Days Transcript Tuesday 8/28/12

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/28/12


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Chad: Look, I know you don't wanna talk about this, okay? But, look, I need to get this straight in my head. This--this Nick guy, he-- he killed your father? 

Melanie: No, my adopted father, otherwise known as the "scum of the universe." 

Chad: I--I got that part, okay, it's-- what I don't get is him setting you up to take the fall, because he--he loved you? 

Melanie: No--did I leave out the part about--he was addicted to prescription pills. 

Chad: No, but even so, I mean, what did he think was gonna happen? 

Melanie: It was like he thought--if I thought that I was gonna go to jail, then I would be dependent upon him and--I don't--I don't know. We would [Sighs]-- We would run away together? 

Chad: Okay, that's it. You know what, that--that-- that does it, all right? I don't care what Julie says, or how many Hortonís this nut job is related to, there's no way in hell he's gonna get out of the joint. 

Nick: Hope was here. She told me about what that guy did to Melanie. It must've brought up memories. Really bad memories. 

Julie: And Maggie, and her father, and her boyfriend are gonna help Melanie get past it, just like your family is gonna help you, Nick... get out of here and come home where you belong. 

Nick: You guys are sweet, but I have to tell you, I don't think that's going to happen. 

Maggie: Why? 

Julie: Have you heard something? 

Marlena: Hey, honey. 

Will: Hi! [Laughs] 

Marlena: [Laughs] Mmm! Did Gabi tell you that I was looking for you? 

Will: No. 

Marlena: Oh. 

Will: But I haven't seen her today. 

Marlena: Oh, that's okay. Everything's fine. Um, what about you? What about that situation you had with your friend, did you get that all settled? 

Will: Um... well, I did--I saw him, but it kinda ended up being a waste of time. Anyway, um, mom's not here, so sorry--sorry about that. And I'm actually on my way out. So-- 

Marlena: Oh, well, not so fast. What happened? 

Brian: Hey. 

Sonny: Hey, what's up, man? 

Brian: Whoa, who did this to your face? 

Sonny: Oh, I did. Yeah, I ran into a door, it's like no big deal. 

Brian: A door did this? 

Sonny: Hey, what are you doing, man? 

Brian: Hoping you had a chance to reconsider what you said yesterday. Sonny, I'm still interested. 

EJ: Your department charges me with a murder of a man who's not even dead. It's nothing but a pathetic attempt to save face. I have to explain this to my children and their mother. Now, get out, and get me a phone! 

Kate: Want mine? 

EJ: [Sighs] Kate. 

Kate: Hello, darling, at least they didn't dress you in a jumpsuit. 

EJ: I know you're not here out of any concern for me, so what can I do for you? 

Nicole: I want us to be more than friends. I--I want us to be together. 

Daniel: Nic, I-- 

Nicole: And I know I--I heard you say that you don't wanna use anyone, and the truth is I do not feel used. And I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel less used by you than any man I have ever been with. 

Daniel: Nic--Nic, you said that you were not ready to be emotionally involved again. 

Nicole: I know, I know, I thought that, I thought that, too, I did. And I don't know why I do that, but I was wrong. I was completely wrong. So...what do you say? 

Melanie: The joint? You sound like a DiMera. 

Chad: [Sighs] Well, hey, nobody messes with that woman, huh? Just kidding. God, I can't believe this is happening, I mean, come on, not now. 

Melanie: I know. I was just really scared with Andrew. I don't wanna live like that again. 

Chad: I should've protected you from Andrew, and I didn't. 

Melanie: It's not your fault. 

Chad: Not--not--not this time, okay? I'm not gonna let that creep come anywhere near you, you hear me? 

Nick: There's no way Melanie is going to be okay with me getting out. 

Julie: Don't be pessimistic. Melanie is a compassionate person. 

Nick: Not where I'm concerned, I'm sure, especially after what she just went through. 

Maggie: What are you saying, Nick? 

Nick: After I talked to Hope, um, I--I put in a call to my lawyer. I changed my mind. I'm not gonna go through with the parole hearing. 

