristen are gonna wonder what happened to us.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I wonder where the bartender is. Never took so long to settle up a tab in my whole life.

Man: I don't want another girl.

Kristen: Excuse us?

Man: All the women, they look alike after a while. But you-- [Hiccups] You're different. You're real.

Jennifer: Mm. Well, we're really taken.

Kristen: Yeah, like we said.

Man: Your loss.

Kristen: I don't think so.

Jennifer: Well...okay. At least he was polite.

Kristen: Yeah. And he's got great taste in women, right?

Jennifer: If you do say so yourself? Wait, where are you going?

Kristen: Oh, ladies room. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Should we--

Kristen: No, no, I'll be back.

Jennifer: All right.

Kristen: Oh, excuse me. Could you get me a double vodka on the rocks?

Waiter: Coming right up.

Jennifer: Oh.

Man: I thought your friend would never leave.

Jennifer: Well, now I wish she hadn't.

Man: No, no, you don't. Because any guy that would leave you sitting here neglected... [Hiccups] is not worth your time.

Jennifer: Mm.

Man: You deserve better. Yo--you deserve me.

Jennifer: [Nervous chuckle]

Anne: Thanks.

Chloe: Ugh. Jennifer. I can't believe everyone thinks she's so perfect and sweet when she's a pathological liar.

Anne: And a slacker.

Chloe: And a fre--

Maggie: Oh, Chloe. I'm so glad you're home.

Chloe: Why?

Maggie: Hi.

Anne: Hi.

Maggie: I got a call from a friend. She's in A.A. And she's having a rough night and now she needs someone to be there with her.

Chloe: Okay. Uh, where's Parker?

Maggie: He's in his playpen. He's busy playing with his little wooden puzzle that he loves so much. Um, I'm sorry. I really do have to go.

Chloe: No, it's okay, Maggie. Thank you...

Maggie: Oh, sure. Sure.

Chloe: For everything.

Maggie: Bye.

Chloe: Thanks.

Maggie: Okay.

Chloe: [Sighs] Thanks for nothing. Now we can't trek all over town looking for Daniel and Jennifer.

Anne: Look, I'll go get Parker and you keep thinking.

Chloe: I will.

Anne: Okay.

Chloe: Damn, damn, damn, damn!

Anne: Uh, Chloe?

Chloe: Hey, sweetness. Did you have a good night?

Anne: You know, maybe not so much. He was all sacked out.

Chloe: Sleeping already?

Anne: Yeah, he feels warm to me.

Chloe: Hey, come here. Let me feel you. Warm? He's burning up.

Anne: Yeah.

Brady: Who's Jenn talking to?

Daniel: What? Not Kristen?

Brady: No, it's a guy.

Jennifer: I promise you, you probably wanna get away from here before our boyfriends come back.

Man: Here. One dance.

Jennifer: No.

Man: One dance and you'll never look their way again.

Jennifer: No, you're very nice--no, you don't know what you're talking about.

Man: Come on.

Jennifer: Listen to me, I said no. Let go of my--

Daniel: Let her go.

Man: Make me.

Jennifer: Daniel!

Lucas: So what do you think? Do you think T sent that text?

Will: Um, n-no. No. He can be--no. There's no way.

Lucas: Well, if not T, then who? I mean, maybe it was someone he knew? Someone he told that could use this against you? Was there anybody like that? Come on, think about it!

Will: I'm so--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm trying. I don't know. I don't know.

Lucas: All right, all right. But--but he doesn't have any evidence, he doesn't have any proof, right? Like, if it comes down to it, it's just your word against his.

Will: Yeah.

Lucas: Right? Right?

Will: Well...

Lucas: Well, what?

Will: It's not e--it's not evidence, but, um...I did take him to the cabin before I shot EJ.

Lucas: And what did you do?

Will: I let him shoot the gun.

Lucas: You did what? You let him shoot the gun?

Will: I'm sorry, we were smashed. I'm sorry. It was a stupid thing to do. But thinking back, he probably doesn't even remember.

Lucas: Well, you remember, don't you? And the police, they gathered all the evidence from that cabin. It's probably in storage somewhere. Man, your fingerprints were on everything. Your fingerprints were on the bullets, they were--they were all over the cabin. Thank God they didn't check for your prints.

