Days Transcript Monday 2/4/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/4/13


Episode #12015 ~ Chloe purposely ruins Daniel and Jennifer's date; EJ and Sami give in and make love.

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[Opera music plays]

John: Che bella giornata (What a beautiful day), no? [Chuckles]

Stefano: Oh. [Laughs] Well, look what the wind has blown in! [Laughs] Giovanni! Giovanni, Giovanni. [Speaks Italian] So tell me... [Sighs] How did I earn this nice surprise?

John: Well, I thought it was about time you and I had a little talk about your daughter.

Brady: I feel stupid. 'Cause I'm sorry about jumping to conclusions--

Kristen: Would you stop with your attitude?

Brady: No, no, it's true. Come on, I should've known that Marlena was up to something, and Nicole, my God, I know her capabilities. I just should've known. I'm sorry.

Kristen: [Exhales] See? You've totally been forgiven. Can you tell?


Kristen: Totally and completely forgiven.

Caroline: Hey, you.

Will: Hey, Grandma.

Caroline: Well, I haven't seen you since Gabi's wedding, if you can call it that.

Will: Yeah, I screwed it up big-time, didn't I?

Caroline: Yes, you did. I've been wanting to do something since then. Stand up. Come on.

Will: Oh.

Caroline: I love you. Your whole family loves you. Nothing will ever change that.

Lucas: Man, I went to prison for you!

Nick: [Exhales] I have to prove that somehow. I have to prove that Will is the one who shot EJ DiMera. [Exhales]

Sami: I want this. EJ, I want you. I want this so much.

Chloe: Daniel, it's Parker. I need you now.

Jennifer: Chloe, what's wrong?

Chloe: I need Daniel.

Jennifer: She said she needs you, it's Parker. I don't know, it's Parker--

Daniel: It's Parker? Chloe? Chloe, is Parker all right? What's going on?

[Baby crying on recorder]

Chloe: Daniel, I don't know what's wrong with him. You left, he started crying, and he hasn't stopped. He's never done this before.

Daniel: Well, does he have a fever? Did he eat something? Could he be having an allergic reaction?

Chloe: No! No. Shh! It's okay, baby. It's okay, Mommy's right here. I don't know what's wrong with him. He just keeps looking towards the foyer.

Daniel: Why?

Chloe: I don't know! Maybe he knows that you're not here. Is that it, baby? Do you miss Daddy? I don't know what to do.

Daniel: All right, Chloe, listen to me. I know you. You are a great mother, and you will find a way to handle this.

[Baby crying on recorder]

Brady: Damn it, damn it.

Kristen: What?

Brady: [Sighs] I forgot my phone.

Kristen: That's okay. Use mine.

Brady: Can't, I need a number.

Kristen: Right now, this very minute?

Brady: Right now is morning in London. Titan business, so--but I want to see you later, so coffeehouse later, you and me, yeah?

Kristen: Yep.

Brady: See ya tonight.

Kristen: Hey, wait a second.

Brady: What? What?

Kristen: Seal that deal... quickly, okay? Whatever it is.

Brady: I will. I will.

Kristen: Aw. Shucks. Poor Marlena, reduced to spying, living vicariously. Does it help distract from the loneliness of you missing your husband?

Stefano: So, tell me, John. What's new? How's the family?

John: Oh, so nice of you to ask. The family, well... what's the expression I'm reaching for here? Oh, yes, yes. The family? Never a dull moment.

Stefano: [Laughs] Yes, all right, fill me in. Come on.

John: I have a feeling you've already been filled in. That's why I'm here to put you on notice.

Stefano: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, see? There is that horrible sound coming into your voice again.

John: Well, you know, that's because, you know, you're sick, twisted snake of a daughter has slithered her way back into our lives, and that's not gonna last long, and she'll soon be nothing but a bad memory, but, you know, I got thinking about the situation, and I had to come here to give you a warning, Papa. If your daughter's machinations somehow lead you to believe that's opening a door for you to renew your sick obsession with Marlena, well, then, your head's even farther up your-- [Chuckles] Oh, I'm so sorry. What I meant to say was you're sadly mistaken.

