Days Transcript Tuesday 11/13/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/13/12


Episode #11960 ~ Nick Takes Gabi to the Hospital When She Faints at Work; Will & Sonny Try to Work Things Out

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Gabi: It's okay. Let's just get back to work, okay?

Nick: Okay. Gabi?

Gabi: [Sighs]

Nick: Gabi. Gabi! Gabi, Gabi, Gabi. Are you okay? Hey, Gabi? Gabi? Eddie, get me some water. Gabi, hey. Hey, stay with me. Stay with me, baby. Come on. Gabi? Gabi, I'm right here. I'm right here. Thank God. Thank God. Look at me. Look at me.

Will: Sonny, I'm so sorry. I'm s--[Snaps fingers] Okay, that's not good enough. Not good enough. Okay. [Exhales deeply] Sonny, I hurt you, and it was stupid, and I was stupid, and... okay, something like that-- that's better... little better. [Sighs] [Scoffs] You jerk.

Lucas: Hey. Can you believe this?

Sami: Which "this" are we talking about?

Lucas: This whole business with Nicole.

Sami: Oh, right. You're actually surprised that she would lie about someone being the cause of her baby's death?

Lucas: Well, you think?

Sami: I don't know. I don't know that it's necessarily worse than her switching babies on me and kidnapping Sydney for herself. Or what about the time that she tried to murder Victor Kiriakis?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: The truth is I knew what kind of person she was when she dumped my brother for--

Lucas: She dumped Eric for me. You can say it.

Sami: Well, you and a lot of money. So what brings you by?

Lucas: I got the workbook-- Allie's workbook. There you go.

Sami: Thank you very much. I do appreciate it.

Lucas: [Clears throat] Looks like Will's jacket. Is this his?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, he left it at my place when it was kind of warm that day, and he said that he wants it back now, so I brought it in. He's gonna come by, if you want to stay. You can say hi.

Lucas: No, no, that's all right. I got--I got a lot I got to take care of today. I'll see you.

Sami: Hold the phone.

Lucas: What? What, what's the matter?

Sami: I know when you're lying, Lucas, just like you know when I'm lying. Are you avoiding our son?

Nicole: You're here to arrest me, aren't you?

Hope: The D.A. met with Jennifer. And he made his decision. After I heard what it was, I asked if I could come here by myself... to deliver the news to you in person.

Nicole: Family is family, right? Fine. Okay, Jennifer talked to the D.A. I'm done, right? Did you bring your handcuffs?

Jennifer: I went to see Nicole.

Daniel: How'd that go?

Jennifer: Not so well. I also went to see the D.A., and he asked me how I felt about pressing charges against Nicole.

Daniel: What'd you tell him?

Jennifer: I told him that I have no interest in justice if the price tag is revenge. And I asked him not to press charges against Nicole, and he agreed.

Daniel: Oh, my God. [Sighs]

Nicole: That's it? No charges are being filed?

Hope: [Sighs] You're free. And you have Jennifer to thank for that.

Jennifer: You seem surprised.

Daniel: I'm impressed, actually... by your generosity, your kindness. I mean, it's--it's totally your character... so, no, I'm not surprised.

Jennifer: I did it because I just want all of us to move on from this. I just want the three of us to have our life back.

Hope: Wow. You know, I have to say... you don't look all that relieved.

Nicole: [Scoffs] I'm very relieved.

Hope: Oh, yeah. But you're not grateful.

Nicole: What do you want me to do, Hope-- hop out of bed and hightail it to Jennifer's with some flowers or something?

Hope: Listen, all I'm saying is... don't take for granted what Jennifer did for you. She came through for you, Nicole... even though you put her through hell.

Nicole: Where I am now.

Hope: What did you say?

Nicole: You can go now. You delivered your news. I got it.

Hope: Yeah. You got the news. But you did not get the message.

Sonny: Hey, Jemma, I was wondering if you could come in, like, an hour earlier for your shift, 'cause I have somewhere... thank you so much. I owe you one, big-time.

Cameron: You're one of those friend bosses, huh?

