Days Transcript Friday 9/28/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/28/12


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Lucas: I mean, I heard that sami really laid into you for trying to come between Sonny and will.

Adrienne: God, lucas...

[Sighs] I'm so sorry for what I said.

Lucas: No, no, no, no. I get it, I do. And, to be honest with you, um...I'm not so sure you were wrong.

Adrienne: Uh...

Lucas: Well, I know that Sonny probably won't be back for a while, so now might be a good time for us to talk about it.

Adrienne: What? "It" being?

Lucas: I know, I know that you've kind of been back and forth on it. You know, on whether or not Sonny and will should actually get together, and, uh... I think, you know, in your heart of hearts, you probably feel the same way I do.

Adrienne: You do?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I do. You know, I'm thinking that they should not do it, you know?

Adrienne: [Sighing] No, lucas, I don't know.

Lucas: Wow, I guess this is gonna be a little awkward, then, isn't it?

Adrienne: You don't want your son to get involved with my son, you mean? Hm?

Will: You know, I didn't think it was a hard question. How was your date with rafe?

Sami: It wasn't a date, as it turns out, because rafe made it clear it means absolutely nothing to him. You know, I don't mean to involve you in this.

Will: No, it's too late. You know, I'm sorry, but just a few weeks ago, you were asking me about ej, and wanted my advice whether you should get back together with him, and now you're dating rafe.

Sami: Right, I get it. I'm a train wreck.

Will: Well, I'm sorry to say it but...

Sami: It's true. But this one isn't my fault, okay? Rafe is the one who was leading me down the garden path, and then he totally backed up off the highway! He broke my heart again.

Ej: I know exactly what your sister gabi did to melanie and my brother, so why don't you and I discuss what we're going to do about that?

Rafe: What we're gonna do about it?

Ej: This is not some little adolescent prank. There are some very serious legal issues here. She's not just gonna get a little slap on the wrist, you understand. She's going to go away for a very long time. That is, of course, unless you and I can come to some sort of...arrangement.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Gabi: I can't--I can't do this, justin. I'm scared.

Justin: I can see that. Gabi, I can't help you unless you tell me exactly what happened.

Gabi: Look, it's just that someone, someone that knows what I did, someone that used to be my friend, turned against me when they found out what i did.

Brady: Hey, man, I, uh, came by to check on melanie, but you--you look like hell. What's going on?

Chad: Yeah, mel and I aren't getting married.

Brady: You're not?

Chad: No, the wedding's off.

Brady: I don't know what to say, chad. I'm sorry.

Chad: How about you congratulate yourself, brady? It's what you and half the town wanted, right?

Daniel: Mel, are you okay?

Maggie: We were so worried about you.

Melanie: Yeah, sorry. No, I didn't mean to worry you. I, um, I just had to say some good-byes.

Daniel: What?

Melanie: Um, I'm leaving salem... today.

Ej: Chad was a witness to andrew's, um, deathbed declaration. Your sister was indicted by his final words, rafe, all of which, as I'm sure you know, is admissible in a court of law. Do you have anything you wish to add to that?

Rafe: You seem like you have a lot to say.

Ej: [Laughs] Here's the bottom line: The only thing that I need to say is "go." See, when I say that to chad, he takes what he knows and he gives it to the district attorney. The district attorney will then file charges against your sister. Now, I think it looks like a pretty airtight case. I mean, you would know, obviously, in--in your line of work. All this, of course, would be rather a moot point if chad didn't say anything. I mean, your sister's rather, um, immoral and wanton act would go unpunished. And you, of course, would be free to spend the rest of your life helping her reform.

[Chuckles] So what's it going to be?

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Lucas: I-I'm sorry. I don't get it.

Adrienne: What's not to get?

Lucas: I just thought you were dead set on will and Sonny not getting together.

Adrienne: No, lucas. It was actually you who just said that I was back and forth about it, that, in my heart of hearts, I was against it.

Lucas: Yeah, but in the beginning, you said that will was all wrong for Sonny. What, are you gonna deny that right now?

Adrienne: No, it was a knee-jerk reaction. I was...worried that will was loaded down with too much baggage to be in a healthy relationship with my son.

Lucas: By "baggage," what do you mean? By having me as a father? Is that what you mean by "baggage"?

