Days Transcript Thursday 10/25/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/25/12


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Bo: Kay, you want Ma to go to California?

Hope: Is that the only place that offers this treatment?

Kayla: Well, no, but it's her best shot. This program has had incredible success with their clinical trials.

Bo: Okay, then, we'll go to California. I'll go with her.

Caroline: What are you three whispering about here?

Bo: [Clears throat]

Caroline: Ah.

Bo: Uh, Ma. Ma, um... Kay has some great news.

Kristen: Everything's routed to me now, as it should be, seeing as how I'm your new boss.

Sami: Yeah, right.

Kristen: Sami, you don't think Stefano would choose his own daughter over you? Especially considering all my experience.

Sami: Oh, what experience would that be? Are we talking about the kidnapping or the attempted murders?

Kristen: This is so unfortunate. Your mother has poisoned you against me.

Sami: I don't need my mom to tell me what you are, what you're capable of.

Kristen: Well, how are we supposed to work together with this attitude of yours? Because like it or not, you will be reporting to me... unless, of course, you want to quit.

[Knock at door]

EJ: Yes? Chad. Come in.

Chad: No, that's okay. Um, heard about your baby. I'm sorry. That's pretty random... and brutal.

EJ: It's not random at all, Chad. My son was murdered, and this killer is going to pay.

Abigail: Mom. I am so sorry. I-I completely believe you, and I know that you're innocent.

Jennifer: Thank you. I'm really glad to hear that.

Abigail: Are you Mad?

Jennifer: No, baby, I'm not Mad. I--

Abigail: Okay, good. Wait until you hear what I did. I went to see Nicole.

Jennifer: Sweetie, you--

Abigail: Mom, I thought that I could reason with her, but that woman is on a mission.

Jennifer: Yes, I know that. I know.

Abigail: You talked to her?

Jennifer: Yeah, I went to see her too. And I'm afraid I just made things a lot worse.

[Knock at door]

[Door opens]

Nicole: Hi. So... what's the word?

Daniel: Well, everything looks good. You'll be discharged in the morning.

Nicole: Why does that sound like I'm gonna be shot out of the cannon?

[Both chuckle]

Nicole: But I am ready to go... especially with you.

Daniel: So you--you've decided?

Nicole: Leaving town's gonna be the easy part. It's the, uh... the other thing.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Daniel, you Made it sound like if I press charges against Jennifer... it'll be over between us. Do you really mean that?

Kristen: Well?

Sami: I'm thinking, all right? I need this job. I need to take care of my family.

Kristen: Aw, that's a good reason. Is it enough to stay?

Sami: And I like doing it. I'm good at this.

Kristen: How wonderful that you have such high self-esteem.

Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

Kristen: Well, your job performance was... less than stellar. But I understand, you were at a huge disadvantage.

Sami: How's that?

Kristen: Well, Sami, you were promoted far beyond your abilities, and people were making allowances for your, you know, lack of education, your sloppy work. They thought they were helping you, and, clearly, it can't go on.

Sami: Name one time. Give me one example when I dropped the ball on the job.

Kristen: EJ.

EJ: Chad, there were a whole raft of witnesses who saw Jennifer Horton shove Nicole down a flight of stairs.

Chad: Yeah, I'd heard something like that.

EJ: What do you mean-- no, no, no, not something like that, precisely like that. Precisely like that. The moment that Nicole turned up on her doorstep, Jennifer had it in for her. Apparently, this is common knowledge.

Chad: Okay.

EJ: You don't believe me.

Chad: It just doesn't sound like something Abigail's mom would do.

EJ: Why? Because Jennifer Horton's this upstanding member of Salem society? Let me tell you something. People who just wander around with this presumption of goodness and decency... they are the people who truly get away with murder. Jennifer Horton is not gonna get away with what she did.

Abigail: We'll beat this in court, Mom. We'll find more witnesses.

Jennifer: You don't understand how hard that is gonna be.

Abigail: Don't say that. Mom, everybody loves you.

Jennifer: Honey, Nicole's testimony is what Matters the most, and my life is in her hands right now.

Abigail: No.

Jennifer: Yes.

Abigail: No, we can't let that happen, Mom.

Jennifer: Abigail, I understand--

Abigail: Mom, I won't lose you. I can't lose you too.

