Days Transcript Wednesday 1/2/13

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/2/13


Episode #11993 ~ John & Marlena Try to Get Brady Away From Kristen; EJ Surprises Sami With Dinner

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Marlena: John!

John: Get the hell away from her!

Marlena: What are you doing?

Sonny: I have to make sure that the guys working the late shift aren't having too much fun back there.

Will: Oh, no.

Sonny: Didn't you say your mom was on a date with EJ?

Will: Yeah, why?

Sonny: Well, doesn't look like it went too well.

Nicole: [Muffled speech]

EJ: What the hell do you think you're doing?

[Laughter, chatter]

Rafe: Happy New Year.

Sami: Happy New Year.

Gabi: Sami, hey! I got the picture you sent me for Abigail's dress.

Sami: Um, you did? Oh, oh.

Gabi: Yeah.

Sami: Oh, good.

Gabi: I love it, I know she's gonna love it, and everything is just so amazing. Thank you.

Sami: Oh, you're welcome.

Brady: Dad, don't you do this.

John: Don't do this? Have you lost your mind, son?

Kristen: John, please don't take this out on your son.

John: Oh, shut up. You've been using him all along, and you're a damn fool for falling for it!

Brady: You need to calm down. Let me explain.

John: Yeah, what's to explain? Kristen seduced you into some sleazy affair, and you're stupid enough to fall for it?

Marlena: John, please try to keep calm.

John: Not just stupid, insane--do you have any idea what you're doing here?

Brady: Yes, I do know what I'm doing here, Dad.

John: She's using you to get back at me, how the hell can you not see that?

Marlena: John.

John: No, Doc, we all owe you a hell of an apology because Kristen is everything she has always been--a lying, conniving, manipulative--

Brady: Hey, you watch your words!

Marlena: Brady, listen to him. We have no reason to lie to you.

Kristen: [Sobbing] Do you believe them? Do you believe everything that's happened between us is just a lie?

Nicole: Oh, take a chill pill, EJ. That was for Father Time's sake. Everyone, including snarky, ol' you, deserves to kiss someone at midnight on New Year's.

EJ: Don't.

Nicole: D--[Laughs]

Will: Ha. [Clears throat] Hi. EJ, um, where's my mom?

EJ: Your mother is waiting for a bottle of champagne. Unfortunately, I was detained by this one, who seems to be a little bit drunk... and is determined to make a bloody fool of herself.

Nicole: Happy New Year's to you two cuties, by the by.

EJ: Would you do me a small favor? Would you make sure she gets back to church without kissing any other unsuspecting Salemites?

Nicole: That, my friends, is what was called a successful diversionary maneuver, hmm?

Sami: Uh, actually, I'm here tonight with EJ.

Gabi: Oh.

Rafe: Yeah, he's just... away.

EJ: Hey. Happy New Year, you three. I'm so sorry I missed the stroke of midnight.

Sami: It's okay.

[Distant cheers and applause]

Sami: Happy New Year.

EJ: Oh, um... sorry. You must be so excited about your upcoming wedding.

Gabi: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah.

Gabi: Very excited.

EJ: Good, I'm sure. I know that Samantha's been working very hard to make sure that everything's perfect.

Gabi: Yeah, she's been amazing.

EJ: I'm sure, I'm sure. Well, um... all things good to the pair of you.

Nick: Thank you.

EJ: And, uh, do you have a date?

Gabi: Really soon, right?

Sami: Yes. Too soon in fact. We have a lot left to do.

Gabi: Yeah.

EJ: Let me tell you something. If anybody can make it happen, Samantha can.

Rafe: True. I gotta get going.

Gabi: We're gonna go too.

Nick: Yeah. So, uh—

Gabi: Talk to you soon.

Sami: Yes.

Nick: See you soon.

Gabi: Okay.

Sami: Definitely.

Nick: Okay.

Sami: EJ, what, um, took you so long? Where were you?

EJ: Can we just say that I was waylaid by Nicole?

Nicole: Will, honey, I was just pretending to be drunk for EJ's sake. I've had so much practice at it. That's why I was so convincing.

Will: Okay.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Will: Why were you pretending to be drunk though?

Sonny: Here, some black coffee.

Nicole: Thank you.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: But I was just telling Will that I don't need it. I'm as sober as a judge.

Will: Yeah, it was an act for EJ.

