Days Transcript Friday 11/30/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/30/12


Episode #11971 ~ Daniel Gets the Injection; Brady Hears Kristen Confess That She Loves Someone and Follows Her

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Dr. Lewis: Have you signed the release forms?

Daniel: I have. I understand the risks involved.

Dr. Lewis: Then you are ready to proceed. Dr. Jonas? I understand it's a great deal to consider. If you begin this course of treatment, you are precluding yourself from all forms of treatment available. So, if you need more time...

Jennifer: Listen, doctor, would you, um, mind giving us just a moment alone, please?

Dr. Lewis: Of course.

Jennifer: Thank you. Hey... you okay?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I just, uh...

Jennifer: I know when we talked on the phone before, it sounded a little bit like you had a change of heart. Daniel, if you're having second thoughts, you know what? That is so okay. Really, it is. Just tell me.

Sonny: Hey.

Will: Hey. Hi.

Sonny: What's going on? How'd it go with, uh, Gabi and Chad?

Nick: Between the Hortons and the Bradys and Gabi's family, once people find out, everyone's going to want to weigh in.

Will: That's true, but... I don't know--this isn't a secret, and I don't want to keep it a--

Nick: Hey, slow down. Okay? Don't tell your mom, and that way, she won't tell Rafe.

Will: So Gabi needs, like, a day to think about it.

Nick: Yeah.

Will: Okay, yeah, that's-- that's fair.

Nick: Great. Um, there's one other thing.

Will: Okay.

Nick: You can't tell Sonny either.

Will: It went great.

Sonny: You look a little upset. Did Chad say something to you?

Will: No, you know what? I don't want to talk about it at all. But I really do want to be with you right now.

Sonny: Yes. Sure. Um, hey, Lauren... uh, do you--I'm going to get out of here for a little bit. Can you just kind of, like, watch over the place?

Lauren: Sure.

Sonny: All right.

Will: Let's get out of here.

Sonny: Okay.

[Knock at door]

Gabi: Come in. What-- what is this--room service?

Nick: Just say the word, and I'll take it away.

Gabi: No. I'm feeling much better.

Nick: [Sighs] Did you get some sleep?

Gabi: Uh, yeah, actually. I didn't think that I would, but I guess I was really tired. You know, you didn't have to do this. I feel bad. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was pregnant.

Nick: No. No, no, no. I'm sorry--I never should have said any of the things that I did.

Gabi: So we're okay, right? I mean...

Nick: We're better than okay.

Eric: Grandma? What's wrong? Do you not know me? Were the doctors wrong?

Caroline: Eric... you're my darling, darling grandson. I-I can remember when you used to grip my finger as a newborn. And you always found my Christmas presents... no matter where I hid them. No, it's just... I... I just--my memory's not perfect, you know, but... some things will always stay with me.

Eric: Grandma, what's wrong?

Caroline: Some things I'd rather forget.

Kristen: Father, I have something on my mind. It's been weighing on me so heavily.

Father Tobias: Well, go ahead.

Kristen: [Sighs] Well, I'm not sure how much you know about me, but I've done some pretty terrible things in my life. And there's one thing that stands out that I regret more than anything. What troubles me is I'm afraid I'm about to make the same mistake.

Father Tobias: Tell me, what makes you say that?

Kristen: I know that if I commit the same sin that I'm not truly repentant, and I can't ask God for forgiveness. But...


Kristen: What was that?

Daniel: Maybe I am having second thoughts.

Jennifer: Daniel, it's a huge decision. You haven't had a lot of time to think about it.

Daniel: Yeah, well, it's not just about the side effects. It takes away all my other options, and I just keep thinking to myself... I mean, if I was my patient... what advice would I give?

Jennifer: Well?

Daniel: I-I-I don't know. I-I don't know, but if I could really get my career back... I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Dr. Lewis? Let's do this.

Father Tobias: Kristen, relax. We have a radiator that rattles like a freight train. Now, if you're looking for a reason not to have a difficult conversation--

Kristen: No, father. You're right. I need to talk about this. Oh, boy. Okay, when I came back to Salem, I knew that it was going to be difficult. I knew that. But what was the point of all the hard work I did if I can't come back and face people, if I can't make amends, if I can't...

Father Tobias: Find a way to move on.

Kristen: Exactly. You know, it's been such a long time, and I've come such a long way... or at least I thought I had.

Father Tobias: But?

Kristen: Well, now that I'm here, I'm starting to wonder-- maybe it was all for nothing.

