Days Transcript Thursday 1/24/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/24/13


Episode #12008 ~ EJ pulls back when he gets too close to Sami; Gabi supports Will's decision to be a part of the baby's life

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Adrienne: Sami had absolutely no compassion for what this whole mess with Will's baby has done to Sonny. She kept going on about how Will's life was in turmoil, and how he didn't know who he was or what he was gonna do, or how being a father complicates everything.

Justin: That's true.

Adrienne: Are you defending her?

Justin: Look, I know this is painful for Sonny. But Will is gonna have to live with this mistake for the rest of his life. So I just don't think it would hurt us to show a little compassion towards him, that's all.

Adrienne: [Sighs]

Lucas: I appreciate you saying that, Justin.

Abigail: I need to talk to you.

Rafe: Sonny. Hey. Hey, you know where Will is?

Sonny: I have no idea. We're not hanging out much these days.

Gabi: This is incredible.

Cameron: Would you like to know the sex of your baby?

Gabi: We do, yeah. Yeah.

Cameron: Well, say hello to your daughter.

Gabi: Oh.

Will: It's a girl? Oh, my God, look at her.

Cameron: Gabi, do you want Will in here for this?

Will: I have every right to be here. I'm the father.

Sami: [Moans]

Chad: Are you here to tell me that, uh--that you don't hate me?

Abigail: I never hated you, Chad.

Chad: Oh, yeah, you did.

Abigail: No, I didn't hate you. I hated what you did.

Chad: Okay, I know. And, uh--

Abigail: And I don't understand. I don't understand how--how the same, sweet guy who was my friend, who never pushed me, who--who kissed me on New Year's can match up to this vindictive, mean-spirited jerk that ruined Nick and Gabi's wedding.

Chad: I had my reasons, Abigail.

Abigail: Reasons. What? What could possibly justify what you did, Chad?

Chad: Just reasons that I can't get into right now. But I'm telling you right now, if--if I could go back and do it again, I wouldn't.

Abigail: Well, it's too late now.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Now I'll just live with the consequences of what I've done, and the chances that I've lost, for the rest of my life.

Sonny: Will and I aren't together anymore.

Rafe: [Clicks tongue]

Sonny: [Sighs]

Rafe: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I know you two were happy together.

Sonny: We were. Just seems like so long ago.

Cameron: Will, it's not my call. This is Gabi's appointment. Her decision whether or not to--

Will: I am the father of this little girl, and there's no reason that I should not be here.

Nick: Will's right. He's the baby's father. He should be here.

EJ: [Grunts]

Sami: Wha--

EJ: [Sighs]

Sami: EJ?

EJ: I am sorry. I can't do this.

Sami: [Sighs]

Adrienne: You know what, Lucas? I just got an earful from your ex. I don't need another lecture about how I should feel sorry for your son and not mine.

Lucas: Well, I guess it falls on me then, right? Because I wasn't accepting of Will when he first came out? He felt like he didn't have his father's support, so he must've felt like he had something to prove.

Adrienne: Getting Gabi pregnant?

Lucas: No, that's not what I mean, Adrienne, all right? Neither one of them wanted or expected this pregnancy.

Adrienne: Will's not thinking about getting back together with my son, is he?

Lucas: I don't know, that's none of my business. Or yours. Right? I mean, agreed?

Justin: Agreed.

Lucas: Thanks.

Adrienne: Really? Really, Justin?

Justin: Adrienne. [Laughs] The situation is not black and white, okay?

Adrienne: What do you mean?

Nick: What would it take to prove that Will's not fit to be a father?

Adrienne: Are you even listening to me?

Justin: Yes. Yes, I am. And we are on the same team-- Sonny's. And we will support our son, no matter what, okay? We'll help him through it all. But I just don't see how it serves anyone to make Will into a villain.

Adrienne: I never said he was a villain, just sorely lacking in the maturity department. And frankly, I don't want Sonny in the middle of it.

Sonny: Abigail's here. She might know where Will is.

Rafe: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Sonny: No problem.

Rafe: Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Abigail: Uh...

Chad: Yeah, yeah, we're done here.

Rafe: Do you know where Will is?