Sonny: Okay.

Nicole: Yeah.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Just doing my part to help people who are supposed to be together...get together. But clearly, you two do not need my help, so I guess my work is done here. Talk amongst yourselves, okay?

Will: Okay.

Nicole: Bye.

Sonny: Wow. Does that one come with an instruction manual?

Will: Would you wanna read it if there was?

Sonny: Absolutely not.

Will: No.

Sonny: No.

Will: So, uh, is everything good here?

Sonny: Yeah, I just need to stick around until they close up, and then-- is that okay with you?

Will: Yeah, yeah, I guess so. I mean, just as long as we get to spend the first night of 2013... you know, just us. Alone.

Sonny: Yeah. Can't think of a better way to start the year.

Will: Okay.

John: For God's sakes, Brady, say something.

Security: Is this man causing trouble again for you, Ms. DiMera?

Kristen: Uh--

Security: Did you do this?

Kristen: I'll pay for any damages. I'm so sorry. Mr. Black and his wife were just leaving in a few minutes.

Security: This hotel has a no-tolerance policy for violence.

Kristen: I completely appreciate that.

Security: This man has laid hands on you once tonight. Next time, the hands are gonna be on you, you understand?

Brady: All right, I think it's time that we all just take a breath here and take a step back for a second. We're all on edge, and I know that I'm the cause of it, okay? But it was wrong for us to keep you in the dark about what was going on between us, and I'm sorry about that.

John: This isn't about you and your behavior, son. This is about Kristen and doing what she always does. She lies, she manipulates, and then she plays the victim.

Kristen: I understand if you feel you need to go, it's okay.

Brady: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm not going anywhere. These two are the ones that are leaving right now.

Marlena: Brady!

Brady: I will come by tomorrow morning, and we will talk about this.

John: Sorry, I'm not going anywhere without you, son. In fact, I'm not leaving you alone with this woman ever again.

Brady: I, uh--I need to speak to my father alone, okay?

Kristen: Here?

Brady: No, I'm gonna go out with him.

Kristen: Brady, what if he tries to convince you--

Brady: Kristen... nothing's gonna happen. We're both civilized people. It's gonna be fine. I promise you that. Let's go.

Kristen: What if we let our boys go have their little talk, and we girls get something straight?

EJ: I grabbed the bottle of champagne from her, and she turns around and starts to drink out of it.

Sami: She was obviously hammered.

EJ: Obviously, you know, but she seemed determined as hell to keep me from spending the New Year with you.

Sami: Huh.

EJ: You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think it was deliberate.

Sami: Yeah, well, I can see, with her, why you would think so.

Gabi: You're pretty quiet, Rafe.

Rafe: Just tired.

Gabi: You were kissing Sami. We saw you.

Nick: Must've been kinda weird seeing her kiss EJ, like, five minutes later.

Rafe: She didn't kiss him. He kissed her. And I really don't wanna talk about it.

Nick: Fair enough.

Rafe: Take her home. Make sure she gets some sleep, okay, Nick?

Nick: Will do. Happy New Year.

Rafe: Happy New Year. Both of you. Love you.

Gabi: Love you too, hermano. Happy New Year.

EJ: Are you all right, Samantha?

Sami: Yeah, I am.

EJ: You're sure you're not upset with me because I missed the new year coming in?

Sami: I'm not that sentimental.

EJ: Really? Since when exactly are you not that sentimental?

Sami: Okay, busted. But I figured midnight is just the beginning of our night together. And, um--and the year to come.

[Phone ringing]

EJ: Sorry. It's a text from Beijing.

Sami: Wasn't it New Year's Eve, like, two days ago there? Is something wrong?

EJ: Yeah, the bid--my soon-to-be-former assistant didn't email it.

Sami: What?

EJ: I'm sorry, I have to take care of this.

Sami: Of course. Of course you do.

EJ: Look. If you come with me, I can get this done in 30 seconds. Then we could just come straight back to...exactly where we left off. That's... if you're interested.

Sami: Yes. Yes, I am.

Brady: I was the one that pressured Kristen into keeping our affair a secret, Dad. And that was a mistake. I realize that now. I didn't wanna hurt anybody, especially you, and I'm really sorry about that.

John: Well, you don't have to apologize, son. You just need to listen.

Brady: All right, fine. I'm listening. Tell me about Kristen DiMera. What is it about her that I don't know?