Will: Okay. Why would they still have it even? You confessed so why would they still even keep all that stuff?

Lucas: Because your grandpa-- Grandpa Roman, he keeps everything.

Will: Okay. Okay, so, um, all I gotta do then is find out exactly what T remembers about that night.

Lucas: No, you're not gonna talk to T at all about this.

Will: Yes, I-I promise I'm gonna be smart about it, but we gotta know.

Lucas: No, no, what we gotta know is, if T didn't send this text, that means somebody else is behind this. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. There's that guy, Nick. Nick!

Will: Dad, Nick has nothing to do with this. He has no idea about any of this.

Lucas: What are you talking about? He worked for EJ, man. He--he worked for EJ. He's a frigging genius. He probably figured it out and he wants you out of the picture.

Will: Why would--why would he--okay. Gabi, Nick, and I only want what's best for this baby and we all agreed that we're gonna work together to make sure that happens.

Lucas: Really?

Will: Yes, really. There's no--okay. It's not productive to stick around and trade these crazy theories so I'm gonna go and find out exactly what T knows.

Nick: Will. I thought that was you.

Will: Hi.

Nick: How's it going?

Will: Great. It's going great. Kind of in the middle of something.

Nick: Oh, is everything okay?

Will: Yeah, yeah. Just, uh, you know, kind of in a rush.

Nick: Well, I'm s--is that Gabi? Right there.

Will: Right where?

Nick: Right there, is that Gabi? I'm s--I'm totally losing it today. I thought I saw Gabi right there. Anyway.

Will: Okay, well, I'll ca--I'll catch up with you later.

Nick: Okay.

Will: Okay.

Nick: Good to see you, Will.

Will: Yeah, good to see you.

Nick: See you. [Sighs] Everything I need to get you out of the picture permanently.

Sonny: You're really gonna judge me?

Gabi: Look, I was just saying.

Sonny: Don't talk to me about hurting people. I know exactly who you are and what you've done. And if Will knew--

Gabi: What Will knows is that I'm carrying his baby. Okay? Our little girl. And that is something that's gonna keep us together for life, something that you and Will will never have. Babe, what are you doing here?

Nick: I was looking for you. What's--what's going on?

Gabi: I was looking for you.

Nick: Well, here I am.

Gabi: Lucky me. Let's go home.

Nick: I'd love to.

Gabi: Okay.

Tad: Hey. So what's the deal? I haven't heard from you in weeks and all of a sudden I need to talk to you right now?

Will: Where have you been?

Tad: Uh, studying. Guess you haven't had too much time for that.

Will: No.

Tad: So what's up?

Will: I think you know already.

Tad: You're right. I know everything.

Will: It was you.

Tad: What?

Will: Are you seriously trying to blackmail me, man?

Tad: What are you talking about?

Bouncer: You, sir, are out of here.

Brady: Good night.

Jennifer: Look at your hand.

Daniel: No, no, look, it's fine, it's fine.

Jennifer: No.

Brady: Uh, but your phone. Ugh, not so much.

Jennifer: Oh, no.

Daniel: Well, I guess that's the price of being a superhero. I'm due for an upgrade anyway.

Brady: Listen, I'm gonna make sure they got that guy out of here.

Jennifer: Thank you, Brady.

Daniel: Listen, I am so sorry. I thought this was a more reputable place--

Jennifer: It is a reputable place. There's obnoxious people everywhere.

Daniel: Still, but I shouldn't have just left you and--

Jennifer: No, I am fine. Nothing happened. Except maybe you losing your surgical career again. Please.


Jennifer: Don't--don't ever hit anyone with this hand ever again.

Daniel: All right, well, guess I'll have to take mixed martial arts to fend off your fut--future suitors.

Jennifer: Really? Easy for you to say.

Daniel: Yes, easy for me to say. You know what? You are so beautiful.

Jennifer: You know what? I think we should get out of here.

Daniel: I think that's an excellent idea.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: All right. But since we're two phones down now...

Jennifer: Yes.

Daniel: I better go check my messages. All right?

Brady: Hey. Use mine. Just take it.

Daniel: Thank you.

