Days Transcript Wednesday 10/10/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/10/12


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Hope: I'm not sure this trip around the world is such a good idea right now, n-not that I'm saying no, because I'm not saying no. Let's just give it a little time, okay? It's a big step, and I know it's important to you.

Bo: Fancy face, it's okay.

Hope: No, it's--it's, I-- it's not okay. I-I don't want you to feel shut down, or that I'm not on board with your plan to go after the DiMera

Bo: Ah, hey, look, I-- yeah, I got a bit focused on that, but, um, you're right. It's not a good time for us to leave town.

Abigail: Hey, Gabi. Have you heard from Melanie yet?

Gabi: Uh, no.

Abigail: She left one message: "The wedding's off." That's it. Then she just left town.

Gabi: Did you call her?

Abigail: I got her voice mail. I don't even know if her phone works in Europe. It's just so weird. Do you have any idea why she left?

Gabi: I don't.

Abigail: Come on, Gabi, you must have an opinion.

Gabi: Not really.

Abigail: Was it you? Did Melanie leave town because of you?

Kate: I heard about Melanie.

Chad: I don't wanna talk about it.

Kate: Of course not. People only make it worse.

Chad: Yeah, they do.

Kate: Especially your father. I can't imagine he was any-- of any comfort.

Chad: What makes you think he even tried?

Kate: Well, I assume he called.

Chad: And why would you think that? What are you doing here, Kate?

Billie: I've never seen Jennifer like that.

Daniel: I don't know, she gets angry. You know, a lot of people think she's so easygoing, but she--

Billie: Daniel, she was mad, and it seems to be all about you and how Nicole is ruining your life.

Daniel: Okay, you know what? Nobody is ruining my life.

Billie: Well, then she-- she's over the top. I've never seen her like this. She's over the top, and maybe you should just talk to her. How 'bout that?

Daniel: Definitely not.

Billie: But if you just--if she sees you--

Daniel: Not going to happen. I'm not the one to help her, trust me.

Billie: Oh. All right, well, if you can think of something that might help her, would you just call me?

Daniel: Yes, I will.

Billie: Okay, good. Thank you. I have a meeting, but call later, okay?

Daniel: I will. Thank you, Billie. [Sighs]

Brady: Daniel, help me. Where is room 435a?

Daniel: Ah, it is--it is down the hall to the right, but hang on a minute--hang on a minute. Can--can, uh--I could really use your help.

Brady: What's up?

Daniel: Oh, it's Jennifer, and it sounds like she's, um-- she's unraveling.

Nicole: [Sighs] What'd you do, pack a ton of bricks in my bag as a going-away present?

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Nicole: You evicted me and packed my things, so I guess I'm outta here. Oh, dear.

Jennifer: Not yet, you're not.

Daniel: You know where Jennifer is right now, Brady. You know...where she's at about now when you've, uh, lost somebody.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I do. It feels, uh, real and permanent.

Daniel: Yeah, well, Jennifer's not taking it well, 'cause she's starting to get fixated on a lot of things.

Brady: Well, getting fixated on other things, distractions, is sometimes what we need.

Daniel: Yeah, well, not these, 'cause Billie said she's walking around furious. She's looking--man, she's looking for some sort of target. And you--can you just check on her, please?

Brady: Is this because you don't want to be that target? Look, I knew--I know you wanted to put some distance between this whole situation, but maybe if Jenn is in trouble--

Daniel: It's not about the distance, Brady. I mean, it is, but it's not-- not like that. It-- I'm--I'm not gonna be around.

Brady: What do you mean "around"? What, you mean the hospital?

Daniel: No, I'm leaving Salem for a while.

Brady: Why?

Daniel: It is time for me to go.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Nicole: What do you care? I'm leaving. That's what you wanted.

Jennifer: No, not quite. Where are you going with Daniel?

Nicole: What?

Jennifer: You're leaving town with Daniel.