Sonny: Yeah, you know, I like my employees.

Cameron: Especially when they let you play hooky?

Sonny: Well, today's more of a mental-health day.

Cameron: I bet. You're a full-time student. You're running one of the busiest coffee shops in town. I'm guessing personal life isn't something you have a lot of time for.

Sonny: Well, I'm hoping to change that today.

Nick: What just happened to you?

Gabi: I just, um--I skipped breakfast. Last time I do that.

Nick: You fainted dead away.

Gabi: I'm fine. It's okay. Um, can you get me some tea, please?

Eddie: Shouldn't you eat something?

Gabi: No. No food, please. No, not now. Thank you anyway.

Nick: You know what, baby? You're still really pale.

Gabi: No, I'm okay, Nick. I-I'm fine.

Nick: You were unconscious.

Gabi: Yeah, but for, like, four seconds. I'm okay. I just--I didn't eat anything this morning, and then that stupid fight with Chad... [Sighs] I'm fine. I was just lucky that you were here.

Nick: I'll always be there. I love you.

Gabi: Oh, come on, you want me--I'm gonna faint again.

Nick: Yeah, well, that's why I'm gonna take you to the E.R.

Gabi: What? No, I was totally kidding. No, no, no.

Nick: Well, I'm not. Come on, get up. Put your arm around me.

Gabi: Nick, I'm fine. This is nuts.

Nick: We're going--I know, we'll let the doctor tell me that, baby.

Gabi: [Groans]

Nick: And then you can laugh in my face, all right? Eddie, can you get her purse? Hold on to me. Just hold on to me. I got you.

Lucas: Just don't push me, okay? I don't want to talk about Will.

Sami: So you are avoiding him.

Lucas: What did I just say? Didn't you hear me? I don't want to talk about it.

Sami: I did hear you, but I'm gonna find out what's going on one way or the other, so just save us a lot of time and tell me right now.

Lucas: It's Sonny-- this whole thing with Sonny. Sonny is pushing Will way too fast, and Will is vulnerable to that.

Sami: What do you mean pushing him way too fast?

Lucas: [Sighs] What do you want? You want pictures?

Sami: What?

Will: [Sighs] Oh, yay. Sorry. Got to go.

Sami: Will--what? No, no, no, what's wrong?

Will: Nothing. I'm just on my way to see Sonny. You know what? You may not like it, Dad, but it's not your call.

Cameron: How much is that?

Sonny: On the house.

Cameron: Leaving work early agrees with you. So does the personal life. Will Horton?

Sonny: [Chuckles]

Cameron: I'm not blind, Sonny. You guys have plans?

Sonny: It's like repair work. You know, something's broken, and we're gonna try and fix it.

Cameron: Is it fixable? Because you sound unsure.

Sonny: Well, yesterday I didn't think it was, but... but today I'm hopeful.

Cameron: Okay, man of mystery, good luck with that.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Lucas: I guess the truth hurts, but I'm gonna stand by what I said about Sonny.

Will: I'm sure you will. The thing is that it just doesn't really matter to me.

Sami: You know, I don't understand what's wrong with Sonny. Why would you tell Will that--

Will: It's okay.

Sami: No, it's not okay.

Will: I've come to the conclusion that Dad's not gonna think anyone I date is worthy... unless he happens to be a she... which is probably not gonna happen.

Lucas: I'm telling you, this has nothing to do with you being gay. It has to do with Sonny. That's it, period. Sonny pulled the oldest trick in the book. Lured him into his apartment--

Will: Lured me?

Lucas: Yeah, lured you.

Will: Seriously?

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: Dad, just because you've been lied to d-- okay, I'm sorry. That was--that was wrong.

Sami: No, it's definitely not wrong. And, obviously, your father's opinions are affected by the lies that I have told him.

Lucas: Well, maybe a little bit. What do you think?

Sami: Yeah, but I also think this is really not the right time or place for that conversation, all right?

Will: I agree, actually. I don't want to be in the middle of this with you guys again.

Lucas: Well, what if I'm right, huh? What if I'm right, and you're making a huge mistake?