Kristen: Where are you going? Oh, don't go! Please just stick around. Let's have a little chat, just us girls, talk about our feelings. Like, how does it feel to have your heart ripped out? How does it feel when you lose the one person that means everything to you? Not good, right?

Marlena: I will not engage with you on this level.

Kristen: Oh, now that hurts my feelings.

Marlena: Do you wanna know what I think of you, professionally speaking?

Kristen: Uh, sure.

Marlena: Good! I think you're a borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. Oh, I'm so sorry. In layman's terms, you're a complete bitch.

Kristen: [Laughs] Hey! If you're gonna throw names around, try daughter-in-law on for size. It could happen sooner than you think. Yeah.

Marlena: Wanna talk about the future? 'Cause I know exactly how all this ends.

Kristen: Ooh.

[Smooth jazz music]

Singer: Yeah ooh la la la la feel the heat feel my heart it's skipping an extra beat when I see you here with me feel the heat I find it's not surprising ooh la la ooh la la feel the heat do you feel the heat

Will: You know, I'm sure you have a lot of questions about what happened, so...

Caroline: Well, I know that you've said about trying to straighten things out, you know? I'm really proud of you for that. That means you're gonna spend time with your child from now on. That's really all that matters.

Will: Check out my little girl.

Caroline: [Exhales] Aw, I've seen so many of these, but...[Sighs] the miracle of life. It's just amazing.

Will: Yeah.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Will: I got to feel her kick yesterday.

Caroline: Oh, yeah?

Will: She kind of turned my life upside down.

Caroline: Children have a way of doing that.

Will: You know, I know it's all gonna be worth it, though, that moment I get to hold her for the first time.

Nick: [Exhales] I just have to find a way to get Will out of our lives, out of my life, Gabi's life, the baby's life.

[Baby crying on recorder]

Jennifer: Oh, that poor little guy.

Daniel: This has been going on since I left?

Chloe: Yes! I told you I can't calm him down. I don't know what to do.

Jennifer: Daniel, just go. Tell her you'll be there. Go. Really, it's okay.

[Baby crying over receiver]

Daniel: All right, Chloe, we're gonna check out, and I will be home as soon as I can.

Chloe: Daniel, thank you so much.

[Baby crying on recorder]

Daniel: Listen, I'm--I am sorry.

Jennifer: No, don't! Don't be sorry.

Daniel: Yeah, but I just--it just doesn't--that was strange to me.

Jennifer: What was strange?

Daniel: Well, he seemed so ambivalent with me, why would he be all worked up because I'm not there?

Jennifer: I don't know, Daniel. It seems strange, but once you get there, you'll find everything out, okay? Come on.

Daniel: Wait--no, you're coming with me.

Jennifer: No, I'm not going with you, but I'm not gonna stay with you 'cause I'll just be in the way.

Daniel: No, Jen.

Jennifer: Listen to me. You need to make sure that your son is okay. Really, just call me after.

Daniel: Okay. Thank you.

Chloe: Mommy's so excited. You know why? Because Daddy is coming home.

Brady: Hi. Is everything okay? You don't look too happy to see me.

Chloe: No, of course I am. Everything's okay now.

Brady: Now? What happened? What's wrong?

Chloe: Well, he was really wound up, and he was crying hysterically. I couldn't get him to calm down, but he just stopped, just, literally, now.

Brady: Just now?

Chloe: Yeah. What about you? What are you doing here? I thought you were out for the night.

Brady: I am, I'm going out. I just forgot something, but hey, hey, no more crying, buddy. Do superheroes cry? No, no, they never cry. All right, be good for your mommy, all right? [Exhales] There it is. Have a good night.

Chloe: Truck. Yeah, you're always a good boy, aren't you? And we're both happy now, 'cause Daddy is on his way back.

EJ: What?

Sami: Well, now, I guess it's just like seeing you for the first time. You know, just so different and new.

EJ: I cannot tell you how long I've dreamed about us just lying in each other's arms.

Sami: I love you. No, that's not right. I mean, I--I mean, I do. I do love you, but what I should say right now is that I trust you.

EJ: I trust you.

Stefano: I assure you, John, that I have moved on from good old Marlena. Been there, done that, as they say, huh? Look, it's the same as Kristen has done with you, all right? She has just changed you over for a new model.