Kate: So I know you saw Stefano. Did he say something that would tell us where he is? 

EJ: Ah... that's why you're here. 

Kate: Of course it is. I have to find him. 

EJ: Hmm, well, I have no idea where he is, nor, frankly, do I care. 

Kate: Really? You saved his life. 

EJ: No, that's not quite true. I did not let him die. That doesn't mean I care about him. 

Kate: Well, even if you don't, what about your children? Think of how wonderful it will be for your children to know that their precious Nonno is alive. Oh, God, EJ. How did he look? 

EJ: He looked terrible. But you know him, I'm sure he'll survive. 

Kate: Well, thank God you stopped Ian, because you saved Stefano's life, and I'm grateful to you for that. 

EJ: Oh, are you grateful to me for that? 

Kate: Yes. 

EJ: Well, if you're grateful, would you like to pay my bail? 

Kate: Hell, no. 

EJ: Didn't think so. 

Kate: Mmm, no. No, because I'm also furious at you for using Will. You and Sami used Will to make your escape!

EJ: Furious, are you? Well, your fury didn't stop you from coming around here to pump me for information, now, did it? 

Kate: Do you know Will could possibly face criminal charges? 

EJ: Kate, I was innocent. I had to do something. 

Kate: What about Will? 

EJ: What about William? 

Kate: You know, some day, Sydney and Johnny are gonna be Will's age. And maybe someone will use them, use them to their advantage. And then they'll shrug it off. And, trust me, you won't be so cavalier about it. 

Daniel: And going through the explosion, it made me realize, again, that a life is something that you cannot take for granted. 

Nicole: Is this your way of putting the brakes on things? 

Daniel: No, no, no, this is my way of saying to you that you need to think about your baby, that's it. 

Nicole: I--that's--I--all I'm thinking about! When the contractions started, I thought. "Oh, my God, it's happening again," but you took such good care of us. 

Daniel: Oh, my God, you are so grateful, I get it, I do, you are. But before me, you were also grateful to Rafe. 

Nicole: Okay, no, no, I--I-- I see where you're going with this. I'm pregnant, I'm hormonal, and I fall in love with any guy who's nice to me, but Rafe was--he was a fantasy. A delusion is more like it. But I didn't do that with you. And I'm the one that said no strings. 

Daniel: And you were right to say that, you were right to-- 

Nicole: No, I wasn't--I wasn't-- 

Daniel: Yes, you were. 

Nicole: I saw how you were with Chloe, and I thought you had it all figured out. But, look, I was wrong. 

Daniel: No, I did not have any of this-- 

Nicole: Listen to me. You make me feel the way no other man has. Safe. And I never thought safe could be so sexy. That's it. Totally honest. 

Daniel: Okay. And I will be totally honest with you. 

Tad: Gabi! 

Gabi: Tad? Oh, what--what are you doing here? I mean, when'd you get back? Uh, I'm really surprised to see you. 

Tad: Yeah, everybody is. Especially the fairy who used to be your boyfriend. 

Will: Anyway, so this person, um, well, this guy, or whatever I thought, he was into me--I'm sorry, this still kinda feels weird to talk about. 

Marlena: [Laughs] Go on. 

Will: So, anyway, I went and I--you know, after we talked, I went, and I saw him, and I just found out that, uh, I was wrong. 

Marlena: Are you sure? 

Will: Mm-hmm. I guess some people are kind of just into you for what they can get, you know? And if they--they don't get it, then they just move on to the next person, so... makes you feel kinda like you don't matter at all. 

Marlena: Yeah. But a-are you sure you're right? 

Will: Yes. I'm sure. 

Brian: All right, so I was thinking there's, uh--there's open mic night up at the University tonight. 

Sonny: No, no, no, count me out. I don't do open mic nights. 

Brian: You don't do--what, you don't think they're funny? 

Sonny: No. There's just some people in this world who shouldn't be allowed to go near handguns and hand mics, and they all show up at open mic night. 