Nicole: Wow. Told you already?

Jennifer: No, you just did.

Nicole: Well, you were gonna find out anyway.

Jennifer: Where are you dragging him off to, Nicole?

Nicole: Now, is that a nice way to talk about a guy you supposedly respect? What do you think I'm gonna do, just put him in a dog crate, throw him on a roof, and drive him around?

Jennifer: Please, you are driving him in every other way. You have used every good and decent instinct he has to do your dirty work, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, my god. I'm not doing this with you. That's it. Oh. [Chuckles] Seriously?

Jennifer: What is your plan? Is it to keep Daniel away from everyone that cares about him so you can twist him any way you want? Is that it, Nicole?

Nicole: Daniel is doing exactly what he wants to.

Jennifer: No, he's doing it because he feels guilty and responsible. He can't even think straight because of you and this baby.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Sedwick: Nicole? Your baby is dead.

Nicole: [Sobs]

Jennifer: And you know what? It makes me sick the way you are using this poor child.

Nicole: Don't you talk to me about my child.

Jennifer: You know what? But I am not going to let you use Daniel. I will not.

Nicole: This is not up to you. Back off!

Jennifer: You are not going anywhere with him! I forbid you!

Hope: You're mad.

Bo:, it's like you said, not a good idea for me to leave town right now.

Hope: Are you just saying that because of me?

Bo: No.

Hope: What's bothering you? Please, tell me.

Bo: Let's just say it's a-- it's a good idea for me to stick around home right now.

Hope: No, let's just say it's a lot more than that. Why?

Bo: It's ma. She needs my help.

Gabi: Now, why would you think that Melanie left because of me?

Abigail: Because I can't even mention her name without you getting that deer in the headlights look. It was you, wasn't it? You and Chad.

Gabi: What?

Abigail: Come on, Gabi. I'm not stupid. I know that you were into Chad, even when he was with Melanie. So, what happened? Did you guys hook up? Did something--

Gabi: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Abigail, look, you're way off, okay? There's less than zero between me and Chad.

Abigail: Well, something happened. Something messed up Chad and Melanie, and you know what it is. I can tell, so you might as well just-- oh, my god, Nick, what happened?

Nick: Uh, I-I fell.

Abigail: You fell?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Bull. Somebody beat you up.

Nick: Uh, listen, Abby. Let it go.

Abigail: It was Chad, wasn't it?

Nick: I'm serious, just, uh, let it go right now.

Abigail: Nick, come on. Nobody falls and gets hurt like that. Again, you two, with the looks, really?

Gabi: Uh, you're imagining. We're not--

Abigail: Stop! My best friend canceled her wedding and bolted without a word to me, and both of you know what happened. I can tell.

Nick: Listen, Abby, you gotta--

Abigail: No, stop. Just someone please tell me what the hell is going on here.

Brady: Is this about Melanie?

Daniel: Yeah, that's part of it, sure.

Brady: You're gonna go meet her in Europe?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, yeah, that's on the list, yeah. And meanwhile, um, Jennifer is gonna be here, and I'm worried about her.

Brady: Yeah, well, you should be. I saw them in the Horton square the other night, she and Nicole were--it was quite a show.

Daniel: Yeah, Nicole gave me a play-by-play. I just hope she wasn't exaggerating.

Brady: Uh-uh. As a matter of fact, she was furious, Daniel. I mean, I've never seen Jennifer like that in my life.

Daniel: Billie said the same thing earlier today.

Brady: Earlier to-- she's still up--what set her off today?

Daniel: I-I don't know exactly, um, and I'm sure she doesn't need a reason now. Billie thinks it's grief, which is why I need you to step in and help. Now, I know she has family. I know she's got family, but she's not leaning on them for some reason.

Brady: There's--there's no reason in the world why she's gonna confide in me.

Daniel: You have the best shot. She can't blow you off and say that you don't understand any of that.