Abigail: Why?

Rafe: Well, because I haven't spoken to him privately since I found out he's the father of my sister's baby? Will and I are close. Uh, my sister and the baby matter a lot to me.

Abigail: Right.

Rafe: You know, my sister's gonna need her friends through this pregnancy. I hope you can be there for her.

Abigail: I will. I care about Gabi a lot.

Rafe: Okay. Well, thanks, Abigail.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. Wait, Rafe... Will's at the hospital with Gabi.

Rafe: He's what?

Abigail: He's at the hospital with Gabi at her sonogram.

Rafe: Thanks.

Gabi: Okay, so then we're all here, right?

Nick: Hey, you know what? Will can have my spot. I'll go wait outside.

Gabi: No. No, Nick.

Nick: No, no, no, it's no worries, it's too crowded in here.

Gabi: I don't want you to go.

Will: I'm sorry, I just want to be a part of this.

Nick: We really should have told you about it. We had no right to keep it from you.

Will: No, you really didn't.

Nick: I'll be right outside, all right?

Gabi: No...

Cameron: Okay. Excuse me.

Sami: [Scoffs] EJ, of all the things I thought you were gonna do next, I'm pretty sure stopping was not even on my radar.

EJ: I'm sorry. [Sighs] Look, Samantha, I just know that... I know that you feel terrible about what's happened with William. And Rafe.

Sami: [Sighs]

EJ: And you're--you're vulnerable at the moment. And I really don't want you to think that I'm taking advantage of that. You and I, we only ever seem to end up in this situation when something terrible has happened to one or both of us. I just--I don't want that anymore.

Sami: I understand.

EJ: Look, you know how I feel. I love you. And you know where I am. If you need me, I'll be there. But I think the time needs to be right. Yeah.

Sami: EJ? I, um... I want to talk to you about something.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Oh, my God.

EJ: Do you, um--

Sami: Hold on. Hold on. Will you just get it?

EJ: Yeah, just give me a second. [Clears throat]

Sami: [Chuckles] Yeah, okay.

Sami: Um, all the kids are at sleepovers tonight.

Lucas: I wanted to talk about Will. I know where the kids are.

EJ: Well, I was just leaving. We'll talk soon.

Sami: Yeah. [Clears throat]

Lucas: Didn't take the two of you very long, did it?

Sami: Nothing happened.

Lucas: Really? Nothing? You did a horrible job buttoning your blouse. That's all messed up.

Sami: Oh, God.

Lucas: You might want to fix it.

Sami: All right, fine. Okay, fine. So something happened. I don't have to answer to you.

Lucas: Well, then just tell me this. Why were you all over Rafe at Gabi and Nick's wedding, and now here you are with EJ? Doing the merengue again, right?

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: Ah, and let me guess. Is it because of the inconvenient truth of who the father of Gabi's baby is? Because that reared its ugly head? Now what, it's out with Rafe and in with EJ? Nice. Real nice.

Sonny: Did you bring Dad for back-up?

Adrienne: We wanted to check up on you. And I wanted to apologize for being insensitive before. I hope you're not still upset with me.

Sonny: I'm not. I'm the one who's sorry. I was a little rough with you and it was only because I was frustrated. So I took it out on you.

Adrienne: What are moms for?

Sonny: Can I ask you guys a question?

Justin: Of course.

Sonny: You know, at Christmas you both acted like you were really happy that Will and I were together. But now I'm wondering if you really meant it. Or did you know even back then that we were a mistake?

Chad: You look happy. Like you just won the lottery or something really good went down with Sami.

EJ: Well, why don't we just say things are going slowly in the right direction.

Chad: Ah, well is any of that because of what I did at the wedding?

EJ: I would say the fact that it came out William is the father of Gabi's child, and that that started a small war between Samantha and Rafe, didn't do me any harm.

Chad: Mm. Well, congratulations.

EJ: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa. So how are things with you, hm? How is life in the aftermath of your showstopping performance at the wedding?

Chad: Well, not that my life was going so swimmingly before. My life right now is pretty much just a full-blown disaster.

Cameron: Did you see that? She moved.

Gabi: Come here. Come here.

