Days Transcript Thursday 1/17/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/17/13


Episode #12004 ~ Marlena's Plan to Expose Kristen Backfires; Chloe & Nicole Fight Over Daniel's Love

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Chloe: Kate Roberts doesn't know how to love. She's pure evil.

Daniel: Okay, okay. I know she has done some horrible things to you, to both of us, but--

Chloe: Oh, you don't know the half of it.

Daniel: Well, what don't I know? Chloe, tell me. What did Kate do to you?

Kate: Did you not hear me? Chloe was a prostitute.

Jennifer: Yes, I heard what you said. But what you didn't tell me is, how do you know this?

Kate: Okay, do I really need to explain that? I was married to Stefano DiMera. We see all, we know all.

Jennifer: You hate Chloe. How do I know you're not making this up?

Kate: Because I have proof. Jennifer, this isn't about dragging Chloe's name through the mud.

Jennifer: Oh, really? It's not?

Kate: No. The point is, I may not be Parker's flesh and blood, but I love that little boy. What kind of life has he been exposed to already?

Jennifer: What? He seems like a very happy little boy to me.

Kate: And we want to keep him that way. But Philip is no longer in the picture, and Chloe is the sole custodial parent. Who knows what she has in store for him? Who's going to protect him, if not you?

Nicole: Hello, there, stranger.

Brady: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, my God, what happened to your face?

Brady: Uh, it's not as bad as it looks, okay? It's fine.

Nicole: I should see the other guy, right?

Marlena: Kristen, we're going to get everything between you and me right out in the open.

Kristen: That could take quite a while.

Marlena: Well, I've got all the time in the world. Shall I come in?

Kristen: I'm game if you are. I agree with you. I think it's a great idea that we have this conversation, but why now?

Marlena: Well, because I finally have to concede that you have won.

Kristen: What did I win?

Marlena: This time you didn't have to feign a pregnancy, didn't have to kidnap me, didn't have to threaten murder. All you had to do was bed John's son. And you put yourself right between John and me. And maybe this time it's forever.

Kristen: Hearing you say that, you have no idea what that means to me.

Marlena: Oh, I think I have an inkling of how you feel. The word schadenfreude comes to mind. I think it might have been invented just for you.

Kristen: Schaden--what? I have no idea what that means.

Marlena: It means a person who takes great pleasure in somebody else's pain. Like you, for my pain.

Kristen: Huh.

Marlena: So why don't you gloat and then go ahead and get all of those terrible, terrible feelings right out of your body, so we can go forward?

Kristen: You poor thing. You're just always on call, aren't you? Ever the Psychiatrist. Oh, wait--what's--? What's that? Pesky lint. [Chuckles] Anyway, you're welcome.

Marlena: Where were we?

Kristen: Where were we? I think we were just about-- oh, I was gonna tell you that I have some things to get off my chest, that's where we were.

[Loud knock on door]

Kristen: Excuse me.

Roman: Well, Kristen, it seems like you're always in the middle of something. What about the--

Kristen: Uh...

Roman: Marlena? What are you doing here?

Nicole: Brady, please do not tell me--you and your father--

Brady: My father and I went a couple rounds, Nicole. It's no big deal.

Nicole: No big deal? How could it be no big deal?

Brady: Hey, you know I don't like talking about this, right?

Nicole: Fine.

Brady: I'm gonna change the subject. Did you know that Chloe's back in town?

Nicole: Did you know that Parker is not Philip's baby, he's Daniel's?

Chloe: What did Kate do to me? Well, should I start in this century or the last one? Because I think it was 1999--

Daniel: All right, all right. Okay, Chloe, look, I know it's asking a lot to let Kate continue to be any part of Parker's life, but--

Chloe: Yeah, it is asking a lot. And you don't like her any better than I do. So why are you taking her side?

Daniel: I'm not taking her side, I'm taking Parker's side.

Chloe: How? What, you want our two-year-old to be a master of the dark arts of blackmail and bribery?

Daniel: Okay, come on.

Chloe: Come on, Daniel. I tolerated Kate because I had to--because of Philip. But now she has no part of his life.

Daniel: Okay, all right, Chloe, listen, here is the bottom line. Parker loves her, and he desperately needs some stability in his life right now.