Brady: Yeah, she can. If she doesn't wanna be helped, she's not gonna be-- oh, man, all right, listen. All right, I'll, uh--I'll talk to her. As a matter of fact, I'll go see her right now.

Daniel: [Sighs]

Brady: If you think it's gonna help.

Daniel: I do. Thanks, man. Thank you.

Brady: As long as we get in a pick-up game before you leave on vacation, all right?

Daniel: Vacation? Sure.

Brady: All right.

Daniel: [Sighs] Calling--I'm calling her. [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Maggie: Great minds...

Daniel: Hey.

Maggie: I was looking for you.

Daniel: Yeah, what's up?

Maggie: Uh, the holidays. Um, before you know it, they'll be here. Victor reminded me last night of that.

Daniel: Ah, he's getting sentimental, huh?

Maggie: Well, he wants to take the Kiriakis yacht to the Greek isles for new year's.

Daniel: You go for it. You go.

Maggie: No. No, not on your life. I mean, that's for the kind of people who don't have any family or don't speak to their family, but of course I like to spend my holidays with you. Oh, no. Why do you have that look like you've already made plans?

Nicole: You forbid it? What, did you swallow a Victorian novel? You forbid it. Seriously?

Jennifer: Oh, Nicole, say whatever you want, really. You're not taking Daniel out of Salem.

Nicole: [Sighs] This is so sad and--and pathetic because you have no rights to him. You dumped him. You broke his heart. You dumped him.

Jennifer: No, I didn't give up my right to be his friend.

Nicole: So you--you really think this is what Daniel wants.

Jennifer: No, but I think Daniel is a good person, and he wants to help people, and you took advantage of that, and he's gonna lose his medical license and his freedom now.

Nicole: Wow, that won't happen.

Jennifer: No, you're right! It's not gonna happen. I will not allow it to happen.

Nicole: What are you gonna do, stand in front of my car?

Jennifer: Oh, and you wouldn't think twice about running me over, would you, Nicole? And then you'd go crying to Daniel and tell him how awful and crazy I am and that you had no other choice to mow me down, right?

Nicole: Jennifer, I say this with love, but you need some serious help.

Jennifer: But that is the way you would play it, right, Nicole? Because that is how you play every man, and that is why you always lose.

Nicole: Excuse me?

Jennifer: You are so selfish and manipulative, and if you think that is how you're gonna hold on to Daniel, you are wrong. But do you think the baby--you think this little baby is gonna be the trick?

Nicole: Okay, that's enough.

Jennifer: Because Daniel will try because he's such a good man, but this poor, defenseless baby...

Nicole: I am warning you, Jennifer, shut up.

Jennifer: Who got stuck with you as a mother, you will lose.

Nicole: I said shut up!

Jennifer: This is not going to happen and you will lose!

Nicole: I already have! I've lost my baby, you bitch!

Kate: I was walking by, that's all.

Chad: And you just happened to be in the area, huh?

Kate: Yeah, well, it is a public square.

Chad: Why did you think Stefano called me?

Kate: Well, apparently, he called EJ, and I just assumed that he--

Chad: What, that his next call was to me to see if I was okay, to see if I needed any help? Yeah, 'cause that sounds like Stefano.

Kate: It can be, mm-hmm.

Chad: Yeah, when he needs something.

Kate: EJ was very cruel to your father, and maybe he felt that you felt the same way, and he didn't wanna be hurt again. He loves you very much, you know?

Chad: Why does everyone keep saying that? It's like a reflex. What has he ever done to prove to you that he loves me?

Kate: Well, he welcomed you into his--his family with open arms.

Chad: Why do you keep defending him? Look at the way he treated you.

Kate: Yeah, well, I deserved it. I'll do the penance.

Chad: And then what? Oh, you're still in love with him.

Kate: Well, it's not very smart of me, but there it is. You'll see. You--you'll see. It's not like a-a switch that you just flip on and off, you know?