Brian: Yeah, but we can go laugh at 'em. 

Sonny: Nah, no thanks, Brian. 

Brian: You still hoping to get with Will, huh? 

Sonny: [Sighs] 

Brian: Sonny, what's it gonna take to make you see that that's not going anywhere? 

Sonny: I--I just--I don't--I don't wanna talk about Will. 

Brian: All right, suit yourself. 

Daniel: Well, let me tell you something important, I'll tell you what. You do not know how to quit. You're a fighter, you know that? And you, I don't know, you might be confusing that. And your gratitude for me is something deeper, and-- 

Nicole: No, Daniel, I don't-- 

Daniel: Listen to me, I am a doctor, I've seen this a thousand times, I have. And because I am trained. I know what to do in a life-or-death situation, and patients, they look at me like I'm some sort of, I don't know, just a hero, or whatever, which I'm so not. 

Nicole: I get-- 

Daniel: I'm not a hero. 

Nicole: I--okay. 

Daniel: Nic--and I'm just a guy trying to get through life. 

Nicole: I get what you're saying. I do. You and Jennifer. 

Daniel: You do? 

Nicole: Yes! She couldn't find Jack, and--and you saved her life, and she thought she was in love with you. And I know that had to hurt... when he showed up, and she went running back to him. 

Daniel: Nic, that's not exactly-- 

Nicole: I'm not Jennifer! Jack is the one great love of her life, the father of her kids, and she is never gonna get over him. But me...I am still looking for that one great love. And I'm telling you, Daniel, when I see you, I--I see soul mate. I do. This just isn't gratitude or a crush. My feelings for you are the real thing. 

Kate: Really? Well, I can see this is a waste of time. Obviously, you are still in Sami's web, which actually is a good thing, because it forced Lucas to see the light. 

EJ: Kate! What are you talking about? What happened to Lucas? 

Kate: What happened to Lucas? Well, Lucas actually came to his senses. He realizes, now, that Sami is selfish and craven, and he wants nothing else to do with her. Yes. And, my darling, it's a good thing for you to stay here. 

Julie: Nick! You can't pass up a parole hearing! Who knows when you'll get another chance? 

Nick: I've thought about that, Julie. 

Julie: You have paid for what you've done. 

Nick: Really? I killed someone. 

Julie: You were not in your right mind. You were taking drugs then, and now, you're better! 

Nick: One of the 12 steps is about reparations. 

Maggie: That's right. 

Nick: I've hurt Melanie a lot. I'm trying to think about what's best for her, I'm trying to make reparations. 

Julie: It's wonderful. That's wonderful, it just proves how much you've changed. But you can't willingly stay here, Nick. You are not a hardened criminal. 

Nick: I survived this long, I think I can survive a few more years. Maybe by then, Melanie will be in a better place. 

Julie: But this is just... Maggie, look, I--I know how much you love Melanie, I know you love your granddaughter, but please, just--just please talk some sense into this boy. 

Nick: [Sighs] 

Melanie: I should just stay out of it. 

Chad: You're kidding. You should be doing everything you can to make sure that that bastard is denied parole. 

Melanie: So what do I do? 

Chad: Exactly what the letter says. Show up at the parole hearing to tell him what he did to you, tell him that you don't believe he's changed. 

Melanie: And how do I do that? 

Chad: You don't have to do anything! You--you just say it, that's it. 

Melanie: And what happens with my relationship with Maggie? I mean, what if the entire Horton family turns against me? 

Chad: Who cares? 

Melanie: I care! 

Chad: Well, you gotta protect yourself. And if you don't, I will-- 

Melanie: You know what? Stop. Just stop.  

Gabi: Don't you ever call Will names, especially not in front of me. 

Tad: [Sighs] 

Gabi: You know, what, you know, there's people in this country that, just because they have a last name like mine, have to show papers to walk down the street, did you know that? 

Tad: What does that have to do with anything? 

Gabi: Wow, you really just don't get it, do you? Look, people shouldn't be judged because of something that they're born with. 

Tad: Yeah, and he hid it! 