John: Keep your passport handy. Your daughter's gonna need you to run back to Salem to pick up all the pieces when this falls apart around her.

Stefano: Well, we'll just have to see about that now, who breaks who.

John: Ciao.

Stefano: Ciao bello.

Kristen: This is so much fun. I'm gonna sit down. Why don't you tell me how you think this is all going to end?

Marlena: Kristen?

Kristen: Yes.

Marlena: This is your game. You're an expert at deception and manipulation. You're unstoppable, certainly by me.

Kristen: Aw, you're so sweet.

Marlena: No, really, I'm just being realistic. I've realized that my best strategy here is just to sit back and be patient because you eventually will self-destruct in your own time. All your lies will come caving in, and Brady will see you for who you are, and he'll leave you just as John left you.

Johnny: Will!

Will: Hey! What's up? [Groans] Hey, have a seat, 'cause I heard--is it true you're having a sleepover with Joey and Sydney and Aunt Kayla? Awesome.

Johnny: What's that?

Will: Oh, this is a picture of a sonogram, and this is a baby.

Johnny: A baby?

Will: Yeah, I know. Doesn't look like it, but it's a baby. It's my baby, actually. I'm gonna be a dad.

EJ: [Laughs]

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: Wow.

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: What are you thinking? [Giggling]

Sami: I don't know, just surprised, I guess, to be here with you, in an amazingly good way I will say.

EJ: I'm not surprised at all.

Sami: What?

EJ: I always knew you and I were gonna find our way back to one another.

Sami: [Chuckles] You did not.

EJ: I did.

Sami: You--[Chuckles] you were sure we were gonna get back together, even when we were at each other's throats?

EJ: Even when we were at each other's throats, but, you know, like yourself, a lot of other people, not as prescient as yours truly, I got a little bit surprised...

Sami: Yeah, probably.

EJ: And I don't think in the most amazing way either.

Sami: Well, who cares? I certainly don't care what they think. Our kids are gonna be thrilled, and theirs are the only opinions that matter to me. And, besides, it's not like the people we know are making super great life choices.

EJ: Right, in their glass houses?

Sami: Exactly. [Sighs]

EJ: Um... I should probably get going.

Sami: Wait. The kids are at sleepovers and the night is still young.

EJ: Samantha Brady, are you asking me to stay?

Sami: Insisting.

Nick: Did you tell Sonny the good news, that it's a girl?

Will: Yes, I did, yeah.

Nick: And how is everything going with him? I mean, did he say anything about wanting to be part of the baby's life, or--

Will: You know, if he had, would you have a problem with that?

Nick: No. No, no, no, no, no. I'm just--I'm curious.

Will: Okay. Actually, Sonny and I, we haven't really had a lot of time to work things out.

Nick: Oh! Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

Will: Yeah, it's okay. You know, I was planning on kind of focusing on helping Gabi through her pregnancy, anyway.

Marlena: [Sighs] There's that handsome boy I saw through the window.

Will: Me? [Chuckles] Oh! Hello.

Marlena: Hi, honey. Mm.

Will: Hi.

Marlena: Hi, Nick. Good to see you.

Nick: Dr. Evans.

Will: Johnny's in the kitchen, and I know he'd love to see you, so I'm gonna go get him right now. Is that all okay?

Marlena: That would be great.

Will: All right, all right.

Marlena: Nick, got a minute?

Nick: Uh, sure. What's up?

Marlena: Well, I just wondered how you're doing. You know, we talked for a while during your parole hearings, and then again during the Pre-Cana sessions, but this is a very tough transition you're going through.

Nick: I'm--I'm fine, really. I mean, I'm marrying the girl of my dreams and I'm starting a family, so I wouldn't trade places with anybody in the world. Excuse me, I gotta go. It's good to see you.

Marlena: Of course, mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Kristen: Hi!

Jennifer: Hi.

Kristen: Can I sit down?

Jennifer: Yes, of course.

Kristen: Thank you. If anybody sees us, I'll tell them that I sat down uninvited, okay? You look so pretty! Big night?

Jennifer: Mm. Not really, no.