Chad: No, no, it's not. So I'm just supposed to feel this way for--for how long?

Kate: Well, you're gonna feel this way until you don't feel like this anymore.

Chad: Great, great. So, we'll see who gets there first.

Kate: I'm betting it's gonna be you. You take care.

Abigail: Chad beat you up, right? That's what happened? He was probably feeling protective over Melanie.

Nick: Look. Abby, I know you're frustrated, okay, but you're letting your imagination run away with you.

Abigail: Yeah, Nick, you're right. I dreamed up those bruises on your face, and I imagined that my best friend left town without saying anything.

Nick: Abby, it's over. Okay? It's done. Chad's not in trouble.

Abigail: Right, like nothing happened.

Nick: Yeah, exactly.

Abigail: No, Nick. That is a total lie. Melanie's gone, okay? That happened, and you look like someone just tried to kill you. That happened too.

Gabi: Look, Abigail. Look, you shouldn't get all worked up--

Abigail: No, stop, stop! Both of you, stop handling me, okay? Look, my dad is dead. There is nothing that I can do to change that. All I can do now is move on, which I am trying to do, but no one will let me.

Bo: Ma's been mixing up names a lot. She--she calls me Roman, and Roman said she's called him Bo.

Hope: Well, that's not unusual. I do it all the time. How many times have you heard me do that?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Hope: Okay, what else?

Bo: Gabi said that she went off on a supplier for not making a delivery that she had taken the day before.

Hope: Well, maybe she had a lot of deliveries that day. She's been working hard ever since Kayla went back to the hospital.

Bo: Yeah, she has, but Gabi also said that, um, she was goin' on and on about how-- how Maggie married her Shawn.

Hope: What? She did?

Bo: Yeah, and Gabi didn't know how to respond, so she just didn't say anything.

Hope: And your mom didn't correct herself? Oh, Brady. Okay. You're right. Something could be wrong.

Maggie: Thanks. Well, I don't think anyone at the hospital can hear us now.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, look, I'm sorry. I just haven't told anybody there yet.

Maggie: About?

Daniel: I'm leaving, just moving.

Maggie: Goin' to another hospital?

Daniel: Another--another town.

Maggie: Oh. [Chuckles] It's kinda sudden.

Daniel: Not really, no.

Maggie: I didn't realize you were so unhappy with Salem.

Daniel: It's not the town's fault.

Maggie: So who do I get to blame for this?

Daniel: Nobody. You know, it's just, um, time.

Maggie: For what? I mean...[Clears throat] If you need a change, surely there's something less drastic. Is this about Jennifer?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. I'm--I'm going to give her room, more room at the hospital.

Maggie: So you could go to saint Mary's. They do great work, and they'd be so grateful to have you on staff.

Daniel: Okay, it's time for me to go farther.

Maggie: Where?

Daniel: I don't--lots of places need good doctors. I mean, that's the beauty of my profession. I can just, you know, just--

Maggie: Is this, uh, about Melanie leaving?

Daniel: She's, uh, a big part of my staying here.

Maggie: [Sighs] So, except for Melanie, um, you didn't have any reason to be here.

Daniel: I'm not saying that.

Maggie: Daniel, look at me. What is happening?

Daniel: I'm--I'm making a change, that's all. Really, I mean, the hospital is gonna be fine without me, and my daughter, she--she left.

Maggie: Well, they're all reasons to go, but you haven't said one word about where you're headed, let alone why.

Daniel: Look, I--mom, I haven't settled on a place yet.

Maggie: You're not a kid, Daniel. You can't just uproot your life and run off just because.

Daniel: You're not gonna make this easy, are you?

Maggie: No... not if I don't understand. Daniel, I'm your mother, so tell me, okay, please? What is going on with you?

Nicole: I lost-- I lost my baby the last time I was pregnant, so don't talk to me about loss like I don't know what it is. I wasn't even supposed to have another child.