Gabi: He hid it from himself, too! 

Tad: So what? You know, I'm the one that everyone's laughing in town, because I hung out with a little closet queen. 

Gabi: All right, well, he was hanging with a little dirtbag. 

Tad: Whoa! You still got the hots for him, don't you? 

Gabi: Will is my friend. And if you ever talk to him the way you're talking to me-- 

Tad: I already did. 

Gabi: What? Wh--when? 

Tad: Last night. 

Gabi: Wait, you--you had a fight with Will last night? 

Tad: Yeah, what difference does it make? 

Gabi: [Sighs] Oh, my God. 

Marlena: Will? 

Will: Oh! [Laughs] 

Marlena: Oh, welcome back. Where did you go? 

Will: Oh, nowhere. Well, okay, that's not true, I was just kinda thinking about somebody who's gone through a hard time. 

Marlena: Ahh. Who? Can you tell me? 

Will: Um, I'd rather not. 

Marlena: No. Perfectly fine. 

Will: Okay. Sorry. 

Marlena: Mm-hmm. 

Will: Anyway, I just feel bad for her--um, I feel bad for this person, and, uh, I didn't--I mean, I don't know how to make it better. 

Marlena: What is it you're not telling me? 

Will: Well, last night, I just managed to screw things up, you know, even more than they were before. But I--I--we c--I gotta go. But we, hopefully, can talk about this later. 

Marlena: Of course. 

Will: Okay, bye. 

Marlena: Bye, honey. 

[Door closes] 

Sonny: Hey, Tad! Hey! You wanna take another swing at me, now that my back's not turned to ya? 

Tad: I should've done worse to you after what you did to Will. 

Sonny: Why don't you enter the 21st Century, huh, man? Nobody makes anyone else gay. 

Tad: He was straight until he met you. 

Sonny: You know, my dad found me last night, wanted to call the cops. 

Tad: Why didn't you let 'im? 

Sonny: Oh, I will, if you do or say anything to hurt another gay person. 

Tad: You talkin' about Will? 

Sonny: Yeah, you're the one that keeps bringing him up. 

Tad: I heard what you said to that queer the other night. You have feelings for Will? You make me want to puke. 

Maggie: [Sighs] I can't--I can't tell you how happy it makes me to look in your eyes, and to see the Nick that I know looking back at me. 

Nick: It makes me happy, too. 

Maggie: I love you, Nick. 

Nick: I love you, too. 

Maggie: And I love Melanie. As far as this parole goes, I think that you should decide what's best for you and act on that decision. 

Nick: I've thought a lot about this. And I think that the best thing for me right now is to not put you or Melanie through anything else. 

Julie: He can't stay here. Maggie, tell him--tell him he can't stay in this place! 

Maggie: This is his decision. 

Julie: Tell Maggie about what happened two months ago. 

Nick: I'm not gonna use that. 

Maggie: Use what? 

Nick: You told me that you weren't gonna say anything. 

Julie: All bets are off. Two months ago, Maggie, in the prison laundry, an inmate attacked him with a knife. He could've died. Maggie, do you wanna see something like that happen to him again? 

Chad: Look, don't you know that I'm on your side-- 

Melanie: I can take care of myself. I've done it my entire life. You have to stop making me feel like I'm fragile. 

[Phone rings] 

Chad: Sorry. 

Melanie: That's okay. 

Chad: It's Salem P.D., I got to take this. Oh, hello? 

EJ: Hey, it's EJ. 

Chad: EJ, where are you? 

EJ: You remember telling me that if I, uh, needed anything, you'd help me out? 

Chad: Yeah. 

EJ: Yeah, well, I need you to arrange bail. 

Chad: Wait a minute, you're-- you're still in jail? I mean, don't they know that Stefano is alive? 

EJ: Yeah, long story. Listen, I tried calling my lawyer, he's out of town, Samantha's not picking up, so, uh...I need your help. 

Chad: I'm on my way. 

EJ: Thank you. 

Nicole: You're not saying anything. 