Brady: Yeah. Give it to me tomorrow because I'm not gonna be making any business calls tonight, right? So--

Jennifer: Hey, Brady, where's Kristen? She went to the restroom and she hasn't come back.

Brady: No, she's--

Kristen: Whoo!

Brady: Oh, boy. Whoa! Hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

Kristen: Don't tell me the party's over.

Jennifer: Well, you know what, Daniel's gonna check his messages and then we're actually gonna head out.

Kristen: No.

Jennifer: I know.

Daniel: Looks like the party just got started.

Jennifer: Try not to have too much fun.

Kristen: Oh, there's no such thing.

Jennifer: Good-bye.

Brady: Good night--hi, baby. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Okay. Uh.

Kristen: Ooh.

Brady: You are--you're having fun, aren't you?

Kristen: I'm having a really good time.

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: Yeah. The best time.

Brady: You seem like you're having fun. Listen, I don't mean to go all Maggie Horton on you or anything, but maybe you should slow down just a little bit.

Kristen: I'm not gonna slow down. Uh-uh. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Brady: Okay. Okay.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey.

Daniel: I just want you to know, if you wanna take it slow, if you wanna wait--

Jennifer: No. I don't wanna wait. I know that tonight is gonna be absolutely perfect.

Chloe: Nurse, his temp's 105!

Anne: The Ibuprofen did nothing.

Nurse: What are his other symptoms?

Chloe: I don't know. He's too little to tell me what hurts.

Nurse: I'll get him settled in an exam room. The doctor will be in shortly.

Chloe: Thank you. Parker, I'll be right there. Damn it, I don't care if I seem needy or desperate. It doesn't matter when it comes to Parker. I'm calling Daniel.

Anne: Yes, I think he would wanna be here. Yeah.

Chloe: Why isn't he answering?

Chloe: [Sighs] Damn it. Oh, God, I guess I'll call Jennifer. Come on, Daniel, where are you? Your son needs you.

Will: [Clears throat] I'm sorry. Never mind. F-- sorry. Forget it.

Tad: Forget what? Are you crazy? What would I be blackmailing you over?

Will: I don't know, I don't know. I just--I guess I'm just kinda losing--with everything that's going on, I'm just kinda losing it.

Tad: Okay, well, I hope you know, like, I might have been an ass sometimes lately--okay, most of the time. But you can trust me.

Will: I know. I know that.

Tad: Okay, good. Don't forget it.

Will: Thanks. I won't.

Nick: So are you ready to tell me what--what Sonny said to you?

Gabi: I think...Nick, he knows. Chad told him what I did to Melanie.

Nick: What? No, no, no, no, no. Chad and I signed an agreement. We signed an agreement. He knows he can't do that or he'll go to prison for assaulting me.

Gabi: Okay, well, who helped you make that agreement? It was Sonny's dad, right?

Nick: Well, Just--Justin--

Gabi: If Sonny ever told Will he would hate me, okay? And what if he tries to take the baby away from me? From us--

Nick: Hey, hey, hey, hey. It's okay. Come here. Listen. If Sonny knows, which I don't think he does, he hasn't told Will. And he won't.

Gabi: How can you be so sure of that?

Nick: No matter what, I guarantee you everything is gonna be okay. All right, you and me and this baby girl, we are gonna be together. I promise you that.

Daniel: Got plenty of coverage at the hospital tonight so there's no chance of anyone scuttling our night this time.

Jennifer: Phew. Good.

Daniel: All right? I just wanna make sure my patients are hanging in there. I'm so naked without my phone.

Jennifer: Mm. I like that word.

Daniel: "Phone"?

Jennifer: "Naked."

Brady: Hey--

Kristen: Can you blame me for wanting to celebrate?

Brady: No, it--

Kristen: It's so great to be out of Salem, isn't it? Getting away from all the whispering and the innuendoes and the people that are judging you all the time and...

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: Mean. Where's my waiter? Waiter?

Brady: Kristen, hold on.

Kristen: Wh--ooh!

Brady: Hey--ooh.

Kristen: [Chuckles]

Brady: [Laughs] Thank you so much. You're so sweet.

Daniel: Hold on, I got a call coming in.

Jennifer: Okay. Well. Hello?

Chloe: Brady, thank God. I don't know what to do. Parker's so sick and I am so scared.

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