Jennifer: I-I know that, and I had forgotten.

Nicole: Yeah, clearly you had forgotten. Jennifer, Daniel is the reason. Daniel saved my baby early on, and he has been there ever since, because he wanted to be.

Jennifer: No, Nicole, it's because he feels responsible.

Nicole: Oh, my god.

Jennifer: He broke his medical oath.

Nicole: You don't know that!

Jennifer: He broke the law. Is that it? Is that why you're trying to leave town?

Nicole: We're not trying--

Jennifer: Do you think you can get away from EJ, that there aren't courts or--or police anywhere else? Are you going on the run? You're gonna be fugitives?

Nicole: Oh, my god. Get out of my way.

Jennifer: No, I am not done talking to you. Nicole!

Nicole: Leave me alone!

Brady: Hey, hey, hey! Wh--wh--what is this?

Nicole: Oh, my god. Thank god you're here. Would you just keep her away from me, please?

Jennifer: Please, Nicole, honestly.

Nicole: You are crazy. She is crazy.

Jennifer: Nicole, I am not-- this is not over!

Abigail: Hey.

Chad: Hey.

Abigail: You said at the student union that you might be here.

Chad: Uh, Sonny asked me to cover for a while, so--but, uh, I'm headed out now.

Abigail: Where you been hiding out these days?

Chad: You know, around.

Abigail: You're not returning phone calls?

Chad: Not feeling very social.

Abigail: What happened with Melanie?

Chad: I don't wanna talk about it.

Abigail: I'm not asking that you dissect every little detail or anything. I just--I wanna know what happened.

Chad: Abigail, I don't mean to be rude, but I don't wanna do this right now.

Abigail: Well, I do.

Nick: Here.

Kate: Nick? Do you have a minute?

Nick: Uh, what for?

Kate: For your future. I wanna talk about your job prospects.

Nick: [Chuckles] The last time I did a job for you, it didn't work out so well.

Kate: Well, a lot of things have changed since then.

Nick: Yeah. I, uh, can't really afford any-- any mistakes right now.

Kate: Well, neither can I, so let's make sure that neither of us makes a mistake.

Nick: I was just leaving, so--

Kate: Okay, well, I could give you a ride.

Nick: I like walking.

Kate: I like walking too.

Nick: Oh, well, there you go.

Kate: I have a feeling that you can appreciate a good job.

Caroline: [Chuckles] Said the spider to the fly. [Chuckles]

Gabi: He'll be careful.

Caroline: You have to be with that one. She been bugging you?

Gabi: No. No, she just helped me remember why I'm so happy to be working for you now.

Caroline: Oh. [Chuckles]

Hope: When was the last time your mama had a checkup?

Bo: Yeah, try asking. When I mention something about her calling me Roman, she just gave me that look.

Hope: She's always been so strong, taking care of business, all of you.

Bo: I don't want her to feel disrespected or embarrassed.

Hope: You also don't want her to hurt herself. You know what? Let's go talk to her. Maybe it'll be easier if we do it together.

Bo: Mm, no, no. If the two us go, she'll just feel ganged up on. I'll--I'll--I'll handle it.

Hope: Is she at work?

Bo: Since dawn.

Hope: She should probably slow down, you know?

Bo: [Chuckles] Yeah. I'll suggest that right after I say that she's losing her marbles.

Hope: You sure you wanna do this alone?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Hope: All right, well, I tell you what, I'm gonna stay right here. I'm gonna wait right here in case you need me, okay?

Bo: Okay. I know who to call.

Hope: Always.

Caroline: What is the matter with you?

Bo: Ma?

Caroline: Do solar batteries run out?

Bo: Why are you closed?

Caroline: 'Cause I'm trying to get this bank statement fixed.

Bo: What's the matter?

Caroline: It just won't balance.

Bo: You want me to have a look at it?

Caroline: Oh, don't bother. I mean, that's what we pay the bank for. I mean, why don't they straighten up their own mess?