Father Tobias: Why?

Kristen: I'm treated like a pariah, father. People hate me. And as much as I'd like to blame them, at the end of the day, if I'm going to be honest with myself... it's pretty much all on me.

Eric: Grandma... Grandma, what is wrong?

Caroline: I-I had a little reminder today, and it threw me. That's all.

Eric: A reminder of what? [Chuckles] Is it something I said? Is it something I did?

Caroline: Oh, no. It's nothing you did, Eric. I couldn't be prouder of you.

Eric: Then what is it?

Caroline: I was catching up on the news, and I read about Jennifer and Nicole and... the terrible accident. I started thinking about Daniel Jonas. It's a long story. Just suffice it to say, I hurt him badly.

Eric: Grandma... whatever happened, I'm sure he forgives you.

Caroline: You don't know what I did. I'm ashamed-- I can't--I can't even look you in the eye.

Eric: Grandma.

Caroline: I know I let all of you down.

Dr. Lewis: How does your hand feel now?

Daniel: Uh, numb. But that is how should be, yes?

Dr. Lewis: That should soon pass.

Daniel: And when should I, uh, start to feel the effects of the drug?

Dr. Lewis: Well, uh, if this works as well as well we're hoping, typically my patients have seen a response within the first hour.

Daniel: Yeah, and then we'll do a battery of tests.

Dr. Lewis: Well, if the treatment is effective, there should be no traces of the tremor.

Daniel: Well, I think this is going to be the longest hour of my life.

Dr. Lewis: At least you have the pleasure of good company.

Daniel: Uh, yes, I do.

Dr. Lewis: If you'll excuse me, I need to contact my office. I'll be back shortly.

Daniel: Thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Daniel: Thank you so much.

Jennifer: I went down to the chapel and said a little prayer for you.

Daniel: I appreciate that. Now, I think I have a pretty good feeling about this, J.

Maxine: So do I.

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Daniel: Aw, get over here. Mm.

Maxine: And just so you know, there's some pretty fierce competition going on with the O.R. Nurses. I've got six different offers to assist you on your first surgery.

Daniel: Well, that's flattering. But let's just take one--one step at a time, okay?

Maxine: Almost forgot. Maggie called. She had a electrical emergency at the restaurant. She said she'd be back as soon as she possibly can, and I quote, "give him all my love."

Daniel: [Chuckles] Thank you, Maxine.

Maxine: [Chuckles]

Daniel: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Okay... what can I do?

Daniel: Uh, do you feel like getting out of here?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. Where do you want to go?

Daniel: Anywhere. But let's just make sure we're back here in an hour.

Jennifer: Okay. Let's go.

Daniel: Let's go.

[Video game playing on TV]

Sonny: You okay?

Will: Oh, yeah, I'm better than okay. And every time I'm here with you, I wish I never had to leave.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, what's going on out there that's so bad? Whatever it is, if it's Gabi or, you know, something else, you know I'm here for you. Will... can you please just talk to me? What's wrong?

Gabi: Thank you... for making me feel so special... and not wanting to turn and run the other way when--when you found out that I'm having will's baby.

Nick: You're the one I love. And when you love someone, you don't walk away.

Gabi: Most guys would.

Nick: I'm just... I'm--I'm so glad you didn't go through with... with--with the abortion.

Gabi: Yeah, me too. It wasn't what I wanted. I was just so scared.

Nick: You don't have to be anymore. I... I want us to be together, Gabi... the three of us... you, me, and this baby. Hey big guy,

Gabi: The three of us? Do you mean--

Nick: While you were resting, I-I took some time to really think this through, and I know it, like--it seems really complicated, but it comes down to one really, really simple thing. I love you.

Gabi: I love you, too. I mean... what are you saying we should do?

Nick: I want to marry you, Gabi. I want to raise this baby together. I want to give him or her... an amazing life. I want us to be a family together. Please say yes.

Will: I'm s--I can't.

Sonny: You can't what? What can't you tell me?

Will: Well, I made a promise that I can't tell anybody, and you included. I want to tell you, but I just can't.

Sonny: A promise? What, to Gabi?

Will: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Will: It's not about you, though. That's the good thing. Oh, and while we're on good news, um, I saw my dad earlier. And, uh, he said that you said...

Sonny: That I love you? I did say that. But I really regret that I told him and not you... because I love you, will. I really love you.