Daniel: There is no justice for a dead child--none. And there is nothing that can make that right. And revenge-- it just leaves you... it honestly leaves you hollow.

Nicole: What if Jennifer pushed me?

Daniel: But that's it-- "if." Can you be certain? Are you sure, sure enough to sacrifice your peace of mind? 'Cause I want so much more for you. I do, Nicole. I want it for you. I want it for us. I want a fresh start, a new beginning, but you have got to want that.

Kayla: Mom, there's this program I found that does the most thorough tests. And their treatments are-- they're experimental, but they have had incredible success.

Caroline: Well, that sounds like the ticket.

Bo: Oh, well, good. Great. I'll take you.

Caroline: Oh! [Laughs] Bo, I can drive myself to the hospital. I'll be there tomorrow morning.

Kayla: Well, there's just one little thing. It's--it's not here.

Caroline: Hmm?

Kayla: It's in northern California.

Caroline: Oh. What about the pub? It doesn't run itself, you know.

Hope: I'd be happy to pitch in.

Caroline: No!

Hope: I'll be here.

Caroline: Forget that! No, it's not gonna happen. I'm--I'm not going to California! [Scoffs]

Bo: But-- that went well. [Scoffs]

Chad: It's nice catching up with you.

EJ: Thank you for coming.

Chad: Your baby died. [Chuckles] And I know how you are with your kids. Whatever. We're brothers.

EJ: Come here.

Chad: [Grunts] Good luck, EJ. See you soon.

[Door closes]

Sami: What's this?

Kristen: Well, one of the many things that slipped through the cracks when you were heading up countess Wilhelmina-- the releases that EJ was supposed to sign, relinquishing his interest in the company.

Sami: I sent these to him. I sent these to him months ago.

Kristen: But you failed, Sami. You failed to make sure that he signed them, which means that the company hasn't been able to file its quarterly tax returns, which means that interest and fines have been compounding daily. Look at the last page. You'll see the schedule of overdue payments. That's money that you personally cost Countess Wilhelmina, honey.

Sami: What exactly are you implying? It's not like I have this kind of cash.

Kristen: So what--you expect the company to just cover this loss that you incurred, this compounding loss?

Sami: Look, I don't know why you don't have a fully executed copy, but I sent these to EJ, and I know he signed them. He was gonna do everything he could to get rid of the businesses. He didn't want to have anything to do with Stefano.

Kristen: Okay, okay. All right, well, as you can see, there's no signature, so...

Sami: I'll fix it. I-I'll get it done.

Kristen: Tonight?

Sami: Tonight. [Scoffs]

Kristen: She will be to see you by the end of the day. She'll want to see you. She'll be anxious to see you.

Jennifer: You know what, sweetie? Right now you should be thinking about classes and parties and who you're gonna be spending Winter break with. That's what--

Abigail: Mom, don't worry about me. What do you need right now?

Jennifer: I need normal. Do you remember that?

Abigail: No. [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Well, we're gonna find it. I'm gonna catch up on my work, and you're gonna study, and that's very normal, and that's what we're gonna do right now.

Abigail: What are you working on?

Jennifer: Well, we are launching a drive for a new building fund and upgrades to the emergency room, and I need to send out a press release. And I didn't scan the pages of the signatures. 'Cause the whole board signed off on it, and I need that paper.

Abigail: Well, where are the pages?

Jennifer: They are in my desk, top left-hand drawer. [Chuckles]

Abigail: At the hospital?

Jennifer: Yeah, but I can't even show my face there right now, so it doesn't matter.

Abigail: Okay, well, I'll go.

Jennifer: Would you?

Abigail: Yeah. Please, Mom, I would love to have a simple job that I cannot mess up right now.

Jennifer: Great. Thank you.

Abigail: Yeah, I love you.

Jennifer: You're the best.

Both: [Chuckling]

Abigail: I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Okay. We did get one thing very right, Jack... our baby girl.

Daniel: What?

Nicole: Do you mean it, all of it--a fresh start for us?

Daniel: Yes. Yes, I do.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: Oh. [Sniffles] This is about a patient. Um, I'm gonna take this.

Nicole: Okay, okay.