Kristen: Oh. Well, you wanna talk about it? I mean, whatever it is? I still kinda feel like I'm your good friend, you know, and I hate to see you look so sad. I mean, you were really the one person I know that deserves to be happy, believe me.

Jennifer: Kristen, thank you. That's a really kind thing to say.

Kristen: I mean it. So if there's something or somebody that's standing in the way of that happiness, damn it, maybe I can help.

Chloe: [Muttering]

Parker: All of them.

Daniel: Chloe.

Chloe: Hey!

Daniel: Hey. Hey, little dude.

Chloe: [Sighs] What a relief. He literally just stopped crying, like, 15 minutes ago.

Daniel: Did he?

Chloe: Yeah.

Daniel: Then why didn't you call me?

Chloe: Well, honestly, I didn't know if it was gonna last. I didn't know if he'd start again.

Daniel: Come here.

Chloe: Will you play with this? I'm just gonna go talk to Daddy for a second. Yeah?

Daniel: Okay, look. I know that I'm new to this "being a dad to a toddler," and I obviously don't know Parker as well as you do.

Chloe: Yeah, but you're getting there. You're great with kids.

Daniel: Yeah, well, I don't know about that, but I have been around more than my fair share of small, sick children as a doctor.

Chloe: And I can tell. You have such a great ease--

Daniel: Okay, Chloe, I don't know how great I am with children, or how at ease I am with Parker, but one thing that I do know is Parker does not look like a little boy who's been crying all night.

Sami: [Sighs] [Laughs] I didn't know where you'd gone.

EJ: The kitchen. Sydney's pizza bagels.

Sami: [Laughs] Her favorite.

EJ: Mm-hmm.

Sami: She'd kill me if I ran out.

EJ: [In French accent] Now, I could not decide exactly which wine to enjoy with these delicacies, so I brought the blanc and the rouge.

Sami: Maybe I'll start with the white. [Laughs]

EJ: [Speaking French]

Sami: [Exhales] Very clever. Mm! Mm.

EJ: And there we go.

Sami: Thank you.

EJ: You're very welcome.

Sami: Mm! Very good. Mario Batali, move over.

EJ: Yeah, these are not bad.

Sami: [Laughs] To us.

EJ: To new beginnings.

Sami: I might try the red.

EJ: I gotcha.

Marlena: I hope that I didn't interrupt when you were talking with Nick earlier.

Will: No, not at all.

Marlena: Well, I know you must have a lot to work out, what with Gabi and the baby.

Will: Mm-hmm, we do, but we've been making good progress.

Marlena: Nick's agreeable with you wanting to be a part of your daughter's life?

Will: Yeah, he is, mm-hmm. It was difficult at first, but he knows and accepts that I'm the father of this little girl, and I am always gonna be in her life, and I'm always gonna be there for her, always.

Nick: Well, at least Sonny is out of the picture now. One gay boy down, one to go.

Jennifer: Kristen, I appreciate your concern.

Kristen: Oh, you are so completely telling me to back off, I get it.

Jennifer: No, I'm not.

Kristen: Yes, you are.

Jennifer: No, I am confident that this whole situation is gonna work out, really, for the best, I am.

Kristen: Okay.

Brady: Well, look at this.

Jennifer: Hey, Brady.

Brady: You two sitting here, just like old times, catching up, right?

[Cell phone rings]

Kristen: Oh, wait a second.

Brady: What?

Kristen: [Sighs] Got a overseas call. I'll be right back.

Brady: [Exhales]

Kristen: Hello, Father.

Stefano: I thought you might want to know that I had a visitor--John Black.

Kristen: Are you kidding me?

Stefano: No, I'm not kidding.

Kristen: He must've been so rattled by me, that he had to go running to you.

Stefano: As if this is gonna deter you.

Kristen: Yeah, he knows better than that.

Stefano: Well, why do you think he's wasting his time?

Kristen: I don't know. Just wait, though, till he sees my next move.

Stefano: Oh, boy, I certainly don't wanna know.

Kristen: I'm gonna convince Brady to ask me to marry him.

Stefano: What did you just say?