Will: Hm? What? Okay.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Will: Oh, my God. Oh, she's a miracle.

Gabi: [Sighs] I know.


Nick: I'll make this right again.

Cameron: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Cameron: Gabi asked me to tell you to come back in.

Nick: Is everything okay with the baby?

Cameron: Yeah, everything's fine.

Nick: Okay.

Cameron: Yeah. Both: [Whispering indistinctly]

Gabi: Oh, Nick! Come here, come here, come here. She's kicking, give me your hand.

Nick: Yeah.

Gabi: Oh, she stopped. I'm sorry. We were just so excited.

Nick: Oh, that's okay.

Gabi: You could have stayed, you know?

Nick: Oh, that's okay. I was here when you first saw her.

Gabi: You know, we have so much to be grateful for. Cameron said that she's very healthy and that she's exactly where she needs to be at this stage.

Nick: Oh, thank God.

Will: I just want to say, um, before I go, that I know now that our original plan, you know, letting everyone think that you're that father, was a huge mistake. You know, having seen what I-- you know, having felt what I felt, I'm gonna need--I want and I need to be a part of my daughter's life, you know? And I want to thank you so much for, you know, giving me this time with Gabi and our baby. And I know we don't always get along, but I know that we can work it out because we both want--we all want what's best for this little girl, right? Yeah. Going forward, can you please let me know, you know, about any check-ups or anything?

Gabi: We will. I promise.

Will: Okay. Okay, great. Great. Great. Okay.

Nick: See you, Will.

Will: See you.

Nick: [Sighs]

Gabi: Thank you for that. I know it was hard.

Nick: It's okay.

Gabi: You know, I think that all three of us can do the right thing for the baby. For our daughter. Oh, wait, give me your hand. She's kicking. She's kicking. Crazy, right?

Nick: It's incredible.

Sami: Here's the thing. I don't owe you an explanation about my personal life.

Lucas: Fine, don't give me one. Just made an observation. You were undressed with EJ DiMera, again.

Sami: Well, he's been great about our son. I don't know if that matters to you, but he's been great about Will. Unlike Rafe, who has been a... word I won't mention.

Lucas: And I'll bet you had some choice words for Rafe's sister, didn't you?

Sami: Nothing that wasn't true.

Lucas: As you see it.

Sami: As it was. She lied to me.

Lucas: So what? Will's lied to us before, lots of times. Kids lie, that's what they do.

Sami: Yeah, well he had to lie about this.

Lucas: Why? Did he have a gun to his head? Again?

Sami: No, but close. Gabi and Nick coerced him. I'm sure of it. That's the only reason he would lie to us. They made him feel like they would be better parents than him. He was scared so he went along with it.

Lucas: That really doesn't sound like Gabi Hernandez to me.

Sami: Yeah, well there's a lot about Gabi Hernandez that you don't know. And Nick, he's smart. Like, genius smart.

Lucas: He's smart, so he wanted to marry a girl who is pregnant by his gay cousin? And then he wanted to pretend he was the father. That makes him a genius? Come on.

Sami: Wow. You have quite a wit tonight.

Lucas: You know, I didn't come to fight with you or pass judgment. And I don't care who you're sleeping with these days. And what day is it today? Thursday? EJ gets Thursday, Rafe gets the weekends, is that it?

Sami: Oh, there's that wit again, thanks.

Lucas: Well, you know what? I came to talk about Will. That's all I came to talk about. And we need to be there for him, together, as a united front.

Sami: We can agree on that. 100%. So what's the problem?

Lucas: The problem is you've managed to alienate Rafe and Gabi. Gabi, the mother of our future grandchild. And that's a huge mistake.

Rafe: Will. Hey. I was on my way to see you at the hospital.

Will: How did you know I was there?

Rafe: Because I figured since Gabi was getting her first sonogram, that you'd be there.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Is everything okay?

Will: Yeah, everything's great. I almost missed it because-- I mean, Gabi and Nick didn't even tell me.

Rafe: Yeah. Right. Look, you know that I care about you a lot, right?

Will: Yeah, but when I lied about getting your sister pregnant, the caring kind of just faded away.

Rafe: Maybe a little.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: I just wanted you to be honest with me. Honest with everyone.