Daniel: Throwing this in the ocean when we get to Hawaii.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Daniel: Okay, read me...

[Door closes]

Daniel: What is--another suitcase?

Nicole: Three, four, tops. Come on, we're going away for good--a whole new life, and that requires a wardrobe.

Daniel: Not where we're going, 'cause we're going--

Jennifer: Daniel, don't go!

Nicole: Whoa, whoa, he chose me--get over it!

Jennifer: I'm the one that you loved first. I am not gonna stop fighting for you.

Daniel: What?

Nicole: Hey, hey, hey. You can't go with her. We had a deal.

Daniel: Nicole? Nicole.

Nicole: Huh?

Daniel: Roman's here.

Nicole: Oh, no, no, I-I'm not ready.

Roman: Nicole, listen, I am very sorry, but unfortunately, it can't wait any longer. We need a formal statement about what happened last night. Begin.

Kayla: You know, Mom, you just can't reject the idea out of hand.

Caroline: Well, it won't help to think about it.

Bo: This is your best shot, Ma.

Caroline: No, no. I need to get back to work, you know? That's it.

Kate: You know, I called in a huge favor to get them to just hold it for even one day. I hope mom changes her mind quickly. I got to get back to work.

Hope: All right, sweetie.

Bo: Okay, have...

Hope: Drive safely.

Bo: A good day.

Jennifer: Anne, uh, thank you so much.

Anne: For what?

Jennifer: You have the signature papers for the building fund release?

Anne: [Chuckles] No.

Jennifer: Then why are you here?

Anne: Do you have any idea of the chaos you've left at the hospital? You're a scandal we can't afford, Jennifer. Have the decency to resign.

Daniel: Ugh.

Maxine: Is this your final answer?

Daniel: What? What's wrong?

Maxine: Keep going. You'll get there.

Daniel: Well-- you wouldn't post that. I mean, you knew immediately there was a mistake here.

Maxine: That's not like you, Dr. Dan.

Daniel: No, I know. Look, I'm just a little-- I'm just a little distracted, that's all. I'll--

Maxine: No big deal-- just a charting error, easy to fix.

Daniel: Great.

Maxine: And, hey, I, uh-- I know you're not on duty right now, but instead of just hanging around waiting for Nicole to get done with the police, could you maybe do me a favor?

Daniel: You got it. Whatever you want.

Maxine: It would help Jennifer out if you could bring me the flyers for the Halloween party in pediatrics.

Daniel: And where are they supposed to be?

Maxine: Well, they should've been posted two days ago.

Daniel: Okay. All right, where are they?

Maxine: On Jennifer's desk.

Daniel: All right. If this is some sort of trick-or-treat setup, Maxine... [Clears throat]

Roman: Okay, go ahead.

Nicole: Jennifer was psycho about me and Daniel from the beginning.

Roman: Okay, all right, wait a minute. Let's just stick to the day of the incident, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, sure. Um, I was moving out of the Horton house, and I was pretty much already packed, and... and Jennifer--she just showed up. What'd you do--pack a ton of bricks in my bag as a going-away present?

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Nicole: You evicted me and packed my things, so I guess I'm out of here. Oh, dear.

Jennifer: Not yet, you're not.

Nicole: She wouldn't let me leave. Don't you talk to me about my child.

Jennifer: And you know what? But I am not going to let you use Daniel. I will not.

Nicole: This is not up to you. Back off!

Jennifer: You are not going anywhere with him!

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Jennifer: I forbid you!

Nicole: In fact, she forbade me to leave. She said she wouldn't let me go anywhere with Daniel.

Jennifer: You're gonna be fugitives, is that it?

Nicole: Oh, my God, get out of my way.

Jennifer: No, I'm not done talking to you!

Nicole: I cannot take this.

Jennifer: Nicole!

Nicole: We argued. [Scoffs] I finally had enough, and I-I tried to get around her, and she tried to stop me again, and thank god Brady showed up.

Roman: Okay. Is that when you left the house?

Nicole: Yes, I-I went to Daniel's apartment, and I should've stayed there. I--but I got restless, and I went for a walk in the Square, and I... I looked at baby clothes, and there she was.

Roman: Okay. "She" being...?

Nicole: Jennifer. It was like she was stalking me. She just started yelling at me again, so I headed for the stairs.