Caroline: I've gone to confession, done penance. Poor Daniel. If I hadn't let him think he was the father of that child, our lives might be entirely different right now.

Eric: Do you feel better you got that off your chest?

Caroline: Not really.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eric: [Sighs]

Caroline: Is everything okay?

Eric: Oh, it's just Margaret. She just needs me to come back to the rectory.

Caroline: Well, you'd better go--better go.

Eric: Grandma, I'm really glad that you opened up to me. I love you.

Caroline: I love you too. Go, go.

Eric: I will see you later.

Caroline: All right.

Eric: I'll come back, and we'll talk more.

Caroline: Yes.

Kristen: You should probably know, I'm the reason why John black resigned from the parish board, father.

Father Tobias: Oh?

Kristen: Thank you. We have a long and sordid history. We were together, and then we weren't together. His wife-- well, suffice it to say, she despises me. And I don't blame her... exactly.

Father Tobias: Go on.

Kristen: Well... as much as I've tried to turn my life around, I have to admit that I... I get a certain amount of satisfaction from getting under her skin, and I know that's wrong, but on the other hand...

Father Tobias: "On the other hand"?

Kristen: She gets more satisfaction out of vilifying me... to her husband, to her children, to anybody that will listen. And John knows that I've changed. He knows that I've moved on, but Marlena will never believe that, not in a million years.

Father Tobias: I see.

Kristen: Because she thinks the only reason I came back to Salem was to ruin her life. And she won't let it go. And I keep trying and trying to just shrug off the insults and be the better person. I-I've been trying... until today.

Father Tobias: What happened today?

Kristen: She just... she violated something so precious to me. And, um... I'm totally justified in striking back.

Father Tobias: "Striking back"? How?

Kristen: It doesn't matter.

Father Tobias: Well, why not?

Kristen: Because somebody convinced me... that it would only hurt things. It wouldn't make them better.

Father Tobias: John?

Kristen: No, not John. Somebody amazing... somebody that... I never knew could have this effect on me. Did you know the core of our health is truly on the inside.

Father Tobias: What kind of effect did this person have on you?

Kristen: He touched my heart. I do have one, you know.

Father Tobias: Of course you do. Everyone does.

Kristen: Well, a long time ago, I gave my heart to John-- my body, my mind, my soul. The mind and the soul--they were gone for quite a long time.

Father Tobias: And now?

Kristen: I've changed. And I know John believes that about me, but I'm afraid.

Father Tobias: And why is that, my child?

Kristen: Because I'm having these feelings for somebody. I don't know what to do.

Jennifer: Wow.

Daniel: I know, right? I can't imagine--if it stays this way, to get my old life back? Right?

[Cell phone rings]

Jennifer: Oh. I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, it's Abigail. I really need to take this.

Daniel: Oh, go ahead, yeah.

Jennifer: I'll be right back. Okay.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Caroline: Hello.

Daniel: Caroline... it's, uh--it's good to see you back home. Kayla told me the treatment-- it worked for you.

Caroline: Oh, God willing, I have a few good years left in me.

Daniel: I'm sure you do.

Caroline: So what can I do for you? What can I get you?

Daniel: I-I-I don't know yet.

Caroline: Oh, take your time.

Daniel: Thank you.

Caroline: Well, this--this may sound strange, but I don't think it's a coincidence that you're here.

Daniel: Oh?

Caroline: I read in the paper about your ordeal, and I started thinking about what you've been through... I mean, all you have been through.

Daniel: Caroline, I'm not sure what you mean.

Caroline: Oh, I think you are. I know I could never make up to you for what I did. I know that. But I need you to know that I intend to try for the rest of my life.

Will: Hey, hey, Sonny... I don't care that you told my dad before me. Hearing it from him, hearing it from you especially, is the most amazing thing. I love you too.

Sonny: You don't have to say it just because I said.

Will: I'm not just saying it. I swear, I'm not just saying it. I mean, I've felt this for a while. I just--I don't know. I was afraid--I was scared that if I said it, it'd be too early.

Sonny: What, you thought if you-- you would scare me off if you were honest about how you feel?

Will: Yeah. So come on, come back. Please come back.

Sonny: I can't. I can't. I can't leave the coffee house for that long, okay?

Will: Okay. You promise you're not mad at me?

Sonny: You made a promise to keep a secret. I'm not going to make you go back on your word, okay? It's just...

Will: It's what?

Sonny: You know, I just can't imagine ever keeping anything from you... no matter who was asking.

Gabi: Marry you?