Daniel: I'm just trying to phrase, uh, what to say next. 

Nicole: Well, you get what I'm saying, right? 

Daniel: I do, I get it. I just--I don't--we got together without a whole lot of thought. I mean, like--like, none at all. 

Nicole: Yeah, but it... it turned out pretty great, for the most part. 

Daniel: Mm-hmm, it did, it--it is. And I just--it's great, but I, um--I don't know. 

Nicole: Why? 

Daniel: Why? 

Nicole: Why you--like me, admit it. 

Daniel: I do like you, I do. 

Nicole: And I am more than just friends with benefits. I'm more than that. 

Daniel: Yes, you are. But you are also a woman with a very, very complicated problem. You are expecting a child from someone you hate. EJ, he can never know the truth. 

Nicole: I know that, I know. 

Daniel: Yeah, well, you get publicly involved with the doctor who signed off on that paternity result, I can guarantee you that EJ will put two and two together. I guarantee it. 

Nicole: I was hoping maybe we didn't have to do the public thing for a while-- 

Daniel: How? How? 

Nicole: We could just make people believe that we're friends. 

Daniel: How are you gonna do that, how could you-- 

Nicole: Okay, look, you know that EJ and Sami were on the run. Not anymore. They were found, they were brought back, and now it's only a matter of time before EJ's all focused on Sami and his other children. When we find that out, we can go public, and by that time... Daniel, the baby will be born, and we can be a family. Now, doesn't that sound great? 

Daniel: Listen, Nic, I can't--I can't do this. 

Nicole: Why? 

Daniel: All right, I was--I was sneaking around with Chloe, and that turned out to be a disaster. 

Nicole: Well, it only has to be for a little while. 

Daniel: Nic, what you need to do, right now, is focus on having a healthy baby, 'cause I have a feeling when you--when you hold that baby in your arms, your life will take on a depth and a perspective beyond any relationship, and you will see your relationship with me for what it really is... a friendship. And that is not enough for someone like you. 

Nicole: I can change. 

Daniel: Don't change, don't you ever change, because you are an amazing, strong woman. You do not need a man. 

Nicole: You're turning me down, Daniel-- 

Daniel: I am not turning you down, I am building you up. 

[Cell phone rings] 

Daniel: [Sighs] 

Nicole: What is it? 

Daniel: Ah, just, me and Chad, we're keeping an eye on Melanie, and he has to go out. 

Nicole: How is she? 

Daniel: Uh, she's not doing well, all right? I have to go--I have to go be with her, okay? 

Melanie's Voice: "It is your option whether or not to appear at Nicholas Fallon's parole hearing. You are not required to attend." 

Nick: It's not that big of a deal. 

Julie: You could've been killed-- 

Nick: But I wasn't. The guy's in solitary, now. He didn't even hurt me, okay? I don't want that to put pressure on you, or Melanie. 

Julie: Why not? 

Nick: Because I got myself in here, and I can take care of myself. 

Julie: Aw, Nick, you don't know that. 

Nick: Look, look. Melanie's allowed to speak at my hearing--I can't imagine she'll pass up the opportunity. She's not going to want the board to be lenient with me, so whether I go through with this hearing or not, the result is going to be the same. I'm not getting out of here. And I'm okay with that. 

EJ: My assets were frozen when I was arrested, and, um, they still haven't unfrozen them. As soon as they do, I will pay you the money back. 

Chad: Okay, well, I--I mean, I don't know how much I have in my bank, but, uh--look, I own my apartment, maybe I can borrow from that. Look, we'll figure it out. 

EJ: You would do that for me? 

Chad: I told you I'd do it. And besides, it's what Lexie would've wanted. 

EJ: It's a shame she's not here to know that father's alive. 

Chad: You said father. I thought you stopped doing that. 

EJ: [Sighs] Yeah. Look, um...when I discovered that he was still alive, I also found that, um, we'd both been duped. I am his biological son. 

Chad: So you're--you're, what--you're--you're my brother? 