Roman: [Clicks tongue] What happened next?

Jennifer: Nicole, this isn't helping anything. Let go of me.

Nicole: Daniel and I are gonna be together, and there's nothing you can do about it!

Jennifer: What is wrong with you? Let go of my arm!

Nicole: Aah!

Roman: Nicole... when you were interviewed at the scene, you said Jennifer pushed you down the stairs. Is that your official statement? Did Jennifer push you or not?

[Knock at door]

Hope: I don't think your mom is afraid of what'll happen when she's gone. But if she's afraid, she's not gonna come back.

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Hope: I mean, to her-- it sounded like she had a day to say good-bye to everyone.

Bo: This isn't good-bye, Fancy Face. I mean, we'll be back.

Hope: Okay, I know that. It's still scary for her.

Bo: Yeah, sure. What about for you? I mean, we didn't even talk about this. I just jumped in and said I'm going to California with Ma.

Bo: I know. Of course you did. Your mom needs you.

Bo: You're the best.

Hope: I'm the best.

Bo: You're the best wife ever.

Hope: Keep saying it. [Laughs]

Anne: Your friends May not want to hurt your feelings with the truth.

Jennifer: Right, but you're not afraid to, are you, Anne?

Anne: How can you take care of the hospital's image when your own is in tatters?

Kayla: Anne, why don't you get back to that job of yours while you still have it?

Jennifer: You know what? I just had the best takedown for her.

Kayla: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just save that. We may need it later. [Scoffs] She's too much. Listen, I-I, um... I just wanted to stop by and see if you were ready for the press conference on the building fund tomorrow.

Jennifer: You know what, Kayla? I really appreciate your loyalty, but I think it's time for me to just lay low for a little bit until things are settled.

Kayla: If that's what you want, Jen. How's Abigail?

Jennifer: Oh, she's great. She really busy being brave. And the thought of leaving her alone is--

Kayla: She would never be alone. This family--this entire town would wrap their arms around her. You do not need to worry about that.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Daniel: Uh, flyer... [Mumbling]

[Footsteps approaching]

Abigail: What are you doing in here?

Daniel: The flyers for the Halloween party--they need to go up in pediatrics. So just tell your mom I got it taken care of.

Abigail: I will.

Daniel: How is she, uh--how's she doing?

Abigail: She's glad to be out of jail, for now.

Daniel: Abigail, I am so sorry. I, um--if there's anything I can do to help your m--

Abigail: No, Daniel, it's too late for that.

Daniel: No, that's not--

Abigail: You were so worried about Nicole. You never should've put her in our house.

Daniel: Hold on. No, I didn't do that. That wasn't my idea. Your mom volunteered.

Abigail: She only volunteered because you thought it was so important to keep Nicole away from EJ, okay?

Daniel: I did.

Abigail: You were so focused on Nicole, you didn't even care what happened to my mom.

Daniel: No, no, no, that is not true, not true. No--yes, did I try to help Nicole? Do I want to help her? Yes, and I will, but I would never purposely hurt your mother, ever.

Abigail: Daniel... you can't be everything to everyone. Sometimes you have to choose.

Nicole: I don't know if Jennifer pushed me down the stairs.

Roman: Okay, wait a minute here now. Let me get this straight. You are revising your testimony from that night?

Nicole: I was in pain. I-I was out of my mind. I don't even remember what I said.

Roman: You accused Jennifer Horton of murder.

Nicole: Well, that's what I thought that night.

Roman: But now you don't?

Nicole: I've had some rest... and I've been thinking about it, and I can't stop thinking about it, and I've been replaying it in my head, and I-- [Sighs] I'm--I'm-- I'm sure. Jennifer didn't try to kill me or my baby. It was an accident.

EJ: Samantha? Um, is it my night with the children?

Sami: No, it's tomorrow, as usual.

EJ: Okay, that's what I thought.

Sami: It's not about the kids. I have to ask you for a favor.

EJ: Granted.

Sami: You don't even know what it is yet, EJ.

EJ: Well, you know I could never say no to you.

Kristen: Chad DiMera?

Chad: Hmm? Yeah.

Kristen: I'm Kristen Blake DiMera. I'm your sister.