Nick: What happened to getting some rest?

Gabi: Well, I will. But the baby and I wanna have one of those almond pastries I've been craving all day and night.

Nick: Oh, gotcha.

Gabi: Hey, I didn't expect to see you here.

Will: Hey. Yeah, Sonny just had to check on his baby before-- I'm sorry, let me start over. Sonny had to check on his business investment before we go home. Happy New Year, by the way.

Both: Happy New Year.

Gabi: Uh, I'm gonna go get one of those pastries.

Will: Okay.

Nick: Okay. So, uh... did you make any resolutions, Will?

Will: I did, actually. I resolve that if you ever call me "gay boy" again, I'm gonna have to beat the bigotry right out of you.

Nicole: Hey! Yes, a woman's church work is never done.

Rafe: Apparently not.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Rafe: Oh, wow.

Nicole: Are you thinking about your sister's wedding?

Rafe: Yeah. Hard to believe.

Nicole: I bet. But, boy, is she gonna make a beautiful bride. [Laughs]

Rafe: You wanna tell me what you did before?

Nicole: Before?

Rafe: Well, then let's review, shall we? You saw Sami and EJ at the square. EJ walked off.

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Rafe: You followed him. And then somehow, EJ didn't make it back to Sami before the stroke of midnight.

Nicole: I hope she wasn't too upset about that.

Rafe: Nicole--

Nicole: So what happened with you and Sami?

Rafe: You don't need to try this hard, okay? I am not gonna get involved in some sort of "pick me" race with EJ DiMera or anyone else for that matter.

Nicole: You have a really bad poker face, Rafe Hernandez. Did you seize the moment or what?

EJ: I promise you, this will just take one minute.

Sami: Is someone having a party?

EJ: Oh, I think it's somebody on the upstairs floor.

Sami: Uh, no one has a floor higher than you, EJ.

EJ: Hmm, really?

Marlena: I'm not getting anything straight with somebody so twisted.

Kristen: You know, you've barged in on me, what, three times? Yeah, three times. Don't you think you owe me an explanation as to why you're behaving so erratically?

Marlena: Don't even try it with me. I know all about your plan to get even with John.

Kristen: Mm, how sweet of him to talk to you about me.

Marlena: Game over. You've self-destructed.

Kristen: I don't think so. Mm-mm, I'm feeling pretty empowered.

Marlena: I'm thinking annihilated. Because once John tells Brady what an evil wretch you are, and once Brady understands that you've been using him to get revenge to hurt John and to hurt me, and you've been degrading him in the most horrible way, you won't wanna see the sunrise in Salem again.

John: What you don't know about... Kristen DiMera... is that she has an insatiable appetite for revenge. Ever since she came back to Salem, she's had a motive. Now, it's a stated one. She wants to harm me. She wants to harm Marlena the same way she feels we harmed her all those years ago. And so to achieve that end, she went after you. Kid, she thought the only way she could get to me was through my son. And she pulled it off. I hate to say this, but you're just an unsuspecting pawn in this elaborate chess game she devised years ago. And it's not your fault. She's brilliant. She's--she's-- she's patient, she's seductive, and she is the most conniving, black-hearted person I have ever known. And given my life, kid, that is saying a lot. So... don't let her ruin us. Don't let her ruin us, kid.

Brady: You're saying that everything Kristen has done is a plot, that every experience I've had with her is a lie, that every feeling that I've ever felt for her is a complete falsehood because it's all part of some scenario to get back at you and Marlena? That's what you're telling me?

John: That's exactly what I'm saying. Listen, kid, your affair with Kristen DiMera is gonna end tonight. Forever.

Kristen: Boy, your first language really is melodrama, isn't it?

Marlena: Everybody's on to you now, not just me.

Kristen: You know, I can only assume that John's big revelation as to who he thinks I really am is a result of you finally telling him how long you've kept the truth of my liaison with Brady a secret from him, right? Oh, my God! You lied to him again?

Marlena: Step away from the door, I want--

Kristen: What, you wanna do damage control again? Did you ever think that maybe, given how upset John is about my relationship with his son, that maybe he would have wanted to know just a little sooner before Brady's and my deep feelings for each other became so apparent? I mean, you know... before the electricity between us became so blindingly obvious?

Marlena: Wow, you really are disgusting.