Adrienne: And sami as a mother, yes.

Will: Rafe broke your heart?

Sami: He made me think that he wanted to try again, and then all of a sudden, he didn't want to try again.

Will: Well, maybe he got cold feet after what he went through, with you being with dad and with ej.

Sami: Okay, will, I am explaining to you that this hurt my feelings, so would you please not take rafe's side?

Will: I'm not--hey, I'm not taking rafe's side. I'm just saying that, obviously, he's having a hard time moving past everything.

Sami: Clearly. I get that.

Will: And you, um, expected him to, obviously, get over it, right?

Sami: Was I totally deluding myself? Yes, I mean, I thought we had a chance at...working things out.

Will: Well, maybe you pushed too hard. Guys don't like that, really, so just, I don't know, back up. See how it plays out.

Sami: He already made it clear how it's playing out. It's over.

Ej: Now, rafe, you know that if I elect to have chad and melanie keep what they know about your sister to themselves, they will comply.

Rafe: Get to the punch line, ej.

Ej: You mean the price tag for our collective silence. I think you already know what that is.

Rafe: [Scoffs] Is that right?

[ Scratching ]

Melanie: I decided to take my mom up on her offer to come visit. So, she has a business conference in barcelona. That doesn't sound so bad, right?

Daniel: No, it sounds, uh, great.

Melanie: So if I take a plane tonight, I'll be there by tomorrow morning, and her conference will be done, so then we can rent a car and drive all over spain. She's taking time off. And I...need a vacation.

Daniel: So it's just that?

Maggie: A vacation?

Melanie: Um...yes and no. Um...I've needed to get away from here for a while. I should have done it before everything got out of hand.

Brady: Look, man, I never said you guys should break up. I just thought you shouldn't get married in a fever, that's all. What happened?

Chad: [Sighs] Mel got upset with me. And I made some mistakes, I-i admit that. But I'm not the only one who made them.

Justin: All right, so, um... just to be clear, chad overheard your conversation with the kidnapper just before the kidnapper died. And chad used to be your friend, but now he seems to be your mortal enemy.

Gabi: Yeah, but...look, i told melanie the truth, because I couldn't live with it anymore. And I know what I did was wrong, and I also know that I have to--I have to face the consequences now.

Justin: Okay, do you know what that means?

Gabi: What does what mean?

Justin: Gabi, you're looking at at least three very serious charges: Obstruction of justice, conspiracy, making false statements to the police. If convicted, you're looking at ten years in prison.

Gabi: [Gasps]

Lucas: You know what? You can say whatever you want about me. I don't care what you say about sami. But will--there is nothing wrong with will. He's a great kid.

Adrienne: I'm not saying he's not.

Lucas: And Sonny is right there. He's back right now. And we still have to talk.

Adrienne: Not here.

Lucas: Fine, let's find someplace else, 'cause I'm not through.

Adrienne: Well, neither am I.

Will: Can I ask you a question?

Sami: What?

Will: Is it possible that maybe you blew everything out of proportion, and rafe was not sending mixed signals to you at all?

Sami: Will, he was totally cold, completely distracted. He looked right through me.

Will: Okay. Then did you consider the possibility that maybe you walked in on his bad mood, and it really didn't have anything to do with you?

Sami: Are you suggesting that I might have totally misunderstood the situation?

Will: Well, I'm assuming it's happened before.

Sami: Once or twice.

Will: Yeah. Then I would say it definitely is a possibility.

Sami: Well, then what do i do?

Will: Are you serious? Oh, I'm sorry, were you born yesterday?

Sami: You're saying I should talk to him.

Will: Yeah, talk to him. Just talk to him. Say, "what's up?"

Ej: It really sort of boils down to this. I will make sure that my brother does not give testimony to a grand jury, thereby keeping your sister out of prison for, ooh, the next, uh...20 years or so.

Rafe: If?

Ej: If...if you give up me.


Sami: I do remember rafe saying that he was distracted. Right when I got there, he told me that it wasn't a good time for him.

Will: You just remembered this?

Sami: My relationship with rafe is complicated.

Will: [Chuckles] Oh, my god.

Sami: And, anyway, I mean, I-I went to see him, right? So--so this time he should come and see me if he wants to talk to me.