Chad: You're Kristen? Seriously?

Kristen: Kristen seriously.

Chad: [Laughs] Uh, how do you know me?

Kristen: Uh, well, when I d-- thank you. When I decided to come back to Salem, I thought I should look up all the DiMeras, you know.

Chad: Oh, well, that's a short list now.

Kristen: But still a fascinating Internet search.

Chad: Mm. I haven't done that for a while. What's the first thing that comes up?

Kristen: Modeling photos of you. [Laughs]

Chad: Uh, not my life's work--just a quick buck.

Kristen: Hey, it's your own buck... one that you didn't depend on our father to provide-- good by you.

Chad: Yeah. I'm surprised to see you back in town.

Kristen: I thought it was time to come back home and make amends.

Chad: How's that working out for you?

Kristen: Like a root canal, in installments. [Both laughing] Hey, I knew it wasn't gonna be easy.

Chad: Yeah.

Kristen: It's only been a couple days, though. It's gonna get better, right?

Chad: Oh, yeah, this town loves DiMeras.

Daniel: I guess it's an occupational hazard of being a doctor, because I believe I can help everyone.

Abigail: Not this time.

Daniel: Well, how are you? Are you--

Abigail: I'm fine. I'm not the one that needs saving--don't worry about me. Worry about my mom.

Daniel: I do worry about your mom. I-- okay, will you--will you just do this for me? Would you please tell her not to give up? Please?

Abigail: How can you say that?

Daniel: I can say it because I want her to have hope. She has to believe that.

Abigail: Are you kidding me?

Daniel: I'm not kidding you. Please do this for me.

Abigail: Nicole hates my mom's guts, Daniel. She can't wait to send her to prison. [Sighs]

Daniel: Ab--mm. [Sighs]

Roman: Okay, Nicole... you need to sign this form. You need to swear this is your statement, free of coercion-- your final word. This will be the official record.

Nicole: I understand. I really do. And I-I'm sorry. I was so confused before, but... but this is it.

Roman: Okay. I want to make this clear, all right? There's no turning back here. All right, so I'm gonna leave for a few minutes. I want you to think about it and make sure this is what you want to do. And if that's the case, then I'll bring in a witness. Okay?

Nicole: Okay.

Roman: All right.

[Door closes]

Caroline: At least one of you must have a paying job to go to. I don't need two babysitters.

Hope: No, I--sit down. Let me. [Clears throat]

Caroline: Are you paying?

Hope: I'm the one with the paying job.

Caroline: Well, don't give it up. It means the world to you. Keep it. It's--you'll keep your independence.

Hope: Amen. Listen, I don't want you to worry about anything here, okay? Because I'm gonna be here... for Halloween.

Caroline: Oh, that's right. I promised Ciara I'd take her trick-or-treating. Well, I don't want to miss that.

Hope: You know what I don't want you to miss? Christmas... her graduations, dance recitals. We want you back here, Caroline, healthy. Please... come on... give it some thought. Okay? And let your kids help you... because we love you.

[Knock at door]

Daniel: Hey.

Nicole: Hey.

Daniel: Roman left?

Nicole: Yeah... uh, with a sworn statement. I told him... I told him Jennifer didn't push me... that it was an accident.

Daniel: I am so glad you made that decision.

Nicole: I told the truth. And I wouldn't have gotten to the truth without you, Daniel.

[Both chuckle]

Caroline: There we go.

Bo: Ma, I didn't ask for a beer.

Caroline: Well, it's less calories than the pie that you wanted.

Bo: Oh, yeah, thanks. You're watching my weight for me? No guts no glory? Where'd you get that?

Caroline: It's a working draft. I've had Ciara practicing this. I want her to recite it on Memorial Day in the pub.

Bo: Oh, on Memorial Day. So, if I promise to get you back by then...

Caroline: Will I let California doctors stick me with needles and ask me, "Who's the president? What day is it?" Yes.

Bo: We'll suffer through it together. What do you say?

Caroline: What mother could refuse an offer like that, huh? So when do we leave?

Kristen: I think it would be so strange to be back in that house. Did you ever live there?

Chad: Not for long.

Woman: Two lattes.

Kristen: Thank you.

Woman: Chad, I'm sorry about Melanie.