Chloe: And it's my fault that he doesn't have any of that.

Daniel: [Stammers] [Sighs] Okay, no. It's my fault as well. I guess I let Kate play on my guilt about this.

Chloe: No, not Kate.

Daniel: Okay, you know? But that doesn't change the fact that she's got a good point.

Chloe: I totally disagree.

Daniel: Do you? Why? Okay, if there's something else--if there's something that you're not saying that would make me change my mind, Chloe, please tell me right now.

Chloe: Okay, Daniel, the reason I think this is a terrible idea is because--

Daniel: Hold on, hold that thought. That's Maggie, and I don't think she sees us. Hold on a second. Hey, Park, you want to go say hi to your Grandma? Yeah, come on. Where is she? Maggie?

Chloe: Maybe it's not such a terrible idea. As much as I can't stand Kate, maybe there's a better way to play this.

Kate: It's not as though I want to see Parker remanded into foster care. I mean, despite the personal animosity between Daniel and me, I acknowledge that he's capable of being a good father. But Chloe's utter lack of judgment puts Parker in imminent danger, not just his psyche, but his life.

Jennifer: I don't believe that. I don't believe that she would put her son in danger.

Kate: She already has. Jennifer, she already has. My children, Billie and Austin, if I could have done anything to save them from Curtis, I would have. But I couldn't. But if I can help Parker--

Jennifer: You can help Parker. You can go to Daniel and tell him what you know.

Kate: But he'd never believe me. And we both know that. So I'm giving you the chance to protect the man you love and what he loves most in the world, his son. So are you gonna do it? Or are you gonna stand by idly while Chloe destroys them both? You probably hold me responsible for a lot of the pain that you felt in childhood.

Jennifer: No, it's ancient history, Kate.

Kate: And you're probably thinking, how is what I did any different from what Chloe did?

Jennifer: Yeah, you're right. That thought did cross my mind.

Kate: When I took money for sex, it was all about taking care of Lucas. But what Chloe did had nothing to do with her child. Philip had already taken Parker and left town. Chloe was just feeling lonely. Lonely and desperate.

Jennifer: Are you telling me you think she enjoyed being a prostitute?

Kate: I am telling you that I think she's a very sick woman.

Jennifer: No, I think that there's more to the story. I think that she was so desperate to prove that she could provide for her son.

Kate: No. No, if that was true, she could have sung for her supper. And if that failed, she could have gone to Brady. She could have gone to her parents. She had a number of options. But even after someone started attacking girls on the street, Chloe didn't stop. That's right. That's the reason she was beaten to within an inch of her life. Is it starting to make sense to you now? Don't you think Daniel deserves to know the truth about the mother of his child? She has been lying to him since the day she found out she was pregnant. She's lying to him still. But you know the truth. Doesn't the man that you love deserve to know it too?

Brady: You all right?

Nicole: Yeah. I'm great, I'm fine.

Brady: It must have been hard, hearing that Chloe's kid was actually Daniel's, right?

Nicole: [Sighs] Look, I had these crazy hopes and dreams, and I should have known that they would never come true because they never do.

Brady: Nic, don't say something like that.

Nicole: No, Chloe deserves to be happy, and Daniel is gonna be the best father that anyone could ever ask for, so there you go.

Brady: [Sighs] I'm sure he will be.

Nicole: I don't want to keep you, okay? And would you please take care of yourself?

Brady: You too.

Daniel: Hey. I told Maggie she could have a little alone time with Parker. I hope that's cool.

Chloe: Yeah, of course. Yeah, you know I love Maggie. Hey, I meant to put this in his diaper bag. So for the record, if he ever asks for his choo-choo, this is what he's talking about.

Daniel: Okay, good to know.

Chloe: You want to know what his first word was?

Daniel: Hmm?

Chloe: It wasn't dada, like other kids. It was choo-choo.

Daniel: Oh, yeah?

Chloe: Actually, Kate is the one who gave him this train. And ever since then, it's been all about engines and coal cars, flatbeds, cabooses.

Daniel: [Chuckles] Yeah. So no train rides in your immediate future?

Chloe: Actually, Daniel, you made me think, as much as I can't stand Kate, um, she's helped Parker become the person he is.