Will: Oh, yeah, that'll make it even.

Sami: Look, I'm supposed to be concentrating on you and-- and my work anyway. And I'm not supposed to be having relationship dramas.

Will: How's that working out for you so far?

Sami: Not great. The point is, I am...dressed for work, so I'm gonna go to work. That's what I'm gonna do. And if he wants to talk to me, he can come find me there.

Will: Wow, how evolved of you.

Sami: Will.

Will: You know, don't you see you're still playing a game with him? If you want it to work, just tell the man the truth, okay? Find him, say, "hey, rafe, I'm worried that you're waffling. I don't like it. Are we gonna do this or not?"

Sami: I like that.

Will: Thanks. You both need to grow up though.

Sami: Oh, really? Listen to you, mr. Relationship expert all of a sudden.

Will: [Laughs] No, all, but I do know how not to do things by watching you, so... oh, anyway, gotta go. Mwah! Just get out of your own way.

Gabi: Oh, my god. No, no, no, no, no, no. I know I did really horrible things, but I never hurt anybody. I never wanted anybody to get hurt.

Justin: Well, gabi, I'm sorry to say, your intentions are irrelevant. You withheld important information about a crime from the police. You lied to them, outright, more than once.

Gabi: I know, but...I went back into the tunnels to try to save melanie myself. I did, okay?

Justin: Yes, yes, you did...

Gabi: I didn't want anybody to get hurt.

Justin: After the fact.

Gabi: I didn't want her to get hurt.

Justin: The fact that she wasn't doesn't change what you did. You plotted for weeks with andrew, right? There's probably incriminating voice mails and text messages. Gabi, the evidence against you is overwhelming.

Gabi: Melanie said that she wouldn't testify against me.

Justin: She may not have a choice if she's subpoenaed. On top of that, she's not the only witness they have. There's chad, too.

Gabi: That would be the worst part.

Justin: Why?

Gabi: 'Cause... chad's out to get me.

Chad: Melanie has always been a humble person, you know? Always telling me that she's not perfect, so why should anyone else have to be? Including me. I mean, she knows that we have our weaknesses, our character flaws, I mean, whatever you want to call them. Melanie is also very forgiving. I mean, look what she ended up doing for Nick. I mean, what I did to him--i mean, my god, it's not like I'm a--I'm a criminal.

Brady: Is this really about degrees of misbehavior, chad?

Chad: Look, all I'm saying is that she's just raw from everything, and--no one was into the idea of us getting married in the first place, so i mean, maybe she was influenced by that, you know, by--by maggie, by--by her dad. I mean, things can change.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, they usually do.

Chad: I love her, brady. Melanie will realize that's all that matters.

Melanie: Kind of figured you guys would put up a little bit more of a fight.


Maggie: Well, it was sudden.

[Laughs] But, in some ways, it--it might be a good thing for you to get away, melanie.

Daniel: Yeah. I think so. And I'm gonna miss you, more than you know, okay? But it's not gonna be forever, okay? You'll be back.

Melanie: Yeah. Of course I will.

Adrienne: Okay, what?

Lucas: Well, I just need you to stop taking this as such a personal attack on your son.

Adrienne: Oh, that you don't want your son dating my son.

Lucas: Sonny is more experienced than will.

Adrienne: At what? Being gay?

Lucas: No, he's just--will is vulnerable right now, and Sonny is...Sonny. He's moving fast.

Adrienne: How?

Lucas: Well, I've seen them together. I've seen them twice now--

Adrienne: Uh-huh.

Lucas: And both times, they-- they were just moving fast, okay?

Adrienne: Lucas, please stop talking in code.

Lucas: They were kissing. All right, they were kissing each other.

Adrienne: Kissing?

Lucas: Yeah.

Adrienne: And kissing is, um, in your lexicon, is rushing things? Like a gateway drug?

Lucas: Sarcasm, really? You think this is funny? I'm sorry, I'm not amused--

Adrienne: No, I don't think it's funny. Actually, I don'T. But I'm really trying to get to what this is, what we're talking about. Lucas, I-I think you're uncomfortable with the fact that your son was kissing another guy. And if he was kissing another guy, it means he's attracted to another guy. And you're pretending that you're okay with it, but... you're really not. I think you're totally uncomfortable with your son being gay.