Nick: All I've ever wanted is to be part of a real family.

Gabi: Nick, I love you.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Gabi: And I know that you'd be a great dad. But this is will's baby. It's Sami's grandkid and Kate's great-grandkid and... I mean, what about Rafe? Have you thought about how complicated things could get?

Nick: But it doesn't-- it doesn't have to be complicated, because nobody knows that it's will's baby. And maybe there's not really a reason that they have to know. You know what I mean?

Caroline: I know how devastated you were when parker was taken away. And I could have prevented all of that heartache.

Daniel: Caroline, um, that-- that is ancient history. And my life now, it's--it's... you know, it's not so bad. I'm actually on the verge of something that I'm starting to feel really good about. I mean, I know there are no guarantees, but I'M... I find it nice to be looking forward instead of back.

Caroline: Oh, I'm sorry to bring up such painful memories.

Daniel: Uh, Caroline, can you please, please do me a favor? Please?

Caroline: Yes.

Daniel: Um, I need you to know that I... I do forgive you. And that is the God's honest truth.

Gabi: I mean, we should just lie to everybody?

Nick: Well, whose business is it anyway? I mean, this is your baby... your call.

Gabi: It's not just my baby. It's will's too.

Nick: Yeah. But will's with Sonny. And this is going to be a huge complication for them. I mean, don't you think that will would be really happy if someone would step up and take this problem off his hands?

Gabi: It's not a problem. It's a baby.

Nick: Exactly. But that's the way that will sees it. I mean, he--he drove you to an abortion clinic, Gabi. Do you really think he wants to raise this kid? Has he ever said to you that he would take care of you and be here for you and love this baby? Because I will do all of those things. Would he?

Will: Hey, Sonny... come on, come on. Come here.

Chad: Ah, well, look who's here. Shouldn't you be holding Gabi's hand or letting her cry on your shoulder?

Will: Wow. Chad, I'm trying to talk to Sonny right now. I think you might need to sleep this off.

Chad: And I'm talking to you. What the hell was going on at Gabi's before, hmm? I saw you, Nick, and Gabi all whispering and plotting about something.

Will: "Plotting"? I think--who's the DiMera in this room? Okay, you want to know? We were talking about you. Whatever you said about Gabi upset him--upset Nick. You wanted to get in his head--

Chad: That's not what the three of you were talking about.

Will: You have no idea what you're talking about, so... I just remembered that I got to go be somewhere.

Chad: How convenient.

Will: So, I want to-- can I find you later? I'm sorry. Can we talk later?

Sonny: It's okay, yeah.

Will: Okay.

Chad: Yeah, we'll talk too.

Will: Yeah, when you're sober and not acting like a complete idiot.

Chad: I'm not the one acting like an idiot here.

Sonny: What is that supposed to mean?

Chad: Did you see how fast he bolted out of here when I mentioned Gabi's name? There is something is going on here, and I'm going to figure it out.

Kristen: Father, I've worked so hard to earn God's forgiveness, and now...

Father Tobias: Now what?

Kristen: I don't even know how to make this confession, father, because it's not about something I've done. It's about something I'm afraid I might do.

Father Tobias: Think of the ten commandments. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house." "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

Kristen: Yeah, ten commandments. Uh... father, what I'm trying to say is that I'm having these feelings. And now that I have them... I'm not sure I can fight them.

Father Tobias: What feelings, my child? Hey sis,

Jennifer: Oh, Caroline, we haven't ordered yet.

Caroline: It's on the house.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Caroline: Where did Daniel disappear?

Jennifer: He had a call from work that he had to take.

Caroline: Oh, well, please tell him for me he's never going to pay for another drink in this pub as long as I'm running it.

Jennifer: Caroline, that's very sweet, but I don't think that's necessary. Um, I have to admit, I heard the two of you talking, and what you said to him took a lot of courage.

Caroline: Well, I'm not sure it did. I know the kind of man Daniel is. It was very generous of him to forgive me.

Jennifer: He's, uh, one of the most generous people I've ever met.

Caroline: He is. I agree. I hope he gets the happiness that he deserves.

Daniel: It was an accident!

Jennifer: It is not your job!

Daniel: Yes, it is! I want to protect you!

Jennifer: Why is it your job?

Daniel: Because I love you!

Jennifer: I hope so too.

Caroline: I'll be back to check on you in a minute.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Oh, hi. You ready?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. Well, this is, uh-- this is it. [Clears throat]

Jennifer: Oh, thank you.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, I just want to say, um--I want to say thank you for all the hope you've given me and for pushing me along on this journey.