Daniel: So what are you saying, that you changed your mind, you're gonna let Parker see Kate?

Chloe: What I'm saying is I would never be petty when it comes to our son, and if you think it's a good idea to have her in his life--on a limited basis, of course--then, um, I would be okay with it. I trust you. You were always my better half.

Daniel: Well, I think you're giving me too much credit. I think I'll give this to Parker.

Roman: All right, so wait a minute, let me get this straight. You're trying to reason with Kristen? You know you can't do that. Why would you even waste your time?

Kristen: That's not very nice, we're just having a conversation.

Marlena: Roman, I'm fine.

Roman: Okay, all right, good. By the way, Will's not answering my calls. Do you know what's going on there? What's that all about?

Marlena: Well, he's not saying much. He might feel more comfortable talking to you.

Roman: Well, we'll see.

Marlena: Yeah. Why don't you see if you can go track him down?

Roman: Okay, I can take a hint. I'm getting you want me to leave.

Kristen: Yeah, I think she wants you to go. It sounds like it, huh?

Roman: You know what? That's not a problem, really. I will talk to you when you are not in such demand.

Kristen: Buh-bye. Okay. What is it about you? I mean, seriously. All the men in your life are so angry.

Marlena: Gosh, I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with you.

Kristen: No.

Marlena: No?

Kristen: No.

Marlena: Hmm. You really are enjoying this, aren't you?

Kristen: Is that what you think?

Marlena: That's what I know. So where were we before Roman walked in? Oh, yes, yes. You were about to make your Victory speech. So why don't you go ahead? We'll get that behind us.

Kristen: Nothing would make me happier. Marlena...

Marlena: Hmm?

Kristen: I'm sorry.

Marlena: What is going on with you?

Kristen: This whole thing with Brady--you know, never in a million years did I think I'd be so...

Marlena: So--?

Kristen: Overcome. Overwhelmed. Brady loves John and you so much, and I tried so hard to fight this pull that Brady and I have for each other, you know?

Marlena: [Laughs] Yeah, I'm sure you did.

Kristen: But you know what? I was weak. No man has ever had that kind of effect on me before.

Marlena: Really? Not even John?

Kristen: No, especially not John.

Marlena: Because you were willing to lie and cheat, even kill, to get John. Let's be clear. This is not about your intense feelings for Brady. You bedded Brady to get back at John for dumping you.

Kristen: That is not true!

Marlena: Mm?

Kristen: Would you please just stop with the phony outrage? It's just the two of us, we're having a nice heart-to-heart, so why don't you just tell me the truth? I won't tell anybody. You knew I was involved with Brady, didn't you?

Marlena: You know I did.

Kristen: That's right. But the only reason why you didn't go running to John with it is because you didn't want it to end. You were so happy that Brady was in my bed, because to your everlasting relief, it would keep John out of it.

Brady: Hey, great minds. I was just on my way to, uh--

Daniel: Buy Kristen some flowers.

Brady: I guess the word's out, huh?

Daniel: Yeah. I don't know Kristen DiMera, but I'm not passing any judgment.

Brady: I appreciate that. Thank you.

Daniel: So how long have you guys been, uh, going out?

Brady: Well, we've been trying to keep it on the dl for a while now because we knew that people would react to it and--I'm sorry Jenn got in the middle of it too.

Daniel: What does that mean?

Brady: Well, it's just that she--I mean, she and Kristen have had history--

Daniel: Wait a second. Wait a second, wait a second. Did you just say Jenn knew?

Kate: Chloe is a home wrecker. One of those people who's perpetually drowning in life, and unfailingly, she takes someone with her. First there was Philip, then Brady, then Lucas, then Daniel, then Philip again!

Jennifer: Right, well, Chloe is not the only woman I know who's wrecked a marriage or two, Kate.

Kate: Okay, can we not make this personal?

Jennifer: The way you despise Chloe, how can this not be personal?

Kate: I told you. I love Parker, that's what I care about.

Jennifer: Right, and Daniel loves Parker. And he is quite capable of looking out for his son's best interests.

Kate: Really? He's done a great job so far.

Jennifer: Kate! What do you want me to say? You want me to say, "Daniel, I have some third-hand information for you that happened about two years ago, but you know what? It's really none of my business." Do you expect him to take me seriously?