Ej: Rafe, please. Look, you love your sister. I think we can both agree, it's fairly obvious you still love samantha. You have to choose between them. Who matters most to you? Just doing my job.

Rafe: You know damn well I'm not gonna put a value on my sister...or sami...for anyone, especially you.

Ej: Well, you leave me with no choice.

[Frantic knocking at door]

Gabi: Rafe! Rafe! I need to talk to you right now! Are you in there? Rafe? I really need to talk to you right now, please. Oh, my god, um--

Rafe: You okay?

Gabi: Yeah. I'm sorry, I didn't know that you were busy, um...

Rafe: Oh--

Ej: No, no, it's absolutely fine, gabi. You know, your brother and I, we just had a tiny bit of police business that we had to take care of, but, um... we're finished now. He's given me his answer.

Sami: Um, annette, listen, you haven't put any calls through since, uh, I've been here. Well, I'm just wondering, you know, if anyone else calls, any business, or especially if rafe hernandez calls, you just put him through, no matter what. It's about business, okay? Just put him through.

[Slams phone]


[Taps keyboard]

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. I was talking to ej about something else, not about the business with chad, all right? Now, listen, tell me exactly what justin said.

Gabi: Rafe, look. He was scaring me to death, okay? He was talking about charges, and things I don't even know about. He says I can go to prison for a really long time.

Rafe: All right, but would you listen? That's the lawyer's job. They give you the worst-case scenario, okay? It's not usually as bad as they say.

Gabi: I don't know, rafe. I mean, it sounded really, really bad, okay?

Rafe: Okay.

Gabi: And the person that can make me go to prison already hates me.

Rafe: Chad.

Gabi: What if he testifies against me? What--what am I supposed to do?

Rafe: Hey, hey. Don't worry about this, okay? Listen to me. I'm gonna take care of it. All right?

Chad: You look pleased with yourself.

Ej: To have everything under control is always a good feeling.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay, wow. That's it? All in there?

Melanie: Yeah, well, no, there's another bag.

Daniel: Is there?

Melanie: Yeah. [Laughs]

Daniel: Mel, I-I just--baby, I--

[Knocking at door]


Brady: Hey, dan, is-- so it's true, yeah.

Melanie: Who told you?

Brady: Chad told me.

Melanie: Right.

Daniel: I'll tell you what, um...I'll go get one of those soy nonsense latte things for you to...

Melanie: Sure.

Daniel: Slurp on your way to the airport.

Melanie: [Laughs] Wonderful. Thank you.

[Door closes] You look mad.

Brady: If I hadn't talked to chad, I mean, were you just gonna leave town without telling me? Were you just gonna--what, are you gonna send me a postcard or something, I mean... I don't even know if they have postcards.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Brady: Could you have even found a postcard?

Melanie: I am--I'm sure i could have. Um... I have to do this for myself.

Brady: Yeah, that--I mean, that much I get. I understand.

Melanie: That's not enough?

Brady: I didn't say that.

Melanie: [Sighs] This is very hard for me, because I have to leave all the people I love, you included. So can you do that thing where you put your arm over me and you tell me that everything is gonna be okay?

Brady: Come here, come here.

Lucas: You know what? Don't do that. Don't pigeonhole me into being some old-fashioned dad who doesn't know what's going on these days. All right, I'm perfectly clear that my son is gay. I am. But just seeing him make out in public with another guy? I don't know, maybe you and justin are used to that, but I'm not, so it's gonna take me some time.

Adrienne: What, to get used to it? Well how about this? It's not yours to get used to. How about your son is still the same sweet kid he always was?

Lucas: How do you know i wouldn't be just as nervous if he was in a serious relationship with a girl right now?

Adrienne: [Scoffs]

Lucas: At his age.

Adrienne: Lucas, lucas, really, you're gonna stand here and pretend that your mini-meltdown at seeing will and Sonny kiss wasn't about the fact that they're two guys?

Lucas: Well, no, not necessarily.

Adrienne: Oh, come on.

Lucas: I just don't think they should, is all, all right?

Adrienne: Should what? Be happy? In love? What shouldn't they be, lucas?

Lucas: I don't know, okay? I don't know.