Kristen: Speaking of blindingly obvious, did you ever think maybe John's lying to you?

Marlena: John does not lie to me.

Kristen: Oh, yeah, he would definitely lie to you. I mean, to protect your extremely fragile ego, he would lie to you. I mean, at the very least, maybe a lie of omission. Maybe he kept some of what I confessed to him from you, I don't know, maybe.

Marlena: No, he wouldn't do that.

Kristen: Oh, yes, he would because his ego is as big as all outdoors. And he can't wrap his brain around the thought that I, somebody that he was crazy about-- yeah, he was crazy about me-- could actually love another. You see, he is as jealous and irrational about me as you are.

Marlena: John is not irrational, and he does not distort the truth.

Kristen: As much as I love confrontation, it's kind of a moot point, isn't it? I mean, really, the only question that remains is whose version of the truth is Brady gonna believe, yours or mine?

Brady: She predicted you would do this, Dad. That you would make it all about you and your issues with her.

John: Whoa, that's not what I'm doing, kid.

Brady: What you're doing is you're trying to destroy the very thing that has made me happier than I've been in a long time, and I get it. I understand. I understand your history with her--

John: No, you don't get the history, because if you got--

Brady: Kristen is trying to make a better life for herself than she had before.

John: Come on, open your eyes, kid. You're not the first man who's tried to see the good in Kristen.

Brady: No. No, I'm not. And I was just as suspicious as you were when she came back into town. But if you recall, you were the one that told me she had changed, Dad. You persuaded me that she was different, that she was no longer a threat. You remember this?

John: Yeah, yeah, well, you know what, I was wrong. I made a horrible mistake. I just didn't see the truth, just like you're not seeing it right now.

Brady: No, you saw the truth when you found out that I was sleeping with her.

John: Oh, no, no, no. Don't even start with that.

Brady: Dad, this is so obvious, it's ridiculous. Your change of heart occurred when you found out that she and I were together.

John: Oh, will you stop that kind of thinking? You're not together. She seduced you, and it's not too late for you to get out of this mess.

Brady: You hate the fact that I care about somebody that you used to care about.

John: Oh, for God's sakes, kid, I can't believe I'm even hearing this.

Brady: Do you still want her?

John: Of course not.

Brady: Then let her go!

John: I did that 15 years ago.

Brady: Let her go!

John: I got out, and I'm not gonna stand by and watch you ruin your life with her.

Brady: It's just painful for you because I'm the one that wants her. And the fact is, Dad--the truth is, it wouldn't matter who it was. Because you can't stomach the idea of anybody else being with her except you.

John: [Sighs]

Sami: So I can assume your assistant will not be fired tomorrow. You know, I may even give the champ a raise. He's done everything that I asked for and a little bit more actually.

Sami: Why your office?

EJ: Well, in a restaurant, I thought New Year's Eve would be a little bit busy and noisy. My apartment for a first date seemed somewhat aggressive.

Sami: I don't know if we qualify for, um, first date status, EJ.

EJ: Oh, um, I don't know about that. Not in this iteration anyway. The menu the chef has selected is comprised of everything that I know you love. I had the privilege of spending the better part of two hours this afternoon talking to a sommelier in France. And of course the view... is the finest in Salem.

Sami: As it should be.

EJ: I wasn't talking about that one. I meant you.

Rafe: I don't understand your motives.

Nicole: I am motive-free, sir.

Rafe: Oh, come on. You cannot stand Sami. Now why did you go to all the trouble to make sure that I was with her at midnight, hmm?

Nicole: Okay, couple of things. One, I am trying to be a better person in the new year and beyond, and that means doing a couple good deeds here and there. And you know, the other thing is-- mm, can't believe I'm gonna say this, but, um... you know, the best version of Sami I've ever seen is the version of her with you.

Rafe: Wow.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: That was actually nice.

Nicole: Thank you, it was. And I wouldn't wish EJ on any woman, not even Sami. So are you gonna tell me what happened already?

Rafe: We wished each other a Happy New Year.

Nicole: And?

Rafe: We kissed.

Nicole: [Grunts]


Gabi: So I was thinking that maybe we could start off 2013 with a clean slate.

Sonny: Meaning what exactly?

Gabi: Well, I mean, I know that we probably can't be, um, friends like we used to be, but...maybe we could learn to tolerate each other for Will, right? I mean, isn't this--isn't he the person that we care about most throughout all of this?