Will: Then it's my mistake. But not even trying because my dad has a bad feeling and a lousy attitude, I think, is the wrong reason to walk away from this.

Sami: Hey.

Will: Oh, thanks.

Sami: Good luck.

Will: Thank you.

Sami: If this gets screwed up, I am blaming you.

Nicole: I didn't get the message, Hope? My baby is dead, and I tried to blame it on someone else. I ruined my chances with Daniel. I lost everything. Yeah, I think I got it. All I think about is me, right? Me, me, me, and I deserve everything that happens to me. You mean that message?

Hope: I'm sorry. I know you're suffering--

Nicole: Just save it. Save it. I-- I'm done here. I have nothing left to say to you.

Hope: [Sighs] Why can't you just see... that you've got a second chance here, Nicole?

Nicole: I do see it. And I will be sure not to waste it. [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Nicole: [Sobbing]

Daniel: Nicole got caught up in something that she didn't plan, and I... feel responsible for all of it. I mean, she was alone, and she needed somebody. I gladly stepped up. So, yeah, you know, it's all on me.

Jennifer: No, you know what? You're wrong. You're so wrong, but it's so like you to say that, so I'm not even gonna argue. So I guess it's perfectly safe to say that... now that everything is all said and done, you still have feelings for Nicole.

Daniel: Think of yourself, please! You have children. You've got J.J. You've got Abigail. And how-- how is that possibly a good thing for you to be in prison when it was clearly an accident?

Jennifer: I don't understand. That is not your job!

Daniel: Yes, it is! I want to protect you!

Jennifer: Why is that your job?

Daniel: Because I love you! I should get going.

Jennifer: Okay.

Daniel: Thank you again. Thanks.

Jennifer: Yeah. Daniel, wait.

Daniel: Jen... what is it? Is there something else you want to say?

Jennifer: I, uh... I guess this is it. I-I guess it's all over.

Daniel: I guess it is. I got to go.

Sami: I can't believe you-- messing with our son's life like that? What the hell's the matter with you?

Lucas: What the hell's the matter with you?

Sami: Me?

Lucas: Yeah, you. You showed me up in front of him. Don't do that to me like that.

Sami: That's your takeaway from that conversation?

Lucas: We're not together anymore, right?

Sami: Yes, last I checked.

Lucas: Right, yeah, whose fault's that? And we made an agreement, didn't we? That we would be a united front for our kids.

Sami: Yes, we did, but I am not a bigot, and I'm not interested in having my kids see me behave like one.

Lucas: Did you just call me a bigot? I am not a bigot. Don't say that.

Sami: If the shoe fits.

Lucas: I don't care that our son's gay, all right? I care that he's being bird-dogged by somebody who is a lot more experienced than he is. And he's probably gonna hurt him.

Sami: I think that sounds like a convenient excuse.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, I think you're dead wrong. How about that?

Sami: Well, what I know is that our son is very mature and well-adjusted and making choices in his life, unlike his father.

Lucas: Oh, my God. For the hundredth time, okay, I don't care that our son's gay. If he was with the wrong girl, I'd feel exactly the same way.

Sami: I don't buy it, not for one hot minute.

Lucas: What are you talking about? You know me, okay? You know who I am.

Sami: You're right. Lucas, I do know you. And I know what kind of man you are. So stop trying to undermine Will and his entire life. Be the good guy I know you are. Please.

Will: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Will: Hey, sorry I'm late. And that is the least that I'm sorry about, of all the things that I'm sorry about. Yeah, let's...

Sonny: [Clears throat]

Will: Okay. I'm sorry for the way I acted. Um, I... I can't tell you how bad I felt when I thought that I had blown everything for us. It was a feeling that I've never experienced before and that I never want to feel again.

Sonny: I felt exactly the same way.

Will: Okay, 'cause... I-I let what my dad... said get to me, and I'm not-- I'm not trying to make excuses. I'm--I'm--I'm just saying that I'm sorry and that I really missed you.