Kate: Yes, I do. Because he trusts you.

Jennifer: It doesn't matter. It is not my place to say anything to him.

Kate: Oh, I see. Because I got the impression that you envisioned your place by his side. But that's okay, just hang back. Stay objective. Let the story write itself.

Jennifer: What story? There's no story, it's old news.

Kate: Are you really, really that naive? Chloe is back in town. You don't know what that means?

Jennifer: No, I don't-- oh, you're gonna tell me, right? Okay.

Kate: While you have your haloed head in the clouds, Chloe is going to be laying groundwork. And that's not the only thing she'll be laying, trust it.

Jennifer: Oh, God, Kate!

Kate: Take it from someone who knows.

Jennifer: You are unbelievable.

Kate: You hear me out! You think Nicole dragged you through the mud? You think it was hard living down a dead baby? Try a living, breathing one that Daniel actually fathered. Oh, so now you're seeing the gravity of the situation. When you go to Daniel, just make sure that you keep my involvement strictly between the two of us.

Jennifer: Oh, Kate, that's not gonna be a problem. Because I'm not going to say anything, especially to Daniel.

Kate: [Laughs] Oh, God. I really think he made a mistake when he transplanted that organ. Instead of a heart, you needed a brain.

Jennifer: Oh, okay, well, if you hadn't won me over before, Kate--

Kate: Dismiss me all you want to, just make sure you cut Chloe off at the knees. Otherwise she is gonna walk all over you and straight back into Daniel's heart.

Nicole: Hmm.

Chloe: Finally found your calling?

Nicole: [Groans] Seriously, I mean, how many habits does one nun need? Unless it's a drinking habit to get them through the day or the night.

Chloe: [Chuckles]

Nicole: What?

Chloe: That's very cute.

Nicole: Mm.

Chloe: I'm in such a good mood.

Nicole: Oh, lucky you.

Chloe: I just spent the most amazing morning with Daniel and Parker.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: It kind of felt like--

Nicole: Like?

Chloe: Like we were a family again.

Nicole: Oh. Was it just the three of you, or all four?

Chloe: What do you mean?

Nicole: Jennifer.

Chloe: Oh. I almost forgot about her. I got rid of her in, like, five minutes flat.

Nicole: Yeah, okay, that won't last long.

Chloe: Why are you being so negative?

Nicole: Why would you think I want to hear that, hmm?

Chloe: Because you're my friend.

Nicole: Do you have any idea what I went through this past year? Do you even give a damn?

Chloe: Nicole, do you think you should be swearing in church?

Nicole: Why the hell does everyone keep saying that to me? What's the worst that could happen, huh? God will smite me? It couldn't get any worse than this.

Chloe: Oh, trust me. It can always get worse.

Nicole: Well, now who's the Debbie downer? Chloe, could you just do me a favor and go?

Chloe: Look, I'm sorry. I know I wasn't there for you when you needed me, but I did call you and write to you, and I'm here now.

Nicole: It's too late.

Chloe: What's wrong with you, anyway?

Nicole: You really don't know?

Chloe: [Sighs]

Nicole: Think about it, Chloe, what happened the last time we fell for the same guy?

Chloe: He gave me flesh-eating bacteria. I remember that. Wait. Are--are you talking about you and Daniel? Did you sleep with him?

Nicole: Yes, I did.

Chloe: Oh, my God. You bitch

Chloe: Look, I know I've been a lousy friend, but it wasn't that long ago that you were in love with EJ. Oh, wait, and then that rebound thing with Rafe. But not Daniel! Daniel was mine!

Nicole: Until you cheated on him, and you let him believe Parker was his.

Chloe: Which he is!

Nicole: But you didn't know that back then! And then you jumped in a river, and then you jumped in bed with at least a dozen Johns before following Philip to Chicago. Pardon me for thinking you were done with Daniel.

Chloe: We share a child, Nicole.

Nicole: How dare you? How dare you throw that in my face after everything that I've been through, after everything you put him through? I am not apologizing to you or anyone else for loving Daniel.

Chloe: Did you just say love?

Nicole: Yes, I did. And I love him enough to realize that he deserves much more than I could give him and a million times better than you.