Nick: You're, uh--you're gonna... beat the bigotry out of me. That's, uh--that's very creative, Will. I'm shaking in my boots.

Will: How is Gabi doing with your homophobia? Huh? Or did you somehow convince her that the "gay boy" comment was just a slip of the tongue?

Nick: Okay. Look, Will, things got really heated, okay? Because of the baby and, uh, the secret, and I regret that I, uh--that I used that expression, okay? I really didn't mean to offend you. I think we're all really tense right now and, um-- I'm really sorry, why are you smiling?

Will: No, I was just thinking--I mean, if you really mean that, then, uh, it's all good.

Nick: Of course I mean it.

Will: Okay.

Nick: Okay.

Will: Because we all want what's best for the baby, right?

Nick: Yeah, definitely.

Will: Then there's just one problem though. Um, if I thought for a second that my child was gonna be raised by a bigot, that wouldn't be best for the baby. And I couldn't stand for that. I wouldn't let that person anywhere near my child.

Nicole: You kissed Sami? Oh! [Whispering] Sorry. [Clears throat] Really?

Rafe: Really.

Nicole: Well, bully for you! Ha!

Rafe: Ow.

Nicole: But I bet that's nothing compared to the way I kissed EJ.

Rafe: You kissed EJ?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. That's what they call taking one for the team, but we'll talk about that later. Let's stay on topic, okay? I am over EJ. You clearly are not over Sami. Ooh, you got it bad, Hernandez.

Rafe: Okay.

Nicole: [Laughing]

EJ: I mean, I just thought this would be a good place for us to celebrate. This is where we started to get into a rhythm with one another again.

Sami: Some people would say it's just work... if you can call lipstick work.

EJ: Well, I think you could call it proof.

Sami: I like proof. Proof more ways than one.

Nick: Are you threatening me, Will?

Will: No. I'm just stating a fact. My child will not be raised by a homophobe.

Nick: Hmm. Okay. Let's get a couple of things clear right now, hmm? Gabi was an emotional wreck when I met her, okay?

Will: Mm, no, she wasn't.

Nick: You weren't there. Will, you weren't there. I was the one she was opening up to, and she was in a really bad place, okay? And that's because you confused the hell out of her. Now I understand that people make mistakes. I used to be the king of them, okay? But if you are gonna stand over us and threaten to take the baby away every time that we don't do things the way Will would've done them, then we've got a really big problem here, don't we?

Will: You know, I'm trying to see the point that you're trying to make, and I--

Nick: Oh, I thought-- I thought that I made it pretty clear. What I'm saying is that I'm not going to let you make me and Gabi's life crazy and hell for the next 18 years. Do you understand that?

Sonny: I care about Will a lot. So yeah, I'll do anything for him.

Gabi: Good.

Sonny: Including learning to tolerate you. And like I said, Gabi... if you hurt him, you're gonna have to deal with me. So watch yourself.

Nick: Come here. I understand that you didn't plan this. I understand that Gabi didn't either obviously. But nobody put a gun to your head about this decision you made about the baby, all right? You agreed. You agreed to it, to let your boyfriend and everybody else think that this was my baby.

Will: That does not mean that I can't weigh in on--

Nick: Oh, it does. It does mean that you can't weigh in on anything, Will. Period. So listen to me when I say this. And just so you don't get all offended again, this has nothing to do with you being gay, okay? But you've gotta man up and stand by the decision you made.

Will: You're not hearing what I'm saying.

Nick: I'm hearing you. I am hearing you, Will. And I heard you say that you were tossed around like a little football when you were a kid and that you don't want that for this one. So let us be. This kid will be ours. Gabi and mine. And we're gonna be amazing parents.

Marlena: I didn't want this war with you, Kristen. But now it's on. I love Brady. He's as much a member of my family as my own flesh and blood, and I will stand firm with John and not let you hurt him.

Kristen: You know... he is a grown-ass man if you haven't noticed.

Marlena: You know what I've noticed? You are a vile, despicable woman. Now move. And if you try that stunt again, you'll be leaving here on a gurney.

Kristen: Look at you! It's good to see you still have some fight left in you... even in your dotage.

Marlena: Phew. We're done here.