Sonny: I missed you too. And I'm--I'm sorry that I got so angry, you know, and that I didn't leave any room for us to talk, 'cause I know that didn't help.

Will: No, no, you don't--you don't have to be sorry. You don't have to be sorry. It's 100% my fault. I-I mean, I can't be mad at you for being angry, and I can't be mad at my dad for what he said. You know, how I act is my decision. So I promise--I'll never do it again. I sw--I promise. So I don't know. What... do you think you can give me another chance?

Sonny: I think that is what this is right here.

Will: Okay... [Exhales deeply] 'Cause I mean it. I mean it. I-I asked you personal questions you didn't have to answer 'cause I was feeling insecure, and I'm sorry.

Sonny: Hey, no, look, I didn't like the questions-- that's true. But I haven't been honest with you, Will... not completely.

Sami: Hey, Eddie, um, is Nick Fallon here?

Eddie: He had to go to the E.R. with Gabi.

Sami: What?

Eddie: She fainted.

Sami: Oh, my God. Does Rafe know?

Eddie: I have no idea.

Sami: Thanks. Rafe, it's Sami. Call me back as soon as you get this. It's important.

Gabi: I can't believe that nurse took blood. I mean, I need a sports drink not a blood test.

Nick: It's just a precaution. That's all.

Gabi: I know. It's embarrassing, though. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Nick: I know.

Cameron: Hi. I'm Dr. Davis. Gabi? I have got to learn to look at my names first a little more often.

Gabi: Hey, Cameron. This is a waste of time.

Nick: We haven't met. I-I'm Nick Fallon.

Cameron: Ah, got it. Right. So you fainted?

Gabi: I got dizzy.

Nick: She fainted.

Gabi: For, like, a nanosecond.

Nick: And then I caught her.

Cameron: All right. Feel okay now?

Gabi: Yeah, I do.

Cameron: All right. Let me take a look at your blood-test results, and then hopefully we can send you on your way.

Gabi: Excellent.

Cameron: All right, but I want to do a short exam first. You can wait outside. Please.

Nick: Oh. Okay. Uh, sure. See you in a minute.

Cameron: All right, arm up.

Gabi: I can't believe Nick made me come to the hospital just 'cause I got woozy or whatever.

Cameron: This won't take long--I promise.

Gabi: Well, there's nothing wrong with me, so you're gonna be really bored.

Cameron: Okay by me. I get paid either way.

Hope: I have to say, I am still in such awe of you for dropping this. Seriously... letting Nicole go free.

Jennifer: I'm just guessing she wasn't so gracious with the news.

Hope: Uh... I think she was relieved, surprised. I mean, why wouldn't she be?

Jennifer: I know. I saw her too, and she's still so angry, still blaming me for everything that she lost.

Hope: Yeah, well, she would've lost a heck of a lot more if you hadn't taken the high road. You gave her her life back. You gave her a second chance.

Jennifer: Hope, I don't think she was happy with the life that was handed back to her.

Hope: Yeah, I got that.

Jennifer: I mean, think about it--we live in this really small town. Word gets around. People are gonna find out the truth, and they're gonna be horrified. And look at her life. She's alone. She lost Daniel. She--she lost this precious little baby... this baby that--that she pinned everything on before it even got here. And then that was it. It never did. So, no, she's not gonna be in a jail cell. But Nicole's in prison just the same.

[Knock at door]

[Zipper closes]

Daniel: So, um... you're leaving.

Nicole: Uh... yeah, my doctor gave me clearance... conditional, of course. You know, I have to see a shrink every now and then. [Chuckles] Won't that be fun? Did you hear the news?

Daniel: I did.

Nicole: I dodged a bullet. Lucky me. [Chuckles]

Daniel: That's all you have to say?

Nicole: Well, that's it, isn't it?

Daniel: Well, how about the fact that you got your life back? How about that you're not going to be in jail for God knows how long?

Nicole: Yeah, okay, I get it, Daniel. Whatever Jennifer said to the D.A., it worked, I guess.

Daniel: You guess.