Kristen: I said I'm going to convince Brady to ask me to marry him, and then I'm going to leave him at the altar, just like John did to me.

Stefano: Oh, thank God. You know, you scared me to death there for a moment, 'cause I thought you were going to really marry that idiot.

Kristen: No, I think this will have much bigger impact, and to paraphrase Marlena, karma is a bitch, and her name is Kristen.

Brady: You know, I mentioned this to Daniel earlier, but I thought it'd be fun if the four of us actually got together and, you know, went out on a double date. Seriously, I mean, what are you doing for dinner tomorrow night?

Jennifer: [Sighs] I don't know, actually. I need to check Daniel's schedule. I'll let you know.

Brady: Is that what happened tonight? Did he have to work? Don't think I didn't notice how nice you look. I mean, obviously, you two had plans, right?

Jennifer: Thanks, Brady. Yeah, we did. We had plans, but something came up. Not work.

Brady: You seem a little on edge about it.

Jennifer: No. I think I'm just questioning the timing of this particular interruption, but it's okay. I'll have answers really soon.

Chloe: What? Do you think I'm lying that Parker wasn't crying?

Daniel: Well, you're the one who said he usually doesn't behave like that.

Chloe: Daniel, you heard him on the phone. He was practically screaming.

Daniel: Well, when exactly did he start crying?

Chloe: I told you, right after you left.

Daniel: Yeah? And when did he stop?

Chloe: He cried for most of the hour.

Daniel: Nonstop?

Chloe: Pretty much. He'd stop for a couple seconds, and then he'd start again.

Daniel: Well, okay, when was he fed?

Chloe: The usual time.

Daniel: He ate well?

Chloe: Yes! There was no hunger. He didn't have a stomachache, if that's what you're suggesting.

Daniel: Did he have a fever? Did you check his temperature?

Chloe: No, I didn't want to upset him anymore.

Parker: Daddy. [Mutters indistinctly]

Daniel: Did you--did you hear that? [Chuckles] Hey. Did you--did you just say, "Daddy?" Yeah?

Sami: Hi, sweetheart. Are you having fun at your sleepover? Good, good. Yes, I miss you very much, Johnny. I do. Yeah, I'll see you first thing in the morning, okay? Good night, sweetheart. Sleep tight. [Sighs]

EJ: He's a pretty amazing kid, isn't he?

Sami: Mm. But we're not biased or anything.

EJ: No, of course we aren't, but I don't think you can deny that he's friendly, he's fun, he's very smart.

Sami: I agree with you on all counts.

EJ: We're very lucky, you and I.

Sami: How so?

EJ: Well, Johnny and Sydney. I mean, they're proof that you and I can do some really incredible things.

Sami: Together.

EJ: Together.

Sami: [Giggles] [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Sami: Your turn. [Laughs]

EJ: [Growls]

Sami: [Chuckles]

[Ringing continues]

EJ: [Exhales]

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Oh, I need to take this. Excuse me.

Brady: I'll get you a refill.

Jennifer: Daniel, hey! Is Parker okay?

Daniel: It's better than okay. He, uh--he called me daddy.

Jennifer: Oh, Daniel.

Daniel: No, he just--he looked at me, and he just--and he said it. Yeah, I think maybe he really was missing me.

Jennifer: Yeah, that is so great. This is a good time then. You should just be there with him, and spend some time together, and you know what? We'll just talk in the morning.

Daniel: Cool. Look, I am so sorry about tonight.

Jennifer: Don't you be sorry, okay? We will have other nights. I just--I want you to know that I am so happy for you. I mean, your son called you daddy. That is just huge, and you need to enjoy that.

Daniel: Well, I will--I wanna make this up to you.

Jennifer: I know you will. You just have a good night, okay? Bye.

Brady: Was that Daniel?

Jennifer: Yeah. Apparently, Parker just had a really hard time tonight, and he was just crying uncontrollably, and that's sort of why our night got cut short, but he's fine now.

Brady: Oh. When was that, his crying fit?

Jennifer: Just about an hour ago. Why?

Brady: I was at the mansion around that time, and I saw Parker. He seemed fine. I mean, he was playing with his toys, just being a boy. Chloe said he was crying earlier, but he really seemed okay. Anyway, I gotta go. So... I have this. This is the club that I thought the four of us could go to for dinner in Chicago.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Brady: So please let me know.