Will: I know. I should have been honest with myself. I know it sounds stupid, but everything has changed.

Rafe: Since the truth came out?

Will: No, because I know now exactly what it means that I'm gonna be a father. You know, I'm gonna be a big part of my baby's life and I already told--I told Nick and Gabi that, so they know. [Chuckles] Yeah.

Rafe: Okay. That's-- that's great.

Will: Yeah.

Rafe: Listen, I want you-- that's important to me too, you know? This is gonna be the first niece or nephew that I've had.

Will: A niece.

Rafe: Yeah, or nephew.

Will: No, niece.

Rafe: What?

Will: Yeah. It's a girl. We're having a daughter.

Rafe: Oh, wow.

Will: Yeah.

Rafe: Hey, great.

Will: [Laughs]

Nick: Okay, so we've had a really rough few days, but I think things are better now.

Gabi: Yeah, I feel the same way. It's much more real to me now, and I couldn't be happier.

Nick: Sure you can. That's why we're getting married tomorrow.

Gabi: What?

Nick: I took care of everything. You just have to show up.

Gabi: I love you.

Nick: I love you too, Gabi.

Will: I'm so sorry that I lied to you. I mean, I understand that sorry doesn't even begin to cut it.

Rafe: No, no, no. Listen, I get it. You were scared.

Will: Yeah, but I'm not gonna be anymore. I can't, you know? I gotta be strong. I gotta, you know, take responsibility for everything, you know, 'cause there's a little girl on the way and she's gonna need her dad, you know? I'm gonna be that.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Will: I'm gonna be that for her, you know? I felt her kick, by the way.

Rafe: What?

Will: Yeah.

Rafe: Really?

Will: Yeah.

Rafe: Whoa, that's something, isn't it?

Will: I know. I told Gabi that it was a miracle.

Rafe: Yeah.

Will: Um, anyway, I'm sorry. Are we, like, good or better, or...?

Rafe: We're good.

Will: Aw, thanks.

Rafe: We're good, man.

Will: [Laughs]

Rafe: Congrats.

Will: Thank you. Okay. See you.

Rafe: Yeah. It's gonna be a miracle if this all works out.

EJ: So how's Abigail taking all this?

Chad: She can't stand the sight of me.

EJ: Well, give her a little bit of time, you know? Look, this is probably going to sound sort of pat, but in relationships, sometimes even when things start with the grimmest of prognoses, they can fall out exactly the way you want them to. In my experience anyway.

Sami: You know what? I'm going to ignore that last crack, Lucas, because you're obviously in a mood and I'm feeling mature. I'm going to deal with the fact that this is a fait accompli and we have to move onward and upward.

Lucas: Well, look at you, all full of you-know-what and vinegar.

Sami: You know something else we've got to deal with? We're gonna be grandparents.

Lucas: Yeah. [Clinking] I guess that's what happens when you're still a kid when you have a kid, right?

Sami: Yeah, so that's what Will has to look forward to?

Lucas: Well, let's let him get used to being a dad first and then we'll spring the other stuff on him.

Sami: [Laughs] Good plan. Have you talked to him?

Lucas: Yeah, I did. I talked to him after everything blew up. And I told him we'd be there for him no matter what. We'd be by his side.

Sami: He's really mad at me. He told me that I was being selfish and making it all about me.

Lucas: No. You're selfish? Really? Maybe you're selfish a little bit.

Sami: Why does everyone keep reminding me about it?

Lucas: Because it's the truth. Who else keeps telling you that besides Will and me?

Sami: You mean besides my parents? Rafe.

Lucas: Rafe says it? Really? Well, Rafe's the only family that Gabi has here in Salem, so if you're gonna make peace, you're gonna need to get along with that particular ex-husband.

Sami: I don't see why I should make nice with him! Especially after the way he talked about our son!

Lucas: You wanna be a part of that baby's life, don't you?

Sami: Yes!

Lucas: Well, then you have to stop blaming Rafe and Gabi. It's not their fault, okay?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Lucas: This is just the hand we've been dealt.

Sami: [Sighs]

Lucas: We're gonna be the adults in the room. We're gonna be the grandparents. So we're just gonna have to deal with it.