Nicole: Yeah, it did, okay? He backed off. It's just... I thought Jennifer hated me. Do you?

Daniel: I don't hate you, Nicole.

Nicole: But you don't love me either, right? I guess it's time for me to go home.

Daniel: Where's your home now?

Nicole: That's a good question.

Daniel: So where will you go?

Nicole: Don't know... somewhere, anywhere. Maybe I'll, um... I'll go visit Taylor. Maybe where she is the news of what a monster her sister is hasn't landed there. But that's doubtful.

Daniel: If you need anything... if you need a referral...

Nicole: [Scoffs] God, you mean like a Psych referral? Thank you. I'm good. I, um... I agreed to keep in touch with the staff, whether I'm in Salem or not. So the men and women of the Midwest are safe from me for now. You're not wearing your necklace.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Where's your necklace?

Daniel: What? Oh, I, uh--I don't know.

Nicole: Do you remember taking it off?

Daniel: I'm pretty sure I didn't. I had it on when I was at the hospital.

Nicole: The night before we were leaving for Hawaii, you had to come here... close up some things, and I told you to look for it. You found it here, didn't you?

Daniel: Lost and Found had it.

Nicole: And that's when you found out what I had done.

Daniel: I found the baby clothes. I saw them, and I started to... realize what happened, that... you had been at the hospital that day, and you told me... you hadn't.

Nicole: That must've been a terrible moment for you.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: And I put you right in the line of fire... just when I-I thought there weren't any more secrets. I did this all to myself. Oh, my God.

Daniel: Hey.

Nicole: Daniel, don't. Please, don't.

Hope: So, Cuz, what do you think about maybe we should, um... call Daniel and tell him what happened?

Jennifer: Uh, I-I saw him. He knows.

Hope: How'd it go?

Jennifer: He still feels responsible, if you can believe that.

Hope: I am not at all surprised. He's a great guy.

Jennifer: Yeah, he is. He's really great, you know? He just had all these plates in the air, and he just wanted it to work out somehow... for everyone but himself.

Hope: What are you thinking?

Jennifer: Um... do you think that you could, uh, just let yourself out?

Hope: Yeah, absolutely. Where you going?

Jennifer: Um... just gonna take care of something that I should've done before.

Hope: Good luck.

Sami: Oh, hey, Nick. Where's Gabi?

Nick: Sami, how did you--

Sami: I was looking for you at the pub. We need to talk. But Eddie told me that something happened to Gabi--she fainted?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, she--she's fine, but I wanted to get her checked out. She--she's mad at me, but I don't care.

Sami: No, you did the right thing. I left a message for Rafe, but he hasn't called me back yet.

Nick: Wait. What? No, Gabi made me swear not to tell him unless the doctor said something was wrong. He's checking up on her now.

Sami: Well, what does she think it is?

Nick: She said she didn't eat breakfast.

Sami: But you seem worried.

Nick: Yeah. Well, I mean, no, I-I'm sure it's fine.

Sami: Okay. Well, um, which doctor is with her?

Nick: Dr. Davis.

Sami: Cameron.

Nick: Yeah, he told me to wait out here.

Sami: Well, he didn't tell me that. Excuse me.

Cameron: So far so good. All normal.

Sami: Hey, there you are. Are you okay?

Gabi: Oh, my God. Who told you I was here?

Sami: Is she okay?

Cameron: Yeah, she seems fine. I'll go check on your blood work.

Gabi: Okay. Wha--

Sami: So, um, I left a message for your brother.

Gabi: What? Sami, no, I'm totally fine. I'm fine. I shouldn't even be here.

Sami: Well, Nick did tell me that you're mad at him for bringing you here.

Gabi: No, I'm actually not, really. I think it's actually kind of cute.

Sami: It is. So you guys are pretty serious, huh?

Gabi: Yeah, I guess.

Sami: Well, maybe that's why you fainted.

Gabi: What do you mean?

Sami: You know, the whole love thing--it can make you lightheaded.

Gabi: Oh, yes.

Sami: [Laughs]

Gabi: Yeah, no wonder I fainted, right?