Bo: Ma, I-I can save you the trip down there.

Caroline: Don't let me get used to having you around, you know? Shouldn't you be out buying a wooden leg and a parrot?

Bo: Actually, I was looking at a sailboat, not a pirate ship.

Caroline: Uh-huh, well, you'll get bored, you know? Nothing but water and waves for miles and weeks. You'll need an activity.

Bo: Mm, no, I won't. Decided to stay home.

Caroline: Since when?

Bo: Well, since I found out how much a sailboat costs.

Caroline: Oh, huh.

Bo: You look all broken up about it.

Caroline: Well, what do you want me to do, lie? You belong here.

Bo: I believe you're right.

Caroline: Yes, of course I'm right. I mean, it might be good for you, but I'm not so sure it'd be easy for Ciara, you know? She's at that age now.

Bo: Mm-hmm, and from what I hear, she'll be at that age for quite some time.

Caroline: She is so sweet, especially with Theo. Oh, Lexie told me the sweetest story yesterday. It was--they were--Ciara was at their house, and--with Theo-- they--they were both planting the garden.

Bo: Ma...

Caroline: So--let me finish. So Theo wanted to have the sets just exactly 2 inches apart. Lexie told--what in the world is wrong with you?

Bo: [Clears throat] Lexie passed away last June.

Jennifer: She is not going to stop until Daniel's in jail.

Brady: Why don't you breathe? Breathe.

Jennifer: I am breathing.

Brady: You're breathing fire right now is--

Jennifer: Look, I-I understand, you like Nicole. No, actually, I don't understand that, but maybe you can speak to her for me.

Brady: How 'bout I get you a glass of water?

Jennifer: Are you hearing me right now? Are you?

Brady: You--you--you--

Jennifer: Do you know what she's capable of?

Brady: Listen, listen, listen, I'll talk to her. I well speak to her, but please calm down.

Jennifer: Stop trying to quiet me down. This is serious. What?

Brady: Do you know what's goin' on right now? You're flippin' out. You're spiraling out of control, and you need to calm down.

Jennifer: Stop telling me to calm down! I am calm!

Daniel: And I'm sorry. I know this sounds abrupt.

Maggie: It sounds abrupt because it is.

Daniel: Well, I'm not trying to duck out, mom. I just got some things that I need to work out, and--look, it's not like I'm gonna, you know, fall off the face of the earth, and I'm certainly not doing it tomorrow. I just wish that I would've, you know, got things together before you found out.

Maggie: Well, I hope you'll figure things out before you take a-a big leap.

Daniel: I will. Yeah, I will, mom. In the meantime, can you keep this to yourself? I haven't given notice at the hospital or anything, and I need to do this in my own time.

Maggie: Of course, son.

Daniel: Well, that was easy.

Maggie: I'm happy to give you more time, as much time as you need to change your mind.

Daniel: Well, for you, that's, uh, very tempting.

Maggie: You keep thinking like that. [Sighs] Promise me you won't make any sudden moves.

Daniel: I promise you. I wouldn't want you mad at me, right?

Maggie: And don't you forget it. I gotta go.

[Door closes]

Daniel: Uh, jeez.

Maggie: [Sniffles]

Daniel: I gotta call Rafe. [Sighs] Yeah, Rafe, hey, it's Daniel. Um, give me a call when you get this.

[Knock at door]

Daniel: There have been some changes. Uh, all right, call--call me as soon as you get this.

Nicole: Oh, thank god you're home.

Daniel: What--what--whoa. What is--what is that?

Nicole: Well, Jennifer, she's--I swear, she's just freaking out.

Daniel: What, what? What happened here?

Nicole: Well, she had all my bags packed, and--and--and waiting at the door. She couldn't get me out of there fast enough, and then she threatened to stand in front of the car 'cause she wouldn't let me leave. She's crazy. We need to get out of here, like, right now.

Bo: It's okay.