EJ: Yeah, you're stuck with me. [Chuckles] 

[Swanky music playing] 

Kate: Shouldn't you be out fighting evil somewhere? 

John: Doin' that right now. You proud of yourself? 

Kate: Always. 

John: My boy is out of his mind with grief, and you decide to use that to make him go after McAllister. 

Kate: Well, he could've gotten away, God knows his capacity is diminished-- 

John: Mmm. So it doesn't bother you at all, does it? 

Kate: After what Ian did to me? After what he did to Stefano? No. 

John: Mmm, but you're used to doing your dirty work by yourself, so what's going on? Losing your touch, or your nerve? 

Kate: Neither. And now that I know that Stefano is alive, I'm going to get him back. 

John: But he won't even talk to you. 

Kate: Well, he'll change his mind. He has to. 

Sonny: Now we're even. And when people ask you where you got that fat lip, why don't you tell them a fairy did it to ya? And watch your step, 'cause I'll be watching everything you do. 

Will: Can I sit? Okay. You don't look happy to see me. 

Gabi: [Sighs] If you were me, would you be happy to see you?  

Julie: What are you thinking, Maggie? 

Maggie: That this isn't working for Nick. I think that you should talk to Marlena. 

Julie: He's already talked to all the prison therapists, every single one-- 

Nick: I can handle this, Julie. [Sighs] I thought about it, and I'm not gonna apply for the parole. 

Maggie: Hmm. Nick, the prison therapists, they don't know you as well as Marlena. And this is a very serious decision. Before you act on whatever you've decided, would you do me a favor? Would you discuss this with her? 

Nick: For you, I'll do anything. 

Julie: [Sighs] 

Daniel: Nice time on this. 

Melanie: Yeah-yeah-yeah, I thought so. Here. So Chad called you, right? 

Daniel: He...he did not call. 

Melanie: He didn't? 

Daniel: No. Well, he text. 

Melanie: Right. He has to stop doing that. 

Daniel: Stop what? 

Melanie: Hovering--hovering-- 

Daniel: Hover--yeah, yeah! You know, heaven forbid a guy actually be overprotective, because it's been, what, a whole 48 hours-- 

Melanie: It doesn't matter, he's making me feel weak-- 

Daniel: Trapped in a tunnel with a psycho! 

Melanie: Dad, he's making me feel weak, and if he doesn't stop, I'm gonna-- 

Daniel: What, baby? 

Melanie: I don't know! 

Daniel: What--what are you gonna do? 

Melanie: It's gonna do bad things to me and him. 

John: McAllister got his. He's in a--a rubber room. So leave Brady alone. 

Kate: Why? I'm the only other person who knows what Ian was like. Do you know that Ian was working Brady and Madison the same way he was working Stefano and me? That they were to have been married months ago, if it weren't for him, that they would've been happy? That Stefano and I would still be spending our time together? 

John: [Sighs] [Sighing] 

Gabi: I just, um, bumped into Tad just now. 

Will: Oh, you did? 

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, he told me that you guys had a fight last night? I mean, and the things he said to you. 

Will: Yeah, he's, uh--I feel bad for him. He's obviously not happy with himself. 

Gabi: Well, why didn't you tell me that you had a fight with Tad last night before you started tearing my clothes off? 

Will: Oh, I don't know. 

Gabi: I think I do.  

Mother: [Laughs] 

Nicole: After you, sir. 

Boy: Do I still have to wear swimmies? 

Nicole: Yes, you do. 

Boy: Aw, but you saw me. I'm swimming today! 

Nicole: I know, and you did great, but you just need to be a little bit better. 

Boy: Mom! 

Daniel: Aw, I'll tell you what, my man, when daddy has a little day off, we are gonna go to the beach, and pretty soon, mommy's gonna realize that you do not need those little swimmies. 

Boy: Yay! 

Daniel: [Growls] 

Boy: I want hamburgers for dinner. 

Nicole: Okay, but first, you need to change out of that swimsuit, and I will run you a bath, okay? 

Boy: Can I call daddy, and tell him I was swimming? 