Chad: Yeah.

WoMan: Did she really mail the engagement ring back to you? Because--

Kristen: Could we please get some raw sugar?

Woman: Sure.

Kristen: Hopefully she'll have to go to Chicago to get it.

Chad: Right?

Kristen: I didn't know you were engaged.

Chad: I'm not... anymore.

Kristen: There's gonna come a time when you go a whole day without thinking about her. That's the biggest hurdle. Then after that, the days just kind of add up.

Chad: Sounds like you've been there before.

Kristen: And here I thought all we had was a name in common. Cheers.

Chad: Cheers.

Sami: And, um, you need to sign on that page too.

EJ: Of course. I'm sorry. I thought I'd signed these a long time ago. What happened to the quarterlies?

Sami: They didn't get filed, so there are gonna be fines.

EJ: I'll cover it. I'm sorry--it's my mistake.

Sami: No. Are you kidding me? I should have followed up with you.

EJ: Still.

Sami: Thanks, EJ.

EJ: It's my pleasure, Samantha.

[Door closes]

Jennifer: Oh. Honey, thank you so much. You are a lifesaver. What happened?

Abigail: Nothing, Mom.

Jennifer: Abigail.

Abigail: Daniel was in your office, and he was saving Halloween for sick kids-- what a superhero.

Jennifer: Honey, I don't...

Abigail: Mom, I'm sorry, okay? But this whole thing is Daniel's fault.

Jennifer: No, it's not. He didn't make Nicole the way she is.

Abigail: No, he didn't, but he put her in your path. If it wasn't for Daniel, you never even would have been near that... ugh, that woman!

Daniel: [Chuckles] So how do you feel?

Nicole: I feel better, lighter.

Daniel: See? See?

Nicole: You were right.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Okay, it's time for me to, uh... time for me to check out, and you need some sleep.

Nicole: Yeah. I, uh--I'm exhausted.

Daniel: Yeah, I bet you are. You sleep tight. Sweet dreams. Ah, you did great today, okay? You did great.

Nicole: Yeah, well... you make me a better person.

Daniel: Tomorrow.

Nicole: Tomorrow.

Daniel: Yes.

Bo: Okay, Ma, there it is. Tomorrow afternoon we can take the 4:00 flight out of here.

Caroline: You don't have to go, son.

Bo: Nice try.

Caroline: You mean I can't talk you out of this? Hmm?

Bo: No, Ma, you can't.

Caroline: I knew you'd be bored without a job.

Bo: And you were absolutely right. You know what? We'll do some sightseeing together. Been a long time since I've had you on the back of my motorcycle. We'll go up to Yosemite, see those huge redwoods.

Caroline: I want a green helmet...

Bo: You got it.

Caroline: With a shamrock on it. Only if you wear one.

Bo: Oh, I always wear one. You know that.

Sami: Hey, Mom, it's Sami. I'm sure you already know that Kristen DiMera is back in Salem. She's already causing trouble. I mean, she's all up in my business already, and I'm sure she has something planned for you and probably everyone else in this town. So, um, call me, okay? What does she have planned for EJ?

Kristen: EJ? How was your evening? Did you get a lot of work done at the office?

EJ: If you ever wish to play poker, you let me know.

Kristen: So I take it that Sami arrived at your doorstep... as promised.

EJ: With business papers. I think that's pretty easy to arrange.

Kristen: [Chuckles] I delivered.

EJ: Uh, no, uh, we're a long way from having you truly deliver Samantha to me.

Kristen: It was a first step, and we can talk about what happens next... soon.

Nicole: At least the truth got me something this time, huh? Daniel's leaving with me. And I'll never have to think about Jennifer Horton again.

Roman: Jen, I have some good news for you. I just came from the hospital. I have a signed, sworn statement from Nicole. I want you to call Justin. I expect we can get the charges against you dropped tomorrow.

Jennifer: Nicole changed her mind?

Roman: Yes, she did.

Jennifer: What? How on earth did that happen?

Daniel: Is this Salem gives? Yeah, I'd like an emergency pickup. They're just baby clothes. They're brand-new, never worn. I'm sure you can put them to good use, but here's the thing, all right? I want these things out of here first thing tomorrow. Okay. [Exhales sharply]

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