Chloe: That was mean and nasty!

Nicole: But it's the truth!

Chloe: I don't even know how you can stand in a place like this without being struck by lightning!

Nicole: Well, that makes both of us, sister. If you're so worried, why don't you step away? God, let's face it. Lightning doesn't even want to put us out of our misery. The truth is, Daniel never wanted me. And he doesn't want you either. He's wanted one woman. And she's sweet, and she's good, and she's honorable, and her name is Jennifer.

Jennifer: You do realize that Chloe and Daniel have been apart for over two years.

Kate: So?

Jennifer: So he doesn't love her.

Kate: So?

Jennifer: So I'm not threatened, Kate.

Kate: Well, you should be. Because Chloe has certain, shall we say, "talents," that you lack.

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Kate: I mean, do I really-- do I need to spell this out for you? She's a liar, and she's a slut. And it's really hard to say which one she's better at. But she definitely knows how to push all of Daniel's buttons. And she knows where they all are. And she pushes them hard.

Jennifer: I am not gonna listen to this anymore.

Kate: Why, because it's true? You know, men always think that they want to settle down with a nice girl, but when the time really comes, they just don't think.

Jennifer: We are done! We are done here, Kate. Leave! Now!

Kate: Fine, fine. But one more thing. You're a mother, and if anything happens to that little boy--if Chloe suddenly vanishes in a fit of pique and rips Parker away from Daniel one more time-- and you know that there's something that you could have done about it, and you didn't, I hope you can live with yourself.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Kristen: I'm so happy I could help you sleep better at night, knowing that there was another man in my bed, and therefore there would be no room for your husband in it. Not that I would be even remotely interested because I've moved on. I just wish you could too.

Marlena: You are unbelievable.

Kristen: You're so uptight. I mean, even more so than usual. Is it maybe because this conversation wasn't as productive as you hoped it would be?

Marlena: No, it wasn't.

Kristen: I've tried so hard to be reasonable. I can just tell though, you're just not gonna be receptive to the olive branch that I keep extending to you, time and time again.

Marlena: This was a mistake.

Kristen: Hey, Marlena.

Brady: Listen, Daniel, don't be upset that Jennifer didn't tell you about Kristen to me because we asked her not to say anything to anyone. I mean, to anyone. I mean, Jenn was just respecting her wishes.

Jennifer: Daniel, hi. I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?

Daniel: No, no.

Brady: No.

Daniel: It's okay.

Brady: Um, listen, I gotta go. I'll see you.

Chloe: You may wish that you could be struck by lightning and end it all, but I have a very good reason to keep going. His name is Parker, and he's going to bond me and Daniel forever.

Nicole: Oh, my God, you are delusional.

Chloe: No, you are delusional if you think he ever cared for you! He probably felt sorry for you! He wanted to share a life with me and our child! And now that we know that Parker is his, I'm gonna get him back, whether you like it or not.

Nicole: Yeah, well, have fun with that, okay? But don't come crying to me when Daniel's asking to change custody weekends because he and Jenn-Jenn are going on their honeymoon.

Chloe: You should try one of those on for size 'cause there isn't a guy left in this town who hasn't taken you for a spin and then thrown you out like trash!


Billie: Well, I take it things went well.

Kate: People are so predictable, aren't they?

Billie: I know what you mean.

Kate: Well, sit down. Prepare to enjoy the fireworks, because by the end of today, Daniel is going to know exactly who Chloe Lane really is.

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Daniel: Brady, he, uh, he said that you knew about him and Kristen for quite some time.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, I did.

Kristen: [Laughing] Oh, Marlena, Marlena.

John: Hey. Just wanna talk.

Brady: Talk.

John: Aw, come on, kid. This is killing me. Why don't we get a cup of coffee and sit down and--

Brady: Dad, dad, no. I don't have a lot of time, so if you have something to say to me, why don't you just say it?

John: I can honestly say... that nobody knows how you're feeling right now better than me.

Brady: Yeah, I don't think so.

John: She's beautiful. She's funny, and she's smart, and she also has this incredible way...of making people think the way she wants them to think.

Brady: Dad, dad, look, I'm not brainwashed. All right, I'm not stupid. And I'm sure as hell not a sucker.