Nicole: Yes, of course you can. 

Daniel: Err, come here, you! 

[Chomping sounds] 

Daniel: All right, buddy. [Laughs] 

Nicole: Oh! Hey, there. 

Daniel: Yes. 

Nicole: You know what? 

Daniel: What? 

Nicole: Sometimes, I--I wish he didn't have to think Rafe was his daddy. 

Daniel: Eh, it's better than knowing it's EJ. 

Nicole: That is very true, yeah. [Chuckles] Mmm--do you ever--you ever sorry that we did this? 

Daniel: No, it's the best browbeat you ever gave me. 

Nicole: [Laughs] 

Daniel: [Laughs] 

Nicole: Hey! [Snickers] Well, it took me a little while, but I finally got you to come around, that's for sure. 

Daniel: Yes, you did, I'm glad you did. 

Nicole: Yeah. 

Daniel: I'm glad you went for what you wanted. 

Nicole: So am I.  

Nicole: Oh, yeah. He's definitely the one. 

Kate: Why are you being kind to me now? 

John: Well, because when you were trying to brainwash my son, you also told him what Madison's last words were. So now he knows that Madison loved him and only him, and he knows that because of you. And he's taking comfort in that, so thanks. I also know that... for reasons I will never understand, you love Stefano. So I would like to offer you a little unsolicited advice. You and I both know... that if that man doesn't want to be found, he won't be. So for your sake, I hope you can accept that. 

Kate: You're right. I should. 

Will: You know, I think that we were both, uh, upset last night. 

Gabi: Okay, yeah, but you didn't tell me why. 

Will: You didn't tell me, either. 

Gabi: True, but, I mean, now that--now that I know what t said, I mean--Will, were you trying to convince yourself that you're not gay? 

Will: No. Maybe. You know, last night, I--I obviously forgot everything I was ever taught about respect for women. And I just felt disgusted with myself, you know? And I wanted to feel differently. 

Gabi: I can understand that. 

Will: I'm so sorry. 

Gabi: Yeah, me too. 

Will: I'm not even gonna ask you to forgive me. I mean... 

Gabi: Well, I mean, we both did something that we regret, but I'm--I'm never gonna hate you for it. 

Marlena: Hi, Nick. 

Nick: I didn't think you'd come so soon. 

Marlena: Maggie asked me to. 

Nick: Well, I don't know what good it will do, but, um, I'm glad to see you. 

Marlena: I'm glad to see you, too...maybe not under these circumstances. 

Nick: Did Maggie fill you in? I think that she wants you to talk to me about the decision I made. 

Marlena: Not the try for parole. 

Nick: But I think that what she really to know whether or not you think I've changed. 

Marlena: Have you changed? 

Nick: No. 

Melanie: I know you and Chad love me. But I'm not gonna go do something stupid, okay? 

Daniel: No, you're not. 

Melanie: All right, so, fine, so say--so say I do what you want. I keep Nick from getting parole. What happens to Maggie and me? What happens to Abigail and me? 

Daniel: They... will understand, okay? They will understand. 

Melanie: I don't wanna talk about this anymore. How are you doing? 

Daniel: I'm, uh, fine. 

Melanie: You're fine? 

Daniel: Mm-hmm. 

Melanie: Abigail emailed me. She and Jennifer are coming back. 

Daniel: Really? 

Melanie: Mm-hmm. 

Daniel: Mmm. 

Melanie: Have you spoken to Jennifer since her husband passed away? 

Daniel: I just kept my distance. Seemed like the right thing to do. 

Melanie: Sure, but you care about her, still. So what's keeping you from reaching out to her? 

Nicole: I can do this. I can make Daniel see that we belong together. 

EJ: Samantha, it's me. They let me out. Uh, give me a call when you get this, okay? Bye. 

Nicole: [Sighs] No...a personal touch is what's needed right now. [Sighs] 

EJ: Hey. 

Nicole: Nice flowers. 

EJ: Yeah. Here, see they're not the only things that are blooming. Things that are blooming. 

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