Adrienne: Honey, when we were together at Christmas, none of us knew what Will was keeping from you.

Sonny: I know. It just seems like forever ago, doesn't it?

Justin: Sonny, I know how much you and Will care for each other, but you need to know that from now on, things are gonna be different. Will's a father now, so no matter what happens between the two of you, he always will be.

Sonny: I understand that. And I know that his life is gonna change completely. [Sighs]

Justin: Hey, we're both with you, Sonny. You know that. Come here, give me a hug. Up. Group hug.

Adrienne: Oh, I'm there.

Justin: [Laughs]

Adrienne: Oh, baby.

Sonny: I love you guys so much.

Adrienne: We love you.

Justin: Come on, Mom, let's go.

Adrienne: Okay, Dad.

Justin: [Chuckles]

Sonny: Have a good night.

Adrienne: Good night, sweetie. Love you.

Sonny: Love you.

Justin: Good night.

Adrienne: You rock.

Will: [Exhales]

Sonny: Did you guys forget something?

Will: You know, I was hoping that we could have a talk.

Sonny: I heard from Abigail that you went to the sonogram. Everything okay with the baby?

Will: Yes, everything is great. I mean, I actually saw her. I felt her kick.

Sonny: A girl.

Will: Yeah. A girl. It's so funny, now I can't imagine not being a part of her life, you know? I have no idea what I was thinking before.

Sonny: So now you're glad the truth's out?

Will: Yeah, I am. And I intend to be a father to this little girl. Yeah. But there's something else that I want too.

Sonny: What's that?

Will: I want you to be in her life as well.

Chad: Okay, I'm here to give it another shot.

Cameron: Another shot, huh?

Chad: Look, I know you're angry, okay, and I know why. But I'm just hoping that you'll just hear me out this time, okay? It doesn't matter what motivation I had to go after Gabi, but it was all about her and no one else, okay? And I am sorry other people got hurt, including you. I had confidential information from you that you didn't even know that I had and I used it to make my point.

Cameron: Okay, well what's your point now, Chad?

Chad: My point is that I was wrong to do what I did. And I want to make it up to you now. Not just because I should, but because you're family. And I know you got mad at me for bringing Lexie up before, but I really think she would want us to figure this out, don't you think?

Cameron: [Sighs] I'll try. I'll try.

Chad: Thank you.

Nick: You hungry?

Gabi: Well, I would kill for a milkshake.

Nick: Oh, really? Excellent. I will go get you one.

Gabi: Oh, no. Do you mind?

Nick: No, not at all.

Gabi: Okay. Thank you.

Nick: Yeah.

Abigail: Hi!

Nick: Hey.

Abigail: Is it too late for a short visit?

Nick: Oh, no, not at all. It's actually perfect timing. I'll be right back, but you can hang out with Gabi.

Abigail: Okay, great.

Nick: All right.

Abigail: Thanks.

Gabi: Hey.

Abigail: Hey. I just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing. I know it's been a difficult time for you.

Gabi: Yeah, it's been kind of hard, but, I mean, I know you're caught in the middle between both Nick and Will being your cousins.

Abigail: Yeah, well, it's tough for both of them too.

Gabi: I think things are getting better between them.

Abigail: Really?

Gabi: I got a sonogram today.

Abigail: And everything was good?

Gabi: Everything is perfect. And it's a girl.

Abigail: It's a girl?

Gabi: Yeah.

Abigail: Gabi! I was kind of hoping it would be.

Gabi: Me too, and Nick says that we're getting married tomorrow and he planned everything. I'm just so excited.

Abigail: Wow, I'm so happy for you, especially after what happened with Chad at the wedding, which I so completely don't understand and I'm so sorry for it.

Gabi: Well, he had his reasons to be mad at me and I did make some mistakes. I admit it. But you know what? I don't want to get into it because the stress is bad for the baby and I just want to focus on all the positive things in my life and focus on my future.

Lucas: The bottom line is, "a," we have to be there for our son no matter what, okay? Unconditionally.

Sami: I agree.

Lucas: And "b," we have to not alienate Rafe and Gabi any more than we already have.