John: Well, neither am I. What I'm saying is not only is she not good for you, kid-- she's not good for anybody.

Brady: Well, you know, Kristen wasn't the one who gave me these bruises here.

John: Keep heading in this direction, you're gonna have a lot worse than bruises.

Brady: Are you jealous? Is that what this is about? I think that's what this is about.

John: God, Brady, damn it.

Brady: Just admit it. Dad, come on.

John: Would you just stop with the crazy accusations? You know, I can't even believe you're thinking this, let alone lowering yourself to say it.

Brady: Oh, if anyone's lowering themselves, Dad, sorry.

John: Make some sense, son.

Brady: I'm gonna tell you this one more time. One more time. Kristen makes me very happy... when I never thought I'd be happy again. So do me a favor--if you can't accept it, don't call me "son."

John: Well, I'm never gonna accept it. And if you think losing Madison was the worst pain you ever felt, you have no idea what's coming.

Brady: Dad, shut up! Shut up! If that's all you got to say to me, then, you know what? Good-bye.

[Knocks at door]

Kristen: Hi. [Gasps]

Brady: Hi. For you.

Kristen: They're beautiful. Thank you so much. You made my day better.

Brady: Mm, I like to hear that.

Kristen: You okay?

Brady: You know, I am, I am.

Kristen: Yeah?

Brady: Sure, yeah. I am now. I'm a lot better now.

Marlena: Hope, hey. It's Marlena. Um... thank you for everything you tried to do to help out. I, didn't go so well. fact, it was, uh... it was fairly disastrous.

Kate: So I just saw Daniel talking to Jennifer, so despite her protest, clearly she wasted no time, and he's probably hearing all about Chloe's sordid secret as we speak.

Billie: Or maybe they were just talking about the weather.

Kate: Yes, about how hurricane Chloe is going to blow back out to sea, hopefully never to return again.


Anne: You're gonna have to take a seat.

Chloe: Anne, hey.

Anne: I--I'm sorry, Chloe. I'm so sorry. If only we could all institute Ms. Horton's 20-minute work schedule entailing zero actual work, I'd make it out of here before 9:00 P.M. I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to cancel our lunch.

Chloe: Really? That's too bad.

Anne: Yeah, well... I hate her.

Chloe: Yeah, I mean, honestly, I've never really understood why everyone thinks she's so sweet and perfect.

Anne: Finally, somebody who understands.

Chloe: Oh, I do. And between the two of us... I'm thinking we can figure out something to make the situation better...for everyone.

Daniel: So you were keeping a friend's confidence. I get it, I understand. I mean, besides, Brady and Kristen's love life is really none of my business.

Jennifer: Right. But, I mean, no. I just... I really don't ever want there to be secrets between us.

Daniel: Well, neither do I. So I hope you know that you can tell me anything. I would never betray a confidence.

Jennifer: Yeah, I do know that.

Daniel: Okay, well, then, how, uh, how about a smile?

Jennifer: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Daniel: So what--what is it? What's--what's wrong?

Jennifer: Just talking about not having secrets between us... there's, um, something really important that you need to know.

John: So what's this about, Doc?

Kristen: You knew I was involved with Brady, didn't you?

Marlena: You know I did.

Kristen: That's right, but the only reason why you didn't go running to John with it is because you didn't want it to end. You were so happy that Brady was in my bed, because to your everlasting relief, it would keep John out of it.

Kristen: Mm, mm, mm, mm.

Brady: Mm, mm. What, what, what, what?

Kristen: I'm gonna get out of these pesky clothes, okay? Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, not a chance.

Kristen: Don't go anywhere.

Brady: Hurry. [Sighs] Whew. [Sniffs] [Grunts] [Scoffs] What is this?

Nicole: Chloe.

Chloe: Hey. I just wanted to say I'm sorry. And...I didn't mean to go off on you like that before.

Nicole: Yes, you did. But it doesn't matter.

Chloe: It doesn't?

Nicole: From what I just heard, Kate is the reason you'll never have a chance with Daniel again.

Daniel: What? What is it? What--is it about your kids?

Jennifer: No.

Daniel: If Anne is giving you trouble at work, I--

Jennifer: No, it's not. It's not any of that. It's about your son. It's about Parker.

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