Jennifer: Yeah. Well... let's go.

Daniel: Let's go.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Father Tobias: I know it's hard to pour out your innermost thoughts to someone you hardly know, but I'm not here to judge, only to listen... and to offer absolution.

Kristen: Not if I'm not truly contrite. I can't. You know, I'm so sorry. I've just totally wasted your time.

Father Tobias: Oh, you didn't.

Kristen: I have. You've been wonderful, but the more we talk about this, the more it makes it feel real... and it makes it feel wrong. I just can't believe after everything I've been through, after everything I've done to try to be a better person, for it to end like this... I just can't stand it.

Dr. Lewis: Have you seen dr. Jonas?

Daniel: Hi. Uh, we're here.

Dr. Lewis: Perfect timing. Before I examine you, tell me, how does your hand feel?

Daniel: Well, the numbness subsided exactly when you said it would. And I haven't gone this long without a tremor in... I don't know how long.

Dr. Lewis: Well, that's very encouraging.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'll say.

Dr. Lewis: Let's see what the tests have to say.

Daniel: All right. What are we waiting for? [Exhales deeply]

Sonny: You know what? I think it's time we cleared the air.

Chad: Yeah, about what?

Sonny: Gabi.

Chad: Mm. You better talk to your boyfriend about that one.

Sonny: I want to talk to you.

Chad: Oh?

Sonny: Yeah, I don't know what went down between you two or why you're so obsessed with Gabi--what she's doing, what she's not doing, who she's talking to.

Chad: You barely even know Gabi.

Sonny: It doesn't matter if I know Gabi. I don't like the way that you treat her. And I sure as hell don't like the way you're going after will for defending her. They are friends.

Chad: You care about will, right? Right?

Sonny: Yeah.

Chad: Okay, you'll find a way to keep him away from Gabi.

Sonny: Why is that?

Chad: Because--you'll just have to take my word for it, all right?

[Coffee cup rattles]

Chad: Oh, and one more thing-- if I were you, I would find out what kind of secrets they're keeping from you before it's too late, huh?

Sonny: Wait a minute. Hey, you got to tell me. What did Gabi do?

Nick: Gabi, I know this is, like, a huge decision. And if you need more time to think about it, I totally... totally understand. I just--I don't know how much time we actually have, you know?

Gabi: I know. I just don't want to say anything until I know how will feels. I mean, it's his baby too.

Nick: Sure. But I think you know what the answer is.

Gabi: Nick, he tried to stop me from getting an abortion. I mean, and when he found out about the baby the first time, he even asked me to marry him.

Nick: Well... yeah, but, I mean... that was because he knew it was the right thing to do, not because he's in love with you.

Gabi: No.

Nick: And you said no because...

Gabi: Because it would ruin his life.

Nick: I love you, Gabi. And I want to give you and this baby the best life possible.

Gabi: I can't believe that you're being so sweet.

[Knock at door]

Will: Gabi? It's will.

Caroline: How about a beer and maybe a bowl of clam chowder?

Eric: Oh, it's good to be home. I'm sorry I had to run out earlier, but my stomach has been dying ever since.

Caroline: Oh, well, uh, your timing was providential. Daniel came in today.

Eric: He did?

Caroline: Mm-hmm. A sign. And I decided to take your advice.

Eric: And?

Caroline: And I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. Thank you. Thank you. Ah, I always knew you were going to do great things. You know, well, the highest calling is serving our lord. So I think you're going to be a wonderful priest.

Eric: I sure hope so.

Daniel: See that? Steady as can be, right? Right?

Dr. Lewis: There's just one more test I want to do.

Daniel: Sure. You got it.

Dr. Lewis: I want you to hold these.

Daniel: All right.

Dr. Lewis: And grip them as hard as you can.

Daniel: Piece of cake.

Dr. Lewis: Harder.

Daniel: You got it. All right, here we go. Okay, okay. You know what? Just, uh, hold on. Hold on, hold on here for a minute, just one minute. I'm probably just-- you know, just a little nervous, that's all.

Dr. Lewis: Okay.

Daniel: All right, okay, okay.

Dr. Lewis: Uh, try again. Take a deep breath. Relax.

Daniel: [Breathes deeply]

Dr. Lewis: I'm sorry, Daniel. I'm afraid the procedure has failed.

[Knock at door]

Kristen: [Gasps]

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