Sami: Yeah, no wonder.

Gabi: [Laughs]

Will: What do you mean? W-what weren't you honest about?

Sonny: Well, it's not about Brian. We're just friends, and nothing happened.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: But I want you to feel comfortable if you do want to ask me about my past.

Will: I don't think I need to.

Sonny: Okay. But I do want you to know that I haven't been exactly a-a monk since I've been back in Salem. It's just that I-I haven't felt a connection with anyone... till I met you.

Will: Well, so far, this doesn't sound like anything you haven't been honest about.

Sonny: Well, that's, uh, because... well, then there's the--how I got you to my apartment and-- and everything.

Will: What do you mean? You mean the boxes? You--you actually set that up?

Sonny: W-wait a second. You knew?

Will: No. But, uh--but my dad-- [Laughs] He said that you did that on purpose to--to--to lure me there.

Sonny: I'm--I'm--I'm really sorry, but I-I have an explanation for that.

Will: Okay, go for it.

Sonny: It's just, I knew that you were new to all this, and I wanted to respect your--your process. And I do mean that.

Will: But?

Sonny: But there's taking it slow, and then there's taking it... [Slowly] Slow. See, 'cause you're just-- you're--you're really hot. And I thought that you were gonna be nervous, and, actually, I was nervous. So I thought if we had time just to relax and hang out, that it wouldn't feel like I set it up or was pushing you into anything, and it would just kind of happen naturally. Can you just say something before I keel over right now? I'm rambling. I don't--

Will: Wow. [Sighs] My dad was right. You know what? Let's tell him. Let's tell him. I'm sure he'll be thrilled that he's right. Scoot over. Just for the record...

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Will: I don't think you can be lured anywhere you don't already want to go. I wanted to be there with you. I wanted everything that happened to happen.

Sonny: [Sighs] It's so amazing to hear you say that.

Will: One thing, though.

Sonny: What's that?

Will: I don't want to be here for another minute.

Sonny: No?

Will: Mm-mm.

Sonny: You sure I'm not luring you anywhere?

Will: [Clears throat]

Nicole: Oh, God, I'm-- I'm sorry.

Woman: No worries.

Nicole: Yeah, that's right. It's me, and it's all true, so you better keep your distance. Don't stare at me! I'm not a freak show! Oh, God. Oh, God, who am I kidding? I was finally gonna have a child and a great guy who was gonna raise him with me, and what happened? I ruined it, and I lost them both. [Sobbing] Oh, my God. Why does it have to be this way? Why did you make me this way? [Sobbing]

Jennifer: Daniel.

Daniel: Jen.

Jennifer: Hey. I just wanted to say I don't-- I don't think that things ended right between us. I mean, we said good-bye like it--like it was over, and... I don't--I don't want it to be over.

Daniel: You don't want--

Jennifer: No. These last few weeks have been horrible, and in the middle of it all, we stopped being friends. I hated it then, and I hate it now. This whole good-bye thing is not working for me. You're one of the best people I have ever known, and I do not want to say good-bye to all that. So I just--I was wondering if we could just... just be friends again.

Daniel: Friends again.

Nicole: [Sighs] Oh, my God. Eric?

Gabi: No, it's been really great, actually. We've just connected so quickly and so easily. I've never felt like that before. Sorry. That was--that was dumb.

Sami: What do you mean? Oh, because of Will? Seriously, you have to get past this, because it's fine. I'm fine. I want you both to be happy with the person you're....

[Door opens]

Sami: Supposed to be with.

Gabi: Hi. Can I go now?

Cameron: Uh, I need to talk to you, Gabi, about the results of your blood work. Would you--would you mind?

Sami: Mind what? Is something wrong?

Cameron: [Sighs]

Sonny: You okay?

Will: Yes, I am.

Gabi: Is something wrong?

Cameron: No, you're perfectly healthy, but out of respect for your privacy...

Gabi: Oh, Sami can stay.

Sami: So what's going on, Dr. Davis?

Gabi: Just tell me, please.

Cameron: Gabi, you're pregnant.

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