Kristen: Oh, it's funny. 'Cause you know what? We're never gonna be done. Not till you're dead and buried. It's funny, isn't it? This time next New Year's Eve, you could be my stepmother-in-law. Life is crazy.

Marlena: I don't think you'll be quite so amused when Brady ends it with you and says he wants nothing to do with you ever again.

John: The only thing that I feel for Kristen... is disgust.

Brady: You know, Dad, I know you love Marlena. But this is so clearly jealousy, and you're too smart not to know that. Why else would you go from telling me that Kristen had changed to saying that she had made you sick to find out that we were together, huh?

John: Because she told me that she was using you, son... to get back at me.

Brady: No, that's not possible, you were hearing what you wanna hear.

John: You think I'm making this up?

Brady: I don't know, Dad. Here's what I think. Here's what I think. I think you had a really tense and awkward conversation with her, and you weren't thinking straight... and nor was she. She's been terrified that you would go ballistic when you found out about us. So I know she was defensive as hell when you confronted her. And I also happen to think that, whatever she said, you're twisting her words around to try to get me to turn on her.

John: No twisting of anything, kid, no twisting. She just flat-out said that she was using you.

Brady: Yeah, well, you know what, I'm telling you that that's not possible. Why don't you give me a little credit?

John: A little credit for what? For what? For having a sociopathic maniac dupe you into believing that she gives a damn about anything except her own sick obsession for revenge? For wanting to hurt people who-- anyone she perceives as an enemy, which would include anybody whose name doesn't end in DiMera?

Brady: Dad. Dad, look at me. You found out about Kristen and I, you lost it, and then you put your hands on her like you owned her. I need to be with her right now. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

John: For God's sakes, kid--

Brady: I'm serious, I've had enough for one day.

John: You stay away from that manipulative bitch!

Will: That's new.

Sonny: What?

Will: What's this--what's that? What is that?

Sonny: Oh, it's, uh-- it's nothing, it's dumb.

Will: What? It's dumb? What is it? What is it?

Sonny: Um, well, ever since I was a kid, I put a resolution or 50 in this tin on a little scrap piece of paper. And at the end of the year, I like to check it and see how I did.

Will: Really?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Will: How'd you do this year?

Sonny: I did okay.

Will: Can I see?

Sonny: No, you can't see. It's personal.

Will: Come on, hey! Let's see. Oh, you only got one in here.

Sonny: That's all I had this year.

Will: "2012: Get Will Horton to fall in love with me." Did you just write this, like, five minutes ago?

Sonny: I wrote it last year.

Will: You serious?

Sonny: That's what I wanted all year.

Sami: You've changed. I mean, you have, I was saying to some people--

EJ: Really? Some people who?

Sami: Well--well, you know, my friends, my family--I have some explaining to do. 'Cause they know that I'm thinking about being with you again.

[Phone ringing]

Sami: My turn. Sorry. It's Lucas. He's--he's with the kids tonight.

EJ: He's with--oh, take it. Take it.

Sami: Hey. Oh, no. No, no, you're right. It's high enough. Um, like a cool washcloth. I'll be there as soon as I can, okay? Yeah. It's Allie. She has a fever. It's only 100, but I really feel I should be there, okay?

EJ: No, of course. You should go, absolutely. Allow me.

Sami: Thank you. This is-- this is something I'll never forget.

EJ: Go. Go and, you know, be with Allie. I'll check in on you both tomorrow.

Sami: Thank you. Thank you.

EJ: To the woman I love.

Rafe: Yes, Sami's still in my head, okay?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: But I cannot stand being the "maybe, yes," "maybe, no," once and future boyfriend and husband.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: That being said, I am a little bit, uh, optimistic after tonight.

Nicole: Ooh. Meow. Does that mean you, uh, you're making some headway in the competition?

Rafe: Pshh. What competition?

John: [Grunting]

Brady: Don't you ever, ever talk about Kristen that way again, you got it?

John: You're not going anywhere! Stop it, kid! Come on, Brady.

Brady: Come on!

John: Damn it, you're gonna stop it right now! Stop it! Stop it! That's enough! That's enough, kid. Oh!

Brady: Come on! Come on.

John: That's enough! Come on!

Marlena: John! John, oh, my God! Brady, stop this! Stop it, stop it! Stop right now! Stop! Leave him alone! Leave him alone! Stop this right now! Right now, listen to me.

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