Sami: You mean, any more than I already have.

Lucas: Well, yeah, you. Can you do that? Agreed?

Sami: Yes.

Lucas: Good.

Sami: What are we gonna do about the Sonny complication? I mean, how do we help him?

Lucas: We're not getting involved with that. Not right now. That's for Will to handle. We'll worry about it later.

Sami: But he really loves him.

Lucas: Yeah, sometimes love just isn't enough. Good night.

Nick: Oh, hi, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey.

Nick: How's it going?

Rafe: I just spoke to Will.

Nick: Oh, my God.

Rafe: Gabi's having a girl.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy. I can't believe it, she's so happy.

Rafe: Yeah. Imagine that.

Nick: Oh, and I guess I should tell you, we're getting married tomorrow.

Rafe: What? Tomorrow?

Nick: Yeah. Tomorrow. Yeah, I mean, I don't see any reason to wait. The only person I can think of who would have problem with it is...

Rafe: Sami.

Nick: Oh. Yeah, maybe, but I was actually thinking of Will.

Will: I should not have said that.

Sonny: No, you shouldn't have.

Will: Okay. I mean, Sonny, I can't tell you how much I wish every day that I never lied to you. I--I love you. And it's not like I'm gonna stop. I want to be with you. I mean, God, I swear that if, I mean, if you could just give me one more chance, I will never lie to you again. I miss you every minute. I miss you every day.

Abigail: Gabi, you and my mom are probably the only ones who know. Even Cameron doesn't know about my being a virgin. I was embarrassed to tell him, and that hasn't changed.

Gabi: You're still embarrassed?

Abigail: No, I'm still a virgin. But I'm not embarrassed about it anymore, you know? I've come to terms with it and it's who I am. And if anyone else doesn't like it or thinks that, you know, it's weird, then that's just too bad. What? What are you thinking?

Gabi: Well, you know, it's just kind of funny because here you are thinking that someone's not gonna like you because you're a virgin and here I am pregnant.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Gabi: And in a way it's kind of, like, the opposite. You know, I thought that Nick wasn't gonna accept that. You know, me being pregnant with somebody else's baby.

Abigail: But he did accept it.

Gabi: Yeah, he did accept it. And that's because he's a really amazing person. And Abigail, you're an amazing person too, okay? And I know that you're gonna find somebody to love really, really soon. And that person is gonna be so lucky to have you.

Sami: [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Sami: Hello?

EJ: So, how did everything go with Lucas?

Sami: Well, we ended up having a good conversation, and now I think we're on the same page. EJ, there's something I want to say.

EJ: [Chuckles] What?

Sami: I guess I just want to say thank you for putting on the brakes earlier. I'm glad someone was able to use their head.

EJ: Yeah, it was not easy. Believe me. Using my head. [Chuckles] I just--as much as I wanted to make love to you, I wanted it to be the right time, you know? For both of us.

Sami: I want that too.

EJ: So there was something you were going to tell me before Lucas interrupted us.

Sami: Yeah, there is. I think it's something that would be better in person.

EJ: Okay. Well, then good night.

Sami: Good night. I owe EJ the truth about Rafe and me.

Rafe: Well, why would Will have a problem with you marrying Gabi? He never did before, did he?

Nick: I just don't trust that Sami and Will are gonna let this custody thing go...

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Nick: And that could make things really difficult for me and Gabi and the baby.

Rafe: Right, right, right. Well, look, as upset as I have been with Sami lately, we gotta face the facts here. And the fact is that, legally, Will has every right to be a part of this child's life.

Nick: Rafe, if things get ugly and I need to protect Gabi, I'm gonna need to ask for your help. I hope I can count on you.

Rafe: Sure. But, uh, just--

Nick: Great. That means a lot to me.

Will: Can we-- can we go back to your place, please?

Sonny: I want to be alone with you so bad right now. More than anything.

Will: Okay. Okay.

Sonny: Will. Will. But it's not gonna fix our problems, okay? It's not gonna make anything better. It's gonna be just sex. And it's never been just sex with us.

Will: You are so incredible. You're the best thing that could have ever happened to me. And I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot.

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