Adrienne: Good. You know what? Good. That's the first honest answer I've heard from you. And now it's my turn. I was wrong to let my feelings about you and sami influence my feelings about will, okay? Will may very well be the perfect boyfriend for Sonny. He's a great kid. He is kind, he's smart. Lucas, you should be proud.

Lucas: I am proud of my son, okay?

Adrienne: I know you are. I do. You know, Sonny and will... really might fall for each other. And the way this country is changing, who knows? We might be in-laws, you and I. Mm. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, baby.


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Lucas: How long you been standing there?

Will: Mm...long enough, i guess.

Lucas: Not my finest moment as a father. I just really need you to understand that... I love you. And I just want to protect you, that's all.

Will: Yeah, from having a boyfriend.

Lucas: I am not a homophobe, all right? So don't even go there.

Will: I'm not going there, dad, you already pulled in and parked.

Lucas: All right, fine. Fine, I'm not going to justify my feelings. I guess they are what they are. And I know you probably hate me right now, you wanna let me have it, so go, go ahead. I've earned it.

Melanie: That's when chad beat Nick up. I can't be with him if that's the kind of man he is.

Brady: I'm sorry, I am. It's funny chad didn't mention that part when I went to go see him.

Melanie: [Laughing] Shocking.

Brady: As if you haven't been through enough.

Melanie: So have you.

[Teary] And I'm just abandoning you.

Brady: [Sighs] That's a big word.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Brady: Don't worry about it. I'm--I'm actually very relieved, because, you know, one less person hovering over me is gonna be better for me.

Melanie: Of course. No, of course. That's good to know. I'm going to miss your loving, sarcastic wit, brady.

Brady: And going to miss every single thing about you.

Melanie: I didn't always deserve your loyalty.

Brady: You never had to deserve my friendship, and you will always have it. I don't care where you are. You are stuck with me, you understand?

Melanie: Okay, good.


Brady: Yeah.

Chad: Look, all I care about right now is melanie.

Ej: Okay, yes, for now, all you care about--

Chad: N-n-no, not for now, forever, okay? And--and what I want to know, ej, is what is under control? Because whatever it is, it damn well better not get in the way of me and mel, do you understand me?

[Knock at door]

Sami: [Laughs]

Will: You think I'm gonna yell at you?

Lucas: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I do.

Will: Well, sorry to disappoint you again.

Lucas: Don't do that, okay?

Will: I'm not mad... just sad.

Lucas: I would rather you be angry than sad. Please, I was just doing this to protect you.

Will: I know, from being gay.

Lucas: No, I just think that you...

[Sighs] We love each other, all right? I-I know we can do this. We can work this out.

Will: How? You don't see who I really am. Or m--or maybe you do, and you just don't like it, so... I don't know, wh--what's to work out?

Justin: So now you know all about my bad day.

Adrienne: New client?

Justin: We'll see. So...

Adrienne: Hm?


Justin: Why are you all revved up?

Adrienne: I found myself standing up for Sonny and will.

Justin: Seriously?

Adrienne: Mm-hmm. Bigots are everywhere, sometimes right in front of you where you least expect it.

Justin: Hm. You sound a lot more accepting of Sonny and will than you used to be.

Adrienne: Mm, I am. Any reservations I had about Sonny being with will horton, i gave it a lot of thought and i realized that I was being unfair, judgmental where I had no right to be. And I feel really good about it now, about them.

Sonny: Because you want me to be happy?

Adrienne: [Laughs] Hey, you.

[Sighing happily, chuckling]

Sonny: You know what they say.

Adrienne: What do they say?

Sonny: You can choose your friends...

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And boyfriends, but you can't choose your family. I just got lucky.

[Keys rattling, lock clicking]

Daniel: Brady gone?

Melanie: Yeah, he just left.

Daniel: Oh. All right, here's your, uh, here's your coffee.

Melanie: Thank you.


Daniel: What? What's so funny?

Melanie: [Laughs] You know, last time you got me one of these, I was so mad at you.

Daniel: Yeah, you thought i was hovering.

Melanie: Well, you were hovering.

Daniel: I was not.

Melanie: You were hovering. You were hovering. But I'm gonna miss that... a little.

Daniel: Yeah.

Melanie: [Voice breaking] A lot.

Daniel: Well, I... I am gonna miss you. A little. No, a lot.