Jennifer: I will, I'll look at it. Thank you.

Brady: Bye.

Jennifer: Are you kidding me? She faked it? She used her two-year-old son to break up our date?

Daniel: [Mimics train]

Both: Hey.

Daniel: Actually, would you mind if it was just the boys right now? You know, a little "daddy and me" time.

Chloe: Of course. Stay as long as you want.

Daniel: [Mimics train] There he goes. Can he make it under the bridge? There you go. It's genius.

Stefano: So, how are you gonna convince young Mr. Black to propose to you?

Kristen: Brady's coming. I have to go. Talk to you later. Oof!

Brady: Hey.

Kristen: Yeah.

Brady: Are you ready?

Kristen: Oh, yeah, I'm all yours.

Brady: Oh, good. I like the way that sounds.

Kristen: You know what? I don't know when I've ever been this happy.

Brady: That's nice to hear, but I have something to tell you. I lied to you.

Kristen: What?

Brady: I did not lose my phone. I went back to the mansion to get something. Happy three-month anniversary. Just a little something.

Kristen: You are so sweet, and you're so handsome.

Brady: Oh.

Kristen: I love you to death.

Brady: [Laughs]

Marlena: So you've talked to Nick and Gabi, and you've made it clear how you'd like this all to work?

Will: Yeah. I don't--I just wanna be in my daughter's life. I don't have any interest in interfering in their relationship.

Marlena: Well, of course.

Will: Mm-hmm. What?

Marlena: Oh. Well, I know it's all been worked out. I just hope things don't get complicated. I mean, I know they've agreed to let you be a part of your daughter's life, but I hope they don't renege. You know what I mean, just somewhere down the road.

Will: I don't think that's gonna happen because I really do trust Gabi, and because, like me, they just want what's best for this little girl.

EJ: Okay. I love you too, Son. Good night. I'll see you in the morning.

Sami: [Sighs] If only Johnny knew he would be so happy.

EJ: He would, just like his dad.

Kristen: Do you have any idea how happy you make me?

Brady: I could ask the same of you.

Kristen: I don't ever wanna stop feeling like this.

Brady: [Exhales] Me neither. What?

Kristen: I don't know.

Brady: What was that look for?

Kristen: Kinda makes you wonder.

Brady: What?

Kristen: Maybe we should take it to the next level.

Brady: What are you t-- oh, marriage?

Kristen: Yeah. What? I know it's crazy. I know it's crazy, but you know.

Brady: You--you think so?

Kristen: Yeah!

Brady: [Laughs]

Kristen: What do you think?

Brady: Kristen, you--I mean, I love--look at you. You're beautiful, you're smart, and you're funny as hell.

Kristen: Funny?

Brady: Yeah. I mean, it's amazing. You're all these things, but you're a jokester too. Just...funny girl. You're altogether perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Kristen: [Sighs]

Daniel: I'm so glad you called me daddy. [Exhales] And I'm even more happy that you know I am. You know that? Yeah? Yeah, my buddy. Mm.

Chloe: Hi. I just wanted to come by and apologize. I'm sorry I ruined your night with Daniel, but you're a mom. You know how these things go.

Jennifer: Mm. So do you.

Chloe: I'm sorry?

Jennifer: I'm just so surprised, you know, that being a mom, you felt so completely overwhelmed that you had to call Daniel. I mean, I'm sure Parker has thrown some temper tantrums. You know, those terrible twos.

Chloe: It was different this time.

Jennifer: I'm sure it was.

Chloe: He was missing his father.

Jennifer: Mm. Isn't it nice when we know what our child needs, or anyone for that matter? Because then you get to know what they're really about, you understand their motives, and then you can just easily deal with them.

Chloe: You know what? I'm gonna go.

Jennifer: Oh, but, Chloe, listen. No hard feelings about tonight, really, 'cause Daniel and I, we will get our time together sooner than later.

Chloe: The hell you will.

Jennifer: Like maybe tomorrow night, and you won't wreck things for me and Daniel this time. I won't let you, Chloe.

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