Caroline: Well, of course it is.

Bo: Yeah, you just mixed up the dates.

Caroline: I did not. You need to clean your ears.

Bo: Ma, you said that, uh, Lexie told you this story yesterday.

Caroline: Lexie is dead. I know that.

Bo: Okay.

Caroline: Yeah. You're the one who's confused. You ruined a sweet story.

Bo: I'm sorry. I apologize.

Caroline: Why are you so easy?

Bo: 'Cause I wanna talk to you, and it's easier if I, uh, let you win.

Caroline: Oh, you don't let me win.

Bo: Ma, how--how you feeling?

Caroline: How am-- why are you asking me?

Bo: I'm just checking up on you, see how you're doing, that's all.

Caroline: I'm fine!

Bo: Okay. You sure?

Caroline: You know what? The only trouble I have is Gabi and Nick leaving a mess. You know, I should not have let them go home early.

Bo: Ma, hold on, now--

Caroline: Listen, I've gotta clean up...

Bo: Don't, I can help you.

Caroline: For the dinner shift.

Bo: Ma, you don't need to do that by yourself.

Caroline: Listen, Bo. This is my place, and this is what I do. God! [Sighs]

Kate: You're ready for this job, Nick.

Nick: What makes you think I'm looking for one?

Kate: Because you're washing dishes at the pub. A man with your mind and your skills--you're a scientist.

Nick: Einstein stamped papers at a patent office.

Kate: Mm, yes, until he got a real position with his own lab and money to do his work, which is what you're going to have, and I can't believe you're making me sell this to you.

Nick: Really, given our history?

Kate: That murder thing? I don't hold that against you.

Nick: Why is this so important to you, Kate?

Kate: Synthetic organics. That's the future of my company, and I know that you're one of the few researchers who have experience.

Nick: Okay, I only listed that experience on one application to countess W.

Kate: I guess that's where I saw it. You know I used to run that company.

Nick: And now you don't... so you're trying to kill the competition. Got it.

Kate: Hmm.

Nicole: We--we could be in Utah tonight if we take turns driving.

Daniel: Okay, okay, let's just back up. Back up and slow down a minute.

Nicole: Why? Why, when we're going anyway? What does it matter?

Daniel: We're moving. We're not fleeing the country.

Nicole: Well, EJ won't see it that way. Look, Daniel, the less time we give him to figure things out, the better.

Daniel: Okay, look, I can handle EJ. What I can't handle is bailing on people who count on me. I can't just not show up at work.

Nicole: All right, fine, then we'll call the hospital. How long could it take? Um...I'm sorry. Okay, I know you wanna do this right, it's just Jennifer freaked me out, all right? I-I--how much time do you need?

Daniel: I-I-I don't know. A-a week, maybe more. I just--I don't know, Nicole. It depends. Depends.

Nicole: [Sighs] Only six degrees separate the body temperature

Chad: Listen, now's not a good time.

Abigail: Tell me about it. Unfortunately, you can't just be a friend when it's convenient.

Chad: What?

Abigail: You, Melanie. Whenever either one of you needed me, I was right there. But then you split up, she disappears, and I know nothing? There's no explanation? All I'm asking is what happened, Chad.

Chad: Look, you wanna be a good friend, right? Stay out of it.

Abigail: No. No! People keep saying that. They keep saying, "stay out of it, leave it alone." I can't. I won't. My cousin Nick was beaten up. Did you do that? Is that why Melanie left?

Chad: Okay, later.

Abigail: You can't just walk away from me, Chad!

Chad: Sure I can. Everybody does. Get used to it.

Kate: I want mad world to succeed, that's all.

Nick: And--and what if, uh, Sami Brady is chewed up in the process? I sent my application in last week. I know that she runs countess W.

Kate: Ah! But that's not my problem. I mean, if Stefano gives her a company, she's gonna run it into the ground.