Melanie: [Sniffling]

Daniel: [Groans] And I am still gonna hover. That's what I do. No, I'm gonna--I'm gonna text you, I'm gonna email you, I'm you, I...

Melanie: [Sobbing]

Daniel: Get a carrier pigeon to find you.

Melanie: [Laughs]

Daniel: You will never get rid of me, okay?

Maggie: So is there anything else I can do for you, sweetie?

Melanie: [Sniffs] Um...

[Laughs] Yeah, actually.

Maggie: You want me to keep your engagement ring while you're gone?

Melanie: I want you to return it to chad.

Daniel: Honey, I think you should do that by yourself.

Melanie: I can'T. Please?

Ej: The only person that I'm trying to protect, chad, is my little brother.

Chad: All I wanted you to do was to keep melanie from leaving town. Now what the hell else have you been doing for me but that?

Ej: Okay, I'll go and find melanie right now and I will deal with it.

Chad: Now, now you remember. That's perfect, that's great.

Ej: Chad...I know exactly what it's like to be so obsessed with some little girl that the whole world just seems to fall away. I will fix it.

Rafe: Sorry about that. Wanted to, uh...

Sami: Yeah, um, listen, i wanted to ask you...look, were you in a bad mood this morning or was it because of me?

[Exhales sharply] I have been making myself nuts all day thinking about it and wondering if I had said something wrong, or did something that upset you, or was it just not anything to do with me, something else entirely, and I, you know, was overreacting as usual.

Rafe: Sami...

Sami: 'Cause, you know, i was thinking about, um...I would like to start today over.

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Melanie: I've got to go to the airport.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, guess what? Uh, your grandmother and I, we flipped a coin, and she won the airport drop-off duty, so I'M...

Melanie: Oh.

Daniel: Yeah, so I'm just gonna say good-bye right now.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Okay. Uh...I just, you know, I think I-I--you don't want me at the gate, embarrassing you.

Melanie: No, no, no, definitely not, definitely not.

[Sobs] I love you, dad.

Daniel: I love you, too, baby.

[Exhales heavily] Okay, all right, that's good.

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: So you, uh, you text me when you get there.

Melanie: Yep--no, no, it's gonna be the middle of the night.

Daniel: I don't care, you call me, just call me. I don't care what you've got to do, send a carrier pigeon, call--contact me.

Melanie: Okay, okay, okay.

Daniel: All right? Go.

Melanie: [Grunts]


Daniel: [Exhales heavily]

Melanie: Hey.

Maggie: [Teary laugh] You know, I lobbied for some alone time with you. But I think your dad made the right decision by saying good-bye.

Melanie: [Whispering] Yeah. I'm gonna miss my dad and brady so much... but saying good-bye to you is what's gonna hurt the most.

Maggie: My darling girl, have I told you how proud I am of the woman you've become? And all I have to do is think of you and my heart just fills with love. You have that effect, you know, on so many people.

Melanie: You do, too, you know? If I feel bad, I just think about what kind of advice you would give me... something sweet, and kind, and loving... and--and then you--you'd kind of tilt your head to the side a little bit and smile. And I feel better right away. That's why saying good-bye, it just--I don't--

Maggie: D--don't say good-bye, baby girl...because it's not good-bye. Because I'm in your heart. And you, my darling girl, are always gonna be in mine.


Lucas: Look, I-I know that you're upset, but I just need you to understand that I still love you.

Will: You don't even know how that sounds, do you? You still love me?

Lucas: Well, yeah, I mean--i didn't mean it like that. It came out wrong.

Will: No, it didn'T. You meant you still love me, even though you don't want me to be gay. And that's fine, but I'm not gonna change, dad. But if you don't change the way you are about this, we don't have anything to say to each other.

[Heavy footsteps approaching]

[Knock at door]

Daniel: [Sighs] I was just heading out, ej.

Ej: Mm, well, I'm not here to see you. I'd like to speak to your daughter, please.

Daniel: Well, you can'T. She's gone.

Sami: Um, so I...notice you're not saying anything. But before you do, let me just say this--it's not just today. I didn't mean just today, I mean the whole thing. You and me...I'd like to start over. So what do you say to that?

Rafe: I don't think so. It's--it's not gonna work.

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