Nick: With no help from you or me? I mean, that's--that's what you're trying to do here, isn't it, right?

Kate: I'm not asking you to do anything illegal.

Nick: Yet.

Kate: You don't even know what I'm offering you.

Nick: I don't know if I wanna know.

Kate: Think about it, Nick.

Nick: You know your way out.

Caroline: Oh! [Sighs] Look what you made me do, damn it!

Bo: Ma--ma, I'll clean it up.

Caroline: Oh, my god!

Bo: Ma, don't--no, no, get off that, you're gonna cut--

Caroline: Leave me alone! Leave me alone! I--can't--listen, Shawn, I can handle this.

Bo: Ma...

Caroline: I don't want you treating me like I don't have a brain!

Bo: Ma, stop! Will you stop, please?

Caroline: Or what?

Bo: Please, stop. Look at me.

Caroline: Bo.

Bo: Yeah, ma.

Caroline: [Gasps]

Jennifer: I don't know. I mean, would they drive? A-a road trip with Nicole being that pregnant? Or maybe they're gonna fly. And, I mean, a flight would be quicker, but I don't even know if an airline would let her on the plane--

Brady: Will you please, please stop? Stop it.

Jennifer: No, I'm not going to stop, 'cause Daniel's about to flush his life down the drain, and I am going to stop him from doing that.

Brady: It's not--hey, hey, it's not your job to stop him from doing that.

Jennifer: No, it's not my job, but I care about him as a human being, so I am not letting this go.

Brady: I can see that, and that's why I think that we need to go to a bereavement meeting, all right?

Jennifer: Oh, go to a meeting, okay, so everyone can tell me how I can focus in, right, Brady? Well, let me tell you something, a little pop psychology for you. I couldn't save my husband... but I am going to save Daniel. Is that enough for you? Do you feel fine now? 'Cause I'm about to call the airline and see if they booked a flight.

Brady: You're not calling the airline. They're--you're not. They're not gonna give you that information, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I will get the information. Do you wanna help me?

Brady: What do you think I'm here for?

Jennifer: Great, then I am fine, and I am going to get this information. I just need to get my phone.

Nicole: Daniel? Really, a-a week? I mean, there--there's not that much to do.

Daniel: Look--well, I've gotta give notice to the hospital.

Nicole: Okay, fine, so what, is that a-a phone call or a letter, maybe?

Daniel: Well, what about Rafe?

Nicole: Wh--we'll call him from the road. It'll be fine.

Daniel: Oh, my G--okay. Nicole, think about this. Just for a minute, think about this. If we go to Utah, and we invoke their custody laws, we are saying that EJ really is the baby's father.

Nicole: It doesn't ma-- so what? He won't be able to touch us.

Daniel: Oh, my gosh. Nic, Ni--what about Rafe? What, we're just gonna leave him out to dry?

Nicole: No, we--we won't. Look, I'm the one who switched the DNA results, okay, not you. Rafe didn't know anything about it. I'm the one who lied, so I will take the hit. I'm the bad guy, not Rafe. He's--he's fine.

Daniel: I don't know about that.

Nicole: Oh, I do, believe me.

Daniel: There's a lot more to it than that, Nic. We need to have you checked out by your ob-gyn.

Nicole: No, no. Why would we do that?

Daniel: What do you mean why? What? Look at you. You are so far along in this pregnancy.

Nicole: I know. I will be with a competent doctor, okay? I'll be fine. I'll be with you.

Daniel: You are gonna be fine. Look, Nicole, I'm just--

Nicole: [Sighs] Daniel, I know that you are trying to be reasonable and logical, but there's no time for that.

Daniel: Why? Why? Tell me why.

Nicole: Because I just have this feeling, and please don't laugh.

Daniel: I am not going to laugh, but just talk to me. Why?

Nicole: I guess it's--it's just, like, a survivor sense or something, and I have learned to listen to this voice, Daniel, and it's telling me that we need to leave right now.

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